Hold Tight (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

No phone, no bag.
Probably stolen.
Who doesn't have a smartphone? And in her line of work? You don't have to explain yourself to her.
Any theories? Chavs.
There's always something going on around here.
We're here every month, so Theft.
Have you asked around? Any witnesses? Get to work.
We're on it, General.
What do you want for breakfast? Well? Dad, can you take me to school? Dad? Sorry! Don't mind me.
What's wrong? Nothing from Adam since yesterday.
Don't worry about it.
Men have a different perception of time.
When did you last see him? Last night at the party.
He made a huge fuss.
Was he yelling at you? Not at me.
At Gajos.
And at others.
That they don't care about Igor.
That they forgot him.
Then he left and stopped answering his phone.
Do you want me to call his parents? Call them.
Since you won't take me, I'm going.
Kajak? You look really nice.
I'm serious.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Have you seen Gajos? I called.
No answer.
I texted him like ten times.
What's going on? Anna Barczyk.
Leave a message.
Hello? Michał Barczyk.
Hi, Daddy.
It's me.
Oh, it's you, baby girl.
Is everything okay? Mom isn't answering my calls.
She's not? Maybe she's with a patient.
- She always calls back right away.
- Relax, Olcia.
I'll try to reach her.
We're going shopping.
Can I go shopping with Jaśmina? You can go shopping after school.
Just have Janusz pick you up later.
Love you.
After nearly 24 hours, firefighters managed to control the fire in the Szczecin factory.
It required the effort of multiple fire brigades.
At 11 a.
there will be a press conference Oh, fuck.
with fire inspector Michał Barczyk.
As soon as possible.
The name is Barczyk.
How long will it take? Hi.
This is Adam Barczyk.
Leave Voicemail again.
Let's go.
- Where? - Come on.
Stop talking.
Adam! Hey, Kaja! It's open.
They have an alarm and sensors.
We'll get in trouble.
Adam! Mrs.
Barczyk? Come on.
We'll get in trouble.
CALL HISTORY Anna Barczyk.
Leave a message.
Ewelina means well, but she can't just fuck with our investigation.
- Interfere, I mean.
- I interfere? - You do.
- How do I interfere? At this time, this is Jacek and Marek's case.
- Yes or no? - Yes.
What do we have? A mutilated, anonymous hooker.
We asked around.
Nobody knows her.
Preliminary findings suggest it could be the local hooligans.
- What findings? Specify.
- The early ones.
Continue, Jacek.
I'm listening.
We brought them in.
They might say something.
- Fingerprints taken? - Yes.
But no hits.
I see.
We understand that we have gender parity.
And that women also deserve promotions.
But, fuck, maybe it's not always about who has a dick and who doesn't.
You can have one or be one.
- Same with a cunt.
- Excuse me? Okay.
You're here to work, not to love each other.
Got it? Yes.
There's no need to worry.
Everything will be fine.
Please excuse me.
Michał Barczyk.
My wife's phone seems to be turned off.
The schedule shows she's off today? Oh, thank you.
Please wait for me.
Fucking hell, we've been waiting for ages.
Five minutes is okay, but not 30.
This is going to air live.
We'll be starting shortly.
Do you have any comments on what we've just heard? I don't think she was a prostitute.
The dead girl was clean.
No traces of semen.
Maybe her first customer? The victim's hands.
Nails were well kept.
No needle marks.
Toxicology report didn't show any illegal substances in her blood.
She was well nourished.
- Like most hookers.
- Prostitutes! It's the 21st century.
No previous fractures or bruises.
And she had her shoes on when we found her.
Prostitutes do wear shoes.
But these had no scuff marks.
No one had ever walked in them.
Her pale belly proves she didn't wear any skimpy tops.
Shoulders are pale too.
Right ring finger has a pale mark left by a wedding band she must have worn for a long time, as there is a callus at the base on the side of the palm.
Well, gentlemen? These are hard facts.
Any more doubts about the inspector's competence? Ewelina, take over.
We'll work it together.
Eighty percent of the site was ablaze.
We needed 15 fire brigades.
The factory makes para-xylene which is very toxic and extremely flammable.
It wasn't an easy job.
Is it true that the fire was caused by arson? The Szczecin prosecutor's office is investigating.
I believe this is a question for the county prosecutor's spokesman.
Thank you all very much.
One more question.
Please give us a moment.
- Michał.
What the fuck? - I have to go back to Warsaw.
Why? Now? No way.
Our procedure Family matter.
Everything is done here.
I have to go.
Tomek, we've broken stricter rules before.
If you need me, call me.
This is Adam Barczyk.
Leave a You're really winding yourself up.
It's unhealthy.
But I've got something that will help you.
- I don't want it.
- It'll relax you.
Clear your mind.
Relax, Kaja.
This isn't junk.
It was prescribed by a doctor.
To whom? Not to you, that's for sure.
So what? It works, doesn't it? And it's safe if you know the dose.
One pill is enough.
Come on, girl.
There's our missing boy.
What was that spat yesterday really about? You were there.
- Have you heard from Adam? - Have you? Aren't you two an item? We are out of touch.
After last night, we're all out of touch.
Adam thinks it's his fault that Igor is dead.
You think he was? I'm going home.
You coming? Walk him home, or we'll lose another one.
Happy now? Hey, Jaśmina! Jaśmina! - Hi.
Done with school? - Hi, Dad.
How was it? Good.
Everything okay? You sure? We came to get something to drink.
- Ola, what's going on with Adam? - Why? - Have you seen him today? - I slept at my friend's.
He didn't call you? What happened? - Adam is gone.
- Gone how? - I think he ran away from home.
- Again? Hi, Michał.
Listen, I can't reach Anka.
Could you go see if she's home? Okay, I'm here.
Go inside and see if she's all right.
There's a loose stone down on the right.
The key is there.
Find it? Great.
Now, the code.
Enter four-five-six-seven.
The alarm system isn't on.
- She always turns it on when she leaves.
- Hold on.
Ania? Ania! It's me, Janusz.
Are you home? Ania! She's not here.
Go upstairs.
Ania? Adam! And? - Nothing.
The room is empty.
- Fuck.
I'll be there in an hour.
If you want, Ola can stay another night.
What? Yeah, sure.
I mean, thanks.
- What about Adam? - What do you mean? Did he call? I heard he's disappeared.
- What do you mean by that? - Someone said he missed school.
- Who? - A girl from his class.
Fuck me! What is going on? - They called off swimming class? - I didn't go today.
He hasn't called? He'll have to explain himself.
When Aunt Kamila disappeared, did you have a bad feeling? That something happened to her? I did.
But that was a completely different situation.
There was another missing girl.
Her body was found shortly afterward.
That's why I was afraid.
Igor Hall is dead.
He was Adam's friend.
They used to run away together.
Dad, I'm not crazy.
Something is wrong.
Hi, it's Michał.
Is my Ania there? - She didn't come in.
- Fuck.
No one has talked to her today.
- You don't know where she is? - Maybe it's her phone.
Or the battery.
- Are you free? - Yeah, sure.
Listen, if she reaches out to you, let me know right away.
Okay? Okay.
Bye, then.
Adam, where the heck are you? Call me at once.
You hear me? Stop fooling around.
Ania! Anna Barczyk.
Leave a message.
Michał Barczyk, Anna's husband? Speaking.
How can I help? Your wife has been by ambulance on the street.
- What? - I can't disclose further details Excuse me? you'll be contacted by the police.
What are you talking about? Hello? What happened? - Hello? - Hello? Adam does strange things, but Mom has never disappeared.
She doesn't do stuff like that.
Maybe her phone died? She has a charger in her car.
You're not used to it, are you? - To what? - Being ignored by your mom.
I know all about it.
Mine doesn't call or write.
- But she's out of the country.
- So what? They don't have the internet there? Or did her phone die? No, my mom isn't like yours.
I mean nothing to her.
You think she'd care about how they talk about me in school? - Let me look at you.
- I'm fine.
They don't want to release me.
Get me out of here.
Okay, easy.
I'm here now.
I talked to the police.
They couldn't care less about Adam being gone.
I don't know what to do.
At least you're okay.
I can't access Adam's texts.
My phone was stolen.
You installed it.
Kaja doesn't know anything either.
Did you know they're having sex? I'd be surprised if they weren't.
We've missed something.
He has everything.
The best school, extra gym classes, paid vacations, money for whatever.
We don't even know what he thinks or what he's into.
We don't know our own kid.
He's 18.
At his age, I was avoiding my folks too.
He's not avoiding us.
We're avoiding him.
Take the left lane here.
At the first light, turn left.
- At least they didn't puncture your tires.
- Come on.
Are you okay? Here.
It was full of people yesterday.
It's a party spot.
- I'm calling the police.
- It's too early to report him missing.
It has to be more than 48 hours.
The police made that very clear to me today.
It doesn't make fucking sense.
The police won't help us? Not the police.
I'm not a prosecutor anymore.
I can't help you.
But do you realize that installing spy apps is illegal? It's a crime.
He's an adult.
Listen, maybe I can help.
I know Adam.
 I know these kids.
I talked to them after Igor's death.
I'll check my notes.
Maybe I'll find something.
I'll tell you why I installed that spy app.
When Adaś was three, we went on vacation.
The promenade, ice cream, tons of people.
Some guy was blowing bubbles.
I guess he wanted to catch one because I suddenly realized he wasn't there.
He just let go of my hand.
I found him after a few minutes.
He was thrilled and laughing.
I was scared to death.
That's when I promised myself that I'd never let go of him again.
That I'd protect him.
That he'd always be safe with me.
Ania, it could've happened to anyone.
It was my fault.
If I had fucking held him tight, nothing would have happened.
I just pray he wasn't involved in Igor's death.
Did you see the Barczyks? Yes.
And? Kaja, if If Adam told you anything we don't know about, now is the best time to tell us.
- Before it's too late.
- Anything.
- Dad, I told you everything.
- It'll be too late.
His life might be at stake.
- Who are you talking to? - Kaja To me, or to a witness? Kaja - Hello? - Hi, honey.
- I've been calling.
Why didn't you answer? - Something came up.
But it's okay now.
Is Adam home? He had to leave for a few days.
We'll talk tomorrow, okay? Dad will pick you up.
I'm worried.
Oleńka, everything is fine.
Go to sleep.
I love you.
Good night.
Wanna see something cool? - Sure.
- Come on.
Just be quiet.
- You're crazy.
- Not at all.
Is it fake? Dad is in a shooting club.
Didn't I tell you? All you have to do is pull the trigger.
Lewicki is in front of the blackboard, and I go boom! - Where are you? - I'll be home soon.
That guy from the produce store was here again.
Danusia Tadeusz, please tell me.
Did you hurt that child? It was a joke about a beard.
The kids got it wrong.
I believe you.
But why won't he let it go? It's so weird, you know? Honey, I'll be home soon.
And my email isn't working again Excuse me, miss.
Do you know how to fix this? I bought it for my son.
My wife told me to.
But the manual must have been written by a NASA engineer.
I know what you mean.
I feel like an idiot asking for help, but if I'm not back by 8 p.
, my wife will kill me.
I'm the one who bathes the kids.
Okay, sure.
You have to strap it in with a seat belt.
Sure, but you need to know how to do it.
I don't know how.
I do it like this.
I take the belt Where are you going? I can't sleep.
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone! Leave me alone! You hear me? Leave me alone.
No Quiet, Renata.
Be quiet.
If you don't cooperate, I'll kill your son.
He's only two.
He's got his mommy's pretty eyes.
I just want to talk.
So what's it gonna be? Yes? I'm begging you, just don't hurt him Quiet.
Does the name "Marianna" sound familiar? How about now? Yes.
Has she sent you anything lately? No.
- No, she hasn't.
- Think again.
She really hasn't sent me anything.
Really, she hasn't Why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this to me? Why? Out of love.
Subtitle translation by: Ewa Tyrala
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