Hit The Floor (2013) s03e08 Episode Script


previously on "hit the floor" Something came up in my physical.
I have to see a doctor tomorrow.
It's my heart.
What's wrong? Raquel?! The only evidence they have Is from a medical examiner who skipped town.
Help me find him.
Clear my name.
A mother wouldn't have let her daughter Live in a house with a violent man, No matter how much she loved him! I felt bad 'cause you didn't have a father.
You didn't have a mother either.
I do want kids.
If you are ever gonna know, You need to face it.
I'm talking about your father.
This is sloane's life.
We both know she didn't murder anyone.
You're gonna have to make a statement.
Saying what? Either help her or bury her.
Is there bad blood since she started The forced sale to begin with? She what? I hope she fries.
Do you know more about olivia's death Than you're letting on? Yes.
Please trust me.
Trust you?! German, my mom's been charged with olivia's murder.
You can't hide from this anymore.
German? Sloane hayes didn't kill olivia.
I did.
let's go.
You have the right to remain silent How long have you known? You knew? Yes, but i never thought-- He really did it? He found out olivia was threatening her.
Or wanted to.
What did olivia have over you? This is the last time i'm asking.
I didn't win all-star over jelena.
Olivia fixed it for me.
Jelena was going to win again and i just Ahsha.
Why didn't you tell any of us? Because of how you're all looking at me Right now.
I don't blame you.
Ahsha hayes is a good girl.
Ahsha hayes doesn't do stuff like this Except i did.
I tried to use who my father was to help me win all-star, And when that didn't work, i stole it.
Those were my decisions.
German was trying to protect me And now his life's ruined.
Late last night.
Vega's confession has rocked devils nation With olivia vincent's killer Inside devils arena the whole time.
This is horrible.
Maybe mainline coverage isn't the best idea Given your condition.
Kyle For the millionth time, i'm fine.
Even the doctor said so.
The doctor didn't watch you to take a gold-medal dive Onto the kitchen floor.
I misjudged my medication, that's all.
Haven't you ever made a mistake? You must have other things to focus on.
Actually, i do.
Thanks to lionel catapulting jelena out of the arena And german, well Ahsha's first move as captain was putting me In charge of today's dance.
Had the devil girls ever worn nipple tassels? Ha-ha.
You can come see for yourself.
If you're feeling up to it.
Of course, i'll be there.
I'm fine, kyle.
Say it back.
You're fine.
I know you're doing this for us.
If you need me to come in with you I need to do this alone.
I'm right outside if you need me.
My little girl.
All grown up.
How do you feel about this turn in The olivia vincent murder case? I'm grateful to be cleared of all charges But my thoughts are with german.
I just hope he's treated fairly.
And is it strange returning to work For lionel davenport, A woman who publicly said she'd hope you'd fry? When i was charged, there were questions about my innocence.
It's hard to judge someone When you're not in their position.
But i judge lionel.
She was irresponsible.
And hopefully everyone, including the league, Will see her for who she really is.
We've learned that vega's refusing To provide a motive.
This is a man who could serve 25 years to life In a maximum-security prison.
The fact that he won't say anything, To me, says everything.
This person's making it sound like german's A cold-blooded killer.
Why won't he defend himself? He He might just need time.
He's about to get a lot of it.
I have to do something.
Like what? The only thing i can do-- Try to talk some sense into him.
I was gone one day and all hell breaks loose.
It's not my fault That my assistant coach murdered someone.
No, but did you have to tell the press You hope sloane fried for it? I was pushed.
Were you also pushed To kick terrence and jelena out of the arena? Fans are pissed.
Terrence and jelena flipped derek.
He's backing them with the league now.
And sloane instigated This whole forced sale to begin with, So, yes I was pushed.
I didn't know any of that.
Well, i didn't know you were getting Mani-pedis with oscar.
So if you wanna talk about smart I went to see him a few times.
The last time he asked me to track down The medical examiner from the recording, The one saying oscar had mia killed.
Did you? I did.
But oscar's case lives or dies by that recording.
If you could get to the me, He'd figure out some way to use him, to get out.
I wasn't going to risk that.
I'm as done with oscar as you are.
Look, terrence and jelena was one thing.
But what you said about sloane Lionel, you need to go out in front of the press And apologize to her.
I'd throw myself off The roof of this arena first.
If you don't fix this, there'll be plenty of People lining up to help you.
So i'm managing three buildings now.
Clocking 80 hours a week.
I'm surprised you were able to find the time To come to la.
Your mother worked out my schedule.
That woman can do anything she puts her mind to.
So this was her doing.
Well, she organized the trip, But I wanted to see you.
It's been too long.
Do you know why that might be? You've been busy.
You're famous now.
That's it? And you got engaged.
I did get engaged To a man who wants kids.
I'm not sure that i do.
It's a personal decision.
Why did you have one? Why does anyone? Some people can't take care of them.
Some people can't take care of themselves.
If you have a question, jelena-- I have a lot of questions.
How can a waitress just disappear? How can a man beat his wife? Your mother and i worked that out.
I'm not talking about you and her.
I'm talking about you and me.
You were so young back then.
I mean, how much could you even remember? I was eight.
We'd just got home from church And something in the sermon set you off enough To throw her against the stove.
Also eight, you punched her because the tv went out.
I'm not doing so good.
I need to understand a few things so that I can move on with my life.
I don't care what you say, I don't care how bad it sounds.
I just need you to be honest.
I just don't see the point of digging up the past.
What's good here? We're here to see german vega.
Names? Pete davenport, ahsha hayes.
All right, he'll see you.
Thank you.
Just mr.
What do you mean? He won't see you.
He won't see me? well, he's gonna see me! Tell german vega that chase vincent Wants to talk to him.
Family members of the victim Are prohibited from any visitation.
It's policy.
Your assistant coach killed my wife.
I think there's more to the story, chase.
Yeah, the story is she's dead.
I'm gonna make sure german vega never sees The light of day again.
So How did lunch go? Your father said great things.
I see.
How can you blindly ignore the past? Denial Is a powerful thing.
If we work on him together No.
This is between you and him.
It's between me and No one.
You can't get passed walls like that, trust me.
I know.
I didn't get my stubbornness from you.
People can change.
Who would've thought that the two of you would even speak, That you would be the one to bring him here? Still, i have nothing to show for it.
I will never get any kind of closure out of that man.
And nothing will ever be different.
Sold out, primetime.
Can you stand it? I got this.
Look at me.
I'm still a virgin at something.
Who would've thunk it.
I don't think you're ready.
Now you're ready.
Whoo I'm giddy with anticipation.
I'm willing to admit I went a little overboard When i told the press what i told them.
I misunderstood your situation And i apologize.
Could you possibly Ease up on me with the press? I find it fascinating That you want my public support When this apology is happening in private.
Let's be real, sloane.
You, real? This only gets richer.
The only reason i said what i said Was because i found out you started The forced sale.
Which i only did because you bulldozed your way Into the arena And made everyone's lives a living hell.
This isn't about everyone.
This is about you.
You couldn't stand that i had pete.
You couldn't stand that i had the team.
You just can't stop taking things from me, sloane.
I haven't taken a damn thing from you.
What about my baby? I was pregnant Until i saw you and my baby's father Fawning all over each other.
Let's just say that that didn't turn out so well.
My life has been threatened.
My entire family threatened, Thanks in no small part to you.
Support you? You're lucky i don't flatten you! It's not just the press.
It's the board questioning lionel now too.
I mean, they're minority owners But their opinions matter.
Maybe you should do something.
I already have.
I made a double date with marcus douglas.
He's got the most sway of anyone on the board.
I can't risk bringing lionel.
God knows what will come out of her mouth right now.
Would you go with me? What, you want me to be the little wifey? More like the big, bad baller.
Marcus thinks you can do no wrong.
Well, he obviously doesn't know me very well.
You're thinking about your sister.
Listen, there's this private investigator i use.
He's good.
Maybe he can help you find her.
What i need to find is Something big, bad and "ballery" To wear to this double date.
Thank you.
No luck? German still won't see me.
Maybe he's afraid to face anyone.
He saw pete.
He hates me.
He doesn't hate you.
I might be working at a bank right now If it weren't for german.
I might not have tried out for the devil girls.
He believed in me, And i'm living my dreams and he's-- Look, ahsha, you-- He's given up on himself.
And there's nothing i can do Because he's given up on me too.
I'm not saying everyone who watched that dance saw jesus, But he may have winked at a few people from the jumbotron.
Why are you filling out miguel's school registration? That's not due for another year.
I just wanna get a jump on things.
Jump or leap? Miguel's a little young To be going on your bank account, isn't he? You're not fine, are you? I didn't misjudge my medication.
My heart's gotten worse.
So We get you new meds.
We got you fixed up once, we can fix you again.
We can't.
That's what the doctor really told me.
He said i should tie up loose ends, Make Arrangements.
Months? Weeks? We know you're upset, chase, and you have every right to be.
We were hoping if we told you a little about german That you'd go easier on him.
You didn't bring me here to convince me That german vega's a good guy? He is, actually.
People make mistakes, chase.
There was a time you could've used a friend.
Yeah, i can use a couple right now.
German told ahsha it was an accident.
He accidentally showed up at my house that night? He accidentally pushed olivia over a railing? He accidentally left her there on the floor So i could find her? And you believe that? I do.
He's not a killer.
And yet my wife is dead! Maybe you don't know german as well as you think you do.
Maybe you didn't know olivia As well as you think you did.
So this was olivia's fault? Come on, chase-- chase, the four of us go back too far.
And where were you when i was in jail? Huh, buddy? You did nothing to reach out to olivia When you came back on the scene.
She tried, tried, and you broke her heart! She was the same instigator she always was.
And you're the same crackhead you always were-- Whoa, whoa, chase! Chase! Doubles double date.
Kind of literal, don't you think? I would've said yes to competitive hot dog eating If it made marcus happy.
Is that his wife? His wife's in cabo.
I thought lionel might be joining us.
She wanted to.
She's hard at work, protecting the fort.
She wouldn't have to be if she stopped inviting attack.
But then It's not every day I get to play against a super star, hmm? You wanna serve first? Sure.
All right, let's go.
What? I never said i was good.
Have you told miguel yet? I wanna talk to his father first.
I just can't bring myself to call him.
I haven't seen jesse since Whatever you need me to do i'll do it.
There's nothing to be done.
This happens to other people.
I never thought for a second It could happen to me.
I need to make sure That i get done everything i need to do.
For me, for miguel.
No regrets.
It's been made clear i'm not welcome inside this arena.
Once you're off the injured list, I won't let lionel keep you out.
Is that why you called me in here? I didn't call you in here.
She did.
Too much is out of control around here.
I need to grab the reins.
I don't trust jelena.
And the fact that you do scares me.
But lionel needs to go.
I know you lost jackson.
Do you have someone else who could fund your bid? After we lost jackson, A few people offered to step up But there's nothing to fund.
The team's off the market.
That's about to change.
The league is still behind me.
I'm about to pick up this phone And give you another shot at them.
I don't know what to say.
Goddamn it.
game, set, match.
What can i say? She's not just a pretty face.
And neither is he.
Jude's not a self-promoter.
What he is is a brilliant strategist.
Exactly who you want in the team front office.
A true strategist wins no matter what their handicap.
No offense, zero, but you suck at tennis.
But My father taught me how to play, And he was nowhere near as patient with me As you were with zero.
To me, that means more.
When it comes to things i care about, I'm not reckless.
Good, 'cause there's enough of that coming from lionel.
Knowing you're balancing her out Gonna help me sleep a little sounder.
You up for drink, Talk me more off this ledge? Yeah.
All right, well, let's go.
All right, maria sharapova, lessons start right now.
went straight for the strong stuff.
This german thing's got me needing one too.
How's ahsha? Bad.
And i'm used to being able to fix everything, But with this, all i can do is stand by and watch.
I'm not used to feeling this powerless.
Me either.
I've never seen you on the playground alone.
No high rollers on speed dial? Ah, right.
Married life.
Thanks for the chat.
Jelena, i thought you said that you were gonna Ah, there's my girl.
You had your chance.
I have things i need to say to you And you're not leaving until i say them.
Life is short and i won't have any regrets.
Jelena Sit down, james.
I owe you.
It's not me you owe this to.
You don't need to worry about talking about this But you will hear it.
I am not your little girl.
I never was.
I wasn't raised by you.
I survived you.
Just because you didn't lift a hand to me Doesn't mean you didn't terrorize me every day! You took my childhood from me.
You took my safety from me.
Worst of all, you took my mother from me.
Maybe you were a different person back then, Maybe she found a way to save your soul But you are still the villain of my life.
You're going to have to live with that the rest of yours Because i refuse This is the last you'll ever see me.
Can i talk to you? Jelena, i'm sorry.
I wish that-- You helped set this up But you didn't try to intervene Or make excuses for him.
You supported me like a good mother would.
Uh, i hope that Not being able to have a relationship with him Doesn't mean i can't have a relationship with you.
No, it doesn't.
If you would just walk me to him, you'll see.
Your mom said you were here.
Are you okay? I don't care if german hates me.
I can't let him do this to himself.
I won't! You might wanna get her out of here.
Ahsha, come on, let's go.
No! German needs me! His sentencing is tomorrow! He needs me to get him to fight! He needs to know how hard chase vincent Is pushing to have him punished! He needs me to tell him not to throw his life away! Let me see him! Get her out of here now! Now! Come on, come on.
I lost it.
I was so pissed back there.
Yeah, you were a whole bunch of things back there.
Passionate Caring, and most of all, loyal.
You keep getting knocked down But you won't stop fighting for him.
You've been beating yourself up over What kind of person you are.
But the ahsha hayes i've seen in the last few days Is she's been impressive as hell.
You're not a good girl.
But you're a damn good person.
You've been so patient with me.
I know german's not your favorite.
He and i weren't gonna be friends With you in the middle.
But i respect how he always looked out for you.
Whatever happens at his sentencing, it's not the end.
I got the cash to help you fight for him forever.
You'd do that? You want me to come with you tomorrow? No, you've done enough.
Marcus is gonna meet with the board.
Wifey came through.
Wifey came through.
Hey, i was Thinking maybe you could kick me the number Of that private investigator.
Yeah Sure.
there she is.
I got news.
We have another chance with the league, Thanks to sloane.
Sloane? How'd you pull that off? She called me.
Apparently, hatred for lionel supersedes all.
What else is going on? I saw my father again.
And? And i didn't even leave the bones.
I made an appointment with my ob/gyn.
You did? I can't possibly be a worse parent than he was.
Besides If all else fails, the kid's got you.
Right? jude? Jude? Where's jude? Jelena and terrence have been meeting with the league And sloane hayes is walking them in On a red damn carpet.
He's not here.
Can you give me a little more than "not here"? What were you and jude doing with marcus douglas At the pacific palisades country club? We had a friendly hit and giggle.
Marcus doesn't do anything for a giggle.
Marcus needed some breastfeeding.
Jude wanted to make sure that the board was cool.
He talked board business with marcus without me? It's his business too.
Okay, jude was born with the name kinkade.
You're borrowing it.
And you haven't been too careful with it lately.
So i'd be thanking the guy Not only for protecting his legacy But protecting you.
Jude's not protecting me.
He went there to vouch for me because he didn't think I could vouch for myself.
Everyone's coming for me, And the one person i trust doesn't trust me.
You should talk to jude.
The plans for the devils are impressive.
Thank you.
We would've heard them already if derek hadn't boxed you out And backed lionel so hard.
What's changed? People make mistakes.
The important thing is owning them.
To the kinkades, ball is business.
Terrence bleeds for the devils.
He sacrificed everything out there on that court.
That's who the fans wanna see running this team.
That's who i wanna see running this team.
We'll review your offer And take it into serious consideration.
Not good enough.
We're not sitting by, Waiting for lionel to burn the whole place down.
With derek, sloane, and pete, we've got a full house.
We own the house.
If you think you can find anyone Better to run the team, go for it.
You've got 24 hours to accept Or we're withdrawing our offer.
This isn't real.
What's burning? You can't think i'm eating that.
I know it's not the prettiest.
A head wound isn't the prettiest.
I wanna be here for you But all i'm good for is hooking you up with dudes.
That's not all you're good for.
You also got me to cast dudes, Go to san diego with a bartender dude, Get my go-go on with a dancer dude.
That's kind of a lot of things.
It really is.
Honestly, kyle, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have done any of the things i've done The last few months.
You've pushed me to take chances.
I'm stronger because of you.
Strong enough to try my frittata? Nobody's that strong.
But I am strong enough to call jesse.
Hand me the phone.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
So i reviewed all your lab work very carefully Jelena, your tests show an ovulation And endometriosis.
The combination suggests that your ability To conceive is challenged.
How challenged? Well, there are fertility pills And shots, experimental procedures.
But your endometriosis is extensive.
So the sooner you start treatment-- Be straight with me.
It's unlikely You'll ever be able to have a child.
Lionel was here.
She figured out we were with marcus.
Did you tell her why we went? Didn't matter.
She thinks you lost faith in her.
I'll smooth it over tomorrow.
It's true, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
Then you're not gonna wanna hear why she came by.
Jelena and terrence got a meeting with the league, Thanks to sloane.
And lionel's out there thinking she has no one.
Well, what's the worst she can do? Get lost on your way to the makeup counter? Prison's really dulled what limited wit you had.
Must've been devastating When you thought jude tracked down Your medical examiner.
Turns out he did.
You don't say.
I snagged his number.
Had a little chat with the man.
He recanted everything on that recording.
Without it, there's no case against you.
How did you manage that? I can be very convincing.
My seat at the arena is being threatened.
You're gonna help make sure i keep it.
But be clear, with what i have over you, You're on a very short leash.
you've plead guilty to manslaughter.
Before i sentence, Do you have anything to say on your own behalf? I went there to talk to olivia.
It got heated.
I never meant for what happened to happen.
But it did.
Nothing i can say will make it right.
I hurt people who will try like hell to convince me otherwise But i couldn't let them.
What i did I did for love.
Love for ahsha hayes.
No matter what I'm always gonna love her.
german vega, in accordance With the laws of california I sentence you to 20 years In a state facility.
It is ordered that the sheriff Escort the defendant To such a correctional facility immediately.
you killed my wife! next time, on "hit thefloor" 24-year-old male, stab wound to the abdomen.
German, i'm here.
hello, son.
Are you crazy? What were you thinking getting oscar released? your sister's foster care record.
She basically dropped out of the system.
You find people.
Find her.
You need to be admitted.
For how long? We aren't about to play another round of Musical chairs for this team.
The league needs to make a decision now.