Hoffman Family Gold (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Warning Shots

Hey, I'm dropping dirt
right now.
Drop it like it's hot, baby.
With 482 ounces
of gold mined so far
I'm feeling good.
This is what
it was supposed to be like.
the Hoffmans
are pushing both plants
to hit 1,000 ounces.
I need paydirt,
I need it right now.
The ancient
riverbed pay
is almost done.
After discovering
rich new paydirt
- The narrows
are dull.
- Oh, my gosh.
We got a lot of ore in it.
and hitting
a jackpot cleanout.
-Yeah, man. Yeah.
-Suck it.
This is a lot of gold.
The team faces
a challenge
that could put
their 1,000 ounce gold
out of reach.
-We have a problem.
It's bad.
- Damn it.
the Holy Roller
hemorrhaging money
It's about
5,000 an hour.
It could be down.
We need to stay running.
And just
a few weeks left
We just don't have
a lot of time.
It's a real pain in the ass.
The pressure's
on Hunter to step up.
If they're
not running,
it hurts everybody.
Can he rise
to the challenge?
We need
to crank through this
as fast as we can.
Pick up the slack.
But will
the Hoffmans fall short?
This was a mistake.
So far, the Black Pearl's
been crushing it.
Last week, we got more gold
than the Holy Roller.
And, uh, we hit
our goal for the week.
So, we're coming off
a big win
and I'm hoping we do it again.
Let's do it, baby.
All the work
we put in is
finally paying off,
not only for us
but for everybody as a team.
I really want to win,
but also,
I want my dad to win
and I want everybody to win.
These guys deserve a win.
Both plants are going
right now
and that's really
what we need.
I'm feeling good
about things.
This is really what
it was supposed to be like.
We got two plants running
head to head,
which is, you know what,
actually a really
good thing.
The, uh, two plants that are
actually one covering
for the other.
Hunter beat us last week.
This week, I think
it's going to be ours.
We're just gonna run
a ton of yardage
and figure this out.
The goal in mining
is to reach your best
yard-per-hour ratio.
Running more yards and paydirt
each hour leads to more gold.
But there's always a limit
depending on the type
of paydirt
and what the wash plant
can handle.
So, right now,
I guarantee you
we're actually getting
a lot of gold every hour.
Back on track.
I'm watching the sluice box
the whole time
and if you overload it,
blind it over,
you're gonna lose gold.
It's scary because you
look in there
and you're like,
"Am I losing gold
into my sluice box?"
And every time, it's like,
"No, I'm not."
So, take it up a notch, Todd.
You're at 120 yards an hour.
Hundred-thirty, 150.
Now I'm at 200 yards an hour.
I'm going way faster
than the Black Pearl.
At the end of the year,
man, it's the yarder's game.
How many yards are you
going to pump
through this thing?
That's a big bear.
He's coming this way.
He's checking us out,
right there.
He's coming
over the hill.
We have our fox den
right here
straight across and they have
mom and dad fox
and five little,
little pups.
It's kind of scary, you know,
just out of the blue.
Here comes a grizzly bear
out of-- middle of nowhere
to take out our whole
little fox family.
Jack ain't having any of that.
There's always things
we're running into
up here in Alaska,
but, you know, having a bear
just rush into camp like that,
it just reminds us
that, uh, Mother Nature
really is in charge.
- Andy, you got a copy?
It's not safe right now
for guys to be
walking around.
- Stay in your truck.
Be tough.
We should probably move
everybody back.
We've had encounters
with a few bears up here
and if they start
coming towards you
or into your camp,
you better be prepared.
They will attack you.
And you got
to be super cautious.
A good bear is a bear
that runs away from you.
- Hey, Dad.
Be careful.
It's right in that
creek bottom.
Sometimes, you have
to fire a couple of shots
in the air
to make it safe
for the miners
and for the bear.
Sometimes, the bear is smart
enough to take off.
Stay in your truck.
We need to get this bear
out of here so we can
get to work.
He doesn't want to leave.
He's hungry.
The bear was right here.
Seen it right here.
Well, it crossed the ridgetop
and it came down across
where the rock trucks
It's probably 75, 50 yards
from the trucks
and then it went chased it,
came back up the hill.
Now, it's coming back
towards camp
across the road.
He probably smells
kitchen grease
and all of our breakfast
and everything else.
The suckers can smell
two miles away.
It's kinda scary
right now.
It brings it back to reality.
We're in the middle
of nowhere.
And, uh, these bears
are serious
and they're very, very hungry.
There he goes.
We got a job to do,
they got a job to do,
and hopefully,
we can all get along.
It looks like the bear's
safely gotten away
and we can
get back to work.
let's get them going.
Fire up the Black Pearl.
Last week, we finally
got over 100 ounces
for the first time.
And now, we're seeing
some great goals.
Okay, let's fire
this thing up.
Randy, fire up the pump.
These new cuts
that we're getting
the gold out of,
from Dahl and Northport.
Right now,
it's super encouraging.
It looks like our goal
is actually reachable.
Right now,
we are running good.
The name of the game
in mining is yardage.
Yeah, and so if we want to get
to our gold,
we just gotta keep running.
And Todd's even dragged
me down to run the plant.
By the end of the season,
we have to have the gold.
We have a problem.
Splitter's leaking.
There's a bunch of gold
underneath the, uh,
sluice box right now.
A lot of it.
We're gonna have
to shut the trommel off.
Idle the generator down.
Hey, Randy?
-Do you have a copy?
Tater, you on this channel?
Do you want to come up here
for a second?
We have a problem.
What's going on?
That's looking like, uh
They're having some sort
of a problem with
their sluice or their shoot
or something like that,
which is not good.
Hopefully, it's not something
that's been going on all day,
'cause that can
be catastrophic.
Come over
and look at this.
Now, look over here.
- Oh.
- What do you see?
Bunch of gold
underneath it?
Starts up here.
You see it underneath
the splitter right here.
It's hitting the back
of the hydraulics
and coming down.
So, there might be a hole.
Yup, there's
a hole right there.
- It's a hole?
- Inside
Yeah, there's a hole.
Son of a gun.
We got a leak, Jack.
Is that what went wrong?
Duck down.
Watch your feet.
We've been washing gold
down the hole all day.
Oh, no.
We're trying
to get the lid off.
Step number one,
don't get fingers
caught in it.
We're going
to need the 360
and a chain and a shackle.
Pull this off.
We are shut down,
not catching any more gold.
The splitter's got
a hole in it
and is leaking
behind the sluice box
and down on the ground.
So, we got to get it fixed
'cause we can't
run it like that.
You're just
throwing away gold.
We're not running
till it's fixed
and we're not making
any money.
So, we need
to get her done now.
Turn ends right there.
It's right exactly where
you'd expect it to,
where all the material goes.
The Holy Roller
trommel connects
to the splitter,
which connects
to the sluice box.
The purpose of the splitter
is to evenly spread out
the water flow
that travels
into the sluice box
so as to avoid paydirt
bunching up
and collecting in pockets.
But a hole has developed
at the bottom of the splitter
on the right side
causing gold-bearing material
to leak out onto the ground
instead of being caught
in the sluice box.
When the trommel's running
and we're putting
material through it,
all the larger material
comes out the end.
Everything half inch
and smaller
comes down through
this splitter,
the water and sand,
and small rocks like this.
And it comes around here,
and as you can see,
it wears really heavily
right here.
It comes around
and goes through there.
Yeah, um, looks like there's
something wrong with
the Holy Roller,
with the shoot or sluice
or something.
What happened?
I don't know.
The Holy Roller's
got an issue.
Their pump's not on.
Damn it.
They shut down.
There's some sort
of a leak going on.
I think they have a hole
in the splitter or something.
Now, they've made
a lot of snarky
little comments
to us about our issues,
but I'm not going
to say anything
to them, though.
So, I want to treat them
how I'd like to be treated.
We have a common goal,
it's to get gold.
And it's never good
when anybody breaks down.
It hurts everybody.
So, we'll just, uh,
we'll figure out
what the problem is,
hopefully get it fixed.
See if we can get
some more pay
and I'll help relieve
their workload a little bit
and, uh, we'll just go out
until we get it done.
Right now, literally,
we can't even afford
to shut down for an hour
if we can help it.
Even though
we're in competition
with the Holy Roller.
I'm going to step up
and try to fill that gap
a little bit
because if we don't get
to 1,000 ounces,
it screws all of us.
So, uh, we're going to keep
hammering away
and just make sure
that our plant
doesn't break down.
I wish
I would've caught
this earlier. Well
Who would know?
Can you tell Todd and Andy
we need to see them
down at the trommel
at the Holy Roller, please?
You want me
down there?
What's going on?
I need you at the trommel,
the Holy Roller, right now.
It's bad.
Damn it. Um, okay.
So, I guess we got
some work to do.
Son of a biscuit.
Hey, Todd, I need you
at the trommel,
the Holy Roller, right now.
It's bad.
So, something bad happened
to the plant.
Either something blew up
or something broke.
I don't know.
Problem is, Tater sounded
actually a little freaked out.
That's never good.
The Holy Roller's
got an issue.
If they're not running,
it hurts everybody.
they get it fixed,
and in the meantime,
we'll see if we can
get some more pay
and I'll help relieve
the work load a little bit
and we'll just
go at it.
You know,
I just hope that
my dad sees that
even though, you know,
things aren't going well,
that uh, he can
depend on me.
That's a little
watch out.
- We got two holes.
And it's dumping it
on the ground.
Bunch of gold underneath
the sluice box right now.
That was some of
the best paydirt we had.
How long do you think
it's been leaking?
Uh, I'd probably say,
by the looks of it,
five-six hours?
- The problem is,
that's our good one.
This is the side
that catches
most of the gold.
And then there's
a great big hole
on the other side now, too.
Look at this.
- Really bad.
- God dang it.
If you look
at the total,
we're only out
about 500 ounces.
It's gonna take
another 500 ounces
to reach our goal,
and, uh
Luckily the Black Pearl
is running,
or we wouldn't even
have any chance of-of
reaching that goal at all.
We need to get
all that we can,
pick back up,
-and regroup.
-We-- we do not have
half a day,
this was a mistake.
A big hit, right there.
Big hit.
All right,
here's the deal,
the potential loss here
is probably between
20 and 25,000 bucks.
And to be honest with you,
we did not catch it
fast enough.
Could've caught it
when it just happened.
So, yes,
we are very confident
in this plant
and in this box,
but these shoots
are used.
Somebody in Colorado
ran these things
and you can't
always tell
how thin the metal is.
We're running
so much sand
it just eats away
at the steel.
That's like sand paper,
we're sand paper-ing
all this metal.
- So
- Yeah.
You think
we could patch it?
How about just weld it
over the top for now?
The right fix would be
to cut the bottom section
where it's worn out
-help welding it lower.
-We don't have
time for that.
-We're gonna have to
- We don't have
time for that.
-band-aid this thing--
- We're gonna do that
and then silicon around it.
Guys, we cannot have
this happen again.
Somebody get out
and look around,
because if this happens
it could just be
the difference, right?
But it might not be
it could be a lot worse.
It's a lesson that
Just gotta walk around
the sucker
every once in a while.
This needs to be
a wake-up call
for everybody.
We cannot lose
our train of thought
on this.
We've obviously
leaked material
out on the ground,
and uh, it's frustrating,
you know, you
It just seems like
every time we turn around,
there's another problem.
It's easy to get complacent
when everything's
working right.
And it was
a little bitty hole,
but a little bitty hole,
gold goes
right through it.
So, what do you do?
You fix it
and you move on.
Okay, you guys grab
the steel,
we're gonna get
all the clean-up stuff
in here,
we'll pull these out,
we'll get that
welded up,
and hopefully,
we can hit it again
in the morning.
- Yeah.
-All right?
The sun was out,
we're running,
our flags are flying,
we're both getting gold,
really good
paydirt today,
we ran on, probably
3,000 yards between
the two of us and
It's one of those days
where you just think,
"Man, this-this day
couldn't be
any more perfect",
and then
You remember,
it's gold mining
and something's gonna
freaking happen,
and yeah, sure enough,
it did to us.
It's up to Hunter
to keep us in the game
while we make this fix.
We need to
crank through this pay
as fast as we can.
You know
10-4, thank you.
- What?
- Have another hole
right here.
We need to do
that whole front edge.
We need to cut
a bunch of
that flat bar.
Our sluice box has
three totally different
holes in it.
Three spots
that have holes.
This problem
with this plant isn't
any one person's fault.
We just need to
check this thing
more often.
Maybe make some time
in the day
to stop and look at it.
But, uh we do need to
catch problems like that
a lot sooner,
'cause you blow gold
down the ground,
I mean, why even bother
mining it?
I'm gonna take
that first patch I did off.
And we'll just run
a flat bar.
-Flat bar, flat bar
and flat bar.
-Flat bar everything.
Well, I'm gonna get
what we have to do
tonight, tonight.
-Ron's on his way.
We are fabricating
some reinforcement plates
to take up
this worn area.
We're going to
blend them in real nice
so they don't affect
the flow.
We got a little bit
of mess going here.
The whole site
shut down.
We'll deal with it
take our time.
We're planning to work
until we're done.
It's gonna be
a late night.
What'd you find,
Mr. Ron?
It's a 5-inch.
- Oh, that's perfect.
-Got a choice
-One eighth to quarter inch.
- Quarter inch.
All right,
I'll chisel this piece off.
Fire in the hole.
To repair
the multiple holes,
in the Holy Roller
the crew will use
leftover steel plates
and weld them
to the splitter
to plug the leak.
We should weld this first,
right off the hot.
And then weld the face
into it and blend it in.
We're uh,
between a rock
and a hard place.
We can't just run down
to the store and go grab
these kinda parts,
everything's custom.
We gotta actually
just take
pieces of steel,
try to band-aid this
If these plates
aren't welded on
and put in place
just right,
it could cause
more problems.
Last year,
we were just putting
band-aids on band-aids,
but what worries me
is that we're here again.
So hopefully,
these band-aids work
and these welds hold,
because more time
we're down,
more money we lose.
How we looking
Good, what do you think?
Armor plating.
Good job.
Stay with it.
Yo, I don't care
how long it takes,
we gotta run
in the morning.
Will do, buddy
It's a real pain
in the ass.
But if we have to stay up
all night, we'll get her done.
We'll get her
running tomorrow.
Can't afford to not run.
It really is a pain in my ass.
All right.
Fire in the Black Pearl.
Everybody clear.
Yeah, Rob.
So it's the next day
after the Holy Rollers issue.
They're still, uh,
getting everything
wrapped up, but
right now,
the Black Pearl crew
is killing it, man.
Knock on wood, uh,
we have another
good day of running.
That's an advantage
of us having two plants.
So far, this thing is, uh,
been pretty reliable
for us.
We got the splitter
last night.
Welded back together,
piece is welded in.
So it doesn't leak anymore.
And so, we can, uh,
go back to business
as usual.
Todd said that
it was about 5000 an hour
to be down.
Unfortunate for us,
we just don't have
that downtime.
We need to stay running.
All right.
Think we've got her.
- All clear.
We're back in business
and that's what we need.
We'll be running pay dirt here
in about two minutes.
So it took all night,
but we got the Holy Roller
back up and running
the splitter is fixed for now.
But I'm actually worried
about our weigh in,
with all these shutdowns
and breakdowns.
But you know what,
we're just gonna have to see.
Get everybody in, uh?
This is gonna
really slow things down, so,
but yeah, we gotta do it.
It's gonna cost us time
and money, but
we really don't have
a choice.
I'm gonna call everybody.
Everybody meet at the dome,
we got something
we gotta shift gears.
What do you think
this is about?
I don't know.
something not good.
Add it to the list.
Per usual.
Little tired to come up
for a meeting, and
We'll see-- we'll see
what's going on.
Hey, guys.
Bad news.
From the Army Corp
of Engineers
it seems that pretty much
no reclamation has been done
on this creek.
And the Army Corp has say
on every mine
up here in Alaska.
They have the power
to shut us down
if we don't do it.
Everybody previous to us,
has never done any reclamation
on this creek.
So we gotta stop everything.
It's all hands on deck.
Mine reclamation
reverses the impact
of surface mining
by restoring the area
to its natural state.
In order to accomplish this,
the team will move
tons of top soil,
and grade the area,
and return vegetation
that will restore the area
to its native habitat.
How much reclamation?
Almost 14 acres.
Which is the--
a pretty big chunk.
Everything that's been open,
needs to be reclamated.
And to put organics
back on top.
It's like,
basically doing it twice.
That's a lot of work.
And it's gonna cost us
a lot of money.
And I know it's a step back
and we're already behind,
but if we wanna
be in good standing
with Army Corp,
we're gonna have to do it.
How many days are we down
doing this?
Maybe a week?
I don't know.
-A week?
- That's not--
We don't have a lot
of weeks left
and if it's gonna take
a week,
it's gonna put us
even farther behind.
I don't think we can stop
what we're doing
for a full week.
Hey, guys.
Bad news.
From the Army Corp
of Engineers,
it seems that pretty much
no reclamation has been done
on this creek.
And the Army Corp has say
on every mine
up here in Alaska.
They have the power
to shut us down
if we don't do it.
I don't think we can stop
what we're doing
for a full week.
That's a lot of time
and a lot of money to do that.
If both crews stop
to do the reclamation,
it's just gonna put us
way behind.
We're never gonna make it
to a 1000 ounces, so.
The young guys, uh,
we're gonna have to take it
on the chin,
and just try to bust
this stuff out as fast we can
and get it reclamated.
Right now,
this is the only way
we can stay on target, so.
It is what it is.
You guys wanna bust--
bust butt
and get it done
in three, four days?
Hey, I'm with you.
But you use Andy
and follow his lead.
Andy's done
reclamation before,
and his experience
is gonna be a big help
for Hunter's team.
This is where we're at.
Just gotta put
everybody in machines,
let's, uh, start hauling
some dirt.
Get the organics
back on there.
Get this done
as quick as we can.
All right,
let's get to work.
For us to continue
with the dream,
we had to finish this.
And right now I feel like,
we got a really good plan.
I am super proud
of these guys.
Everybody, Hudson,
start going through
your checklists on the truck.
Oh, God.
You know,
this is what being a leader
is all about.
Step up, figure out
what that problem is
and solve it.
That's part of his development
as a leader.
He needs to do this.
I'm trying to do
what's best for our team,
not just for myself
and so,
I'm learning a lot
about being a leader and
I gotta put my pride
to the side and
It is what it is.
We just gotta
get her done now.
To complete
the reclamation requirements,
Hunter and his team
need to reclaim 14 acres
across the mine.
Hunter will take the six acres
at Quartz Creek
while Cub will restore
the three acres
over lower Dahl Creek.
And Dakota will replenish
five acres of upper Dahl.
But the first step
of the reclamation process
begins with the loading
of organic materials
into the rock trucks.
It's getting tougher
and tougher.
Just little setbacks
like these reclamation deals,
with being so late
in the year,
it's just more of a hurdle
for us.
It seems like, kind of
the goal's getting
out of reach, but
we'll just keep pushing
through it.
It's all we can do.
I just gotta hand it
to the guys.
This has been very,
very difficult, but
at the end of the day,
we wanna get a 1000 ounces.
So if we can keep
the Holy Roller running,
there's a possibility
that we can hit that goal.
I don't know
if we have any other choice.
So I think it's actually
pretty admirable
of my son
and hopefully we can
you know,
make up some of that--
some of that ground
that we've lost.
Nico and Dakota
are just loading
this place up.
They're knocking it out
of the ball park.
It's time
for the rock truckers
and dirt can't get
where it needs to go.
You got it.
Everyday we're not running
is really bad.
We have to be running like,
at least 12 hours a day.
Because every hour matters.
So, one little hiccup
is gonna
cost us a lot.
Hey, you need to put
a few more loads
up on your right.
That hill there.
Like, about six loads.
I can already see 'em.
As the rock trucks
deliver their loads
to all three sites
- Straight back.
Keep coming, keep coming.
Andy is hard at work
on the second stage
of the reclamation process.
Prepping the ground
for the incoming ridge
top soil.
We're actually doing
a lot of reclamation
here today
on ground that previous miners
have mined.
They left, went bankrupt,
and never did it.
Hey, Mike.
Yes, sir.
See that little glass bottle
on the side of the road there?
Put a few piles in there
and then you're good.
10-4, I'll do that.
We've always done reclamation.
We like putting
the ground back.
Not just, uh,
stripping it and leaving it
a mess.
What it does is just you take
and you strip off
all of the top soils,
getting down to the pay dirt,
and-- and then,
you stock pile it.
You leave it out
to the edges.
But you come back
and you just spread that
back over the vegetation.
And because this ground
is frozen,
once it becomes spot out,
um, it comes to life.
The seeds germinate.
And they re-vegetate
all the area
that's been disturbed, so.
That's what we're here to do.
It's now up to
the Holy Roller
and the old guys
to get us to our goal.
Nice work.
The Holy Roller,
she's really running good.
We got lucky.
There's no leak.
And thanks to Hunter,
we're gonna keep running.
At Upper Dahl Creek,
Hunter is beginning
the third step
of the reclamation process.
the organic top soil.
All of us
are down here today,
We got Hudson and Sparky
hauling top soil to me
with, uh, organic material
in it.
And we're spreading that
all over the top
to make sure
that all this stuff
grows back.
It's a little frustrating
to have to do this right now,
because we're already
really behind.
None of us
wanna be reclamating today.
We wanna all be, you know,
working toward
getting more pay.
It's really time-consuming
and-- and, uh,
it's not easy, but, uh,
it's the right thing to do.
It's slowing us down,
it's costing us money,
it's costing us
a lot of time, but
this is how it goes, man.
It's another--
another roadblock
that we're having
to deal with, but
you just have to like,
keep a good out look
and-- and---
keep pushing.
We just gotta get it done.
If gold mining was easy,
everybody'd be doing it.
Three days
into the reclamation.
We're doing great.
That looks good,
in my opinion.
We're close.
Hunter and his team
have almost completed the job.
It's pretty exciting.
We got gold in the box,
I guarantee you.
And with Andy helping
these young guys,
they've got the reclamation
put to bed.
It's actually a really,
really good feeling
when you all work as a team
and get stuff done.
At the end of the day,
we're all supposed to be
on the same team, you know?
So, we're just gonna keep
doing our thing,
get back to it
and keep the vision
and keep pressing forward.
That's it.
Think we got reclamation done.
That looks good.
This time next year,
this should all be lush green.
We're gonna pull the box,
get it up to Jack and Jim
and, uh,
we'll see what we got.
- See this edge?
- Mmm-hmm?
Straight that out.
we can make up some of that
ground that we've lost
with the reclamation.
That's where the gold is.
If it isn't good,
we're screwed.
look at that nugget!
So my team
has a lot of issues
out here,
in the wilds of Alaska.
But guess what?
So does our camera crew.
See that camera guy?
Yeah, well,
you're not supposed to, okay?
- See the angles on 'em?
- Yep.
Woah, .
- You all right?
- Yeah?
- Yep.
Now I know
why he wears all the gear.
grabbing two nuggets
at a time back here.
Oh, yeah,
there you go.
After numerous delays
and shutdowns
due to reclamating the land,
a troublesome bear sighting,
and major repairs
on Holy Roller's sluice box,
Jack and Thurber
do the cleanup
for both wash plants,
hoping they made
their 104 ounce weekly goal.
This is from
the narrows of Dahl Creek.
And, uh, we're seeing
a lot more nuggets.
We got all day
to do this cleanup.
We'll take
whatever time we can
to do the best job
that can be possibly done.
This gold room
is pretty famous
for not losing gold.
We're really sure
we're close to a source.
Just 'cause of the condition
of the nuggets.
Smooth gold nuggets
with rounded edges
indicate the gold
has travelled and eroded
over time.
By contrast,
jagged gold nuggets
indicate a closer proximity
to their lucrative source
where the gold
hasn't travelled
and had an opportunity
to erode.
we'll get to the source,
That's what
we're always hoping for.
I guess,
that's all that keeps you
going sometimes,
is hope.
But, uh, we'll see.
That little scale
over there does not lie.
You can dream,
you can predict.
It's gonna tell you the truth.
So, we'll see how it goes.
Tough week
for everybody.
We needed to switch gears
and do reclamation.
Not something
that I saw coming at all.
In order to keep
the good rapport with
the Army Corp of Engineers,
which is really important,
we had to do it.
And we wanna do
the right thing,
and we cleaned up
a lot of other people's mess.
Let's be honest,
the can got kicked
down the road.
And if we tried to kick it
one more time,
we would not have a future
on this mine.
And so I feel like,
that was the best move,
even though it didn't make
anybody happy.
I mean,
we just weren't left
with any other choice.
It's what we had to do.
And we've always done
everything by the book.
So, it is what it is.
If you hadn't stepped up
on the reclamation,
and got that done,
we probably wouldn't have
anything to weigh.
So, thank you.
I'm proud of you for that.
Way to go.
Good job, everybody.
And hopefully,
we can get little bit of gold
this week, but
-My clean up
did not look very good
coming out of the box.
Especially since we were down
because of the sluice box.
Alright, let's call it.
Alright, you guys.
-Who's going first?
Winners go first.
Just wanted to get that again
that we won last week.
Yeah, that's fine.
- That's why
we're going first.
-That's good
- Don't get used to it.
-Black Pearl won.
Don't get used to it,
you guys.
Someone count it off?
- Ten
- Oh,
it's getting really light.
-I'll probably win this one.
Oh, well.
Well, I guarantee you
we're not gonna make up
the difference
to 100 and something.
There's no way,
but 30's weak.
Okay. Here we go.
It's looking
a little bit lightweight.
Not quiet,
there's 20.
- All right.
- Thirty
- Thirty-five, 36
- That's 34, that's 35.
You know what,
we beat you guys,
but it's still a bad week
for everybody.
You're still both losers.
Now what's our weekly average?
Now we have to get 112.
112 ounces.
So it's stepping up,
but you know,
we had some work
we had to get done, so.
This week,
the Hoffman's produced a total
of 67 ounces of gold.
Bringing their running tally
up to 549.
The Hoffman's now need
451 more ounces of gold,
to reach their season goal
of 1000 ounces.
This would've been
a great week.
I mean, after we broke
a 100 last week,
I was thinking, "Okay.
We're gonna start
picking up the pace."
Obviously, we lost
multiple days.
I didn't expect it
to be great.
Don't feel bad,
you know,
we're all in the same soup
Don't get discouraged.
You got a lot
to look forward to.
Thank you, Dad.
We got a huge week.
Let's get some rest
and let's head out
in the morning, okay?
All right, let's go.
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