Hold Tight (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Hello, boss.
I've found the body.
It's Renata Kordowska.
The case is closed.
His wallet.
It was found near the spot where his mother was beaten up.
- And? - And this is his blood.
And that's certain.
The lab results just came in.
But he's alive.
He contacted his parents.
Maybe he cut his hand.
That's not all.
We compared Adam's DNA with his parents' DNA.
BARCZYK ADAM, BARCZYK MICHAŁ NO MATCH It's their private business, not ours.
Why didn't Mrs.
Barczyk tell us? I don't know and I don't care.
We stay out of that stuff.
Okay, but it's not the first time Dr.
Barczyk hasn't been truthful.
She's being interrogated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.
- For what? - I don't know.
But I'll find out.
Apparently, it's something big.
CBI: CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION What were you doing there? I was looking for my missing son.
You were beaten.
It's impressive how long you put up a fight.
Have you been following me? - Why didn't you help me? - Who said we didn't? What do you want from me? Lately, there's been increased activity in the illegal prescription drug trade.
That means more people in the ER, and more deaths related to overdose.
They end up in specific hospitals, so we can clearly see which neighborhood is the most active.
All of our clues eventually led us to you.
What are you getting at? Do these look familiar? I'm wondering what kind of sports injury requires a psychotropic drug.
I don't prescribe that type of medication.
I didn't write these prescriptions.
Kacper Rozbicki.
One of the guys you had a fight with.
Coincidence? What are you suggesting? That he's my patient? That was the first time I ever met him.
This isn't even my handwriting.
But this is your stamp.
And your signature.
Yes or no? Right.
Your handwriting isn't on all the prescriptions.
We checked.
But that means you gave your prescription pads to someone else.
And that is also a serious crime.
Unless somebody stole them from you.
Even if that's true, there's still the issue of the e-prescription codes.
Only you had access to them.
I hope you can straighten this out.
But it looks like you're facing up to two years in prison, Doctor.
Does anyone else know you installed a spy app on Adam's phone? No.
Only myself, Anka, and and Makowska.
Who is that? The owner of Guru, a community center.
She claims Adam went to her therapy sessions for troubled youth.
- Did you guys know? - Of course not.
It's nonsense.
- Makowska? - Makowska.
Enter "Guru, Makowska.
" Okay.
I've got something.
" Yes.
Oh, that's her.
This woman? Yes, that's her.
- Where is Adam Barczyk? - I don't know.
I'm not lying.
Sit down.
Did I ask you to do that? He's alive, isn't he? We talked to him, but only by phone.
Only by phone? You think this is some fucking joke? A game? You had time to talk some sense into Barczyk.
You had time.
But now that time is up.
We can try again.
You have a visitor.
We're closed today.
I know, I'm sorry.
I wanted to ask about Adam again.
When was the last time he was here? A long time ago.
I don't remember.
Excuse me.
I'm busy.
Did he come here often? Rarely.
Hardly ever.
He came here maybe two or three times.
Two or three times? I've been thinking about it.
Maybe it's because of his girlfriend.
I don't follow.
He told me they had some problems.
They argued.
She was crying.
He didn't know what to do about it.
I thought everything was okay.
You probably didn't notice.
Sure, but my wife would probably know about it.
Well Look into it.
I'm sorry, but I really can't talk right now.
I've got company.
They had the right to interrogate you.
From a procedural standpoint, they did nothing wrong.
I called because I need your advice.
You need a lawyer.
I'm innocent.
Aren't we all? You don't believe me? It doesn't matter.
Borys Gajewicz.
I'll ask him to help you.
He's worked on similar cases.
But his son is involved in Adam's disappearance.
One more reason to keep him close.
He's a dick, but he knows his stuff.
All right.
I know everything.
Illegal sale of meds and e-prescription forgery.
Of course, Mrs.
Barczyk denies the allegations.
Can you link it to our cases? So far, I can't.
It's Marek.
Kordowska's husband has identified the body.
Let's check one more place, okay? Do you know her? Of course.
Renata Kordowska.
She's Marianna's friend.
When did you see her last? I don't remember.
She called a few days ago.
Oh yeah? What about, if I may ask? About Marianna.
If I had heard from her because she hadn't.
Kordowska was murdered.
We found her body this morning.
What? That's impossible.
Dad Honey, please wait in your room.
We were just leaving.
Can Ola Barczyk come over for a sleepover? - Yes, of course.
Wait in your room.
- Okay.
Ola Barczyk? Is her mother's name Anna? - The sports medicine doctor? - Yes.
- Are they friends? - Who? Your daughter and the Barczyk girl.
Our families have been close for years.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
So, here's the situation.
- Anna Barczyk has the CBI on her back.
- Yes.
Her son disappears.
His classmate, Nika Reszke, is kidnapped and beaten.
And Marianna Nowak, a friend of the family, is murdered.
Like her friend, Renata Kordowska.
Has anyone told the Barczyks the blood on the wallet is their son's? I'll call them from the office.
- Ewelina! - What? "What?" It's too important for a phone call.
Let's get a bite first.
I could eat a fucking horse.
Why not just say, "I'm hungry"? That is what I said.
Beata? What are you doing here? I'm watching Ola.
She just had dinner and went upstairs.
And where is Ania? She called.
She'll be back soon.
Something urgent came up.
Since you're back, I'm gonna go.
" Does it ring any bells? No.
Should it? Adam used to go there.
Without telling us.
Igor probably did too, so I thought you might know something.
No, I don't.
Are you all right? I didn't really know Igor.
We rarely talked.
He treated home like a hotel.
And I pretended it was normal.
After the divorce, I couldn't argue anymore.
But these are our kids.
I realized it too late.
You still You still have time.
How are you feeling? Like I was hit by a truck.
What did they want? I don't know.
It was about my tablet.
They were looking for something.
They were horrible, Kaja.
Especially that guy.
The one I Hey.
You were fighting for your life.
Okay? Kaja, I think I killed him.
Fucking hell.
No answer.
You think it was them? That did what? That tried to hurt her.
I don't know.
Why? What do they have against Nika? Nothing against her.
- But they must know you two are dating.
- They'll fucking kill us.
We'll manage.
Like we did today? Fuck, man! Relax.
I've got something.
Where from? Saved it for a rainy day.
They're not here.
All my prescription pads are gone.
Did you put them somewhere else? This is where I've always kept them.
- When did you last use them? - I don't know.
A long time ago.
Ania, focus.
Do you mean a week ago? A month ago? I don't remember.
Stop interrogating me.
If you didn't lose them, do you know what that means? - It looks like - Michał! I'm just trying to make sense of it.
I've only been giving out e-prescriptions.
Maybe I put them in a drawer at the clinic and forgot about them.
Either way, it looks bad.
I know.
That's why we have to find Adam.
We have to find a good lawyer.
Kopiński has an idea.
No way.
Tell your wife I will not represent her.
I don't understand.
Why? Because I don't like to lose.
But I've been told you're the best.
Want my autograph? Look.
This isn't only about my family.
Your son is also involved.
Involved? In what exactly? Anna was beaten up while she was following him.
It wasn't a coincidence.
Your son knows where Adam is.
Are you wearing a wire? No, I'm not.
Should I be? Leave my kid alone.
Or I'll take care of yours.
- Got it? - What are you talking about? Is that all? - What do you mean? Do you know something? - Goodbye.
- Do you know where Adam is? - Bye.
Again, goodbye.
Fuck off, Barczyk.
- Jesus.
What's wrong? - Stop talking Son! What did you take? Where is Adam? Leave me alone, man! - Leave me alone.
Get off me.
- Go to your room.
- Go upstairs.
- Get off me.
- Go.
- No.
Let go of me.
No! Let go of me.
Let go! No! Fuck off.
- Let go! - I'm calling an ambulance.
- No.
Don't call anyone.
- We urgently need an ambulance.
I don't know anything.
Probably psychoactive drugs.
Hey, buddy.
Can you hear me? Hello? Look at me.
Hello? Can you hear me? - Hi.
- What if it was the Gajewicz boy? Maybe he stole the prescription pads and the codes.
Maybe not.
His father and Makowska also know something.
She kept dodging my questions today.
But you didn't catch anyone red-handed.
Whose side are you on? I'm on the side of the truth.
Whose truth do you find more convincing? Excuse me, I have to hang up.
I'll call you.
Jaśmina wants me to come over for a sleepover.
I don't think it's a good idea.
Yeah, I know.
She keeps crying.
It's horrible what happened to her mom.
But you won't leave me, will you? Come here.
Come on.
I'll never leave you.
Okay? I'll never leave you.
Promise me.
I promise to always be by your side.
And to always support you.
I love you very much.
You know? Very much.
Are you sure it's Adam's blood? We compared the DNA to yours.
It's your son's blood.
That doesn't mean anything yet.
Were you friends with the deceased, Marianna Nowak? Did you also know Renata Kordowska? Renata who? Maybe all of you were selling meds, something went wrong, and both of them had to die.
Excuse me? What are you talking about? Is this an interrogation? Am I a suspect? No.
My son is missing.
My priority right now is to find him.
If your visit is not related to his disappearance Have you told him about his father? Maybe that's why he disappeared.
I don't follow.
What do you mean? I mean, Michał Barczyk is not his father.
Michał is Adam's father.
But he's not his biological father.
We're certain about that.
Your son isn't genetically related to your husband.
We have the test results here.
What does it mean, "no match"? It means exactly that.
Didn't you know? All right.
Let's stay in touch.
And just in case, please don't leave town.
You keep rolling fives.
Shouldn't you put up another one? Michał, I need to talk to you.
I'm sorry, Oleńka.
Wait here, dumpling.
I'm not a dumpling.
Ania, what happened? - What about her? - Michał! Anything else I should know? Ola, go to your room.
Everything is fine.
PLEASE! Dad, look.
- What's this? - I just got it from Adam.
It was taken half a year ago when he won a basketball game.
That's why I remember it.
- He's sending you his old photos? - Yes.
- Is that a problem? - It doesn't make sense.
Maybe he thinks he looks good in them.
Why? He could've sent a current photo.
- I prefer my old photos too.
- What if it isn't him texting me? Then who is? Besides, you said you talked to him recently.
Only for a minute at the police station.
He said hi.
Then he told me to give the phone to the policeman.
That was it.
Did you call him later? A million times.
No answer.
It was a month before the wedding.
The girls threw me a bachelorette party.
- Remember? - Leave me alone.
Michał, please.
Let me tell you about it.
You had 19 years to do that.
Let me tell you.
Don't block the door.
The girls were dancing.
I ordered a drink and talked to the bartender.
That's all I remember.
I came to in the restroom.
I felt sick.
 I had vomit on me and my panties were gone.
What are you saying? That someone raped me.
What? Why didn't you tell me? - I was ashamed.
- To tell me? This is too much.
Too much.
What would you have done? - Give me a minute.
- Some clean clothes.
- Who did that to you? - Nobody.
- Son - I'm not going to explain myself to you.
Just promise me one thing.
That you won't kill yourself.
That you'll keep living.
That's all I ask of you.
Michał Barczyk.
Please leave a message after the tone.
If he ever comes back looking like that again, I'll fuck up that community center of yours.
That's a promise.
Don't you threaten me.
This isn't a threat.
It's just a warning.
Who did you call? - You need to stop.
- You talked to Makowska.
- Grzesiek - You promised to keep it between us.
You take designer drugs.
God knows what else.
- Is she the one selling you that crap? - Fuck, Dad.
What have you done? Michał.
I really thought Adam was yours.
I was looking for similarities.
The hair, the nose.
How he walks.
His personality.
To me, Adam was a copy of you.
You know what you would've done if I'd told you? Absolutely nothing.
You'd have pretended nothing happened.
But you'd never look at me the same way again.
I was your whole world.
And I didn't want to lose that.
I'm telling the truth.
My dad doesn't know anything.
He asked where I go in the evening, so I told him.
Nothing else.
I swear.
And he can help.
He knows people in the police, in the CBI.
He knows people, you say? You think you can screw me over? That you're so smart? That I'm going to be your scapegoat? If I go down, I'm taking you with me.
Right along with me.
How did you know I'd be early? You look stunning.
I'm at a loss for words.
Smooth talker.
What's so important that it couldn't wait? A few things.
Jesus - Hi, Beata.
- Hi.
- Do you want to come in? - No, I don't.
Igor tried to hide this.
Why would he need so many cards? I don't know.
Look, there are codes too.
Maybe they're PIN codes for the cards.
This doesn't look good.
Can I show this to someone? All right.
Of course.
I'm starting to wonder whether Igor's death was really an accident.
I think we should go and show this to Paweł.
Can't you just call him? - This isn't something for a phone call.
- I'm staying with Ola.
Hello? Okay, Ania, I'm in.
I'll represent you.
I did some digging at the CBI.
They've been investigating you for the past few months.
But it's not only about you.
Your son Adam is also a suspect.
I really don't know.
I don't know what this is.
No idea.
Same with these Czech cards.
It's not my field of expertise.
Adam and Kaja are an item.
If my son stepped in shit, your daughter must have known about it.
She thinks he didn't write these texts.
Then who did? I don't know.
Maybe it's some kind of code? Next time, you're getting the fucking groceries.
- Stop acting crazy.
- They'll fucking kill us.
Got it? If we don't do something about it.
I'm fucking done.
I didn't sign up for this.
Neither did I.
- So we have to end it.
- Fucking great.
How? First, the system passwords.
Fuck you.
Fuck, Adam.
Give us the prescription codes and it's over.
- Really, it's your last chance.
- Yeah.
Fuck! Gajos! Hey, are you okay? Gajos? - Hey.
- It was fun while it lasted.
Wait! Leave him.
Let him calm down.
Come on.
- He's fucking asking for trouble.
- Stop it, Gajos.
What will you do to him? I don't know.
But he'll be begging for mercy.
- It wasn't supposed to be like this.
- Cry me a river.
Did you take my burner phone? No.
Come on - Hello? - Dad? Adam? Adam? Subtitle translation by: Ewa Tyrala, Emily Moorlach
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