Hit The Floor (2013) s02e06 Episode Script

Blow Out

1 Previously on Hit the Floor: After three years of crazy, I think we deserve one drink.
Is divorce sex a thing? I didn't come to play backup to Wall.
I came to take over.
It's him or me, Jelena.
Anyone angry with his brother is subject to judgment.
- Shut your mouth.
- Be careful, or I deal with blowback.
Jude, you and I came into this with a plan.
Trust it.
You've had your fun coming at me.
Then you came at my mother.
- I'm coming for you.
- Olivia had something on me.
I came into this country illegally.
I never got papers.
- We're gonna take Oscar down.
- Take Oscar down? I don't think my father would like that very much.
- Why are you targeting Oscar? - Targeting? Jude, you're being dramatic.
"We're still going to take Oscar down" is just cocktail party conversation.
Jude, right? I don't know what it is you think you heard, but-- I'm not doing this, I don't have to.
If you don't tell me, you can tell Oscar including that bit about being in the country illegally.
I think he's in his office right now.
We're investigating him for fraud.
The new Hollywood Arena is being built with dirty money and we've been looking into it.
You're the dance director, and you run the bar.
What's it to you? The Devils doesn't just belong to him.
This is our home too.
What proof do you have? Nothing yet.
And we don't wanna lose our jobs over it.
Look, if we can forget it, can you not say anything to Oscar? Of course not.
Are you insane? He's my father.
- Who wasn't much of a father to you.
- That's one way of looking at it.
The wrong way.
It doesn't matter.
That's changing.
You're not overwhelmed with Devils pride.
You're not forgetting anything.
You have something on Oscar, but not enough.
- Not yet.
- Jude-- You're not going to the cops.
You'll give what you have to me.
Why? You'd just give it to Oscar.
If you do, you might just lose your job.
If you don't, someone might be deported and lose their kid.
I was wrong.
You are your father.
- What's it gonna be? - There's still a few things coming in.
Gather it up.
And not a word to anyone or I start making phone calls.
- We're here.
- Thank you.
Hey, coach.
I tried calling you last night.
- Missed you at the dinner.
- I wasn't able to I had an emergency.
He helped me out.
He's a star, this one.
- Making sure everything's all right.
- Yep.
Guess I better get inside.
See you at the game? Wouldn't miss it.
There you are.
I assume you're headed to the team breakfast too? I am.
I don't have to say that I'm still waiting for your answer.
I don't have to say I don't rush.
No, you're smart.
You weigh your options carefully, even when the choice, Terrence or me, seems painfully obvious.
Let me help speed things along.
Recently, I found myself at the hub of a whole bunch of key Devil plays.
What's your point? My point is, if I wanted to, I could make playoffs go in a really bad direction.
I already have a championship ring.
I could get over the loss.
Would Terrence? You'd throw an entire season? I know this sounds like hardball, but really, it's flirtation.
The Jelena Howard I know gets off on a good power move.
Telling Jude there's things coming in bought us time, but he's not gonna wait forever.
What would we even give him? Random numbers, random names? - We haven't been able to tie it together.
- And if we hand it over, we never will.
I noticed you didn't tell him about Mia.
If I told him we were trying to connect Oscar to Mia's death we'd be sitting in Oscar's office right now.
We need to find something in Oscar's records that makes a connection.
And fast.
Hey, Ahsh.
Hey- - What? - Pete missed a dinner last night.
A big one.
No call, no nothing.
Three games.
Three games separate the top five teams in the West.
At stake in today's game, home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.
We have some ground to make up after those losses after the all-star break.
I can't remember how many points I scored with my first championship, how many assists.
What I do remember are my teammates.
If you can buy in to the team, if you can trust each other, we'll win.
And that's what you'll remember.
And that's how they'll remember you.
I'll remember how my team cut me out of the plays.
Now, you guys have 13 losses all season here at home.
- Thirteen.
Our house.
- Something going on? - Sorry.
No, nothing.
- With the Devils' sixth man - Everything's fine.
- cheering you on, that makes the job a whole lot easier.
- Hey.
- Ahsha, hey.
How are you doing? We haven't talked since Right.
Yeah, listen, I'm really sorry about that scene in my office.
I know how that must have looked.
I was in a really crappy place.
- "Was"? - I'm better now.
But thank you for staying with me.
That was Well, thank you.
Can I catch up to you? There's someone I have to talk to.
"Up the Rear"? "Epic Saddlebag, Silky Summit"? Sound more like porn titles than horses.
Why don't you just choose them all? That's what I do.
$1000 on each horse.
You don't understand how betting works.
You can never have enough people eating their hearts out when you win.
Two thousand on each horse.
He's buying.
Kyle? - Donny.
What are you doing here? - Horrible gambling problem.
Brett, make sure you have her back in time for our date later.
- Your date with Kyle? - No, my date with you.
Yes, with Kyle, of course.
Oh, so that's why I couldn't take you to dinner.
I had a rough time scheduling my date around Andrew's dinner too so - All of you know each other? - We're rich.
I am not much of a dater.
Crazy how I'd cross paths with three people-- Andrew has one hotel, he's out of his league.
- You've got no hotels.
- An airline trumps your little website.
- Who invests in the Internet? - Who goes on a date at a race track? Actually, we've been burning through cash like nobody's business.
- It's kind of hot.
- You want to burn through cash, Kyle? - Excuse me, our date isn't over.
- I don't think it ever began.
- Where'd you get that suit? - Where'd you get that accent? Come on in.
- Hi.
Do you have a second? - Yeah, of course.
Everything okay? I didn't want to make a big scene at breakfast.
The other morning in your office wasn't a one-time thing.
You missed practice.
You missed a coach's dinner.
German told you.
Ahsha, you shouldn't read too much into what other people say.
When you hugged me at breakfast, I could smell alcohol on your breath.
My mom may have stuck around when you were drinking, but I won't.
I didn't know you existed for 22 years of my life partially because of your drinking, and I'll go another 22 years without you if it continues.
It's your choice.
Me or alcohol.
Ahsha, you're really worried about nothing.
But if you feel that strongly, of course I choose you.
- Have you taken me down yet? - I was pissed.
Still am.
But I don't have any Jelena in me.
Something we can both agree on.
Looks like you're Care Bear after all.
No, I'm still going for her.
I've had a front-row seat in the game of backstabbing.
I know the steps.
Step one: Disarm the victim.
Step two: Identify their weakness.
Step three: Exploit it.
Step four: Lean back and enjoy.
113, Indiana 114, 19 seconds left in the fourth quarter.
Devils bring the ball up, pass to Wall.
Sees Zero calling for the ball.
Time's running out, three seconds left.
Zero spins, he shoots, he makes it! - Wait, the refs wave it off.
- What? The shot went off after the buzzer.
Come on.
What was that? Are you kidding me? It was close.
No way.
Game of seconds, huh? Hesitate too long, you lose.
I didn't want to start our playoff run on the road.
I don't want to go home.
Not alone.
Let's get out of here.
You're panicking.
You're panicking, and it's at the worst possible time.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What happened with your girl? You're spun out, bro.
You keep thinking I'll let you down, but I'm still right here.
I never left.
If we're gonna win this thing, you're gonna need to trust me.
You'll get it.
You kiss your mother with that mouth? A little rent disagreement.
My landlord thinks he's getting it by the end of the day, and I disagree.
Champagne tastes better on my private jet.
- I’m listening.
- Oh, the places you'll go.
I can do you here.
I can do you there.
I can do you everywhere.
You sound like a filthy Dr.
I hate to interrupt what is the one laugh of your evening, - but our table is ready.
- I thought drinks were later.
You said 8:00.
If you two clowns will excuse us, Kyle and I have a private concert to attend to.
Brett, our date is tomorrow.
No, you specifically said tonight, and to meet you here.
I did? I am so embarrassed.
You're playing us against each other for trinkets.
- What? Never.
- No, no, no.
I respect that.
Okay, good.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
I have the cash to keep this going forever.
But not the patience.
So we do this: We meet tomorrow and present Kyle with our best offer.
Whoever she determines gives the best gift gets bragging rights.
- I'm in.
- You're on.
Could I get another drink? - On me.
- This one's on me.
- We're working on it.
- I know.
Listen, I was thinking.
You're in a tough spot, being illegal.
I'm not illegal, I'm undocumented.
It's got to be bad for you or Olivia wouldn't threaten you with that letter.
- So, what? - I can protect you.
Make sure Oscar only hears Sloane's name.
Why would you do that? Let's just say I have a soft spot for single moms with young sons.
I don't want to risk separating you if I don't have to.
I don't trust Sloane will give me everything but you can make sure she does.
But you have to.
Get every last bit to me, and you won't have to worry about Miguel again.
Callie Malina? She's the queen of the L.
meat market.
You want a high-class girl, she will rent you the best.
The most important thing to Jelena is her image.
That's what I'm gonna take from her.
Just like she went after my mom's.
I don't know what business Jelena has, or why she appreciates her discretion, and I don't care.
Putting their names together would hurt her.
It would show the world what a phoney she really is.
What are you gonna do? Forward this to the L.
They'll know it came from you.
Not if I send it from a dummy e-mail account.
See? Some things you do in anger you can never take back.
Once you hit "send," there's no undoing it.
- I got your message.
- Jude came to me.
He offered me a deal.
He said he'd only give you up if I made sure he got everything we had.
Well, that would be an easy deal to take.
I'm not taking it.
I'm telling you this because he brought up Olivia and how she was blackmailing me with a letter.
- He overheard us, we know that.
- I never said it was a letter.
The only reason he'd assume it was a letter-- ls if he got one too.
Jude's got his own secret.
And we need to find out what it is.
- Another Porsche? - Nope.
This one's yours.
I thought you'd like the color, dark and tortured, just like you.
Had a conversation with the agency, talked to the partners.
Made it official.
My agent doesn't tool around in a crap box.
- Your agent? - Goodbye junior agent, hello my main number-one guy.
I don't I don't know what to say.
I'd never be here in L.
with the world at my feet if it wasn't for you.
- Are you still Team Zero? - Abso-freaking-lutely.
Now, drive me to the arena, you lazy bitch.
Jude's done waiting.
I have to meet at the arena.
I don't know what to give him.
- Found something.
I'm in his apartment.
- You're in his--? - What'd you find? - A red envelope like the one Olivia sent me except his has a phone number in it, with an extension.
- Whose? - I didn't recognise the number but I recognised the guy.
He used to hang around Jesse.
He's a coke dealer.
- If you find any-- - I looked.
So far I haven't found anything.
The dealer doesn't have a phone tree, so I don't know what the pound-22's for.
Maybe this is enough for Jude to back off.
I gotta go.
Many people wanna know what happened.
- The e-mail.
You confirm or deny it? - Need some type of statement here.
- Excuse me, Zero.
- Verify what you've said.
Madam Callie Malina didn't supply you with girls? - Where is this coming from? - E-mail linked you to her.
- When we showed it to her-- - I don't care what she or anyone says.
- It's a mistake.
- Your sponsors react? There's nothing to react to.
Hand to God.
What will you say to people who say your Christian lifestyle is a calculated lie? 'ZZZ The scandal broke thanks to an anonymous e-mail.
Oh, I knew there was more to that dude than hallelujahs and holy water.
Now everyone else does too.
It is hysterical.
I'm glad you feel that way.
- Hand to God.
- Derek.
I did something.
What did you do? - What's your answer? - I don't have an answer.
You're the anonymous e-mail? Are you serious? - I was aiming for Jelena.
I missed.
- Wait, aiming for her? She had an e-mail to the woman in her stuff.
Ahsha, what are you doing? Jelena's came after me since day one.
And then she went after my mother.
What? The look you're giving me, what? It's just-- This isn't you.
It's her.
I'm not Jelena.
I never meant for this to happen.
It's a reporter.
I gotta take this.
- Derek.
- Hello.
Extra got this exclusive interview with girlfriend Jelena Howard.
You found out your boyfriend sleeps with prostitutes.
How does that make you feel? I feel awful.
For him and for me.
Awful he had to do it and awful I had to learn about it this way.
How did you find out about it? I found Callie Malina's e-mail address with Zero's things and I sent her what I thought was a private e-mail last week looking for clarity, and then this happened.
What would you like to say to him? I'm not going to pass judgment on him or attack him.
Enough has been said, and that's just not my style.
I will say I'm hurt.
Men who have power think they can do whatever they want.
But there is some behaviour you cannot put up with.
If that means I have to be alone, so be it.
You're so strong.
How do you think your e-mail got leaked? I don't know.
And I can't imagine what their agenda could be, but they obviously have a dark soul.
I'll pray for them.
I understand that, Oscar, but Zero's problem is personal.
I'm a coach, not a publicist.
I'm staying out of it.
Why did we never do this before? Just hang out, have fun? - You were always away.
- So were you.
We spent more time on our careers than we did on each other.
On each other.
You know what I meant.
Well, maybe we can fix that.
Why don't you come with me? First playoff game's on the road.
Might be nice to have some company.
- Do you want me to go with you? - Would that be such a bad thing? Oh, we didn't order that.
They did.
- They're big fans.
- Of? Ms.
Of course.
Oh, I win.
I told Ahsha I was not gonna drink.
More for me, then.
It's just champagne, though, right? Yeah.
- Here's to hanging out and having fun.
- Cheers.
It's a Zac Posen that Zac Posen hasn't even seen yet.
Your move.
That's cute.
That's cute.
- Is this real? - What do you think? Donny, I don't know, darling.
What have you got? - It doesn't exactly fit in a box.
- Don't tell me it's love.
You tell me.
You're standing in it.
This apartment.
You own it.
I bought it for you.
- Don't have to worry about rent.
- You've got to be kidding.
- In addition to the dress, I've got-- - No.
It was final and best.
Kyle? Do we have a winner? That's what I thought.
Pay up, boys.
Wait, Donny, don't you wanna celebrate with me? Next time.
They're taking me to the Polo Lounge so I can drink their tears.
- It's about time you won one.
- Let's roll.
I think we did meet your biggest fans, no doubt about it.
They knew every single line from every movie you've done and I remember everything.
I know how this looks, but don't worry.
My PR team, they're getting in front of this whole thing.
So what, people know that the God thing was an act? I'll get them back.
People love a reformed sinner if you cry hard enough.
If that doesn't work, win a championship.
People forget.
I'll be fine.
We'll be fine.
I don't know.
That was pretty devastating.
I'm not sure you'll ever recover.
You set me up.
You asked me to choose.
I chose.
You didn't even know if Terrence was an option.
I'd rather have a 5 percent chance with him than 100 percent chance with you.
Looks like you'll be needing that championship after all.
Have the car ready in five.
I have a few things to pack.
I'll meet you at the plane, Mr.
You have what I want? I have something.
- I went out of my way for you.
- I went out of my way for you.
Over to Studio City, through your living room window.
You broke into my apartment? Would you have given me your coke dealer's number if I asked you nicely? - I don't do coke.
- I believe you, actually.
Olivia was blackmailing you like she was blackmailing me.
The coke dealer was half of it and we both know the other half.
How do you think Oscar would feel knowing you brought that into his house? Into the Devils' locker room? What's more important to you, protecting Oscar or saving yourself? Not gonna let you keep investigating Oscar.
And we're not gonna let you hang us out to dry with him.
You back off, I back off.
No Oscar, no cops.
No call to Immigration.
Let's hope no one does anything stupid.
Let's hope.
- We're backing off? - Of course not.
Which player is Jude dealing to? Pound-22.
Number 22.
Derek Roman.
What are you doing here? I didn't want that conversation we had to be the last conversation we had before you left.
It was weird.
You feel weird about what you did? I'm not Jelena.
- I don't want to be.
- You're not.
You just gotta be careful.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
I saw the interview.
It's crazy how all of that stuff came out.
Yeah, crazy.
I didn't come here to talk to you about that.
I came to warn you.
Watch your back with Zero.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Hey- I'm sorry.
We've been in this thing together from the jump and I should have never stopped trusting you.
Welcome back.
The flat tyre was impressive.
Did you wear a do-rag when you did it? - I knew you set me up.
- I knew you'd make it easy.
All it took to light your fuse was a poke at mom.
That picture at the roast wasn't about hurting my mother.
- It was about setting me off.
- It couldn't have been more obvious.
I might as well have signed my name on that photo.
You got so mad.
And you thought you were so clever.
Ahsha's revenge.
All you did was make people love me more.
Well, that and ruin a man's life.
I'm not proud of what I did, but I'm not going to let it mess with me.
You think this was just a game of psychological warfare? To get you down on yourself? I don't care if you can sleep at night.
Then what was the point? It doesn't matter what you change your e-mail to.
Your IP address will always give you away.
You want what I have, but you can only get it doing what I do.
And I'll always do it better.
If what happened to Zero was brutal wait till you see what happens to you when everyone finds out what you did.
I need to talk to you.
Pete's still not here, his driver's been driving around his place the past hour.
He's not answering his phone.
I'll go get him.
She took my reputation, all my sponsors.
I'll figure something out.
I'll fix it.
It's beyond fixing.
I've lost everything.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I was Team Zero before, and I'm Team Zero now.
We're in this together, okay? I would never leave you.
No, you wouldn't.
You never have.
I don't know what I'd do without you, Jude.
Thank you.
The plane's going to leave without you.
You need to get up and get to the airport.
Next time on Hit the Floor: - You're gay.
- What? I'm not gay.
You kissed me.
Your coach must appreciate you.
A shame he missed that last game.
Who are you? You know I'm the one who made Zero's life hell.
- When will everyone else know? - You rang? - I have a job you could help me with.
- I'm listening.
How many times I ask if you were okay? German's my go-to because he didn't throw coke in my purse.