Hit The Floor (2013) s04e03 Episode Script

Bad Blood

1 Previously on "Hit the Floor" You can't go back to Miami.
They cancelled your contract and banned you from the arena.
Let's go beast.
[yells] The crowd loved your dance.
Congratulations, we're stealing it.
I got your number, boo.
Watch me call it.
I am a walking hot mic.
It's either a fire you're willing to play with or it's not.
[smooth hip-hop music] Um, this is $20,000.
I thought you could use it.
I'm Eve, Olivia and Chase's daughter.
I don't work for you.
You are not the coach.
You're not the owner.
You're nothing.
- You want to adopt me? - Only if you want me to.
I don't care about Jesse Reade's rights.
You can't lose if you change the game.
Jelena's gone.
She, uh, took Miguel.
What do you mean she took off? What about the team? I'm the new owner of the Los Angeles Devils.
[upbeat hip-hop music] [groovy hip-hop music] Perfect timing.
I can't find my badge.
Derek Roman saves the day again.
Again? You singlehandedly won the Devils their first game of the season.
I don't know what they'd do without you.
You heard something I haven't? Not at all.
Although, I couldn't help but see your face when you heard Jude got the team.
Something tells me you prefer Jelena to him.
Yeah, I prefer anybody to him.
Feeling's mutual.
[solemn music] Does that worry you? The owner of the team not being a fan? I've got bigger things to worry about than Jude Kinkade.
[smooth instrumental music] [exhales] [both panting] Tell me how you did it.
Where'd I lose you? How you got the team.
Jelena just swung by the arena and said, "Go long"? Jelena Howard doesn't give anything away, especially not the Devils.
She thought it was the right choice.
Six sexual favors to five investors later [chuckles] Baller moves both of you.
I didn't have a choice, Noah.
When someone offers you the one thing you've wanted your entire life, you grab it.
You can quote me on that.
Oh, don't worry, I was going to.
It's like we screwed, and here's my press release.
Well, you've definitely become my favorite source.
I went from boning a lame old VP to making love to the owner.
That wasn't making love.
Well, not the way you do it.
Look, I'm sure you have plenty of sources in your back pocket, Noah.
Well, I prefer your back pocket.
[laughter] Someone's star is rising.
- Welcome to the neighborhood.
- [chuckles] I'ma play my music real loud.
[both laugh] That must feel good.
Well, it doesn't feel bad.
You don't know feeling bad Yet.
Kyle, I need your help.
I need my help.
Devil Girls Gone Wild at Derek's party cost me my salary bump, and before I could plead my case to Jelena, she took off.
I got nothing.
I hate nothing.
Maybe I could use her Midnight Run to my advantage.
Okay, okay, if I could just focus you over here for one minute.
So, the Devils have a promo shoot that's gonna run with all the games all season.
But it's the same thing every year.
Guys shooting baskets.
I thought maybe this year, we can try something different.
[dynamic instrumental music] It's all Devil Girls.
If those promos had us in those outfits on that set with my choreography And you front and center.
I'll run it up the flagpole.
[showers running] Ready for this Miami game? I didn't exactly leave there in a blaze of glory, and I'm sure they'll have something to say about it.
Bro, two years ago, Devils-Miami.
You scored 62 of 98.
That's, like, the highest percentage of a team's total score by any player in the league.
Now you got me.
[phone chimes] Hey.
You're not gonna stretch? I'm stretching somewhere else.
Watch Derek Roman take on his old team when Los Angeles hosts Miami, only on ISN.
A couple less shots of him wearing a Miami uniform.
This little matchup is loaded enough.
Anything else? [sighs] You're wearing too much cologne.
[chuckles] So, this is where the action happens.
One of the places.
This Miami game is going to be something.
You have your hands full.
So does Jude.
It's gonna be a baptism by fire for him.
- He can handle it.
- Can he handle Derek? Seems they have history.
They should both tread carefully.
Derek never does anything carefully.
Jude knows that.
Jude's never been in the position to do anything about it, though, and he's Oscar Kinkade's son.
He'll be fine.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some body spray I need to choke on.
[soft music] Hello.
I need some gas thrown on a fire, and I hear you're the guy that can do it.
[hip-hop music] So, in addition to being a liar, you're a hoarder too.
Liar? What are you talking about? Telling London ISN was covering the dance.
She had a solo, and I needed it.
She grabbed the spotlight first.
So you grabbed the poster? You're gonna lecture me on hustling? I'm gonna lecture you on using me to do it.
You know what, Noah? I'm used to being alone.
I can get used to it again.
Well lots of people can't be near me either.
[slow music] Well, we need to find some, preferably men.
We have a man.
Well, sort of.
Who? Jelena kinda sold him the team.
You're smashing the owner of the Devils? Score! We can double-date.
He can bring Derek Roman.
They don't get along.
And you can't double-date when you're not dating in the first place.
Jude's too bruised.
I guess it's just us then.
Hey, boss.
I just need your John Hancock.
It's for a piece of the Devil Girls.
Jelena was gonna sign it, but you know Mm.
I love what you've done with the place.
The personality's just fine.
Jelena wouldn't agree to this.
And neither would I.
Are you sure? Are you sure? You know what you need? A hag.
I've got one.
Anything else? Yeah.
Have a look.
Maybe that will turn you on.
[dynamic music] [sensual R&B music] [exhales, chuckles] Nice spikes.
Wait till you feel them on your back.
[inhales slowly] I can't even imagine what position we'd have to be in for that.
How would you feel making double? - What would I have to do? - Me.
[sighs] Why don't we go triple? I thought you'd never ask.
[giggling] Come on, bring it.
- All right.
- Take it off.
[laughs] [laughs] Eve Vincent.
What can I do for you? When it comes to dirt, I hear you're an artist, Pierce.
You went from a reporter to a one-man WikiLeaks.
WikiLeaks is nonprofit.
You worked for my mother.
She needed some information on a few people, and I got it for her.
[slow R&B music playing over radio] You mentioned something about a fire? Mm.
The Devils have a game coming up against Miami.
With the way Derek Roman left them, it's already tense.
I want it to explode.
You work for the league.
I work for myself.
If Miami heard Derek was trash-talking, there would be fallout.
What kind of trash talk? That his season with them was their fault.
Management was incompetent.
The team was weak.
Miami's a joke.
The truth gets me off, Eve, and I'm limp.
I can help, but it's gonna take more than spreading gossip.
If you want an explosion, I'm gonna have to dig deep into some real shit.
It's gonna cost him and you.
This team has already cost me everything.
Money's no object.
The Devils are nothing without Derek Roman.
I want to make it impossible for them to keep him.
Whenever we have a stressful game back in Boston [chuckles]I'd have the guys blow off some steam with a little poker.
What stress? [hip-hop music playing over radio] Feels like my past is coming back to haunt me.
[sighs] I ran right into mine after the game.
Olivia's daughter? These cards for me or you? Man, she thinks Raquel is the reason why her mother isn't here anymore.
No, Olivia is.
You suffered, man.
Raquel gave you a second chance.
You took it and ran with it.
The past is the past.
The past is the past.
Miami's big.
You can handle it.
Let's play.
Chips are at the bar.
I'll get a table.
Derek won't respond to any of my texts.
"I'm at the Playground.
Come here.
We'll go back to my place.
" It's Noah.
Is there a trap door that I'm gonna fall through - when he gets here? - Look Congratulations, boss man.
Have you seen Derek? He's here with me.
If he thinks I'm gonna put up with this We're about to play some cards.
You should join us.
You know, if Derek and I can squash what's between us, so can you.
I wouldn't mind doing some squashing.
You're probably too classy for poker.
I am.
Deal me in.
Somebody's thirsty.
[chuckles] I needed a distraction.
Looks like I found one.
I'm here with my coach.
Saw your poster.
You didn't need any rookie advice.
You clearly know what you're doing.
You have to grab opportunities when you can Derek Roman.
Hi, Jude.
Maybe you got one of my 15 messages.
I must've missed them 15 times.
- You ready? - Got us a table.
Won't these guys get in the way? They're playing too.
Could be a good way to bury the hatchet.
But maybe it's not such a good idea to clean out the boss.
[slow hip-hop music playing] Let's do this.
So, how'd it go? Your idea was a hit.
You just slid a $1/2 million promo to the Devil Girls, - you sly fox.
- Shut up.
You're gonna want me to.
They love you, love the idea, but they're not comfortable with you front and center.
They want Jamie.
Who's they? Jude.
[solemn guitar music] You keep extra chips in your office? I keep a lot of things in my office.
You should stop by sometime.
[chuckles] Wouldn't wanna disturb you, rubbing lamps and all.
You think I need the luck? You're obviously in need of something.
[hip-hop music playing] Hold this.
Drop these.
What's wrong, Derek, your game a little weak? Ooh.
Hey, now.
- Ten-high straight.
- [exhales] You got a ringer.
More like a shark.
That Devil Girls promo was my idea.
I should be front and center, not her.
I'm gonna be front and center in a promo? No, you're not.
I am.
You're too controversial.
Maybe later, but for right now, Jamie's the safer choice.
Everyone deserves a shot.
What are you doing? - Buying her way in.
- [scoffs] Let her play for it.
Derek, you don't have to do this.
I take the shark.
Whichever of you stays in the game longest takes it.
[suspenseful music] [clears throat] You ready? To win? Always.
I left my Black Card in my other purse.
So we're playing strip poker now.
Let's see what you got.
Your bet, Shark.
Chips or strip? [slow hip-hop music playing] Nothing Derek hasn't seen before.
I walked in on her changing at the pool party, that's all.
Too bad you don't have another house to burn down.
It's a good stress reliever with Miami coming.
Too bad you don't have a bodyguard.
You never know when a beatdown's coming.
You never know who a new owner could trade.
I fold.
You have been folding all night.
Guess you didn't get your pop's killer instinct.
What a surprise.
Perfect timing.
I lost the last hand, so you're losing your shirt.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey, no substitutions.
It takes a lot more than this to get my clothes off.
He works for you.
Isn't that sexual harassment? - Sue me.
- No problem.
I streaked across a WNBA game just to see if anyone would turn their head.
But I wanna produce my own package on prime time.
Every item I take off, I get 30 seconds towards it.
Let's see that package.
All right, Noah's in the game.
All right, come on, let's play.
Or not.
Full house.
- Four of a kind.
- Hey Hopefully you'll be this lucky tomorrow.
You how about a side bet? I outlast you, and you only talk to me through German ever again.
And if I win, you have to text me back right away, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.
Or we can just cash out and go our separate ways.
You better have German on speed dial.
[cards shuffle] [slow hip-hop music] [phone whooshes] Hey, stud.
Kyle? Is this how you're handling your money troubles? What am I doing? Half the lonely gals in Los Angeles County, - from what I've been seeing.
- [chuckles] I'm not hurting anyone.
[inhales sharply] I'm not so sure, judging by how the Wendy's girl just walked out of here.
Listen, I'm the last person to shame a game, but this is costing you more than it's making.
You're dragging on the court.
When you burn the candle at both ends, you're gonna wind up with a belly full of ash.
I don't even know what that means.
I do know what cash means, though.
That's a short-term solution for a long-term problem.
I've turned many a man's life around, leaving them far, far better than the wrecks I found them.
Some might call me a legend.
I could help you.
I seem to be helping myself.
What are you doing here? That is none of your business.
[dynamic hip-hop music] He is literally in my line of sight.
Can Noah go under the table so I don't have to look at his junk? It's distracting, isn't it? - Jude doesn't seem to mind.
- [chuckles] Oh, you thought that was funny? No, I didn't.
[apprehensive music] So, Noah, there's this guy I want to set you up with.
He's kind of a big deal.
Yeah? Well, uh I'm sensing some hesitation, so let's ask the table.
Who here thinks that I shouldn't set Noah up with someone smokin'? - Go for it.
- Hook it up.
As long as it's away from my dream.
[chuckles] Sure.
Can he handle all this? [laughter] - Okay, whose bet is it? - I'm up.
Were you always this lippy, German? I'm drinking milk.
Since side bets are all the rage, how about we make one of our own? Oh, you drive a big boy car? I'm a big boy.
[both chuckle] [slow bass music] I call your bet.
How about you? You want to fold again? I'm all in.
Read 'em and weep.
- I'm out.
- Yeah, me too.
But three of a kind beats two pair.
Noah, put your clothes on.
You look like a tramp.
Sure thing, boss.
Something to say? Oh, wait, wait, wait uh, wait.
Text it to German.
Text it to him.
Make sure you have his digits.
I don't want to have to take anyone to the hospital.
I'd be more worried with him being between these two playing for that 500K promo.
Just saying.
[dramatic music] [upbeat music] Listen, Jerry, you're the knock-off king of Chinatown.
Think of how much you can make off all this Devil Girl merchandise.
Mugs Outerwear Innerwear.
Well, now, see, that that would sell great on Hollywood Boulevard.
Comes with matching panties.
They're so teeny-tiny, you can't even fit the words "Devil Girls" on them.
[sniffles] Just a tiny T.
So sad.
Well, I might have a separate site for those, for more special treasures.
Well, the rest of this bag is full of 'em.
I'd be happy to show you.
Let me show you my special treasures Jerry.
[gasps, screams] Yes, baby, yes! Oh, yes, baby, yes! Give me your Louis Baton.
Brand me with your Pucci.
We're gonna make millions together! Oh! Oh, Kyle! Kyle! [both grunt] I'm out.
I got what I wanted.
It's down to you and me.
You know math.
- You can help me count the pot.
- Or your tears.
[tense music] It's called a Broadway straight, which fits, 'cause it just got my name in lights.
Straight flush like your career.
[music builds] See, real sharks don't advertise.
[grunting, moaning] [Yac-Yan DaBiznessman's "Good Good"] Shorty got that what what Shorty got that good good Shorty got that what what Shorty got that good good - That was - [shushes] I'm not done.
[both moaning] - Wow.
- [grunts] [exhales] Okay.
[both panting] I'm kind of busy this week with the, uh, game and all.
Are you giving me the speech? I don't get the speech, I give the speech.
I am too busy for you this week.
Get out of my car.
Actually, it's mine now.
You're still gonna take my car? - After that? - It's a Mercedes.
[groovy bass music] [chuckles] Forgot something.
[dynamic R&B music playing] I can't seem to stop losing things tonight.
Well, you lost, but I like the fight I saw in you.
Where'd you learn that? Self-taught.
When your dad takes off, you learn real quick, you eat what you kill.
My dad took off.
Was he a drug dealer too? He was not.
Where's your mom? At the ATM.
She was his best customer.
You saw something in me tonight.
I saw something in you too.
You have a tell.
When you have a bad hand, you change your grip on your glass.
Derek Roman's trash-talking because he's trash.
He knows he took a shit all over this team, cashed that check, and left us in the damn gutter.
We're gonna leave him in the gutter tomorrow.
Trash talk? I I haven't said a word.
Leave you in the gutter? It it's just talk.
It'll it'll be fine.
[music builds] [hip-hop music] When Jamie said she had someone for me, I didn't think it was Chris Banks.
- You're a movie star.
- I know.
Exciting, right? She hit on me at the opening game, and then I had to break her heart.
Is she okay? Uh yeah.
I didn't know you were gay.
I mean what is gay? Someone who has sex with other men.
Well, I'm not out, so don't go bragging.
I'm gonna go brag about you? You'll want to but I'm a private person.
I've seen your penis on IMAX.
The body is a beautiful thing.
I mean, my body is a beautiful thing.
You'll see.
Once you sign the nondisclosure agreement.
Wait, the what? You okay with meeting in backrooms? [chair rattles] Uh Jude.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, I'm on a date here.
You just gonna sit and ruin it? A date? I had I had no idea.
- Are you Chris Banks? - Gotta go.
If you wanted to go on a date, you could've just asked.
This is your date, Noah.
I'm just sitting here.
[chuckles] But while I'm just sitting here, no, I wouldn't mind you not dating anyone else.
You really are a mess.
Does this usually work for you? This is usually where the guy picks up the check and runs for his life.
You pick up the check.
I'll have another Americano and one of those Rice Krispie square thingies.
Lucky for you, I like messes.
[chuckles] [hip-hop music] Okay, girl.
Some crowd, huh? These Miami fans are hard to miss.
Hard to miss you coming out of Derek's bedroom at the party.
Nothing happened.
Not that I would've put up much of a fight.
I don't blame you.
[chuckles] The man burns down his house, he can just buy a couple more with the change in his couch.
I don't care about money.
What do you care about? Greatness.
Derek Roman's out there doing.
He's in record books.
Anyone can win the lottery.
It's his name you're going to remember.
That's sexy.
[crowd cheering] male announcer: And now, introducing your Los Angeles Devils! First up, number 26, rookie guard Pax Lowe! Number 11 [cheers and applause] I'm not sure if you're aware, but some of these people want your blood.
Yeah, I caught that.
Give 'em hell.
announcer: Number 22 Derek Roman! [lively hip-hop music] [whistle trills] - [whistle trills] - Watch the top! [whistle trills] Look, R.
, I don't know what you heard.
I heard enough.
- Pax, where's the cover? - I'm trying, bro.
- Pax, get your man.
- Here.
Ah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you think you can hold me, huh? Show me what you got, son.
Son? You got no son.
- What? What'd you say? - You heard what I said, boy.
You ain't got no son.
Your two-cent ex-wife took care of that.
[grunting] [whistle trilling] [whistle trilling] [whistle trilling] [camera shutters clicking] Derek Derek, I had your back, bro.
I was right there.
I don't need you to have my back in a fight! I need someone to have my back on the court! I can't do it all.
Stop idolizing me, man.
I am not your brother.
You wanna spit my stats to me all the damn time, how about I spit yours? You played four years in college.
That tells me you're not a risk taker.
You spent the fewest minutes on the bench per game in the whole Eastern division.
That tells me your game is your legs, your endurance.
Look, I don't know what is going on with you, but you are useless out there.
Play the game or get out of it.
[music builds] My first game as owner, and I'm giving six different interviews on live TV, explaining why my coach has a concussion and my captain was ejected.
What the hell are you doing? You are in some back office, and I'm on the damn court! I am in charge.
I'm the boss.
You don't like it, trade me! [music swells] [tense hip-hop music] [sensual R&B music] Okay, girls, let's show 'em what a half-a-mil buys, and I'm talking about ass.
This is at least 200 Gs right here.
[chuckles] Okay, ladies, I worked hard on this, and it's gonna air all season, so I need y'all to give me everything and some change.
Oh, don't worry.
I'ma give better than anyone.
Okay, well, let's hope the cameras can find you in the back.
[Apashe's "No Twerk"] Nineteen, skin color, Dairy Queen White pill, gin and tonic with some grenadine Eyes open like they never seen a dance floor Pumping like that shawty full of creatine, baby Them bitties all trying to shake ass Hear they break glass $20 booty, no class They getting bad Sweating, trying to get a glass of water 'Cause they acting like they mo' Whoop! Billy Ray daughter Flat ass, twerk team, 2014 Baby, I ain't seen nothing up in your jeans Get the [bleep] out Oh, all of a sudden, you a bad bitch? Just got a fat ass like it's magic? And now you're trying to shake it like ratchet I'm guessing they must call you Go Gadget Nineteen, skin color, Dairy Queen White pill, gin and tonic with some grenadine Eyes open like they never seen a dance floor Pumping like that shawty full of creatine, baby Them bitties all trying to shake ass Hear they break glass $20 booty, no class They getting bad Sweating, trying to get a glass of water 'Cause they acting like they mo' Whoop! Billy Ray daughter Flat ass, twerk team, 2014 Baby, I ain't seen nothing up in your jeans Get the [bleep] out Oh, all of a sudden you a bad bitch? Just got a fat ass like it's magic? And now you're trying to shake it like ratchet I'm guessing they must call you Go Gadget [crowd applauds] [slow hip-hop music] [scoffs] What? Really? Three to five years? Jerry, we were supposed to make millions together.
How much Devil Girl merchandise can you make between making license plates? That was a real question.
Hello? Who hangs up on a legend? His time ran out, and so did mine.
I hope not, 'cause I need you.
All right, you're right, I'm screwing up on the court.
I got shredded by Derek for it.
[dramatic music] I can't keep letting him down.
Help me? I'll do it.
I will transform you.
You're the greatest.
And you will transform my bank account.
Managers get 5%.
You want to be great, or don't you? I do.
[crowd cheering on TV] I hope you got hazard pay.
My camera guy fell.
For picking up the camera myself and keeping us going, Lionel gave me two extra minutes on my feature.
Now you can say you've covered a war.
And dated a People's Choice nominee.
- Big week for me.
- How'd that go? South.
But all's well that ended well.
That double date we talked about? Jude's my plus-one.
So my plan worked.
We're even for my lying to London.
Not totally even.
I'd have to be blind not to see all that crap in your car.
What about it? Your packed 2007 Honda that never leaves the arena? The fact you never leave the arena? You're living here.
You're homeless.
What's that? A key to my place.
It's just a couch.
Just temporarily.
Unless you're too proud.
[chuckles] Hey.
How's your face? The damage was done the day I was born.
I'm sorry this happened to you.
You didn't cause it.
Well, no.
[soft music] [sighs] Let's see it.
- Does it hurt? - Nah.
I'm tough.
You are.
I'll let you get back to work.
You're wrong about one thing.
What? It's a good face.
Hello? Derek? I came to check out the shoot.
You wanted to see what your poker game buy-in bought you, huh? I mean, I I put you in, but you won it.
[sparks crackling] Looks like they'd hurt, but they don't.
That's amazing.
Tonight was amazing.
For the first time in a long time, I feel like myself again.
Good for you.
I didn't even finish the game.
Not the best night for me.
Derek, this is all because of you.
I know, the the buy-in.
No, the whole idea.
From the beginning.
This promo had to rep the season.
This is what the Devils are about.
You've taken a beating, but you keep coming, battling, rising up, like a phoenix.
I was inspired by you.
[upbeat R&B music] Girl, the way you move it, I could tell You practice in a mirror, practice in a mirror Practice in a mirror Let me come a little closer I can see clear, after this song, let me know If you with it, girl, maybe we can hit that Hit that, hit that, hit that, yup Hit that, hit that, hit that Hit that, hit that, hit that flow And drop it, drop it, drop it low [man singing indistinctly] You make me want to do it Trying to see if I can hit that too [sighs] Hell of a first game.
The league's suspending Derek 30 games.
[dramatic music] Hard to keep him under these circumstances.
Sometimes being the boss means protecting your investment.
You better be careful, Jude.
You never know when the next brawl's gonna break out and who's gonna get hurt.
It could be you.
[music builds] - Next on "Hit the Floor" - Derek, that night, us I just haven't been able to stop thinking about it.
London's everywhere.
You woke the beast.
She did.
I could be your best friend or your worst enemy.
Choose wisely.
Thought you might be staying here.
I could be.
Welcome to the Devil Girls' boat ball, y'all! Are you dancing for charity or Derek? I could ask you the same question.