Hit The Floor (2013) s04e02 Episode Script

Beast Mode

1 - What is your name, darling? - Jamie.
I drove from Chicago just for these tryouts.
- I'm just a whore that took down a mega-church.
You were the best choreographer working.
That's what you were famous for, that's who I came to see.
- I'm no pushover.
- I'm no pushover, either.
- I'm a rookie.
This is $20,000.
- I thought you could use it.
- Jude, you need to shake yourself out of it.
- I'm the new sideline reporter for ISN.
- I'm the executive vice president of the team.
- You lost your wife and you lost your job.
Come back to the Devils.
- Does he know about the coke? - If you take away my alibi, I'm underwater.
- Drown, bitch.
- You want to adopt me? - Yeah.
- I can't believe what Raquel did for me.
- German Vega didn't kill Olivia.
I did.
- Eve Vincent.
I'm Olivia and Chase's daughter.
- Is this Pete Davenport? His blood alcohol was .
- When I'm done, there won't be a Devils left.
- London.
London, where have you been? What have you been doing? - London, what's it's like being in the public eye again? - What do you have to say about Pastor Curtis? - Are you still in love with him, London? - Will you use any of the moves on court that got him into bed? - Have you spoken to him since he gave that interview with his wife? - London, just one comment about Pastor Curtis, please.
- Get back, you vultures.
Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves.
How you holding up? - Great.
Never been better.
[sighs] Are you sure about this? Having me on your team, all the baggage that I come with.
- I don't make bad decisions.
You're our choreographer whether you like it or not.
And you got a big opening game dance to focus on, so you better shake this off real quick.
- [sighs] - I never thought I'd be back.
Not that I had anywhere else to go.
Thank you.
- Opening game is a sellout.
I got what I paid for.
- Derek.
- Perfect.
- How could you bring him back? He's unpredictable.
- Is your issue that he's unpredictable or that he doesn't like you? Why I have yet to figure out.
- He thinks I stabbed him in the back once.
- Did you? - My issue is he's self-destructive, and I don't want him pulling us down with him.
- Don't worry, I'm a creative problem solver.
[indistinct chatter] - German? - Hey, Derek.
- You come to flash your new championship ring in our faces? - [chuckles] Hey, Boston's been good to me, in more ways than one.
They cancelled my assistant coach contract.
- How is that good? - So I can sign my first head coach contract.
- [scoffs] You're the-- - Let's start running drills, fellas.
Let's go.
Yeah, I wasn't expecting the call either.
But I was happy to get it.
- I mean, don't--don't get me wrong.
I mean, I know you're off conquering the world now.
I mean, shit, you got more rings than I do, but I mean, here? With me? - Look, man, Jelana's a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them.
I mean she saw the way I turned my life around.
Maybe she thought I could help you turn your life around too.
- Look, man, my life is fine.
[laughs] - You know, another coach might not know how big of a lie that is.
One that hasn't been hit by the same hurricane you have.
Look, man, I know things got pretty crazy for you in Miami.
The fights, the parties, all of it.
- Any beef you and I had is in the past.
So is any of that foolery in Miami.
That was just me blowing off steam.
I am cool.
- Okay.
I'll see you out there.
- I will see you out there.
[sighs] - Hi.
Got a minute? - Not unless it involves you making sweet, sweet, love.
And I don't mean to yourself.
- It was with your new sideline reporter.
- Jude.
- I know.
I had no idea.
Awkward, right? So I was hoping you could maybe, you know shift him.
- Shift him? - To another arena.
- [chuckles] No.
- No? - Last season was a bust thanks to your Devils.
Stock in sleeping pills plummeted and so did my viewership.
I need to wake people up this season.
Noah will do that.
He's got a big mouth and an even bigger online following.
- Has he been on TV before? - If Carson Daly can do it, anybody can.
- Well, Lionel-- - [chuckling] - You made your bed.
Now you're trying to kick your little tramp out of it.
Be careful Jude, your Kinkade is showing.
- Whose locker is that? - That's mine, I have a lot of stuff.
- You might as well just move in.
- Six different gossip sites just off this morning alone.
Jelana's gonna love this.
- Well, you put yourself front and center.
Look, we got off on the wrong foot.
'Kay, we're both new here.
We should have each other's backs.
- Yeah, we should.
- You're competition, okay? I was stankface because you're you and I'm me, and I didn't come here to be Kelly Rowland.
- Kelly Rowland's a great friend of mine.
- [sighs] - Okay.
Maybe I got a little fancy in the dance.
I get it.
So if you got my back, I've got yours.
- Cool.
- Mm-kay.
- Oh, hey! Heard you tried to get me fired.
- What? No.
No I wouldn't-- - I get it.
You're up here.
I'm down here.
- You're not down here.
- I was that night.
I can handle being under the same roof.
Clearly you can't.
- Look, I can handle it, okay? I can handle anything.
I'm a handler.
- Good.
Then we won't have any problems.
- Nope.
- Later, pal.
- The jersey retirement is scheduled before the game.
- That's a mock-up of the program.
Every fan will get one.
- The league will pay for it.
All of it.
Including the entire ceremony.
- You don't have to do that.
- It's the commissioner's idea.
Not mine.
- Eve.
I think we should clear the air about a few things.
- I don't need to be handled.
You're a piece of work.
So was my mother.
You didn't get along.
Life goes on.
- Okay.
- You have a call.
- Take a message.
- It's your adoption lawyer.
- Robert, what's going on? No, his father already signed it.
There's no problem.
When? I don't care about Jesse Reed's rights.
That man never wanted Miguel.
How could he just change his mind? Why would he suddenly do this? - Lionel Kinkade.
- Davenport.
- Eve Vincent.
I work for Commissioner Matthews.
- Olivia and Chase's daughter.
- You're doing a great job with ISN.
It's great to see a woman in charge, kicking ass.
- There's a couple of those around here.
- I was just with Jelana.
She was getting hers kicked.
- What do you mean? - Miguel's father had a change of heart on custody.
Apparently someone called him in Australia and got him all fired up about Jelena Howard being the one to raise him.
- Who would do that? - Given her reputation, who wouldn't? - Well, from what I heard, Jesse wasn't a gold star parent.
- From what I know, neither was his mother.
Raquel Saldana confessed to doing something pretty awful to my mother.
I don't take joy in seeing her son suffer, but I can't give sympathy either.
- He's been Jelena's life for the past year and a half.
I can't imagine what this will do to her.
- Or the Devils.
When an owner takes a hit, the entire team can spiral.
I'd hate to see that happen.
You know, I'm new here.
I could use a lay of the land, figure out how I can help.
You're connected to everyone.
Drinks sometime? On the League? - I'll check my schedule.
[cheering] - Hail Derek Roman! The Emperor has returned, y'all.
- [sighs] Man, when I got called up by LA, my mind was blown.
Playing in the pros.
I had no idea Derek Roman was gonna be on the team.
- Neither did Derek Roman.
- Top rebounder in the league three years in a row.
Four time all-star.
Your favorite artist is Tupac, and your favorite color, money.
- What's my favorite drink? - Jack Silver.
You got it.
[rap music playing] - Hello, I didn't know anyone was in here.
In my bedroom, naked.
- Just changing into a bathing suit.
- Don't let me stop you.
You a rookie? - Yeah, fresh and new and out of the box.
- Okay, From where? - Chicago.
- Yeah, that's where I'm from.
- I know.
Any advice for a noobie? - I was an absolute mess my first few seasons.
- Hmm.
Till your wife cleaned you up.
- Ex-wife.
- Well, her loss, someone else's gain Thanks for the chat, and by the way, I knew you were watching the whole time.
What's that? - [stammering] Jack Silver.
- My favorite.
- Where's my drink? - I was just about to get it.
- Hey, rook, I dinged your Maserati, bro.
It's fine, you got insurance, right? - Mary Beth, I'll just hold onto this and your keys until we can find someone to drive your drunk ass home.
How's it going, darling? - Uh king of the world.
- Or? - Or I feel like the help and I'm lucky to be here.
- You're a Devil.
Vodka stinger, straight up with a twist.
- Yeah, I bought a car I can't afford to put gas in, clothes I can't afford to dry clean, and a watch I can't afford a battery for.
How can you be a big baller without a big baller bank account? - Story of my life.
Jelena only just gave me the chance to score off the dancers, if they don't blow it for me first.
[gasp] Maggie, get down off that.
That is not a swing.
Oh, wait, it is a swing.
Get down anyway! [cell phone buzzes] - This party's invite only, son.
Who you here with? - John.
- There's no John here, man.
- How could there be no John here? Every party has a John.
- He's my date.
- Mm-hmm.
- You didn't have to do that.
- I did.
I'm not a fan of people being told they don't belong.
You're the internet guy.
You work for ISN.
- I'm off duty.
- Hmm.
Too bad, there's no time like camera time.
- You're a Devil girl, like London.
- No.
Like Jamie.
- What's your story? - I don't have one.
But, by the end of the season you'll know my name.
- Can I quote you on that? - Thought you were off duty? - I'm never off duty.
- Well, off the record, it's hard to break through when the press is breaking down the door for London.
- You're just gonna have to break down your own.
- Those things'll kill you.
- So's hiding in here when the party's out there.
- Well Kyle tricked me into coming here.
She said she wanted to go over some steps.
And plus, I've been photographed enough for today.
- Hey, about that, I wanted to say thank you.
I mean, you had the paparazzi all whipped up at the front door.
I was able to just slide through the side.
[both laugh] - Well, thank you for the rescue.
You're such a gentleman.
- No one ever said I was a gentleman.
- I know all about you.
- Don't believe everything you hear.
- I couldn't agree more.
So you got a great place, and a big game tomorrow.
- Yeah, it is game 600 and whatever of my career.
- But it's not, really.
Look, this ain't my first dance either, I've choreographed a thousand.
But every time we go out there, it's like we got to prove ourselves all over again.
- One day you're a god and the next no--no one understands what we go through.
- We don't even understand what we go through.
You scared? - Terrified.
- Well, that's why they call them loopholes.
You have to find them.
Look harder.
I have to go.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah, everything's fine.
Go back to bed.
- No, Kyle, you stay and party.
I had to go because I have a dance in the morning and I need to make sure I have a quiet night.
Okay? Bye.
- London.
- Curtis, what are you doing here? - Invite me in? - No, I will not invite you in.
- What if I told you I left? - The church? - My wife.
- You promised me that the entire time we were together.
Why now? - 'Cause I don't love her.
London, I love you.
- Just You said you loved me before and that didn't make a difference.
- I made some bad decisions.
But you gotta admit this whole situation was crazy.
Look, forget all that.
You and me can be together now.
I believe that.
Away from here.
- Away? - Yeah.
London, I came to make things right.
You and me are what's right.
Baby, come away with me.
- It was because of Oscar Kinkade my parents kept me so far away.
- I don't blame them.
- But you're best friends with his son.
- I don't remember telling you about my friendship with Jude.
- I'm a researcher.
- I'm not a fan of being researched.
Your turn.
What made you want to work for the League? - There are things my mother and father worked for that didn't turn out the way they should have.
With the power of the League I'll be able to correct that.
- It must have been tough growing up so far away from home.
- Hmm.
Closeness is just a state of mind.
- [scoffs] That's from one of my movies.
- "Ecstasy.
" - So you're the one that bought that ticket.
- [winces] Illegally downloaded it.
I must have watched that one scene 20 times.
So sexy.
- He was a pill.
- I meant the woman.
- 20 times is a lot.
- I told you, I'm a researcher.
- Uh Sorry, wrong room.
- No.
Come in.
Karla is a friend of mine.
She told me about the fun you had here.
How gifted you are.
- Look, I don't know what she told you, but what happened here-- - She paid you.
- Was an accident.
- And? - And how much are we talking about here? - I heard about your endowment.
Let's just say mine will match.
But of course It's up to you.
- Derek.
Couldn't find my invite.
- I ran out of spit for my stamps.
- What the hell are you doing throwing a party the night before the first game of the season? - Don't worry about me.
- I don't care about you.
I care about every other player that should be home that you lured here.
- I can't help it if people want to be around me.
- If you're not gonna work with me, at least don't work against me.
- I don't work for you period.
You are not the coach.
You're not the owner.
You're nothing.
- [scoffs] ["Get Down" by Vox plays] - [moaning] I'm gonna have to write two checks for the size of that thing.
And Venmo the rest.
[both chuckle] Oh.
- Why won't you be the boss - I wanna get down I want you to get me down I want to get down I want you to get me Holding Holding myself back - Oh.
It's just you.
- Oh, thanks, I'm not getting that enough tonight.
- Aw.
- Can't hear myself think out there.
And what are you doing in here? - Rummaging.
I've found three--four different illegal substances in four different rooms.
It's like they're themed.
- Remind me never to leave you in my place alone.
- What would I find? Have a special drawer, Jude? - Do you ever stop? - Not even when I hear the safe word.
- Can't believe you were invited to a Devils party and I wasn't.
- I wasn't invited.
- So you're crashing too.
Kind of crazy we both meet somewhere neither of us was supposed to be.
- You're a romantic.
- I didn't mean that romantically.
- You didn't have to mean it that way for it to be that way.
God, you're adorable when you fidget.
- I'm not adorable when I anything.
- Who told you that? - Anyone I've ever met.
- You haven't met me.
[crowd cheering] - You're my best friend.
- Nope, that's a wrap.
No, get down off of there.
My entire livelihood rests on y'all.
If I see one second of this on Snapchat you will regret this with your lives.
- What about Insta? Mother-- - Fire! [panicked screams] [siren wailing] [indistinct chatter] - Apparently, cigars are bad for you, and a cracked gas line.
Nobody got hurt, but, it's basically destroyed.
Maybe I'm still working through a few things.
- You could have called me.
- And said what? Your first big coaching opportunity is a bomb ready to go off? - Yeah.
And I would have lit the wick.
- You have more to lose than I do.
- What do I have to lose, Derek? No one expects me to turn this team around.
And after Miami, everyone knows you're a disaster.
Look, man, if the Devils win, I look amazing.
If the Devils lose, everyone's gonna blame you.
I'm gambling with house money.
But this This is what I want to see on the court.
Derek in beast mode is a glorious thing.
Let's go beast.
- My entire career, my entire marriage, everything happened in that house.
- Freud says "There are no mistakes.
" You meant to burn it down.
- You quoting Freud now? - Freud, Lenny Kravtiz, Kung-Fu Panda, I don't know who said it.
But my point remains.
I broke free 'cause I broke free.
It's your turn.
New chapter starts here.
[knocking at door] - Hi.
- Checking on me.
I'm touched.
- I was actually wondering if you could stop rerunning your joke package on the fire.
- Nope, sorry.
Lionel gave me M&M's because of it.
I love M&M's.
- [scoffs] Okay.
Okay, look.
Maybe I was also checking on you.
Look, my job involves sensitive information, things people can't know about.
And I can't be with someone who's gonna take everything I say and just put it on blast.
- And I can't keep a secret.
I know me, Jude, I'm physically incapable.
I am a walking hot mic.
It's either a fire you're willing to play with or it's not.
["Haunted by Beyoncé plays] - You want me I walk down the hallway You're lucky The bedroom's my runway Slap me I'm pinned to the doorway Kiss, bite My haunted lungs - Last night was interesting.
- Interesting's a word you'd use in a middle school book report.
- Life-altering.
- That's a start.
- A start implies a continuation.
- Hmm I have to get ready for the game.
See you around.
- Since law school didn't work out so well, next time try clown college.
- Saved me my first question.
Look, Jelena, you put up a good fight, but at some point you need to accept when it's game over.
- If I haven't won then it's not game over.
- This may come as a shock, Jelena, but people lose.
I lost my marriage, I lost my house-- - Oh, good job with that by the way.
- Sometimes winning is what you do with that loss.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying you're putting Miguel on a plane in a few hours.
You need to prepare him.
[somber music] - Los Angeles Devils number 23, Pete Davenport, ladies and gentlemen.
[applause] [crowd cheering] [hip-hop music] - Hands up, fellas! [whistle blows] - How did you get in here? - Told security I was looking for you.
He let me right in.
- People are gonna be talking about this.
- Let 'em.
I came for your decision.
I've been waiting, grew impatient.
- It took you months to come to me, and you need to know if I'm gonna get back with you in five minutes? You don't want me to go on that court.
You don't want me.
You just don't want me to make things worse for you.
- Things are barely dying down, London.
Do you realize what going out there would do to both of us? Dressed like that.
If you go out there you're just gonna keep things going, you're gonna whip it right back up.
- You never worried about me in any of this.
So I'm not gonna worry about you.
I'ma live my life.
And if that hurts you then too bad.
- [scoffs] You know when they call your name out there, those 20,000 people? They might not be shouting it the way you want.
- Go to hell, Pastor.
[crowd cheering] - You okay? - I just don't know if I want to be tarred and feathered in front of an entire arena.
- Well, the arena and the rest of the country.
- What are you talking about? - Well, the sideline reporter told me ISN's broadcasting it, so whatever happens out there - Oh, my God.
And I have a solo.
Perfect way to single me out.
- Well, I mean, I can do it.
I know it.
- Whatever's about to happen needs to happen real quick.
We're up.
- Thank you.
- I won't screw it up.
- [sighs] [engine revs] ["Shakeline" by G-Buck plays] - If you don't mind come shake your to, to, to Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya Get ya, get ya slam and the girls Gonna come to the party and just get pumped up Going dumb go retarded How many girls gonna come to the party And just get pumped up Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya, How many girls, How many girls How many girls, How many girls How many, how many, how many, how many Shakeline Shakeline Ho-ho-ho, ho-ho-ho, ho-ho-ho - How many girls, how many girls How many girls, how many girls How many girls, how many girls How many girls gonna come to the party Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya Get ya, get ya shake, word, rock Get ya, get ya, shake, word, rock Get ya shakin', get ya, get ya shakin' As soon as you get your tempo we can break it We can drop, now get you with you brrt Drop now, shake, word, wriggle, rock Shake, word, wriggle, rock Shake, word, wriggle Take a nigga to break you when you clap him when brrt Wah wah Get ya, get ya, wah, wah, wah Get ya, get ya, wah, wah, wah Get ya, get ya, wah Shakeline, move and around and around girl Boom and around and around girl Make you go, go, go, go Move and around and around girl Make you go boom and around and around girl Make you go, go, go, drop, drop, drop Drop now, bitch'll work it Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya Get ya, get ya, shake [crowd cheering] - Miguel.
You know where you're going.
This is a new chapter for you.
It's scary.
You've seen so much by such a young age.
So had I.
I grew up in a house that was not nice.
I was scared every day.
But, today I own a team.
I got everything I ever wanted.
And you wanna know how I did it? By controlling my emotions.
So no one could hurt me.
And that's what you need to do.
Be tough.
Be strong.
Turn off your feelings.
I'll show you how it's done.
I'm not taking you to the airport.
You're going with her.
- Let's go, Miguel.
- Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya, shake [whistle blows] - Devils take the tip.
the outlet to Low.
Oh, and the follow-up.
Beautiful put back.
- Come on, I don't see elbows! Come on! - Roman steals the ball.
Quick touch pass and back to Roman.
[buzzer blares] Devils win.
[cheering] - Yeah! - It has been a really difficult time for the star player recently with the loss of his house but-- - Yes, but the Devils' marquis player was able to bring [console pings] - Perhaps released some of his demons.
- [laughs] That has got to be a great feeling for new coach, German Vega.
This could be a sign of good things to come from him.
- There's Roman showing you tonight a completely dominant-- - All right, baby, first round of drinks at the Playground is on me! Hey, Devil girls too, all right, my treat.
- Uh-uh.
Y'all are grounded, young ladies.
You cost me some serious coin last night.
Now I gotta go back on the prowl.
No, I will be rich by the end of this season or I'll kill y'all trying.
- That was the messiest dunk since my grandma discovered Oreos.
She's dead now, but Derek Roman is very much alive.
- You are jacked in the head.
Has anyone ever told you that? - Daily.
- [laughs] Listen, hey, it's good to be home, Devils nation.
Rise up.
- Rise up! - So what did you think about the dance? - Sick.
- So it looked good on camera? Jamie said you were airing it.
- Why would she say that? [indistinct chatter] - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- German.
I'm Eve.
Olivia and Chase's daughter.
You took the fall for what Raquel did to my mother.
You were protecting a single mom.
And what my dad did to you as a result, I just If you ever need anything just let me know.
- Catch ya later, Jamie.
- Bye.
- Congratulations.
The crowd loved your dance.
- Congratulations for stealing it.
- But you were rattled.
I took the attention off of you.
- And put it on yourself.
- You worried about surviving a scandal? You don't know what surviving is.
- I know what dog-faced lying is.
So much for having each other's backs.
- I didn't do it to hurt you.
I did it to help me.
- What matters is that you did it at all.
But that's my fault for giving you the chance, and trust me I will never make that mistake again.
But I got your number, boo.
Watch me call it.
- Flight 839 direct service to Sydney will be departing shortly.
Please have your boarding passes out - Miguel forgot his game.
I sent him off in a way that It wasn't right.
[clears throat] I'm still responsible for him.
I'll walk him to the gate.
Give him the goodbye the deserves.
- Of course.
- Where are we going? - I said I would walk you to the gate.
I didn't say which one.
You know, Miguel, I forgot the most important lesson.
You can't lose if you change the game.
- Another Vincent in Devils Arena.
- When I got the job at the League, there was no Derek Roman in Devils Arena either.
Life's full of surprises.
- Well, hopefully I'm a good one.
- Well, you will certainly be good for ratings.
Can you shatter a backboard every game? - I'll see what I can do.
- Okay.
- Jude, where've you been? Where's Jelana? Jude.
- Jelana's gone.
She, uh, took Miguel.
She's gone.
- Wait, what do you mean she took off? What about the team? - She did a quick sale.
- To who? - Me.
I'm the new owner of the Los Angeles Devils.