Hit The Floor (2013) s02e04 Episode Script

Full-Court Press

1 Previously on Hit the Floor: - What is it you want? - I want you.
It's why I'm here, it's why I'm dragging out the divorce.
- Do you know who I'm the girlfriend of? - Ex-girlfriend.
You've zeroed in on someone new.
- Keep it.
- It's gonna take longer - to pay off Benny's debt.
- Pick our next target then.
We've been good staying off the grid.
I don't know if the Ahsha I met months ago could've pulled this off.
Doing something that'll get her fired, something she's been able to keep hidden from me.
I'm working on it.
Derek Roman, TMZ.
I got a shot of you and your lady up the hill.
I didn't kill Olivia.
I know he did it.
I knew he'd get away with it.
- You're talking about Oscar.
- Yeah.
There's a murderer inside Devil's Arena.
It's time to get out.
Why are you so far away? A photographer got pictures of us at the overlook last night.
He sold them to TMZ.
- Is this a joke? - He hit me up for a quote.
This isn't a joke.
Look, I got them to hold off till noon, but I'm going to be kicked out of the Devil Girls.
What do we do? You told your agency about us? - We are way past that.
- When this goes public say you were comforting a friend after the loss of her former boss.
It got heated, but it's not what it looks like.
Just deny it.
Deny it to everyone.
Will that save Ahsha's job? Your guess is as good as mine.
I don't wanna be guessing.
Make sure Ahsha stays a Devil Girl.
Dancers aren't really my area of expertise, Derek.
- You can talk to your dad.
- You're overestimating the pull I have with Oscar.
He's in Tokyo.
I wouldn't know how Jude.
Any time I've needed something, you've come through for me.
You need to come through for me again.
You didn't sell the restaurant.
It was being undervalued.
I'll try again when the market heats up.
This woman will not die.
I have been cordially invited to the reading of Olivia's will tonight.
What would she leave you? A warehouse full of bandage dresses and oestrogen patches? Not even a little respect for the dead? That woman hassled me till the day she died, literally.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about blackmail.
She sent me a letter, demanded that I meet her and when I did, she went on and on about some deranged plan to crash the groundbreaking and cause trouble for Oscar.
She said if I didn't back her up there, she'd cause trouble for me.
What kind of trouble? She knew about the oxymetholone.
That you tested positive.
That I gave it to you.
How did she know about that? She was outside the locker room that night.
She overheard us.
- Did she tell anyone else? - I took care of it.
Like I take care of everything.
Okay, here are the rest of the outfits for the Hollywood Arena promo shoot.
Remind the girls, Oscar wants edge.
New arena, new attitude.
Michael, hi.
Thanks for calling me back.
Listen, I need you to do something for me.
- What do you need'? - I've been trying to get ahold of Devil Girl personnel files.
Human Resources told me the police tagged them as evidence.
Can you call your friend in the L.
and get me a copy of Mia's file? Yeah, I I can try.
I heard this promo is gonna run during primetime.
After the kids have been put to bed.
And right before Daddy puts Mommy to bed.
We're almost done.
Five minutes.
Ahsha? What is it? Dancers, take your places.
Devil Girls promo, take one.
And cut! - Hello? - You're supposed to be helping me with my charity event tonight.
This is not helping.
Oscar! Oscar! What does Oscar have you doing this time? Not Oscar, Derek.
He got papped with one of the dancers.
He's got me calling all over Japan trying to track Oscar down to beg him not to fire her.
The dancer's your hubby's kid.
So thank him for me, would you? Ahsha? - Who took the picture? - TMZ.
Derek promised a quote if they held it till noon, but he's not giving one, just trying to buy some time.
Give it to me like I like it, Reggie.
Do I know you? You look really familiar.
I practically live at Devils Arena, so unless you go to home games.
Well, I'm a season ticket holder, courtside.
Louis Jason, investment banker.
Kyle Hart, Devil Girl.
I come here every morning.
How crazy is that? We're both at every home game and we meet at a coffee shop.
Well, wherever it happened, I'm just glad it happened.
I can't even go to the bathroom without you hitting on someone.
- No, Alisha, look-— - Save it.
You can have him.
Hope you enjoy your trip to Lake Flaccid.
He can't get it up! - You got a second? - I'm really busy right now.
It's about Ahsha.
She got herself into some trouble.
What kind of trouble? TMZ has a picture of her and one of your players.
It's my understanding that something like this can end a Devil Girl's career.
I better get Oscar on the phone.
Oscar is at the mercy of public opinion.
Even if he wanted make an exception he can't if this thing doesn't spin the right way.
Ahsha needs to fix this.
I can help her if you want.
- How? - By making it impossible for Oscar to fire her.
People know Ahsha through the all-stars, but she doesn't have a profile yet.
Everything happening now is gonna cement that.
She can slum it in the gossip rags or we can lovingly present her to the world through more mainstream media.
We shouldn't be promoting this, we should kill it.
This story's gonna break whether you like it or not.
I know the head guy at TMZ.
He agreed not to run the pic.
Instead, I've arranged for Du Monde Magazine to run with it on their website, with a beautiful picture.
It's gonna be shot by the photographer who owns the original pic.
Everyone's happy.
Pete, this is my business.
I know what I'm talking about.
My annual charity event is tonight at the Pacific Design Center.
The Du Monde piece will be timed to Ahsha and Derek's arrival.
- You want them there.
- It's a charity event.
You want them there.
The Devils should be there as well.
Dancers, players, everyone.
Should be a show of support.
It wouldn't exactly hurt your event either.
Or you could roll the dice on her career.
Your call.
Will it Work? Depends on one person.
If this thing has a chance of working, you need to go public in a big way.
Not as just dating, but as a committed boyfriend and girlfriend.
Boyfriend and girlfriend.
L Yeah, I guess so.
I can put you in front of cameras and reporters as Derek's' girlfriend, but I can't charm them for you.
How well I do dictates whether or not I get to keep my job as a Devil Girl.
There's no guarantees, but it's the best shot we got.
I'm in.
By the way, I don't think we've been properly introduced.
I'm Lionel.
Your father's wife.
I never saw you as the gossip type.
Depends on the gossip.
Guess who's being dragged to Olivia's will reading tonight.
Are you serious? She can't do anything gracefully, why should die be any different? Something else is bothering you.
Terrence? I can't believe I wasted so much time with him.
Try again.
I miss him so much it hurts.
Just tell him.
You can't just walk up to someone and tell them that.
- Of course you can.
- I can't.
I wouldn't even know how.
Try again.
It's called being human.
It's been pointed out to me that that's not my strongest suit.
- Jelena - I've got to go.
- Zero, what's up? - You got a minute to talk ball? Sure.
When I played for Ohio, you know what we knew about the Devils? That two seasons ago we owned you and then you killed us in the playoffs.
Devils run most of their plays through Derek and Terrence.
The year we beat you, the year I got my ring, our defense adjusted, and it worked.
- Yeah, I remember.
- Now, playing for the Devils I see that approach, it's wearing the whole team out.
Here's some Ohio plays that got us to the championship.
I thought maybe we could use them.
These plays, you get the ball more.
And Derek gets it less.
Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.
Proverbs, 27:17.
We're all on the same team.
Still, it's touchy, one player proposing taking time away from another, which is why I came to you instead of Coach D.
I don't wanna be seen as the new guy stirring things up.
So you want the other new guy to stir things up? Check out the plays.
If I'm wrong, this conversation never happened.
If I'm right, this could make you.
You went rogue? Longer it takes to pay of Benny's debt, the longer I am stuck married to him.
- I need to put some wind in our sails.
- By putting some wind in Louis'? Louis has a less-than-magic Johnson and I have magical powers in that area.
He's loaded.
When I get it up, he'll give it up.
Wait, you're gonna wear that? We're 96 grand from the finish line.
- I need to finish this.
- Two hundred grand.
I found a broker this morning that will take the ring.
That's better.
So I talked to my friend at the L.
There are no Devil Girl files in evidence.
How is that possible? - Time to give up, Sloane.
- I thought I told you Not because it's dangerous.
Because it's one dead-end after the next.
Sloane, Oscar is too good at covering his tracks.
- Michael, I told you, I'm - Hold on.
- Yeah, I have to take this.
- You can talk in here.
Come on in.
So this is your office.
- It's small.
- It's perfect.
I wanted to be the first to tell you.
Derek and I are together.
Like "together" together? It's going to be in the press.
You're gonna be in the press as Derek Roman's girlfriend.
Someone took photos of us, I might get kicked off the team.
Look, I I can't really hear about your job right now.
I didn't wanna tell you this, but I had to, so Ahsha.
I keep getting your mail.
It's time you change your address.
Must get quiet here without Ahsha.
Is that my phone? Someone's been sending you texts telling you to make me quit over and over.
Same number that called you earlier, the call you had to take outside.
For days, you've been pushing me to stop investigating Oscar.
- He got to you.
- No one got to me, Sloane.
- The texts and calls are from my boss.
- Why would your boss - want me off this case? - There is no case.
Not anymore.
It's a murder investigation now.
It's too hot for the league to pursue.
Politically, think it's best we back off.
I don't believe you.
Did you even ask the L.
if they have those personnel files? I did, they don't have them.
- HR said they did.
- Who does HR work for? I looked everywhere.
Oscar's office.
It doesn't matter.
It's over.
Just because the league got gutless doesn't mean you have to.
They reassigned me.
I was supposed to be in Cleveland last week.
I'm sorry, Sloane.
What you wanna do is extraordinary and so is your anger at the organization, at Oscar.
You've been sitting on hurts for 20 years.
That can affect your judgment.
This is too dangerous, Sloane.
I need you to promise me you'll stop.
After this, you have a dress fitting.
Photo shoot, dress fitting, red carpet.
And reporters are gonna be grilling you about Dersha.
- Dersha? - It could be so much worse.
Penel, Lionete.
Pete and I were doomed from the beginning.
- What'll the reporters ask? - Everything.
Mostly asking you.
- Have your answers ready.
- So hit me.
How did you meet? When we first saw each other or when we actually? Spit out your answers.
Bumbling means you're lying.
You met volunteering.
- That's not true.
- They don't know that.
- What's it like dating bad boy Derek? - Come on.
- We're ready.
- Come on.
It's never boring.
But that answer is.
Bad boy Derek Roman, I wouldn't know.
He's always been so sweet to me.
I know a different Derek than the rest of the world.
He's my best friend.
Am I Derek's girlfriend or a Miss America contestant? Maybe you need a break.
I need to stay a Devil Girl.
Ask me another question.
- HEY- - HEY- I don't wanna bother you, but part of this whole Ahsha and Derek thing is showing support at the charity event tonight.
The players are coming.
Hopefully get the world out to the dancers too.
What Ahsha-Derek thing? I assumed she told you.
They were caught together.
Obviously, that can mean Ahsha's spot on the team so they're trying to get ahead of the story spin it so that Oscar will keep her.
When did this happen? This morning.
The spin, that was Lionel's idea.
- Lionel.
- She's spearheading the whole thing.
She's very good at it, it's her thing.
Well, I'm glad it's her thing, but this is my job.
Ahsha's not only my daughter, she's my dancer.
E- mail me whatever it is they're doing and when and where this party is.
- I'll have the dancers there.
- Sloane Longer you're standing here, the less time I have to get the word out.
L I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I am a lost cause.
Nonsense, honey.
- There's no such thing.
- I've tried every pill, I've been to sex therapists on three different continents.
Well, you've never been to me.
When I'm done assaulting your senses you'll need a chair and a whip to keep it down.
What, so? So you're trained at this? Just call it life.
- Oh, speaking of.
- Yeah.
Let's start with sight.
How am I looking? Speechless.
- Yeah.
- That's a good start.
Okay, okay, Okay- Yeah, that's - On to hearing.
- Yeah.
That's good.
"Oh, my".
Oh, my God.
Your hair, your hair, your hair.
Your hair, it's so nice.
- That smell.
- Yeah? - You like? - Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
You know, I think I think I'm starting to.
- Time for taste.
- Okay, okay.
They're edible.
Wanna nibble? Nothing? Get on all fours.
Time for touch.
Son of a No.
Wait, wait.
Lionel's hosting a charity event tonight.
The Devils will be there.
You should go with me.
- I am going.
With Pete.
- You're still with that guy? That guy? Just because you had a run-in with him doesn't I'm not thinking about me.
I'm thinking about you.
Me? - I shouldn't say.
- Say it.
No, I just When we had our run-in I saw the look in his eye when he punched me.
Right after I brought up Sloane.
It seemed like he was still hung up on her.
- I almost had him.
- Well, this is what happens when you do something without me.
Keri Horran.
She looks like a decent target.
- You set off that alarm.
- Why would I do that? This is Benny all over again.
You're comparing me to Benny? How is this different? You've been forcing me to collect with you from the beginning.
I can't even leave the house alone.
Went from one case to another.
That's all guys ever do.
No, it's because you think all guys are Benny that he still has his debt.
You've been fighting me this whole time.
I'm not wasting time fishing for a new target.
I'm closing this deal with Louis.
And I know just where I'm gonna close it.
Over here.
Miss Howard.
Look out here.
This is the moment.
Photographs can be touched up, articles can be edited.
This is live.
Cameras'll be in your face, people will scream your name.
You cannot just show up.
You have to shine.
Ready? - There they are.
- Derek, Ahsha.
- Yeah.
Over here, please.
- Hey, Derek.
You've had those photos since last night and you're sitting on them why? What are you talking about, Du Monde? They were dating.
Did you know that? Pete said they're coming together tonight, a sort of damage-control thing.
That's why they asked everyone to come.
As a show of support.
I'll be right back.
- Can we get Ahsha alone? - Only if I get copies.
That's great, guys.
- Who are you wearing? - Maxazria and my shoes are Badgley Misch Mischka.
Badgley Mischka.
How long have you and Derek been dating? Not long.
We were friends first.
How did you meet? Well, we were volunteering at this Actually, the first time we met, I was running laps around the arena.
I ran into him.
He's, like, 9 feet tall.
I fell for him, literally, on my butt.
I had a bruise for a week.
- You look absolutely beautiful.
- Thank you so much.
Be careful with her.
Oh, the overprotective dad thing, I dig it.
No, I don't think you do.
I know every trick in the player book.
I know every excuse you can make, every event that you can use for a cover.
If you do anything to hurt my daughter, I will kill you.
- Derek.
- Can we get one with you and Ahsha? What is? Coach D, right here.
Well, there you go.
Got nothing to say.
I can't say anything to follow that.
- Thank you.
- Okay, thank you.
- Lionel, over here, please.
- Lionel.
Look this way.
- Yeah.
- Derek and Ahsha are here.
And you know what that means.
Being a public couple, the attention that comes along with that.
Are you willing to let Derek take what's yours? This isn't about me and Derek.
It's about you and Ahsha.
This is about power.
No one's realised that we're not a couple.
You could get down here jump in front of some cameras with me, and Look, Terrence Hello? If Terrence and Jelena meant anything to you, you'll put on a suit and get down here.
Want a drink? Yes, with my date Louis, who will be here any minute.
- No, he won't.
- Yes, he will.
No, he won't.
I went back to pick up all your little outfits.
You know, so you could have stuff to wear for the next guy.
I found Louis with them.
Actually, I found Louis in them.
Apparently, that's what he needed to put the thrill in his drill.
He didn't wanna give them back so he gave me this instead.
This is $100,000.
He gave you all this for that? The rest is so you can go back to school to become a sex therapist.
He said, clearly, you have a gift.
So 100 grand pays off Benny's debt.
Kyle Hart free and clear.
Divorce papers.
This isn't a personal cheque.
This is a cashier's cheque.
Unless you took Louis to the bank.
You did this.
You paid off the rest of Benny's debt.
I'm like you, Kyle.
I don't get attached.
I can't.
What do you say we go somewhere and not get attached together? This TMZ thing had your fingerprints all over it.
- Did it? - You made a mistake.
You underestimated me.
You didn't count on people having my back.
Who has your back, Jelena? That's great, ladies.
Thank you.
One more.
Go close.
Thank you for all your help.
That's what I do, Pete.
I'm a fixer.
I also happened to notice that story about us on TMZ.
I had to give them something, replace the Ahsha and Derek piece.
It was quite the headline.
Something like, is there a thaw in the relationship between Pete and Lionel Davenport? Well.
Isn't there? Jude Kincaid.
K- I-N Hello? What? Oscar.
Hey, yeah.
Yeah, I have.
Now, ladies, you look great.
Can you step in a little closer, please? Smile, girls.
That's right.
Thanks, guys.
A little underdressed, no? I wanted to give you these.
Plays? Here? Yeah, so you had time to look at them before the next game.
I've been studying how other teams have nailed us in close games.
These plays can cut down on that.
They'll cut down on Derek getting the ball.
I know what you're thinking, especially after today.
That it's personal, but it's not.
Look, I'm damned if I speak up and I'm damned if I don't.
I'd rather be damned with a ring.
I'm leaving.
The Jelena and Zero show just started.
I have to go to Olivia's will reading.
I'd rather have whatever disease this event is for than go to this thing.
Hopefully, it'll be as brief as her legacy.
Oscar called Jude.
Jude got them coverage of you working that sexy dress.
Some of it already made its way to Japan.
You'll live to dance another day.
Ahsha, what? You're shaking.
Talk to me.
Are you still scared or? Of course I'm scared.
I'm now officially Derek Roman's girlfriend.
Derek Roman, bad boy.
Derek Roman who's never had a girlfriend his entire life.
Derek Roman who could break me for the whole world to see.
Hey- You forgot Derek Roman that can do anything.
Anything he puts his mind to.
L I got this.
I've got you.
And I promise I will always, always look out for you.
I promise too.
Maybe they have a chance.
They're public now.
In that world, love has a lot of competition.
I warned Derek I'd kill him if he didn't look out for Ahsha.
He promised he would.
We promised we'd look out for each other too.
Still time to get a drink.
Sorry, I have to go.
I have some Playground business to do.
You definitely don't have the same problem as Louis.
You're also not like Benny.
So we heading off to the next thing? Yeah.
That's how we work.
Well, just because this is over doesn't mean the night has to be over, does it? Not at all.
Oscar called from Japan.
I'm still on the team.
Oscar's still out of the country? I thought he was back tonight.
Tonight, tomorrow, what's the difference? - I have to go.
- Aren't you going to say anything? About me and Derek? Warn me? This is something you're gonna have to experience on your own, Ahsha.
Where is everyone else? Oh, there is no everyone else.
It's just you.
Olivia's estate defers to Chase, with one exception.
Her 10 percent ownership of the Devil Girls.
She left that to me? No.
But I was told you would know where to find the person she did leave it to.
Who's Vanessa Howard? My mother.
Sloane? Sure thing, Oscar.
I'd do anything for you.
Next time on Hit the Floor: Mother's Day is coming early.
But I never even met this Olivia Vincent woman.
That's for Derek.
Tell him it's from Monika with a K.
He'll know.
You're hiding things from me.
The groupies, the hangers-on.
Don't you wanna know what I found about you - in Olivia Vincent's police file? - What did you say? Did you go see Olivia Vincent before she died? I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm investigating Oscar.