Hit The Floor (2013) s04e01 Episode Script


1 Adrenaline [dramatic music] Money I am Derek Roman.
I need to choke on the dollar signs.
Power The last person I fired wound up in a ditch, so good luck to you.
Roman, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm accepting the EVP job.
Sex On this court, you can have it all.
The feeling is indescribable.
I put my agents on sniffing around for a new deal, the Miami bid.
I'm the owner of the team.
And right now, you are the team.
Winning a spot on this floor is hard.
I'm terrified of being alone.
I can maybe take you in for a little bit.
We've come a long way.
Keeping it? Well, that's a whole lot harder.
Congratulations, Kyle.
You're the new captain of the Devil Girls.
[whistle sounds] [cheers and applause] Devils Nation Rise up.
["Chun-Li" by Nicki Minaj] Dunked on 'em, now I'm swingin' off the rim She ain't comin' off the bench While I'm comin' off the court fully drenched Ay, yo, I been on ["Hello Bitches" by CL] [rapping in Korean] time time time [rapping in Korean] Dang dang dang [rapping in Korean] Hello, bitches.
Lights out, killing it some more Bad bitches get down on the floor Lights out, killing it some more Bad bitches get down on the floor I'm sure you have more important things to do, Jelena, owning the team and all.
The Devil Girls are a direct reflection of me.
That reflection will be flawless.
Actually, I do have some work to do.
But I'll be back.
Lookin' forward.
- Let's go.
- Alisha, you're up, darling.
[all saying good-bye] Don't talk to him.
- You have fun? - Yeah.
I'll just take of this right here, okay? - Sure.
- All right.
Kyle Hart! You went from headlining the Foxhole to captain of the Devil Girls! Your split is my shit.
What is your name, darling? Jamie.
I drove from Chicago just for these tryouts.
That's quite the drive.
I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
I'm a hustler, just like you.
[chuckles] And Jelena Howard and Ahsha Hayes! With them not on the team anymore, this is my Next! [upbeat hip-hop music] [knocking on door] How's Ahsha? Has she said anything? Not a word.
[sighs] Sloane's with her.
Yeah, that's more than I can say for some people.
She'll talk when she's ready.
As for Derek When I find him, damn sure I'm gonna get some answers.
[ominous music] [ song title ] Y'all just watching me, just jocking me Interference on the play Ed Hochuli Excuse me, what's the fastest way to the court? - That-a-way.
- Oh - I owe you my life.
- I'll collect it.
Taking these shots for free Get down and get rocked to sleep Hush, little baby, don't say a word Let your word be wrong [whistle blows] Last season was a disaster.
FEMA showed up at the All-Star break.
When you lose your A-team, you're gonna lose, period.
We had no Derek, no Zero [men shouting and dribbling] I've still got one of my A-Team.
You've been impressive as hell, Jude.
Loyal to the Devils when others weren't.
That might be the first compliment you've given me in a year and a half.
[chuckles] That's the only compliment I've given anyone in a year and a half.
[soft keyboard music] We'll get back to where we were.
You bet your tight white ass we will.
Let's go, Fahey.
I want to see some hustle! There we go! That'll do it! - Move, move, move! - Coach! I am so, so sorry.
Look, my Maserati almost exploded on the 405.
It's new, all right? It has a seventh gear, and I didn't even know cars had I'm well-known for being super forgiving for rolling in late, especially when it comes to rookies who blow their first paycheck before they even earn it.
Let's go.
Let's go! [men shouting and dribbling] There you go, use the glass! Anybody wanna tell the rookie we got a locker room? Make room for a star moe Make room for a superstar [knocking on door] I'm not talking to reporters right now.
Honey, do reporters dress like this? Just give me five minutes and I'm gone.
Or I'll come back every day forever.
Name's Kyle Hart, captain of the Devil Girls.
I know who you are.
Everyone in America knows who you are, London.
Okay, bye.
Wait! What I don't know is why you're still holed up in your house months later.
Especially when Pastor Curtis is out in public with his famous friends.
And his wife.
Because he wasn't the one dragged by every late night host and gossip rag in the country! I was humiliated! I had a career! And now, I'm just a whore that took down a mega-church.
"The Home Wrecker in the House of God.
" One more sex scandal where it's the woman who's crucified.
It wasn't sex.
I loved him! You were the best choreographer working.
That's what you were famous for first.
That's who I came to see.
We're having tryouts.
I want you in them.
So you want me to audition for the Devil Girls? [scoffs] Captains don't usually go out and recruit, but I'm not your typical captain.
I want the best, and you're the best.
Look, I'm not looking to put myself back in the spotlight.
[scoffs] Shame is overrated.
Think about it.
Tryouts are at Devils Arena.
If anyone gives you any crap, you send them to me.
[dramatic music] [suspenseful music] [doorbell rings] I heard you were in town.
Bad bitches get down on the floor I don't blame you for being anywhere but Miami.
Considering how you finished your season there, you might not be too popular with your teammates right now.
To dominate so completely all season And then go so wildly off the rails in post Showing up at all the parties at the clubs till 3:00 a.
Or are they not the ones you're hiding from? [dramatic music] Where is your wife? You want one? It's 9:00 in the morning.
I'll put cream and sugar in it.
If I know you're here, it can't be too long before Ahsha shows up.
She could be on her way here right now.
Don't count on it.
What happened to you? Well The new season is about to start.
You're going to have to go back to Miami, and face everyone eventually.
You're fast on the court but even you can't outrun this.
[phone ringing] No, just make sure it's within the bounds of what we're doing here, okay? Commissioner Matthews.
My name is Eve.
I want to talk to you about the liaison position in your office.
I've done my interviews.
You haven't, because you haven't interviewed me yet.
Let's see.
Choate Wharton Your resume is better than mine, and I run the whole damn league.
Um Wait a minute.
Is that true? Eve Vincent.
I'm Olivia and Chase's daughter.
[smooth R&B music] It doesn't matter what's on there.
My resume's missing one thing, and that's working for you, the Warren Matthews.
And you know about my ego.
You do your research.
The person who's going to be your liaison with the teams needs to know each and every personality they're dealing with.
And if you want something, knows how you're gonna get it before walking into the room.
You're just like your mother.
So I have the job? You have the interview.
What do you think? The booth needs more soundproofing.
If I hear her mouth, I'm boarding the doors with her inside.
[dramatic music] Now.
- Bitch.
- Hag.
I love this color on you.
You know, I wish you wouldn't poke the dragon.
That was flirtation.
Besides, Jelena's not going to raise one of her little elfin hands to the owner of the network that carries her games.
That divorce settlement was quite the pinata for you.
It was! One whack at your dad, and all these fun trinkets fell out, but I earned Inside Sports Network.
Your love of sports is legendary.
I love ratings and swinging a big purse.
Well, thank you for swinging us airtime to debut the new Devil Girls.
Going live worldwide for the first dance is gonna be huge.
I'd do anything for you.
You're my guy.
So giving you this on-site broadcast booth in exchange - wasn't necessary? - No.
It was very necessary.
How are you? [dramatic music] Jude, you need to shake yourself out of it.
I don't know how.
Okay, fine.
I'll shake you out of it.
["Redmercedes (Remix)" by Amine feat.
Missy Elliott] Got a new beem, new whip Doors sit up like a facelift Sub in my trunk go ape Rims spinning round like a spaceship I see money, I'ma chase it You know you like to see me when I'm naked Junk in my trunk, gon' beat Look back at it, I'm thick, thick Big old hips, I'm thick, thick You can call me Rick James, I'm rich Vroom, vroom, vroom, in my two-door Big body dancing like a sumo Yes! Go Jamie! Go girl! [cheers and applause] [door opens] [dramatic music] [door slams] It's London Scott.
Put your eyes back in your head, or I'll put 'em back for you.
Did you warm up? No, I thought I'd just warm up right here in front of these rubberneckers.
Okay, then.
You're up.
["Good Kisser" by Usher] Make every minute worth it, baby.
This is for Usher, baby.
Watch this.
I done been around the world I done kissed a lot of girls So I'm guessing that it's true, huh Make me holla and I bet a million dollars Don't nobody kiss it like you Don't nobody kiss it like you Don't nobody kiss it like you Bang, bang, bang Don't nobody kiss it like you Don't nobody kiss it like you It's 5:00 in the morning Rollin' while she's making steak and eggs Yeah At 5:00 in the morning We can only be about to do one thing What? See I told her the devil is a lie Them other girls can't compete with mine You do it so good, you [] my mind You pull it out, then you open wide You make me wanna tap out and retire Your pretty lips leave me so inspired I think that she's a winner She could be a keeper 'Cause she's such a good kisser Got lipstick on my leg Oh, baby Oh Lord Jesus, please don't make me go ham on one of these girls.
Direct line to God, huh? Didn't really help you before, did it? The last person that tried me wound up wearing their teeth as a necklace.
Not in a joking about it phase.
Copy that.
I'm surprised you'd show your face here.
This bitch want a set of matching earrings.
No, no.
I'm saying Nicki, Drake, Wayne, they came to you.
I'm just surprised you'd want to be in a group.
I've had enough attention.
Oh, there's no such thing.
I guess that's what happens when your dad sticks around long enough for the baby photo.
Well, he can see me on TV and choke on his tongue.
And I thought I had rage issues.
Well, the medication helps.
Derek! Word travels fast.
You travel faster.
You're everywhere! Except in Miami with my daughter! Sloane's there.
Yeah, Ahsha won't talk to her.
She won't tell us what happened.
[suspenseful music] You reverted to type.
Party boy Derek.
There's only one problem with that: You married my daughter! I trusted you with my most prized possession, and this is what you do with it? Derek Go home.
Fight for her.
You've had your ups and downs before.
You bounce back! You still have a chance! We're divorced.
You had to do something pretty awful.
I'm the one that filed.
That doesn't make any sense.
Go home, Pete.
No, I'm not going anywhere.
Not till you tell me What could Ahsha possibly have done? Got pregnant.
- Ahsha's pregnant? - Was.
It didn't fit with her career track, so she got rid of it.
- I had no idea she - Me neither.
She didn't tell me till it was too late.
She cut me out completely.
Sound familiar? I gotta go.
Look, Pete In my red Mercedes You need to eat, sleep, and breathe these steps.
This is the choreography you're going to be doing when the final 14 go live worldwide.
Wait, live worldwide? Right, I fast-passed you.
You didn't get the big announcement.
As soon as our new team is elected, we are going live on ICN.
Our first dance is gonna be seen around the world.
But that's so public You're not trying out for the Jacksonville Thunderbolts, darling.
The Devil Girls will be in the spotlight all season long.
What's she doing here? She has a name.
She also has a reputation.
Look who's talking.
I was never a sketch on "Saturday Night Live".
I never took a bullet.
I'm gonna ask you to just go right over there.
She just showed up.
We don't need that kind of publicity, Kyle.
Get rid of her.
I'm on it.
Doing this for years I am not asking you to date.
I am asking you to bone.
Something, anything! This plant! I could've been married by now.
It was a beautiful ring.
Too bad he couldn't accept it.
He couldn't accept a lot about the relationship.
Zero's on his own path.
But you both tried.
You had an amazing experience together.
He's the guy you came out with.
He's always going to have a special place in your heart.
But now, you need to move on.
You know, I'm fine the way I am.
Some people aren't meant to date.
Some people are meant to be alone.
Oh, Jesus.
We need shots immediately.
It doesn't matter what.
Line 'em up five deep.
You better just surrender 'cause I stand my ground [driving hip-hop music] Oh, check out the threads! They pimp like that at UCLA? Well, you know, I'm just trying to keep up with you guys.
All right.
You got that same style on the court? I've never seen you play.
You don't watch college ball? I do.
That's Marcus Lowe's brother.
Oh, your brother was a legend.
And le artiste.
The greatest player to never play the game.
He played.
Sorry, man, you know what I mean.
What a loss.
What was it like to play with Marcus growing up? I learned everything from him.
It's a shame what happened to him.
We had the number one draft pick his year.
Would've been amazing to play with that guy.
If you're looking for some real love What about that guy? All right, A.
, stop pointing.
And B.
, he's got a woman hanging off him.
I'm not trying to go down that road again.
You have a problem with everyone.
It's not that easy.
It actually is that easy.
Look at all the crap I went through.
Now I'm out there and having the time of my life.
You need to do that! I'm telling you, it is great on the other side.
Come on and join me.
That's my car.
If you don't bang someone tonight, I'm gonna cut off your junk with something dull and rusty.
[intense hip-hop music] Numero uno operator Boy, it's me, I stack my stacks You need me like I need you Man, that's real talk Feels good when I'm beside you Legit Ray-Bans on my face Let's take a walk around the lake I do know she ain't fake Oh! You got this, right, rookie? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Fellas, it's on me.
I got this.
My man.
What position do you play? I'm a rookie.
Well, hopefully not everywhere.
[crowd clamoring] ["Fiyah" by PARRI$ Goebel] Like cha, cha, cha, cha, cha 'Cause I got the fire Like cha, cha, cha, cha, cha 'Cause I got the fire Like cha, cha, cha, cha, cha 'Cause I got the fire Like cha, cha, cha, cha, cha I got the fire I feel so good I feel, I feel so good Life is so good Life is, life is so good Life is so good I need to see some ID, man.
Whoa, okay, man.
- Just take it, just take it.
- The drawer too! All right, all right, all right, all right, man.
- A Seattle cap? Seriously? - Shut up! I'm not saying they're a bad team.
I'm saying they're a horrible team! Pick a different city, pick a different sport! Are you serious? - I've got a gun! - There's football, basketball, ever heard of snooker? It's like billiards but with - more balls and more British.
- Hurry up! All right, man, just calm down.
It takes a lot of balls to say snooker's a sport anyway.
The Olympics doesn't recognize it, but what do they know? They used to give medals for solo synchronized swimming! I mean, what is that? Someone said if you can smoke while playing [gunshot] Oh! - What the hell, man? - Oh my God.
I wasn't gonna shoot anybody! - You didn't, he did.
- I am so sorry.
You made me go on forever, and when you finally jump in, this is what you do? Holy shit! I still have use of my arm, - thank you.
- Sorry.
Just wanted to make sure you get home okay.
Oh, here.
Got these at the hospital vending machine.
You couldn't decide which one you wanted at the liquor store, so I got you both.
Why are you here? I told you.
If you're gonna kiss me, kiss me.
[soft chuckle] I wasn't gonna kiss you.
["Put It On Me" by Matt Maeson] Hung high and dry where no one can see If there's no one to blame - Ah-ah! - Sorry.
I didn't say stop.
Blame it on me Storm in the sky Fire in the street If there's nothing but pain Put it on me [both moaning] If there's nothing but pain Put it on me Coach Davenport? Hi, have we met? Not officially.
I work for the League in Commissioner Matthews' office.
Eve Vincent.
That's a popular name around here.
My parents made quite the names for themselves.
I'm Olivia and Chase's daughter.
Olivia and Chase don't have a daughter.
[chuckles] Then those checks to my boarding schools and high-priced nannies were a big mistake.
- May I? - Uh Sure! Yeah.
[chuckles] My parents didn't feel this was the safest place for me, with Oscar Kinkade roaming the halls.
Olivia and Chase had a kid no one knew about.
So did you, right? Sorry, I didn't mean to No, it's okay.
Sorry about Olivia.
And Chase.
Must be something being around here.
A lot of bad happened here.
But a lot of good.
This was the place of their greatest glory.
Being here Makes me feel I don't know.
Closer to them.
Two scotch on the rocks.
I don't drink, actually.
Oh, sorry.
You looked like you could've used one.
[chuckles] Especially when I brought up your daughter.
What's she like? Like her mother.
They're a lot alike in a lot of ways.
Well You're clearly a great guy, one I look forward to working with.
Have a good night.
[lounge music] I got that boom boom Baby, bring the bass Put it on me [dramatic music] You leaving so soon? I left my number on the nightstand.
This is $20,000.
You know I'm a player, right? I also saw how you looked at that bar bill your boys left you.
I thought you could use it.
Cameras are getting set up outside as we speak.
The names I call, haul ass into uniforms, hair, and makeup 'cause we going live! [suspenseful music] Has anyone seen London? Listen up! Peyton! [applause] Welcome back.
Romy! That's right, OG.
[excited chattering] - Is it too late? - It is.
You're relieved.
I am.
But But what? It just doesn't feel the way I thought it would feel.
I've been in a hole for months.
A shut-in! I liked having a place to come to to do what I loved! What I still love.
[melancholy music] [chuckles] Hell, why am I crying about this? You tell me.
Because I just realized how bad I wanted this.
I just let it go.
You didn't.
You're number 14.
But I thought you said I say a lot of things.
But I needed to hear you say that.
You better get changed! You're about to go worldwide! Again.
[triumphant hip-hop music] Looking good, girls.
It feels good.
What? I thought you were out.
Well, you look disappointed.
Not at all.
["Swipe It Off" by Leo Justi and Brazzabelle and Zanillya] Now who's that calling out my game Better better get out my way I won't get hurt if you stay I ain't got time to waste Now who's that playing on the beat Cross the bell and leave your seat Word is out on the street Life is good maybe bittersweet Them get signals crossed Got my cake to frost Misinterpretate me Damn, I got shit to do Got my signals crossed Got my cake to frost Misinterpretate me Damn, I got shit to do Wipe it off swipe it off Wipe it off swipe it off Wipe it off swipe it off Tripping double on this Take a swipe at it write it off, write it off Take a swipe at it Damn, I got shit to do Damn, I got shit to do Damn, I got shit to do I'm in a cold sweat cold sweat Chill running over you bet Please don't waste my time You can't be afraid when you're pitch black Even if I despair, I ain't worried I ain't got the time Gotta hurry, hurry, hurry Ooh! [chuckles] Damn, I got shit to do Wipe it, wipe wipe it off Wipe, wipe, wipe it Wipe it Swipe it off Running, running Everybody [explosions] [cheers and applause] Oh, that was incredible.
Was that hot enough for you? - Kyle.
- You're welcome.
I thought I told you to dump her.
[dramatic music] That's it.
I've had it! This is my job! Either you let me do it, or find someone else who will.
The Devil Girls are all yours.
Oh, good.
Well I'm doing two jobs, captain and director, so I should be getting a way bigger salary.
Double even! You got it.
Double pay for Kyle.
But if anything goes wrong, including blowback on this one, you'll lose it all.
Kiss your cash and your autonomy goodbye.
Congrats on a great night.
Miguel, I have something to tell you.
And I can't put it off anymore.
I've been taking care of you since your mom passed.
Longer than we thought.
And I thought it might not be a bad idea if at some point, we made it Permanent.
If someday you wanted to, and that someday is coming up.
You want to adopt me? Only if you want me to.
I mean I'm not easy, but neither are you.
I'm insulting a child.
[stirring music] Listen, it's okay.
Whatever you want to do.
I won't be upset.
Okay, are you - You sure? - Yeah.
I'm so sorry I had to call you here.
You were his closest family in the area.
[dramatic music] Is this Pete Davenport? He died on impact.
His blood alcohol was .
He was drinking? Mm.
[sobbing] Pete was one of the most enduring personalities in the game.
He gave everything.
As a player, as a coach, and as a man.
The League couldn't be prouder.
Or more grateful.
[melancholy music] What you said was beautiful.
I heard who you were.
I worked with your mother.
I know.
Those were some of her best years.
Did she say that? No.
She said other things about you.
Well It was a shame, what happened to her.
At least you got through this eulogy without laughing.
Excuse me.
[suspenseful music] I'm gonna take Lionel home.
I'll answer any questions.
You should know better than to keep secrets from me.
What are you talking about? You can't go back to Miami.
You're not welcome in Miami.
You took such a giant dump there that they cancelled your contract and banned you from the arena.
You lost your wife, and you lost your job.
Careful doing your victory lap in those heels.
I didn't come in here to do a victory lap.
[dramatic music] I came with an offer.
Come back to the Devils.
I don't have all the money in the world to give you, but you're not worth all the money.
People have forgotten who Derek Roman is.
Including you.
And honestly, I don't see him either.
If you are going to find him, it's gonna be here.
Think about it.
Noah? What are you doing here? I'm the new sideline reporter for ISN.
What are you doing here? I'm the Executive Vice President of the team.
[smooth R&B music] If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to show me up in that dance.
Well, if I didn't know any better I'd say you didn't want me in here at all.
I'm no pushover.
I'm no pushover either.
Everyone was there for Pete Davenport today.
He wasn't there for Dad.
No one was there for you.
Jelena Howard.
Oscar Kinkaid.
Not a single person in Devils Arena.
[dramatic music] I will be when I take each and every one of them down.
Everyone who hurt you.
Who kept me from you.
When I'm done, there won't be a Devils left.
Cheers, Pete.
Next time on "Hit the Floor" - Jeremy? - Hey, Derek.
At some point, you need to accept when it's game over.
If I haven't won, then it's not game over.
Curtis, what are you doing here? I am gonna have to write two checks for the size of that thing.
Hail Derek Roman! The emperor has returned! Hello, didn't know anyone was in here.
I know all about you.
Don't believe everything you hear.
Couldn't agree more.
I am a walking hot mic.
It's either a fire you're willing to play with, or it's not.