Hold Tight (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [brooding music playing.]
If he does turn up, please give us a call right away.
And sorry again for calling you so early.
Węgrzynowski says he's not there.
- And you called his godmother, right? - Yes.
[Anna groans.]
It'll be okay.
We're gonna find him.
I promise you.
[phone ringing.]
Yes, hello? Yeah, speaking.
Where? Okay.
We'll be over there right away.
The police just found Adam's wallet.
When was the last time you saw your wife, sir? Yesterday.
Late in the afternoon, she went out shopping.
And she was supposed to pick up our son from his tennis.
When the school called and said my son was still there, I knew something was wrong.
- Has she done this before? - No.
Not at all.
- Or is she having an affair? - Sorry? You know, I wanna say no, but This could happen to anyone.
Have you talked to the rest of the family? Sir, listen.
My wife suffers from liver disease.
Last year, she almost had a transplant.
She's taking vital medications, and she left them at home.
So even if we were to go along with your nasty theory, that she's cheating on me, she'd at least take her meds, right? - Do you have her picture on you? - Of course I do.
All right, now we take down the make, model, and plate numbers of her vehicle.
[mysterious music playing.]
[phone rings.]
Is that his blood? We don't know.
We're still running tests.
That's why we need your DNA.
Did you find anything else? Nothing that would indicate at this point that your son was harmed.
Why didn't you immediately report that he'd gone missing? [Michał scoffs.]
Well, I tried to, but your colleague said he was probably just at his girlfriend's.
All right, ma'am, it's already been over 48 hours since we last saw our son.
Wouldn't you say it's time to report him missing? [printer whirring.]
MISSING!! ADAM BARCZYK, AGE 18 Good morning.
Know where I can find more paper? The usual place.
Then we're out of paper.
You're gonna hand out all these yourself? I have to do something, Dad.
I keep calling and texting, but nothing.
It's like he's vanished.
Don't worry.
We're gonna find him.
So you're psychic suddenly? I know how much you care.
I'm sorry.
But I know Adam.
I know him.
He'd never just leave without even telling me.
Dad, I'm sure something happened to him.
I'm off.
Want a lift? - Yeah, could you? - Sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Get ready.
We're gonna leave in five minutes.
- [Jaśmina.]
What do you want? KASIA: HEY.
Hey, Dad? Have you seen my phone? Uh, I'll help you look in a second, hon.
Have you already packed your lunch? - Not yet.
- What are you waiting for, then? [chuckles.]
[car honks.]
Will you stop lurking outside my house? - You're mistaken.
- Sick fuck.
I'm mistaken? I'm not mistaken at all! And now you're running away, you coward? Your asshole husband bullied my daughter! His words were misinterpreted! And he apologized for it, many times! [dog barking.]
Stop that noise! [mysterious music playing.]
Come on.
- [Kaja.]
- [Anna.]
Hi, Kaja.
I'm sorry we didn't consult with you, but, well, we just thought that We just wanted to help.
- No, I'm fine.
- What have you got there? We've already put up a few at school and around the neighborhood, but we thought you might have some ideas for where we could hang them.
Listen, it's so kind of you all to do this, really.
I've put the number for my dad's law office on the flier, so nobody's gonna bother you or anything.
Honey, why don't you go lie down? - I don't know.
- Please.
You should try and sleep a bit.
Just for a bit.
Thank you, guys.
All right, so where should the rest go up? [tense music playing.]
[tense music continues.]
" [Beata.]
He started painting these a year ago.
You have to tell me where they found Igor.
Why do you want to know? I think Adam could be there.
He's missing.
We haven't heard from him for two days.
I saw him on Monday, and we talked at his practice.
Adam is responsible for what happened to Igor.
You're crazy.
Well, clearly he's feeling guilty.
He couldn't even look me straight in the eye.
And why didn't you talk to us? I wanted to hear the truth come from him.
What do you mean? It was an accident.
Anna, come on.
Remember the photos they showed at school? Yeah, one of those was taken that night.
In the photo, you can clearly see your son's hoodie.
- He could've lent it to him.
- Adam's hiding something.
Something happened between them that night.
Something that really affected Igor, and his decisions.
[mysterious music playing.]
I'll tell you where they found him if you take me with you.
Get in.
[indistinct chatter.]
[mysterious music playing.]
Good morning.
I'm calling from Hotel Europa.
I'd like to report that there is an abandoned vehicle in our parking lot.
Well, for two days.
Adam? Adam! Show me the place.
Jesus Christ That's impossible.
Igor was found by a group of homeless people.
The police and I were the only ones here.
I saw them take his body away.
What are you saying? The candles are in the exact spot where his body was.
What, you think Adam did all that? Adam could've never hurt Igor.
Then why did he run off? I don't know.
I just want to bring my kid home, safe and sound.
You're lucky you can.
["Hands" by FERR feat.
Ferry Corsten & Youth Novels plays.]
My heart′s beating ♪ Hold me now ♪ I'm falling ♪ On and on ♪ My hand′s bleeding ♪ Hold me now ♪ I'm crawling ♪ On and on ♪ My heart's beating ♪ Hold me now ♪ I′m falling ♪ On and on ♪ My hand′s bleeding ♪ Hold me now ♪ [song fades away.]
[woman humming.]
Time to go to work.
[woman grunts.]
Ow! Get going.
BUY – SELL – TRADE – PAWN - Hello.
- [man.]
Good afternoon.
- Looking for anything in particular? - I'm looking for something.
A tablet.
I know the brand and the date it was brought to your shop.
- Yeah? - [woman laughs.]
So I'd like to know if you still have that tablet for sale.
And if you don't, why don't you tell me who you sold it to and the date? Listen, I respect the privacy of my clients.
That's nice.
OPEN – CLOSED Hey, you fucking crazy? Oh, stop.
We don't need any of that, do we? Got it.
He sent it to a P.
box, but I got the name, address, and e-mail.
Aren't you proud of me? Don't fucking think about it.
"Nikola Reszke.
" Aren't those scissors too much bling? Why? Are you jealous? [pop music playing faintly.]
I got them from my grandma.
- How many more do we have to do? - A lot.
Last time we ran out.
[phone buzzes.]
If you haven't noticed, your friend's missing.
He's not.
He'll show up in a couple days.
This is boring.
Got a better way to find him? Barczyk! Come out! The party's over! [boys laughing.]
Damn it, it didn't work.
If you don't wanna help, leave us alone.
[boys laughing.]
Just want to apologize for what Believe me, I don't want this conflict to get out of hand.
I have nothing against your wife.
- But that shit you did to my daughter - I apologized already.
And I will, as many times as it takes.
But is this incident with Jaśmina really worth destroying my 20-year-long career? "Incident"? You think it was just an incident? - The kids twisted my words.
- You fucking kidding me? Okay.
I'll talk to my wife.
I swear it won't happen again.
And I swear, if you ever hurt my daughter again I don't know what I would do to you.
Maybe someone besides Beata and the police were there? Before they removed the body.
Beata says no one did.
She might have set up those candles herself.
Even if Adam did it, what would it matter? We want to find him, right? That doesn't change the cause of Igor's death.
According to the coroner, there's no signs of foul play.
And what if Beata's actually right, and Igor's overdose wasn't an accident? What if something else happened, and my son ran away because he didn't know what to do? I need to find out if Igor's body was actually found with the candles.
I'm not a prosecutor anymore.
I don't have access to Paweł.
Maybe sometimes it's better not to ask too many questions.
Come on.
I wanna take you somewhere.
[foreboding music plays.]
That's where they attacked me.
This is also where the cops found Adam's wallet.
You want to search this whole area again? - They might've missed something.
- Maybe.
Hey, wait.
What is it? - See that guy with a bandaged nose? - Yeah.
We fought that night.
Where are you going? Anna! - He's gone.
- Leave this to the police.
See any police here? [siren squawks.]
How you doing? Warsaw Crime Division.
You're the only one working here? No.
It's me and my colleague, but we alternate in 24-hour shifts.
When business is slow, I go to the back room and sleep.
- [Ewelina.]
- Must've happened then, since I didn't see anything during the day.
Uh, are there any cameras? - No.
- No? Not one camera? Sir, we we rent out our rooms by the hour.
People prefer not to have cameras, if you know what I mean.
[phone beeps.]
Have a chat with our boys over there.
You can give a statement.
Right now, please.
The lady's credit cards came in, so I'm gonna check those out.
In the meantime, open the apartment, all right? See if there's anything there.
Excuse me, sir! Do you mind if I put some flyers up? Yeah, go ahead.
Just don't cover up my prices.
- Evening.
- [attendant.]
You want the full package? You see this lady, uh, yesterday? Lot of people come here.
I'm not good with faces.
I can't recognize my own mother.
- She paid by credit card.
It was 150.
- Our promotional package.
We do both the exterior and the interior.
After Igor died, I spoke with every kid in the class.
I spoke with Grzegorz Gajewicz, with Błażej Myszkowski, with Kaja and Adam.
He didn't want to talk to me then.
He kept trying to avoid me.
I was under the impression he'd prepared his answers in advance.
But he suddenly opened up and told me that he felt a lot of rage.
He felt somehow betrayed and abandoned.
I asked him if he was getting any support from his parents, from you.
He just said, "I don't want support from them.
I don't trust adults.
" [Michał.]
But we've always tried to support him.
So he said he doesn't trust us? No.
He said he doesn't trust anyone.
And then he added Look.
"This all has to end.
It's because of Guru.
" Something must have happened.
Something so traumatic that, um that he stopped trusting all adults.
[club music playing faintly.]
[indistinct chatter, laughter.]
Hi, Antek.
Haven't you already had enough? Guru.
That ring a bell? No.
I don't know.
Okay, is there anyone named Guru here? Like a bartender or a bouncer? - [sighs.]
- Hey, come on, don't waste my time.
Look, there's this one place that I may have heard it.
And? They organize these counseling groups for troubled kids.
Come on, just tell us where it is.
[tense music playing.]
GURU [indistinct chatter.]
[electronic music pulsing.]
Hello, can I help you? We're here because we're looking for our son.
We think he might've been around here.
That's Adam.
Do you know him? I worked for over 20 years as a counselor at a youth center.
Now I organize workshops here for troubled kids.
And what brought him? He and his friends came around a year ago.
I really can't say too much.
Adam told me a lot of things in confidence.
Give me your cell phone.
"Just keep quiet and it'll be okay.
" "Hold tight.
It was your fault, but nobody's gotta know.
" "Guru.
" Did you write this to him? I'm not Guru.
My name is Joanna Makowska.
I named this place after a dog I once had.
We haven't heard from our kid for two days.
Do you have children? Try to put yourself in our position.
Adam felt misunderstood at home.
He felt that way the first time he ran off.
Running away like that was probably a call for attention.
Yeah, like most of the teenagers I know.
Maybe, but as far as I know, you've been spying on him.
- How do you know that? - That's what we do around here.
We talk to each other.
Knowing that his mother wanted to control every aspect of his life was overwhelming him.
He felt you didn't trust him.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
- [mysterious music playing.]
- [door opens.]
You think all of this is my fault? Am I a terrible mother? Anna, come on [Anna grunts.]
All teenagers think parents are the worst thing that ever happened to them.
[moody piano music playing.]
Where is he, then? He's gone because of me? [ominous music playing.]
[no audible dialogue.]
Excuse me.
Is that working? Wouldn't you like to know? [chuckles.]
It works.
But some stupid kids came and cut the cables yesterday.
Did they cut off all the cameras? Yeah, they did.
So there's no footage from yesterday? And to think I wasn't smart enough for the police academy.
[phone ringing.]
- What's up? - [Ewelina.]
Got a minute? Uh-huh.
So, do you remember our Jane Doe from the dumpster? [emotional music playing.]
Kaja? [Kaja sniffles.]
I can tell you a story, if you want.
You don't have a book.
Don't need it to tell you the one about the Upside-Down Forest.
And so, the princess walked alone.
She walked through the fields, completely alone.
The princess wandered through the fields until she found the Upside-Down Forest, where the world seemed to stand on its head.
The princess couldn't make sense out of it.
But then, she felt fluttering wings against her cheek.
It was the Wise Owl, who said to her, "I know.
" "You've lost your Prince Charming, and we need to find him.
" "We'll make our way through this dark forest, until we reach a clearing.
" "There, the Tree King will help us find him.
" Sleep, princess.
This was apparently the kind of woman who photographed every waking moment.
Her home was crammed with photos.
Take a look at this.
- All from her apartment? - Mm-hmm.
That's just her fridge.
Yeah, look at that.
The friend has that tattoo there.
Must've been close.
They have a lot of the same pictures.
Well, I guess we'll find out soon.
Follow us.
[man breathing unsteadily.]
[tense music playing.]
Oh, my God.
[man breathing shakily.]
Do you recognize her? Of course I do.
Marianna Nowak.
Excuse me.
I just can't Thank you.
[tense music fades away.]
[electronic music playing.]
[Kaja's friend.]
Thank you.
Gajos, that's enough for me.
I'm out.
I'll drive you home.
Are you crazy? You're high.
You're not gonna drive anywhere.
I'll see you in in math class.
[ominous music playing.]
[phone rings.]
[water running.]
[phone rings.]
What is it? Adam.
[tense outro music playing.]

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