Hit The Floor (2013) s03e11 Episode Script

Til Death Do Us Part

1 Previously on Hit the Floor Ahsha Hayes, will you marry me? This is the house I grew up in.
I put it under both our names.
I can't have children.
What are you doing? You think I'm lying to you? What's your deepest secret? I'm terrified of being alone.
She's gone.
Lionel? I'm trapped in this marriage to Oscar.
This was my way out.
Set him up.
Terrence and I are now the majority owners of the Devils.
My name's not on any of these, only yours.
This partnership doesn't work.
I'm trading you.
I can't go anywhere.
I own the team.
I own Ahsha, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.
You will not get to her! Guard your man, she knows all his secrets.
Hey, Ahsha, just seeing where you're at.
-DIFUNDE LA CULTURA-  Hush my darling   Don't you cry   Can you hear them   Talk about us?   They're telling lies   That's no surprise   Can you see them?   Right through them   They have no shield   No secrets to reveal   It doesn't matter what they say   In the jealous games people play   Our lips are sealed   Are sealed  Mom.
Oh, God, I was the one that found her.
I called 9-1-1.
You were at the arena, too? Jude.
I'm glad you're all here.
I'm Detective Desario.
I've got some questions for each of you.
Oh, thank God.
Who called you? We came for Oscar Kinkade for questioning.
Questioning for what? Jelena Howard was shot.
What happened here? Oscar Kinkade tried to kill her.
So where exactly in the arena were you when Jelena Howard was shot? Food court, rehearsal studio.
I don't know, I didn't hear anything.
Hard to miss a gunshot.
It's a big arena.
You have quite the history with Miss Howard, huh? Some of it pretty public.
Find somebody who didn't have history with her.
So where were you when she was shot? The locker room.
Is that before or after you smashed the poster of Miss Howard? There was a fight between me and him.
It had nothing to do with Jelena.
So where were you? The loading dock.
Heading out.
You seem tense.
I always seem tense, but I'm fine.
I was in the main entrance.
We'd had a conversation there.
So you had a conversation.
She left, got shot, and you were still there? Must've been a hell of a chat, huh? It was a fight.
I was upset.
I'd just found out Jelena stole the Devils and used my mom to do it.
Found out from who? Terrence.
Terrence Wall, her fiancé? Ex-fiancé.
She screwed him over like she screws over everyone.
Word from the hospital.
Looks like Miss Howard is gonna pull through.
Too bad whoever did it wasn't a better shot.
It's all over the news.
Police kept asking me all these questions I might ask you the same ones.
If you would've showed up at the limo when you said you were, we'd be eloping right now.
Ahsha, where were you? Spinning.
I found out Jelena got the Devils, I You know she's been coming at me for years.
There's no eloping now.
They told me I can't leave town for a while.
Well maybe it's a sign.
Not to get married? No.
Not to elope.
Look, Ahsha, I love the idea of just taking off and doing it, but I want the whole world to know how much I love you.
Now, I'm saying I want them to catch the church vapors when they see you in that dress.
They're so jealous that they've swallowed their teeth.
So you want a full-blown wedding? With everything that's been going on lately, people could use a reason to celebrate.
What do you say? You wanna plan a wedding for real? I do.
I do, too.
And they have no idea who did it? They have too many ideas.
Oh, I can't think of anything more horrifying.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
How would you feel about being my maid of honor? I know, marriage is gross, but you'll do it anyway because you love me? You love your little Care Bear, don't you? You love your little Care Bear, don't you? Yes, fine, I'll be your maid of honor.
I get something out of this, too.
What? As maid of honor, I'm in charge of everything.
Invitations, the dress shopping, the parties.
All with Derek Roman's Black Card.
I got work to do.
Ahsha - Hi.
- Hey.
The gun in my office, did you take it? Why would I take it? Did your mother say anything to you about taking it? No.
I mean, I lock my office.
You didn't lock it last night.
I came by to see you, and Terrence was sitting at your desk.
Terrence? This is a waste of my time.
I didn't shoot anyone.
I was in a Town Car headed to the airport.
My driver's a witness We talked to him.
Your alibi checked out.
Then why did you drag me here? I wanna talk to you about that night in the arena.
That conversation you had with Ahsha Hayes? You informed her Jelena owned the team.
How'd she respond to that? She said she could handle her.
You don't think that she She said she was spinning, why? I told her that Jelena would come after her.
After her man.
Lionel, thank you for coming.
I'd say, "My pleasure" but if we don't have honesty, what do we have? I just came from the police station and giving an iron-clad alibi for your Jelena's shooting.
How much did that cost you? Not a dime, actually.
I was at a bar on my third scotch.
The bartender vouched for me.
I probably would've shot her before the end of the night.
But regrettably, someone beat me to it.
I'm more concerned about the other questions the detectives were asking me.
About your crazy story that I tried to kill you? I expect you to clear that up now.
Well, I would.
But I'm not feeling particularly generous towards you right now.
What do you want to make your story go away? A divorce.
And leave me alone.
And leave Jude alone.
If I so much as smell your rickety wheels turning, I'll shout my story from the rooftops.
And you know I can sell it.
Beats the fool.
New haircut.
Were you singing? Humming.
With Jelena sidelined, your trade wasn't completed.
You're staying a Devil.
You don't say? I told you last night.
No one can split this team up.
 I don't believe in no devil   'Cause I done raise this hell   I've been the last one standing   When all the giants fell   I won't shiver I won't shake  AS INVESTIGATION CONTINUES, FUTURE OF THE DEVILS UNCERTAIN Number 22.
Took you long enough.
How you feeling? Bulletproof.
I wanted to wait for you to get some of your strength back.
I gotta hit you with something heavy.
I thought about it and I think it's time for me to go.
Go go where? Leave the Devils.
There's too much craziness going on around here, and you being the new owner isn't gonna work out very well for Ahsha.
Look, deny it all you want, Jelena.
But whatever it is between the two of you, it's only gonna get worse.
And I've never gotten involved before because you and I, we've always been cool.
I'm the owner of the team.
And right now, you are the team, so with all due respect to Ahsha, the answer is no.
Well, there is no answer because there's no question.
I'm leaving.
Derek, you know me.
You know what I'm capable of.
It's because we're cool that you haven't had to deal with me directly.
Trust me.
You don't want to.
Yeah, trust me.
Neither do you.
Are you sure we couldn't have just gone to a dress shop? You are the future Mrs.
Derek Roman.
They bring the dresses to you.
Ah, when you walked into those tryouts, who would've thunk you'd be the one to cash in.
Maybe marriage isn't so bad.
Do you have a prenup? Nope.
I know you have more dresses in the truck.
Let's see some hustle.
Chop-chop! I might have to Tase her.
What's wrong? These dresses this wedding all of it.
You don't think I should marry Derek? No, that isn't it at all.
I love Derek.
What do I know about picking wedding dresses? Or any of this? I raised you alone.
It was a struggle to get you through school.
And now you're at the crossroads of your life and I worry all you got from me is a bad compass.
Oh, Mom, no.
I am the woman I am today, the woman Derek loves, because of you, not despite you.
All the choices you made, all the sacrifices.
You made this possible.
And I couldn't be more grateful.
This dress isn't bad.
It's perfect.
The fireplace will go here.
The guest bedroom will go here.
Here and here.
And the baby's room will go here.
What the what? Just seeing if you're paying attention.
Where does the "vomitorium" go? I could've sworn I traded you.
Timing's everything.
Lucky you.
I hope you enjoy being demoted to team bitch.
I'll make you a T-shirt.
I'll be out of the office by the end of the day.
You're good, Jude.
You were the only one with your head in the game when I was buying up the team.
I'm keeping you on.
You'll be working for me.
Look! It's everyone's lucky day.
What the hell just happened? Jelena's back, that's what happened.
Tahiti or the Caribbean? Or we could just honeymoon on a yacht.
You do whatever you wanted to me in international waters.
What do you think about Miami? I put my agents on sniffing around for a new deal.
And Miami bit hard.
They're offering me big money to play there next season.
And a huge piece of the merchandising.
And not only that, they want you to run the dancers.
They're offering you a cut.
Look, Ahsha, this this would be a big step up for the both of us.
No kidding.
So the offer is on the table.
And I wouldn't do anything you didn't want to do.
Be a new life together.
Yeah, away from LA.
Away from Jelena.
Let's do it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Hell, yeah! - Hell All right, Miami, here we come then, let's go.
 Hit the club with my swag on sideways  Gentlemen, gentlemen.
Let's pour one out for Derek Roman's sex life.
- Yeah.
- All right, all right, all right Guys, thank you so much for coming, man.
I look out and I see I see the guys that I came up with, man.
Friends, brothers.
Listen, I I hope you guys know that without my sloppy seconds, it's your sex lives that are over.
So let me just pour let me pour out a little bit of That's it, guys.
Hope you had fun.
Yeah, it's time, it's time.
All right.
 I got this thing   Gonna blow your mind   Pulling the string   Helping you unwind  Sweet baby Jesus.
 You want to know   But it can't be taught   You want to steal   'Cause it can't be bought   Bought, bought   Bought, bought, bought   Bought, bought, bought   Bought, bought, bought   Bought, bought   I got this thing   Gonna tie your tongue   Step in my ring   You'll be out round one   You want to feel   But you got no touch   You think it's love   But you think too much   Hey, hey, hey   Hey, hey, hey   Hey, hey   I got it   I got it, I got it, I got it   I got it   I got, got   I, I, I, I got it   I got, got   I, I, I, I got it, got it   I got it, I got it   I got it this thing  This party just got a whole lot better.
I'm going to my bachelorette party.
You guys can your fun.
I'm gonna have mine.
Now hold on, where are you all going? That is for us to know.
Bye now.
I'll take that.
Good girl.
All right, all right.
Remember, what happens tonight stays between us.
We're sisters.
And sisters cut the first bitch who squeals.
Maddie! Bye, y'all! Miguel? What is he doing here? His father Jesse can't keep him.
Can't or won't? Either you find Raquel's son a permanent home or What? He'll go into foster care.
You know, I spoke to Jelena and she mentioned something you neglected to tell me.
She was getting rid of you.
Nothing to tell.
It didn't happen.
Yeah, well, she missed the deadline.
She had 24 hours to complete the paperwork.
I don't know anything about a 24-hour deadline.
Yeah, well, you might not but Jude would.
I mean, how well do you really know Oscar Kinkade's son? Well enough to know that he's not Oscar Kinkade.
How did he grow up? With nothing.
And right before Jelena Howard got shot that's exactly what he thought he was left with.
No Devils, no you.
You've got the wrong guy.
Someone had fun last night from the looks of it.
I had a lot to celebrate.
The royal wedding.
Actually that's not all I'm celebrating.
Derek and I are leaving.
He's playing for someone else next season.
Miami? Not anymore.
I killed it.
What do you mean, you killed it? He's the entire team.
Did you really think I'd let him go? Derek might think he's above honoring his contract; he's not.
When that bullet ripped through you I hope it hurt.
Hey, I was just meeting with the contractor.
The house is a warzone.
With all this work Jelena dumped on me, I'm lucky I get there at all.
You don't have to take all that on, you know? You gave me a house.
I wanna give you a home.
Everything you've done for me, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
Headed back to the arena.
Hello? Glad you came.
Not that you had a choice.
You've been a bad girl.
I have never been more sorry for anything in my life.
You have to believe that.
You're in no position to tell me what to believe.
Jelena, you were on a tear that night.
Even for you.
You came at me, you came at my daughter?! You said there wasn't anything I could do about it.
So it's my fault? How hard do you think you can push people before someone pushes back?! Jelena you made a mission out of making Ahsha life hell! You made my life hell with my investigations Ahsha's not the naive little waif you think she is.
And you showed a picture of me Here we go, Sloane and her investigations.
at a party naked with a needle in my arm! You threatened to take Ahsha from me that night.
Change her.
I was angry, I I was scared, I panicked.
But I got an ambulance, I got you to the hospital.
Oh, you're a saint.
I'm human.
I did something unspeakable.
And I'm sorry.
Still there are consequences, and I'm prepared to face them.
But if you have any humanity in you at all you'll wait until after the wedding.
Come to Papa.
Derek, you weren't supposed to be home for hours.
It's bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding.
We've had our share of bad.
Add Miami to the list.
We're still here.
We're still together.
You know why? Why? Because love beats luck every time.
 You've got your powers over me   Those powers over me   I'm going undone yeah   I'm going undone yeah   You've got those powers over me   Those ones I need to keep from going undone   I'm going undone  She would've never wanted this for him.
Can you take him? I'll be the best auntie this kid has ever known, but I'm not a mother.
I don't wanna be.
He deserves someone who does.
Raquel was your best friend.
But I will help you make sure Miguel finds the right home.
What about Sloane? She may have a lot on her hands right now.
I thought I'd find you here.
I'm feeling I don't know, a little blue about the wedding.
I missed out on so much of Ahsha's life and now I've gotta give her away.
You're gonna dance with Ahsha and it's gonna be beautiful.
Have you ever seen me dance? No, you have not, and there's a reason for that.
You wanna practice? Where?  Promise is the day, prom promise is the day   You told me you   Moon river   Wider than a mile   I'm crossing you in style   Some day   Oh, dream maker  Dance with me.
 You heartbreaker   Wherever you're goin'   I'm goin' your way   Two drifters   Off to see the world   There's such a lot of world to see   We're after the same   Rainbow's end   Waitin' 'round the bend   My huckleberry friend   Moon river   And me   Moon river  Thank you for sticking by me, Jude.
Making sure I was okay.
I may no longer be your stepmom but I will always be your hag.
My hag? Jude, do I have to teach you everything gay? Lionel.
You two are so adorable together.
I just wanna eat your faces.
I need booze.
Never thought we'd be invited to Derek's wedding.
Ah, he's trying the team unity thing.
Looking to next season.
I hope we'll be living in our new house by then.
Yeah, me too.
I came up with a new story for you to tell the police.
I'll tell it too so you won't have to worry about anything.
New story for what? The night Jelena was shot.
Why would I need a new story? - Wait, you think I would shoot someone?! - I I know that there's nothing that you wouldn't do for me.
- You think I would shoot someone for you? - No.
I thought You would've lied for me? Yeah, yeah, that's what we do.
We lie for each other.
You've been playing catch-up your whole life because somebody left you.
I'd never do that to you.
No matter what.
You're the single greatest thing that's ever happened to me, Gideon.
You too, stupid.
You're the single greatest thing that's ever happened to me too, Jude.
Bride's side, groom's side.
My eyes are up here, Grandpa.
Kyle, everything is beautiful.
Oh, it's a day of miracles.
The weather's perfect.
I was able to replace the 12 doves I killed.
And Jelena and Ahsha.
Jelena and Ahsha? They made peace.
I assumed, I saw Jelena pull up.
Hello, Ahsha.
This is my wedding day and you will not ruin it.
I'm not staying.
I came with a gift.
What? Miami, I'm backing off.
Derek's free to go.
Why? Because that means you go too.
Derek is the Devils.
Which should tell you how much I want you gone.
I can't believe it.
Well I can't believe you're wearing white, so we're even.
Thank you.
I trust I'll never see you again.
And it's not a request.
Is everything okay? Everybody's ready.
Okay, one more minute.
When are you telling the police? I'm not.
You're gonna hold it over me.
You're off the hook, Sloane.
I don't trust you.
What would it take to convince you? Telling you that maybe I know more about what a mother is capable of doing for her child than you could ever know.
Or that even the most contemptible people deserve a fresh start.
You do have a heart.
Sloane, I'm a badass for taking a bullet from an unknown shooter.
God forbid someone find out I was shot by some menopausal harpy.
I'm just borrowing her, Coach.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Derek Roman and Ahsha Hayes in holy matrimony.
I, Derek take you, Ahsha, to be my wife.
I promise to I promise to be your biggest fan.
And to cheer for you, to watch you grow and to learn from you in sickness and in health until death do us part.
I, Ahsha, take you, Derek, to be my husband.
To laugh with, to cry with to accept you for who you are, like you've always accepted me.
Through ups and downs you've accepted me for who I am.
You've offered me a kingdom and now I offer you mine.
It might be humble but you'll always be safe there.
You'll always be protected.
You'll always be home.
And and babies.
I want lots of babies.
Then by the power vested in me I pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
How beautiful is she, though? Ahsha Roman, ladies and gentlemen.
What did you think of the wedding? Boring.
I couldn't agree more.
You know your mother was a fan of Ahsha's.
You miss her? Me too.
I know being alone is scary.
But I'll figure something out.
I could maybe take you in for a little bit but it would only be temporary, okay? I'm nothing like Raquel.
Far from it.
No one's perfect.
Okay, hon.
Everyone, it's time to throw the bouquet.
That was a good one.
Miami is so far.
I'll call you when the plane lands.
No, you call us from the plane.
Take care of my girl.
You got it, Coach.
I love you.
I love you.
You excited?  It's the beginning of forever  You've done good.
 It's the beginning of forever  How long are we supposed to sit here? Congratulations, Kyle.
You're the new captain of the Devil Girls.
I'm the what now? Since Derek's out that means you're off the bench.
You always angled to be top dog.
Now you are.
Jude, as EVP, it is your job to see that he stays in his lane.
If any of you make me regret my decisions, there will be hell to pay.
Got it? Got it.
All the jockeying to rule this town me and Terrence, me and you, Derek and Ahsha in the end you and Jude wound up king and king of LA.
But make no mistake.
I'm still queen.
Devils Nation.
Rise up.
 He loves me like a drug  Are you ready, Mrs.
Roman? Now I am.