Hit The Floor (2013) s02e05 Episode Script

Shattered Glass

Previously on Hit the Floor: You two need to go public as boyfriend and girlfriend.
Reporters are gonna be grilling you.
I'm now officially Derek Roman's girlfriend.
Olivia's estate defers to Chase.
With one exception.
Her 10 percent ownership of the Devil Girls.
- She left that to me? - No.
- Who's Vanessa Howard? - My mother.
- Kyle Hart.
Free and clear.
- Divorce papers.
I'm talking about blackmail.
Olivia demanded that I meet her.
She went on and on about some plan to crash the groundbreaking, cause trouble for Oscar.
- You killed my wife! - I didn't, actually.
I didn't kill Olivia and you didn't kill Olivia.
Who did? Sloane? I told you.
I was trying to get into Oscar's office because I left my purse in there.
- He's out of town.
- Facilities has keys.
I didn't wanna bother them.
If you're not gonna tell me, I have to tell security.
Look, you don't know me.
I don't know you.
But you need to trust me.
I'm investigating Oscar.
- For what? - Bribery, corruption, game fixing.
The league was involved, but it got too hot for them after what Chase did.
But I couldn't stop.
Especially after I learned Oscar may have been responsible for Mia's death.
There are files on every Devil Girl.
They're in his office, I know it.
There's a chance there's something in them that could help me, point me in a direction.
I have to think about this.
You can't tell anyone.
- Not security.
- I won't say anything to anyone.
Tonight, that's all I can promise.
But you can't go back to Oscar's office.
Not until we've talked about this again.
Wake up, sleepy head.
Big day.
What's so big about it? Hello? I'm opening my club tonight? Rome.
Ring a bell? - Oh, boy.
- You're easy.
Oh, I am, am I? I am, am I? Is it even going to happen? They were talking about a huge storm.
Oh, it's happening.
And I'm not the only one who thinks so.
- You shouldn't have.
- Oh, I didn't.
It's from cats that want you to wear their stuff at the opening.
"This would look amazing on you.
" - "Please wear me.
" - "Welcome to the sweet life, Ahsha.
" You still haven't told me how the will reading went.
What did Olivia leave you? A lamp.
I have an idea that will cheer you up.
Let's crash Derek's club opening tonight, steal some of that thunder.
Can't, busy.
Busy doing what? Mother's Day is coming early.
Purple's your color.
- These are pretty.
- Are these all for you? You bet your sweet ass they are.
I have a secret admirer.
A filthy, rich secret admirer.
A little help? He bought out the Playground for our first date.
It's perfect timing too.
I'm back on the prowl.
Oh, speaking of, how are you doing with the single life? - Great.
- You're a lousy liar.
Listen, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.
I don't need to get over anyone.
You've got a good face, a great job and you don't have to blow into a breathalyser to start your car.
These days, that's all some women can ask for.
It is past time you got out there and got someone under you.
Or on top of, if that's your thing.
I gotta go.
- Nice flowers.
- Good luck staying dry.
Or not.
It was her share of the Devil Girls, 10 percent.
But I never even met this Olivia Vincent woman.
Why would she leave something like this to me? To screw with me.
It means nothing to you, but it means something to me.
This is what I think is a fair offer.
All you need to do is sign.
Jelena, slow down.
I haven't seen you in two years.
And it's been almost that long since I heard from you.
I've been busy.
Great, let's start there.
Busy doing what? I'm still captain, Terrence and I broke up, and I bought a new condo.
Anything I can't read in Us Weekly? Oh, it's your father.
Hi, James.
- Yeah.
Yes, I'm here with Jelena.
- I have to be somewhere.
I'll come back for these when you've signed.
I'm willing to believe you, for now.
- What does that mean? - It means I wanna know if those files prove anything.
- So I'm gonna help you get them.
- Help me? There's no way you can get those files without getting caught, but I can.
- How? - I restock his liquor cabinet every day.
No one would think twice if I was in there.
Raquel, I can't ask you to do this.
And I can't let you do this unless I know it's legit.
Does Pete know? I can't keep a secret from him if he's gonna find out anyway.
We don't share things.
- Derek? - Yeah, I'll be right out.
Wait for me downstairs.
Come here, girl, what are you doing? Come here, girl.
For real.
Can I help you with something? I'm waiting on Ahsha.
I told her I'd bring some of her press clippings from last night.
- Her press clippings? - She can use them as a learning opportunity.
I'm helping her pick out what she's gonna wear to Derek's event.
From here on out, every event is a media event.
I assumed your helping Ahsha was a one-time thing.
Well, it's great that the public greeted her so warmly, but that can turn on a dime.
I'm just helping to make sure it keeps easing on down that road.
You're at the arena so much you'd think you were on the payroll.
Clearly, you still want something with Pete.
Whatever your plan is, Ahsha will not be a part of it.
Do you hear me'? - That's a little dramatic, no? - Consider this a learning opportunity.
The rehearsal studio is for Devil Girls only.
I trust you can ease your way out.
That's for Derek.
Tell him it's from Monika with a K.
He'll know.
I can see these are panties.
Your phone number is written on the crotch.
- I'm his girlfriend.
- I know.
Jake Vaughn.
Wait, wait, wait.
Don't go.
Jake, my little Internet billionaire slash stalker.
No offense, but you're disgusting.
- I'm sorry.
- For what? Lying to get me into bed? For whatever it was you thought you were doing to me in that bed? For dragging me here for I can only imagine is a carnival of creepiness? I'm not that guy.
I mean, I was that day.
I just-- I didn't think a girl like you could be interested in a guy like me so I hacked into your life and lied and I did stuff I would never normally do and-- It was wrong and I'm sorry.
You're forgiven.
Don't you wanna know what I found about you in Olivia Vincent's police file? What did you say? Olivia's murder was all over the news.
Access Hollywood, ESPN, Entertainment Tonight.
E! did a whole 10-part True Hollywood Story on it.
- Part six was particularly-- - Get to the point.
I couldn't help but hack into the police file, and, well, one of the things they got from her house was proof you pulled that $750,000 con with your husband.
What kind of proof? - You texted? - Yeah.
I was supposed to have lunch with Jelena, but she cancelled.
So you wanna have lunch with me? She cancelled because her mother is in town.
We're not together anymore.
She has someone else who can take care of her.
There is no way Zero knows what we know.
And I believe you're exactly the person she wants around right now.
Okay, do whatever you want, but I just felt like I needed to tell you.
That'll teach me to leave the top down.
How'd it go poring through all those bags with Lionel? Great.
I even left with one bag for you.
Not sure you're meant to wear it tonight, though.
Monika with a K wanted you have them.
She said you'd know what it means.
L-- I don't know what it means or who Monika with a K is.
It's just fan crap.
- You don't know this girl? - No, I don't know this girl.
Ahsha, if you let every girl that has fan crap for me get to you-- Look, I'm only interested in what you're wearing.
So come on, show me what you're wearing, girl.
Show me what you're wearing, girl.
Show me.
I didn't pull anything with Benny.
I signed some papers I shouldn't have, that's all.
Olivia got her hands on some of them.
I didn't even know she scanned them.
The cops haven't studied you like I have.
They don't know that what they have would put you in jail.
- I could wipe you from their system.
- I would love you for that.
But first, I need to know that I'm doing the right thing because I'm a good guy.
Of course you are.
How can I prove you're doing the right thing? By telling me why Olivia had the papers to begin with.
Olivia was pissed she got fired, wanted me to help her cause trouble.
She got some Pl to dig up that stuff.
I never saw the papers, but when she told me she had them, I knew I was looking at 10 to 15.
I'd do anything to make them go away forever.
'ZZZ Oh, those are my And that's my I'm glad those five pages survived.
Otherwise I never would've been reminded of how cute you are.
If you never saw the pages, then how did you know there were five of them? - You said.
- I didn't.
I told you the cops got them from Olivia's mansion.
So if you saw them, that means you were in Olivia's mansion too.
I've seen the papers.
Olivia told me she had them.
Which was stupid because did she think I never broke into a house? I got them the day before the groundbreaking.
That means you were in Olivia's house the day she died.
Where were you when she was murdered? Her husband confessed.
He signed a plea deal.
That's different.
I've sat here and answered all of your questions but for you to ask me where I was when she was murdered I've been called a whore and I've been called trash.
But no one has ever made me feel the way that you did just now.
Jake Vaughn, you can go straight to hell.
- It's crazy, right? - It looks so good.
Everybody looks good.
I'm so proud of you.
See? Aren't you glad you came? For a minute, I thought you only existed naked in bed.
Expecting anyone? No.
I need a drink.
You should come to my after-party.
It's a party for two in my bedroom.
Hey- Yo.
You hanging out here in alleys, man, you're missing one hell of a party.
Did you go see Olivia Vincent before she died? What? I-- I don't know what you're talking about.
If you know what this is, that means you met with Olivia, too.
- What did she have on you? - She knew about the coke.
She knew I got it for you.
She was willing to take everything from me just to make a play against Oscar.
She wanted you to back her up at the groundbreaking? I could have been banned for life.
I would have lost everything.
At least you would have been free.
Distribution? That's prison.
Why didn't you come to me with this first? Yeah, I could ask you the same question.
I have your back, but you have to have mine if anyone starts asking questions.
I've got your back.
- Terrence.
- Hi, Vanessa.
- Hi.
- Am I coming at a bad time? Not at all.
I thought you were Jelena.
- She's not here? - No.
No, we had lunch earlier or tried.
She left when her father called.
Are you surprised? I heard you two broke up.
I'm sorry.
You're a good man.
I hope she didn't make things too complicated for you.
Jelena is a complicated woman.
She just Can I speak frankly? She watched her mother get beaten her entire childhood.
That's not an easy thing to open up about.
Can I speak frankly? This is none of your business.
I came to talk to my daughter, and if she has something to say she can say it to me.
Nothing in Mia's file.
Nothing in anyone's file.
Headshots, start paperwork.
- Another dead end.
- How long have you been doing this? A month, give or take.
So right around the time you and Pete were seeing each other? No.
I'd already ended it with him.
He was upset, but he accepted it.
I better put these files back before Oscar realizes they're missing.
Oh, hell, yeah.
Hold my drink.
- We're leaving? - I am.
To see Terrence? I brought you here.
I'm not leaving without you.
Understand something.
No man bosses me around.
- Derek.
- What's going on? - It's been a minute.
- Yeah.
Everything is good.
I'll holler at y'all later, okay? - Okay.
- Bye.
- I'm not blind.
- What--? What are you talking about? Derek, stop.
- I'm not trying to talk to these girls.
- I don't think you are.
I do think you're hiding things from me.
The groupies, hangers-on, drinks, God knows what else they send over.
You think you're protecting me, but you're making me feel stupid.
I don't think you're stupid.
If we don't have honesty, we don't have anything.
Hey- Thank you for picking Miguel up.
No, not a problem.
I had to rent a boat to do it.
They said you were in here.
You left this at O'Malley's before you ran out.
Thank you.
- You were at O'Malley's earlier? - Yeah, the Playground was closed.
- I was working there when you called.
- Were you drinking? - What? - When you went to pick up my son, - were you drinking? - I wasn't drinking, no.
I had a drink hours before, but I was completely fine.
- That's it, I can't do this anymore.
- That's it? What do you mean? How many red flags do I have to ignore? Red flags? What are you talking about? You were with Sloane from right after we first kissed to right before you asked me out on a date.
- And we talked about that.
- I thought the decision was mutual.
Really, you only stopped because she broke it off with you.
You talked to her? About us? The fact that I don't know which "us" you're talking about says everything.
Pete, I'm a good judge of character.
I'm even better at ignoring the things that my head is screaming at me because I want love.
I need it.
But I need to stop hurting myself more.
You're a good guy.
I know you are.
But I also know you're not my guy, and I deserve someone who is.
Raquel, I wasn't drunk.
- I wasn't buzzed.
I wasn't anything.
- Maybe you weren't.
Maybe you were.
Maybe you can tell me that I'm wrong about everything, that I'm overreacting, that my instincts are wrong, and that I should ignore them one more time.
And maybe I would if you let me.
Bye, Pete.
You're leaving? Yes, your father got lonely.
You're going to leave during a storm because he got lonely.
When I look at you, I see anger and nothing else.
I don't even know how to talk to you anymore.
And as your mother, it breaks my heart.
As long as you're caught in the past, there's no future for you until you admit how angry you are at your father.
Release it.
You're gonna be this person forever.
Angry at him? I'm not angry at him.
I'm disgusted.
BY you.
You're the one who let herself get beaten over and over.
How many times? I lost count.
Did you? And each time, you went back.
You covered up the bruises with your perfect makeup and you styled your hair, so it fell in just the right places.
That was years ago.
We had troubles.
You were too young to understand.
He is a different person.
He released all his anger? Oh, my God.
I abhor weak women who live and die by men who don't care if they live or die.
- Sound familiar? - Weak? He never laid a hand on you.
Do you know why? Because of me.
I got hit so you wouldn't have to.
You shouldn't have been getting hit in the first place.
Can you sign these so I can go? No.
I think I'll hold onto that 10 percent of the Devil Girls.
You wanted me to say how I felt and now you're punishing me for it.
I'm holding onto it because it's the one thing that made you call me after two years.
And it's the only thing that'll make you call again.
And this? This isn't over.
I returned the files.
I'm not gonna say anything to anyone.
Especially not Pete.
We broke up.
- I'm sorry.
- I wanna keep helping you.
- Raquel-- - Mia was my friend.
If Oscar had something to do with her death, I wanna help you prove it.
I was with an agent long enough to know that there is some really nasty stuff that goes down here.
You said the league left you high and dry.
You don't have anybody.
Come here.
Derek, this is really nice, but it's not what I wanted.
Oh, I know, you-- You wanted honesty.
And this isn't another distraction.
It's to soften the blow.
I know who Monika with a K is.
I used to have sex with her.
I've had sex with Monicas with K's, C's and one with a silent Y.
Here at the mansion, at the arena, even at the club when someone else owned it.
Sometimes we were sober and sometimes we were drunk, sometimes we were high.
Look, girls, they-- They throw it to me every day.
At the player entrance, in the parking lot.
Even at the end of the driveway here.
They don't care if I'm with someone, don't care if they're with someone.
Most of the time, I didn't care either.
I got what I wanted, they got what they wanted.
Everybody left happy.
Thank you.
Now I'll give you a little truth.
I hate this outfit.
This fur is itchy as hell, these pants are too baggy and this bra is squeezing my boobs till they're dead.
I like the shoes, though.
I'll make you a promise.
No more secrets.
But keep them shoes on, though.
You sure you don't want us to stay till the morning? - We won't charge extra.
- I gotta get up early.
Hey, isn't that your girlfriend? Not tonight.
What are you doing here? I was at the hotel bar.
I was waiting for you to show up.
You missed me.
I already saw my mother.
How did that go? Did you get anywhere? There's nowhere to go.
There's always somewhere to go.
When you were little, you used to lock yourself in your bedroom.
You're still doing it.
Isolating yourself.
You need to let people in.
- I already got this speech.
- Not from me.
Not from someone who really knows who you are.
I know what you want, Jelena.
You could have it.
You could be happy.
You should be happy.
That's all I ever wanted for you.
You deserve it.
Just" Open up.
I'm not your problem, Terrence.
We're not together, and we never should've been.
We were each big shiny prizes the other bagged, nothing more.
So let's not pretend any different.
Yo, yo, come in, come in, come in.
- You're not answering your phone.
- No service.
Must be the storm.
I was on my way home and I wanted to stop by and give you a heads-up.
I didn't wanna surprise you at practice.
It's something you may need some time to digest.
- What? - I'm gonna be putting in new plays.
You may not be getting the ball as much as you're used to.
- What are you talking about? - I've been watching the film.
We need to change things up the next few games.
- When did you come up with this? - It was brought to me - by one of the coaches.
- Who? German.
Look, I just wanted to give you a heads-up.
This is for the greater good.
- What do you want? - I crossed the line again.
I'm sorry.
I can't seem to stop doing that.
Obviously, the person who killed Olivia Vincent is behind bars, so it was a stupid question.
I believe that you just wanted a fresh start.
- So I gave you one.
- What are you saying? I deleted the files.
- You'll never have to deal with it again.
- Jake, thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Maybe I'll see you around.
Sorry again for going too far.
It's okay.
You never know what someone is capable of if they're pushed the right way or the wrong way.
Next time on Hit the Floor: Oscar asked to see me in his office.
- Do you know what it might be about? - I don't.
- I don't need a ticket.
I have a Devil.
- Mom? Welcome to the Devils' Roast to honor Derek Roman.
You wanna make the audience roar, we go together.
Going together is not the worst idea in the world.
How hard is it to dig up dirt on a 22-year-old? - Wrong Hayes.
- Mama bear? Everyone knows she had a wild past.
I wanna know how wild it got.