Hit The Floor (2013) s02e12 Episode Script

Winner Takes All

1 Previously on Hit the Floor: Olivia had something that would've put me in jail.
I'm undocumented.
If the wrong person found out, I could be deported.
She knew about the oxymetholone, and that you tested positive.
- That I gave it to you.
- She knew about the coke.
- She knew I got it for you.
- I could've been banned.
She wanted you to back her up at the groundbreaking? - Aren't you meeting someone? - I cancelled.
- I don't need a ticket, I have a Devil.
- Mom? - What's Oscar asked you to do? - Make a movie.
You, me and a straw.
If you thought confessing your secret gay life was going to bond-- - Dad, I-- - I don't have a son.
And I've never loved anyone the way I love you.
I hate you, Sloane Hayes.
I found routing numbers, amounts and dates.
They're gambling winnings.
- We have him for corruption.
- The mike I wore to see the ME.
Olivia knew Oscar had the ME in his back pocket.
Oscar could've killed Olivia too.
You were digging into Oscar.
That evidence proved Oscar had Mia killed.
Who did you give it to? Oscar, you have a problem.
I have the same problem.
And together, we're gonna make it go away.
You scared me.
Did you think I was Oscar? I talked to Raquel.
When an otherwise sane woman drops a marriage proposal on you, - you ask questions.
- I was gonna tell you but you were going through so much-- He's scum.
To rig a season? To do what he did to that girl? I don't care what it costs us.
- He is not gonna get away with that.
- No.
There's too many people he can come after, I can't add you too.
I won't.
I'm not gonna sit around and let this thing play out.
I'm gonna help you.
Jude Kinkade? I'm Detective Ray Harris.
May I come in? - I'm actually running late.
- This should just take a second.
I was wondering if you could tell me where you were at 10:26 the night Olivia Vincent died.
Why are you asking me? ls this official police business? It is and it isn't.
Since Chase Vincent's been cleared I'm talking to anyone who has ties with Devils management.
I was on the arena floor.
Alone? That late at night? I go sometimes to clear my head.
By myself.
But Oscar wasn't giving you that kind of access to the arena.
I'd sneak in.
It sounds crazy, I know.
I have to finish getting ready for work.
Good luck.
- HEY- - HEY- So last night.
Last night.
What does it mean? For us? If there is an us.
I never got over you, Ahsha.
I've been thinking about you.
How we used to be.
When we were together, I just I felt safe.
I'd try again with you.
I would.
But only if you were 100 percent sure that's what you wanted too.
I couldn't survive another break-up with you.
I've been through more in these last few months than I've shown you.
Than I've shown anybody.
I would never wanna hurt you again.
Think about it.
Really think.
And if you decide you don't want it, that's okay.
But if you do, I guess that's okay too.
Were you and Miss Vincent close? Olivia wasn't close to anyone.
She burned a lot of bridges.
You fired her.
Oscar fired her.
I was simply the messenger.
Messengers have a habit of getting shot.
Meaning? Where were you at 10:26 the night she was murdered? Sleeping- Alone? I wish I could stay and help you, but I have a rehearsal to run.
I hope that whoever did kill Olivia, that the punishment fits the crime.
Ladies, we are a game away from a title.
The stakes are high.
The audience will be huge.
This is the most ambitious routine the Devil Girls have ever performed.
Any waking moment should be spent making sure it is flawless.
Hit the showers.
You should leave everything on that court.
Never know when it'll be your last time dancing on it.
- Can I tell you a secret? - Do I have a choice? That's how I dance every routine.
Like it's my last.
Thanks to you.
It's made me sharp.
And people have noticed.
Maybe enough to keep me around no matter what you want.
You could stand to dance like it's your last time too.
Everyone retires eventually.
You close any of those endorsement deals? - Negotiations are taking forever.
- You're still in PR jail.
Gonna take more than possibility of a championship to push the boulder up the hill.
Gonna take more than a ring.
If you want your life back, you need MVP.
You're wound up tight.
Even for you.
Something happen today? Delivery.
Is this a joke? - What is it? - A wedding invitation.
From Lionel and Oscar.
"You're my man of honor.
Look sharp.
" "Oscar Kinkade and Lionel Davenport request the honor of your presence"? It just gets worse.
What is he thinking? What is she thinking? Lionel loves the spotlight.
It's fading because her movie tanked.
She's gonna get it somewhere else.
Oscar does not need to get married.
He swore the only way he'd get married again was at gunpoint.
This whole thing smells rotten.
What if, instead of a gun Lionel has something else that could hurt Oscar? What if she has my evidence? I don't know what is going on, but I'm not gonna be a part of this.
I am.
This wedding is at Oscar's house.
If Lionel has my evidence, it could be there.
- I'm not letting you go alone.
- Good.
Because I'm gonna need your help to get it.
So this is what blood money looks like.
Blood money and a good decorator.
Help yourselves to pre-cocktails.
The ceremony will start shortly.
- Which side, bride or groom? - Groom.
You're sweating through your suit.
The last time I was here, I was being disowned.
Now you're here as Lionel's special guest.
So special I haven't even spoken to her yet.
I'm a big fan.
I'm a big fan of yours too.
Can I take your coat? It's a suit.
Or anything else? He has crabs.
Excuse me.
Thank you, Peter, for being so understanding about Lionel.
You've got great taste, what can I say? Lionel and I are ancient history.
I'm with Sloane now.
She's the only person I care about.
- Coach.
- Hey, D.
- Hey, you got a second? - Yeah, sure.
Excuse me.
I hate to bother you with this here, but I've got a big problem.
- What's wrong? - Now, I love playing for you.
I love L.
But I can't be anywhere that isn't healthy for me.
What isn't healthy for you here? The dancer.
She showed up at my place trying to get with me.
She's a beautiful girl.
I've looked the other way once before when you wanted the pleasure of a dancer's company.
She tried to get me to do coke.
On camera.
L-- It felt like a setup.
I don't know what she's after, but she needs to go.
Thank you for telling me, Derek.
Okay, I'm sure.
I talked to Oscar.
Better that Oscar be pissed that I got caught doing what he told me to do.
Than refusing to do it.
Now I just have to wait to be fired.
Why not just quit? Stay in L.
? The only way Oscar will let me be is if he's the one doing the letting.
I hate leaving.
There are still so many stupid guys left in L.
I'm sorry.
At least he'll back off you for now.
Knows you're on the lookout for anything suspicious.
So I kept up my side of our deal.
A cop asked me about the night.
I said I was with you.
I talked to the same cop, said the same thing.
We were together in the trainer's room.
I said the weight room.
That's almost the same thing.
- What do you want, Pete? - I wanna talk.
- What are you doing? - I have one bomb under my belt and three other movies lined up, all mysteriously ground to a halt.
- I'm grabbing the reins.
- This isn't grabbing the reins, Lionel.
This is self-sabotage.
There isn't a word big enough to describe how big a mistake you are making.
Maybe I put myself on the edge of a cliff so someone would have to come save me.
Like I've always saved them.
I'm sorry, Lionel, but I cannot save you from this one.
Well, then, the Wedding's about to start.
Tomorrow's the big day.
Are you ready? Yeah.
My phone is blowing up.
Interviews, sponsors.
They're all over me.
It's literally like next-level stuff.
I know what you really care about is the win.
You've been dreaming about that moment since you were a little kid.
I want that for you.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
This is messed up.
You realise that, right? The fact that this is the first conversation we're having about this is a sign of how messed up this is.
What the hell are you thinking? This is an awfully short aisle.
You have a beautiful bride.
Sometimes when someone asks you to marry them, you just can't say no.
You look dapper too.
I'm sorry about not signing a prenup.
My pen just ran out of ink.
Of course.
Do you know what you're getting yourself into? I do.
Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony.
Michael Russell told me you were the one I can trust.
You were vague on the phone.
What is this? Just listen.
And be careful who you trust with it.
Here we are in game seven of the finals and everything is on the line.
Devils get the ball first.
Terrence puts a nice move on and drives in.
A good layup.
Devils are on the board first tonight.
Not too tight! Match up! - You all right? - I'm good.
I'm good.
Defense! Coming to the end of the first half, Boston is ahead by 4 points.
Oh, Zero steals the ball.
Passes to Fahie.
Fahie back to Zero.
Nice layup by Zero.
Puts them within 2 points at the half.
That's what I'm talking about! Maybe Zero can do it for the Devils this year.
Ladies and gentlemen, for the last time on the floor this season, the Devil Girls! It's the fourth quarter of this physical game and both teams are fighting hard.
Boston has the ball.
Shooting for 3.
Nothing but net! Go, do it! Seconds left to score.
Time running out.
Derek to Terrence.
Terrence with a nice move.
Scores! He scores.
He puts them into overtime! Hang on, hang on, Terrence is down.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Medic! Hey, hey, hey, T, relax.
Just relax.
Relax, just don't move.
Just don't move.
Step back, please.
Just breathe, man.
It's okay, it's okay.
- Don't even-- Don't even look at it.
- Hey.
Hey, hey.
You made it, all right? That was a hell of a shot.
Here we go, here we go.
- Ready? - Okay.
- Okay.
- You're all right.
You guys need a hand? Terrence.
Terrence, I'm right here.
I'm gonna come with you to the hospital.
After the game.
- What? - I need to know how it ends.
Boston's still ahead by one point in these brutal final moments of this heartbreaking game.
Yeah, Boston is taking advantage of Terrence Wall's injury.
Boston to inbound the ball.
Derek steals the ball! Dribbles to the top of the key.
He's calling the play.
- Looks like Zero's open.
- I’m open.
I'm open! Roman's going in for the shot.
Going for the win! Derek wins for the Devils! The Devils win the championship! Los Angeles has the title, and the home crowd is going crazy.
Derek Roman has definitely come through - for his injured friend Terrence Wall.
- That's our MVP right there.
Hey- Yes! Baby.
So how about we celebrate tonight, just you and me, what do you think? Look, it's the MVP.
I mean, not just for this game.
The entire season.
He's been there all season long.
It's a team effort but, still, sometimes you have a superstar.
Derek Roman's a superstar.
Are you making an arrest? Yes, we are.
Oscar Kinkade.
You're under arrest for the murder of Mia Sertner.
Evidence got into the wrong hands.
Nothing I could do.
Evidence from who? Sloane Hayes.
You have no idea what you've done.
Folks, give us-- I warned you about hiring her.
I'll call your lawyer.
Don't worry.
Come on, I'll explain everything.
Sorry, sorry.
- Coach Pete? - Coach.
How'd he find out I gave that to you? You realise what this does to me? I don't know how this happened.
But I can assure you Oscar will be going to jail, and you will be protected.
There's no protection from Oscar Kinkade.
- Where is everyone? - The team owner getting arrested for murder is apparently a bit of a party foul.
His VIP section was hit especially hard.
He married Oscar and Lionel.
When he said, "Till death do us part," he should have been more specific.
Been a minute since we've been able to talk in public.
Now that Oscar's been carted off, I don't have to be.
Isn't life great? My problem hasn't gone away.
It's gonna hang over me forever.
- Will you marry me? - What? Would solve your problem, wouldn't it? It's legal in California.
I'm only asking once.
I promise to cheat on you.
A lot.
And I promise to not let you anywhere near my child.
- So? - Kyle, this is crazy.
Isn't it? - I do.
- I do too.
And none of that.
Sloane, what did you give to the police? Just what did you give? This is a PR disaster.
One I didn't sign up for when I married Oscar but as co-owner of the team I am now responsible for it in his absence.
He had his choice of a proxy.
He chose me.
Okay, then, if you'll excuse me, gentlemen, I'd love to have a word with Miss Hayes.
Thank you for being so cooperative, Sloane.
For coming to a wedding you shouldn't have been invited to for stealing a microphone I couldn't have hidden in plainer sight.
And for getting rid of Oscar.
For who knows how long.
I know Jelena gave you the evidence, and that idea.
She's smart.
I am too.
Smart enough to recognise a good deal when I see it.
I run point, I shift the heat onto you, I get half the team.
And what does she get? I do apologise for not being able to give you those financial records.
If those had been turned over to the cops I would've been frozen out by the courts.
This way, Oscar rots in jail for murder, like he deserves and I get to stay behind and keep his seat warm.
Well, you can keep his seat warm by yourself.
I quit.
Actually, you can't.
Oscar's not very happy with you.
I did tell him he's not allowed to retaliate in any way as long as you're still working for the organization.
If you quit, well, I can't say that something bad would happen to you but I can't say that it wouldn't.
It's ironic, isn't it? The one place you felt unsafe 22 years ago is the only place you feel safe today.
Why would you want me here? Thank Jelena for that.
If it were up to me, I would let Oscar devour you.
You'll find out just how tricky doing business with Jelena can be.
You should really be more grateful.
Not only did she make sure a murderer went away, she made sure you were protected.
Not without a price, though.
What are you talking about? You're right.
There was something in it for her.
Ring number two.
I didn't come here to be some schmuck on a team.
I came here to be the star.
That's what you promised me.
Instead, I lost everything.
You can't blame me for that.
You were the one who got caught with your pants down.
On more than one occasion.
You angry about that girl I flirted with at the wedding? What makes you think that? I lied to everyone else but you.
I told you I don't do relationships.
You don't do relationships with guys.
I do.
You know how I know? Because I want one, with you.
After the game, all I wanted to do was kiss you.
And what would you have done? You would've freaked.
Not because people would think you're gay or bi or.
Whatever you are.
Because they would've seen an ounce of anything real from you.
You're so full of crap.
One disguise after another.
You're buried so deep in there, you don't even know yourself.
You just figured out you're gay or whatever-- - Not or whatever.
- And you're coming down on me? You're right.
I'm sorry.
I'm mad.
Mad at myself, mad at this situation.
Mad that I need something from you, mad that I can't get it.
Most of all.
I'm mad that there's nothing I can do about any of it.
Where are you going? You're my agent.
I'm done settling for percentages.
Percentages of my father, percentages of you.
I want it all.
And I can't stick around waiting for it.
What? That's my name.
I would love to take Gideon on a date.
To a public place.
And listen to him tell me exactly who he is.
If you want that, give me a call sometime.
I've been looking for you.
It's been Now I know why you started working here.
I'm sorry for giving you such a hard time about it.
I don't blame you at all.
I'm so proud of you.
You're a badass for what you did.
It came at a cost.
Something I have to do that is cruel.
That I'd give anything not to have to do.
Because of how things went down, other people are in charge now, and.
And now what? Ahsha, I'm sorry.
- You're fired.
- Fired? I wish there was another way-- I wish I could-- Jelena.
You did it.
You took them into overtime.
You won.
It's time.
Please don't go anywhere.
I promise.
I'll be right here.
You've got this.
Keeping me in the arena is the biggest mistake Jelena will ever make.
Thank you.
That was the lieutenant I gave the recording to.
They're not just charging Oscar for Mia's murder, they're going after him for Olivia too.
- He confessed to killing Olivia? - He would never.
Not stopping them from building a case against him, though.
He killed Olivia to shut her up about Mia.
Who else could have done it? - I love this place.
- I know.
Who are these guys? Derek Roman.
Hail the conquering hero, huh? What a buzzer-beater.
That's the app.
Or Derek Roman's Buzzer-Beater.
It can be played anywhere, anytime.
Like "Candy Crush.
" Hey, Derek Roman isn't just about basketball.
He's about strength, power, just like my all-season tyre.
Thought this was just gonna be us.
Look,baby, we gotta strike while this iron's hot.
I just had the biggest night of my life and I chose to spend it with you.
- Not a bunch of parasites in suits.
- Wait a minute.
What is wrong? You're wrong.
We're-- We're wrong.
I just had the moment of my life.
All you care about is how you can make money off of it.
Not money for me, money for you.
- That's all I am to you, is dollar signs.
- That is not true.
All I'd do is kept giving it to you.
More and more to keep you coming back.
More-- More money, more things.
You don't love me.
You never have, you never will.
Derek, you are hurting my feelings.
You don't have feelings.
Someone did, a great girl who loved me.
And I screwed it up.
I screwed it up because I didn't think I deserved her.
I know I do.
I might be messed up in the head, I might make a million mistakes, but I deserve her.
Who I don't deserve is you.
Good bye.
Derek! - Want me to get it? - Yeah.
Hey, coach.
What are you doing here? I was hoping to see Ahsha.
She's not here.
You know, I let her go too easy.
I wanna fight for her.
- I wouldn't get in your way.
- Good.
I mean, you're scarier than he is.
You put Oscar away.
I'm just glad he didn't get away with it.
Can you imagine, getting away with murder? Adrenaline.
On this court, you can have it all.
When you dance here, the feeling is indescribable.
And addictive.
Winning a spot on this floor is hard.
Keeping it, well, that's a whole lot harder.
One wrong move and you could lose it all.
Ahsha, I keep getting your mail.
This protective mode you fly into, it's intense.
I've been through more in these last few months than I've shown you.
Than I've shown anybody.
Some girls learn that the hard way.
And those girls, they have to bounce.