Hive Minds (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Mendelians v Goats

Welcome to Hive Minds, the quiz where simply knowing the answers isn't enough - you've got to find them as well.
So let's meet this week's Hive Minds.
Mendelians, introduce yourselves, please.
Hello, my name's Andrew.
I'm an editor at a science journal, and I live in London.
Hello, I'm Cesta and I'm also a scientific journal editor from London.
Hi, I'm Shreya, and I'm a medical news writer from London.
Very nice to meet you all again, Mendelians.
Goats, over to you.
Hi, I'm Mark.
I'm a technology consultant and graphic designer from the Southwest, near Exeter.
I'm Stewart.
I'm a music journalist and teacher from London.
I'm Richard, and I'm an I project manager from London.
Welcome to both of you.
Mendelians, very nice to see you again.
Just remind us why you are called Mendelians again? So it's after Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics.
Of course, you've all got a connection to science in your day jobs.
Are you hoping you're going to get scientific questions today? Well, we've got our fingers crossed.
Let's see.
Goats, good to see you again, and Andy, the goat mascot, I feel we should have a reminder of Andy's distinctive cry.
ALL: Goats! Well, best of luck to both of you, and, remember, this is the last chance saloon for one of you.
At the end of today, we will be saying goodbye to either Mendelians or Goats.
For now, let's play Hive Minds.
All the answers are hidden in a hive, which looks like this.
And if the answer to my question was what are the names of this week's teams, you'd be looking for Mendelians, there it is.
And Goats.
And, as you can see, answers use adjoining cells.
They can go in any direction, and no cell is used more than once.
Now, in Round One, as you're looking for answers in the hive, after two seconds, letters will start to disappear.
And, as they do, the points go down.
So, the faster you answer, the more you score.
Be careful because we've laid a few false trails, and set a few traps.
Mendelians, here's your first question.
Buzz in when you think you've found the answer.
You are looking for Reveal the hive.
Is Evans there? Wilson.
Is Wilson there? No.
Oates That's out.
Evans is not there.
For three points Who's the other one? Two points now.
What do you think? Is there another one here? I can't think of it.
Oh You're just out of time, I'm afraid.
Goats, I can throw it over to you for a bonus point.
Bos? Bos? Show me your first letter.
I'm afraid you're wrong.
The answer is Bowers.
Bowers, you were so close.
Henry Bowers.
So I'm afraid no points view, and, of course, Henry Bowers was on the famous expedition that raced to the South Pole, was beaten by the Norwegians, and, of course, they didn't make it back.
And it may be that the expedition failed because of Bowers, because it was originally a four-man team, and with Bowers it became a five-man team, so there were fewer rations to go around, and that put a real strain on the expedition in the end.
Anyway, no points there.
Let us move on.
Goats, over to you this time.
You are looking for Reveal the hive.
Horse, cat, dog.
Is there a cow? Horse? No.
Cat, dog, spider? Just for three points now.
No, not quite.
Down to two.
Cat, dog, pig.
Oh, come on.
It's got to be here.
No! You were trying everything.
Mendelians? Bird.
Let's see.
That's it for one point.
OK, the old lady who swallowed a fly, obviously the children's nursery rhyme.
Anyone recite it? Come on, there was an old lady who swallowed a fly Spider.
She swallowed a spider to swallow the fly.
She swallowed a I think it's a bird.
A bird to swallow the spider.
The cat to swallow the bird.
Dog to swallow the cat And then a horse.
And the horse is what killed her.
Why would a horse swallow a dog? Well, I think simply cos it's bigger.
Anyway, one point to you, Mendelians.
Very well done.
OK, Mendelians, we are still with you.
You're looking for Reveal the hive.
Arsenal, arsenic? Very good.
Very quick.
Your answer? Arsenic.
For five points.
Correct! Arsenic.
And, of course, the football team was? Arsenal.
OK, Goats, we're with you.
You are looking for Reveal the hive.
Your answer? Matlock.
Show me your first letter.
Let's see if you're right.
Matlock, and, of course, the other word was? Fetlock.
The ankle of a horse, if you like.
Five points to you.
So, so far, Goats, you're just behind with five.
Mendelians just crept ahead with six.
Very well done so far.
We're now going to make it a little bit more complicated.
I'm looking for two words in order to get the points.
So, Mendelians, over to you.
I want you to find Reveal the hive.
Hinduism, Islam Hinduism is not there.
Islam, Koran.
Christianity, Bible.
Judaism That's not there.
Three points.
Sikhism? THEY CHAT INDISTINCTLY What's the book in Hinduism? Um Um Vedas.
Vedas, yes.
Oh, in the nick of time.
Mendelians, your answers.
Hindu and Vedas.
Show me your first letters.
Let's see if you're right.
Well done.
We're going to accept Hindu because you could make Hindu from that.
So, Hindu and Vedas.
Very well done.
Shreya, I thought you'd get this.
You're originally from India, so, come on! It was the first thing I said, but we were just looking for it.
You were just trying to find it.
Goats, over to you.
Remember, two words, find Reveal the hive.
OK, we've got French.
Beckett wrote in French.
Did he? OK.
But he's not there.
We haven't quite got Italian.
Three points.
Look for a poet.
German Come on.
For one point.
Goats, out of time.
I can throw it over to you for a bonus point, Mendelians.
Sappho and Greek.
Sappho and Greek, show me your first letters.
Let's see if you're right.
Correct for one point.
There we are, Sappho and Greek.
Well done, Mendelians.
Still with you, I'm looking for two words.
Reveal the hive.
Pants and trousers is the only one.
Vest and? Waistcoat.
Sweater? Sweater and jumper.
Vest and waistcoat.
Coat, waist Yes.
For three points, your answers? Vest and waistcoat.
Vest and waistcoat, show me your first letters.
Let's see if you're right.
Well done.
Vest and waistcoat.
Anyone know why traditionally the bottom button of a waistcoat is left undone? Is it something to do with a king couldn't do it up one day and everybody copied him? Edward VII.
Bit of a belly, couldn't get his bottom button done.
It therefore became de rigueur and the fashion and has continued ever since.
That's always the answer! Always a monarch who couldn't manage something! Goats, over to you.
Find Right, do we have Arno and Florence? No.
Can't see Paris, no.
Venice? We've got Venice.
We got Sighs? There's no Ss on the grid.
For three points.
What else have we got? Down to two.
We've still got Venice.
Rialto, have we got Rialto? Yes! Your answers? Venice and Rialto.
Show me your first letters.
Let's see if you're right.
Venice Rialto, there it is - the nick of time.
Well, not quite, you got two points.
Very well done.
Rialto of course the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal.
So, at the end of that round, Goats, just a little bit behind with 7, Mendelians in the lead with 11.
In Round Two, you'll each face two hives containing three answers relating to a specific topic.
You have 45 seconds to complete each hive and score a maximum of five points.
Team Mendelians, you're in the lead so you get to choose first from Popular Music is a definite no.
We can do Space, can't we? Space.
Space looks good.
Space, please.
You've chosen Space.
When I reveal the exact question, you will have ten seconds to confer.
You've got two passes, but remember, one wrong answer and you are locked out of the hive and that's the end.
So you've chosen Space.
You're looking for Ten seconds to confer.
Eugene Cunin? Cunin?! Cernan.
Armstrong, who were the others? Aldrin.
Oh, God.
We're just going to have to look for names.
Time's up.
Ten seconds is up.
You're looking for people who've walked on the moon.
Andrew, we're going to start with you.
Your 45 seconds starts now, reveal the hive.
You can pass.
Cesta? Pass.
Time's up.
So, people who've walked on the moon.
You came up with two, let's see who you came up with.
Aldrin, Buzz Aldrin and Cernan, Eugene Cernan.
Cernan was the first name you said, actually, when you were conferring.
He was the last one to walk on the moon, so The last one.
Do you know what he said, when he left? Um, no! He said, "We leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return - "with peace and hope for all mankind".
So there we are.
The one you were missing that you could have got was Shepard, Alan Shepard.
That's what you needed for the full five points.
Very well done.
Team Goats, your turn.
Choose your topic.
What shall we do? I'm inclined to go for Popular Music again.
Right, let's give it a go.
Popular Music, please.
Popular Music, OK.
You'll be looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
Um Blur? Dunno.
Hives? Hives.
Um Portishead.
Time's up.
Stewart, you looked thrilled with that, so we're expecting a stellar performance! OK, bands that have won the Mercury Music Prize, you have 45 seconds.
Mark, we're going to start with you.
Reveal the hive.
Pass, Stewart.
Portishead, correct.
Five points, well done! So let's just remind ourselves the names that you picked out there correctly Suede, Elbow, and Portishead.
Let's just luxuriate a moment in our favourite bands.
So which of these is your favourite? Probably Suede.
Same here! Probably Elbow.
And they won with The Seldom Seen Kid.
Just wonderful.
We saw the tail end of their set when they supported U2 together Fantastic! two years ago and it was phenomenal.
That must have been incredible.
And we also went together to see Bernard Butler from Suede playing at McAlmont and Butler last year.
That was pretty good.
It was wonderful.
So this round was made for you! That's brought you almost neck and neck with Mendelians - you're at 12, Mendelians at 13.
Mendelians, you're left with Which will you choose? Well, you don't like Geography, so Yes, but you can do it and you can tell us the stuff.
I don't think we can do Monarchy, I'm not sure we really know about European Politics.
Geography? OK.
UK Geography, please.
UK Geography.
You will be looking for You've got ten seconds to confer.
Lomond, Nevis, Lawers How's that spelt? L-A-W-E-R-S.
Um Do we know any others? Bhraggie.
B-R-A-C-H-I-E? Time's up! Time's up.
Cesta, we're going to start with you.
You're looking for Scottish mountains whose names begin with Ben.
You've got 45 seconds, reveal the hive.
You have two passes.
You can pass.
Correct - Cesta.
Final one.
One more pass.
One more remaining.
Correct! The full five points! Well done! OK, so, you got Ben Lawers, Ben Macdui, which is the second highest mountain in the UK after Ben Nevis and Ben Lomond.
They're all mountains, part of the Munros in the Scottish Highlands.
Anyone heard of the Munro Challenge? Yes.
Have you done it? I've not done all of it, no! I've done a few.
Oh, a few - and you have to climb how many peaks? I don't know, it's like a hundred and something.
It's 282! Wow! It's the number of Munros.
Very well done, the full five points, excellent.
Team Goats, we've two topics left, which will you choose? You're our historian, what do you feel like? Yes.
Um I'd rather go for Monarchy.
European Politics could be anything.
OK? Monarchy? Yes.
Monarchy it is.
You'll be looking for You've ten seconds to confer.
Peter, Zara, William, Harry, Eugenie, Beatrice, Harry Who else have we got? Peter and Zara? Peter and Zara.
Time's up.
Time's up.
OK, Stewart, we're starting with you.
You've 45 seconds, reveal the hive.
You've two passes.
Richard? Pass.
There's one pass left.
Stewart? No more passes.
15 seconds left.
Ten seconds.
Time's up.
Ooh! What did you just spot there? I just spotted Peter.
That would have been one of the answers.
Stewart, it all seemed to come down to you as the historian! There was passing left, right and centre! All leaving it with you.
Well, let's see what you got.
You got Henry, for one point, who of course is Prince Harry.
The other two names you were looking for Peter, Peter Phillips is the Queen's eldest grandson, 13th in line in the succession.
And Louise, who is the daughter of Edward and Sophie, the Earl and Countess of Wessex.
So one point there.
You need a few more.
Goats, you're on 13, Mendelians on 18.
Now it gets really interesting.
In Round Three, you're faced with a super hive.
You're looking for a number of answers that fit a certain category.
Your challenge is to use every letter to find one perfect solution.
Team Mendelians, it's your turn.
Are you going to go for the A hive or the B hive? We'll take the B hive, please.
Mendelians, you're looking for You have two minutes, reveal the hive.
Do we know any of these? Viognier.
How do you spell that? V-I-O V-I-O Er, N-I-E-R.
N-I-E-R Zinfandel.
What do we get down there? Malbec.
Malbec, that must be.
What's that? That's G-A-M-A-Y.
Where's? Sorry.
Gamay, G-A-M-A-Y.
Then Semillon up there.
S-E-M S-E-M-I-L-L-O-N.
We don't know which N, do we? Zinfandel goes through there.
OK, so this one? Yeah.
Then Zinfandel there.
Cos Zinfandel goes over there.
OK, Zin No, that N.
It doesn't matter.
Then Grenache is up here.
Grenache is there.
Then Riesling.
And then Riesling is the last one.
You've got at! You've got it.
Wow, that was confident! That was so confident, you weren't even halfway through the two minutes and you got it.
Familiar with wine, clearly! All three of you! So impressive, my goodness.
Right, let's see which varieties of grape you chose in which order.
So, Viognier, a light green grape, used in the making of white wine.
Malbec, red - part of the blend of red Bordeaux.
Gamay, used in red wines such as Beaujolais.
Zinfandel, from black grapes, mainly found in California.
Gosh, these are sending delicious, aren't they, as we go through them.
Semillon, used to make dry white wine.
Grenache, red - used most famously for Chateauneuf-du-Pape.
And then Riesling, a white wine, Riesling dessert wines in particular, they're my favourite.
Goodness me, I think we could all do with a glass of one of those, don't you think? Very well done, you've got the full ten points, Mendelians, that was terrific.
So, Goats, over to you.
The bar has been set very high.
The A hive for you and you'll be looking for Seabirds.
You've two minutes.
Reveal the hive.
Albatross, gannet, seagull .
Albatross Yep.
Have we got gannet there? Yes.
But it could be one of two Ts.
It's probably this Well, let's try this one.
We can lock it in for now.
Oh, yes.
Nicely done.
We've got a petrel.
OK Right, so And we've got a puffin.
Here's our red herring.
This could be a puffin.
Um, so What do we want to do? Keep gannet or move on? We would orphan these ones if we did that.
Yes, I think we may have orphaned those ones already.
A minute ago.
A minute to go.
What does that give us? If we wanted puffin Is there another N? Yes.
Because we've got a tern up here.
We've got a gull on its own there, is there a special kind of gull we need to look for? Gate gull 30 seconds.
Right, let's lock in a gull We can take it out later if we need to.
Some kind of bird here, what kind of bird? 20 seconds.
Tar bird.
Tarn? No.
Got tern already.
Ten seconds to go.
Ah, no, no, no.
Time's up! I bet you wish you'd chosen wine now! OK, Seabirds.
You found five answers, let's see which of these are indeed seabirds.
So the albatross, yes, of course.
The petrel, the puffin, dear little puffin.
The tern.
And the gull.
So five points, because you've got five sea birds there, but let's see which of these answers were part of the perfect solution.
Was it all five? No.
It was just two! So we put three red herrings in there and you went for all three of them! So tern, puffin and gull were all red herrings and by putting those in, it meant you couldn't then get the perfect solution.
So as well as albatross and petrel, what you needed to find was the fulmar .
the frigatebird, the gannet, because you got gannet, but you went for the wrong one.
Guillemot .
and the prion.
The prion, once known as whale birds.
So it's a tricky one for you, sea birds, wasn't it? Of course, once you start putting the red herrings in, that takes you down completely the wrong route, doesn't it? Still, you didn't get the perfect solution, but you got five.
Not bad going.
So at the end of that round, Goats, you're on 18, Mendelians roaring ahead with 28.
There is everything to play for in our final buzzer round.
Goats, certainly for you, you need to get cracking there.
So this time, the hives are filled with answers and, if you pay attention, you might spot an answer to a question you haven't even heard yet.
So, are you ready? Fingers on buzzers.
Reveal the hive.
You are looking for Anybody? Goats.
One point.
Next Goats.
Baronet, that's correct, one point.
Next You're looking for a gemstone.
Come on.
Sapphire, correct.
One point.
Next Time is running out Oh, no-one got that.
You were looking for Barnes.
Barnes Bridge.
Not the best-known bridge, but definitely a bridge over the River Thames.
Next Mendelians.
Correct, one point.
Find Goats.
Jackson Browne? You can't actually get Browne from that.
The answer you're looking for is Prince.
Refresh the hive.
OK, you're looking for Mendelians.
Ruth Rendell.
One point.
Now Anybody? Oh, you're out of time! You're looking for Nastase.
Ilie Nastase.
OK Mendelians.
Andante, that's it.
Correct, one point.
Tesla, correct.
Nikola Tesla.
Yes, one point.
Didn't have you down as a Tatler reader.
OK! Come on! No! Nobody? Anteater.
Did you know that, Andrew? No! So where are we with the points? Mendelians, you raced ahead with 33.
Goats, 20.
But a valiant effort, nonetheless.
So, Mendelians, that means you live to fight another day.
You stay in the competition.
Sadly, Goats, we have to say goodbye to you and little Andy there.
Andy, give us a wave.
Oh! Join us for more brilliance and bewilderment in Hive Minds next time but, before we go, here's one just for you at home.
Find a South American country whose capital begins with a B.