Hold Tight (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Come on.
Scream all you want.
No one can hear you.
What do you want from me? Where am I? In deep shit, I'd say.
We need the password.
What password? For the tablet.
My tablet? Who else's, for fuck's sake? Jesus Christ's.
Hold on! The sooner you tell us, the better.
Trust me.
I really don't know what you're talking about! I have to get into your tablet.
Tell us the password and you're free.
" With a capital N.
Nikola Followed by "2002.
" Nikola I'm in.
Time to get to work.
What about me? Didn't you say you'd let me go? Shut the fuck up! BASED ON THE NOVEL BY HARLAN COBEN - Who's that? - I don't know.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Good morning.
- May we? - Sure.
Sorry, we know it's early.
Kaja isn't picking up.
Is she home? She's upstairs sleeping.
What happened? Adam sent her a text during the night.
- What text? - We have to talk to her.
She'll be down soon.
- Let's have coffee.
- She knows where Adam is.
Ania! Kaja, where is your phone? - Where's your phone? - Please leave.
- Where is Adam? - Ania! Why are you covering for him? I'm not hiding anything.
Please leave this room.
I'll be waiting downstairs.
And I want you to finally tell me the truth.
I apologize for coming into your room.
How did you know about Adam's text? We installed a spy app on his phone.
Why did you do that? Aren't you ashamed? Fucking hell Fuck.
You two are in contact, then? YOUR PARENTS INSTALLED A SPY APP I asked you a question.
I wasn't earlier, but I am now.
He texted me yesterday.
Why would I lie? Adam says that he's okay.
He'll be back in a few days.
And that I should make sure you remove the spy app.
We are removing the spy app.
I'll do it when Adam is back.
Uninstall it.
It's better that way.
Give me that.
UNINSTALLING We have to go.
Ola is home alone.
We have to go.
Adam says he's disappointed in you and that he'll be back in a few days.
And I'm disappointed in you.
- If you really care about him - Ania.
You'll understand when you have a child.
Are you Guru? Who? Anka You were too hard on her.
You're right.
But she was hard on me.
She's covering for him.
But he reached out.
He's okay.
That's what matters.
Let's go home.
You stay with Ola.
I'll go to the police.
What for? He said he'll be back.
He's 18.
Let's give him some space.
I can't just wait and do nothing.
YOUR MOTHER WANTS TO GO TO THE POLICE ADAM: KAJA, I NEED YOUR HELP You're sure that's her, right? Marianna Nowak.
Yes, she was my wife's friend for the last five years.
Maybe even longer.
She used to visit us often.
And that tattoo? It was her favorite one.
Do you know her address? No.
Since her divorce, she's been staying here and there.
I have no idea where.
What really happened to my wife? You'll be the first to know, once we find her.
All right.
Please sign here.
I'm sorry, but Am I a suspect? Please don't leave town.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I'm wondering whether the fact that both women knew each other incriminates him or clears him.
You think he was boning the victim, the wife found out, so he decided to whack her? Jesus.
What kind of word is that? "Whack"? Just in case, put him under surveillance.
I've already done that.
"Boning"? Give me a moment.
Ninety-nine percent.
We've been at this shit all night.
- Maybe you're doing something wrong? - Like what? This is the third program I've tried.
If this doesn't find it, it's not here.
"Search complete.
File not found.
" It was never here.
"I need more time for myself.
" "I'll be back soon.
" The person you have called is unavailable.
- Hi, Ania.
- Hi, Paweł.
I'm going to the police and wanted to know if you found out anything about those files.
Unfortunately not.
I'll call you as soon as I know anything.
I have information about my missing son.
We already know all about it, ma'am.
His girlfriend was just here.
Kaja Kopińska? I talked to her.
That's why I'm here.
I have a feeling she's hiding something.
On the contrary.
She called Adam so I could talk to him.
The boy said everything is fine.
He gave me all his details, so You talked to him? - I should be the one talking to him.
- He doesn't want to talk to his parents.
- How do you know? - He told me.
Adam said that? Adam would never say that.
Please, ma'am.
I have a nephew his age.
Teenagers can surprise you.
But I did ask him to come to the police station.
He said he's out of town.
I'm sure he'll be back in a few days.
This doesn't make sense.
Can't you see that? Are you sure it was Adam? You can't close this case.
He's been found, and he's of legal age.
Is there anything else you'd like to know? Błażej, have you heard from Adam? No.
But I have.
And? - Is he alive? - He's alive.
He's afraid of the police.
Why? I'm in a hurry.
Who is Guru? Is it some girl? I don't want to get involved in your problems.
GURU – COMMUNITY CENTER FOR OLDER YOUTH Is this where you used to go after school? Maybe.
So why the fuck didn't you tell me? So you could make a fool out of me? I'm going there.
Warsaw Crime Division.
- Hello.
- Mr.
Janusz Nowak? - Yes.
Is this about my daughter? No.
Is Marianna Nowak your wife? Ex-wife.
Well, unfortunately, I don't have good news.
It's urgent, so you will have to come with me.
I'll wait downstairs.
Hi, Ania.
I have the files you asked for.
I checked the photos.
It's exactly as you said.
What the fuck? Why isn't this what I thought it was? It's a rollie.
Too broke to buy regular smokes? I talked to Kaja.
She asked about Guru and the meetings.
- What did you tell her? - Nothing.
- She's obsessed with that idiot.
- They're dating.
It's normal.
She went there.
Where? - To Guru.
Where else? - When? - About two hours ago.
- Fuck.
Whoever set up the candles clearly knew the position Igor was in when he died.
But there's still no proof it was Adam.
I went to the police today.
So did your Kaja.
- What? - Shortly before I did.
- She went there? - Yes.
Kaja? Today? I think they're all hiding something.
I don't believe in these calls, texts, and all this bullshit.
Adam has balls.
He'd lay into me on the phone.
He wouldn't do it like this.
Will you do something about it? I know a guy in the Crime Division.
He's all right.
I'll talk to him.
She really went to the police today? Talk to her.
See what she says.
If you need a therapist How am I supposed to tell Jaśmina? How the fuck am I supposed to tell my daughter? Want one? Babe, are you lost? Hey, baby! Come here.
 How about you kneel and open your mouth? You hear me? Come here! Hi.
Paweł! It's been a while, huh? Feels like ages.
Sit down.
Retirement seems to suit you.
I haven't retired yet.
You know that.
I know, Mr.
Did you read my message? - Yeah.
- And? Paweł, the Igor Hall death was a classic overdose.
The boy lost his way.
We found him in some run-down building.
And the candles placed around the body? Why? Did you find something that I missed? So you're ruling out foul play? I am.
But you agree that something is off, right? Your instinct never fails.
There's something is going on in that Beverly Hills of yours.
We have a dead woman.
Two people have gone missing, but one of them has been found.
Adam Barczyk? My daughter's boyfriend.
They're in the same class.
- Kaja is all grown up, huh? - Taking the SATs this year.
Nika Reszke.
Does it ring a bell? Nika Reszke? She's Kaja's friend.
From school.
Why? She's one of the missing.
Her parents reported it today.
What do you mean? Fuck.
Kaja, pick up the phone.
- What's up? - Hey.
- Got a minute? - Yeah.
Is anything wrong? Kaja isn't at school.
What? She missed her classes? Yeah.
Her teacher asked me about her.
Maybe she's sick and stayed home? - Okay, I'll take care of it.
- Bye.
Why isn't Dad picking us up? He said he would.
He had to stay late at the store.
You can visit us for once.
Ola hangs out at your place all the time.
Is Adam home? He'll be back soon.
When exactly? Get in.
Let's go.
Ola! Oh, no knock.
I can smell success in the air.
Boss, this might be something, but maybe it's nothing.
Show me.
Renata Kordowska was quite active on social media.
I found a few very interesting photos from last week.
- I told you to check everything.
- Just a sec.
Here she's showing off her new nails.
In the background, we see the dashboard and mileage.
Right? We know she had her nails done.
We also know she went shopping at the mall.
But we found her car abandoned in front of the Hotel Europa.
I checked how long her route from the car wash would be.
It's 21 kilometers.
- And according to the mileage? - Twenty-nine.
Which gives us roughly eight kilometers.
Four, if we count coming back.
Right? Maybe we could set up a perimeter and look for remote locations.
- And maybe - We'll find where the body was dumped.
- Fucking great job, Marek.
- Thanks.
Oh, Marek.
I'll break your arms if you ever forget to knock again.
Got it.
I'm looking for a boy.
His name is Adam Barczyk.
I don't know him.
You didn't even look.
Sorry, I don't know him.
Excuse me for a minute.
Are you sure? Adam used to come here.
I can't help you.
My dears, let's go inside.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, I know voicemail is pre-Titanic, but my dad made me do it.
Leave a message after the you-know-what.
Kaja, pick up.
What a nice greeting.
Talk to me.
I'm looking for you.
It's urgent.
Call me back.
Here, help yourselves.
Can we have chips? You already had chips.
If you're hungry, have some sandwiches and fruit.
Hi! Hi, girls.
Hey, come on.
I want some chips.
Michał, what's going on? Is it Adam? Michał? Janusz called.
They found Jaśmina's mom's body.
She was murdered.
That's all we know.
That's why I picked them up from school.
Dad, we still want some chips.
Get the door, okay? I had to bring her here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Is Kaja here? - No, she isn't.
Have you talked to her today? No.
We haven't seen her at all.
What's wrong? She's not picking up.
Nika Reszke is missing.
- Go fuck yourself.
- My cigarette went out.
Hold on.
- It's that chick.
- Yeah.
The blond one.
Hi, what's your name? Get lost.
My name is Bartosz.
With that fucking nose? She's out of your league.
Okay, shut up.
What do you have here? - Leave it.
- What's that? Give me that.
Come here.
Don't go anywhere.
Come here.
Fuck! Come here! Come on, for fuck's sake! Kaja, run! Quick! Nice pussy you hooked up with.
- Fucking get up.
- Go after her.
Fuck! - Go! - Come on, boys! Wiera? What is it? Maybe we could just scare her some more and then let her go.
She's a young girl.
 Natan, come on.
What? You better think it over.
You wanna take her place? Do you? Yes or no? No.
Go to the fucking store.
Then we'll finish it.
These are okay, but we need a portrait photo.
This one will do.
Have you received any threats lately? Threats? No, of course not.
What do you do, sir? I run a business.
Furnace installation.
Trust me, the mob isn't interested in that.
But we can't rule out kidnapping for ransom.
Jesus Christ.
Don't even say that.
So if someone contacts you demanding money, or with information on Nika's whereabouts Please call us immediately.
Okay? - Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Please don't.
Get her! Fuck! Get that cunt! Get her! Fuck! Run.
Open your mouth.
Can we have some more? Do you know what time it is? That's enough.
Wash up and go to bed.
Already? School is in the afternoon.
You can read for a bit.
Or we could mess around, right? Pillow fight? Good night.
Good night.
We've been under so much pressure recently Maybe this will help.
Good idea.
Maybe we could look for someone to help us track Adam's phone? We will.
You know what's really funny? When I see him doing all this crap, when I hear all his dumb ideas, it's like I'm looking at myself.
I've copied and pasted myself for you.
And? It goes straight to voicemail.
Where have you been? Kaja.
I've been looking for you.
Why didn't you answer my calls? Kaja.
Do you know Nika is missing? The police are on it.
Kaja! Excuse me.
Could I borrow your phone? I need to call the police.
May I? You got home late last night.
I was looking for Adam.
Did you find him? - No.
- No? I thought you two were talking.
I thought so too.
But he stopped answering my texts and calls.
Maybe he sees you as just a friend? Dad, I love him.
And I'm really worried about him.
Just don't do anything foolish because of your love.
Kajak Promise me.
You know I'm not a good liar.
This used to be a big factory.
Tearing it down would be too expensive, so there are no buyers.
What about the area? It's a dangerous place.
You know what? We'll look around.
Guys, like we discussed, let's check every inch.
Go ahead and fly that drone.
Let's have a look from above.
I don't know There was a lot of blood.
I think I might have I might have killed him.
- But - Okay, honey.
I'm not sure.
Calm down.
What happened next? I hid in a freight train.
When it started moving, I was too scared to jump.
You did the right thing, Nika.
- You did well.
- Of course.
The train didn't stop until somewhere in the Mazury.
And that's where I got off.
If we checked the tracks in Warsaw, would you recognize that house? Wait a minute.
Do you mean now? She's in shock.
She needs rest.
Dad, I want to go.
All right.
Let's go.
That's the house.
Are you sure? One hundred percent.
We'll need composite sketches of these people.
- If you feel strong enough - I do.
Don't go in, Nika.
You can't go in there.
So? Can we go to the precinct now? Yes.
You're very brave.
You know that? Thank you.
Thank you.
At least we have the psycho's blood to check in the database.
They burned the place down.
They know we're after them.
We've got fucking nothing.
No evidence.
They're gone.
At least we have something.
If we were here two hours earlier, we'd have got them.
Boss, I found her! And so we've found Renata Kordowska.
- Bye, Auntie.
- Bye, Jaśminka.
Hi, Dad.
What's wrong? Jaśmina's dad was acting weird.
- I love you, you know that? - I love you too.
Inspector Oliwia Danowska, Central Bureau of Investigation.
Anna Barczyk? Yes.
We have to talk to you.
Ola, go inside.
I'll be right there.
What is it? You're coming with us.
Subtitle translation by: Ewa Tyrala, Emily Moorlach
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