Hit The Floor (2013) s02e10 Episode Script


Previously on Hit The Floor: I let you drown.
Not running after you when you left - was the strongest thing I did.
- You've done more than you know.
You wouldn't have this stuff if it weren't for me.
I am so, so sorry.
If I did kiss you on purpose, it's not because I was going off of nothing.
He's a murderer.
Mia, remember her? She did things for Oscar.
He would have her wear a microphone.
- A microphone? - I didn't kill Olivia.
- He did it.
- You talking about Oscar? German's my go-to because he didn't throw coke in my purse.
And he didn't put me in jail.
- I haven't trusted you since.
- Now I don't trust you.
You can go to German all you want now.
I'm done.
- HEY- - HEY- I got your text.
This is everything you left at my place.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
Take care.
You too.
No, no, no.
We're in the playoffs.
I have so much work to do.
We both kind of do.
I don't care.
I'm never letting you go again.
Hey- It's different now.
I'm not going anywhere.
Got it.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
I have an appointment in San Diego with Joel Asako tomorrow.
- The ortho doctor.
- The best.
Can't even get five minutes with this guy.
- That's great.
- I don't wanna see him.
Why wouldn't you meet with him? Because there's obviously a serious problem.
You know there's a serious problem.
- He could have a solution.
- And I don't know if I wanna hear it.
I'll go with you.
You don't have to go through this stuff now.
You can shove it in a closet and deal with it when you're ready.
I knew he was wild.
L just I thought I was strong enough to handle it.
You were too strong to put up with it.
A player's life is filled with temptations.
Temptations some are unwilling or unable to ignore.
Hangers-on, late nights, drugs.
You knew? You knew and you didn't try to drag me away from him kicking and screaming.
Who are you, and what have you done with my mother? People can change.
I did.
So did Pete.
Ahsha, this may be the worst time to tell you this.
- You're hurting over Derek-- - You and Pete hooked up.
- Hooked up? - Well, am I right? I'm right.
We did not hook up.
We are trying again.
- For real? - For real.
I'm happy for you, and I'm happy for him too.
"Derek Roman's girl.
" - You okay? - It's not the picture.
It's the caption.
I don't even have a name.
Well, now's your chance to make one.
You have been a tricky girl to get alone this week.
Last on the floor, first off.
Every time I call, I get your voice mail.
I got a lot going on.
You know me.
And the reception in my apartment is atrocious.
I'll have another job for you in the next few days.
You might wanna get in touch with your cell phone company.
This opportunity, you're not gonna want it to go to voice mail.
So that's it? You seemed pretty satisfied a minute ago.
What are we doing? - We're having a good time.
- You've done this? Had a good time with a guy before? I've been with men.
And women.
And men and women.
It's not deep, Jude, because I don't make it deep.
I don't do relationships.
Funny because it seemed the minute you met Jelena - you were trying to lock her down.
- That was part of the plan.
Falling for her wasn't.
It makes you wonder if you're only here with me - because you can't be with her.
- That's why I don't do relationships.
I can't deal with conversations like this.
Only thing that matters is busting open the rift between Derek and Terrence.
We can keep having fun or not.
Up to you.
I had to tell Kyle.
She needed to know what she might be getting into.
I wish you would've talked to me.
I know you are friends.
- And no offense to Kyle.
- None taken.
Nice place, by the way.
- Did you have to tell her everything? - No.
She tried not to, but I can be pretty persuasive.
Having a hard time believing Oscar's done things y'all are saying.
I can't do another thing till I know.
We're looking for proof Oscar paid off the medical examiner.
- You won't find it.
- Why do you say that? The men Oscar does business with don't need money.
What they want, you can only buy with nature's credit card.
Mia said Oscar sent her to men.
Maybe that's how the ME was paid.
- How do you prove that? - Easy.
I go over and pay the ME a visit.
No, there's too much we don't know.
Too much that could go wrong.
We'll find another way.
Come sit.
We got tickets for the premiere.
After-party is supposed to be huge.
Mixologist, champagne fountain.
I'm not drinking anymore.
I'm guessing you're here to drop off the divorce papers.
Your lawyer already has them.
I just wanted to tell you in person.
Well, you didn't have to drive all the way out here for that.
I'm a big girl.
I really have a lotto do before the red carpet, so - I don't mean to be rude.
- Hey, I just-- I'll let you get to it.
Bye, Lionel.
Bye, Pete.
Go from there, right? Okay.
I'm off the clock tomorrow.
You're never off the clock.
There's a first time for everything.
That's unfortunate because, actually, I have to move rehearsal to tomorrow.
We never move rehearsal.
There's a first time for everything.
That dance may be the last of the season.
It needs to be epic.
Oh, it Will be.
Sloane, I didn't know you had this in you.
Maybe if you spent less time hunting photographs, you could learn a few things.
I'm sorry I put you through all that, Ahsha.
What you did-- It's what my morn did.
I just brought you two together.
And now, you're together.
- Again.
- Yeah, well, it's different this time.
We're not the old Pete and Sloane.
We're the new and improved models.
Derek and I, on the other hand, malfunctioned.
I heard.
Look, he may be my starter but you are my daughter.
So I'm Team Ahsha all the way.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'm new and improved too.
I've got plans.
Care to partake? - I'm good.
- Oh, you can't turn these down.
These aren't donuts, okay? These are cronuts.
Flaky croissant, lightly deep-fried deliciousness.
- Cut the bribery, cut to the chase.
- I want the scoop on the breakup.
Want a quote about my ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend? DerSha used to be GerSha.
That's interesting.
- Anything you care to share? - Yeah.
No comment.
You're leaving me with no choice.
I'm gonna have to pitch a segment about you.
Devils' dashing new assistant coach, one-third of DerSha love triangle.
- You wanna interview me? - Does Pete Davenport like the triangle offense? Fine.
Tomorrow, after work.
It's a date.
Well, not a "date" date.
Of course not.
You know the deal.
You'll dance a segment of a routine, the rest of us will vote.
This is a team decision as to who's gonna cover choreography this week.
Let's go.
- Go, Christine.
- Go, Christine.
Yeah! - Love it! - Go, Ahsha! Yeah! - All right.
- Yeah! Come on.
Yes! Good job, Ahsha.
And with that, I thought we could work wardrobe in.
- Who wants to perform Ahsha's dance? - Me.
Looks like you're gonna be choreographing a playoff game.
I need a plus-one for my premiere.
You free? What's up with you and Pete? He's already decked me.
- I'm not looking to start drama.
- It's not a problem.
Unless you're seeing someone.
I am seeing someone.
They won't care.
Don't seem to be the possessive type.
You said "they" twice.
You're playing the pronoun game.
My brother played the pronoun game.
Wound up married to a gay biker in Providence.
You're loving on a guy.
He's not a biker in Providence, but, yeah, it's a guy.
Oh, you have to take me to the premiere now.
You're tolerable, you're handsome.
You're not gonna try to get me into bed.
You're perfect.
I can't meet tonight.
I have something I need to do.
What's that? - Go to Olivia's.
- Police have been all through it.
But they didn't have the medical examiner's name.
We do.
Raquel, the proof we've been looking for connecting Oscar to the ME, proof we haven't been able to find, it could be in Olivia's personal papers.
- Be careful no one sees you.
- I'll go late, avoid neighbours.
You need to have surgery immediately.
I need time.
It could be a couple of days, maybe a month.
You don't have a month.
Because you didn't have surgery, you're not only risking your career you're risking life after your career.
Your ability to walk.
Treatment plan I've created will have you back on the court in six months.
- Today's surgery-- - There won't be a surgery.
We appreciate your time, but his mind is made up.
Look, you're the best ortho in the country.
Come up with a treatment plan that will take him through the postseason.
Once he's done, you can cut away.
I'll rework the treatment schedule.
Give me a few minutes, okay? Thank you.
When one of the girls gets injured, we cover them in the routines.
You need someone who can cover you on the court.
You need to tell Derek.
Hello? Sloane.
I wish you hadn't come.
You're in prison.
What are you doing here? They screwed up the search warrant on my car.
That shovel that Oscar planted was inadmissible.
They don't have anything else, can't hold me.
Why isn't this on the news? They're embarrassed, keeping it quiet.
They're gonna still try to pin this on me.
I'm not going back in that cage.
How did you know I was here? You're running.
Be easy for you to call the cops, let them know that I'm leaving.
- Chase-- - And if it was easy for me to push my own wife to her death, pushing you would be no problem.
I mean, I'd have to.
But I'm not a murderer.
Oscar is.
I don't know about Olivia but I know he killed Mia.
I've been looking into her death.
I know he's responsible, and you could help me prove it.
I need a connection between Oscar and the medical examiner who handled Mia's death.
Give that to me, I could take him down.
You'd like that, wouldn't you? I don't know anything about a medical examiner.
I have a storage unit with a bunch of stuff from the arena.
None of it looked like anything to me.
But it might mean something to you.
The old Chase would've stayed and dragged Oscar in front of every judge and jury.
No one will listen to me, Sloane.
He'd make sure of that.
How can he do that? You're Chase Vincent.
What does he have over you? I raped Mia.
That night, I thought-- It didn't matter what I thought.
That's what sent her running to Oscar.
And running from Oscar.
Always looking over her shoulder.
Never stopping.
Now, I'm gonna know what that feels like.
My leg's messed up.
- How bad? - Bad.
Does coach know? No one knows.
L 90'! you.
That was great.
Just be careful with the pop, and a pop.
Make sure that's sharp.
One more time, from the top.
Five, six, seven.
The routine is set.
So either you can get in line or you can sit this one out.
Yes, good job, guys.
All right.
Body double.
You mean I didn't have to do all that nudity myself? Now, I couldn't help but notice your date tonight is not Pete Davenport.
I never wear the same man to a premiere twice.
Chase Vincent's out? When? How? How does Pete feel about you doing a movie like this? I'm my own woman.
That's what this movie's about.
- Thank you so much.
- Thanks, Lionel, thank you.
I'm gonna get my lunch money stolen, aren't I? I went to high school here.
Then I taught PE here so you can't pitch a piece on me without including this place.
Start there.
How does a guy go from gym teacher one day to pro ball coach the next? I just had a dream and pushed to make it real.
If you wanna feed me platitude, buy me Chicken Soup for the Soul.
I'm not into sharing personal details.
That's how this interview thing works, but if you don't wanna do this, - that's cool.
- Okay.
How about this? I'll give you a straight answer for every basket you sink.
Game on.
All right.
In heels.
- Nice.
- That's right.
It wasn't that bad.
Don't worry about it.
- I didn't get that one part.
- I didn't get the whole movie.
Honestly, I'm all out of questions.
I might know everything about you.
- I don't know anything about you.
- What do you wanna know? - Do you have a boyfriend? - Not that I know of.
Inside Sports Network was never gonna do a story on me.
So this had to be about gossip, which I was never gonna give you.
I knew you wouldn't.
I could tell you weren't that kind of guy.
But this was never about gossip.
Derek, Terrence, come here.
You guys run that back! Run it again.
- Something I should know about? - What do you mean? It's dragging ass out there.
My back's a little stiff.
I mean, it's nothing serious.
- I was at my club.
- At your club? Sorry, coach.
All right, that's it! We're done! - Showers.
- We're good.
See the trainer.
Get some treatment.
Thanks for covering for me.
I told you, I got you.
It's a sold-out crowd here at Devils Arena as Los Angeles hosts Phoenix in the conference finals.
You Okay? Yeah.
I choreographed this dance.
If the announcer doesn't call us onto the floor in the next 30 seconds I'm gonna be throwing up instead of dancing it.
You got this way every time you choreographed in college.
The more nervous you were, the better the dance was.
Then, this should be the performance of my lifetime.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the conference finals.
And now, Devils Nation, put your hands together for your Los Angeles Devil Girls.
Devils Nation, let's hear it again for your Los Angeles Devil Girls.
What an exciting game here tonight, folks.
The Devils down by two with time running out.
Phoenix in-bounds the ball, dribbles to half-court.
- Watch the shooter! - Looking for a man to pass to.
Terrence Wall steals the ball.
A break down the lane with six seconds left.
Terrence dishes to Derek.
Roman shoots a three, and it is-- - Devils win! Devils win! - Yes! - Yes! - Devils are the conference champions.
- What an end to an exciting game.
- How about that, huh? Our boys pulled it off this season.
That closed up the show.
Champions! - Yeah, you did it! - You did it.
- You did it.
- We did it, as a team.
Your advice may be the reason the Devils are going to the finals.
Devils! Devils! Devils! - More games, more dances.
- Something was off with tonight's dance.
People loved it, but you weren't in it.
I didn't choreograph this.
I missed rehearsal.
- Because you were in San Diego? - Doesn't matter.
The rest of the dances will be mine.
Devils! Devils! Devils! Devils! Devils! Oscar, shouldn't you be celebrating at the Playground? I'll celebrate when we win the title.
I wanna thank you for coming back to the games, but I'm reassigning your seat.
You can't get much closer.
Unfortunately, I have nothing closer for you.
I've been at every game smiling at the cameras where you wanted me.
My movie opens this weekend.
I actually need to be there now.
That seat isn't gonna save your movie.
I've heard the buzz.
Smells like a bomb.
You've been chasing me all year.
- And now that I'm of no use to you-- - Hold on.
I never said that.
You have a movie about to flop.
You're freshly divorced.
- Pete told you? - It's public knowledge.
Unlike my recent divorce which I managed to keep nice and quiet.
But it doesn't mean the pain's not real.
You're hurting, I'm hurting.
Maybe we can make each other feel better.
I haven't been coy about how attractive I find you.
Pete's your friend.
Exactly, so we'd need to keep it private.
You may be interested to know secrets turn me on.
I'm not interested in what turns you on.
Or anything else about you.
You'll be back.
I tend to be right about these things.
So just get the cheque to table number five, and as soon as-- I'm sorry.
- Hey, I can't really talk.
- You don't have to talk.
I'm in Chase's storage unit, and I found a list of routing numbers, dollar amounts and dates.
The dates match every Devils game last season.
They're gambling winnings.
- We have him for corruption.
- All the police have to do is trace each number and they'll have Oscar's investors.
From there, it's one straight shot to the casinos.
It's not Mia's murder, but this will put Oscar behind bars.
We got him.
We need to meet.
- Where's Kyle? - No idea.
I've been calling her.
Going straight to voice mail.
I expected a medical examiner's office to be creepier.
Oh, if it's creepier you want, I'll give you a tour of the morgue.
I told you, you don't have to get me drunk to take advantage of me.
Honey, I would never do that.
You're something.
How come Oscar's never sent you to me before? Well, obviously, his last girl couldn't make it.
- What do you know about her? - She didn't know her place.
It's a shame what happened to her.
I don't make those calls.
I just clean up the messes.
Mia, that was a big mess.
Gotta give Oscar credit.
He knows his way around a blonde.
I mean, Mia was a good one.
But Olivia.
Oh, back in the day.
Back in the day, Olivia was the best.
Can't believe it.
You said you were gonna take us to the finals.
You did it.
- I'm not finished yet.
- You bet your ass you're not.
- I need to take this.
- You got it.
- Hello? - Hey.
It's Zaskin.
I wanted to call and thank you for that girl you sent over.
I ain't gonna lie.
She drank me under the table.
What girl? I must have misheard.
She's just a random girl.
You didn't say anything to someone you shouldn't have? What? No.
Hey, look, I gotta run.
You have a great night.
I called Michael.
He's flying in.
Mia warned me Oscar had reach into the police.
My goal, make sure this gets into the right hands.
There's more.
That's the mike I wore when I went to see the ME.
- When you what? - Before he passed out drunk the ME admitted he covered up Mia's murder.
He also acts nostalgic about another one of Oscar's girls.
Someone back when he was cutting his baby teeth in the coroner's office.
- Olivia.
- Olivia? I knew Olivia was ambitious, but I never thought she'd go that far.
Olivia knew Oscar had the ME in his back pocket.
That would've been a huge bomb to drop at the groundbreaking.
Kyle, if your voice is on here, we'd be outing you to Oscar.
That's why I edited myself out.
Olivia used to be one of Oscar's girls.
He had no problem killing Mia.
Clearly, Oscar could've killed Olivia too.
I've got parties I could be at.
What's so important? Chase Vincent's out of jail.
Police are working on rebuilding their case against him which means new digging.
- Think they might find out about us? - Olivia was blackmailing both of us.
The police will be double-checking every napkin she ever scribbled on.
I don't even have an alibi for the night she died.
Do you? No.
I don't.
Well, maybe we can help each other out.
I could be your alibi, you can be mine.
We'll figure out the details tomorrow.
Have fun.
- I didn't realise you were here.
- I was in the shower.
- Did you just get in? - Yeah.
I'm gonna jump in the shower.
Then we can celebrate that win.
- Who's bugging you so late? - It's always work.
Gotta go.
Oh, staying late.
Right, you and Derek broke up.
You have no place to go.
I'm right where I wanna be.
Shouldn't you be celebrating with Terrence? Don't worry.
We will be.
For a minute, thought someone might have you putting in extra hours.
One good routine doesn't make you a choreographer.
Though it makes you a megalomaniac.
The crowd loved the routine.
And the girls love dancing it.
There's a whole lot more where that came from.
I have a book of ideas on my mom's desk.
Do you want a new box of crayons or do you have some left? Deep down, I always thought I could never do what Jelena Howard does.
I'm not so sure I believe that anymore.
What you got for me? I'm about to take your career to a whole new level.
There's trouble in Devils' paradise.
I'm glad you're still here.
Do you have a minute? I wanted to talk to you about something.
Actually, I was just on my way out.
What can I help you with? Do you happen to know where Kyle went after the game? I do.
She went celebrating with some of the girls.
- Why? - No reason.
It's been so crazy gearing up for finals.
Speaking of, I have some questions about the upcoming performances.
Next time on Hit The Floor: - Where is it? - Evidence against Oscar? Need that? If someone was making trouble I might have to make trouble for them back.
When this is over, I'm gonna put my fist through the back of your head.
Derek! If you take away my alibi, I'm underwater.
Drown, bitch.
I never had a chance.
You haunted us like a ghost.
You're a deluded actress who's convinced this role is hers.