Hit & Run (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Flesh & Blood

[narrator] Previously on Hit & Run:
[Newkirk] This motherfucker fell.
He got his ass dragged, then picked up.
[in Hebrew] I'm wrong about Isaac.
It's the man that broke into my house.
- Danielle lived here?
- Sophie did. With her parents.
[Ron] Danielle Azulai never existed.
She was just a story. A lie.
We're doing this
for a woman that doesn't exist.
- [in English] Hi.
- [Andrew] I'll call the fucking police.
[Segev in Hebrew] What are you doing?
[Naomi in English] Whoever this Wexler is,
they have serious resources.
If your wife knew Wexler,
it's time we start investigating her.
[theme music playing]
[siren wailing]
Someone really fucked these guys up.
What do you think?
This one was after the money,
that one was after the dame.
What do you think?
A couple of guys got dead
at the Tempest in Queens
- and someone moved the bodies.
- You're the detective.
[in Hebrew]
There's no way. I did what I could.
[in Hebrew] So this is pretty much
useless, Omer.
What can I do? The picture you gave
me is pretty grainy. I'm not a magician.
I know. I know.
I was just hoping.
When you go,
leave the key under the plant in front.
- Let me know if there's anything else.
- It's all right. I'll figure it out.
We fucked. We didn't talk. We fucked.
You must be quite the fuck, Assaf.
[Assaf] Apparently not.
She married some tour guide
a year after we met.
Did you run a check on him,
that tour guide?
[Tamir] We know all about him.
Listen, truth be told, I get you.
Beautiful, young, looks to be smart.
We all like to show off.
But what she got
out of you got her killed.
- I didn't tell her anything.
- Stop, Assaf. Just stop.
We saw you.
What do you mean you saw? No, no.
What you think you saw, it's not
It's a mistake.
For months, you supplied her
with confidential information.
That's a mistake?
- You don't make mistakes like that.
- Stop. Come on.
What? For God's sake.
Tamir, too many months in this office,
with all these
conspiracies fucked up your head.
Thirty years, I've been in service.
Thirty years!
- Twice I almost lost my life.
- For that, we're incredibly thankful.
You think I'd betray my country after
30 years for some American tramp?
Maybe she just did her job
better than you.
- Someone will take you home.
- What?
We don't need you anymore.
That's it. You're released.
Come escort him out. Hurry. Chop-chop.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay. Enough.
[ominous music playing]
[both speaking Hebrew]
[computer scanning]
[camera clicks]
What are you doing here?
- Good morning, Sigal.
- Good morning. What?
Dror asked me to pull something
related to the Sheinkin murder.
I need the notes.
Wait, Dror asked you
to get into his computer?
- Sigal
- Tali.
if you want to call him, call him,
but I warn you, he's in a shitty mood.
[ominous music playing]
[phone ringing]
Hey, Tali.
I found the guy from the wedding video.
He was American.
- He's a cultural attaché
- Stop, stop, stop.
Stop talking.
Listen carefully.
Go to that hipster bar in Florentine.
Wait there, I'll call you at 7:00.
[door alarm chimes]
[in English] Hi. Is Naomi here?
- Segev.
- Henry.
- We've met.
- Yeah.
I'm the husband.
I heard about your wife. My condolences.
Hen, do you know where I put my?
What's wrong? Why didn't you call?
- I think my phone is being traced.
- Traced?
Really? By whom?
What happened?
- Give us a minute?
- We'll be late.
[Naomi] We won't.
I found a stack of passports
in her apartment.
German, Australian. Different names.
Were they stamped? Passports.
Entrance stamps, exit stamps?
- It's ten to. Calling an Uber.
- One second.
If so, they passed airport security.
If they passed, they're real.
Forgeries are impossible since 9/11.
She had to be working for the government.
Then who's Wexler?
I need to see all the passports
and anything else you have.
Come to the apartment.
Documents, maps, a gun
- Wait. The fucking fundraiser.
- What?
Henry's on the board, I can't skip it.
Give me your address
and I'll be by as soon as I can.
[Segev] Thank you.
Chill dude.
So, what's happening?
Can I get in on it?
Are you pulling a grift? Short con? Long?
You need an inside man? Come on.
- I can talk the lingo. Who's the mark?
- We should go.
What's the skinny?
You don't wanna be late
for the fucking fundraiser.
[pop music playing over speakers]
[phone ringing]
- Segev.
- [in Hebrew] Hey!
It's for me.
Tali, I got a burner. Can you talk?
Yes. He's American. Scott Chase.
Cultural Affairs attaché
but that's bullshit.
Feels like something government-related,
State Department or CIA.
Know what it says
on the death certificate?
- Go on.
- That he died in Maryland.
They're hiding the fact that he was
in Tel Aviv, that it happened.
Listen, I think she was in the CIA.
I found four different passports of hers.
Danielle wasn't even her real name.
It was Sophie.
Sophie Dreyer.
[in English] Fuck.
[in Hebrew] But she was killed
by hitmen from New York.
Do you think the CIA did this?
Killed their own?
I have no idea.
I don't know anything anymore.
Come home.
What, do you think I'm safe at home?
I need to talk to Martin Wexler.
He clearly was not her father.
Listen close.
Hang up your phone and lie low.
Don't call me anymore.
I'll contact you later on.
[Segev in English] So it was a cockroach.
Where are we going on the weekend?
I don't know, Mr. Tour Guide.
Where are we going?
- To a winery in the
- Dani!
- Dad?
- There you are.
What are you doing here?
I convinced them
to let me lay over at Ben Gurion
on the way to Johannesburg.
- Martin Wexler.
- Oh, sorry.
My friend, Segev.
- Segev Azulai, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I'll bring you a chair.
- Why didn't you notify me?
- I tried. Twice. Straight to voicemail.
I know I am just your boring old dad,
but you should really try
calling me back once in a while.
This is Segev?
The Segev?
She doesn't tell me anything,
but her mother let it slip
that you and Dani are inseparable.
Seems you've got her enraptured.
I am very lucky.
she looks very happy.
If she's happy, I'm happy.
Same here.
- You've got a daughter, right?
- Yeah. Ella.
So you can back me up on this.
Family is the most important thing.
If you cut out on family,
you could lose everything.
Am I right?
We all expected you back
for the reunion last month.
you just disappeared,
you didn't even call.
Your Aunt Cici's saying
she'll never invite you again.
But you can make it up to her.
Maybe we can bring Segev to the next one.
- [Martin] Maybe.
- Mm-hm.
- [Bennett] Beat-up van with roof rack.
- Plates?
- That's our boys from the nightclub?
- Could be.
- Was the van reported stolen?
- Nope.
[Newkirk] Maybe she has a nasty boyfriend.
[Bennett] 607757th Ave, Queens, New York.
[Ella] You look so pretty, Dani.
- Are you going to wear those?
- [Danielle] No.
But maybe some flowers.
[Ella] What about your high heels?
You have to wear your high heels.
Then I'll be taller than your dad.
- [Ella] Uh-huh.
- [Danielle] Can you do me a favor, baby?
[gasps] Go away, please.
- [in Hebrew] What?
- How's it going in there?
- Go away.
- I want to see it.
You'll see it tomorrow.
Give this to her.
- [Ella in English] Did you write a speech?
- [Danielle] I'll need your help with that.
- Can you give me a few words in Hebrew?
- [Ella] Yeah, like
[speaking Hebrew]
That'll make him cry.
[in Hebrew] Dad! I told you to go away.
I'm not going anywhere. What happened?
We need some thread. Do not go in there.
- Promise?
- I promise.
- I'm serious.
- Why? We're getting married.
It's bad luck to see
the dress before tomorrow.
- Okay, sweetheart. Okay.
- Really, Dad.
Okay, okay. I love you.
[in Hebrew] What are you doing?
Looking for recording devices.
- Where have you been the past six days?
- At the unit. On an operation.
There wasn't an operation. They fired you.
I called. So stop with the bullshit.
- What did you do?
- Nothing.
- They fired you for no reason?
- I fucked up. Happy?
Want to keep digging in on this?
Pour more salt in the wound?
Was it that dancer? Or was it
someone else you were fucking?
You accidentally
fucked someone else's wife?
Big company man caught with your dick out.
Maya, stop.
- We should've neutered you like the dog.
- Stop. It's classified.
- I can't talk about that.
- "Classified." That what they call it now?
The Shabak should call me.
I can tell them everything.
- Will you shut your mouth?
- Get out of here!
- Listen, you're hysterical, all right?
- I'm not hysterical.
I'm completely fine.
You're the problem here.
Get the hell out of my house.
[in English] Come on, come on, come on.
- Oh, this is hurtful.
- No. Don't. No!
- What is it?
- I get it.
- It's 5-2 or something, yeah.
- Five-two? Okay.
Who do you think you are?
Shaquille O'Neal?
So I've got a proposition for you.
Sit down.
I got this problem.
My one-man band is breaking up.
So I got
this thing
lying around in my place.
[strumming guitar]
Think you could take care of it for me?
- I don't know how.
- I'll teach you.
You don't really play guitar.
Hey, Jenny! Come out here!
Tell our son what I was doing
the first time you saw me.
You were
writing your name
in the snow outside Vinnie's.
What I was doing before that,
inside, Jenny.
Playing in that awful cover band.
You see? Your mother fell in love
with me because of my guitar playing.
- No. No.
- [doorbell rings]
Your version. [laughing]
- So Mom says I can come more often.
- [doorbell rings]
Every Friday now.
What do you say, Friday we jam?
- You game?
- Cool.
You do own a green minivan, correct?
Plate QW43XZ9?
But I don't know where it is.
May I?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
Only one catch though.
This guitar used to belong
to Pete Townsend from The Who.
You know?
And I promised him
if he gave me this guitar,
I would learn to play all his songs.
So it's a deal?
How old is your son?
He's 10.
He didn't steal the van.
I'm guessing.
My ex-husband took it in the divorce.
But, um
he lives in the city.
It's hard to park a car that big
on the city street, so
probably lent it to a friend
or, you know, someone.
["Pinball Wizard" playing on guitar]
Ever since I was a young boy
I played the silver ball ♪
Ron. Ron!
Come inside.
[ominous music playing]
Hey, stay where you are! Don't run!
[suspenseful music playing]
Don't ever make me run like that.
Hey, you okay?
[phone ringing]
Segev? Who's that?
This is your worst nightmare.
Who the fuck is this?
[knocking on door]
[ominous music playing]
You need coffee.
Yes, please. Thank you.
Make some.
This was her apartment, huh?
She was in New York a month ago.
There's stamps in here from all last year.
She went everywhere.
She was with Batsheva.
She knew how to cover her tracks.
Sophie Dreyer?
This is in Arabic.
So she had aliases, guns,
multiple identities.
What the hell was she doing in Tel Aviv?
You said she was CIA.
Yes, but I don't get it.
Why would we use
covert operatives in Tel Aviv?
The U.S. and Israel are allies.
The CIA is supposed to work
with Israeli intel, not behind their back.
Why did she print
this New York Times article?
"In the past, Israel and the U.S.
have had a very open policy
when sharing intelligence
and defense technology,
but over the past 18 months,
that door has begun to close.
It has led to behind-the-scenes tension
between the NSA
and Israeli SIGINT National Unit."
When did she save it?
I don't know,
but the byline is Bill McAfree.
Let's find out.
- Look again.
- I've still never met her.
Any idea why she saved your article?
- Ask her.
- I can't.
She was murdered.
Shit happens.
It was an interesting premise
for an article but not much there.
Did you do a follow-up?
There's a lot of stories
to cover in this world.
Come on, you're not a shoddy reporter.
- Why'd you drop it?
- Don't flatter me. It's cheap.
You're the wunderkind.
Find another story, this is a dead end.
- Listen.
- Segev!
- The woman who died was my wife.
- So?
- So I need some answers.
- Segev, stop.
- I'm sorry, he's grieving.
- I don't give a shit.
How about I call up New York Magazine,
tell them you're
physically intimidating your sources?
Oh, so you're a source?
So there's more to the story.
A few weeks after I published the article,
I got a call from an Israeli guy,
told me to take the story down.
- Who was he?
- He didn't identify himself.
He asked me what else I knew
about one of my sources,
an Israeli mid-level bureaucrat
named Shaul Mandel.
Only talked to him once,
never heard from him again.
That's what I told the guy on the phone.
And you never wrote about
the subject after that?
That's right.
Come on, Bill.
They trashed my apartment.
Everything was taken.
My laptop, my notebooks,
they cut my face out of my photos.
I got the message.
So please, for fuck's sake, get mine.
I'm not your Deep Throat.
Find another story.
[Segev] We need to find out
who Shaul Mandel is.
Excuse me, you the owner?
Detectives Ellis Newkirk
and Tay Bennett, NYPD.
- It's all right.
- We have a few questions.
I'm not sure I have any answers.
A couple of guys got killed here
a few nights ago.
Know anything about what happened?
- Someone said you were here.
- Someone was wrong.
Another guy who was here
that night gave me this.
- Ron Harel, you know him?
- [chuckles] Never heard of him.
You wanna look at a picture
before you decide?
He's Israeli too.
- [Isaac] I'm not Israeli.
- Yeah, since when?
Since the zealot fuckers kicked me
out of the country.
Israel has no character.
It's all sand and ruins and that shit.
New York
- New York has weather, character
- Mm-hm.
Yeah. I hear the inside
of Sing Sing's beautiful in the spring.
You know him?
- No.
- What happened to your wrist?
- Nothing.
- Somebody tie you up?
Only when I'm lucky.
Fucking Wexler. Why kill her?
She did something he didn't like.
Like what?
Married an incredibly stubborn Israeli,
for one thing.
But you're right, it doesn't make sense.
The CIA sent someone
to my house to kill me. Why?
They thought Danielle was talking to you
and you'd tell the Israelis?
I need to find Wexler.
Who are you calling?
CIA. I have an old source there.
Hi, this is Naomi Hicks
from New York Magazine.
I'm calling for Officer Numrick.
Okay, sure. No problem.
Can you give him a message?
Tell him it's Naomi Hicks calling
because I have reason to believe
that a CIA officer named Wexler
had Danielle Azulai killed in Tel Aviv.
Tell him to call me back. Thank you.
Maybe that'll draw Wexler
from the high grass.
[in Hebrew] I need to find someone
named Shaul Mandel.
Okay. Who's that?
He worked for the Ministry of Defense,
connected to Danielle somehow.
- Wow, thanks.
- Enjoy.
So how's he connected to her?
I have no clue.
He was talking to some American journalist
about Israeli and U.S. relations.
Something about
collaborative intelligence.
Then, suddenly, Shaul stopped talking.
That's what I'm going to find out.
- I can come with you if you want.
- What?
Tali, no way you're going there.
It's dangerous.
- Could be.
- So why would you go?
Omer, I'm a cop.
Want to see my certification?
No, but I want you
to remember you're gonna be a mom.
Not yet.
You have to be more careful.
You have to. Why not let me come with you?
You're kind of cute
when you're patronizing.
Remember when we were in Bogotá?
You, me and Ron in that shitty car?
When the police ran after us, right?
And Ron said, "I got this. Turn here."
And you ended up going
the wrong way down a one-way street.
And the cops surrounded us
and then Ron tried to bribe him,
- but he only had $3. [laughing]
- Three dollars.
- I thought we were dead.
- But they took it.
They sure did.
You know how to bring out
the best in people.
- It's a gift.
- [chuckles]
But don't worry.
We're right about Wexler.
If we're right, he could end up
going so deep undercover,
we could never track him down.
And if we're wrong, I'm in deep shit.
[phone ringing]
Give me a minute.
- Who is it?
- Henry.
- What?
- He says we have a visitor.
Yeah, I looked at a place around here.
Nice neighborhood.
It's too far from where I work though.
All location, location, location, right?
Where do you work?
How do you know Naomi exactly?
The Naomster?
She and Segev and I, we met in Colombia.
- White-water rafting.
- Mm.
On the Rio Suarez.
Or rather, she was. I don't do water.
Of course. Cartagena.
You mind? I have a doctor prescription.
Well, I am an officer of the court.
Oh, right.
Yeah, Cartagena, yeah, we
The three of us,
we shared everything. You know
meals, apartments, toothbrush.
She was much more fun back then.
Before she wearing a suit.
Not that she's not fun now,
but I never see her any
- What are you doing here?
- How does he know where you live?
- Where were you?
- I called you.
Some crazy person answered.
- I didn't know where to go.
- Where were you?
- I have a burner.
- Wait.
- Did they call?
- Who?
[in Hebrew] The police?
- They found the van.
- Speak English.
It's registered to Jenny.
They came to her house.
- Fuck.
- Some investigator came over.
- I knocked him out.
- Are you fucked in the head?
He would have arrested me.
We pack up, get out of here.
[Naomi] What are you guys talking about?
We gotta leave America. Today to Canada.
Hey, motherfuckers.
Let me think. Give me a sec.
I need a plan.
What the fuck is going on?
- [in English] We have to go. Sorry. Bye.
- [Naomi] What?
What the hell was that?
I don't know.
You speak Hebrew? I sure as hell don't.
[in Hebrew]
Murder? What's that got to do with me?
That's what I'm figuring out, Shaul.
A few years ago, you spoke
to an American journalist, Bill McAfree.
Oh, that.
I was stupid.
I'd been fired and I wanted to vent.
It was a mistake.
- That's why you stopped talking to him?
- Sure.
Time passed and I calmed down.
Got some perspective.
So no one told you to stop talking?
It was my decision.
That's not what I asked.
If you're hiding evidence, that's a crime.
Listen, I don't know anything important.
Truth is, I'm just a cog.
I got fired because I blabbered
too much about computer games.
And everyone thought I was weird.
I don't know. I just
Someone threatened me.
- I don't know what
- Tell me who threatened you.
Look at me. We can protect you.
His His name is
Assaf Talmor.
Thank you.
[phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- Yes.
This is Tali Shapira,
a detective with the Tel Aviv police.
Is this Assaf Talmor?
What do you want?
I'm investigating
the murder of Danielle Azulai.
[ominous music playing]
[phone beeps]
What is she doing with him?
- Who?
- Naomi, with that Henry.
Fucking nerd.
The rich, spoiled type.
What's your problem?
He's on to us.
I don't know how, but he's on to us.
And I'll tell you something else:
he can't stand you.
Naomi won't say anything, don't worry.
If I get life in prison,
I will never see Miles again.
You understand that?
We gotta get out of here. We have to.
Bro, the weed is
fucking with your head. Calm down.
- I haven't smoked since the morning.
- Then smoke something. Sit.
This is a vegan hot dog. Eat.
You're not alone here. You know that.
I'm with you.
In all of it.
So relax. Okay?
I'm gonna make a phone call.
[Ella] Hello?
- Ella.
- Dad!
I miss you.
Where are you? It says "unknown number."
What's up? What're you doing?
Going to school.
How is it?
- How is Mom?
- Fine.
Maybe tell me something
other than "Fine, fine."
Isn't there anything else going on?
- Grandpa Wexler's here.
- What?
He called from the airport.
He's on the way.
To Mom's house? Right now?
He is going to pick me up to go
shopping and let me buy whatever I want.
Go get your mom right now.
I can't hear you. I'm hanging up.
Go get your mother right now.
I wanna talk to her, okay?
You can't see Grandpa Wexler!
You can't see him! Understand?
You're breaking up, bye.
Wexler is in Israel.
[speaks Hebrew]
Tali, listen, Wexler is in Israel.
He's trying to get Ella.
Find her. Protect her.
I'm on the next flight to Israel.
Go, go, go, go.
[in English] Fuck.
I don't know, some kind of midlife crisis.
Excuse me.
Fine, just terrified.
Louise said in Rome
they reach into your purse
I have a family emergency.
I'm sorry. Thank you.
This man who looks like a terrorist
pushed in front of me!
- Flying to Tel Aviv, I need a seat.
- Let me check that for you.
Did you have
a nice vacation here in New York?
Yeah, very much.
[ominous music playing]
If you don't mind waiting one moment, sir.
Someone help!
- [crowd shouting]
- [suspenseful music playing]
[man on PA] The doors are closing.
Please hold on.
[theme music playing]
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