Hit The Floor (2013) s02e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on Hit the Floor: Your boyfriend sleeps with prostitutes.
You're the anonymous e-mailer? I was aiming for Jelena.
I missed.
Thought what happened to Zero was brutal, wait till you see what happens to you when everyone finds out.
- You set me up.
- You asked me to choose.
I chose.
I came to warn you.
Watch your back with Zero.
This apartment, you own it.
I bought it for you.
Connect Oscar to Mia's death.
Need something in Oscar's records that makes that connection.
We're in this together, okay? I don't know what I'd do without you, Jude.
The plane's going to leave without you.
Get up.
- Thank God.
- Where is he? In there.
- I can't wake him.
- I know, I know.
He's gonna be okay.
The doctor will be discreet.
I got this.
- Hello? - The plane's about to take off.
Did you find Pete? Yeah.
He has a bad migraine.
He's not gonna make it.
- Or the game.
- Ahsha, I'm sorry.
I'll cover for him with the other coaches.
I've gotta go.
Ahsha, where's Pete? He was supposed to meet me at the airport.
With my mother.
- And the doctor.
- A doctor? - I found him passed out.
- Excuse me, I'm his wife-- Who let him drink almost to death.
Pete is a grown man.
He does what he wants.
You asked him not to, he still did it.
You knew I asked him to stop and you still drank with him? You're toxic.
Only reason Pete was with you is he was drunk and you know it.
- Ahsha-- - I thought you were decent.
I was wrong.
Walk away.
I'm not gonna cause a scene for his sake.
I understand you're upset, but you just crossed a line.
Jude, you're gay- What? I'm not gay.
- You kissed me.
- No, I didn't.
- Not like that.
You were upset.
I just-- - Kissed me on the mouth.
Jude, it's cool.
You're barking up the wrong tree, but clearly barking.
I'm not barking at anything.
I gotta get on the plane.
Jude, it's fine.
You're gay.
Be gay- I'm not gay! You rang? I have a little job I thought you could help me with.
I'm listening.
Our contract with our network is up this season.
Their bid to re-up is 170 million.
I need someone to accidentally leak to them that Time Warner is coming in at 190.
I love being part of something with so many zeroes.
One other little request.
I want you to wear a mike when you do it.
I wanna hear how it goes down.
- How is he? - He's fine.
Just needs fluids and rest.
I have to stay with him for 24 hours.
I brought soup.
Honey, I told you I'd take care of Pete.
I know.
It's not for him.
It's for you.
I know how much you hate being here.
You're doing this for me.
Thank you.
You wanna stay and share with me? It's vegan.
- But sure, why not? - Good.
- Now, local sports with Chuck Ward.
- Tonight, Phoenix sports news.
The Devils make a bold statement in game one with a 102-91 win in Phoenix, despite the absence of Coach Pete Davenport.
Derek Roman scores to lead the inside power game with Terrence Wail dominating defense in the fourth quarter-- You know I was the one who made Zero's life a living hell.
When is everyone else going to know? You worry too much.
Just relax and enjoy each day as if it's your last.
Hey, the men needs some more oiling up.
Any volunteers? - I'll take Derek.
- Yeah, you will.
That's how you celebrate a win.
Hey, why you sitting here? This is Inside Sports Network.
It's the skin issue.
- Be out there.
- I'm knee-deep in prostitutes.
Naked and greased up isn't the image I should be going with now.
- Everyone else seems to agree.
- I don't care about everyone else.
Business as usual is exactly the image you should be going with.
- He's getting in.
- We've already set the shot.
- Unset it.
- We're kind of on a tight schedule.
You better get started then, unless you want me to pull Derek.
All right, guys, we're switching the shot.
Get in there.
Sure you're not doing this to get me naked? Wanna oil me up? Sloane, it's Raquel.
I just got to your place.
I'll keep going through Oscar's records like you asked.
Not sure what you had to do, but call me if you need me.
Have I apologized enough for hitting your windshield? Yeah, that was a crazy accident.
Thank God you weren't sitting in it.
I'd have died if I'd damaged that face.
- All right, you're crowding that ball.
- Oh, dear.
Should I back that thing up? Well You know, I actually appear on your network.
- I'm a Devil Girl.
- That's why you look familiar.
I love shaking it for your cameras.
I'd hate to go to another network.
Why would you go to another network? Well, I was at this private event, and heard one of Mr.
Kinkade's lawyers tell him Time Warner was after us.
Offered something like 220 million to show the games.
Kinkade just about messed his pants.
Two hundred and twenty million? Maybe it was 220,000.
I'm so bad with money.
Very good.
- How's Pete? - He's fine.
My mom's with him.
Wait-- Why is your mom nursing Pete if he just has a migraine? He didn't have a migraine.
- He drank himself unconscious.
- Are you serious? I found him at the hotel that night.
I didn't wanna get into it.
- Plus, he's your coach.
- I get it.
Ahsha, I'm sorry.
It must've been really Must've been scary finding him like that.
Don't tell anyone, okay? I won't.
Hey- - Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here? Damage control.
I just spoke to Oscar.
He understands about Pete missing the game.
I have to smooth things over with the rest of the world.
Entertainment Tonight is coming to do a thing on the Devil Girls.
I thought I'd swing by, answer any lingering questions.
That's kind of you.
What have you been up to? Nothing.
Are we back together? I don't know.
I need to get ready for Entertainment Tonight.
Sloane left me a message saying she had food poisoning, poor thing.
So I'm in charge.
- I need to go back to the photographer.
- Why? You think you're the only diva around here with photo approval? Excuse me.
Listen, sorry I had to get pushy.
Just looking out for a client.
No, I thought it was cool.
I think that you're cool.
Like, really cool.
- Thanks, I gotta-- - Hey, can I get your number? I'm not-- I'm not, you know.
One of those.
Okay, well.
Just in case.
I'm cool too.
- Hey.
- I think I found something - that could be something.
- What? One of the people Oscar called when Mia died, that person immediately called another guy named Tom Zaskan.
I Googled him, he's a medical examiner.
I requested Mia's autopsy report weeks ago.
It should be in a green folder under my laptop.
Found it Tom Zaskan.
Oscar had a relationship with the guy that performed Mia's autopsy? - Raquel.
- ls this the proof we need? No, it's not.
But connecting the two of them financially, showing that he paid the ME off somehow? - That would be proof.
- Sloane? Gonna get into that as soon as I'm finished with what I'm doing.
- Bye for now.
- Okay, bye.
- Thank you.
- You scared the hell out of Ahsha.
And you dragged me here where I'm forced to stay and watch you when I have important things I could be doing.
I don't know what to say.
That's bull.
You have everything in the world to say.
From what I hear, you've been spiralling for weeks.
And I refuse to have either Ahsha or me go through this again.
You're gonna tell me what your problem is and we're not gonna leave until you do.
I've been drinking more.
I don't need you to admit it.
I have eyes.
I wanna know why.
I got a lot going on, Sloane.
I'm coaching for the first time.
There's so much on the line.
The pressure is unbelievable.
- Then Lionel comes back and Raquel-- - I'm not buying any of this.
And I refuse to let you blame Lionel because I am literally staring at divorce papers signed by Lionel but not signed by you.
And Raquel was too young for you.
You knew that was infatuation.
Doesn't make the feelings less real.
You're not talking to me about real feelings.
These are excuses.
You're not digging deep and telling me anything.
Maybe that's as deep as I go.
Then maybe you'll drink yourself to death.
Have fun with that.
Wanna know what's screwing with my head? You, all right? You're my trigger.
If you wanna talk, I'm gonna talk about you.
Can you handle that? I can take anything you throw at me.
You wanna do this? Let's do this.
- Two hundred and twenty million? - Maybe it was 220,000.
I'm so bad with money.
- Nice touch.
- Thanks.
Dumb men love dumb women.
Not only did Victor up his bid but thanks to your good form, he went up 30 million more than the figure I gave you.
As a thank you, a few more names for your little black book.
Just copy this file over here, wipe this clean and - What do we need that for? - For next time.
The L.
Devil Girls have ignited Devils Arena for years with their amazing routines.
But for the first time, our cameras are allowed inside where all the magic happens.
Their rehearsal studio.
And we're just now having our first big celebrity sighting.
The beautiful, the talented, the amazing Lionel Davenport.
I'm excited for you to see what these girls can do.
- They are gonna blow your mind.
- Let's talk about you.
You have a big movie coming out about the Ecstasy books.
I'm proud of this movie.
I'm proud of Pete.
First season as a coach and the Devils are in the playoffs.
He missed his first game there.
He made himself sick getting these guys into this amazing position.
He's just a hell of a guy.
Don't worry, he'll be back.
Now, what's going on between you two? We will always be a part of each other's lives.
That's cute.
Give me more.
Okay, fine.
Well, Pete is an amazing guy but can he do this? The Los Angeles Devil Girls! And one, two, three.
Wow, ladies, that was amazing.
Oh, my goodness.
And, Jelena, you've had a tough few days with this gossip about Zero and escort services.
You okay? We've been worried about you.
I'm fine.
This whole thing has taught me a lot about human nature, how some people can hurt others with no remorse and how far people will go.
- Can I say something? - Sure.
I forwarded that e-mail.
Jelena's e-mail that got Zero into trouble.
I'm so sorry.
I did it out of jealousy.
I mean, look at her.
She's got it all, and she also has a big heart and didn't deserve that.
I just hope she can be the better person and forgive me.
Of course.
I can't say I approve, but forgiving you would be the noble thing to do.
Thank you.
Well done, ladies.
Thank you.
That's what I call an exclusive.
This is gonna air tonight.
You two should watch it together.
Bye, thank you.
I'm Kendall.
- German.
- Oh, I know.
You're one of the assistant coaches.
The hot one.
- What am I supposed to say to that? - Thank you? - Thank you.
- Catching up on paperwork, huh? Well, it's not all drills and thrills.
Your coach must appreciate the hell out of you.
It's a shame that he missed that last game.
He had a migraine.
Really? - Who are you? - I told you, I'm Kendall.
Who do you work for? Inside Sports Network.
I'm a researcher.
- No comment.
- Okay, forget Pete.
Derek? How's he feeling? This is where he tripped up last season.
I have work to do.
Pete, hey, it's me.
Just wanna give you a heads-up.
Make sure you watch Entertainment Tonight later.
I think you're gonna like what you see.
You took off.
Then you came back, told me I had a child.
Then you took off again.
We got back together maybe start to care again, then you kicked me to the kerb.
Then you get a job inside the arena.
I've got a chance again, but then you cut that one off.
- You know why.
- I'm fried! Sloane, you have fried me.
You've jerked me around like a yo-yo.
Even you being, it's just another jerk.
You won't be with me, but you won't let me go.
It's torture.
Let me go.
Sloane, just let me go.
Or are you just hell-bent on punishing me forever? Crap.
All of it.
This isn't why you spun out.
You may have been pissed off but you didn't start getting sloshed.
First time I heard about you getting sloppy was when Ahsha had to sit with you in your office.
What happened on that night that set you off? That picture of me.
Why did that photo upset you so much? I remembered her.
I remembered that girl.
She was so messed up.
Seeing her again, I just-- You just what? I felt bad.
Why? She was drowning.
And they let her.
You OD'd shortly after.
You wound up hospitalized.
You know, players, we get a fancy off-the-radar doctor.
You got a 911 call and you ended up waking up in an empty hospital room.
I freaked out.
I never came.
Winding up in that hospital is how I found out I was pregnant.
I let you drown and I did nothing.
Round three.
That's the container of Oxy you gave me.
I haven't thrown it out yet.
Really? How about this? Terrence? What the hell are you thinking using this stuff? - I'm injured.
- Injured how? You wouldn't have this stuff if it weren't for me.
For what I did.
Not a day goes by that I don't think about it.
That I don't hate myself for it.
I'm sorry, Terrence.
I am so, so sorry.
What a turnout.
Best housewarming party ever.
Raise y'all's glasses.
Here's to money.
And friendship and.
Oh, God, just drink.
We know you didn't do what you did because you were jealous.
Jelena gets under everyone's skin.
From time to time.
- Cheers.
- Oh, you girls.
Why aren't you dressed? We have the Devils party to get to.
- Everyone's gonna be there.
- Not in a party mood.
Look, this isn't about chips and dip.
This is first step.
Before the public can rally behind you you need to get back in good with the players.
You have no friends in the locker room.
You need them.
I'm your agent.
You need to listen to me if we're going to fix this.
You seem antsier than usual.
If I didn't know any better I'd think you have your own reasons to get to this party.
I maybe told someone I'd be there.
Who? Danny, the photographer's assistant from the shoot.
I don't wanna go to some party where people are hissing.
Especially if Ahsha's gonna be there.
She's the one who brought this whole thing on me.
That's an even bigger reason to go.
For PR's sake, you have to forgive her too and going to this party will only help you.
Forget it.
I don't think I've ever heard you apologise before.
For anything.
Guess I must think I screwed up pretty bad then.
I'm ready for one from you.
An apology? For what? It's no excuse but part of what pushed me was the secrets you kept.
You didn't tell me about the trade.
You didn't tell me about a lot of things.
You know I have trust issues, and yet still you did it.
I'm not a sidepiece, Terrence.
If you want some brainless chick to just clap at everything you do, I'm not the woman for you.
There are things that I don't tell you.
Things that don't go along with your plans for the future.
You wanna own this town.
You and me.
But I don't know if I'm gonna make it.
Baby, my leg is wrecked.
I need surgery.
But I will not sit out the rest of this season.
I can't.
This could be my only chance at a ring.
I'm jeopardising my entire career for just a chance at something.
And I know that flies in the face of every ambition that you have.
You would fight me forever.
Okay? Okay, I support you- If this is what you want.
Even if it could cost me everything I've ever wanted.
I want it for us.
So the Devils have been inspired by Jelena - and decided to publicly support me.
- And what about privately? Privately, I so much as sneeze wrong, I'm dancing at a theme park.
I've lost my taste for alcohol these days.
Finding Pete like that, is tough to get past.
Toughest thing to get past is him choosing alcohol over me.
I gave him an ultimatum and it didn't matter.
He chose alcohol over his own daughter.
For you to have given Pete an ultimatum it must have been more than a one-time thing.
I mean, he missed practice weeks ago.
He's been drinking this long? - Yes.
- Well, how could you--? How could you not have told me all this time that it got so bad that you had to give him an ultimatum? He's your boss.
You need to respect him, trust him.
I didn't want you to-- German covered for him that practice.
And covered for him in the game in Phoenix.
Did he know? I can't believe you'd trust German with this over me.
Raquel, have you seen--? I meant what I said.
If you wanna risk your career for a chance at a ring, I’ll support you- But you need to ditch the pills.
I can't do that.
You don't know that the Oxy helps you other than masking some pain.
- Jelena.
- Terrence.
I know you.
If you do get a ring, you'll always wonder if you would've gotten it without doping.
It'll taint the whole thing for you.
You may have to struggle a little bit without it, but you will struggle even more if you win with it.
All right.
All right.
I wasn't strong enough to save you.
I was always taken care of.
I didn't even know how to take care of anyone else.
Suddenly you were gone.
Why didn't you run after me? Sloane, I've made so many mistakes.
But not running after you when you left was the strongest thing I did for you.
So much wasted time.
So much damage I can't undo.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You've done more than you know.
What does she have on you? You know what this is? Olivia knew I'm undocumented.
- Undocumented, like-- - I have a fake social, like if the wrong person found out, I could be deported without Miguel.
Olivia had something on me that would have put me in jail for a long time.
She ask you to take her side against Oscar at the groundbreaking? I thought Olivia was smarter than that.
Why take her side? That's man's a cash cow.
Olivia wasn't smart dragging people into her drama but she wasn't wrong about Oscar.
He's not just shady, Kyle, he's a murderer.
- Come again? - I'm helping someone look into him and Mia.
- The dancer who jumped? - Kyle, she didn’t jump.
Sometimes she did things for Oscar.
He would have her wear a microphone so he had a record of it.
A microphone? So Pete was at practice today then? Oh, hey.
Guess what.
- How'd you hear about this party? - I have my sources.
Go party with them.
It's time for you to go.
This protective mode you're playing to, it's intense.
Like sexy intense.
Let's go.
Hey, have you guys seen Jude? The agent? No.
Do you have anything else? You look pretty.
Let's go.
While there's still a party to go to.
I'm sure Danny, the photographer's assistant, will be fine.
Sounds like you're jealous.
Really, Jude? What's next? You're gonna double-dog dare me to go? Do you not wanna go to the party or do you not want me to go? No one's stopping you.
If I did kiss you on purpose in that car, and I'm not saying I did, it's not because I was crazy.
It's not because I was going off of nothing.
You know what? Have it your way.
Danny is waiting.
You don't even know the guy.
I'm about to.
There you are.
- Shouldn't have run off.
- We're gonna talk shouldn't haves? How do you think I feel knowing you had this happen in your life and you go to a guy you used to be with? He happened to be the one who told me about Pete.
So what? I'm your boyfriend, not him.
That dude's your go-to because he's had experience.
I've never done this.
I deserve a chance.
It wasn't like that.
How many times did I ask you if you were okay? I mean, you said no more secrets.
You told German your secrets.
All of them.
Every one of them.
German's my go-to because he didn't throw coke in my purse.
And he didn't put me in jail.
- It was an accident.
- What wasn't an accident is you letting me be punished.
- You didn't have my back.
- I fixed everything.
Obviously you didn't.
I've tried, but I haven't trusted you since that night.
- And now I don't trust you.
- Yeah.
You know what, you can go to German all you want now.
I'm done.
Next time on Hit the Floor: This is everything you left at my place.
- Cut the bribery, cut to the chase.
- I want scoop on the breakup.
I need a plus one.
You free? Unless you're seeing someone.
What are we doing? - The ortho doctor.
- I don't wanna see him.
Because there's obviously a serious problem.
You have been a tricky girl to get alone this week.
I wish you hadn't come.