Hive Minds (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Misinformed v Mavericks

HIVE MINDS Welcome to Hive Minds, the quiz where simply knowing the answers isn't enough - you've got to find them, as well.
Let's meet this week's Hive Minds.
Misinformed, would you introduce yourselves, please? Hi, I'm Camo.
I'm a report writer for a college in South Tyneside.
I'm Scott, I'm the enrolment manager for the same college.
I'm Mick and I'm an office administrator at the same college.
Right, so that's why you all know each other.
Mavericks, over to you.
I'm Dee, I live in Chester and I'm a circle dance teacher.
I'm Michael, I'm from Middlesbrough and I'm a civil servant.
I'm Alan, I'm from St Helens in Lancashire and I work in the field of drug research.
Right, well, welcome to all of you.
Team Misinformed, that doesn't sound like a team name that augurs well.
How did you come up with that? We all work for the MIS team so Management Information Systems, is that? Yes.
So that's how you've come up with your name.
And, Camo, you used to be a professional dancer? I did.
What kind of dance was that? Contemporary.
I ran my own company until 15 years ago and then switched into IT.
Because that's what you do, apparently.
Well, Dee, that's obviously not struck you as something you want to do, cos you're a circle dance teacher.
I am.
Basically it's doing folk dances like dances from Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe generally and also modern choreographed dances, as well.
Right, OK.
And next to you, Michael, you are the Imelda Marcos of the quiz world.
And you've got how many pairs of shoes? Over 70 at the last count.
-You just love shoes? -I like shoes.
I like to have all different colours and types and I just never seem to throw any away.
The collection just grows and grows.
Well, welcome to both of you.
Best of luck.
Let's play Hive Minds.
All the answers are hidden in a hive which looks like this: And if the answer to my question was, "What are the names of this week's teams?" you would be looking for Misinformed and Mavericks.
And, as you can see, answers use adjoining cells, they can go in any direction and no cell is used more than once.
In Round One, as you are looking for answers in the hive, after two seconds, letters will start to disappear.
And as they do, the points go down.
So the faster you answer, the more you score.
But, be careful, because we've set a few traps and we've laid a few false trails.
So, Misinformed, here's your first question: Buzz in when you think you've found the answer.
Reveal the hive.
Real person, it's He was Who was the American president? Frost.
Is it there? Is it there? -No.
Frost isn't there.
-Three points, now.
Who was the football manager? -Football Manager, Brian Clough.
Clough, is Clough there? Yes.
C-L-O-U No, it's not.
There's no Two points.
There's no Clough.
And one.
It's the other one.
Who was the prime minister? Blair.
BELL Ooh, in the nick of time.
Your answer? Blair.
Show me your first letter.
I don't think that's right.
That's the wrong answer.
You haven't found the right answer.
I can throw it over to you, Misinformed.
See what you'd have been left with.
For a bonus point? Know the answer? Quickly? I don't think we do.
Shaking your heads.
No, you were looking for Williams.
Williams, Kenneth Williams.
Michael Sheen played Kenneth Williams.
Fantabulosa! Fantabulosa, that's right.
Anyone know Kenneth Williams' most famous line? "Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me.
" "Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me.
" From? Carry On Cleo.
Carry On Cleo, there we are.
Your turn now as a team.
Reveal the hive.
-So it's Mercury or Venus or Mars.
Wouldn't be Mercury, would be Venus, Mars Venus.
Venus is there.
Venus isn't there.
No, it's Venus isn't there.
Venus is.
It doesn't.
V-E Oh, no.
Is it anywhere else? Three points.
Jupiter doesn't.
There's Neptune Oh, Neptunium Uranium Two.
Jupiter, Saturn One point.
BELL Saturn Your answer? ALL: Saturn.
Saturn, show me your first letter.
Correct - Saturn.
(Well done.
) And you, Dee, you nearly fell for some of the red herrings.
You wanted to put Venus, didn't you? I did.
But you can't quite get Venus.
Well done, one point to you.
Misinformed, we're over to you.
Reveal the hive.
Electioneering Crikey.
Electioneering is balloting BAL.
B-A-L I'm not sure Not balloting.
What else have we got? Three points.
What do you call it when you've won the hustings? Hustings - Hastings.
Is hustings there? Two.
Yes, go for that.
BELL Your answer? We think it's Hastings.
Show me your first letter.
For two points, let's see if you're right? Yes.
So, Hastings and the other word, of course was Hustings.
So there we are.
Two points, very well done.
Welcome to the game.
OK, Mavericks, over to you.
Reveal the hive.
Italian operas, Aida The conductor There's Sargent Down to three point now.
It's gone.
Toscanini! -Toscanini! Where is he? Find Tosca.
It's Two.
BELL Your answer? Toscanini.
Show me your first letter.
Let's see if you're right.
Arturo Toscanini, of course.
And the opera was? ALL: Tosca.
Tosca, Puccini's Tosca.
Very well done, Mavericks, you got two points there.
That takes you into the lead with three.
Misinformed, you're just behind on two.
Let's see if you can pick it up.
Now I'm looking for two words to find the point.
Just one will not do.
So Reveal the hive.
Have we got heart? Have we got heart anywhere? Um Heart, liver There is a liver.
That would be Is there a phlebotomy there? No.
Brain and lobotomy? Yeah.
Go for it BELL Ooh, for two points.
Your answers? Brain and lobotomy.
Brain and lobotomy.
Show me your first letters.
So we're going brain and lobotomy.
Let's see if you're right.
Brain and lobotomy.
The horrifying operation, They used to be a big part of psychiatric surgery.
Two points to you, Misinformed.
Mavericks, over to you.
Find: Reveal the hive.
Could be gin and juniper Um No, I don't think so.
Whisky and rye? Whisky, brandy, gin What's brandy? No.
For three points now.
Sherry? Wood, there's a wood.
Wormwood? Oh? Ab Is it absinthe? It's absinthe.
Go on.
Stop! BELL Oh, in the nick of time! Your answers? We're going to go for absinthe Absinthe.
and wormwood.
And wormwood.
Show me your first letters.
That one.
That's it.
OK Let's see if you're right.
Absinthe and wormwood.
Correct, for one point.
In the nick of time! OK, Misinformed, over to you.
Reveal the hive.
So what we've got is there a Tate? Tate is there.
Oh, Tate's not there.
The E's just gone.
What else have we got? Er There something WORTH What is the one that did the sugar? Three points now.
LIOL Yeah That's the Tate one, isn't it? Um WORTH has gone.
WORTH has gone.
Down to one point.
Is it VL? Something No You're running out of time.
Oh! You're out of time, Misinformed.
I can throw it over to you, Mavericks, for a bonus point.
Walker in Liverpool.
Your answers? Walker in Liverpool.
Walker in Liverpool.
Show me the first letters.
Let's see if you're correct.
Walker and Liverpool, well done.
One point to you.
OK, Mavericks, we're still with you.
Reveal the hive.
Is temperature there? Temperature's there.
It's gone.
Has it gone? OK.
So it's weight or mass or distance or Temperature there, as well.
Three points.
Is temperature still there? So is it kelvin? Temperature, kelvin, yes.
BELL Ooh! Your answers? Temperature and kelvin.
Temperature and kelvin.
Show me your first letters.
Where's the T? Where's the T? Don't guess now.
You either know it or you don't.
Let's see if you're right.
That's the wrong one.
BUZZER I'm afraid you haven't found the right answers.
Misinformed, I can throw it over to you for a bonus point.
Let's see what you would have been left with.
We think it's the same, it's kelvin and temperature.
Show me your first letters.
We think it's kelvin and the T is there.
Let's see if you are right Kelvin and temperature.
There we are.
So, for one point, very well done.
So, you see what happened there.
You pressed the wrong T.
So commiserations, Mavericks, well done, Misinformed.
You are now level pegging.
with five each.
In Round Two, you will each face two hives containing three answers relating to a specific topic.
You've 45 seconds to complete each hive and score a maximum of five points.
Team Misinformed, you're going first.
You can choose from the following topics: Which topic would you like to choose? It's got to be Film.
-We'd have to be really lucky with Literature, it would have to be a specific author for me.
-You're the film expert as well.
It's got to be Film.
Yeah, Film? Film.
Your choice? -Yeah, Film, please.
You're a bit of a B movie fan, aren't you, Scott? -I am, I love B movies.
Right, let's see if any of those come up.
So you've chosen Film.
We'll now reveal exactly what you'll be looking for.
You'll have ten seconds to confer as a team and then you'll answer on your own.
You've got two passes but remember, one wrong answer, that's it.
You're locked out of the hive.
So you are looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
Pulp Fiction has Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis.
Uma Thurman.
Uma Thurman.
They'll all be surnames as well.
David Spader.
Time's up.
Spader, OK.
Time's up, stop conferring.
So, you're looking for actors who appeared in Pulp Fiction.
You've 45 seconds.
Camo, we're starting with you.
Reveal the hive.
You've two passes.
OK, I'll take Willis.
BELL Correct.
I'll take Travolta.
BUZZER It's not there.
Oh! Of course he was in it - John Travolta.
He was.
But you are locked out of the hive, you can nearly get Travolta, you can't quite spell it.
Right, let's see what you could've got.
So you chose Willis, Bruce Willis, of course.
Amanda Plummer.
Do you remember who she played? No.
Honey Bunny.
Honey Bunny in the opening scene, the robbery in the restaurant.
I can't repeat her lines here.
No, we definitely can't say those.
OK, and then finally Jackson.
I'd got that one as well.
Samuel L Jackson.
He was a contract killer.
So you got one of those, one point.
Team Mavericks, over to you now.
Which topic would you like? You have History's my preferred one out of that.
Scotland might be a bit random.
Could be anything about Scotland.
It could be, couldn't it? So I'm happy with that.
History? Yes, that'll be fine.
Your choice - UK History? UK History.
OK, you will be looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
Iceni is the only one that springs to mind.
That's three.
Erm Er Oh, gosh.
Struggling after that.
Picts, yes.
Time's up.
I heard you there, Dee.
"Oh, gosh!" Right, OK, we're going to be starting with you.
You're looking for tribes of pre-Roman Britain.
You've 45 seconds.
Reveal the hive.
Erm Oh, gosh.
You can pass.
BELL Correct.
You can pass.
Alan, 25 seconds to go.
You have one pass left.
15 seconds.
No passes left.
Ten seconds.
Worth a guess, three seconds to go.
I'm afraid not.
No, OK.
I'm afraid not.
Dee, it all came down to you in the end! Goodness me and you were the one who said, "Oh, gosh" at the beginning.
OK, so Iceni from East Anglia, that's correct.
You could also have found Atrebates, Sussex - Berkshire, Hampshire - and Silures, south Welsh Valleys, Brecon Beacons.
So, Dee, in large part thanks to you, you scored one point so at this stage you're neck and neck with Misinformed at six points each.
OK, Team Misinformed, your turn.
Which topic would you like? We are left with They took UK History.
Same conversation so we'd have to be really lucky for Literature to come up with something we knew.
They won't want Scotland.
So hope it's cities in Scotland.
Something like that.
Or football teams or something like that.
Or football teams, yep.
I'll be passing.
Well, we've got two.
Yeah, we'll give it a try.
So you're going for Scotland? Do you have a great deal of knowledge about Scotland? Come from Scotland? No.
If it's football teams, I might be all right.
Football teams, OK.
Well They might be all right.
Yeah, we might be all right.
So you're hoping for football teams or cities.
You're looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
Oh, blimey.
It's got to be Baird.
Got to be Burns.
John Logie Baird.
Erm Crikey! Other famous Scottish people Time's up! Camo, you look slightly shellshocked.
We're starting with you.
So, you're looking for people who've appeared on Scottish banknotes.
You've 45 seconds, reveal the hive.
And you've still got your two passes.
I'll use the first one.
-Big gamble.
I'm going to hope Fleming is Scottish.
BELL Correct.
I'm going to pass.
No more passes left.
Ten seconds left.
Oh, Camo, I felt for you there.
You were just standing like a rabbit in the headlights.
Scott, you were desperately trying to point out where they were.
I left Burns on purpose because we talked about it so I thought one of them would get the B cos there's only one B there.
So you knew Burns? So I left Burns and gambled on Fleming being right to try and get an extra point.
Nick, did you spot any? After he said Burns, I've spotted it, yeah.
Well, you got one point there with Fleming, Alexander Fleming, of course, who discovered penicillin.
Let's see what else you could've got.
Burns, of course, Rabbie Burns.
And Inglis.
Elsie Maud Inglis? She's a feminist.
There you are.
One point.
OK, Team Mavericks, over to you.
We have two topics left - Literature and World Affairs.
Which will you choose? World Affairs is better for me but I'm more tempted Cos Literature, we don't know the author I like Literature but I'm happy with either so Yeah, I think I prefer World Affairs.
OK, shall we go for that? Your answer? We'll go with World Affairs.
World Affairs.
You are looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
Er Gore.
Er Did Roosevelt win it? Yeah, Theodore Roosevelt.
Ten seconds is up.
Stop conferring.
Oh, Dee! I just have to know how you're feeling by looking at your face.
Anyway, you're not starting this time.
Michael is.
You've 45 seconds, you're looking for winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Reveal the hive.
40 seconds, you've two passes.
Martin Luther King.
BELL Correct.
You've one pass left.
BELL Correct.
One pass left.
Ten seconds to go.
Er Bach.
Worth a guess.
So where are we at the end of that? You got two correct so you got King - Martin Luther King.
1964, that's when he won the Nobel Peace Prize and by getting King, you knocked out of the other options which would've been Kissinger.
We've got Trimble, David Trimble, who, of course, won it with John Hume, 1998, for their efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland.
The other name we were looking for Sakharov, Andrei Sakharov, 1975, for his opposition to the abuse of power in his work in human rights.
So you could've got a full five points, you got two which has taken you into the lead with eight.
Misinformed are on seven.
In Round Three you're faced with a super hive.
You're looking for a number of answers that fit a certain category but your challenge is to use every letter to find one perfect solution.
Team Mavericks, it's your turn.
What would you like to choose - the A hive or the B hive? We're going to go for the B hive, please.
The B hive, why not? You will be looking for shipping forecast areas.
You've two minutes.
Reveal the hive.
OK, so we know a few of these, don't we? Fastnet.
Er Erm Cromarty.
Cromarty's there.
Could put Fastnet in there as well.
It's probably this way, isn't it? Yeah, I would guess so.
Well, there's a few other ways of spelling that F-A-S-T-N-E-T.
But that leaves those ones there.
OK, well, let's bear it in mind though.
Shall I put it in just for now just so it's there? Yeah, OK.
Is Biscay one? Yeah.
I like that.
Dogger, is that there? Er, yes, it is.
Is it with an E rather than A? It is E, yeah.
Yeah, straight across.
Plymouth? Is Plymouth one? Yes, I think it is.
Don't know if it fits.
That's messed it up, hasn't it? Oops.
Ah, yes.
But I like the way that goes into there, though.
A minute to go.
Oh, heck! Is there anything else we can see that we've already got covered? I'm not keen on Fastnet but I can't think what else it would be if it's not that.
Erm FitzRoy, is that in there? No.
Yes, FitzRoy is one but it's not there.
Fisher Is Tyne in there? Fisher.
Fisher? Erm Tyne's down here as well but Is that one though? 30 seconds left.
I think it is but we've already got those ones.
Shall we get rid of Fastnet and put Tyne in instead? I think we've still got those so they'd still be isolated.
Yeah, those are still wrong.
Erm Wight.
Wight is good if it's there.
Ten seconds.
Yeah, I don't like Dogger, you see.
Wight's there.
We're basically out of time to put another one in, aren't we? But if I think if Wight was there, that'd be better, wouldn't it? Ooh! That was tricky, wasn't it? Mm.
Let's see what you got.
You found five answers.
Let's reveal them in the order you found them and see which indeed are shipping forecast areas.
Cromarty - correct.
So that's five points.
Let's see which of those formed part of the perfect solution.
Ah, there you are, you see.
We kind of knew that but we just thought we needed the points in the bank.
Well, that's certainly one way of tackling it.
Let's see what you could've got to get the full ten points.
Tyne, there it is.
Trafalgar, I didn't hear you say Trafalgar.
You did talk about Wight.
Faeroes is in the realm of Denmark.
So five points.
Not bad cos that is a tricky one.
So, Team Misinformed, you've seen how it works.
How are you feeling? OK.
Confident? Of course.
OK, you are left with the A hive.
I can reveal that you'll be looking for French cities.
You've two minutes.
Reveal the hive.
OK, where are we going? Nancy.
Er, yep.
That one's in.
No, it can't be.
It can't be.
I'll take that out.
Take that out.
Er Here we go.
That can't be Annecy, can it? Lyon? Where are you going for Lyon? Is Paris in there anywhere? Montpellier, Montpellier Marseille.
Where are we? Top M.
Top M.
And then you go .
down and then E and then you have to go down right to the L.
There's not a Montpellier anywhere? Limoges.
Limoges, yeah.
So get rid of that again and go Is that an S on Limoges? Yes, there is.
A minute to go.
What Pont? What? P-O-N-T.
In that little curve.
That's one.
Where else are we going? I think you've done Nancy and Pont together.
I think you have to take Pont out and go back in.
I have.
Good spot.
Where are we going next? Er Er That's got to be A-N E-N-S.
Don't know.
30 seconds.
That's got to end in N.
Sorry? Er Go on.
Is Rouen in there? 20 seconds.
Rouen's in there for another one.
That's probably the N to the right of that.
Yeah, I know it's the wrong N.
So take that 10 seconds.
No, we've ten seconds.
We'll just leave that, I think.
Out of time.
Couldn't get to it.
Out of time.
Let's see what you got.
You came up with five answers.
Let's see which of these are indeed French cities.
Limoges - known for its porcelain.
Pont, where's that then? We just thought it sounded French.
It was a guess, it was a complete guess on our part.
Yes, because it means bridge.
But there's no such city.
And then Rouen, which was correct.
So, you had four correct answers there but let's see which of these answers were part of the perfect solution.
Marseille stopped you getting the perfect solution because Marseille is a red herring.
So let's see what other answers would've made the perfect solution.
Amiens in northern France.
Rennes capital of the region of Brittany.
Nantes, it's a city in western France.
And with that you would've got the full ten.
Now, Marseille stopped you getting the perfect solution because by putting Marseille you weren't able to get all the rest.
So you ended up with four points which is not half bad.
Thank you.
Well, in our final round it's close.
Mavericks, you're ahead with 13, Misinformed, not far behind with 11.
Let's see who comes out on top.
This time the hives are filled with answers and if you pay attention, you might spot an answer to a question you haven't heard yet.
You ready? Fingers on buzzers.
Reveal the hive.
You're looking for BUZZER Misinformed.
Hurrah! Yes, one point.
BELL OK, next.
A Russian composer.
Not Rachmaninoff.
Not Rimsky-Korsakov.
BUZZER Mavericks.
Igor Stravinsky.
An orchestral instrument.
BUZZER Mavericks.
We're going to refresh the hive.
You're looking for a Civil War battle.
Come on.
BUZZER Mavericks.
Well done.
One point.
The Battle of Edgehill in 1642.
OK, find a nocturnal mammal.
BUZZER Misinformed.
One point.
An England Rugby World Cup winner.
BUZZER Misinformed.
Lawrence Dallaglio.
A genus of flowering plant.
Come on.
BUZZER Pelargonium.
Dee, you were edging towards it there.
One point.
Well done.
A Beatles album.
BUZZER Mavericks.
One point.
END-OF-ROUND TUNE Oh, and there we are.
That was a tough round.
So, Mavericks, you edged ahead there with 18, congratulations.
Misinformed, not too far behind.
Very good game with 14, very well done and you'll have a chance to go through to another round later in the series.
So, join us for more brilliance and bewilderment in Hive Minds next time, but before we go, here's one just for you at home.
Find a word that appears in the titles of both a film directed by George Lucas and a Led Zeppelin album.