Hive Minds (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

The Goats v The Araucarians

Welcome to Hive Minds, the quiz where simply knowing the answers isn't enough - you've got to find them as well.
Let's meet this week's hive minds.
Team Goats, introduce yourselves.
Hi, I'm Mark.
I'm a technology consultant and graphic designer from the South West, near Exeter.
Hi, I'm Stewart.
I'm a music journalist and English teacher from London.
I'm Richard, I'm an IT project manager from London.
Thank you very much.
Araucarians, your turn.
Hi, I'm Helen, I'm a taxonomist and I live in London.
Hi, I'm Simon, I'm a database manager, originally from Ipswich, now living in London.
I'm Simon as well, I'm a plumber, I live in Essex.
Team Goats, first of all.
You all met at Oxford, didn't you? ALL: Yes.
-You've got your little goat mascot.
How did you come up with a name like that? It all came from a bizarre incident at a Radiohead gig in Glasgow in 1993, where one of our friends who was there suddenly started talking animatedly about goats.
And it wasn't just ABOUT goats, it was saying "goats" with an uplifted chin and a bold expression.
Shall we do it together, gentlemen? And he'd say, three, two, one ALL: Goats! Are we glad we asked? Very interesting tale, nonetheless, gentlemen.
Be interesting to see how you get on today.
An Araucaria is a monkey puzzle tree Yes.
So, some reference clearly to puzzling and? Araucaria is the pen name of the late, great crossword compiler, John Graham, who was one of the most innovative and interesting crossword compilers of the last few decades.
So you've taken his name in honour of him? In honour of him, yes.
Well, let's hope it gives you good luck.
Best of luck to both of you.
Let's play Hive Minds.
All the answers are hidden in a hive, which looks like this.
And if the answer to my question was, what are the names of this week's teams, you'd be looking for And as you can see, the answers used adjoining cells.
They can go in any direction.
And no cell is used more than once.
In round one, as you are looking for answers in the hive, after two seconds, letters will start to disappear, and as they do, the points go down.
So, the faster you answer, the more you score.
But be careful, we've set a few traps and we've laid a few false trails, so Goats, here's your first question.
Buzz in when you think you've found the answer.
You are looking for a Reveal the hive.
OK, Peru, Bolivia.
Is Venezuela coming up on there? Is Columbia far enough Columbia? No.
Brazil, obviously, that is the biggie.
What's your answer? Paraguay.
Show me your first letter.
Let's see if you are right.
For three points, Paraguay, very well done, good start.
OK, Araucarians, you need to find the Reveal the hive.
It is going to be further north.
Oh, could it be Cambodia? Yes Yes, I think it is.
No, it has gone.
You are running out of time.
Laos? One point.
Go for Laos.
Oh, just in the nick of time.
Your answer? Laos.
Show me your first letter.
It isn't Laos.
I can throw it over to you, Goats, for a bonus point.
Let's see what you would have been left with.
India? Any ideas? Quickly.
Let's see if you are right.
Oman! Oman is the answer.
That is the answer we were after.
OK, Goats, we are still with you.
You are looking for a Reveal the hive.
"ium"s We are looking for "ium"s, aren't we, probably? There is an "ium" here.
Jason Lyndhurst? HE LAUGHS Two points.
Who's that? I don't know.
Not getting it.
No! You were looking for an "esium".
It wasn't very easy, was it? Let's throw it over to you, Araucarians, for a bonus point.
Any ideas? Manganese.
Show me your first letter.
Let's see if you are right.
Yes, indeed, manganese.
And the actor was Mangan, Stephen Mangan, the comic actor.
Very well done, Araucarians.
We are still with you.
You are looking for a Reveal the hive.
It's going to be a dunnock.
So, dunnock.
Oh, no.
Is it there? Yes, it is there.
Very quick, you were straight on that, Simon.
Your answer? Dunnock.
Show me your first letter.
Let's see if you were right.
Yes, indeed, dunnock.
You knew that straightaway, why were you so quick? Is that quick? I don't know.
You just knew dunnock? We know our Labour leaders.
Dunnock and Kinnock.
Kinnock, of course, was the longest serving opposition leader in British political history.
I'm not sure you could call that an accolade.
Otherwise you would call it the longest serving political bridesmaid.
Of course, in the Labour Party.
And dunnocks are quiet and unobtrusive birds.
I'm not sure you can say that about Neil Kinnock.
But anyway, very well done.
That's got you in the lead, so far, with five.
Goats, you are on three.
We are going to make it a little bit harder now.
I'm looking for two answers, and you must spot both to get the points.
So, Goats, we are starting with you.
You're looking for a Reveal the hive.
OK, it is going to be one word.
Can you see Angel or Piccadilly? Mayfair is another one, which is blue.
Piccadilly is there.
What about yellow? Piccadilly is blue, isn't it? Piccadilly is yellow.
Then we have too Ls together.
No, not any more.
Two points left.
We're down to our last point.
Goats, in the nick of time.
I'm looking for two answers, what are your two answers? Strand and red.
Let's see if you are right.
Yes, my goodness me, for one point.
There must have been a millisecond in that.
Anyone know the city that monopoly was first based on? Atlantic City.
Atlantic City.
Atlantic City.
And you were looking for other names there, so Piccadilly, Mayfair, the most expensive property on the Monopoly board.
Monopoly is played all around the world, so if you're playing monopoly in Scotland, Mayfair would be? Is that Princes Street? Edinburgh Castle.
If you're playing in Northern Ireland, it would be? Stormont? Giant's Causeway.
And if you're playing in Wales, it would be? Millennium Stadium? Cardiff Bay.
Who knew? I just thought I'd throw that out there.
OK, team Araucarians, remember, we are looking for two words.
Find a Reveal the hive.
Can't be rugby union or rugby league.
Hockey? No hockey.
Something ball.
Volleyball? Yes, could be volleyball.
How many? No, there is no V.
There's no V.
Could be something ball.
For two points.
How many players? I can't see a number.
Four, must be.
One point.
That's not right, is it? Out of time, out of time.
You threw a few sports in there, but you couldn't find the numbers.
Let's throw it over to you, Goats.
Any ideas? Sculling and four.
Show me your first letters.
It's gone.
Ah! No, it is not sculling, four.
Let's see what it should have been.
Curling! And four.
Curling and four.
Do you remember we got so excited about curling? In the 2002 Olympics.
So no points, either of you there.
Goats, I'm coming to you.
Remember, two words I'm looking for.
The Reveal the hive.
First name and surname.
We don't have any.
Schubert? Is Mussorgsky there? Yes.
What's his first name? Modest.
Your answers? Modest Mussorgsky.
Show me your first letters.
Let's see if you're right.
Modest Mussorgsky, the Russian composer, for three points.
Of course, famous for, amongst other things, Night On The Bare Mountain.
Well done.
OK, Araucarians, over to you.
Find an Reveal the hive.
Crouchback? John? No.
What was John called? John Lackland.
Ready, Unready.
Three points.
Ethelred the Unready.
Is that there? No.
William Rufus.
Two points.
Are you sure it's not Ethelred? One point.
Unready isn't there.
Running out of time.
No, you are out of time, Araucarians.
Bad luck.
Goats, any ideas? Edward and Longshanks.
Let's see if you are right.
Edward and Longshanks, yes, indeed.
Very well done, for one point.
So why was he called Longshanks? He was tall, wasn't he? He was tall.
He was tall.
He was a medieval king.
He was 6ft 2".
And the average height at the time was 5ft 6".
So he was the Shaquille O'Neal of the medieval world, I would say.
Very well done to you.
So where does that leave us at the end of this round? Goats, flying ahead with eight.
Araucarians, not too far behind with five.
In round two, you'll each face two hives containing three answers relating to a specific topic and you've 45 seconds to complete each hive and score a maximum of five points.
Team Goats, you're in the lead, so you get to choose first from Which topic are you going to go for? I think this one selects itself, doesn't it? Popular music? Popular music.
Popular music.
Popular music, please.
Popular music, guys after my own heart.
When I reveal the exact question, you'll have ten seconds to confer as a team, but then you're answering on your own.
You've got two passes, but remember, one wrong answer and you will be locked out of the hive, so be quick, but be careful.
You are looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
-Waterloo, -Dancing Queen.
Um Does Your Mother Know.
Um one word.
One word.
-Ten seconds is up.
Mark, we're going to start with you.
You have 45 seconds.
You're looking for UK singles released by ABBA.
Reveal the hive.
Correct, Fernando.
Chiquitita, let's see.
For a maximum of five points, Mark.
Pass, Stewart.
15 seconds to go.
No more passes.
Ten seconds to go.
All down to you, Stewart.
Oh! Let's see if you're right.
You got two right answers.
Let's have a look at what you got correct, there.
And Chiquitita, so that's two points for those.
Chiquitita, you were obviously going to get, because you knew that straight away.
Fernando, the only song that doesn't appear on a studio album, only on a greatest hits album, and the song you were looking for that you failed to get Angel Eyes.
Angel Eyes, there we are.
So ABBA Gold, any of you got ABBA Gold in your house? Yes.
So have I.
One in ten British households have a copy of ABBA Gold.
We're in good company.
Two points, well done.
Team Araucarians, it's your turn.
Choose a topic.
We are left with What do you reckon? What do you think? Probably better go Literature? We're all vaguely OK on that.
Yeah? Go for that one? Literature.
You all read a lot, "vaguely", I seemed to hear.
You are looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
Bottom, Titania Oberon.
Who were the kings and queens, or have we done them? Oberon was the king.
Time's up.
Time's up, stop conferring.
OK, so you are looking for characters from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
You've 45 seconds.
Simon, at the end, we're starting with you.
Reveal the hive.
You've two passes.
30 seconds to go.
Pass, Simon.
Show me.
Oberon, correct.
20 seconds to go.
One pass remaining.
Um One pass remaining, you've ten seconds.
No, you're locked out of the hive.
That was brave, but foolhardy, sadly.
It was a guess that was wrong.
A random word! A random word.
Well, OK! You scored one point.
You correctly found Oberon, king of the fairies.
What you were also looking for was Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, and Demetrius, the young man of Athens.
You've picked up one point there, which at the moment leaves you trailing the Goats by four points.
Team Goats, we're back with you.
We have three topics left.
An eclectic little collection Which one are you going to go for? I'm not crazy on space.
Love animals, don't know them.
Shall we? I think religion.
Religion, OK.
You're looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
Pesach Yom Kippur.
Yom Kippur.
Erm Tabernacles.
Er Pentecost? Pentecost.
Is that Jewish? Yes.
First Fruits.
Time's up.
Stop conferring.
Richard, we're starting with you.
You're looking for Jewish festivals, you've 45 seconds.
Reveal the hive.
Show me.
Correct, two points.
And you still have two passes.
And 20 seconds left.
No more passes.
Five seconds left.
Oh, out of time, out of time.
You were so confident there to begin with.
So let's see what we ended up with.
You correctly chose Sukkot.
And Purim.
Can you see what you missed out? ALL: No.
Oh, Shavuot.
Shavuot, the harvest festival of Torah.
Of course, the five books of Moses.
Can anyone tell me what Sukkot is? No.
Commemorates the years that the Jews spent in the desert on the way to the Promised Land.
That's right.
What about Purim? That's definitely the Book of Esther.
From the Book of Esther.
And saving from Haman.
Saving the Jews from Haman, from extermination.
Well done.
So not quite the full five points, but two points nonetheless.
Team Araucarians, your turn now.
Which topic would you like of the two remaining? Animals could be a bit random.
We're kind of OK at space.
Go space, I suppose.
Give it a go.
Go, space.
Right, OK, you are looking for You've got ten seconds to confer.
Er Voyager, Pioneer.
That was European.
Time's up.
Stop conferring.
Simon in the middle.
I have to call you Simon in the middle, since you're both called Simon.
We're going to start with you.
You're looking for Nasa exploration programmes.
You've 45 seconds.
Reveal the hive.
Correct, one point.
Correct, two points.
For the full five points, 30 seconds left.
One more remaining.
Correct! The full five points, well done! You do know your Nasa exploration programmes.
So let's see the names you got, then.
And Pioneer.
You really needed those five points.
You were languishing a little bit, if you don't mind me saying so, but you are now on 11.
Goats just ahead with 12.
In round three, you're faced with a super-hive.
You're looking for a number of answers that fit a certain category, but your challenge is to use every letter to find one perfect solution.
Team Araucarians, you won the coin toss, it's your turn.
Which are you going to go for, the A hive or the B hive? I think we'll have to go for the B hive.
The B hive, why not? You are looking for You've got two minutes, reveal the hive.
Erm Cherry, could be.
Let's find something more round the edges first.
Uh Oh, this is tough.
Oh, there's a mandarin here somewhere, is there? Yep.
Let's do that.
Got to go that way.
That's it.
Um, OK, so what else is there here? Is there a cherry? There IS a cherry.
Stick it in.
Stick it in for now.
Apricot? Apricot.
So So something must be wrong.
We'll put apricot in No, no, it starts there.
You're right, it does.
There could be Papaya.
Papaya! Yes, lovely.
Is that lemon? Yeah, there's an "N" there.
It's got to be a lemon, cos it can't run the other way.
Still got a minute, guys.
Yes, a minute to go.
Right, what else is there? Is there orange? Persimmon.
Persimmon, lovely.
Like it.
It's got to be that end there.
What have we got left? Orange.
Ora No, it's not there.
Um There's a mango, then what's left? Durian, durian.
Is that right, durian? Yep.
OK, I'll go with that.
Smelly thing.
We happy with all that? -You are, because you've got the perfect solution, well done! Excellent! And you started off by saying, "Oh, this is hard!" Actually, you cracked it.
Very well done.
Let's go through the answers that you found, then.
Mango, then finally, for the full ten points, you got durian.
Very well done.
And who can tell me the interesting fact about a durian? It's like eating ice cream on the toilet? Well, I've not heard that before.
Have you eaten durian? Yeah.
It's pretty revolting, isn't it? I don't know how people pick up the taste.
Well, in Malaysia, it's banned on public transport, because it smells so terrible.
I've heard it described as smelling like rotting flesh and I have to say, that's certainly how it seemed to me.
It smells so bad, you can't take it on public transport.
Very well done, the full ten points, terrific.
Thank you.
Team Goats, it's your turn.
I can tell you, with the A hive, you will be looking for Feeling confident? Not even slightly.
I was going to say, I'll take that as a no.
Right, French painters, you've got two minutes.
Reveal the hive.
OK, so Manet, Monet.
Brel, but it's not a painter.
There's nothing obvious round the edges.
Manet, Monet.
We've got a Manet here.
Shall we start putting stuff in? Yep.
G No.
Hopefully, that'll be Hmm.
Not seeing anything.
I wonder if that Monet may be a red herring, cos you can have You could have But let's Uh! This will be Delacroix.
You're halfway through.
So that'll be right.
That's along an edge.
What else have we got over here? What can you have with double "S" in it? Brussel? Is Cassio a painter? Nope.
Erm Matisse? Is Matisse going to be anywhere? I'm going to I'm going to take this out.
Get Matisse, yep.
OK, I think we might have Matisse.
Argh, wrong letter.
Matisse, so Sac Or have we? Can you see an alternative? Yes.
Yep, go for it.
That's not right, is it? No, we've got an island.
Five seconds to go.
Let's just bank the answer in whatever configuration.
Oh, my goodness.
That was so close.
You tried so many different ways to get Matisse in there, but you didn't lock it into the hive in time, I'm afraid.
French painters not your thing? Not as much as we thought, clearly.
Not as much as you thought? Let's see the two answers that you did get in there.
Gauguin, who is indeed a French painter.
Delacroix, also a French painter.
But let's see the answers you should have got, because Gauguin is a red herring, cos if you put Gauguin, you won't be able to get the rest of it.
So let's take it from the top.
So Watteau, you were looking for, Antoine Watteau.
You did get Delacroix.
Eugene Delacroix.
Poussin, Nicolas Poussin was in there.
Degas, Edgar Degas, famous Impressionist - ballet dancers and horses, that's what he was famous for.
Signac, Paul Signac.
A little bit later than Degas, a Neo-Impressionist.
You looked at Manet, but you went for the wrong one.
Then Courbet, you're looking for Courbet, Gustave Courbet.
Millet, Jean-Francois Millet, and that would have completed it for you.
That was a tricky one, wasn't it? Hmm.
And Manet, particularly, we were a bit devious with that.
You could have entered Manet in at least two different ways.
At the end of that round, Goats with a slightly dismal 14, sorry about that.
Araucarians, you have raced into the lead with 21.
Well done.
Thank you.
Round four, everything to play for, you teams.
This time the hives are filled with answers, so look carefully.
Are you ready? Fingers on buzzers.
Reveal the hive.
You're looking for BUZZER Araucarians.
Verulamium? Verulamium, correct.
Now known as St Albans.
Next BUZZER Goats.
John Cale, correct, one point to you.
Come on.
Running out of time.
You're out.
The correct answer was vuvuzela.
Not your typical wind instrument, but a wind instrument nonetheless.
Instrument?! OK, moving on Come on.
Vermicelli, yes, indeed.
One point.
BUZZER Araucarians.
Correct, one point.
Correct, one point to you.
Refresh the hive.
BUZZER Araucarians.
Nostradamus, correct, one point.
Come on.
BUZZER Araucarians.
Glossop, Tuppy Glossop, well done.
Goats, you were nearly there, but not quite.
You're looking for Come on.
BUZZER Araucarians.
It's actually Rains.
Claude Rains, so you lose a point.
Come on.
TIME-UP BUZZER Too late, I'm afraid.
Just too late.
The answer you were looking for was Taurus.
Next BUZZER Goats.
Glass, correct.
Philip Glass.
Yeats? Yeats, no, he was Irish.
You were looking for Larkin, Philip Larkin.
So where does that leave us? Goats, you made a valiant rally at the end, but I'm afraid you're still behind with 17.
Araucarians way ahead with 24, well done.
It means you go through to the next round.
Goats, it's not goodbye, because we will have another chance to see you in a later round.
I think we should have, one more time, the call of the goat.
ALL: Goats! I couldn't have put it better myself.
Join us for more brilliance, bonkers-ness and bewilderment in Hive Minds next time, but before we go, here's one just for you at home.
You are looking for a Wimbledon singles champion who was born in Germany.