Hit The Floor (2013) s03e09 Episode Script


previously, on "hit the floor" The heart becomes weaker and less able to pump blood.
Not the heart.
My heart.
raquel! I see now how much i do want kids.
It's unlikely you'll ever be able to have a child.
You have a sister? There's this private investigator i use.
Maybe he can help you find her.
Terrence and jelena flipped derek.
He's backing them with the league now.
You've got 24 hours to accept, Or we're withdrawing our offer.
Everyone's coming for me, And the one person i trust doesn't trust me.
And lionel's out there thinking she has no one.
Well, what's the worst she could do? My seat at the arena is being threatened.
You're gonna help make sure i keep it.
Sloane hayes didn't kill olivia.
I did.
I sentence you to 20 years In a state facility.
Unh! You killed my wife! german! 24-year-old male, Stab wound to the abdomen.
60 over palp.
oh, my god.
German German, i'm here.
He's a prisoner.
(engine starting, siren wailing) It's gonna be okay.
Let's go home.
Heard you came by.
Listen, i hope you don't think My going to the board without you Had anything to do-- it's fine, jude.
I get that there have been questions.
We're good.
Well I heard about jelena and terrence's 24-hour ultimatum to the league.
We're gonna fight this, together.
We are.
With a little help.
Help? What help? hello, son.
Excuse me, nurse, this woman is a heart patient.
This is cardiology, kyle.
Everyone here is a heart patient.
Nurse-- can i help you, ladies? Well, hello Doctor.
Which one are you? "mcdreamy"? "mcsteamy"? "mchung"? I think i need a stronger pain medication.
I'm a patient of dr.
I am not a patient here, But i would wear a backless paper gown for you.
I see.
Raquel saldana.
That's a beautiful name.
Um We'll run some tests, Gauge, uh, how much stronger of a dose you need.
Thank you.
Someone wants more than their dosage adjusted.
kyle, stop! We're in a hospital.
Perfect place to play "doctor.
" Mm-mm.
Are you crazy? What were you thinking Getting oscar released? Relax, i still have him on a choke chain.
If he so much as looks at me the wrong way, I'll use the proof i have of his racketeering To put him right back in his cage.
No, it just seems Drastic.
Because it is.
Do you think i'd spring him if i didn't have to? Terrence and jelena are coming at us, hard.
If anyone can stop them, it's him.
Hate oscar all we want, But he could mean the difference between Us keeping the team or losing it.
Heard from raquel? Yeah.
You never know what life's gonna throw at you.
I got some good news this morning.
My doctor cleared me to play.
Terrence, that's fantastic.
Yeah! How about you? How did it got at the ob/gyn? I have to go take some tests.
I thought you already took the tests? Hello? When? Thanks.
What is it? Oscar's out of jail.
Hope you didn't mind sleeping in the pool house.
No room at the inn.
That's a lie.
I'm okay if you minded.
I've prepared a statement from you, And i sent it to our pr team.
You can read what you said in the newspaper.
I'm headed to the arena.
You keep working on the league from here.
Sit down, lionel.
Looking for this? Did you think i wouldn't check my own safe, Or have a combination override? Ever heard of copies? You mean the ones upstairs, or your place in malibu? And those digital copies, Well, files can be corrupted.
You might want to check your computer.
Let's have a chat, shall we? Why is this taking so long? At least it gave me some time To get some intel on dominic.
Who's dominic? Your doctor/sex fantasy.
He's divorced, from orlando, works out at gold's, Leg days are mondays and wednesdays uh, raquel? I'm sorry we have to keep you.
There were some questions, And we had to run more lab work.
That's fine, we have some questions of our own, Starting with a certain sex bomb in scrubs.
Your heart is weakening faster than we anticipated.
Actually, you need to be admitted.
For how long? Raquel, i'm sorry.
Yes? Sloane hayes, we spoke earlier.
How's german? Well, he's awake now.
The next 24 hours, we'll watch for infection.
But his prognosis is good.
Thank god-- can i see him? Well, he's under police supervision.
Kyle's here.
She came for german, let's go tell her the good news.
German lost a lot of blood.
It was touch-and-go for a minute A copy of your sister's foster care record.
There's not much there.
When she was taken out of care, No paperwork was filed.
She basically dropped out of the system.
So You find people.
Find her.
It's not that simple.
Her last known foster home was All over the news at the time.
The state had to shut it down.
I mean, can't you dig deeper? I've gone through all the legal channels.
Digging deeper means breaking some laws.
It's gonna cost.
I've got the cash.
I just saw raquel a few days ago.
She was fine.
Well, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Is a progressive disease.
The harder the heart's forced to work, The faster some patients can decline.
New things come up all the time.
New treatments, new medicines.
What about a transplant? We've explored every option with her.
There's nothing more we can do.
She's in hospice.
We'll make sure she's as comfortable as possible.
Sloane? Did something happen with german? It's raquel, she's here.
She's dying.
Derek roman? Yeah.
Okay if i talk to him? Thanks, okay.
Appreciate it.
Hey, coach.
What're you doing here? I know.
Last time between us, it got messy.
But nobody deserves this.
All right.
You're only here because you were there for ahsha, So now i'm here for you.
Damn, chase.
Man, what he did-- doesn't matter what he did.
Matters what he didn't do.
I wish he finished the job.
You don't mean that.
Go ahead, i can't reach 'em.
But you could.
Just bump into it and roll 'em over On your way out.
You really wanna help me? Help me die.
She's weak, and she's pale.
But she's not in any pain.
Miguel's with her now.
What's going to happen to him? His daddy's taking him.
Hopefully miguel can teach him How to be a man.
She'll be happy to see your smiling face.
"the field was filled with fireflies.
"shining across the tall grass Like stars dancing in the night.
" That's pretty.
It is pretty neat, huh? Mommy's going somewhere just like this.
Someplace it's never dark, And the fireflies' light lets me watch over you.
Can i come with you? When you miss me, You can close your eyes And be there with me, okay? Okay.
Oh, no, please don't.
I'd love to hear the rest.
"the air smelled sweet, stirred by a warm breeze That rustled softly through the grass.
" "and i knew there was no place i'd rather be Than in that field of fireflies.
" Derek, i can't spend 20 years in prison.
Help me.
If you hurt yourself, you hurt ahsha.
I've got to protect her.
Just like you always did.
You keep watching out for her.
I will.
See you later.
How's raquel? Ahsha and sloane are with her now.
I have to focus on something, so I've been trying to take the temperature of the league.
And? And nothing.
I do know the more time oscar has, The more he can undermine us.
We already put everything on the table And even put a ticking clock on it.
What more can we do? Move the clock up.
We need to pressure the league to make a decision Before we lose any more leverage.
Do it.
Miss howard.
How are you? Underwhelmed.
Terrence and i were hoping to have a decision by now.
I hope to be giving you one.
I assume you've heard oscar's out of jail.
Oscar managing to be released from prison Doesn't change the fact that the kincades need to go.
Can't say i disagree.
Because we aren't about to play another round Of musical chairs for this team.
The league needs to make a decision now.
Is it the kincades or us? Hold just one minute, would you? Before you say another word, let me remind you, adam.
I've been exonerated of all charges.
Try to separate me from my team, And i can make things real messy.
For the league.
And you.
Miss howard.
The league thanks you for your interest.
But our hands are tied.
The team belongs to oscar kincade.
They're going with oscar.
Yeah, all right, thank you, i appreciate it.
The league is saying that Lionel's out.
Terrence and jelena? Oscar.
Sloane, look, thanks to you, Oscar went to prison.
His reputation is destroyed.
Everybody knows who and what he is now.
Who and what he is is the owner of the devils.
Hey, great news.
No for sale, we got The team.
Oscar's got the team.
He got off leash.
How? What does that mean for us? Jude, i've been antagonizing him for months, And you left him in prison to rot.
I don't know what it means for us, But it's not gonna be good.
Terrence, jelena.
Thank you for coming.
Thanks for the invitation.
I'm sorry my wife made you feel so unwelcome here.
To me, you're family.
And my first order of business is Bringing you back into the fold.
Terrence, i heard the team doctor Cleared you to play.
Next game I want you out there hustling.
And you, my dear, you need to be Front and center in halftime, Where you belong.
So you're not upset we tried to buy the team? Of course i am.
But i don't blame you.
Not with lionel in my seat.
Besides, if i expect people To wipe the slate clean for me, I gotta be willing to wipe it clean for them.
Of course, as a token of goodwill, I'll want you to sell me the arena.
We're all for a truce.
But not at the expense of the arena.
If we can't own the team, We need something that gives us a seat at the table.
And if you mean what you're saying About a truce, It shouldn't be an issue.
Welcome home.
I saw raquel.
How's she doing? Not well.
There were other people.
I know.
I wanna do something for her.
You are.
You're there for her.
I mean more than just sit at her bedside.
She helped me make it through tryouts.
And if i hadn't been a devil girl, I never would've met you.
No, no, ahsha.
That's not what you need.
Come here.
I heard.
What're you doing here? Is it-- just some tests.
I'm glad you made it through surgery.
That makes one of us.
German I'm going to prison.
And you'd rather die.
It's not about avoiding prison.
It's about avoiding shame.
Your life still means something.
Life is too important to just throw it away.
Not my life.
Not anymore.
I've got olivia's blood on my hands forever.
I know that's not the whole story.
Olivia put a lot of people in a lot of bad positions.
Including me.
Any one of us could've had this awful thing happen.
One moment doesn't define you.
The people around you define you.
And you're loved.
If you're gonna dwell on something, Dwell on that.
Hey, how was your walk? I'm exhausted.
Well, i got something That'll put a little gas back in your tank.
That's-- your sexy-ass doctor.
And his sexy ass.
Oh, and this is his-- Oh, my god, kyle, Where did you-- I paid an orderly 20 bucks To sneak me into the doctor's locker room.
It was for a good cause.
Now you can enjoy his bedside manner All night long.
You're ridiculous.
You know me.
Can't take things too serious.
I do know you.
We took a hit this time with the team.
It's a loss.
We still win.
We can start a family.
I see you're thinking the same thing.
Hmm? It's not a good time.
You just got back on court, And i've got so much work to do with the devil girls.
It'll never be a perfect time.
The girls will have your back.
It's not that simple.
I wanna have a family with you, jelena.
I want a boy that plays ball and a girl that dances.
Or the other way around.
I don't care.
It's part of you and part of me.
I need this.
You understand? I understand.
I spoke to raquel.
She's A special person.
How're you doing? I know.
There's only so many vending machines to smash In this place.
I don't wanna leave.
We have to.
We have a game.
We'll be back.
What about the next game? Are we really gonna keep working for oscar? Let's just get through tonight.
Tomorrow The sooner we leave, the sooner we get back.
What about when you yelled at jelena In front of everyone at tryouts? You were all, "shut up, bitch!" I don't remember it that way.
Well, that's what it felt like.
Ugh, heaven.
You know what i loved? Blasting jesse with champagne.
Ooh, that was epic.
He looked like he was sexually assaulted By a fire hydrant.
What about when i almost drove us Into the front of that 7-11? No, no, no, i can laugh About everything, but not your driving.
Come on.
No way, you drive like a maniac.
And you always get us lost.
I'm gonna be lost without you.
Crazy idea.
What if we went for one more drive right now? Totally spontaneous.
I promise i won't drive like a maniac.
I wouldn't mind getting out of here for a little while.
Why not? ladies and gentlemen, Please welcome back Number 18, Terrence wall! That's halftime, folks! Devils are up by 20! Finish up, all right, good job, good job.
I'm sloane hayes.
Director of the devil girls.
The devil girls are going dark tonight.
Out of respect for raquel saldana.
Raquel is a devil girl alum Who is battling a serious illness.
Her incredible beauty Has touched my heart And the hearts of so many In the devils' family.
If you could please join me In a moment Of silent unity.
When you said, let's go for a ride, I didn't think it would be an empty field.
Not so empty.
You guys there's just over two minutes Left in the game, devils fans.
I'm tired of waiting, oscar.
You have plans for me, what are they? While i was made to suffer in prison, You got to enjoy the perks of being my wife.
It's time i got to enjoy having you as my wife.
We won't just be sharing a home.
We'll be sharing a bed.
Make no mistake, lionel.
Whatever future you may have, I'm it.
Good game.
What're you doing here? I got a lead on your sister.
And i had to come down.
Because i found her.
We have a fan downstairs ready to take you.
I'm ready.
Do you think it's like that? That what's like that? The field? Fireflies? I think it's whatever we want it to be.
You've come so far since the day we met.
Ahsha, you're a woman now.
I've learned from the best.
That's The highest Raquel? Raquel? What happened? Heart failure.
It's not good.
We never should've taken her outside.
Her doctor said it had nothing to do with that.
It's just It's just her time.
How is she? Uh, she asked if you'd take a walk with miguel.
Hey, uh I saw a hoop outside.
Let's go work on that jump shot, what do you say? All right, okay, bud.
I'll go.
You look like hell.
Shut up, bitch.
Last time we were in a hospital together, I was talking you through giving birth to miguel.
More like yelling at me.
Encouragement comes in many forms.
I'm sorry i won't be here to do that for you.
You're gonna make a wonderful mother.
What's wrong? You know what the best part of our friendship is? Having you come to me for advice, Pretending you're not.
That someone as strong and tough as Jelena howard Needs me.
There's a conversation i need to have with terrence, But, um I can't seem to bring myself to do it.
Opening up is so hard for you.
You feel exposed.
But that's okay.
No, don't just nod and say you'll do it.
Open up now.
To me.
Whatever you say would never leave this room.
I couldn't tell anyone.
What's your deepest secret, jelena? What's the one thing you're afraid to say out loud, More than anything else? I'm terrified of being alone.
I know.
She's gone.
Come to daddy.
I meant the chair.
You're gonna come to want me, lionel.
We're more alike than you think.
We love and hate the same things.
We love revenge, And we hate the same person.
I'm about to scratch both those itches.
Everything i had done To her all these months She was never in any real danger.
Until now.
What're you gonna do? I'm gonna kill sloane hayes.
next time, on the season finale of "hit the floor.
" It's an e-mail.
From who? Raquel.
I love you.
You just don't trust me.
I'm his girlfriend.
Who the hell is mandy? Oscar-- the way he's looking at me, Pete, i don't know what he's gonna do.
Payback's a bitch Bitch.
Here i am.
Kill me.
Do i have your attention now?