Hold Tight (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Adam? Adam? Adam, can you hear me? Adam! Are you all right? Adam! BASED ON THE NOVEL BY HARLAN COBEN You didn't record the conversation? He surprised me.
Basically, all he managed to say was, "Dad.
" Then I heard some kind of thud, like he dropped the phone on the floor.
You've got his number.
Try to trace it.
I told you, the boy contacted us.
- Did you record that? - He said that everything was all right.
I'm telling you that it isn't.
The boy is an adult.
He can make his own decisions.
He may be 18, but he's still a kid.
It'll take two or three days.
I can't do it.
We can track national numbers quickly.
- But this is a Czech area code.
- We're wasting time.
Then you should get on with it.
You almost forgot your breakfast again.
- Take the umbrella.
It's going to rain.
- Thanks.
I got it again.
You said you'd help me.
Are you still here? Now, over to the Metropolitan Police Listen, we need to buy some pepper spray.
Come see what's going on.
We don't know if there are more victims.
So far, we managed to identify the bodies of two people residing in the Warsaw metropolitan area.
We believe that both were killed by the same person.
The first victim is a 40-year-old sales representative, Marianna N.
The second one is a housewife, Renata K.
Also 40 years old.
Tell me it's not true.
That it wasn't you.
Fuck! Tadeusz You asked me for help.
I'm doing my best.
- Is he alive? - I don't know.
Check his neck.
I can't feel anything.
- You killed him.
- Fuck you.
You saw it.
I took the phone, he resisted, and he hit that metal thing.
It was an accident.
We'll go to prison for this.
Fucking hell.
- Shit went sideways.
- The tarp.
You hear me? Stop shaking like a fucking girl and grab it.
Now! - What now, Gajos? Fuck! - I'd dump him in the river.
Someone might see us.
We'll do it at night.
Fuck, I don't know.
She wanted the codes from him, so she's gonna get them.
From the other side.
What are you doing? He called his folks, right? Let's smash the SIM card before the cops get here.
I have an idea.
- Hi.
- Is Kaja home? - What happened? - Adam called.
Kaja! It's a Czech number, and there were Czech cards at the Halls'.
- Coincidence? - So? We want to see if he called her from the same number.
He doesn't want anything to do with me anymore.
He just texted me, but something doesn't feel right about it.
What were his exact words? "Kaja, I lied.
I fell in love.
That's why I ran away.
" "I'm going on a trip with her around Europe.
" - I'll kill him.
- I don't believe this.
May I? Let me see.
Did he use the same one before? - I don't know.
- Can you check? It's different, but it's also a Czech area code.
He's using different numbers.
It'll be hard to track him.
Did you get a new video? Those women Was it you? I asked you a question.
You killed them.
That's not what I wanted.
Did you drag Wiera into this shit too? How old was she when you two met? 15? 16? Tadeusz, I asked you something.
I regret asking you for help.
I see that face every day.
Every damn day.
That Taliban soldier.
He's aiming at me.
He's getting closer.
I want to shoot, but I can't.
The gun is burning my hands.
I can't move.
And I know it's the end.
That was 15 years ago.
You saved me.
Now I'll save you.
Don't contact me anymore.
He keeps getting the videos.
Someone wants to destroy him.
Who the fuck is it? Wiera, what the fuck did we miss? Huh? What did we miss? I don't know, Natan.
I was hoping it was all over and we could finally leave this place.
I don't leave unfinished business behind.
I don't just leave unfinished business behind.
Fucking wait! You weren't supposed to disturb me.
It's about Barczyk.
Did you get the codes? No, but we pressured him real hard, and he told us.
Where are they? I'll tell you, but on one condition.
You'll help us get rid of his body.
What? What? Hi.
I don't know what's happening with my email.
I can't log on again.
Is the password correct? It's the one you set up and wrote down for me yesterday.
I have the new one in my room.
LOG ON FROM: SOMEONE SUBJECT: NIGHT GAMES Can you just set up a simple password for me? It's working now.
SON, CALL ME Fucking Czech voicemail.
His Polish number is off too.
Paweł's right.
Tracking him won't be easy.
We would have to know someone in intelligence.
Or maybe Do you remember the incident at Aerotel? When the cell towers burned down? They didn't burn on their own.
The CEO was facing three years in prison.
The insurance company didn't want to pay.
I helped him out.
He's still CEO.
Plus, they earned a few million extra.
I'll call him.
He won't say no to me.
- We're here to see Mr.
- Please follow me.
The bad news is that we won't find out who these numbers belong to.
You don't have to register prepaid cards in Czechia.
Can they be tracked? Yes, if they log in to the network.
And then you'll be able to pinpoint their location? If we triangulate the signal, within a few meters.
Coming in? Excuse me? Are you coming in? Yes.
Please wait here.
- Inspector Trybała will be right in.
- Okay.
- Excuse me, boss.
- Just a minute.
You have a visitor.
I left him at your desk.
He says he knows who killed Nowak and Kordowska.
And who abducted Nika Reszke.
- Did he really say that? - He did.
- Where is he? - In your office.
Where is he? There's no one here.
- He was just here.
- Go, then.
Stop him.
Fuck! What's going on? We had a witness in the murder cases.
And now we don't? The idiots let him go before he said anything.
After the conference, the witnesses keep coming.
But this one knew the surnames of the victims.
How? We kept them confidential.
We need to immediately secure all the surveillance footage.
- Quickly.
- Okay.
Maybe Adam knew that I wasn't his father.
That's why he ran away.
He couldn't have known.
I think you can feel if you're someone's kid or not.
I had no doubts that Adam was yours.
Sure, I remember.
"The same eyes and nose.
" Michał Sorry, Anka, but I don't believe you.
Maybe you were fooling yourself.
But secretly, you knew.
He could have known too.
You never had any doubts.
As a baby, he'd only go to sleep in your arms.
You taught him how to ride a bike.
He went sailing with you.
You both like the same shitty music.
Besides he never picked up when I called.
But he called you back.
It must mean something.
When he's back, I'll talk to him first.
Hi, dumpling.
Shall we? - What will you do? - The usual.
Throw him to the dogs.
Are you crazy? Fucking chill.
I was kidding.
Where is he? - He was here.
- But now he isn't.
Is he alive or Oh, fuck! Open up! I want to go to Jaśmina's.
Honey, we talked about it.
When I'm alone, I keep thinking about Adam.
Ola, you are not alone.
You have us.
Just think about that, okay? Hello? Yeah? Where? Of course I know where that is.
They traced one of Adam's phones.
Where? Michał! Where the fuck is he? - Where the fuck is Barczyk? - How would I know? We didn't even take their phones.
What if they call their pals? We don't have their phones, but they have ours.
When we were at Makowska's, I planted my burner that Barczyk used to call his folks.
- You think they'll trace it? - For sure.
His parents must have told the police.
What about the two idiots we locked up? Błażej, we were wearing gloves.
The whole time.
They weren't.
- Barczyk's blood is on the floor.
- And their fingerprints are everywhere.
Fucking hell.
It's been on this whole time.
Didn't you use it to text Kaja? Fuck.
Give me the scissors.
Was the burner you planted at Makowska's turned on? Grzesiek.
- Adam's dad is here to see you.
- Grzesiek! Grzesiek? - I'm calling the police.
- Wait.
Hi, Oliwia.
I'm sorry to bother you, but this is very urgent.
Whose blood is it? I don't know.
Is it theirs or Barczyk's? Barczyk's, I think.
Search the area, then.
You can't come in here.
Adam? I have what you wanted.
The e-prescription codes.
My mom might end up in prison because of you.
Because of me, or because of you? Adam I'll take care of it.
You know me.
I've been helping kids like you all my life.
Trust me.
But No, I don't understand.
And? The CBI took over the case.
They won't talk to me because I'm not involved.
You're not involved? When someone is impersonating our child? Fucking Borys and his connections.
He's protecting his son.
That's obvious.
Okay, I get it.
I just want to find mine.
AEROTEL CEO Hello? I've never taken any illegal meds, not in your club or anywhere else.
You haven't.
But others have.
Do you know what crap they'd use if I didn't create a safe haven for them? - But everything comes with a price.
- What about my mom? She has no idea what you got her into.
I know.
And I'm very sorry.
But that's how the world is.
It's eat or be eaten.
Which do you choose, Adam? - I prefer to be honest.
- Listen.
I have different clients.
If I ask them for help, they won't refuse.
Igor is dead because of you.
You had his body moved so nobody would snoop around your dirty business.
I'm going to the police.
I should have done it a long time ago.
He found it in the bushes by the school.
It was his mistake to bring it home.
He should've taken it to the police.
Why did you destroy them? For fun.
In my eyes, the case is closed.
Where exactly did you find them? Does it matter? Borys, I'm asking Grzesiek.
Not you.
So, what happened? Are you aware this is incriminating evidence? Oliwia I didn't want it to happen.
- I really didn't.
I - Don't say anything.
We kept him there so they wouldn't kill us.
Okay? That was the only reason.
Kept whom where? You don't have to answer that.
I don't know where he is now.
He escaped.
Who? Adam Barczyk.
Give it to me.
No! Don't fucking shoot! Shut up, Joasia! Get in.
Duck your head.
How did you know? That you were here? We didn't.
Someone I know tracked your phone signal.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't steal any codes or prescriptions.
But I've known everything for two months.
Why didn't you tell us? I thought I could handle it myself.
I'm an idiot.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I wish you would have trusted us.
We would have dealt with it.
As a family.
Did you trust me? Do you know what crap they would use if I didn't create a safe haven for them? But everything comes with a price.
What about my mom? She has no idea what you Did you record it with this? I needed to protect myself.
It was Makowska who ran the business.
They were regular prescription meds.
Not hard drugs, but when taken in large doses, they're equally harmful.
Will you agree to testify? So why didn't you come in sooner? I wanted to, but they found out, captured me, and locked me up.
But you called us and your parents.
You texted, right? No.
It wasn't me.
They were impersonating me the whole time.
"They"? Who exactly? Do you know who kidnapped you? I never saw their faces.
There he is.
Do you want to talk to him now? Let's go home, son.
A year ago, Igor Hall was in a scooter accident.
He was given oxycodone, fentanyl, and some other crap.
He was taking a lot of it.
Too much.
He learned that he could get prescription meds at Guru.
And Makowska learned that Igor was an IT expert.
He built a directional antenna aimed at our house.
Nobody knew he had hacked into our network.
I didn't know either.
Igor finally told me he was using our network.
And that he was stealing your codes.
That was actually my fault.
I was sure our network was safe.
Because it is.
Before he cracked our security, he stole the prescription pads.
The night he told me everything, we argued.
I was furious and I lost control.
That was the last time I saw him.
Adaś, it's not your fault Igor is dead.
It was an accident.
He was my friend, Mom.
I know.
And I didn't see anything.
That's how it is sometimes.
You're blind to things that are right in front of you.
- It's Mom.
- What? Hello? Hi, Mom.
- What's up? - Adam is back.
What? Okay, great.
See you.
Adam is back.
Safe and sound.
I told you everything would be fine.
You probably want to go home, huh? Come on.
Dad will drive you.
- Are you sending people videos? - What videos? Where the fuck are they? Hide.
I don't know what this is about.
Where's your laptop? Your tablet? - At work.
- At work? If I find it, I'll fucking kill you! Search the rest of the house.
Where the fuck is your laptop? You little bitch.
Going somewhere, bitch? Come here, you bitch! Come here! Where are the fucking videos? Where are they? Quiet! The place is clean.
Now what? Shall we end the fun? Easy.
Don't shoot, baby.
Okay? Easy, baby.
Easy does it, don't shoot.
Give me the gun slowly.
Okay? Everything will be okay.
I promise you.
You are safe.
You hear me? Natan? Can you hear me? We have to go.
No! I don't know her.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
How about him? I told you, we served together in Afghanistan.
You started an affair with Marianna Nowak after the incident with her daughter? Yes.
It was right after that.
She came to me to talk about her daughter.
Now I know she seduced me.
That was her plan.
We only met twice.
I didn't know she was recording.
Did the emails containing videos stop after her death? No.
I got one yesterday.
I mean, my wife did.
I tried to find out who was sending me the videos.
Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck.
It must be Janusz Nowak.
Out of revenge.
There's no proof, Mr.
Then who's sending me this filth? - Hello.
- Hi.
- Want one? - No, thanks.
We have a visitor.
I think I should thank you.
We didn't help much.
Your son came back on his own.
You helped me clear my name.
The CBI closed the investigation.
Good to hear.
And how is Adam doing? Good.
It'll be fine.
I hope it's all over now.
I have two sons.
Filip and Tymek.
Double the fun, but even more work.
Time flies so fast.
Too fast.
Don't miss out on it.
Barczyk? Look after your son.
A few of his classmates were involved in selling these meds, and the CBI is still investigating.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
Give me one.
You said you'd drop by.
I know.
But I forgot it's my parents' anniversary.
Sorry, Jaśmina.
I can't make it.
No prob.
- Call you in the morning.
- Bye.
Paweł Nice.
Bravo! - Look how high it went.
- Bravo! Bravo.
All the best to the young couple! Here we go.
It's beautiful.
- You made it yourselves? - Sure.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Make a wish.
Can I say it out loud? I wish every day was as good as today.
On three Kids grow up fast.
At first, we are like gods to them.
But then suddenly "something" happens.
How is it possible that Igor was able to sneak into our house and take the prescription pads? How is it possible? I always kept them in the safe.
I'll protect you, Adam.
No matter what.
Subtitle translation by: Ewa Tyrala, Emily Moorlach
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