Hit & Run (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Part & Parcel

- [narrator] Previously on Hit & Run:
- Wexler tried to lure me to the airport.
- Tell him I wanna meet him.
- Where?
[in Hebrew] It's me. Go home.
I'm not going alone.
[Naomi in English]
Meeting's at 6 p.m., Brooklyn Museum.
[in Hebrew] What happened?
You ran off on some manhunt
and left all your shit to me.
Segev, they suspended me today.
I can't help!
- [in English] Where's Segev?
- [shouts]
[in Hebrew] Hold it tight, bro.
Hold it tight.
I'm taking you to Israel. Don't worry.
[in English]
Did the CIA kill Sophie Dreyer?
Who's Sophie Dreyer?
Who sent you?
[in Hebrew] You son of a bitch.
You messed with the wrong guy.
[theme music playing]
[in Hebrew] Shira, call me the second
you get this message. It's urgent.
[dramatic music playing]
[bell chimes]
It's $129.60.
[bell chimes]
Hey, Thomas, you guys get
those weird yogurt-y drinks back in?
Oh, yeah. Third shelf down.
This will cover it, right?
Yeah, that should cover it.
[bell chimes]
[phone ringing]
[in Hebrew] Shira, listen. You need
to take Ella and go someplace safe.
Segev, what are you talking about?
I can't explain it right now.
Things here have changed.
You're doing this again?
You just told Tali
it was fine for her to leave.
Listen, this is crazy.
I have things to do.
Shira, something awful has happened.
I can't go into it,
but you need to get out.
If there's a problem,
I'll just call the police myself.
You can't go to the police.
I don't trust the police.
So where are we supposed to go?
Go someplace nobody knows you.
Someplace you've never been in your life.
- And don't tell anyone where you are.
- No. Enough.
I can't just pick up
and leave every time you
Get the fuck out of there now.
Wake up, honey.
[in English] Sorry I'm late.
[ominous music playing]
Sorry, I don't know what to say.
- What do you expect me to do, forgive you?
- No.
I just wanted you to know.
If you really cared,
you wouldn't have gotten him involved
in your shit in the first place.
Get the fuck out.
[pensive music playing]
Where have you been?
I was waiting at the museum
for hours with Wexler.
We had him.
What happened?
What happened, Segev?
[door unlocks]
I had to just leave him there.
My best friend died because of me.
Are you sure it was the Mossad?
He spoke Hebrew.
The serial number on his gun
was stamped out.
You need to stay away from me.
You don't get to tell me what to do.
Mossad tracked my phone
because I left it on for 30 minutes.
It took them 30 minutes
to find me and kill Ron.
That's how dangerous it is.
[Naomi] I disabled it.
As soon as I left the meeting,
just in case they tried to trace it.
I know what I'm doing.
Whatever's making them do this,
the Mossad, the CIA, it's important.
People need to know what happened.
This is not some story
about Hillary Clinton.
They'll kill you.
- You have to leave.
- No. What are you doing?
Go, just go.
You know what happens if I go?
They hunt you down and kill you,
and no one knows why.
I can protect you.
I'm not gonna leave you alone in this.
I won't do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Me too.
I'm gonna go by the office
in the morning.
The magazine has
some company cell phones I can use.
I'll reach out as soon as I can.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[in Hebrew] Good morning.
Good morning.
Is that my laptop?
The doctor said
you need to be taken care of, no?
I remember you love Shakshuka, so I was
looking for a recipe to make for you.
Wow, I think it's been years since
I've slept past 6 in the morning.
Delightful. How do you feel about it?
- Lazy.
- Okay.
I think you need to get used to it.
And I think this break
will be good for you.
How is your little one?
Fine. No cramps this morning.
Truth is, I feel really good.
You want something to drink?
I still can't believe I got suspended.
- What am I supposed to do?
- You'll figure something out.
Easy for you to say.
No one wants to hire a pregnant woman.
Ugh. I am so mad at Segev.
Tell him.
Tell him you feel used.
Don't keep it in your belly. It's not good
for the baby to walk with all that anger.
[phone ringing]
[Assaf in Hebrew] Tali Shapira?
- [whispering] Segev?
- Yes, and who is this?
Assaf Talmor.
You called me about Danielle Azulai.
Hang on.
- Food'll be ready in a few.
- I'll be quick.
What do you want?
You called me.
Aren't you looking into Danielle's death?
The police are, but I'm not anymore.
Why's that?
I was reassigned.
Well, that's not important.
If you still want to know
the truth about Danielle,
I think we can help each other.
Thanks for coming.
What have you discovered?
What has Segev found out in New York?
What makes you think he is in New York?
you were the one who called me.
I don't think
I'm going to tell you anything
until you answer a few of my questions.
Let's start with why were you
talking to Shaul Mandel?
I was a special intelligence liaison to
the head of the National Security Council.
Our sources revealed that Mandel
was discussing a sensitive issue
with a journalist.
It was often my job to
dissuade people from that sort of thing.
As in, not anymore?
I was also reassigned.
So tell me, has Segev
made contact with the CIA?
Wait a minute. I'm not finished.
I don't get it. What does
Mandel have to do with Danielle?
I met Danielle
after my conversation with Mandel.
I think that article may be
how she found me.
Why would she want to find you?
Mandel's quotes
must have sparked her interest.
She must have learned I shut it down.
Which meant I had access
so she moved on me.
And you dated Danielle how many years ago?
Weeks ago.
Danielle and I had
an ongoing relationship.
A personal relationship.
She used that
to find out sensitive information.
What was that information?
I'm not sure, but I'm thinking it had
to do with our surveillance of Americans.
We were spying on Americans?
So why reach out to me now,
tell me all this?
If I find out what Danielle knew,
maybe I can use it
to keep myself out of prison.
[dramatic music playing]
That your guy?
Ron Harel?
Used to be. You know what happened?
I'm starting to piece it together.
Looks like Harel
was killed inside the car.
Gunshot wound to the arm,
nicked an artery, bled out.
Now, this other guy,
someone had fun with him.
Turned his face into meat,
broke every one of his fingers.
But he has no ID.
Not even a piece of lint in his pockets.
What's even crazier is
he's wearing heavy tactical gear.
- Tactical gear?
- Yeah.
As in military?
[Guidoux] Could be. Or special ops.
- Prints?
- No, no. The place is a mess.
Somebody wiped down the car.
- Killer knew what they were doing.
- Yep.
- Any video?
- Also no.
But the workers did see somebody leaving
the junkyard before they called it in.
- What'd he look like?
- Mm.
Caucasian, medium height, shaved head.
- Excuse me.
- Wait, what?
- Excuse me.
- You know him?
[phone ringing]
- [in Hebrew] Tali, is that you?
- [Tali] Mm-hm.
Did you get my message? I was worried.
I'm fine. That's not why I called.
- Assaf Talmor reached out to me.
- The guy obsessed with Danielle?
He's not a businessman.
He works for the NSC.
- What?
- There was a security breach.
Someone stole classified intel
from the NSC.
What was the intel?
I don't know exactly,
but it has something to do
with surveillance of American targets.
Danielle is the one who took it.
She used Assaf to access it.
That's probably why they tried to,
you know, take her out.
Segev, are you there?
They were still sleeping together?
Does it matter?
What else did he say?
He thinks what Danielle learned
is still out there.
That she hid it somewhere.
And you have it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[in English] What are you doing?
Dance notation.
Choreographers use it to write down dance.
The numbers and letters
correspond to body parts
and different types of motion.
Like a code?
Sort of.
Show me.
- Show me how you do that.
- Okay.
- E-F.
- Two-J-six.
- I can do that.
- Oh.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- I
- Oh, my God.
[Danielle] Okay! [chuckles]
- [Segev speaking Hebrew]
- [Danielle chuckles]
Where were you?
I was worried.
Sorry, I couldn't answer my phone.
For six hours?
I turned it off as a precaution.
It might be tapped.
I didn't want to be followed.
- Don't worry, it's fine.
- It's fine? Your phone is tapped.
It might be tapped.
Don't worry. It's fine.
Babe, you
You disappear for hours
and you don't call?
You won't tell me what
this Pulitzer-worthy story is really about
except that it involves
your ex-boyfriend's wife, some kind
[yelling] Jesus! Enough, Henry. Enough!
I don't grill you about your cases.
- You represent actual criminals.
- Not the same.
If I say I'm safe, that it's okay,
that should be enough.
- Sorry for caring.
- After ten years of doing this,
I thought you got it already.
Just let me do my goddamn job!
God knows I let you do yours.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
What is the hold
that this fucking guy has over you?
There is no hold. This is work.
It was what, a year you were together?
Not even.
I went back to school
and he went back to his life.
- It was over.
- I gotta be honest.
It's really hard
to imagine you with that guy.
Like it was really hard to imagine you
with that pharmaceutical saleswoman?
- Charlene, whatever her name was.
- Charlotte.
Whatever, she could barely read.
And you were with her for two years.
We've all had our moments.
I guess.
I'm fine.
I promise.
I have some work to do.
- Gonna make some tea. You want some?
- Nope.
[ominous music playing]
No match on the prints from the other body
at the junkyard, but I do have news.
Do tell.
Got the traffic cam footage
from a few nights ago.
From a tollbooth on 495 heading east,
the van you were looking for.
Harel's driving,
but look who's next to him.
Matches the description
the workers at the junkyard gave.
Hmm. The guy
witnesses ID'd at the nightclub.
Fuck yeah, right?
Yeah, fuck yeah.
Put a BOLO out to every cop
in the New York metro.
On it.
He's wanted in connection
with four homicides.
Anyone who finds him,
proceed with caution.
- He's dangerous.
- You got it.
Et le fin.
Très bien.
Well done, guys.
See you tomorrow, don't be late.
[indistinct chatter]
- Hello?
- [Segev] Hi.
I'll introduce myself.
My name is Ben Moshkovsky.
I'm a PhD student at Columbia.
What can I do for you?
You're French?
- Oui.
- Enchanté.
My thesis is about Middle Eastern art,
created in times of war.
I have this notebook here
from a Palestinian dancer-choreographer.
- Oh.
- She died a few years ago,
and they say
she hid some messages in her notation.
Ooh. That's fascinating.
It is.
So I can't read it,
so I thought maybe you can help me.
Of course. May I?
Yeah, of course.
The repetition
- That's Gaga.
- Yeah.
So far it looks pretty typical.
- Just don't ask me to dance any of it.
- Oh, no.
Mm-hm. Okay.
- That's odd.
- What?
[Johanna] This page is different.
It uses level notation.
Why is it different?
Because it's an old form of notation.
I have a book that I can show you.
Very few people use it anymore.
Plus, some of the symbols
are written sideways.
So it could be a mistake or?
Could be. But the same symbols
are written correctly in other places.
[ominous music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[man] Move, move!
- No, plead out.
- No, we can't go in with that expectation.
The DA's all over anything
with a narcotic.
Can you give me a minute?
Of course.
- Hey, Nigel.
- Good to see you.
Thanks for the quick turnaround.
What do you got?
I did a prelim search on Segev Azulai.
Forty-five, Israeli, spent about
a decade between the army
and the Israeli border police
in different capacities, Yamam
Yamam, what's that?
It's some badass shit.
It's like a SWAT team for terrorists.
Then he worked in Mexico
doing some shady mercenary shit.
Works now as a tour guide in Tel Aviv.
And last week his wife was killed
in a hit-and-run accident.
- Is that it?
- No, not exactly.
I also tried that other name
you gave me, Ron Harel.
- That dude was into some shit.
- Like what?
Like turning up fucking dead
at a junkyard last night in Brooklyn.
Of course, what you care about
is that he was wanted
on a double homicide in Queens last week,
along with
another unidentified Israeli guy.
[line ringing]
- So she mailed it to herself from Israel.
- [Naomi] Mm-hm.
I thought it's a note
on dances or choreography,
but it's a different language.
So I took it to an expert, and she marked
these symbols because they didn't fit.
You think she encoded a message inside?
I don't know. She mailed it
to herself a day before she died.
- Look, these are the same symbols.
- Right.
- And that's an A.
- Yeah.
A, B, C, D, E
- Exactly 26 symbols.
- So the symbols that are sideways
Spell out a message.
So let's start.
Hey, hey, Henry?
Naomi's not here.
- Where is she? Excuse me.
- Everything okay?
- I need to know where she is.
- Sorry, don't know.
Haven't heard from her all day.
She just came by this morning
to pick up a new cell.
A new cell?
We have phones kicking around
in case people need them.
Like if someone doesn't wanna give out
their number to a source.
What's the number?
It's a family emergency.
[line ringing]
There is one other thing we could try.
- We have a "find my phone" feature.
- Yeah.
[Naomi] "Chronos. Cheetah. Cobra. Rat."
- Do these mean anything to you?
- No.
Is it some government program?
Like, a secret program?
Maybe Israel hacked into it.
The McAfree article talks
about defense technology.
Tali says Israel was electronically
spying on the U.S.
And there's also this.
You think she encoded messages
into all of these?
It was insurance for her.
She must have been sending messages
to herself for years.
I don't know.
I don't know anything anymore.
Maybe I shouldn't have come
to this country.
It was a fucking big mistake.
Shit, the police.
Go, go, go.
Go. Hey, take it.
Take it. Go.
[door closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
Stop! Don't move! Don't move!
[woman] Hey!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Get down!
[crowd clamoring]
- Get back, get back! Get down! Get down!
- [Taser crackling]
Get back, get back!
Hey, hey, hey! Stay down!
You son of a bitch.
Don't move.
Don't you fucking move.
Enough! Enough!
[Omer in Hebrew] So how was your
first day off? What did you do?
Nothing, really.
What about you? How was your day?
It was insane. I didn't leave the office.
I was working on some encryption software.
My boss gave me an unreasonable deadline.
[phone buzzing]
Of course. I spoke too soon.
They don't let up.
[ominous music playing]
- What is it?
- [Tamir] There's been a change in plans.
What's going on?
We need you to bring her in.
She knows too much.
She's six months pregnant.
Who was that on the phone?
Tali, what's come over you?
Omer, I know you were digging
around in my laptop this morning.
- What are you talking about?
- Who was on the telephone?
Tali, listen.
You have to trust me.
You have to trust me.
I need you to come with me right now.
You son of a bitch.
Nobody's gonna touch you.
Nobody will touch you. You're with me.
We just need to talk to you.
It's a serious matter, Tali.
We're not going anywhere.
Give me your gun.
Naomi, hey. God, where were you?
I've been trying
to track you down all day.
Segev was arrested, you need to help him.
- Help him?
- Get him out.
He can't stay in jail.
They can get to him in jail.
- Who can get to him?
- Please, just
Doesn't anyone at the DA owe you a favor?
Naomi, I don't think
that you know who Segev really is.
- And you do?
- I do now.
- You called the police?
- Do you know what he's being charged with?
- He would have been arrested anyway.
- This is fucked up, Henry.
Really fucked up. You had no right.
You get so consumed with your work.
- You can be reckless.
- What?
I've seen it before,
like with that death penalty story.
You couldn't sleep,
you stopped eating, you had nightmares.
No matter how good the story is,
never put yourself in danger.
It is not up to you to decide
what is worth it.
You took my main source, and my friend,
and made him a sitting duck in prison.
- They're gonna kill him.
- Who is?
But you feel better.
- So good work.
- Naomi.
- You should have trusted me.
- Nay, come on
Two burners.
Two-forty in cash.
Sign here for the items.
[handcuffs clicking]
[lock buzzes]
- On the gate.
- [lock buzzes]
[dramatic music playing]
Hands through the slot.
[handcuffs clicking]
[lock buzzes]
[theme music playing]
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