Hit The Floor (2013) s02e02 Episode Script


Previously on Hit the Floor: If people found out, that'd be it for me.
I want you, but we have to keep it a secret.
Remember that Ohio small forward? I bought him.
- Zero, Pete.
- And one, two.
- Jelena Howard, Captain.
- Sloane Hayes, Director.
- This is a business.
- I know how you do business.
- Isn't that? - My wife.
Until our divorce, those seats are 50 per cent mine.
You are the sexiest woman I've ever laid eye on.
I'm way too much woman for you.
- How do I come up with 350 grand? - Who are these dudes? - High rollers that come to games.
- A good place to start.
If you keep playing, you could blow out your knee.
It will end your career.
- Good luck with your cheerleaders.
- They're dancers.
Olivia's planning on showing up at the ground-breaking.
If she does something stupid, I'm holding you responsible.
And so it is with great pride that I break ground on the Devils' new Hollywood arena.
Over this way, please.
Chase, any comment? Any comment about your wife's murder? My wife was an amazing woman.
She was the love of my life.
I'm gonna make sure whoever did this, feels the pain I'm going through.
That's former Devils player Chase Vincent making a statement about his wife's death.
Her body was discovered yesterday on the construction site for the new Devils arena in Hollywood.
Police have no suspects in custody at this time.
- Don't get too caught up in the circus.
- How can I not? There are reporters swarming outside, there are cops swarming inside.
It's surreal.
- I don't know if you can run away.
- I saw her.
In the ground.
I saw her.
Hey, hey.
Come here.
Come here.
Sorry to interrupt.
Boss Mum's rounding up the dancers for a heart-to-heart.
Be there in a sec.
This door locks.
Just FYI.
- We need to be more careful about this.
- You mean us? We're careful enough.
- We're not.
Someone just walked in.
- Kyle already knows.
- What if it was anyone else? - It wasn't.
Dancers can't date players.
I can't lose my job.
So when outside your house, there's no us.
No touching, no holding hands.
From now on, we keep our distance.
- Look, Ahsha - I've gotta go.
What happened to Olivia, it's unthinkable.
Not something you just shake off.
So if any of you need to talk, I'm here.
For now, I think it's best if we cancel today's rehearsal as well as tomorrow night's performance at the L.
County Museum of Art.
A word? We're not canceling.
First, we don't make my decisions.
Second, I know you and Olivia didn't exactly get along, but you can understand we shouldn't be out there doing high-kicks right now.
Olivia and I had our differences but she would never cancel a performance.
It's respectful.
Respectful is doing what she would've wanted.
The Devil Girls have never missed an appearance.
You may not feel anything, Jelena, but Olivia was murdered.
This is hardly a "show must go on" situation.
Don't presume to know how I feel.
- You're too close to this.
- Excuse me? You took the woman's job.
Your guilt is affecting your judgment.
Having the girls dance now makes the wrong statement.
Either way, we make a statement.
- Only one's gonna make Oscar happy.
- Oscar? He wants the city to know that we're still strong.
But if you want him thinking you're weak - Do the police have a suspect? - Not yet.
It's just terrible.
It hits me right here in my heart.
This is a PR nightmare.
My build site's a crime scene.
The city's shut down construction.
My $2 billion construction.
I've been on the phone with my investors.
- You'll figure something out.
- I need a hand, Jude, not a hand-job.
I have to go to this LACMA thing, show my face.
The media - The media's something else.
- What can I do? Get the word out.
Anyone divulging Devils business will be dealt with.
- Can you handle that? - Absolutely.
Well, that's just terrific, isn't it? Someone was obviously sending Oscar a message burying Olivia there.
Oscar's been funneling money into this project by getting his investors to bet on games.
Fixing the point spread, using casinos as middle men.
Plenty of people he could've pissed off.
They could've chosen anyone to send that message.
Why Olivia? Add her to the long list of bad things that happen around Oscar Kinkade.
Well, all the security clearances I got were revoked.
Everyone's was.
There's new passwords, firewalls Because of what happened, Oscar has the arena on lock.
The league lost all our ways in too.
What I'm trying to do just went from difficult to impossible.
Or this might be the best thing that could've happened to our investigation.
How can you say that? Something this big doesn't go down without kicking up new dirt.
Oscar just lost control, and you are now the one person in the one place to take advantage of it.
No "thank you"? If I thanked everyone who held a door for me, I'd have no voice.
- I'll remember that on our date.
- Agreeing to that date - was for Terrence's benefit, not yours.
- I don't care who you said it for.
You said yes.
This is gonna happen.
So dinner at The Ivy? Or I can just hire Wolfgang Puck to cook for us at my mansion.
I'm worth millions.
I don't know if you've heard, but that doesn't impress me.
Sorry, Junior, you're not tall enough to ride this ride.
You really think Terrence Wall's the only one who deserves you? Mark my words.
By the end of the week, we're going out on a date.
Because of what's going on, I won't get a chance to explain everything you're gonna be doing.
- I can come back.
- Go find a film for the entire season study it, learn it, then give me your take on defense.
- Got it.
Where should I set up? - Right here.
- We need our first target.
- Maybe you should find a newspaper.
Someone's dead.
Well, life goes on.
Unless you wanna be Mrs Benny Wise the rest of your life? I cannot afford to be tied to that man.
He spends more time in a courtroom than Dateline.
OK, who's Teddy Reynolds? Easy mark.
We already had some fun together.
- Where? - In Terrence Wall's locker.
His daddy runs a movie studio.
Heard he just gave him a slush fund.
Development money to make him think he's a big-time producer.
Teddy's been buying lots of garbage he's not doing a damn thing with.
- Like what? - Well, he bought the rights to Pez.
Not the dispensers, just the candy.
That should be a good one.
A moviemaker who makes nothing.
That's something I can work with.
You wanted to see me? How you holding up? - Have you talked to your mother? - Not really.
Listen, Sloane and Olivia, their relationship was It was complicated.
So, it might not be a bad idea if you tried to be there for her.
That's not why you wanted to see me.
I wish the timing was better, but I don't want you to hear it from anybody else.
I'm seeing Raquel.
- Raquel.
"Raquel" Raquel? - "Raquel" Raquel.
But weren't you just with my mum? When Sloane and I reconnected, it brought up old feelings for both of us.
But we didn't work back then, and we just don't work now.
With Raquel, we don't have all that baggage.
It just feels nice.
Is Raquel happy? I think so.
Because she deserves to be.
I know.
- Good? - Good.
So you decided not to cancel the dance.
Well, it was important to Oscar.
Thanks for rebounding so quickly.
We're ready.
Are you ready? - Yeah, I think I got it covered.
- Olivia always double-checked how much space we'd need for the routine against the floor plan of the venue.
Have you done that? No.
I think the floor plan's M.
You'll get one later.
For now, I'll mark the dance, you tape it.
OK, so We go about this far stage left.
I'm sorry, where did the first count start? Want me to do it again? - How's your girl? - What are you talking about? The one I saw you walking out with the other day.
Not totally offensive-looking.
It seems like you've zeroed-in on someone new.
Unless I wasn't supposed to hear the date you made in front of my face? Don't flatter yourself.
You said you wanted me to have a nice life.
This is what it looks like.
- Lionel.
- How are you, Pete? - What are you doing here? - Well, there was a death.
- Checking on people is thing to do.
- I'm fine.
- How's Chase? You talk to him? - Why do you care? We used to socialise with Olivia and Chase.
- They've come to our house.
- You hated them.
You said Olivia was duller than her natural hair color.
That doesn't make this any less tragic.
I don't need you coming here and checking in on me, OK? I have someone.
We check on each other.
- Girl from the bar? Waitress? Rachel? - Raquel.
And she's not a waitress, she manages the club.
She can't be that important if you're keeping her a secret.
- That'll change tonight.
- Why's that? See, one of the nice things about you and I divorcing, I don't have to answer your questions anymore.
- Hey.
- Hi.
My dad told me you were working here.
I still can't believe it.
Me, coaching for the Devils.
You worked hard for this.
Ahsha, I know I wouldn't be here if you hadn't given it your okay, so Thank you.
I'd never get in the way of your dream.
You've never got in the way of mine.
Coach, Coach.
- Welcome to the show, big baller.
- Derek.
This is gonna be great.
Now you get to watch the magic up close.
I'm excited.
Good seeing you, Ahsha.
- What was that? - What? Did you not hear me yesterday? You can't just rub up on me in public.
- I was saying hi to the new guy.
- You were being a dick to the new guy.
- Why did your dad hire him? - My dad doesn't know about us.
He knows dude punched me in the face.
Why would your gym teacher even take this job? German doesn't have the same opportunities that you do, Derek.
I need you to be OK with this.
- Please, for me, for now.
- OK.
No problem.
All right, I'll play nice, I promise.
Glad you could make it on such short notice.
We need to put on our best face tonight.
Yes, that's why I invited Raquel, as my date.
- Are you crazy? Ahsha - She knows.
I told her.
She cared more about you being happy than me being happy.
Glad you could make it, Lionel.
You look stunning, as usual.
Thank you, Oscar.
I hear we may start seeing you at games.
I can't tell you how delighted that'd make me.
Would you excuse me? Just for a minute.
Of course.
Wow, you look Oscar heard I'll be coming to all the games the rest of the season.
What was the condition for that happening? - No Pete and Raquel.
- And what is that right there? - Pete and Raquel.
- I wasn't sitting courtside while he was screwing another woman on the down-low.
I'm not sitting there while he's screwing her in public.
- I'm not taking that kind of a press hit.
- I'll fix it.
In the meantime, I'm leaving.
Tell Oscar goodbye for me, would you? Ladies, OK.
Ready? Beautiful.
Don't you just hate PDAs? They do make a good-looking couple, though.
OK, ladies.
Don't know what you think you saw.
You didn't know at all.
Lost sight of who you are.
No, no.
Can I make a connection? Force myself in a dimension? Lost sight of myself.
No, no.
If I could force my heart My ears, my mind.
And eyes to get in line.
Maybe I'd find something real Not a fantasy so divine.
Let myself down each time.
Let myself down each time.
How could you be What I wanna see? When my reality.
Could never live up Could never live up.
To the fantasy.
How could you be What I wanna see? When my reality.
Could never live up Could never live up.
To the fantasy Sarah, hi.
Sloane Hayes.
I'm so glad you could come.
- So, how you holding up? - I'm not.
I still can't believe it.
I know you quit after Olivia left, but I could sure use a good assistant.
Someone who knew all her ins and outs.
I didn't quit.
Oscar fired me.
I'm sorry.
I really could've used you.
I can't find even the simplest thing.
Her desktop has nothing on it.
- Oscar had it wiped clean.
- Why would he do that? I think it was just to spite her.
He said she resigned, but she didn't.
He let her go.
Probably why she was planning to come to the ground-breaking.
- To chew him out.
- She planned on being there? - Well, good luck to you Sarah.
- You too.
Hope you don't mind I'm still in my work clothes.
I had a Devils event tonight and didn't get a chance to change.
I skipped out on the after-party just for you.
I don't mind.
It's just another amazing night in my little old life story.
They're blank.
When I procure rights, there's usually a logline, a treatment When I bought Lucky Charms, there was a box with a maze on the back.
That was awesome.
I finished it too.
If you're willing to pay $50,000 for the rights to my life story, I thought it'd be better if I just showed you.
This is the story of a small-town girl, the daughter of a preacher, who takes over Hollywood, one star at a time.
This is a pretty good story.
I recently spent some time with a couple of actors.
Now, I can't name names, but let's just say they were brothers, and only one of them was an Avenger.
He let me hold his hammer, Teddy.
You like to hammer? - I like to hammer, Kyle? - Yeah? Yes? Yeah? Are you in, Teddy? - I'm in.
- Oh, yes.
- I'm in.
- Yes.
Get away from her.
There's been a mistake.
- You bet your ass.
- What are you doing? He was hurting you.
You were screaming.
I'm not the quiet type.
You're an investment.
I was protecting my investment.
This is why I work alone.
I prayed and God gave me a vision.
You and me naked on a beach under the stars.
My private jet's waiting to fly us to Cabo right now.
Tweet me the pics.
- Pete.
There you are.
- Oscar need me for something? Actually, I do.
There's a certain female I wanted to talk to you about.
Someone I got my eye on.
Sloane? - What about her? - Ls she single? You'd have to ask her that.
I heard she was pretty wild back in the day.
You both were.
Yeah, well, that was a long time ago, Jude.
- Excuse me.
- I'm serious.
From what I've picked up, she's not qualified for that director's gig, so she had to do something for Oscar to get it.
I might have some work for her.
Satisfied? He's gone.
I think you owe me an apology.
You were very mean to me back there.
You know, I had him on the hook.
Now he's running around town with a crazy story about Kyle Hart, and that's not good for business.
I need to fix this.
And I can't tomorrow because I got Olivia's funeral.
What? Hey, Teddy.
It's Kyle.
Listen, darling, I am so sorry about that guy.
He is just someone I know who went off his meds.
You have to let me make it up to you.
How would you like a real once-in-a-lifetime Devils experience? All the players are gonna be there.
You need a ride? If I didn't get into your understated Escalade, what makes you think I'm getting into this ostentatious Aston Martin? Well, from what I heard this is exactly what you'd wanna pull up to Olivia's funeral in.
I go, I drink I ball so much, I can't think.
- You OK? - What are you doing here? An extra set of eyes couldn't hurt.
Sorry for your loss, Chase.
Olivia was a rare woman.
- Looks like he pissed someone off.
- Yeah, me.
You did that? You gave Oscar's son a black eye? Oscar's never been very protective of him.
You wouldn't believe what he was saying.
About what? Sloane.
- Nice shiner.
- See how far I'll go for you? Apparently not far enough.
Give it time.
- You brought me to a funeral? - Not any funeral.
Olivia Vincent's.
Director of the Devil Girls.
Look around.
The entire Devils Nation is here.
Just another day in the extremely affordable life of me.
You ready? I speak for all of the Devil Girls in expressing our deep sorrow at Olivia's passing.
Olivia Vincent was the Devil Girls.
She had strength beauty class.
She had big ideas and an even bigger heart.
I know any time any of us needed advice, she was the first person we ran to.
I learned a lot from Olivia these past four years.
I hope that when I'm her age I'm half the woman that sh That she wa If I could just say a few words.
Grief takes many forms.
All we can be sure of is mourning the loss of a loved one is a very personal, profound journey.
Matthew 5, verse 4.
"Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.
" God comforts us, loves us so that we will share that love when we need it most.
From Him to us through us.
I didn't know Olivia.
But it's a testament to who she was that you are all here.
May we all mourn her passing, each of us in our own way.
And may we find comfort in each other.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Oh-eh, oh, oh Oh, let's play a game.
I am the predator I'm gonna make you my prey.
I'm coming straight for your heart.
I know what I want and I don't play shy So baby boy I'm gonna hunt you down.
Get wild get rough get loud, baby Take me higher.
I'm an animal I'm going in for the kill.
So don't stop, go hard, get hot Let's start a fire.
I'm an animal I'm going in for the kill.
At least she's got a five-star view.
Where have you been? - Getting closer to God.
- Let's go.
Could you sign this? He is out of his mind devastated, poor dear.
Steady, Teddy.
This is a funeral.
This is your life.
I want it.
Well, get in line.
- Whoa, hey, I don't want any trouble.
- Me either.
Off you go.
Look, I'm sorry about before, but we're both producers.
- You get it.
- You're a producer? You gotta fight for a woman like Kyle.
I have that chick from those Hunger Games movies begging to play her.
Told her to clean up her Southern accent.
She sounds like she got kicked in the mouth.
- Ninety-thousand.
- Teddy's gonna give me a cheque One-hundred thousand.
With him, you'll get a movie of the week.
With me, you'll walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards.
- Hundred and twenty-five.
- OK, let's not push our luck.
One hundred and fifty thousand? - Take it or leave it.
- Take it.
- You're obviously the better man.
- She's worth it.
- Thank you, Teddy.
- No, thank you.
Best funeral ever.
I can't wait to hear more of your stories.
That was nice.
Only 200,000 to go.
You son of a bitch.
This was your plan from the beginning, to jack up the price.
- Still only like working alone? - I thought you were protecting me - when you busted into my apartment.
- Come on, Kyle.
I've heard a woman scream in pleasure plenty of times.
See you.
- I can't believe she's gone.
- I know.
She's lovely.
I get to move on too, Sloane.
It's good, he thinks we're dating.
It is good.
He)'- - What's that about? - Fighting the good fight.
We haven't had a chance to talk since I helped bring Zero to L.
Look, I'm not his agent, I know I'm not yours either, but I wanna tell you, I'm still your guy, if you need something.
We'll see.
I wanted to thank you for being cool with me and Pete.
I know it has to be strange.
Not stranger than this.
Just promise me I'll never have to walk in on the two of you.
Why would you say that? Apparently I learned how not to lock doors from my mother and father.
Catching them was one of the more scarring moments of my life.
When was this again? A couple weeks ago.
Raquel? Hey, Raquel.
You had sex with her, Pete.
Two weeks ago.
Wait, wait, wait.
Let me explain.
I'm not gonna be your backup piece.
It's been a great first date.
This wasn't a date.
I picked you up in a fancy car, took you somewhere black-tie.
I was your knight in shining armour.
We had biblical sex.
Sounds like a date to me.
It's crazy.
One minute someone can be here and the next minute Derek, can you just stand here? With me? Over here.
Chase Vincent, you're under arrest for the murder of Olivia Vincent.
- What are you doing? - Hands, sir.
Are you crazy? I did not kill my wife.
I didn't kill my Wife.
We found the shovel used to bury her in the trunk of your car.
Let's go.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you.
You have the right to an attorney Oh, my God.
I did not kill my wife.
Next time on Hit the Floor: You came.
I can't tell you what this means to me.
How could you do this? You want the Malibu house? What is it you want? Doesn't seem like a worthy adversary for you.
She's gotten smarter.
She's doing something that'll get her fired.
- Pavli.
- Never should've let this one out of your sight.
Someone else was bound to snatch him up.
You weren't kidding.
Terrence and Derek are on shaky ground.
See why I sold you on L.
? There's a murderer inside Devils Arena.
It's time to get out.