Hit The Floor (2013) s02e11 Episode Script

Sudden Death

- Previously on Hit the Floor: - What are we doing? Having a good time.
We can keep having fun or not.
Up to you.
- Thanks for covering for me.
- Told you, I got you.
I'm about to take your career to a new level.
I haven't been coy about how attractive I find you.
I'm not interested in what turns you on.
I'm in Chase's storage unit.
Found a list of routing numbers.
- Gambling winnings.
- Have him for corruption.
Mia was a good one.
But Olivia was the best.
That's the mike I wore to see the ME.
Oscar could have killed Olivia too.
No! - All of the bank records? - Gone.
What about the recording I made? Oscar came by.
I pulled him away for a second.
What if he? He asked me about you.
- What if he knows I went to the ME? - I covered for you.
No offense, but this stuff doesn't happen when I work by myself.
I gotta back away slowly from this.
Good luck with everything.
If Oscar comes after us, he could find out-- He won't.
The envelope was on my desk.
The only one connected to it is me.
I Will fix this.
But for now, I think it's best if none of us are seen together.
Be careful, Sloane.
- What is it? - Inside Sports Network got a source inside the Devils that says I'm playing injured.
You know what kind of target this puts on my back? Boston's gonna be all over me.
What source? The only people who knew were you, me and Derek.
Derek's got your back.
The person who doesn't is Zero.
I warned you about him.
Zero wants your seat at the table.
The less you play, the better his chances.
I don't know how he would have found out, but my money's on him.
I need that ring, Jelena.
You play a bunch of games all season.
But in the end, there's only one that matters.
Go big or go home.
Was there an earthquake I didn't feel? I was just rearranging things.
Onto the floor? I was moving a desk, and everything slid off.
Did you get a chance to look at my choreography book? - Not yet.
- I have new pages to add anyway.
I've been working overtime.
I wanna keep doing this.
I'm not the only one working overtime.
I saw Jelena in the locker room last night.
Jelena was here? Looks like my dance made a bigger impact than I thought.
Your medical examiner's gone.
No one has seen him since yesterday.
Neither has his wife.
Made a big withdrawal from their savings and disappeared.
I knew he opened his mouth.
Find him.
I need to know who this girl is that's sniffing around me.
I'm on it.
It's my captain.
No, what's going on? Who is this? All right, I'm heading in.
Chase Vincent was cleared of Olivia's murder.
- What did you say? - Her time of death was 10:26 p.
Her watch was smashed.
Around that time, he ran a light.
Traffic camera caught him, he had no idea.
Ticket just came in.
He couldn't have done it.
- You have an alibi? - Why would I need one? The department's reopening the case.
All Chase could ever talk about was you.
How you did it, how you forced him to sign the plea.
I'll do my best to push him off, but you should get your house in order and hope they find someone else.
--Game-changer heading into the finals.
With so much on the line having one of the Devils' star players Pretty nasty rumor about Terrence.
Not a rumor.
You did this.
What do you know? Well, let's just say the wall is coming down.
Get it? Wouldn't Derek be the better target? If Terrence really is injured, isn't Derek the bigger threat? I don't have anything on Derek.
--For the Devils organization.
More big news out of Los Angeles.
This one involving Chase Vincent, who's out of jail and in the clear.
Footage of Chase Vincent has surfaced from a traffic camera at the time of Olivia Vincent's murder.
With Mr.
Vincent no longer a suspect, police are reopening their investigation to find her killer.
His lawyer says Chase isn't making a statement.
He doesn't want anyone knowing where he is.
Do they have any other leads? It doesn't say.
I hope they catch whoever did it.
Yeah, me too.
I got your message.
Have a seat, dear.
It's come to my attention that a young woman has become quite interested in my business.
You'll forgive me if the first young woman that came to mind was you.
Well, I don't blame you, but unfortunately, I also can't help you.
You know when you're sitting on something and you don't know what you're sitting on until suddenly you do? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.
Olivia was getting really mouthy before she died so I had her followed.
Turns out she met with some people right before she was killed.
Including you.
By your reaction, clearly, you were hoping to keep it a secret.
I don't know what you discussed but I'm told your exchange got particularly heated.
I didn't think much of it until Chase was exonerated for her murder.
Now this information becomes a little more interesting to me.
And maybe to you too.
If I thought someone was making trouble for me.
I might have to make trouble for them right back.
Oscar, you have nothing to worry about from me.
"Ecstasy's failure at the box office has led the studio to put their next two movies with Lionel Davenport on ice.
" Well, this is a nightmare.
What's the matter? Not interesting enough for you? Sorry.
It's Oscar.
- What about him? - He called me this morning.
Said he thinks there might be a woman targeting him.
- So? - So I know there is.
I made a deal to stop it.
At least I thought I did.
So tell him.
- If I did, it would be bad for me.
- How bad? - Prison bad.
- Jude.
I can't let him be taken down, Lionel.
He's my father.
He is a sperm donor.
I need to go think.
I'm sorry.
It's interesting we're doing this here, Derek.
Players prefer doing these interviews at home.
Well, this is my house.
With Terrence rumored to be injured, that's a possibility, isn't it? If someone's gonna get the Devils' title, it's you.
Feel pressure? Absolutely.
Every time I step on the floor.
It's part of the job, I love it.
I love the Devils.
Your contract's up next year.
You're staying? You could not wait to ask that.
We're starting to talk.
I don't comment on that kind of stuff.
Hey, boss.
Figured I'd get in a little extra practice.
Maybe get you a fancy banner for the new arena.
You'll have to wait for Derek to finish his interview.
Thanks to Terrence's injury there may be a new king on the throne.
You had a job for me? Convince me you're still my girl.
You don't need convincing.
Had a lot on my plate, but I'm where I need to be.
So, what can I do for you? I'm about to enter some rather tricky negotiations.
I need to make sure they go my way.
This particular gentleman enjoys a party.
I want you to throw him one.
And I want you to get it on tape.
- What kind of party? - Party he'd never want anyone to see.
With however many illegal substances this will afford you.
Who's the guest of honor? Derek Roman.
Hey- What if I can't bring it home, Sloane? Don't think like that.
Look how far you've come.
I know I should be happy that the Devils made it to the finals.
I'm not talking about the season, Pete.
I'm talking about life.
Twenty years ago, you couldn't take care of anybody.
Now, you're responsible for an entire team.
You're there for Ahsha, for me.
I'm so proud of you.
That means a lot to me.
Sometimes, you think you have all the time in the world.
But you don't.
Time goes by so fast.
It's so precious.
There are things you wanna say.
And we haven't said this and I need to say this.
I love you.
Sloane, I've never loved anyone the way I love you.
- I think coach is letting you play.
- Yeah.
I promised I'd see the doctor after the final.
That was a tense practice.
- Zero took off.
- Should've let you kill him at the roast.
What did he do now? Jelena thinks he's the one who leaked my injury.
And I think so too.
Why would he do that? He wants to take over the team.
He told J that straight up.
He's been trying to separate me and you since his first day in L.
Somehow he heard that we weren't getting along so great.
Big game tomorrow.
I bet Derek had a lot to say about it.
Congratulations on getting that interview.
It's just interesting how Inside Sports Network broke the story about Terrence.
Now you're here interviewing players.
Are you upset I got a promotion? Depends.
Did you screw over Terrence to get it? Come on, German.
I work for Inside Sports Network, not the Devils.
How do you think people here would feel if they knew? I can't control if someone comes with information.
It makes it a lot easier for someone to do that when you're here all the time.
I'm here all the time because of you.
I'll see you when you get back from Boston.
Let's get dinner, celebrate your win.
- Derek, hey.
- You and Zero.
- What? - What did you promise him? He signed a 30 million-- He's been playing me and Terrence against each other since day one.
Why would he? The only ones who knew how bad things were between me and T were me, T, and you.
- Derek.
- You went from a desk jockey to his agent.
From a bus pass to tooling around in brand-new Porsches with his name on the pink slip.
- I'm good at my job.
- Deny it again.
Does he know about the coke? No.
Derek, come on.
We need each other.
You're my alibi for Olivia.
I'm yours.
- Screw that.
- Derek! I'm dealing with something right now.
If you take away my alibi on top of that, I'm underwater.
Drown, bitch.
Ahsha? - Surprise.
- What are you doing in Boston? You think we'd let you guys go it alone? We're taking it to the streets.
Infiltrating enemy territory.
We'll probably get stoned, but we'll look hot.
- Why are you laughing? - No, it's cool.
It's just-- It's kind of weird hearing you call Boston enemy territory.
- Last time you and I were here-- - BC was scouting you.
Remember we went to the wharf and ordered lobster? We thought we were so fancy.
Now we're back.
You're a coach, I'm a dancer.
Which I've gotta go be right now.
Good luck.
You too.
Here we come.
Hey, Chuck, get a load of this.
Boston wins on their home court, 103 to 99.
Game seven, Los Angeles.
- You barely played me.
- You're lucky I played you at all.
- You're injured.
- We have one game left.
- Play me at 100 percent.
- You know the risk.
- So the hell what? - If that's what Terrence wants, let him.
Yeah, me too.
You want 100 percent? I'll play you 100 percent.
Ice the leg.
Win or lose, when this is over I'm gonna put my fist through the back of your blond head.
Jelena, it's Sloane.
See me when you get back.
Lionel? I don't understand.
You don't understand what? You and Pete.
You were years ago.
He told me that.
You told me that.
There you both are telling each other how much you loved each other.
I saw you.
I was standing outside of his door, and I saw you.
Whatever conversation you wanna have, you need to have it with Pete.
When we first got together, I didn't even know that you existed.
I-- Then I started hearing things, stories.
More and more.
And I asked him.
I said, "Who's Sloane Hayes? Did you love her? Do you still love her?" He told me no.
He'd laugh.
"You're being paranoid, Lionel.
" So I started telling myself that.
I said, "You're being paranoid, Lionel.
" - Lionel.
- I never had a chance.
You haunted us like a ghost.
I think you should go.
DO you? You think I should go.
Lionel, I have way too much going on right now to participate in whatever this is.
My God, you're smug.
And you're obviously having some kind of breakdown.
I will not be pulled into it.
We all made choices.
You chose to enable a man so he'd stay.
Ply him with alcohol so he'd need you.
If you wanna dissect your situation, start with that.
Don't you dare.
If I never existed, you still wouldn't be with Pete.
I'm an excuse.
You're a home wrecker.
You're a deluded actress who's convinced herself this role is hers.
Hate's a strong word.
And I hate you, Sloane Hayes.
I hate you.
Oscar, have a second? I agonized over this but I finally decided I have to tell you something.
Something I've known about for a while and I should have told you sooner.
No matter what it costs me.
I know.
You do? Before the groundbreaking, I had Olivia Vincent followed.
I know she met with you.
I assume she was holding something over you trying to get you to turn against me.
Yeah, but I never would have.
The thing is, with Chase exonerated anyone Olivia threatened becomes a suspect in her murder.
You think I killed Olivia? I don't really know you, Jude.
So I had you checked out.
And now I know what she threatened you with.
Your neighbour says you have a regular visitor.
A gentleman.
Apparently your walls are thin, and the two of you are rather loud.
If you thought confessing your secret gay life was going to bond us, then you know me about as well as I know you.
Your mother was a simple woman who knew her limitations.
She was too small for the big life I was making so she gave up and moved on.
You've been trying to take after me.
You should try to take after her.
You will never have my approval.
Dad, I-- I don't have a son.
I assume that's all you came to say.
That's all.
Hey- I heard the music.
Well, if you're gonna watch, you might as well have the best seat in the house.
I should go.
There's someone I'm supposed to meet.
Yeah, okay.
- HEY- - HEY- Sorry you guys lost in Boston.
- It was a close one.
- Yeah.
Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been by the Playground lately.
I stopped drinking.
That's great.
Sure that's why you stopped coming by? Truthfully, I didn't know what to say to you after you broke up with me.
I feel bad for any trouble I caused you.
It's all in the past now.
I've been dealing with a lot more since then.
Anything I can do? I Wish.
I-- The only thing that could help me now is-- Will you marry me? Really? Under the Jumbotron? - A little theatrical, don't you think? - Where is it? You mean your evidence against Oscar? Did you need that? I need you to give it to me.
I wish you'd asked me sooner.
I don't have it anymore.
I gave it away.
You-- You-- You stupid girl.
Do you realise what you've done? Actually, I do.
Aren't you supposed to be meeting someone? I cancelled.
Hey, Derek.
Hey, Ahsha around? Actually, she's not.
I sent you that text.
I wanted to make sure you'd come.
Ahsha's at the arena working on her choreography.
That gives us time alone.
Alone for what? I like you, Derek.
I can't do what Oscar's asked me to do.
What did Oscar ask you to do? Make a movie.
Starring you, me and a straw.
You have contract negotiations coming up.
He wants to make sure you stay put.
- That's crazy.
- That's Oscar.
- I'm gonna go talk to him.
- I didn't tell you so you can go blabbing to him.
It wouldn't make a difference anyway.
If Oscar wants something from you, he'll get it.
You got yourself a problem, Derek Roman.
You're on Oscar Kinkade's radar.
And so am I.
He's testing me, and I can't afford to fail.
Look, I got a lot on my plate right now.
- I'm cool if I just keep my hands clean.
- But they're not.
This isn't the first time someone's tried to blackmail you.
I was in her house.
I saw your name on the same red envelope I got.
I'm guessing whatever Olivia had on you didn't go away just because she did.
If I help you get around this tape, maybe there's something - you could help me with.
- What? I don't have an alibi for the night she died.
Now you do.
I have a plan that will get Oscar off both of our backs.
But it means one of us will have to leave L.
That evidence proved Oscar had Mia killed.
You'd rather profit off her death than see him pay for what he did? You were digging into Oscar the entire time.
You had some other reason for being here.
It certainly wasn't talent or knack for the job.
/Tell me you did not give it to Oscar.
Oh, honey.
Months of sneaking around, and look at you.
You're spun out.
Never should've started playing this game if you couldn't stomach it.
This is not a game, Jelena.
You're playing with people's lives.
Who did you give it to? Lionel.
You predicted my movie would bomb.
And it did.
So I'm gonna make a little prediction for you.
Thirty years.
Three sentences.
And that will just be for that poor dancer's death.
Never mind the cover-up.
Or the fraud.
I knew someone was poking into my business.
You, I was not expecting.
You need to be a better judge of character.
There's more going on under your nose than you realise.
Oscar, you have a problem.
As luck would have it, I have the exact same problem.
And together, we're gonna make it go away.
"L don't have a son.
" That's how he said it.
Just like that.
Like nothing.
I keep reaching out to people.
To you, Oscar.
Just once I want someone to reach back.
You heard my conversation with Derek about the coke.
You could have used it to hurt him, but you didn't.
Because it would hurt me.
Don't make a thing out of it.
My folks gave me up to foster parents who collected kids to collect the cheques.
You think I came up with Zero? That's what they called me.
I kept it.
I showed them how big Zero could be.
What's your real name? I'm telling you this for a reason.
Just because people are supposed to care about you doesn't mean that they will.
The sooner you forget about Oscar, the better-off you'll be.
You have no idea what I've done for that man.
Next on the season finale of Hit the Floor: The cop asked me.
I said I was with you.
Where were you the night she was murdered? What you care about is the win.
If you want your life back, you need MVP.
I hope that whoever did kill Olivia, the punishment fits the crime.
I was wondering, tell me where you were at 10:26.
You making an arrest? I'll explain.
I'll explain everything.