Hit The Floor (2013) s02e07 Episode Script


Previously on Hit the Floor: You're hiding things from me.
We don't have honesty, we don't have anything.
The "no pictures of your family" thing? You said you and your mom were cool.
Were you lying? You're a good guy.
But I also know you're not my guy.
Bye, Pete.
I'm putting in new plays.
You may not be getting the ball as much.
- When did you come up with this? - It was brought to me.
- German.
- As long as you're caught in the past, there's no future for you until you admit how angry you are at your father.
You're the one who let herself get beaten over and over.
Did you go see Olivia Vincent before she died? What did she have on you? - She knew about the coke.
- She knew I got it.
Oscar may be responsible for Mia's death.
There are files on every Devil Girl.
I'm not gonna say anything to anyone.
Oscar asked to see me, but he won't say why.
Know what might be it about? - I don't.
- You put those files back in his office? - Every one.
- Then I have no idea.
I guess I'll just have to face him blind.
- Hey.
You okay? - Yeah.
I found out I'm the honoree at the Devils Roast this year.
I've heard stories about Oscar's roasts, urban legend.
- That's a huge honor.
- Yeah.
I'm not feeling like being made fun of.
- Why? Something going on? - Why don't we ask this guy.
- Ask this guy what? - Why he's working overtime - to come up with plays? - Hey, man, look, it's not personal.
Why would it be personal? Look, I work for the team, not you.
And I'm about winning.
Yeah, you should try that sometime.
- Cool it.
- Tell him to cool it.
You're not gonna back this dude over me.
I was starting to worry you weren't coming.
As you know, our next game is also our annual Family Day, our way of counterbalancing the unholy filth of the Devils Roast.
I can't think of better ambassadors for this year's Family Day than my in-house family, the three of you.
- We're not-- - You may not be conventional but the fans love your story.
All it requires is walking on court together, saying a few words.
Basically, be the happy family I know you are.
Jelena, I'm gonna need you to oversee last looks at the girls' dance tomorrow.
I do that anyway.
Not that I don't trust your style.
- More important things to do? - Actually, yes.
Oscar's asked Pete, Ahsha and me to introduce Family Day.
Riveting what passes for a family nowadays.
Maybe you should look into one.
This week is extremely important to me.
I want you involved.
- With Family Day? Of course.
- No, not that.
You'll work with Raquel on the roast.
- What do you need? - The governor's confirmed to attend.
We need to run background checks on all Playground staff.
Put together a list so Jude can run point.
I'll get it to you today.
- What were you thinking for decor? - I've got that covered.
I was told to come see a man about a horse.
Tomorrow is the roast of Derek Roman.
I need it to look and feel over the top.
Of course, I thought of you.
I bring the party, I don't decorate them.
Can't you do both? This card has no limits, so neither should you.
You could've hired a professional.
Why'd you really ask me? I might be in the market for a Girl Friday.
Well, if this comes with the job, I can be your Girl Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
That week doesn't work.
I'm doing Fallon on the 24th and I have lunch with Kathryn Bigelow on the 25th.
I can't cancel on her again.
She is a scary woman.
Yeah, the next week is better.
Thank you.
Scheduling re-shoots.
Just when you think you're finished, it's never quite over.
Well, thanks for carving out the time.
The Devils Roast is tomorrow.
I'm supposed to say something biting about Derek.
I don't bite.
I recall differently.
I've been giving myself an aneurysm trying to come up with anything.
This is way more up your alley, so any chance you could help a guy out? - Let's see what you've got.
- All right.
It's not-- Well, I mean People say Derek's a ball hog, but it takes a lot of balls to date the coach's daughter.
That actually could work.
I like that.
You want to make the audience roar, we should go together.
Was there a bigger joke than our marriage? But, you know, going together is not the worst idea in the world.
- What do you think? - I suppose not.
What else you got? Is there anyone who does know how to spell? Hayes.
You're looking even more tense than usual.
You end up at a fight club last night? Judging by how fast you hung up, I'm guessing you're scheming on Ahsha.
Judging by your mood, I'm guessing it's not going so well.
How hard is it to dig up dirt on a 22-year-old? - Wrong Hayes.
- Mama Bear? Everyone knows she had a wild past.
I want to know how wild it got.
- What are you doing later? - You are looking at it.
- Why were you fighting? - Your dude started it.
He went to Coach with new plays, cutting me out.
My dad said German's good.
If German's suggesting something, it's because he has a good reason why.
- I know why.
- German's not like that.
He wouldn't do anything to hurt you.
No, punching me, that was a trip to Baskin-Robbins.
That was different and you know it.
I'm not gonna treat someone with kid gloves when they're coming at me.
Whose side are you on? I've always been on your side.
Even when people told me I shouldn't be.
Even when I had to sneak around.
When it almost cost me my job.
Put German on the other side, what happens? I'm leaving before I have to take you to Baskin-Robbins.
- Go.
Fine! - I'm already gone.
Derek, there's a lady at will call saying she's your mother? - Hi, Coach.
- Hey, hey.
How you doing, Desiree? Coach D! How's joke-writing treating you? It's a work in progress.
Can't you recycle jokes they used - when they roasted you? - No.
They never put me there.
Back before the internet, you could get into a kind of trouble that even Oscar would not want aired.
You're messing with me, aren't you? Zero, you're a good Christian kid.
I will not subject you to Pete Davenport, The Blue Years.
Proverbs 4:6:7.
"The beginning of wisdom is insight.
" You want insight? Let me tell you about the '92 playoffs, okay? I'm sorry, ma'am, but you need a ticket.
- I don't need a ticket, I have a Devil.
- Mom? See, what'd I tell you? They thought I was making it up.
Hey! - Hi.
- Mom, what are you doing here? I know, baby, it's been a while.
I just thought I'd stop by.
- Is that okay? I can come back-- - No, of course, of course, it's fine.
It's just I've invited you, like, a hundred games.
It's just.
You know, Coach is trying some new plays this game.
Why today? I wanted to introduce you to somebody.
Lloyd? Excuse me, excuse me.
Lloyd, this is my son Derek.
It's a real pleasure, Derek.
Your mother tells me you're a supportive son.
- Yeah, thanks for coming.
- No problem.
Lloyd is in the car wash industry.
That's an industry? Yeah.
I'd love to franchise car washes with your name on it.
Call it "The Roman Baths.
" Import soap from Italy, the works.
Yeah, I usually let my business manager handle that.
You should probably get his name.
- Smart, that's right.
- Derek is a one-man dunk contest.
Wait 'til you see how he scores.
I mean, it's gonna blow you away, right, baby? - Yeah.
Yeah, it'll be great.
- Look at all these fans.
- Hi.
- Man, Derek Roman.
In the flesh.
Can we get a beer before we go in? You ready to be the Partridge family? The father in the Partridge family was dead.
- Ladies and gentlemen, - Here we go.
Please draw your attention to centre court for this special announcement.
See? Hi, I'm Devil Girl Ahsha Hayes, and this is my dad, Coach Pete Davenport, and my mom, Devil Girl director Sloane Hayes.
We know how special it is that you all brought your families here today.
- So from our-- - So from our family-- ls it? - No, sorry.
- So from our family to your family, - thanks for coming.
- She stole my line.
- You stole my line.
- You were messing up.
You did mess it up, you.
- No, you didn't! - It's getting in my hair! - She didn't get that arm from me.
- I'll eat it, I'll eat it.
Hey, enjoy Family Day.
Don't throw popcorn at each other - Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for your Los Angeles Devil Girls! This throne needs to hit the ceiling.
I want Derek Roman to look like he got shrunk in the wash.
Spray gold? Oh, no, darling, I want actual gold.
Oh, just charge it to the card.
You do realise you're on national television talking on the phone? - Where do you even keep that thing? - Oh, I've got places.
I have no time to plan the awesomeness I have in store for your man.
He's not really in an awesome place.
We had a fight last night.
And hot make-up sex this morning based on that hickey.
Whatever good that did went out the window - as soon as Derek's mom showed up.
- Mary Roman's here? This is perfect.
I'm putting together a Baby DeRo slide show.
- She's gotta have embarrassing pics.
- Wouldn't bet on it.
She didn't raise him.
She left him with his grandparents.
She was in and out.
That's her right there.
- Two minutes left in the first quarter.
- Come on, Devils! Zero enters the front court.
Passes it to Fahie.
There's Derek.
Not a lot of action tonight, Derek wide open.
Pass goes by him, right back to Zero.
Zero shoots! Smooth! Another two.
Devils 27, Miami 16.
Three minutes left before halftime.
Jerry, I gotta tell you, looks like the Devils are running some new plays.
Miami doesn't seem too happy with it.
I'll tell you what.
Neither does Derek.
A lot of action tonight, a lot of movement.
Zero, he's on the move.
Slices through the lane, scores again! Devils now at 55, 27 for Miami.
Here we are midway through the third quarter.
- Come on.
- A lot of pressure here.
I did not expect things would go like they are and I gotta tell you, as surprised as I am the fans here seem even more surprised.
Derek's open.
Zero back to Fahie.
- Pass, pass! - Zero's got it, takes it to the hoop! Zero taking full advantage, making it look easy.
68, Miami 60.
What a game, what a game! What an outstanding individual effort.
Zero has been on fire tonight.
Got that right.
Zero getting two more points, bringing his team-high total to 22.
And there's the final buzzer.
The Devils win, 103 to 93.
- You guys were great tonight.
- Thanks.
I'll catch you later, okay? - That was ridiculous.
- We won by ten.
- I looked like a chump.
- It's not about how you look.
It's about how we do.
You're on a team, remember? I do have a decent future father-in-law joke.
My daughter married to Derek.
That's not a joke, that's a nightmare.
You could do worse for a son than a multi-million dollar baller.
- Is that what you told your parents? - Before you, I dated Nicolas Cage.
My parents had nothing to say about you.
Yeah, yeah, that's before I started drunk driving kids all over town.
- What are you talking about? - That's what Raquel accused me of.
I had a drink hours before I went to pick up Miguel and suddenly she's labeling me an After School Special.
That's why we broke up.
I was in an After School Special with Crispin Glover and the daughter from Mr.
That was tragic.
Don't mind me, y'all.
Has Oscar given you his guest list? His roasts are filled with heavyweights.
I bet a few are tied to the new arena.
He sent it an hour ago.
I was just starting to look through it.
B Waxler.
I recognise that name.
It was on a form in Mia's file.
He called and confirmed this afternoon.
He'll be here tomorrow night.
Then so will I.
- Have I got something for you.
- If it's what I think it is Oh, you're gonna want it when I tell you.
I had an enlightening conversation with Pete about his past party days.
Specifically about one wild early '90s mansion party.
Pete Davenport with frosted tips.
I care because-- It was one of his low moments, which means - It was one of Sloane's low moments.
- You want it now? The same person own that mansion? He does and Hank has informed me he loves having company.
Oh, I needed a moist towelette after I got that call.
The chance to host the Devils again.
Are you kidding me? In the old days, when the Devils were champs, the wins were like aphrodisiacs.
Every player turned up here.
- Pete Davenport? - Definitely Davenport.
So virile.
Oh, the body on that one.
We were hoping to hear about one special party.
Think "Caligula" on acid.
What you're looking for is depravity.
My strongest suit.
The composition of this one is fascinating.
I'd love a copy.
I can't imagine parting with it.
These are my private selections.
I could possibly make an exception if I were able to add a new one to my gallery.
Strictly for my personal enjoyment, of course.
- That's not possible.
- Okay.
I'll do it.
That works.
You know I'm not just talking about shirtless.
Oh, I know.
Hey, I saw the list of employees and noticed one name was missing.
I guess I was so focused on everyone else-- It's fine.
I'll have you added.
Actually, it wasn't entirely a mistake.
So embarrassing, I just, I have a ton of parking tickets and I could risk the embarrassment but if I get pulled from the party over it, the roast would fall apart.
- Oscar wouldn't like that very much.
- I don't want to give him the headache.
- I think we can leave your name off.
- Thank you.
Roman, hi.
I didn't know you were-- - I'm Derek's girlfriend, Ahsha.
- Hi.
- Come on in.
- Okay, thank you.
Derek's with his trainer.
Let me call him.
Oh, no, don't worry about that.
I just wanted him to sign this.
Oh, okay.
Who's it for? SportsCollectibles.
One of those is a Louis bag.
Okay, I'll make sure he brings it tonight.
Oh, about tonight.
I told Derek I was coming but something else came up.
Can you tell him for me? I could, but are you sure you can't make it? Even Even for just a little bit? This is a huge honor for Derek.
Oh, there'll be plenty of people.
I'm sure he won't even notice I'm not there.
It's just, I really think that's not true.
He's loved having you there for other stuff, right? His trophy case is filled with junior high and high school trophies.
Yeah, you know, in the sixth grade, his team won the state championship.
He was the only one who wore a suit and tie to the ceremony.
He insisted.
I know there were others.
Roman, Derek might not say it, but you're a big part of his life, even if you aren't a big part of his life.
- What's the dress code? - Cocktail.
All right.
I'm gonna keep it quick.
I had no business coming at you like that in public.
I'm sorry.
- Apology accepted.
- We have history out of the arena.
I need to accept that this will happen.
This is 100 percent about the game.
These new plays, they work.
They worked great for Ohio.
I gotta go.
Look, sorry again about earlier.
You must want these women gone pretty bad - to get your hands dirty like this.
- Hands dirty? I didn't do a thing.
No, I did.
You got me on the Sloane trail.
You got me to get naked for this photo.
You got me to do your dirty work.
Now that you've got what you were after, what are you gonna do? The question and answer portion of this programme is over.
- HEY- - HEY- I just got the footage of us from Family Day - so I thought I'd drop off a copy.
- Oh, man.
I have a few extra minutes.
Come on, sit down.
- We can watch it together.
- Okay.
- I'm not sure I really want to see this.
- I know.
Cue bumbling dad.
What? I don't even know.
Well, come on.
It was only a matter of time before Ahsha was embarrassed by her mother and father.
She is.
I'm glad we have this on tape.
Me too.
- I should probably - Yeah, me too.
- Okay- - okay- You look so pretty.
Thanks for coming.
It's like Spartacus vomited on Super Fly.
- Isn't it beautiful? - It's the height of taste and class.
Have fun.
Thanks for coming tonight.
You're gonna be sitting at table five.
- I sat you beside him.
- Okay.
- Brandt Waxler.
- Sloane Hayes.
I'm glad you came.
I thought you might not.
Because of what happened with Derek.
It's cool.
Look, I'm just here to enjoy the roast.
It's just.
Derek's been super stressed lately.
Not that you need to know that, but I just wanted to say sorry if he took it out on you.
- Ahsha, would you stop? - Stop what? Apologizing.
Checking in on me.
Asking about my feelings.
I get what you think you're trying to do, okay? But all you're doing is keeping me in your drama.
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
You've gotta see the mixed messages you're sending.
Look, you moved on.
I've moved on.
We're not in each other's lives anymore.
Not like that.
You've moved on? You're seeing someone? No.
But I'm not sitting at home waiting for you to come back like a monk.
Look, we don't need to keep having these same conversations, okay? He's coming, he's coming.
Hey- - Girls.
- All right, y'all.
It's time to get this party started.
Put your hands together for the man of the hour, Derek Roman! Don't worry.
She'll be here.
I'm Sommore and I'm glad to see that you all made it out.
I'm guessing that you all were afraid to turn down Oscar's invitation lest you turn up underneath his next arena.
Oh, is it too soon for that? Okay, I'm dead wrong for that one.
Okay, we're here tonight to honor Derek Roman.
Let's give it up for the man of the hour.
Or, as most women call him, the man of 27 seconds.
Okay, by a show of venereal diseases how many people in here have crowned the Roman Emperor? Okay, penicillin for you, penicillin So club promoting? That's interesting work.
I've hired your Devil Girls a couple of times.
Is that how you met Oscar, through your clubs? I've been trying to get Oscar to buy a club for years.
He tells me the Playground's all he needs.
I'll get him to do business with me at some point.
How thin are you girls gonna get? I mean, y'all getting ready to disappear.
I'm gonna talk fast.
And what's up with the togas? I mean, it's not covering anything.
Kind of like the Devils' defense, l guess.
Okay, well, I mean.
Well, I'm kidding.
I mean, we all know that the Devils don't have a defense.
Okay, so where is the queen bee? Jelena Howard.
Where is she at? This girl is so tiny I can't even see her.
It's going great.
Thanks for covering me with that ticket thing.
No problem.
You're really nothing like your dad.
What do you know about Oscar? Oh, nothing.
I was just I really don't know why I said that.
Oscar Kincade, wow.
Damn, this man has a lot of money.
Some of it's his too.
My wedding dress is in my trunk.
I can throw it on for a quick laugh if you start to bomb up there.
You have been such a help and not just today.
But I feel like I owe it to you to tell you my feelings about us haven't changed.
Well, ladies, I mean, don't be judgmental.
I heard he's a Christian man.
Spends a lot of time praying.
If you ask me, that's the best kind of man that spends a lot of time on his knees.
So I hope y'all are having a good time.
But how about last night's game? Haven't seen DeRo get that little bit of action since he had the clap.
But I'm glad to see that Derek is using his clap in a positive way.
I mean, y'all seen him out there applauding for Terrence and Zero.
I see you back there laughing.
After last night, the Devils are thinking about renaming the Roman Emperor the Billion-Dollar BJ.
I mean, he never handled any balls.
He just got paid a lot to suck.
You wanna laugh, go ahead.
Laugh now.
Matt 5:22.
Anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment.
- Shut your mouth.
- That's enough.
I've had enough of you backing everyone else.
- I'm backing people helping me win.
- He's not here to help.
You've been staring at that chair all night.
Whatever your deal is with your mother, you need to grow up.
Derek! Look, I'm leaving.
Are you coming or staying? It's not a party till someone clears a table.
Fight notwithstanding, nice work tonight, Kyle.
And nice dress.
I assume it also made its way to the card.
I'm a part of the decorations.
- I could get used to this kind of dough.
- I think you should.
Word on the street is you like to keep track of high rollers.
These guys are as high up as it gets.
Why are you giving this to me? There may come a future time when I could use your talents.
How does that sound? You got yourself a deal.
I talked to Waxler.
He had a good reason for being in Mia's file.
- So it's a dead end? - Red wine, please? I thought so.
But then I saw him send a text to Oscar's second phone.
Raquel, Oscar has a burner phone.
Now, we could go after Waxler, who may know something, or we could go after that phone that could have everything.
What a miserable night.
And Pete's already on his third drink.
We both know how it goes after that tipping point.
If this is where we share our war stories, I'll pass.
Suit yourself.
Besides, Raquel's the one with the real horror story.
Pete drunk drove with her son in the car.
That's why they broke up.
The locker room is gonna be a delight tomorrow.
You look beautiful.
Pete, don't.
Earlier, I got caught up in a moment.
I really just need to step back for a second.
Wait, Sloane.
This isn't you backing away.
I've seen this before.
This is you shutting down.
This feisty blonde just threatened to burn my buns if I don't keep this shindig moving.
Well, to go with Derek acting like a big baby why don't we see some pictures of Derek as a little baby.
What a chocolate drop.
His first motorcycle.
Wow, look at the head on this boy.
Oh, my God.
Derek, say something.
Say you're angry, say the jokes were bad.
If you're not up to talking about it, say that but please say something.
It's just a speeding ticket.
You weren't going fast.
It'll be okay.
And we're both sober.
What? Why do you have that? - I'll explain, I promise.
- License and registration.
Ma'am? Step out of the car.
Next time on Hit the Floor: Your cocaine ended up in my bag.
I'm online, naked, with a strap tied around my arm.
She's not in a position to say no.
Why are you here? - Looking for you.
- I didn't come to play backup.
It's him or me, Jelena.
- What are you hiding from me? - Olivia had something on me.
The blonde lady who died? - The one you were here with.
- That wasn't me.
You had fun coming at me, you came at my mother.
Big mistake.
Now I'm coming for you.