Hoffman Family Gold (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

Long Days, Short Fuses

Yeah, let's go to work.
We got two plants
running head-to-head,
but we are behind now.
Two months into Alaska's
gold mining season
This might be
kind of fun this week.
Let's do this.
A series of breakdowns
Something's not right.
Have slowed the Hoffman's march
toward their 1,000-ounce gold.
We beat you guys,
but it's still a bad week.
You're still both losers.
Now, with only
a few weeks remaining,
fatigue sets in
Try 105 hours a week.
I'm tired.
Leading to costly human errors.
- Damn it.
- Shut it off.
As tensions rise
- Why don't you listen for a change?
- I do listen.
And tempers flare.
Come on, Randy.
Can Todd rally his troops
We are supposed to be a team.
Or will Hunter again
have to step up
and rise to the occasion?
This place is ran by idiots.
After the Holy Roller breakdown,
and a costly reclamation
last week
the Hoffman crew is pushing
to play catchup
on their 1,000-ounce
season gold.
This might be
kind of fun this week.
But I don't know,
this is gold mining.
So you never really know.
We're in the middle
of the season,
and problems are showing up
at the mine.
It's just a hard time.
We need to just keep grinding,
keep pushing forward.
Every ounce we get
is just one step closer
to meeting the goal.
Today, Todd's got me
loading pay dirt.
You know, we keep talking
about how we need a win.
And I'm there, I need a win.
You know, back at home,
we worked 40 hours a week
and we think we're exhausted
at the end of the week.
Try 105 a week.
I'm there.
Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.
Damn it.
Dakota, did you see that?
I knocked the spray bar off.
Hey, Todd,
the Holy Roller's down.
I broke a nozzle off the trommel
- on accident.
- What the Guys, come on.
Are you kidding me?
Get it fixed. Now.
Tater's on his way.
So, this is
the mid-season slump.
This is where guys
get in a lull, they're
missing their families,
they start making mistakes.
Hopefully, we can get
this thing fixed,
and get it up and running
as soon as possible.
My fault.
I hate doing stuff like that.
I'm tired. I'm worn out.
That's a very expensive mistake.
All right, let's fire it back
up and see what happens.
That's 1,000 bucks.
Then you add up all these guys
that are standing around here.
Had to weld this.
It's more than 1,000 bucks.
Two hours into the fix,
Randy can get back to work.
Thank you, Tater.
Okay, no problem.
Mining in Alaska is brutal,
especially when you're not
getting the gold
that you think you should be
getting about this time of the year.
Guys start making mistakes,
they start checking out.
They're tired,
so I'm gonna go ahead
and bring in a fresh body.
Hopefully, that'll help out.
My name is Bryce Carmony from
Sandy, Oregon, just like the Hoffmans.
Small town there.
Known Hunter for a long time.
I'm bring in a kid,
Bryce, he's pretty green,
but he's got a good,
work ethic, and hopefully,
he can dig right in,
'cause we really need
the help right now.
Todd gave me a call.
He said he needed
some extra manpower.
So I'm here,
running rock trucks,
doing whatever I can
to help him out.
We need all the hands
we can get.
That's why I brought Bryce up.
Roger that. I'm coming.
With an extra
set on hands on the mine
Copy. That'll work.
The team attempts
to shake off the dust
and get back to work.
Yes, sir.
I'm ready whenever you are.
Start bringing the water up.
All right. I'm ripping it.
Trommel is spinning
and the sluice is dripping.
Right now, we have to take
advantage of this window of opportunity,
and, we have to get
to 112 ounces,
otherwise, we're not
gonna get to 1,000,
so it's crunch time.
So far, today, the
Black Pearl's doing good.
You know, right now,
I don't have any complaints.
You know, I'm just
gonna run consistently.
Try to find a good pace here,
I mean, that will get the plant
um, at a good speed.
And running some this
North Fork pay,
and we're gonna run it all day,
and kinda see what we could do.
We got weather closing in on us.
We're running out of time.
So we're both gonna go
ahead and run into the night.
Run as many yards as we can.
At this point in the game, I don't
know if we have any other choice.
It's harder to see what's going
on, obviously, when it's dark.
But by the morning, we should
have an extra 20 ounces on the box.
We don't know how many days
we have left to run,
so It all adds up.
Even though everybody's tired
and we just pulled
an all-nighter,
we really don't know
how much time we have left
before the ground freezes solid.
So everybody's up early this
morning, and going after it.
Dakota, go ahead
and bring it on up.
What do you need, Hunter?
What's going on?
All these manifolds are
leaking around all the outsides.
You know, I've been having
some issues with my crew.
Little things have been
slipping through the cracks.
And now it's actually
starting to hurt us.
And you know what,
this is an avoidable problem.
The water
needed to run the Holy Roller
is fed to the plant
via a Barco pump
that transports it to the
plant's distribution box.
From the box, water is then
directed to other parts of the plant,
hopper, trommel
and the sluice box,
by opening a series of valves.
If these valves aren't opened
before the pump is turned on,
the water inside the distribution
box has nowhere to go,
and built up pressure
will cause it to blow.
Nobody fully explained to Bryce
the process of which you're
supposed to set up the water.
This issue was actually
caused by pure laziness.
They put the newest guy on,
you know, one of the most
crucial pieces of the startup.
So now everybody is gonna
pay the consequence for it.
Andy, you need me?
- I can come over.
- No.
I'll try to figure out what
the heck's going on here.
So what happened?
During the fire up,
the bypass got closed
before two of the other valves
got opened,
blew all this silicone out.
Started leaking between
the box valves really bad.
Who was doing this?
So how much time
did that cost us?
So an easy 20 grand, maybe?
Guys are tired,
working 16 hours a days.
But we can't afford to a break.
They need to be thinking
about what it is they're doing.
So, why is Bryce
opening things up
that he doesn't know
what he's doing?
Didn't train him.
You're here in that plant,
you knew he was down here,
you should know you should
have the communication with him.
What's going on?
You know, I don't need to
rip a guy a new one, but
this is stupid.
I mean, it costs a lot of money.
We got enough problems with
without doing
dumb things ourselves.
We gotta quit shooting
our self in our own foot.
We can't do this anymore.
We don't have the time.
Look at the weather.
Yeah, it should've
never happened.
And I'll take responsibility
that I didn't train him.
- And I needed, too, 'cause I know best
- You know what,
it's not just
your responsibility.
- It's everybody's responsibility.
- Yep.
Myself, included.
Fix whatever we need to fix
and get it hooked back up.
We're running this sucker.
I don't care.
This morning,
we went to fire up,
we had
an inexperienced individual
doing the water on here.
And blew all the silicone
out of our distribution box.
We had all
of our bypass valves shut.
There was no water
going to, box,
or to the spray bars
in the trommel.
So all that pressure and all that
volume of water got stuck in one spot.
When you pressurize it,
it's gotta go somewhere.
Our box is stretched,
and all the water
went between the bolts.
And this thing
looked like a sprinkler.
The guys are tired, I'm tired.
That's when
stuff like this happens.
It's gonna set us back
another day or two.
Just get a
I'll hold it right here.
- You got her?
- Yeah.
- You wanna grab those?
- Yeah. Clear.
I don't wanna wait all day.
So we gotta take apart
our distribution
boxes resealing 'em
before we can run.
So once again,
we're losing time.
To fix the distribution box,
the team plans to reinforce the
seams using a silicone sealant
designed to fill in any gaps
in the bent metal.
It's gonna cost us a few hours.
Probably six, seven
ounces of gold in the time.
Once the distribution box
is reassembled,
the guys must wait
for the silicone to dry
before they start
the Holy Roller back up.
Looks good. Looks real good.
- You're happy with that?
- Yep.
It's like a punishment.
We have to sit and watch it dry.
We just don't have
that down time.
We need to stay running.
- I was kinda down.
- You know, I was like, "I up."
But I have not been trained on,
any of the stuff to do with the plant.
Like, I'm the new guy.
I need to learn all the ropes.
Bryce is a good kid.
He picked the wrong time to
make an impression like this,
but it's really not his fault.
There was guys here
that knew better.
Lesson learned here
is I need people
to train me up on stuff
that I do not know.
You know, I need to learn it
before I just hop out there and do it.
It should've been Tater or Randy
on that box, but they got sloppy.
And now the whole mine's
paying for it.
Sparky, you got a copy?
Yeah, go ahead.
When you get a second,
could you come up here and
just give the plant once-over?
Got you, brother.
Man, I got you.
10-4. Thanks, buddy.
I'm really confused why the
most inexperienced, newest guy
was tasked with
kind of the most important
part of the morning fire up.
This may just be my opinion,
but the reason I think
that this happened this
morning is because the weather
was bad, it was wet,
it was rainy.
Everybody's tired.
We're worn out.
We've been out here for months.
And, you know, guys
wanted to be in the machines,
you know, where it's dry.
I'm not You know, I'm not
gonna lie, myself, included.
That is a That's an issue.
So I don't know, man.
The Black Pearl's running.
The Black Peral's getting gold.
My plant is, it's putting
some points on the board.
And that's beneficial
for everybody.
A little heat in that metal
and it'll help it set up.
Come on, you.
After a three-hour shutdown,
they perform the final step to fix
the Holy Roller's distribution box.
That'll be good.
We should be back in business.
We got the distribution boxes
all resealed with silicone.
I've got, Bryce
down on the pump.
He's got his checklist.
We're about ready
to start the plant back up.
There's jut no more time left.
Stupid mistakes cost us today.
So now we have to pay the price.
Yeah. Go ahead.
Okay. Just We don't
need to do it if it's not ready.
I mean, give it plenty of
time. I got no problem waiting.
I told these guys to make sure
let that distribution box
set up right.
You know, I know
everybody's tired right now,
but we've gotta do things
the right way.
Don't be in a hurry.
All that's gonna do
is take more down time
if that thing
doesn't work right.
Right now,
I just need things done right,
so we don't make
the same mistake twice.
Everybody, clear on the
trommel. Clear on the trommel.
Are you on the pump?
Our goal's 1,000 ounces.
If it's down,
we're not gonna be able
to achieve that.
So it's vitally important that
it stays running at all cost.
So where are we at now?
- This one's open?
- Yeah. That one's open.
This is open.
You can go ahead and idle
up if you have pressure, Bryce.
Should get water
here in a second.
That's still leaking!
Randy, we got leaks.
We got leaks.
Idle it down, idle it down.
The flanges
are just too bent up.
Tried to free them out
best we could.
Let's see what he'll wanna do.
Andy's coming down,
it's his call.
After shutting down
for five hours
to repair the Holy Roller's
blown distribution box,
the team restarts
the plant correctly
only to discover
that their fix has failed.
And they're no closer
to running dirt.
The flanges are so bent up.
They're only sealing
in this area.
They've gotta be flat
to marry them together,
'cause you can't seal pressure
with just one area.
You gotta seal pressure
with the whole area.
They have to be perfectly flat.
But how do we get them perfectly flat
now that they've been bent so much?
Weld it together.
Randy's plan
to fix the distribution box
is to weld the outer
metal rims flush,
leaving no space for built up
pressure, or water to escape.
We got an idea.
We just need your approval.
We're gonna weld
the two halves together.
You can't weld
the two sides together.
- Why not?
- Yes, we can.
Not bolt hole. On the outside.
- What good does that do?
- It's gonna seal it.
The bolt holes will leak.
Bolt holes aren't leaking.
The bolt holes will leak.
- I'm telling you, the bolt holes
- Look!
- Are not leaking.
- This is a hole here.
He's saying it will leak.
It will leak and then
you cannot fix them.
If this was a solid piece
You know what, I bed to differ,
because if you had a fender
washer, it would work just fine.
- If the silicone were dry
- Why don't you listen
for a change?
- I do listen. I
- Hey! Tone it down.
- Tone this down. Now.
- Randy
I already did this once
and it worked for how long?
I've already had it done
and done.
It lasted for how long?
How many
How many thousands
did we put in?
Come on, Randy.
The bolt holes will leak.
Bolt holes aren't leaking.
It will leak
and then you cannot fix them.
If you had a fender washer,
it would work just fine.
I've already had it done
and done.
It lasted for how long?
How many
How many thousands
did we put in?
Come on, Randy.
The problem with the holes,
we already
had this conversation.
There's no way to reseal 'em
if they leak,
if you weld the whole thing.
If we weld
the flange on the box,
it will seal the first time.
But if we close it bypass again,
it'll just blow the water
right out of the holes
and then we have
no recourse to fix,
and we can't get it back apart.
The Holy Roller
will be done for the season.
- Okay.
- There's no way.
We can make something work. We can
make a gasket out of the conveyor belt,
which, I think,
would probably work.
- Gasket would be better than welding it.
- Yeah.
Out of the two options
I'm a little fired up right now.
I don't like being
shut down like that.
Apparently, Rob's got
a better plan than I do.
If you need a question, go ask the
professionals. They're right back there.
You have to gasket
- the whole thing.
- The whole thing.
- We're gonna make a bend
- Yeah.
- We're gonna make a bend for the whole thing.
- Yeah, you could do that.
The new proposal
for fixing the Holy Roller's
distribution box
is to fortify the metal rims,
not with welds,
but with a makeshift
rubber gasket
designed to prevent leaks
without sealing
the bins permanently.
I think it's a good plan.
- Yeah.
- That's what we gotta do.
Okay? I mean, we don't have
a lot of options.
I'll keep loading them,
keep them going.
All right.
I've been
busting my ass out here.
I'm tired.
We're all tired,
but I'm not gonna take
someone talking to me like that.
I've got a lot more experience
under my belt than he does.
Personally, I think he just
needs to keep his mouth quiet.
So, we got guys
getting into it with each other.
I don't think
everybody understands
that this is actually
make or break time,
right here.
We got two options right now.
We're either going to implode
- How many thousands did we put in?
- Then fix it.
Or we're actually
gonna come together
and try to hit this goal.
Being tired
and missing your family,
being grumpy, whatever it is,
we really don't have any excuse.
You gotta put that aside,
you gotta dig deep.
This is go time, right here.
You got about 40 feet.
We're pulling the box
for a second time.
The fix we did earlier
didn't work.
Now we're gonna do it
a little differently.
We're gonna go to plan C.
There's no guarantees.
He wants to drill holes.
He's got 'em all marked out.
Tater enlists Dakota and Bryce
to fortify the box further
by drilling
additional bolt holes
for its outer rim.
It will alleviate the box
bowing in between the bolts,
and, hopefully, help
seal that for the last time.
Get it as close
as you can, Dakota.
We're planning to work
until we're done.
It's gonna be a late night.
This needs to run tomorrow.
Right now, everybody's shot
and burned out,
but fixing this box
is the only thing
that's gonna save our season,
so we have to get it done,
and done now.
Failure's not an option.
Hey, guys, meeting
out here real quick.
After working into the night
to fix the Holy Roller's
distribution box,
the plant is ready to fire up.
But before testing their fix,
Todd assembles the team
to clear the air.
Listen, guys,
I know everyone's
starting to get tired.
We've been working
our tails off,
I know it's not easy.
We're so close,
a month from now, we'll be done.
But right now,
I need us all thinking
- one week at a time.
- Yeah.
This week, we need 112 ounces
in order to hit
1,000 ounces at the end.
We can't do that
with one plant running, okay?
It ain't gonna work.
These guy's gotta get
it together right now.
It's 1,000 ounces or bust.
Things like this happen,
and we'll get over it,
but it can't happen again.
We don't have time.
We really cannot be complacent.
And another thing is,
no more, Randy, Rob,
we are supposed to be a team.
We don't hate on each other.
So, get it out
on the table right now.
You two, get it out
on the table,
and we're gonna
fix this right now,
'cause I'm not putting up
with it anymore.
Yeah. Randy, I was out of line.
I came across the wrong way
and I apologize.
- So was I.
- I'm sorry.
You know, pride and workmanship.
- Yeah.
- Both of us are very, very prideful.
Yeah. So, I'm sorry.
- Truly sorry.
- Me, too.
Keep the goal at the top, man.
We cannot screw this up.
Me and Andy
have been at this point.
And this is where you
up, right now.
The Black Pearl
carried us yesterday,
it carry the whole mine.
- Okay?
- Yep.
There has been tension
between us all.
And it's literally, right now,
is where we make it or break it.
And it's with attitude
and it's with us
helping each other.
I've seen this happen
so many times,
where guys get frustrated and
they start lashing out at each other.
I don't really care about their
feelings and stuff right now.
I need fighting
the fight together,
not fighting each other.
So put egos an attitudes aside,
and let's just work.
We need to start
coming together as a team.
So, here's the deal.
Let's do a slow fire up,
let's get it running,
Black Pearl get running.
We need both plants
running all day
if we can do it.
- All right, let's get to work.
- Let's do it.
Hopefully, my team
doesn't implode right now.
We only got a few weeks left.
We're about 450 ounces short.
So, hopefully, this
distribution box holds together,
and the Holy Roller could just
keep grinding it out.
While these guys work their
butts off making that gasket
Holy cow!
Bolted it the
- That crap on 'em.
- Crap out of them.
You even staggered 'em a little?
Yeah, we did that
on purpose. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
We're gonna test it,
make sure all of our fixes hold.
You just remember,
if you don't know, ask.
Everybody, got that?
- Bryce, you got it?
- I got it.
All right.
You wanna go man the pump?
Or do you wanna run the box?
No, I wanna see our work work.
Okay, let's cross our fingers.
Before we even worry
about the trommel,
we'll test the water.
If this one leaks,
I've got way bigger problems.
This is gotta be done right.
This pressure in this water's
gonna go somewhere.
Yeah, go ahead.
We're ready
whenever you are, buddy.
Hey, Randy, go ahead
and hit the bump.
Okay, here we go.
All right, we got water.
- Open that up.
- Open it.
We've got both
of 'em open, the trommel
and the hopper.
Now we'll close the bypass.
This will put
the pressure on the system.
We'll see if it's gonna hold.
Randy, go ahead and
run it up to 1,430, please.
Boxes are working.
The box is fixed,
and this is our
come to Jesus moment.
Hopefully, we can
make up ground right now.
We got a lot of pay dirt to run.
It's time to man up
and put all this
disagreement aside,
and start putting gold
on our brains.
There it goes.
I guarantee you
if we could do that,
a 1,000 ounces is still
within our reach this season.
We're back in business.
This box is gonna be loaded.
Black Pearl, baby.
We're probably a day and a half
behind the Black Pearl,
and they're actually
carrying the ball right now,
which is, you know what,
actually a really good thing.
So basically, we're both
racing against time.
We gotta get the amount
of gold that we need
in a short amount of time.
After two crucial days
with the Holy Roller
out of commission,
Todd Hoffman aims his guns
at keeping the plant fed
to make up for lost time.
If we both keep having pretty
good clean ups from here on out,
hopefully, we start hitting
some of our gold here.
Just checking our gauges.
What the is going on?
Dakota, Dakota, you got a copy?
I got.
Yes, right after
we, started it up.
Todd, have you checked
these hydraulic riffles today?
Why? Did it change?
Yeah. Has anybody
touched the water?
No. Why?
'Cause that one
over there was at 12,
this one over here was at nine.
- Why?
- I don't know.
I've never had a jump like that.
Anything over five pounds,
we're blowing gold out of it.
I have no idea
how long it ran like that.
Hydraulic riffles,
or hydraulic nugget traps,
are designed to inject a steady
five pounds of water pressure,
which prevents clay build-up
and losing gold
off the end of the sluice box.
This hydraulic
on one side was 12 pounds,
the other side was nine.
Yeah, I know.
I quit doing those stuff.
This really pisses me off.
I don't know
if we had an air bubble,
something happened.
We've already had
a couple crucial errors,
but this is a big one.
Okay, let's shut it down.
Everybody, shut it down.
With the risk
of losing gold too high,
Todd decides to shutdown
the Holy Roller.
The first time
they fired the plant up,
and that'll blow up
my distribution box.
And now nobody's checking,
the freaking pressure's there,
I'm feeding the plant.
I can't do everything.
It's all for nothing
if you forget the little things.
This morning, there's
a concern about the,
gauges that monitor
the riffle pressure
not being accurate.
So, the discussion
amongst the team
was that we think that there
might be some sediment
or material building up
in the gauges,
and we just wanna
pop them off real quick
while the unit's down,
and clean them out and see
if there's anything suspect.
Maybe a piece of dirt
blocking the hole,
or anything, so
The gauge is still reading
just over half a pound
or a pound of pressure,
and there's nothing on it.
The gauge might be stretched.
So, I'm gonna go
pull the other gauge
and see what it looks like.
This unit had a big
over pressurization
a few days ago.
These are hooked
into that circuit.
And as a result,
with these gauges
only being good to 15 PSI,
we suspect it got up
to around 60
and stretched these gauges out.
So now,
with the pressure off it,
it's not returning back to zero.
The gauge itself
internally is stretched.
These really haven't
settled out very well.
I got just under
half a pound on this one,
and this one's
just over half a pound.
So, we're just gonna
have to get new gauges.
The Holy Roller,
you know, up until recently
was running really good.
You know, it's possible that they're
just kinda getting a little bit complacent,
and it's kinda
biting 'em in the ass.
At the end of the day, it's like,
you can't let your guard down.
I mean, in my opinion,
when it comes to mining,
it's better to just
keep it simple, you know.
The less moving parts,
the less things you have
that can breakdown.
And, when it comes down
to the end of the season,
you can't afford
to have breakdowns,
so that's why right now,
maintenance, and being really
perceptive and keeping a close eye
on all of our equipment,
the plant, the bearings,
everything, making sure
everything is greased
at the end of the day,
everything's shut down properly
is extremely important.
But, sometimes
things get overlooked,
because people think
that the next guy
is checking in on that.
The Black Pearl's
a little different.
I know this thing
inside and out.
I've never felt attached
to a piece of machinery
before, but
this is our baby.
Our gauges came in.
What do you think, Ron,
is this gonna work?
This is gonna work.
We got her, so
So, when we blew the box up,
what we think happened was,
what they call
"stretching the meter."
And we think we,
ruined some internal parts,
and now, Ron's installing these.
And we've had three kinda
huge, mental errors here,
and, it's important
that we don't have anymore
because we really
don't have any more time.
This is the last big push,
and we got hundreds
of ounces to get
to get to our goal.
So, we're gonna fire her up,
Ron's gonna dial 'em in
and away we go.
Ron, clear the trommel.
Everybody, clear the trommel.
Yeah, I'm ready when you are.
Two, three,
four, five.
It's good there.
I'm gonna do the other side.
Good to go.
Hey, Todd, you're all set.
I'm gonna move on,
I'll check on them together
in half an hour.
This was the toughest week ever
for the Holy Roller.
My guys are tired,
they're exhausted,
and it's now cost us.
Thank heavens Hunter's plant,
the Black Pearl is running.
It's keeping our
1,000-ounce goal alive.
I'm proud of it.
- Sparky.
- What's up?
I've gotta put something
on here. This is dope.
The Black Pearl is starting to,
be a force to reckon with.
The hard work we put in
is finally paying off.
We earned every bit of it.
I'm putting mine up top.
Called it already.
You know, it's starting
to actually be fun.
Can you write it
any smaller, dude?
This is dope.
I didn't know that.
Just his name. Just his name.
Okay, Thur. Let's do this.
I'm coming, boys.
We ran through the night
because we were short some hours
on that distribution box issue.
Hopefully, we're out
of this slump that we're in,
and we're rolling
to get more gold.
We got a lot
of catching up to do.
There's a bunch
of gold right there.
The anticipation
of what we really do have,
it's kinda hard to go to sleep,
but we'll find out here shortly.
Okay, crazy clean up this week.
We'd have had 20 or 30
more ounces easily this week
if we hadn't, blown up a plant.
I don't think our clean
up's gonna be great,
I really don't.
Last week, the Black Pearl
and Holy Roller
combined for 67 ounces,
coming up far short
of their weekly target.
Despite another costly mistake
with the Holy Roller,
can the Black Pearl
pick up the slack
in order to hit their
112-ounce goal this week?
How about you guys,
how are you guys running?
Pretty good.
No hiccups.
We're maintaining the plant,
we're greasing everything,
everything's getting
started up properly.
We're not overlooking anything
because I don't wanna be
running into breakdowns
at the end of the season.
- So
- But this one, man,
this one could've been avoided.
We need the big tray, right?
What, guys?
- No.
- Nah.
I think we'll be all right.
What is it, "Winners go first?"
We won last week. We barely.
Yeah, all right.
Okay. Dad, pour it.
All right, here we go.
What do we got there?
Yeah, here
- 20?
- Thirty.
Thirty. 30, 34, 35.
It'd better have more
than that in there.
Almost 43.42.
You sure it's empty?
Come on.
Is there not another
ten ounces in there?
I hope you guys are at 60 or 70
'cause we ain't gonna make it.
Well, it's not more than that.
I don't know.
See what we got.
Now let's
Okay, run the countdown, Spark.
- Forty.
- You know, we're gonna lose.
- Forty-three.
- We lost by two ounces.
- Two ounces? You guys just get whopped.
- How's that, guys?
That's not really a loss,
that's more like a tie.
Despite their breakdown,
the Holy Roller crew
still managed to mine
almost 43 ounces,
just shy of the Black Pearl's
44-ounce haul,
adding up to a weekly
combined total
of 87 ounces.
With just a few weeks
left in the season,
the Hoffman's 636-ounce total
remains below
their desired goal.
They'll need almost
364 more ounces
to reach
their 1,000-ounce target.
We got 87 ounces,
our second best
clean up of the season.
We were down part of the week,
so, like, I'm actually
feeling pretty optimistic
even though
we didn't hit our goal.
I am a little concerned, though,
because Hunter got
a really solid run
and he barely got
more gold than we got.
What that tells me
is that the North Fork pay
isn't as good as we thought.
We might need
to change something up
to get ourselves
out of that hole
and hit that 1,000.
Let's turn it all up.
Turn it up to 11,
and freaking rock'n'roll.
Let's take it from, like,
180 yards an hour,
let's take it to 250,
and we wear stuff out,
we'll fight the battle
on that end.
Big question, Thurber,
now, what do we have
to get per week?
364 ounces to get our goal.
We have to go up
to 121 ounces per week.
We got a really
big number to hit next week,
but I feel good,
I feel like everything's
kinda hitting on all cylinders.
I think we got a shot at this.
Who knows what the future's
gonna hold, but
we're now 636,
we're heading to 700.
Hopefully, 800.
And I don't know if 1,000
is within reach anymore.
- We're gonna get 1,000.
- 121, you think?
And that means
everybody gets to go home
with some gold, so
I like your attitude. Thank you.
I need that, man.
I need that
from you guys, too. Right?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Let's go.
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