Hit The Floor (2013) s02e08 Episode Script

Playing Dirty

1 Previously on Hit the Floor: You've noticed he's never far from a glass.
You have a child? When you went to pick up my son, were you drinking? Word on the street is you like to keep track of high rollers.
These guys are as high up as it gets.
I wanna know if those files prove anything.
I'm gonna help you.
Raquel, Oscar has a burner phone.
We could go after that phone.
That could have everything.
- Wrong Hayes.
- Mama Bear? Everyone knows she had a wild past.
I wanna know how wild it got.
I know what you want, Jelena.
You could be happy.
I'm not your problem.
We were each big prizes the other bagged, nothing more.
Whatever your deal is, grow up.
- Stop taking it out on everybody else.
- Hey! - What is that? - I'll explain later.
Ma'am, step out of the car.
- Sorry? - Remove your shoes.
Your earrings and that ring.
The belt.
Ahsha, it's me, again.
Call me back.
Everyone saw that picture.
She must've heard by now.
Or she's with Derek and they haven't heard a thing.
Come into work.
It's not as bad as you think.
Raquel, someone took a picture of it.
It's online, I'm online.
Naked, with a rubber strap tied around my arm.
I can't stop seeing it in my head.
That's all everyone's gonna see when they look at me.
It'll blow over.
We need to get Oscar's burner phone number.
- How? - Jude might have it.
He asked me out once.
Maybe I can get him to ask me out again.
Sneak a look? I'm so sorry, Sloane.
Where did that picture even come from? I have an idea.
The Devil Girls would be delighted to perform at your party.
She's not in a position to say no.
We'll be there.
- What are you doing in here? - Cleaning up Sloane's mess.
We lost bookings thanks to her photo shoot from the set of The Wire.
Lucky for us, I just hooked a whale that'll more than make up for it.
- Why are you here? - Looking for you.
- My buddy Vance is back in town.
- Vance.
Your one college friend I actually like.
We're getting together for lunch.
You wanna come? - You want me there? - Vance does.
Actually, I'd enjoy having lunch.
With Vance.
I'll let him know.
You even make breakfast sexy.
I'm glad fate brought us together.
Fate has a way of making things happen like maybe a flight somewhere exotic? Well, I have to be in Dubai first thing tomorrow.
Think of the things we can do on top of the world's tallest building.
Next time.
This trip's strictly business.
But I arranged a gift for you to enjoy while I'm gone.
- It's on the way up now.
- You know I love presents.
I think he forgot it.
Actually, he is it.
Your very own personal valet to cater to your every whim while I'm away.
Kyle, Wendall.
You're kidding.
- He's kidding, right? - No, ma'am.
Were you as turned on by that whole photo thing as I was? Of course you were.
So is she out or what? Or what.
I just saw Oscar, he refuses to fire her.
Something about standing by family, blah, blah, blah.
Since when is Oscar a family man? Since he made a big public point of hiring Sloane.
Letting her go would be admitting a mistake.
This way he gets to be loyal and noble.
Sorry it didn't work out.
Who said it didn't? The damage is done.
Just because Sloane can come back doesn't mean she will.
Look, Ahsha, I'm sorry.
Come on, let me drive you home.
I'm not getting in that car with you.
- Look, I know I messed up.
- I just spent the night in jail.
This is way beyond messed up.
You were in a holding room.
I signed autographs, I took care of it.
Getting frisked, thrown in a police car forced to hand over shoes, locked in a room, that's you taking care of it? No, I got you off with a warning.
Nothing's on your record.
- It's like it never happened.
- But it did happen, Derek.
Your cocaine ended up in my bag.
I wondered how far your partying went.
Now I know.
Look, Ahsha.
Hey, coach.
What time is it? We've got practice, the guys are on the court.
All right.
I'm gonna get changed, I'm good to go.
- I don't think you should.
- German, I got this.
The top running back in football over 10,000 total yards gained, over 2000 carries and my face is on your nephew's wall.
Four-time All-Star, two-time scoring champion-- And still no championship.
Boys, if you're gonna spend this time stroking your stats, I'm leaving.
This is why I love this girl.
Okay, Vance, your two titles and MVP puts you in the lead but I'm getting a ring this year, and you're retired now so it's only a matter of time before I lap you.
Oh, yeah.
So I did spend some time on the sidelines last season.
I'm hardly retired.
And if you're gonna get that ring you can't choke against Miami like you did last year.
Miami? That was three years ago.
How do you stay with this chucklehead with him needing to be right all the time? I mean, this is crazy.
Vance, you okay? I gotta cut out.
L-- But I wanna meet up tomorrow night.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Good seeing you again.
- Good to see you.
- My man.
- My man.
- I got it, I got-- - I got this.
I will always be faster than you.
I'll see y'all tomorrow.
Didn't you tell him we broke up? I told him.
He knows Miami was three years ago.
He sure as hell knows he's retired.
Something is definitely wrong.
Thanks for getting here so fast.
What the hell happened? I'll cover at practice.
I'll say he got sick or something.
Hey- You don't look so good.
- What's going on? - You first.
Last night was a mess.
My whole life is a mess.
I was with Raquel, now I'm not.
I'm in the middle of a divorce with no end in sight.
I can't even talk to your mom.
I just wanna tell her it's okay.
She shouldn't be ashamed.
Ashamed about what? The roast.
Why would she be ashamed about the roast? You left early.
Ahsha, it was terrible.
There was a slideshow.
And then they put this old photo up of your mom.
She was naked.
- Her arm was tied.
- Oh, my God.
We need to talk.
What were you thinking getting into a fight with Derek? - He was out of control.
- This is me you're talking to.
Derek's a client at my agency too.
You need to be more careful or I have to deal with the blowback.
You and I came into this with a plan.
Trust it.
Just be careful.
I risked a lot for you.
I got you.
You okay? You look a little tense.
I've had better days.
Well, speaking of better days, I was hoping we could have lunch.
- Really? - How about tomorrow? You and me.
- Like a date? - Well, I'm not dating Pete anymore.
Why not, right? I'll make us a reservation at Arianna's.
What the hell? And who let this creepster in here? That's no creepster, that's Wendall, my personal valet.
On loan from a friend.
Don't worry, I'm sure he's gay.
“m - Ream]? Then why are you dressed like that? Oh, he adds lilac to everything.
I can't stop him.
Whatever y'all want, Wendall will make it happen.
Mani-pedi, facial, Swedish massage, Brazilian waxing-- I've only been told to give you what you want.
What I want is for you to get everyone what they want.
Yes, Miss Hart.
I only just heard about the picture.
Where have you been, honey? Pete.
I was at his office all day.
Nursing his hangover.
Hangover? He was a mess.
Still drunk, still in his clothes from the roast.
- I've never seen him like that.
- I was afraid of this.
- It's happening again.
- What's happening? An old pattern.
He goes from getting drunk at parties to drinking alone.
And then it bleeds into the day.
He starts missing practises.
He missed a practice today.
- What do we do? - We don't do anything.
You can't fix him, Ahsha.
I tried.
It almost destroyed me.
Maybe it's your fear talking.
Maybe it was a one-time thing.
This isn't the end of something.
It's the start of something.
Something you don't wanna be a part of.
- Stop calling me.
- Answering helps that.
- I don't wanna talk.
- I need to see you.
- Meet me at the Farmers Market-- - I'm not close to ready to see you.
- Want some coffee? - You're at your mom's? Not anymore.
ls that the picture? That's not you.
It is me.
Just because some time has passed doesn't change that.
That picture represents the decisions I made.
This is what happens when you give up on yourself.
- Who you wanna be.
- You can't give up now.
- Ahsha.
- You know Jelena did it.
I know.
You didn't go in to work yesterday.
You're still in your robe.
Ahsha, this is what's out there.
You can't let her get away with it.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I have to go.
We're dancing at a private party at Hotel Figueroa.
- Some investment banker billionaire.
- Dev Paes? That guy bilked people out of millions.
I turned him down three times.
Well, you weren't there for the fourth.
If you won't fight Jelena, I will.
- Don't need anyone to fight.
- See you at the arena.
Derek Roman.
I saw you here before, but I was too nervous to say hi.
I'm sorry about your friend.
- My friend? - The blonde lady who died? The one you were here with.
No, no.
That wasn't me.
It had to be a couple of months ago because I-- Sorry.
It's always nice to meet a fan.
- Hey.
- I'm almost done with this report.
Not why I'm here.
I wanted to thank you for having my back yesterday.
- No problem.
- Well, it's not gonna happen again.
Let's chalk it up to an epic disaster of a night and leave it at that, okay? - Sure.
- All right.
As a token of my appreciation, how would you like to go to the Western Coaches Dinner? That's only for head coaches.
I'll tell them that you're there taking notes for me.
Okay? You in? - Hell, yeah.
- All right, 8:00.
I spoke to Vance's dad.
- And? - He has something called CTE.
It's degenerative.
Comes with memory loss, depression, dementia.
Sometimes he even forgets he has it.
He got it playing ball.
He had 15 serious concussions.
It's brain damage.
When you get knocked down, you get back up.
But at a certain point-- He was building a legacy.
It's a steep price to pay.
When we see him, we can't bring it up.
It upsets him and I don't know how I'm gonna handle this.
But I need your help.
What's so important? I don't need that courtside seat.
I've come to my last game.
What are you talking about? You're our girl.
- You're Oscar's girl.
- I'm nobody's girl.
We both know I was never doing it for Oscar.
Or for you or my movie.
I'm tired of chasing.
Tired of pretending I can have what I want.
So I'm saying goodbye to the Devils.
The games, the parties, press.
I'm out.
You can't back out.
We made an agreement.
Look, you're the best press Oscar's getting.
He's gonna be pissed.
Pissed at me.
You'll live.
Let's go, man.
- All right.
- Don't worry about it.
Take care of yourself, all right? Trust me.
I should hope so.
I'm not spending a grand on orchids to make her feel unimpressed.
I said exotic, not tropical.
She's Lionel Davenport for Christ's sake.
What? You invite one girl out to lunch where you order flowers for another? - Got to be some rule against that.
- I'm doing this for Oscar.
- You go out of your way a lot for him.
- I guess.
You have any pics of you two? - Of me and Lionel? - Of you and Oscar.
Oh, you were serious? You really don't have any kind of relationship at all? Every relationship is different, Raquel.
Knowing I'm earning my father's respect and that it wasn't just gifted to me as a child proves it's genuine.
It's getting chilly.
I left my sweater in your car.
- Would you mind grabbing it for me? - Sure.
It's Sloane.
Listen, I know there's no case anymore, but Well, I was hoping you could do something for me.
Can you run a phone number? You shouldn't have come.
- L just wanna talk.
- I want you to stop bulldozing me.
If I don't, we're never gonna talk.
If you keep pushing me, we won't.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Devil Girls! Stunning dance, Jelena.
It's tragic I couldn't get you and the girls to dance here sooner.
- I hope we were worth the wait.
- And the money.
What changed? Clearly, your director doesn't have trust in me and has issues with the rumors about how I make my money.
Well, unlike her, I've never been scared off by a bad reputation.
I wanna talk to you.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
- If this is gonna be another-- - I'm talking.
This isn't going to be another anything.
You've had your fun coming at me and I haven't stooped to your level.
Then you came at my mother.
Big mistake.
Because now I'm coming for you.
You're an exquisite dancer.
And you throw a fantastic party.
So do you.
Derek Roman's roast.
I've heard it was epic.
How would you like to host my parties? Hard to find someone who can keep up.
Oh, honey, I keep everything up.
Not tonight.
Getting late, time to go.
I work for Miss Hart's boyfriend.
Boyfriend? He's not my boyfriend.
I don't have a boyfriend.
You call each other that all the time.
Did you hit your head? Or should I do it? Excuse me.
- I was in a business deal.
- I thought you were hooking up.
So, what if I was? You're not here to spoil me.
You're here to babysit me.
I don't need babysitting.
I don't need you crapping on my opportunities.
Unfortunately, your business opportunities are none of my employer's concern.
I have your car ready.
Shall we? Or would you like another scene? You're drawing me the bath of your life.
If you put lilac in it, I swear to God Lionel, hey.
Shouldn't you be running some drills? Harassing your players? Being harassed by you is much more entertaining.
- You're an idiot.
- You married me.
About that.
You signed the divorce papers.
I know it took me a little while.
But I was perusing the cases at Montblanc to find just the perfect pen.
You're welcome to borrow it.
Well, should we toast? I know there's a bottle of champagne in here somewhere.
- Seriously? - Yeah, this is a big deal.
After three years of crazy, I think we deserve one drink.
Wendall, you're back.
I put you in your car.
I put myself out.
Dev was just telling me about his Olympic-sized, well, let's just say hookah.
It sounds very impressive.
I doubt my employer will be quite as impressed by your behaviour.
I think your boss has bigger things to worry about.
Seems someone called his hotel in Dubai saying he was a smuggler.
- It's become a whole thing.
- Smuggler? Smuggling what? They didn't ask.
I had a list ready to go.
Apparently smuggler was enough to get them off and running.
Speaking of running, you can catch that red-eye if you hurry.
I'm guessing he'll have some needs you can attend to.
Well played.
Hey- - Where's Terrence? - He's running late.
I'm gonna make you a drink.
Martini? - I take my vodka straight.
- Okay.
- You need help? - No.
Straight up.
You look as beautiful today as you did on your wedding day.
Seems like yesterday you and Terrence tied the knot.
Sorry I haven't been around more.
Life moves pretty fast.
Sometimes it feels like it's moving on without me.
Like I'm missing things.
You're not missing anything with me and Terrence.
You going through something? No, I didn't mean - We're fine.
- You sure? That's-- That's what I want for you guys.
For you to be happy.
Terrence and I are very happy.
We have a beautiful life.
So you got everything you want? Yeah.
The boys are good.
Hunter just started preschool and TJ's in the first grade.
- Terrence is an amazing dad.
- No doubt.
We just bought this big house out in Brentwood.
The backyard is huge.
The boys will be able to run and run.
They love wearing his championship rings.
He won two of them.
I knew he could do it.
So did I.
See? Life is good.
Hey- - It's about time.
- My man.
- How you doing? - I'm good.
"What kind of woman is she?" We need some music.
Any requests? Too late.
I am stealing your girl, T.
- I know you wanna cut in.
- I don't know.
I can tell.
Come on.
I taught you how to dance freshman year.
Don't make me look like no chump.
I got practice early tomorrow.
Mind if I walk you to your car? Yeah.
- Good night.
- Till next time, baby.
- Just give me a minute.
- Okay.
Thanks for helping me with Vance.
Putting on a show.
A show.
- Look, Ahsha-- - I have one question.
Is this the end of something or the start of something? - What are you talking about? - The coke.
Is that what you're used to? ls this your norm? No, no.
And it won't be.
Because this kind of thing hurts people, Derek.
- It wrecked my parents' relationship.
- Ahsha, I promise you that's not gonna happen to us.
- All right.
- All right? All right.
Kind of late to be working out.
- I'm dedicated.
- I know.
I saw you with him.
Is that why you're late-night stalking me? Terrence has four good years left in him.
I've got eight.
And I have a ring.
I also have a plan, Jelena.
I didn't come to the Devils to play backup to Terrence Wall.
I came to take over.
Is that why you chased me? To get what Terrence had? I chased because you're the biggest trophy in Los Angeles.
Terrence will always find fault with you, always want you to be someone else.
But I see you for who you really are.
It's exactly who I want you to be.
I want you.
You could run this city with me.
Not just sports, everything.
I'm offering you everything.
What's he offering you? It's him or me, Jelena.
Think real hard.
Hey, coach, it's German.
Dinner came and went.
Where are you? Is divorce sex a thing? Because if it's not, it should be.
Technically, we're not divorced.
You haven't signed the papers yet.
One thing at a time.
Hey, you owe me for lunch.
Dinner tomorrow, on you? I can't.
- Can't or won't? - I had a nice time, it's just-- Pete.
I don't think I'm over him yet.
That seems sudden.
How many women in this arena does that guy have in his harem? I need to talk to you.
What's going on? I had Michael send me Oscar's phone records as well as everyone he called the days before and after Mia's death.
That's great.
I also had him run Olivia's while he was at it.
Someone called her 15 times the day she died.
What are you hiding from me? Raquel, I swear to God-- Olivia had something on me.
Something bad.
She said she would tell people if I didn't stand with her - at the groundbreaking.
- Stand with her--? Raquel, do you know what Olivia had on Oscar? No, I swear.
She wouldn't tell me.
I kept calling her that day.
I was begging her to be reasonable.
What she knew about me What? What did she know about you? I came into this country illegally.
My parents brought me here and I never got papers.
How did you get work? Fake social.
If anyone found out, I could be deported.
I could lose Miguel.
That Olivia would hold this over your head.
I won't tell anyone.
Thank you.
I'm still in this with you.
We're still gonna take Oscar down.
Take Oscar down? I don't think my father would like that very much.
Next time on Hit the Floor: Why are you targeting Oscar? I don't know what it is you heard.
If you don't tell me, you can tell Oscar.
I can make playoffs go in a bad direction.
You'd throw an entire season? My mom stuck around when you were drinking, but I won't.
It's your choice.
Me or alcohol.
You're playing us against each other for trinkets.
- What? Never.
- No, no, no, I respect that.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
Most important thing to Jelena is image.
That's what I'm going to take from her.