Hive Minds (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

The Trivium v The Mendellians

Welcome to Hive Minds, the quiz where simply knowing the answers isn't enough, you've got to find them as well.
Let's meet this week's Hive Minds.
Team Trivium, would you like to introduce yourselves? Yes, Fiona.
My name's Alan, I'm from Belfast and I'm currently unemployed.
I'm Amy and I'm a maths teacher from Oxford.
I'm Will, I'm from Downpatrick, County Down, and I'm an actor.
Team Mendelians, introduce yourselves, please.
-Hi, I'm Andrew.
I'm the editor of a science journal and I live in London.
I'm Cesta and I'm also a science journal editor from London.
I'm Shreya, I'm a medical news writer from London.
You all work in science in one way or another, so explain to us your name, Mendelians.
-Er, so we all have backgrounds in genetics and it's after Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics.
Now, Shreya, tell me about your studies of the fruit fly.
So that was my old life, when I was doing my PhD.
The gene I was looking at was expressed in the male reproductive system of the fly, so my job involved dissecting fruitfly testes.
-Dissecting fruitfly testes? -Yep.
How tiny were they? -Very.
LAUGHTER If you can top that, team Trivium So I think you can, Alan, cos I remember you telling me have a very rare talent.
Go on, tell us.
"Talent" is probably a a bit of a misnomer for it, but, generally speaking, if I hear a word, then I can spell it.
I can pretty much instantaneously tell you how many letters are in that word.
Or a couple of words, or a sentence.
Hive Minds.
-Fiona Bruce.
-Oh, my goodness! LAUGHTER That's 17.
LAUGHTER -And you're right, it's 17.
That's amazing.
And how do you do that? Do you just see the word? The only rationale I can come up with is that I break down the syllables really quickly and then add them up really quickly.
Let's see if it can help you in this game.
Well, we'll see.
Best of luck to both of you.
Let's play Hive Minds.
OK, so all the answers are hidden in a hive, which looks like this.
And if the answer to my question was, what are the names of this week's teams? You'd be looking for Trivium and Mendelians.
There we are.
And, as you can see, answers use adjoining cells, they can go in any direction and no cell is used more than once.
Now in Round One, as you're looking for answers in the hive, after two seconds, letters will start to disappear and, as they do, the points go down, so the faster you answer, the more points you score.
But be careful, because we've set a few traps and laid a few false trails.
So, Trivium, we're going to start with you.
Here's your first question, buzz in when you think you've found the answer.
You're looking for a European country whose capital city begins with a B.
Reveal the hive.
You can have Belgium maybe? -It's not there.
-Belarus? -No.
-Country beginning with B.
You could have, um -We're looking for the capital? Country.
No, we're looking for the country.
-The country.
-Um Um Er, I can't see a country.
-Running out of time.
Two points left.
I can't see a country.
Ooh! Just in the nick of time.
Trivium, what's your answer? -The answer is Serbia.
Show me your first letter.
Well done! Let's see if you're right.
In the nick of time, Serbia.
Of course.
And the capital is? Belgrade.
-Belgrade, that's what we were looking for.
Very well done.
OK, Mendelians.
You ready to start? -Yep.
-Come on.
You are looking for a sign of the zodiac which is traditionally represented by a four-legged animal.
Reveal the hive.
THEY TALK OK, we've got Aries, Capricorn.
-Um Aries? That was quick.
Your answer? -Aries.
-Show me your first letter.
Let's see if you're right.
Aries, very well done.
Four points.
What would you say are the typical characteristics of an Aries? Er They've got horns.
-They've got horns.
Honest, assertive, doesn't like excuses.
Famous Aries Alan Sugar.
LAUGHTER I think he absolutely fits the bill.
OK, well done.
Trivium, over to you.
A flowering plant which, if you remove one letter, becomes a medical complaint.
Reveal the hive.
Oof! Erm Flowering plant? Right, let's think of some flowering plants here.
We've got Er, sciatica, um Let me see.
Lily? No, um Gosh, I can't see.
Remove one letter and it becomes a medical complaint.
Two points left.
You're running out of time.
Um No.
Oh, my goodness.
Um Oh! Ooh, no! You're out of time.
I've got it.
You haven't found the right answer.
Team Mendelians, I can throw it over to you for a bonus point.
Have you got it? We're going to guess begonia.
Show me your first letter.
Let's see if you're right.
No, it's not begonia.
The answer was Plumbago? Plumbago.
So Plumbago is the plant, with little blue flowers, and the complaint is Lumbago.
So pain in the lower back.
Team Mendelians, over to you.
You are looking for a geometric shape, which, if you change one letter, becomes an astronomical phenomenon.
Reveal the hive.
Pentagon? Supernova? Supernova, what's that, though? I don't know.
Um Er Rhomboid? OK, it doesn't end in "on.
" Er, rhombus becomes Rhobus? HE WHISPERS: Rhobus? THEY CONFER One point left.
Ooh! In the nick of time.
Mendelians, your answer? Rhombus.
Let's see if you're right.
You haven't found the right answer.
I can throw it over to you for a bonus point, team Trivium.
Let's see what you'd have been left with.
We think it's Ellipse.
Let's see if you're right.
Well done, Will.
There we are.
The astronomical phenomenon was Eclipse.
And then that led us Changing one letter led to Ellipse.
So well done for that, Trivium, but you're still languishing with 2.
Mendelians, you're in the lead with 4.
Now, we're going to make things a little bit harder.
I'm looking for two answers and you must spot both to get the points.
So, Trivium, coming to you first.
You're looking for a 1980s Best Picture Oscar-winning film and its director.
Reveal the hive.
God! '80s films! What happened in the '80s? OK.
Um Gosh! Oh, my goodness.
Gandhi? Have they got Gandhi? Well, if it's Gandhi, then it would be Lean, wouldn't it? Attenborough, Attenborough was Gandhi.
I can't see Gandhi.
Yes, but And neither of those are there.
Er, Chariots Of Fire? Two points left.
No, it wouldn't be.
Er, no, it wouldn't be, would it? Platoon Platoon, Stone.
Stone! Yes.
Got it, yep.
Ooh! Let's hear your answer.
The answer is Platoon and Stone.
Let's see if you're right.
Oliver Stone.
Well done, very good.
Platoon, of course, the film about his experiences in the Vietnam war, or a thinly fictionalised version of.
Very well done.
Mendelians, over to you.
Remember we're looking for two words.
Find a 17th-century political work and its author.
Reveal the hive.
THEY CONFER Leviath We can make Leviathan, which is Hobbes.
Is he there? Hobbes, yes.
Um No.
And Leviathan.
There it goes.
Hobbes isn't.
Oh, it is.
Your answers? Hobbes and Leviathan.
Show me your first letters.
For three points, let's see if you're right.
Very well done.
Leviathan famous for the development of what's become known as social contract theory.
Alan, how many letters, social contract theory? 20.
Well done! LAUGHTER Oh, I thought I'd get you with that one! Right, Trivium, over to you.
You are looking for a day of the week and the same day in French.
Reveal the hive.
Have they got Mercredi? Jeudi at the top.
M, E, R, C, R.
No, we don't.
Tuesday and Vendredi.
Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi.
There's Jeudi, so where's Thursday? Three points left.
Your answers? Jeudi and Thursday.
Show me your first letters.
Let's see if you were right for three points.
Jeudi, of course.
Now I've got to share with you a little-known fact.
That a study by British meteorologists has revealed that Thursday is the wettest day of the week.
LAUGHTER It took them seven years to establish that.
Why they bothered, I don't know.
But there you are.
I give you that as my gift.
Right, Mendelians, over to you.
You are looking for two colours of the German flag in German.
Reveal the hive.
Schwarz, rot, gelb.
No, it's not there.
Schwarz is not there.
Gelb is.
And rot? Three points left.
Um So it must be schwarz, because rot's not there.
Ah, where is it, though? Up there.
Schwarz is there.
Was it? Yep.
Your answers? Schwarz and gelt.
Show me your first letters.
No, it's geld! Oh, sorry.
Let's see if you're right.
It's not right.
You haven't found the right answers.
I can throw it over to you for a bonus point, Trivium.
Let's see what you would have been left with.
Tell me your answers.
Schwarz and geld.
Geld? Show me first letters.
So schwarz was here.
And the geld is here.
Let's see if you're right.
No! THEY CONFER Shall I tell you where you were both going wrong? Yeah.
What's the red? So schwarz Yep.
Is there.
And gold in German is gold! ALL: Oh! You see? We put it there to trick you both and we succeeded.
How marvellous! So let's see where we are at the end of Round One.
Mendelians, you're in the lead with 7.
Trivium, not far behind with 6.
In Round Two, you'll each face two hives containing three answers relating to a specific topic.
You will have 45 seconds to complete each hive and score a maximum 5 points.
So, Team Mendelians, you're in the lead.
You get to choose first from Which topic would you like to choose? Animals.
Animals and TV Comedy seems reasonable.
Shreya's not going to do I feel like there's more about Animals.
Right? Unless it's only recent comedy, Shreya's Quickly.
That's too old comedy.
Shall we say Animals? Yeah, I reckon Animals.
Animals, please.
Before I reveal the hive, you'll have ten seconds to confer as a team, but then you answer on your own.
You've got two passes, but remember one wrong answer and your team will be locked out of the hive.
That will be the end of that particular go.
You've chosen Animals, you are looking for extinct mammals.
You've ten seconds to confer.
Giant ground sloth.
What's the tiger? Oh, erm Sabre-tooth? Smilodon.
Time's up! Um, Tasmanian Tiger Time's up.
You are looking for extinct mammals.
You have 45 seconds.
Andrew, we're going to start with you.
Reveal the hive.
Let's see.
Quagga, correct.
Cesta? Thylacine.
Thylacine, correct.
Shreya? Mammoth? Let's see.
Correct! Goodness me! Three answers, so let's have a look at them again.
And mammoth.
Very well done.
So thylacine, who can tell me what a thylacine is? A Tasmanian wolf, I believe.
It was known as a Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf.
And looked a bit like a lioness, but with stripes along its back.
And what about a quagga? It's like a zebra.
Half zebra, so half plain brown and half striped.
And, sadly, no longer with us.
Well, well done.
Three correct answers for the maximum of 5 points.
Tremendous start.
OK, Team Trivium, it's your turn.
Which topic would you like? Comedy would be my I would go for Comedy or History.
We'll start with Comedy then.
TV Comedy? Right.
Names of characters in Only Fools And Horses.
You've got ten seconds to confer.
Del Boy Trotter.
Uncle Albert, Grandad, Dave.
ALL: Trigger.
Mike Pearce.
Dave's the barman.
There's Cassandra and Raquel.
Cassandra, Damien.
Time's up! Damien's the baby.
Time's up.
Lots of names I heard there.
Alan, we're going to start with you, so names of characters in Only Fools And Horses.
You've got 45 seconds.
Reveal the hive.
You've got two passes.
Will? Pass.
Alan? Raquel.
Correct, Raquel.
Amy? No passes left.
AMY MUTTERS Ten seconds left.
Time's up! Yep.
Talk about a close call, Amy.
You hit your first letter just in time.
Oh! So let's hear your answer.
Well done! LAUGHTER Yes, indeed.
My goodness me! Cos you looked so confident, you threw out all those names when you were conferring and then you nearly didn't make it.
OK, so let's see what you got.
Boycie, the second-hand car dealer.
And Raquel, Del Boy's girlfriend.
And did you know Trigger's only qualification, according to his story in Only Fools And Horses? Was it a CSE in something? Grade Three cycling proficiency diploma.
LAUGHTER God love him! Grade Three! That's something.
So, he only got Grade Three, but you've got a maximum of 5 points just in the nick of time.
Very well done.
Team Mendelians, now you aced this, with a maximum of 5 points the first time around.
So did Trivium, so there's all to play for.
Let's see what topics are left.
Which would you like? So Classical Music, I think we definitely can't do.
I'm happy with Classical Music or History.
Or History.
I was going to say History or Politics.
We'll go with History then.
-OK, UK History, please.
-UK History.
You are looking for names of towns in Roman Britain.
You've ten seconds to confirm.
THEY CONFER Londinium.
Erm CESTA WHISPERS: Oh, Christ! Du THEY LAUGH -Let's just go on.
-Eboracum Time's up! I'm not sure how many names you came up with there.
LAUGHTER It didn't sound like an awful lot.
Andrew, we're going to start with you, so names of towns in Roman Britain.
You've 45 seconds.
Reveal the hive.
You have two passes, remember.
Cesta, 30 seconds.
20 seconds.
You still have one pass remaining.
-Shreya? Ten seconds.
I haven't got it.
-Time's up.
Shreya, poor you! I couldn't find a thing! -Cos the chaps couldn't do it, it all came down to you.
Right, any ideas? -Yeah, I've just seen Eboracum.
Because you came up with Eboracum.
-I know, yeah.
Let's see the names you could have got.
You mentioned that when you were conferring, but you just didn't see it.
And Deva.
So Eboracum was York.
Corinium, Cirencester.
That was the second largest town, largest city, in Roman Britain after London.
And then Deva, Chester.
So no points! From hero to zero in Round Two.
LAUGHTER Team Trivium, can you repeat your triumph of earlier? You've a real chance to take the lead.
You have two topics left.
What do you reckon, guys? Hobson's choice.
What do you think? Yeah, either of those.
Which one would you feel most comfortable with? It kind of depends on the question, really.
Go for Music? Quickly.
Go for Music.
Yep, Music.
Music, please.
Classical Music, OK.
You are looking for violinists.
You've ten seconds to confer.
All right, Menuhin, Grappelli.
Mae, Vanessa Mae.
Kennedy, Nigel Kennedy.
Nigel Kennedy.
Say those ones again.
Grappelli, Menuhin, Mae.
M, A, E.
Er Time's up.
Yo-Yo? You've 45 seconds.
You're looking for violinists.
Will, we're going to start with you.
Reveal the hive.
Alan? Ooh! Um I'm going to pass.
Amy? AMY MUTTERS 20 seconds.
One pass left.
Will? Ten seconds.
I'm going to guess Liszt.
No, and you're locked out of the hive.
Worth a shot.
BOTH: Worth a shot.
But Liszt, great composer.
Not a violinist.
So, you've got Menuhin.
Yehudi Menuhin.
Let's see who else you should have got.
Joshua Bell.
The youngest ever soloist with a Philadelphia Orchestra, at 14! And your last one, Heifetz.
Ah! Jascha Heifetz, one of the great virtuoso violinists of all time.
FIONA GASPS So, Trivium, not a total loss, because you got 1 point, so the scores are now even-stevens.
Mendelians, 12.
Trivium, 12.
In Round Three, you're faced with a super hive.
You're looking for a number of answers that fit a certain category, but your challenge is to use every letter to find one perfect solution.
Team Mendelians, it's your turn.
Which hive would you like? The A hive, or the B hive? We'll have the B hive, please.
Good! I wanted you to go for B hive.
Just so we could say "the B hive".
You are looking for edible fish.
Reveal the hive.
Tilapia's in the middle there.
We don't want to go for that, do we? We can try it.
No, it's No, because it's Salmon? Oh, yeah.
You're right.
Um Is salmon there? Um, trout? OK, what's down here? Well, we can put this K in.
Hake is there, yeah.
And then sword fish.
Haddock? Swordfish.
Swordfish, OK.
There's a turbot there.
Turbot is there and that fits nicely with those, which is good.
Um OK, what are we going to have down here? Er Gurnard? Gurnard.
That makes a nice Is that a word? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um There's tilapia.
Did we get tilapia there? From here, tilapia is there.
Ah, tilapia.
Ah, it is there.
I just went the wrong way the first time.
Oh! CESTA SPELLS: Whi ting.
One minute left.
And sole.
CESTA SPELLS: Pil chard.
And sole.
And sole.
So, at 49 seconds BELL RINGS you have the perfect solution.
Well done.
My goodness! That was very impressive indeed.
Right, let's take your answers one by one.
Yes, that is a word.
And sole.
Very well done.
There was a few little red herrings in there.
You put tilapia at the beginning.
There was no herring at all.
And then you weren't quite sure.
We went the wrong way.
We went the wrong way, I think.
Very impressive indeed.
Any idea why a sole is called a sole? It's on the bottom? It comes from the Latin for solea, like a sandal.
Flat like a sandal.
You see? You might have got the perfect solution, but you live and learn.
LAUGHTER Come on then.
Trivium, are you feeling bold? -We need to be.
ALL TALK You better had be, absolutely! OK.
You will be looking for super hive A.
And that is card games.
You've got two minutes, time starts now.
We've got wist, poker.
Er, bridge.
We have poker up.
Will we try to start with poker? Yep.
Press enter.
Pontoon is here.
Um Right.
Um You've now got canasta.
HE SPELLS: Can asta.
Very good.
What have we got in there? H-E-T I think that might be a problem there.
You see, we have baccarat there.
Blackjack, as well.
Yeah, blackjack.
But there's lots of Bs.
Is there anything coming off that there? Er Er See, this is going to be I think this is wrong.
So poker's wrong then? Yeah.
Shall we take poker out? Yep.
Um I think we need to take canasta out as well, to be honest.
We need a starting point somewhere.
Cheat! Oh, there we go.
That's better.
And then we've got Mm.
Canasta no.
Er No.
Well, will we try poker? No, we can't.
Blackjack's a dud, I think.
Cribbage, cribbage, cribbage.
You're halfway through.
A minute to go.
Start it here.
You've now got baccarat here.
I see blackjack.
Brag? Brag.
No, hold on.
Too many fingers.
A, G.
Primer? Prime? Prim? Oh, gosh.
Prim? Prime? Oh, dear.
So now we've got We've got to figure out what this is now.
I think we may be 20 seconds to go.
Primera? Primero.
BOTH: Primero.
Primero, yep.
BELL RINGS Perfect solution, well done! Well done.
Well done.
With seconds to go! Snap, snap! That was quite apt when we both said snap at the same time.
Oh, I love the fact that you said snap at the same time.
That was perfect.
And also, we put in some red herrings in there.
So you went for canasta and poker.
ALL: Yeah.
Which, if you stayed with, you wouldn't have got the perfect solution.
Very well done, both teams.
OK, so card games.
Let's see what you got.
And Primero.
Very well done.
That was a tremendous game.
Now, cribbage, that is one of my favourite games, I have to say.
Do you know what expressions it's given rise to in the English language? One for his nob? LAUGHTER One for his nob, two for his heels.
That's all about the jack.
I've never played it.
Pegging out? Pegging out.
Level pegging.
Oh, yes.
Oh, OK.
Turn up for the books, streets ahead.
Oh, right.
Streets ahead, of course, cos there's streets! Yes! Cribbage, you can learn so much with a game of cribbage.
Very well done, both of you.
So a maximum of 10 points to both of you, which leaves you neck and neck at 22 points.
Well, there's everything to play for now in our final buzzer round.
This time, the hives are filled with answers and, if you pay attention, you might spot an answer to a question you haven't even heard yet.
So are you ready? Fingers on buzzers.
Reveal the hive.
An Italian nationalist.
BUZZER Trivium? Garibaldi.
Garibaldi, correct.
One point.
A ship used by Columbus.
BUZZER Come on.
Trivium? Pinta.
Correct, one point.
Star of 1990 film Goodfellas.
Come on, Mendelians.
BUZZER Trivium? Liotta.
Ray Liotta.
Correct, one point.
Ancient tax.
Come on.
BUZZER Trivium? Penates.
It's the wrong answer.
You lose a point.
Agh! You were looking for Danegeld.
Of course.
Cornish castle.
BUZZER Mendelians, welcome to the game! Tintagel? Tintagel, correct.
Well done, one point.
Flower of the genus Taraxacum.
Come on.
Oh! Neither of you managed to get that.
It is the humble dandelion.
ALAN: Oh, my goodness! Time to refresh the hive.
An English landscape painter.
BUZZER Mendelians? Whitstable? Whitstable, no.
The answer is Constable.
John Constable.
Mendelians, you lose a point.
A Christian festival.
BUZZER Trivium? Whitsun? Whitsun.
Correct, one point.
Well done, Amy.
Jamaican Prime Minister.
BUZZER Trivium? Manley? Manley, correct.
One point.
Star of Carry On films.
Ooh! ALAN SIGHS Too late.
Just too late, Trivium.
Hawtrey? You were looking.
You knew it, but you were too late.
Hawtrey, Charles Hawtrey.
That's who you were looking for.
A seaside town in Kent.
BUZZER Mendelians? Whitstable? -Whitstable! You knew it had to come up somewhere! LAUGHTER Well done, one point! A 19th-century novelist.
Come on.
BUZZER Trivium? -Thackeray? -Thackeray.
Well done.
William Thackeray, famous, of course for Vanity Fair.
END OF ROUND JINGLE Oh, and there we have it! Oh, my goodness! Mendelians, a valiant effort, but I'm afraid you trail with 23.
Trivium, you soared ahead with 27.
That was certainly your round.
Trivium, you are the winners, you go through to the next round.
Very well done.
Bad luck, Mendelians, but very well-fought.
You'll have another chance to get through to the next round later in the series, so we look forward to seeing you then.
Join us for more brilliance and bewilderment in Hive Minds next time.
But, before we go, here's one for you just at home.
You're looking for a girl's name that appears in a Shakespeare's play title.