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[narrator] Previously on
Hit & Run:
[in Hebrew]
If I find out what Danielle knew,
maybe I can use it
to keep myself out of prison.
- We need you to bring her in.
- Okay.
[Naomi in English] You think she encoded
a message to herself inside a dance?
Shit. The police.
Enough! Enough!
You get consumed with your work.
You took my main source, and my friend,
and made him a sitting duck in prison.
They're gonna kill him in there.
[theme music playing]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[prisoners chattering]
[man 1] stomped the shit out
of this Paki. Got me an extra six.
And then I made a hole.
I peeled it. Peeled it right off
that fucking bitch's face.
Right off her face! I peeled it.
I peeled her face back.
I need some shoes!
- I need some shoes.
- [man 2] I got enough problems!
I need shoes! I need some fucking shoes!
I peeled her face back.
I picked it, then peeled it right off.
[Newkirk] Anxious to get back
to your cell? I don't got to be here.
I got you cold on three homicides.
My stats look great.
I just came to talk with you.
Yeah, manyak.
That's what came up on the Hebrew site
when I searched "asshole."
Is that right?
So y'all use that in Israel too, huh?
A world full of men
still too dumb to turn that
into a compliment.
You're gonna die in prison, Segev.
Sooner than you think.
And what the fuck does that mean?
I wanna know the whole story.
I gotta admit,
I find you interesting, man.
But the DA is gonna say
some crazy-ass Israeli shot up a nightclub
and got caught up in a gang retaliation.
You and your buddy could have
left the country,
headed off to Israel after you killed
the two guys who killed your wife.
Why did you stay?
Why wait?
What do you want from me?
Just trying to loosen up that jaw, manyak.
You've got me here. You have
your evidence. You'll get your conviction.
If you want justice, do your job
and ask how my wife died.
Find out who really killed her.
Tell me.
Tell me what the fuck is happening.
- Tell me what I don't know.
- You'll let me out?
So, what the fuck is the point?
The point is you and your boy Harel look
like serial killers.
And I happen to know he had a son.
So if you want this
to be his memory, so be it.
Did you talk to Naomi Hicks?
I don't know her.
But I guess we could do that.
you enlighten me.
The body of the man from the junkyard.
You haven't been able
to identify him, right?
Not yet.
You won't.
It's the Mossad.
They killed Ron,
and they will try to kill me.
Right here. Soon.
[in Hebrew] Talk to me. Don't take this
someplace we can't come back from
Shut the fuck up.
You didn't even erase the messages.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Sit down, shut up.
Next one goes in your knee.
So were the Mossad
recruiting C++ programmers
with weak bladders,
or did they get lucky with you?
Put the phone down and talk to me.
What could you possibly tell me?
You forwarded yourself messages
from my phone, you lying piece of shit.
What did you plan, huh?
Were you gonna help them beat your
pregnant girlfriend or just sit and watch?
Tali, don't you see what's happening?
I used those messages to exonerate you,
so they'd know what you didn't know.
I got in this to protect
Right, no, I understand.
You love me. You were trying to help.
I'm letting my hormones cloud my judgment.
Maybe after all this is behind us, we
can buy a little place in the Galilee,
open up a bakery, raise a family.
I do love you.
If I didn't,
I would've just let them take you away.
I'm begging you, think.
We can make this right.
I want to be a part of your life.
I want to be in your life.
Both of your lives.
Your voice goes high when you lie.
Are you okay?
Get up.
We're leaving.
You wrote this without telling
your editor you were working on it?
Are you even reading, Karina?
There's more to it
than this young woman's death?
Like why she was killed?
I'm working that out.
I need to talk to some people.
So why bring it in now?
If I don't get this published,
they'll kill my friend
like they killed his wife.
Can we make that the headline?
- Karina, e-mail.
- Two minutes.
Your friend. Where is he now?
In city lockup.
He has an arraignment in 30 minutes.
Do that. Let me get in the weeds on this.
I'll need your notes and files.
Ask Legal up here now.
Tell them to wait in the conference room.
You've done good work. I'll do what I can.
This will go up the chain
before we move on it.
I understand, but we're on a clock.
If there's gonna be a fight,
let's have it now.
Let me do the politics.
You go to the arraignment.
We'll reconvene this afternoon.
Tell me you have my back on this.
This is the one.
Don't let it get strangled in the crib.
I want the story just like you,
but I don't make promises I can't keep.
The lawyers will have their say on this.
- Hey, boss. Question.
- I'm busy.
No, I'll be quick.
I got a body that I can't ID.
Probably foreign
'cause the DNA's coming back blank.
- Uh-huh.
- It doesn't make any sense.
- You were Beret, right?
- Uh-huh.
You ever run into any Mossad?
I did some freelance work
after the service but not really. Why?
Well, don't laugh, but what if Mossad
is here in the States to get someone
and they got got?
- And why would I say that?
- Maybe that's why I can't get a match.
Why are you bugging me with this?
Who told you that?
- The suspect, Azulai.
- Okay.
Let me make this simple.
Is the suspect alive?
- He is.
- Then the Mossad ain't after him.
I don't think it's that simple.
[lock buzzes]
[dramatic music playing]
[lock buzzes]
[lock buzzes]
Who are you?
[in Hebrew] Good morning, Segev.
I come from the Israeli consulate.
We were informed about your arrest
and thought we should check in on you.
Are they treating you well?
Getting you something to eat?
Do you want us to reach out
to your family in Tel Aviv?
Let them know what's going on?
What's the consulate's interest in me?
You're due in court today, correct?
Are you satisfied
with your lawyer's work so far?
I haven't met him yet.
Who told you I was arrested?
We are informed any time
an Israeli citizen is arrested.
You know, American jails
can be very, very dangerous places.
- What do you want?
- Your well-being.
You think I'm a fucking idiot?
The truth is, we prefer silence.
We value it very highly.
As little talk as possible.
If you can't manage that,
we'll be happy to assist you,
as well as any friends
you might have here in the States.
Fuck off.
Good luck in court today.
- [gavel bangs]
- [judge] Next. People v. Azulai.
Case number 2-0-1-3-B-X-0-7-1-7.
[Coughlin] Hello, Your Honor.
[judge] Segev Azulai. That you?
[judge] Mr. Azulai, you are being charged
with three separate counts of murder
in the first degree. Do you understand?
[judge] Do you speak English? Are you
aware of the severity of these charges?
- Yes.
- [judge] And how do you plead, sir?
Not guilty.
- [judge] Very well. Bail denied.
- [gavel bangs]
Mr. Coughlin, see the clerk.
We'll get you on the calendar.
[Coughlin] Thank you, Your Honor.
[judge] People v. McCue.
Case number 2-0-1-3-X-2-2-9-7.
[guard] Come with me.
[bailiff] Next case on the docket
[ominous music playing]
Detective Newkirk. It's Naomi Hicks.
I'm glad you stopped me.
I was just coming to find you.
- Have you talked to Segev?
- I have.
- You don't believe him.
- Segev is a murder suspect.
More to the point,
I know Segev killed those people.
So as peculiar as his case is,
and I have to admit that it is,
his words ain't holding
a lot of weight with me.
- He's telling the truth.
- You're vouching for him?
I'm trying to keep him alive
any way I can.
Hopefully the story
I'm writing will do that,
but the people who want him dead
are on a clock.
I realize that this is asking a lot.
If you want him to make it to trial,
listen to what I'm saying and help.
- Help how?
- Make a call.
Get him into protective custody.
You really believe him?
You think Israeli spies are gonna
break into jail and kill this guy?
Detective, do you know
who Segev's wife was?
Yeah, some American dancer.
Whatever. Good for him.
Danielle was a cover.
Sophie Dreyer was her name.
Sophie was a covert operative
with the CIA in Tel Aviv.
She was murdered.
We're on a clock.
Help us buy some time, please.
[suspenseful music playing]
[lock buzzes]
[man] stomped the shit out of this boy.
Got me an extra six.
[guard] Get back. Get back!
[lock buzzes]
Get back.
Get back.
Get back!
[suspenseful music playing]
[in Hebrew] What in God's name?
Who is he?
We used to date.
Why'd you ask me here?
He's Mossad.
He's keeping tabs on me for them.
Popped back up after Danielle died.
I think he might've bugged my place,
so I brought him here.
What do you plan to do with him?
I don't know how to make him talk.
I thought you might have some ideas.
Tali, who is this guy?
Did you tell him about me?
You're making things worse!
[snaps fingers]
Calm down, okay?
- Tali, you have to stop this now.
- Omer.
You don't know what they're capable of!
Omer, look at me. My name is Assaf.
I'm sure you didn't mean to hurt Tali,
but now we're in a situation.
Do you know where I was assigned
in the military? Chaksav.
Do you know Chaksav? Unit 504?
Prisoner interrogation.
In wartime, the thick of battle.
Desperate times.
That's what you want now?
We were given permission to do it all.
And I mean, everything,
to retrieve information.
Every detail.
You understand?
[suspenseful music playing]
Truth is, I don't miss it at all.
But as I'm looking at you,
I'm starting to get that itch.
You piece of shit.
You endangered Tali.
Your girlfriend. She's pregnant!
That makes you worse than a terrorist.
Do you know what we do with terrorists?
[Omer screaming]
[door clanks, buzzes]
[man on PA] All guards report
to the prison yard immediately.
All guards report
to the prison yard immediately.
Exit your cell, inmate.
It's common time.
Can I use a phone?
Sure, you can use mine.
Why don't you order a pizza?
Get the fuck up, kebab.
Using the fucking phone
Goddamn it.
Fuck you looking at?
- [sighs]
- [keypad clacking]
Yeah, hello? City lockup.
I need to put a prisoner
under protective custody.
[indistinct chatter]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [Segev] Hey. How long have I been here?
- [monitor beeping]
Almost a day. The anesthetic
is starting to wear off.
- You might feel a little confused.
- Where is the crazy guy?
The crazy guy, where is he?
Go on back to sleep.
It was a minor case when they first
- She bounced right back.
- Yeah.
We know a few people on the board.
Oh. What the hell happened?
Why is Karina's assistant blowing me up?
The publisher's in the conference room.
He's been there awhile.
- Karina wants to set him on fire.
- Weldon's here?
Shit. Why didn't you text me?
- Have you looked at your messages?
- No. Take this.
I'm just conscious
of the ramifications of this story.
Ah. And I would like to be
a guiding light for balance here.
I have been led to believe
that one of the sources of your story
is a personal acquaintance of yours.
I have complete confidence in my staff.
You know what you're doing.
You are journalists, I am not.
But when building a story this big,
it would be nice if the foundation could
not be seen to be tainted in any way.
Tainted how?
What is your relationship
with your source?
- We're friends.
- But you had a romantic relationship.
If you're asking if we slept together,
yes, 20 years ago,
but in no way does that affect
the nature of the story.
I'm not saying that it does.
I'm saying that the appearance
of bias is as good as bias,
especially when you're talking about
This is Israel.
It's our closest ally.
Let's not bullshit ourselves.
Okay? Begging your pardon.
Caution is warranted.
My relationship with the source
is why this story happened.
It wouldn't even be possible if I wasn't
a firsthand party to the information.
I'm the only one who could do it.
- That doesn't change anything
- What are we doing here,
if it's not to find stories like this?
This makes us relevant.
Puts you in the conversation
with the Times Magazine,
Harper's and New Yorker.
- Isn't that what you want?
- We all have jobs here.
I'm pretty sure yours isn't telling me
how relevant this magazine is.
When I get a look at the final product,
which Karina assures me I will soon,
I'll have a better perspective on this.
Now I want to remind everyone here
that the publication of any story
under the banner of this magazine
is a privilege. It's not a right.
I take pride in hearing an array of voices
in my decision-making process,
but the final decision for publication
will be mine and mine alone.
- [Karina] Understood, Peter.
- Great.
Then I'll let you get on with it.
Keep up the stellar work. Gentlemen.
That motherfucker.
Is this gonna die?
I don't know. Maybe.
You've done good work.
That makes the story even more dangerous.
What if we bring in someone else
to help you?
Put their name first on the byline,
that way things don't seem biased.
No fucking way. I did all the work.
I get that,
and normally I wouldn't suggest it,
but you're telling me
we have to publish this now.
So, what's more important?
The story gets published
or it gets published with your name?
I'm not sharing my byline, Karina.
[in Hebrew] No, go ahead
I might join you.
I don't think I've eaten today.
But you should. You're pregnant.
Is Segev dead?
He doesn't know.
He doesn't know much about anything.
Except that they promised
to put him in the special ops unit.
This was his entrance exam.
I need to talk to Segev.
But I have no way to contact him.
I don't know if he's alive.
We need to discuss
the reality we're facing.
- Life in prison?
- Yes.
But on the way there,
they'll publicly disgrace us.
Spies. Traitors. Stuff like that.
Your kid will go through hell.
So, then, what do we do?
We can't just dump Omer in the desert.
I don't want to tell you
what it is to be a parent.
But no force on this earth could keep me
from raising my own child.
You need to leave.
Now. Get out of Israel.
Where the hell would I go?
And what about you? What about Omer?
I'll handle it.
Thank you.
[monitor beeping]
How you feeling?
Nurse says
you got knocked around pretty good.
It was you?
Give us a minute.
If I have made a consistent mistake
in this whole saga,
it's selling you short.
Strange. I know your whole history,
the training
You sent this motherfucker
in here after me?
- Sorry. We needed to talk.
- So talk, motherfucker. Talk.
Stop lying and tell me,
what do you want from me?
Danielle's notebook.
She meant for me to have it.
She died trying to make that happen.
She died stealing secrets
and keeping secrets.
From me
and from every other Israeli she knew.
Lying and betraying.
These last few weeks
have been hard on you,
and for my part in that, I'm sorry.
But even with all the secrets,
you know that's not who your wife was.
She was a hero.
We needed her
to get very classified information
from the national security advisor.
She called me the night it happened.
She had overheard a phone call.
Something about a meeting. Off the books.
Between Assaf and his boss.
His name is Eitan Sharon.
[in Hebrew] I asked you not to call me
for two hours. Why? What's so urgent?
What? Which information?
No, a friend, but she doesn't speak
Hebrew. It's all right. Can you talk?
But why a catastrophe? What did you hear?
How did they get it? If they found out,
that's a major disaster.
Yeah, okay. Tell Eitan
I'll be there within 20 minutes.
I'll try to get there
as quickly as possible.
- [clearing throat] Everything okay?
- [in English] Yeah, it's just work.
You're leaving?
Yeah, I'm I'll call you later.
I'm glad I rushed over and made Syd leave.
I'll be back soon. I promise.
[ominous music playing]
[car alarm chirps]
[engine starting]
[Wexler] Assaf's boss, Sharon,
was a guy with top-level access
in Aman, Mossad, everything.
[inaudible dialogue]
This was the first time
we were able to get close to Eitan,
but the place was too small
for her to get in
and get anywhere near the conversation.
[car alarm chirps]
We pieced together
what must have happened next
from the chatter on the Israeli side
and some CCTV footage.
It seems she waited outside
the restaurant for hours.
Hoping to maybe get something.
And then an opportunity presented itself.
[device beeping]
[door unlocks]
Whatever she found there,
we know it was top secret,
classified information.
[in Hebrew] Oh, my God!
You scared me.
- [in Hebrew] What are you doing?
- I'm sorry. I dropped my keys.
- Have a nice night.
- You too.
What are you doing?
I know how this looks,
but it's not what you think.
I'm his girlfriend.
Eitan. I'm Eitan's girlfriend.
I was just trying to leave him a present.
We'll see.
[dramatic music playing]
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- Hey, Dad.
Hey, sweetie. You don't sound so good.
Yeah, I just really needed
to hear your voice.
Everything okay?
Yeah, things have been tough lately.
I haven't been feeling great.
I may have caught something
that's going around.
Well, why don't you come home
for a week? Unplug.
Your mother would love
the chance to spoil you.
- I'll get you on the next flight.
- I have a family now, Dad.
I can't just leave.
You have to take care of yourself.
Doesn't matter about the family.
You have to take care of yourself.
I know, just let me figure it out. Okay?
[call disconnects]
We need to get her out of there right now.
She was supposed to evacuate. Immediately.
It took her 72 hours.
[Segev and Ella speaking Hebrew]
That hesitation, that delay
probably cost her her life.
Sophie was an amazing woman.
- She was one of our best.
- Why didn't she leave?
Because she thought
she could convince you
to move to New York with her.
I know. It's hard to discover you don't
know everything about your wife, but
she loved you.
You can finish the work she started.
What do I get if I help you?
Fresh start.
Show me what you found,
give me the notebook,
and Segev Azulai
will have died in this jail
of his injuries.
You, however,
will start a new life.
With a new name.
Tell me what I wanna know.
What happens to Ella?
- I can't give up my daughter.
- You're staring at life in prison.
That's giving up your daughter.
Why would I believe anything you say?
What choice do you have?
[line rings]
[Maya in Hebrew] This is Maya Talmor.
Please leave a message.
[voicemail beeps]
[line ringing]
This is Maya Talmor.
Please leave a message.
Maya, it's me.
[phone beeps]
[gun cocks]
[banging on trunk]
[Omer] Tali!
Tali, what's going on?
Let me outta here!
Tali, can you hear me?
Because, again, I specifically called
to have him put in PC.
How the hell was he able to be attacked?
Why wasn't I called?
I don't have that information.
Where is he right now? Give me the room.
- Try the infirmary.
- Thank you.
[dramatic music playing]
- [lock buzzes]
- Guard!
Ain't this a bitch?
[theme music playing]
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