Hit The Floor (2013) s02e03 Episode Script

Behind the Back

1 - Previously on Hit the Floor: - My wife was amazing.
I'm gonna make sure whoever did this feels the pain I'm going through.
This is a PR nightmare.
Oscar just lost control.
You are now the one person to take advantage of it.
Divorce papers.
Benny signed them.
Asked me to give them to you.
You gotta pay his debt.
One hundred and fifty thousand.
- Only 200,000 to go.
- You're sleeping with her.
I couldn't come to games if my husband is screwing a Playground employee.
- I'm on it.
- I'm not gonna be your backup piece.
Do you know who I'm the girlfriend of? Ex-girlfriend.
If you keep playing on it, you could blow out your knee.
- A risk I'm willing to take.
- Dad told me you were here now.
Coach, Coach.
Welcome to the show, big baller.
- Dancers can't date players.
- I can't lose my job.
So when we're outside of your house, there's no us.
You're under arrest for the murder of Olivia Vincent.
I did not kill my wife! - You came.
- How could you do this? I can't tell you what this means.
- How could you do this? - I didn't.
The shovel was found in your trunk.
Dirt from where she was buried was on it and your fingerprints are all over.
I didn't kill Olivia.
But I did move her body.
This is the time when girls start getting clingy.
Couple nights with me suddenly I'm finding toothbrushes in my drawers.
These reporters won't leave me alone.
Been hassling me all day.
You're not the only one.
I don't know what to say.
I'm watching this play out just like you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Ahsha! Ahsha! Who cares what Ahsha Hayes thinks? Obviously some people do.
Doesn't seem like a worthy adversary for someone like you.
She's an annoyance.
But she's gotten smarter.
She's doing something that'll get her fired something she's been able to keep hidden, even from me.
- But I'm working on it.
- You know, I think this is the longest conversation we've had.
Good point.
Shabu-shabu from Cookai doesn't have the same appeal from a box.
You know we can't eat out.
We're shut-ins.
It's just the way it has to be.
We've been doing good staying off the grid so far.
I haven't been doing anything.
You're the one working out our secret meeting spots, taxis, timing our arrivals at the arena.
Don't know if the Ahsha I met months ago could've pulled this off.
When the only other option is losing your job you have to get creative.
Besides, there are some things you can do here that you can't do at a restaurant.
- Did you move my furniture around? - It's feng.
- My mother thinks I have bad energy.
- Can't imagine why.
But you never talk about family.
- They lend money, I collect it.
- How'd that get to be your job? Because I don't get invested in people's personal crap.
Boston's in town.
So our next target is a no-brainer.
Pavle Tipsarevic.
Great wall of Serbia.
He doesn't speak English.
My head hurts trying to communicate with you.
How do you say "married to Benny until the day you die" in Serbian? Chase Vincent will be receiving a plea deal that will allow him to walk out of prison in 20 to 30 years.
For murder? That's all? No one wants a long trial, particularly me.
His signing will go a long way towards removing the black eye he's given this organization.
But it won't wipe it away completely.
Which is why I'm here.
Your agency represents Hollywood.
I want you to bring it to the Playground tonight.
People get distracted by shiny objects.
I want my investors distracted till this Chase nonsense is dead and buried.
Soto speak.
- Think you can handle that? - Consider it done.
You moved Olivia's body, but you didn't kill her.
- I know it sounds crazy.
- Even if it's the truth, it's crazy.
It's the truth.
You have to believe me.
Look, that's why I called you.
You always saw through him.
You know what he's capable of.
You're talking about Oscar.
Look, I came home, I found her body on the floor.
She fell from the upstairs landing.
The banister was wrenched from the wall.
Her fingernails were dug in it.
I lost it.
I knew he did it.
And I knew he would get away with it, like he gets away with everything.
Her body was the only weapon I had to make him pay.
So I used it.
This is unbelievable.
- Why would I wanna kill Olivia? - Why would Oscar? She knew something.
Something she was gonna tell the world at that groundbreaking.
What did Olivia know? Sloane, you think you know how bad Oscar can be but you have no idea.
The morning after the groundbreaking, I drove out to Simi Valley to chuck the shovel.
It wound up in my trunk.
He had me followed.
You and Oscar became thick as thieves.
Now you want me to see you as some innocent I'm not a saint, but I'm not a murderer.
The truth? It'll come out.
What did Olivia know? Oscar was connected to Mia Sertner's death.
Mia killed herself.
Connected how? Olivia didn't tell me.
You want me to sign a plea deal.
- I have to go.
- Where are you going? I need you on my side.
Goodbye, Chase.
Do you believe Chase is innocent? A man capable of burying his wife is certainly capable of killing her.
But? I also believe he'd spill any secrets he had to get out of that jail cell.
And Mia is a big one.
I mean, to even bring her up in the first place saying her death wasn't a suicide, but a I'm an investigator for the league, not a homicide detective.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying it's time to back away.
We signed up for corruption, not murder.
- Michael.
- Sloane, it's too dangerous.
There's a murderer inside Devil's Arena.
It's time to get out.
Good evening.
Of course, all of you know Lionel Davenport looking stunning as always.
Oscar, you're too much.
You have a second? It's important.
Excuse me.
Chase won't sign the plea deal.
- Yes, I punched Jude over Sloane.
- I'm pretty busy here.
And, yes, we got back together to see if there was anything between us.
But we are not together now.
You and I are.
At least I hope we are.
- Pete, I really - Jude said something inappropriate about the mother of my kid.
That's it.
If he had said anything about you, I'd have broken his legs.
How about a beer? Table six could use a refresh while you're at it.
I'm all over it.
I am a sucker for Kiss Cam.
Make sure you get both of them on it.
Love is in the air.
I want everyone to see it.
The boy was right here.
He said he wanted your autograph.
- He had a whole sob story and - It's time for the Kiss Cam.
Oh, yeah, look at those sweethearts, ladies and gentlemen.
Looks like we've got our very own Devil Girl Ahsha Hayes! Kiss, kiss, kiss.
Well, all right.
Yeah! Five minutes.
As my mother or my boss? Whatever gets you to listen.
One of my oldest friends is in the ground.
The other is behind bars.
The one thing they had in common is Devil's Arena.
I've told you, no one walks away from it clean.
What are you saying? It's time to go, honey.
There's other teams, other opportunities.
You can use what you started here to take you wherever you wanna go.
You want me to quit the Devil Girls? I'll leave too.
We can go together.
I'm sorry about Olivia and Chase.
I am.
But I'm not them.
And I'm not you.
I have started something here.
Something great.
I don't wanna look back 20 years from now and wonder if I made a mistake.
I understand if you need to go, but I'm staying.
You are me.
Stubborn as hell.
Hey- Zero.
I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna.
I had no idea you and Jelena used to be a thing.
Ancient history.
It's all good.
Someone told me you only just broke up.
It was swift and decisive.
Don't worry about it.
I mean it, Terrence.
Say the word and I'll end it.
No looking back.
Hand to God.
- I'm here to ball, not cause drama.
- I wouldn't be selling the restaurant I named after her if I was still hung up on her.
Listen, the only relationships I care about are the ones on the court.
I need that ring.
In the Ohio locker room all we talked about was how bad we felt for you.
Derek was obviously not pulling his weight in the playoffs.
Some of the guys even joked about it.
You don't have to worry about that with me here.
I got your back.
Pavle! How are you? Thanks for driving on over for little old me.
Still haven't cracked that Rosetta Stone I got you, huh? Pavle, you shouldn't have.
He didn't.
- Lexi? - You never should've let this one out of your sight.
Someone else was bound to snatch him up.
Actually, Pavle, it's fiancé.
Fourteen carats? Fourteen point two.
Gag on that irony.
I haven't heard from you all day.
Must be really busy.
Must be.
Okay, I'll take the initiative.
Dinner? You and me? We can make reservations at Jelena's while it's still around.
- Meaning? - You haven't heard.
Terrence is selling it.
You don't wanna be tied down, Pavle.
You're too big and rich.
And that Lexi is as twisted as Enrique Iglesias' Let's just say I've seen things.
Save it.
The only English he knows is what I teach him.
Go find yourself another sucker.
This one's mine.
I give this three weeks, tops.
Actually, it'll be at least 18 years.
Me baby.
I'll translate for you.
I'm pregnant.
These shots are for the website, so look sharp.
There we go, there we go.
Arms are still.
Look at that bad boy.
I can see Derek and Terrence are on shaky ground.
Now, do you see why I sold you so hard on L.
? - It's a land of opportunity.
- Come on.
Zero, get in there, buddy.
Let's get a ball each.
There we go.
Zero, Zero, Zero.
You know the score.
And it's way more than zero.
Come on, Derek.
In you come, let's go, come on.
- HEY- - HEY- - Cool shoot.
- Yeah.
It's very cool.
- It was just Kiss Cam - Didn't mean anything.
- It was just a Kiss Cam.
- People were screaming.
- It was, you know, crazy.
- Yeah.
All right, I'll see you later.
All right.
Hang on, mate, let me reload.
Causing trouble with the Kiss Cam? Little juvenile, no? I'm just saying, I would've expected something less simple from Jelena Howard.
Then it must not be as simple as it appears? All right.
The Roman emperor.
Oh, mean and moody.
Mean and moody, Derek.
That's it, Derek.
- Derek saw the kiss.
- Are you serious? I thought he was in the locker room.
Come in, mate.
Terrence, in here for me, and Jelena, in you come.
Let's get the couple together.
This is what the fans want, right? Okay, let me see it.
- And a little happier would be.
- How much did you get for it? For what? - The restaurant.
- Okay, switch sides for me.
It's purely a business decision.
Really? Just business.
Just business.
It's an asset I don't need any more.
Taking five.
Ahsha isn't going anywhere.
And if she isn't, neither am I.
Sloane, I really think that's a bad idea.
Well, I'm sorry, Michael.
If you wanted a quitter, you got the wrong girl.
Well, then, looks like we need to find out what Olivia had on Oscar.
Five minutes.
- Hello? - Chase.
I was surprised to hear about your lack of cooperation.
- There's a plea deal on the table.
- Why would I confess to something I didn't do? Your guilt, or lack thereof, is inconsequential.
You'll sign because if you do, you'll be able to walk out of there in 20 to 30 years.
And if you don't, well, the fact that we're even having this conversation should tell you there's nowhere I can't get to you.
Choice is yours, Chase.
Oscar's private jet, with his compliments.
He's still high off the win.
Having Zero on the team doesn't matter because this trip is not about basketball.
This trip is about me taking you to San Francisco for the date of your life.
No work, no Devil talk.
Just us.
This seat taken? Just us? Oscar gave us the plane for the night alone.
Well, I don't know anything about that.
I'm just escorting Lionel to a winery in Napa.
A little thank you from Oscar for coming to the party.
I was under the impression that this was a solo flight as well.
- At least it'll be a short flight.
- Exactly.
What could possibly happen in 45 minutes? She is not pregnant.
- This is a scam.
- So she ran a better game.
You missed your window, we move on to the next one.
We don't play the same.
If you can't see the difference between what she is doing and what I'm doing, you are touched in the head.
I am not moving on.
Pavle needs my help.
Well, I need that 200 G's leftover that your hubby owes.
- You'll get it.
- When did you go soft? I feel for the guy, okay? I know what's it like to get conned - into a marriage.
- How did Benny con you? He promised me the world.
Lexi invited me to the engagement party.
She wants a gift, being able to rub it in my face.
- And you're going? - With a gift for Pavle.
I'm breaking them up.
I just don't know how yet.
- Hey you.
- Hey.
There's a new Thai place.
I think their stuff comes in fancy plastic containers.
Yeah, I I gotta hit the showers.
We'll figure it out later.
Pete, listen.
I'm really sorry about, you know, what I said to you.
- It's fine, apology accepted.
- It wasn't cool.
You and Sloane have history together.
Then I come along, flapping my big mouth.
- I never know when to shut up.
- Hey, why don't you and I get a drink? You seem like a nice person.
I could watch you crash and burn, but that wouldn't make me feel good.
Lionel, I don't know you, you don't know me - and you don't know - I'll say it so you don't have to.
It's none of my business, I know.
But if someone would have told me before I married - Told you what? - That he leaves.
From what I understand, you left him.
Not in the way it counts.
He leaves in inches.
Checks out, turns off, shuts down.
Before you know it, he's gone.
The drinking comes along with it.
It's how he avoids things.
I'm sure you've noticed he's never far from a glass.
Just because that was your experience doesn't mean it's gonna be mine.
That's the risk we take, isn't it? You have a child, don't you? How you doing? You okay? - No.
- You don't look too good.
Well, are you airsick? Or? - I wanna go back.
- Back? "Back" back? Like, turn the plane around? - Are you okay with that? - Sure.
We're halfway there.
It'll take us just as long to get there as Pete, I'm not thinking about San Francisco now.
Can we please just go? Yeah, okay.
- Okay? - Okay.
Lexi, open mine next.
What do you think of the party, Kyle? This is one shotgun engagement I wish I brought a shotgun to.
Been here for two hours.
It's time to raise the white flag.
If a woman is hiding a secret, it's in her purse.
Well, how do you know which one is hers? Tacky knockoff full of crap.
Just like the woman who carries it.
Is that my purse? It fell.
And look what rolled out.
This is for acne.
I thought you were a natural beauty.
I am.
I take it to stop sweating.
I dance hard - These are tanning pills.
- For the vitamins.
- Can you get your grubby hands? - Fenotrex? That's a weight loss pill.
I didn't think they made that anymore.
For energy.
I have so many projects in the works.
- I'm killing it.
- You're killing your baby.
What are you talking about? Pregnant women can't take any of these.
They cause horrible birth defects.
Either you're a horrible mother or you're not really pregnant.
Which is it, Lexi? Are you trying to hurt your baby? All right! I'm not pregnant.
I'm not pregnant, but that doesn't mean we're not getting married.
I know you don't understand but you dodged a bullet.
A fake, crazy-ass bullet.
Now, that's a party favour.
You betcha.
This guy's on the rebound.
Show him a good time.
He deserves it.
That should put a dent in the tab.
Sorry Jude and Lionel ruined our date.
Next time I will charter my own jet.
This has nothing to do with Jude and Lionel.
You're upset.
I assumed Raquel, hey, talk to me.
I told Miguel about you.
I'll be right in.
I've never told Miguel about any guy.
And there's a reason.
His father is garbage.
And I couldn't risk my son getting attached to anyone else.
Not until I knew that person was here 100 percent.
I don't know that that's you and I don't know if that can be you.
I'm sorry.
Well? We are outside in public together.
Sort of.
You're missing the gesture.
This is our spot.
Wanna do it? It was just a Kiss Cam.
I should have walked away.
It's not about the Kiss Cam.
Then what is it about? - Seeing you kiss another guy - I know.
Seeing you kiss another guy.
It made me realise.
I love you.
L I am in love with you, Ahsha Hayes.
I love you too.
Lionel! Hey, I thought it was interesting before Raquel asked to turn the plane around that you two were in deep conversation.
- I have to get my seat before - I'll hold the game.
You're not here to watch.
You're not even here to get your face on camera.
You came to Devils' Arena for a reason.
- Pete, you're in my way.
- You want the Malibu house? The cabin in Big Bear? What is it that you want from me? You! Okay? I want you.
It's why I'm here.
It's why I'm dragging out the divorce.
That doesn't make any sense.
You left me.
To wake you up.
Make you see what you were losing.
But you moved on.
I haven't.
We have history.
But that's it.
I'm sorry.
Give it up! And that's it.
A tough night for the Devils as they lose to Boston.
You guys stink! What are you doing out there? You should've had that! Yo, yo, yo.
What happened out there? - Just an off night.
- More than just off.
- Everything cool? - I'm fine.
You got the right bench, yo! Nice.
- Thanks for waiting around.
- Thanks for the courtside seats.
Miguel's never sat close before.
Actually, Miguel's the one I wanted to see.
I was hoping to play a little one-on-one with him.
- You.
- Look, I know you're scared.
And I understand why.
But, Raquel, I am not Jesse.
I am here 100 percent.
Miguel, this is Pete.
Pete, this is Miguel.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How you doing? - Good.
Hey, you want me to show you how to shoot that thing? - It's okay.
- Yeah? Come on, I know we lost, but I'm still a good coach, I promise.
I promise.
First of all you don't have to do this, right? Don't do this not-looking stuff because that's Oh, see what happens? - What's this? - Keep it.
Pawnshops are a hassle.
Might as well be a paperweight.
You know this means it's gonna take longer to pay off Benny's debt.
Well, we better pick our next target then.
- Look who's clingy.
- Stay.
What could be more satisfying than laying naked with me? Once upon a time, there was a stupid girl.
She had a new boyfriend who was forced to watch her kiss her old boyfriend on a Jumbotron in front of 20,000 people.
Suddenly, the stupid girl who was so clever in keeping her new boyfriend secret got sloppy.
So your not-so-simple plan worked.
It's just a story.
I got a story too.
Once upon a time a sexy guy made an offer on a restaurant named after a wicked queen.
I don't want or need you to buy me things.
Back off.
You are so cold, it's almost sociopathic.
There's more to the story.
Unfortunately, this sexy guy couldn't buy it.
The owner took it off the market.
Tonight, at Devils' Arena, the Devils were crushed by Boston.
Terrence Wall did not bring his A-game.
Hey, it's one thing for a captain to go down with his ship, but it's another thing for him to crash it.
That about sums up the Devils' loss to Boston.
After the break, we'll have the weather.
- Hello.
- Derek Roman? TMZ.
Got a nice shot of you and your lady up the hill.
Care to comment before we post? You can save your breath.
I signed the plea deal.
I always knew you were smarter than people gave you credit for, Chase.
You made a big mistake putting her at my build site.
Take care.
You killed my wife! I didn't actually.
You're lying.
You're certainly welcome to believe whatever you want.
As am I.
But say we were both telling the truth.
I didn't kill Olivia, and you didn't kill Olivia.
Who did? - Next on Hit the Floor: - A photographer got pictures of us at the overlook.
He sold them to TMZ.
I'm going to be kicked out of Devil Girls.
Ahsha needs to fix this.
I can help if you want.
We're 96 grand from the finish line.
I need to finish this.
I've been invited to the reading of Olivia's will tonight.
What would she leave you? In these plays, you get the ball more, Derek gets it less.
I don't wanna be seen as the new guy stirring things up.
- Is that my phone? - He got to you.