Hollington Drive (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Ben has said that he and Eva
found Alex in the woods.
He made me promise not to tell.
Eva is just telling you
what you want to hear, Helen.
Why don't I adopt Ben?
I know it sounds mad, but not
actually, if you think about it.
Did you know Theresa's been
nominated for a business award?
We're going Wednesday evening.
Got ourselves a high flyer here.
Sadly, we found a body this morning.
Not too far from where we found you.
Everyone seems to think
it's that photographer.
The guy from the paper, Colin Chiswick.
I think it's him. Alex
wasn't killed during the barbecue,
he was killed the night before,
so it couldn't have been them.
A man's gonna get arrested, Helen.
We were wrong.
Booked a taxi for six.
Booked a taxi for six.
The business awards?
Yeah. Sorry.
Yeah, thank you, love.
Well, I'm excited.
Do you want me to pick Ben up
from school?
No, I can do it.
I'm gonna stay at my mum's.
What, you
You're not even gonna say anything?
You didn't even realise
our son was missing.
I had to come home in the afternoon
before you'd even noticed.
He'd been gone all night, Gareth.
And you just sit here.
You just sit here.
You just sit here and say nothing,
when our son is dead!
I'm going.
He said he was going out.
The night before.
You were in the kitchen
and you was getting ready for work.
And Alex said he was going out
the next morning.
He said he was gonna go
and make one of those
those little films that he liked
to make on his phone.
He said he was gonna show you when
you got back off your night shift.
So then, when I overslept,
and his clothes were gone,
and his his trainers were gone,
and the back door
The door was open because
it was it was broken.
And he always left it open.
That's what I thought that he'd done.
You don't think that I wish the f?
Alex could have written me
a four-page note.
If I hadn't seen him first thing,
I'd have been out looking. Yeah.
Well, you weren't there, so
Maybe you should've been.
Everyone's out there saying things,
looking at me but
Maybe this is your fault.
I'm going to my mum's.
'Detective Sergeant Robin Parks,
'who's investigating the murder
of ten-year-old Alex Boyd
'spoke to the media earlier today.'
'I'm able to report that
there has been further developments.
'We've had an encouraging response
from the public
'after the release of an e-fit
in the local papers.
'The result of which
has led to a local man
'being brought in for questioning.
'It's early days but we believe
'this man could be
a potential suspect.'
RADIO OFF I don't understand, Benji
if you didn't do anything wrong,
why you hid him.
Why did you think you'd get
in to trouble for touching him?
I know that you're you're smart
enough and your old enough
to know that you
People don't get into trouble
for for h-helping someone.
I know you know that.
I know that Eva knows that.
And so I don't really understand.
Is it something to do
with his phone?! Ben!
Ben. Ben!
Ben. I'm coming in.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I I didn't, erm
D'you know what, this is my fault.
It's my fault because
I didn't believe you. I'm just
I'm trying to understand. I am.
I'm sorry, I'm trying to understand.
It was my fault.
No. No.
Baby, listen, we've discussed this.
You weren't even there
when it happened, please.
I told him to do it.
I just
I just wanted him to stop.
I wanted him to stop
and leave Eva alone,
he was so horrible to her.
I sent him messages on his phone.
I just wanted him to feel bad.
I didn't want him to
Alex didn't kill himself.
How do you know?
Well, because the police!
They have the evidence to
You, you think Alex killed himself
because you told him to?
I was horrible to him.
You were horrible to him.
Only because he was horrible to Eva.
What, so you hid him
and then hid his phone?
I didn't want anyone
to see the messages.
Then why didn't you tell me?
You wouldn't have believed me!
I want to go to the police.
I, er
You should think about that.
Because there's been an
investigation. They have a suspect.
So we should stay out of it now.
They don't even know if he did it!
Fine! I just All I'm saying is
I think going to the police
won't make you feel better.
T, are you in there?
Yeah. One sec.
Look, just don't say anything.
Don't do anything. OK?
Is everything all right?
The taxi'll be here in an hour.
Who are you getting dressed up for?
I have a friend round.
Mum, can you help with my homework?
Sorry, darling, I'm off
to meet a friend from work.
Your father can help you, though.
I'll come and help you in a minute, OK?
You will actually help her, won't you?
Don't just hide out
in the garage all night.
Well, have a nice time with Stephanie.
Have a nice time with your friend.
Right. We're off.
You look nice.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Be good.
Come on, T, we're gonna be late.
Come in.
Thank you.
How are you?
Through here.
I've already opened a bottle.
Is everything all right
with the kids over?
Er, yeah.
I'm checking in with Georgina.
They're fine. And I've brought
some cash for the pot.
Don't worry about that.
Helen's already thoroughly enjoying
the idea it was me.
Well, cheers.
I really am sorry, mate.
I don't want to cause you problems.
It's nothing new.
Listen, I wanted to apologise
if I came across as frosty on Sunday
and I really didn't wanna do that.
Mate, people are always telling me
I can't read social situations.
So I probably didn't even notice.
I mean, I do feel a bit like
I've kind of caught everyone
at the wrong time.
Like there's a an atmosphere,
you know what I mean?
But that's fine.
You can't please everyone.
And ultimately, it's just nice
to be around family, isn't it?
Erm, I think we should go
somewhere a bit more quiet.
Why? There's nobody here.
Yeah, I just
I want to get out of here, please.
It's a lot posher than I expected.
Fizz looks good too.
Yeah. Cheers.
Leslie, hi.
Sorry. Leslie,
this is, erm, my partner, Fraser.
This is Leslie Saunt
from Saunt Publishing,
he's one of the sponsors of tonight.
You know, I've been visiting Westcott's
since your mother opened
the first one 15 years ago.
She would be so proud of all
that you've accomplished with it.
Thank you, Leslie.
I just hope it's thriving
local businesses like yours
we read about tomorrow and not
What's that?
I suppose it'll be
public knowledge sooner or later.
The police arrested
our photographer this afternoon.
For the murder
of that poor little boy.
Maybe you know him?
Colin Chiswick.
My God.
Erm, we've heard of him, but
Yeah, I know, he's an odd fish but
I've worked with the man
for over 20 years.
All these dreadful rumours,
"loitering in playgrounds".
What rubbish.
Well, if he's innocent,
the police will realise.
The police? Around here?
Of course, my sympathies
are entirely with the family.
Anyway, enough about that.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
Good luck tonight, lovely Theresa.
Get yourself an aisle seat.
Are you OK?
I, erm
I just wanted to give you something.
It's beautiful.
It's just a thank you.
You know, for, er
for being there.
If you hadn't, I don't know if I
Gareth, I
Jean's gone to her mum's.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And they've arrested a man, you know.
This photographer, Chiswick.
I had heard.
I used to see him,
taking pictures
down at Alex's football matches.
I always thought
he looked like a pervert.
Look, I know.
I know everyone
is looking at me.
But I went in to check on him.
Just before I went to sleep.
I wish I wish I'd woken him up.
I wish that I'd
I think, erm
I think we should
..ease things off for a while.
I'll still be here for you. I
You've been so wonderful for me
when I felt so alone.
It's just
It's just all too close.
Everyone is watching.
I'd hate to think how much worse
things could get for you
if anybody found
I think we should stop this
before anything happens.
Do you think this is my fault?!
Of course I don't.
Come have a look at this.
I think you'll like this.
How long did it take you to do this?!
This is eight months' work.
It's mainly cardboard and Styrofoam.
Mate, you know what you need?
You need a job.
I'm just kidding.
Honestly, though
this is amazing.
Helen thinks it's just
a gigantic waste of time.
You should put it online.
This would go viral.
No. I just find it very calming,
you know?
I'm in here all day, most days.
How does that go down?
So, what are you,
like, a stay-at-home dad?
I used to have a very good job.
That's really cool.
I mean, I hated it. I was miserable.
But I made money. I was good at it.
I was successful.
But Helen wanted to be closer
to her sister
and there was this big
headteacher job at the school.
So I thought I'd take a few
months off, get out of the rat race.
While I thought about
what I really wanted to do.
That was five or six years ago.
I still have no idea
and I'm still miserable.
I just took up fitness stuff
when my wife left.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
That's all right.
She didn't leave me because I was fat,
she left me because
she didn't like me very much.
So I just do what all
unlikeable people do these days -
I go on runs.
Originally, I was gonna do a road trip.
Like Jack Kerouac or The Muppets.
But I don't know.
Always thought I'd have
what you guys have by now, you know?
Nice house. Nice street.
Lots of family.
Didn't think I'd be on my own.
Helen can't stand to be
in the same room as me anymore.
My daughter, I I think
she thinks I'm just this stranger.
And it's hardly paradise next door.
I think you and I
are both dreaming of realities
that don't exist, Eddie.
Maybe we should confront our fears.
You go on your road trip, and I'll
Become an internet sensation.
'Many of this year's nominees
now operate on a national scale.'
But community lies at the heart
of everything they do.
Community is family.
And our family has suffered.
And while tonight
we celebrate your successes,
we ask that you keep in your minds
the family of little Alex Boyd.
Well, then.
The winner of this year's
Best Local Business
is Westcott's Cafe and Delicatessen.
I left my speech on my chair.
Erm, never mind, I'll just
Erm, right, well,
thank you to the judges,
and to all the people
who come through our doors
every day and drink our coffee.
As as Leslie-Leslie's
already said,
it's a difficult time in our community,
and we would be nothing
without the people in it.
Although Westcott has spread
throughout the county, erm,
our home is very much here,
where my mum
..first started it.
Thank you. I just.. I need
to thank one more person, sorry.
To my, erm
my sister, Helen.
Any sign of Eddie?
I don't know.
I didn't I didn't check him.
I'm knackered. I'm going to go up,
love. Thank you for tonight.
What's happening here, T?
What is going on?
Er, what do you what do you mean,
"What's going on?"
You haven't touched me in days.
Right, well, erm OK.
Well, I have.
So I don't know what you're
Not properly. Not affectionately.
And I get it,
you opened up about
some difficult things
and there's this this police stuff,
and Ben, but I just
You didn't even mention me.
In your speech.
Do you have doubts about me?
About us?
Is that what this is about?
Is that what you were talking
to your bloody sister about?
Is that why every time
I talk to you about commitment,
or about us moving somewhere else?
Then what?!
Er I just wish you'd tell me
if I've said something
or done something,
so that I can apologise or fix it,
because I can't live like this!
It's not you.
Then what is it?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
'He said that they thought
that Alex had killed himself,
'because of the messages
that they'
..because Alex was bullying Eva.
I just think we need to stop this,
we need to fess up
and Ben wants to do the right thing
and I should let him.
I want to help him.
So what did you say?
Well, I said no, obviously.
Alex never bullied Eva.
Just isn't true.
I'm sorry, Theresa, but it sounds
like another one of Ben's stories.
Don't And I don't mean
to make things difficult,
but this could end badly for you.
I I actually think
that this was different,
because he really believed
he was at fault and I believe him.
Even if Ben didn't get into trouble
for what he did, you would.
Very serious trouble.
He doesn't want that.
Well, maybe the does want that.
Maybe that's what he needs.
He's just angry.
He's not going to call the police.
But we should.
We should HAVE.
Days ago when this all started.
But we didn't.
And now we are where we are.
And I'm sorry, but, Theresa,
Ben does need you.
Of course he does.
A man has been arrested
because of me, Helen.
God, what would Mum say?
You could've dragged a corpse
onto the kitchen table,
and Mum still wouldn't have believed
it was you.
I think we just need to feel awful
about this, Theresa.
I don't think there's anything we
can do to make ourselves feel better
and I don't think we should.
I need to get some sleep.
Jean and Gareth have asked me
to lead Alex's vigil tomorrow. I
I'll see you tomorrow.
Congratulations, by the way.
Alex was ten years old.
He was spirited, funny, independent.
He liked to make films.
He was an extraordinary, ordinary boy.
And he was fully and completely loved.
Gareth and Jean.
I know I speak on behalf
of the whole community
when I say that while we
cannot begin to understand
your unspeakable pain,
we share in your grief.
And we promise to keep Alex
forever in our hearts.
To preserve his memory and his spirit
in our thoughts and deeds,
for the remainder of our lives.
He was a bright and loved boy.
And we are broken by his loss.
I'd like us all to take a moment now,
in memory and in love of Alex Boyd.
Thank you.
Are you all right?
Sorry, I've got to say a few words.
I know that we
We don't live in a nice big house.
We don't have a big garden,
or or a lot of toys.
But we loved our son.
And he was well looked after.
He was our world.
And now our family has been destroyed.
And I know that they they don't
want me to mention this, yeah
..but the scumbag
that they think did this
is sitting in a jail cell right now
and I hope he stays there
for the rest of his life.
I don't want your pity or your prayers.
I just want justice.
Thank you.
Was that all right?
Yes, it was beautiful. Yeah.
Listen, we're, erm,
we're gonna have beef later.
Do you guys want to come over?
Sounds lovely.
Actually, we were gonna go grab
a pint but we'll be back in time.
We'll eat about 7:30.
Great. See you then.
You're not annoyed I've done this,
are you?
It just felt it'd be a nice thing
to do, you know?
Yeah. Yeah.
I thought your sister did well.
Yes, she did.
And it's nice to see
Ben and Georgie close.
I mean, given the circumstances.
I enjoyed last night.
What was it, by the way?
When I asked you
what was going on, er
and you said, "It's not you,"
but you didn't say what it was.
I think you should adopt Ben.
Erm, if you still
I mean, for the the stability
and, you know, so
it's good, good for him
to feel loved and wanted and
So, thank you.
And, erm
I was thinking we should get married.
I don't know what you
Would you?
What do you think?
And if you Would you?
Would you like that or?
Can I just check - are you sure?
You don't feel like I've
pushed you into it, or?
No, not at all.
No, this is what I want.
Why would you?
Just as long as the, erm,
timing's right for Benji and that
with school
Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah.
We should get out of here, T.
Start again on our own, somewhere new.
Eva, turn that off, we've got to go.
I don't want to.
Well, we have to.
Come on. Come on!
Where's Dad?
Dad will meet us there.
Yeah, baby,
that's what I'm talking about.
Here's to us. And to our family.
FOOTSTEPS That you, Georgie?
Hey, do you mind if I tell her?
Of course not.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Er, excuse me?
You fucking psychopath!
Are you gonna tell him, or shall I?!
Sorry, I don't know where David is.
It's over. They know.
Go on.
I don't even know what to say.
Does David know?
We just came from their vigil.
How could you stand up there?
How could you stand there and?
I'm sorry, I I
Right, so, that man that you said
you saw in the park
It was all just bollocks, was it?
No, I didn't mean
You didn't mean to.
Well, they arrested him, T.
Which means that Alex's actual
killer is out there because of you!
Theresa wanted to go to the police
from the outset.
I told her not to.
This is my fault.
Is that is that why you
went to Helen's that night?
Is that what you were doing?
Covering up a murder?
No, I was worried that Ben
Is that why you went the woods?
My God. My God.
You know what, I always knew
that you were a preening,
manipulative bitch
but even I didn't see this coming.
Stop, this is not
This is my fault.
Helen was just trying to help me.
To help?!
Help how? With what?
Lying to cover for your kids?
Lying to the police?
Lying to that poor family?
God, and you wonder
why Ben's the way he is.
You are both going to the police.
You're gonna tell 'em the truth.
And if you don't, I will.
We will, we will.
We will go to the police.
We need to think about
what we're gonna say first.
Are you actually serious?
The children's stories don't match.
We can assume they're at least
mutually culpable
for finding Alex and hiding him.
And Theresa has lied to the police.
There will be consequences, some
of which we haven't thought of yet,
so I suggest we sleep on it,
we come back here
first thing tomorrow morning,
and then we go to the police.
If this had been my daughter,
I would've gone to the police
straight away.
That's what I would have said.
Until it happened to my son.
I'm gonna call Eddie.
Tell him the dinner's off.
Right, shouldn't David be here?
I don't want him to know
until things are organised.
As it stands, Ben and Eva
are telling two different stories.
I believe the truth is most likely
somewhere in the middle.
And while obviously I am prepared
to face the consequences
for my own actions,
and while obviously
we will be encouraging honesty.
I'm worried that under
the kind of pressure they'll face
talking to the police, they will panic,
they'll blame each other and end up
getting into worse trouble.
So I suggest we ask them to admit
to the simplest facts.
They were both there.
That they hid
the whole thing because they thought
that Alex had taken his own life
because of how they treated him.
Is that what happened?
It's pretty much what Ben said.
He wanted to go the police anyway, so
Unless you have
a different suggestion, Fraser.
You've got to work out what
you're gonna say to the police.
Cos once the kids
come forward, then, er,
they're gonna realise
that the story you told
about the man in the woods
was absolute bullshit.
That you'd never seen the man that
you said you saw in the photograph.
That you lied.
And as a result,
Colin Chiswick was arrested.
Well, then, I'll tell the truth.
And I'll face the consequences.
We should
Well, I should talk to the kids.
Wait. Wait. Wait!
What if you didn't know about this
until this morning?
If you didn't know
then you can't be blamed
for making anything up.
Theresa was in the woods, looking
for Alex when the police found her.
If they know Ben was in the same
spot, they'll suspect something.
It's coincidence.
They need evidence.
What about Chiswick?
If they don't have enough evidence
against him,
they will have to
release him eventually.
I'm gonna talk to the children.
You need to call Sergeant Parks.
'We'll speak with each of them
'We'll provide them with their own
appropriate adult to supervise
'and answer any questions they may have.
'We'll ask you not to accompany them
at this stage
'as we may need to ask you further
questions pertinent to the case.'
Do either of you
have any questions at all?
OK, well,
if you wouldn't mind waiting, erm,
through there, I'll come and speak
with you when we're finished.
They suspect us of something.
That's why they're not letting us
in the room,
cos they suspect us of something.
What happens now, after this part?
I don't know.
What do we do?
D'you think everybody's gonna find out?
I don't know.
I'm going to tell the truth.
Er About the e-fit.
About everything.
I'm gonna-I'm gonna tell them
it was all my fault.
Well, you can't.
You can't because it isn't.
It is. It is.
It is. You're just trying
to protect Eva, that
that's why we're here now.
Because of me.
This is fucked.
I've got to stop it.
I've got to stop, I've just got
I've got to stop being such a coward.
I'm here because I want to be here.
I'm trying to protect you.
Look, just, please. Just wait.
OK? Just sit down, just wait.
Please! I don't need
I don't need protecting, Helen.
Ben will be better off without me.
You'll all be better off without me.
You really will.
If you won't stay for Ben,
then stay for me.
It'll just be this one thing,
this one last thing
and then it'll be fine,
it'll be over. OK, please.
Theresa, please don't leave me.
It's OK. It's OK. Don't leave me.
We'll speak with the CPS.
Er, but given their age and the fact
they were honest with us,
it's unlikely that any
further action will be taken.
Will you be informing Alex's parents?
Only if they need to know.
OK. It's quite a coincidence, though.
That the night you and I met,
you were in the same place in the woods
where Ben and Eva supposedly found Alex.
I suppo I suppose a lot of people
were searching there, so
Do you think it's Chiswick, then?
This is an ongoing investigation.
There's still a few things
that don't, er add up.
You know.
But don't worry, you still did
the right thing coming forward.
Watch out for your boy.
Hold on a sec. It's Fraser.
Hey, erm is Helen with you?
Er, yeah. You all right?
'You you, er, you need
to get her to the hospital.'
Eddie found David.
Er, I I don't know what, erm
Er, Eddie went round and he found him
and he's taken something. I
I-I don't know.
It-it's bad, T,
it is really, really bad.
You need to get Helen
to the hospital. Right now.
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