Hollington Drive (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You didn't even realise
our son was missing.
You just sit here, you just sit here
and you say nothing.
And our son is dead!
I want to go to the police.
You should think about that.
Alex never bullied Eva.
It sounds like another one
of Ben's stories. Don't.
If it was my daughter, I would have
gone to the police straightaway.
That's what I would have said
until it happened to my son.
'Helen can't stand to be
in the same room as me any more.'
I think you and I are dreaming of
realities that don't exist, Eddie.
It's just a thank you.
You know, for for being there.
It's beautiful.
The police arrested our photographer
this afternoon. Colin Chiswick.
You've got to work out
what you're gonna say to the police.
Cos once the kids come forward,
they're gonna realise the story
you told about the man in the woods
was bullshit.
Which means Alex's actual
killer is out there because of you!
I've got to stop being such a coward.
If you won't stay for Ben,
then stay for me.
'You need to go to the hospital.'
Eddie found David.
'It's bad, T,
it is really, really bad.'
I didn't know that David was so unhappy.
Did you know?
Do you think this had anything
to do with what happened
No, I don't.
I don't want to talk about it.
He is stable.
Thank God.
If you'd like to come and see him.
What a relief.
Just this way.
I'd like to go by myself.
Eddie. Fresh air?
Yeah, sure.
He sent me a text.
That's how I, er
The second I saw it,
I knew what he was going
..what he'd done.
I just wish I'd read it sooner.
Can I see it?
I just can't think why he'd
send that to me, and not
Maybe he knew you were home.
Maybe he wanted to be
I think I could have done more.
Did he tell you something, Eddie?
OK. I should be getting in.
After the vigil, when David and I
went for a drink he was
He was a mess.
He was
What did he tell you?
God, I shouldn't
I don't even know
if he knew what he was saying.
What was he saying? Did he do
something? What did he tell you?
He told me Helen was cheating on him.
That she had been,
for a while.
Who with?
I don't know.
But like I said,
he had a lot going on in his head.
I just
..thought someone should know.
I think I'd want someone to know.
Thanks for telling me.
What did you think
I was going to say?
Just, you asked, "What did he do?"
I should get in.
How's he doing?
Er they said
They said he's gonna be fine.
They're going to, er
..keep him in for a few days.
Keep him under observation.
Check for any signs of damage
to his internal organs.
Something like that.
That's good.
God, it's so cold in here.
I asked them for a blanket hours
ago. I'm sure they're on it, Helen.
They're not doing anything, they're
just standing out there giggling!
I sound like Mum.
I never thought this would happen.
It's not your fault.
Of course, it's not my fault.
No. Yeah
I just meant if something had
happened Nothing's "happened".
He was depressed.
He was depressed
and I didn't pay any attention.
Look, can you just,
can you go and get me some things
from home.
I'd be really grateful.
Fetch a small bag.
Get some pyjamas, and a change
of clothes and a toothbrush. Yep.
OK. On it.
Tell Eddie he can pop in if he wants to.
Erm, David's OK.
'Er, they're gonna keep him in
for a few days,
'but Helen says
that he's gonna be fine.'
Thank God.
I mean physically
Have you spoken to him?
Er, no.
I was just on my way to Helen's,
to get get him some stuff.
'How's Eva?'
Er quiet.
I told her her dad's been in an accident.
But I don't think she believed me.
'I think we're all having trouble
'believing anything that's happened
these last few days.'
Tell me what you need.
'Tell me what I need to do.
'So that I can fix this.'
I don't want to lose you.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I, um
you should go and get
those things for David.
'Are you still there?'
I'm fine.
- 'Hey.
'How are you getting on?'
Yeah. Fine.
'Great, look I'm not, er
'I'm not rushing you, I just'
I wanted to say that if you were looking
for anything clean for David,
then your
..your best bet is probably
downstairs in the laundry room.
'Rather than in the main bedroom.
Sorry, I should've said before.'
Are you all right?
Won't be long.
'See you soon.'
OK. Great.
Is somebody there?
Sweetheart, you gave me a heart attack.
What are you doing here?
Does Uncle Fraser know that you're here?
OK. Don't worry.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
Let's get you back, cos he will be
He'll be worried sick. Yes.
I'll just get some things
for Daddy for the hospital, OK.
Can I come with you?
No, darling I'm sorry, no.
Daddy's just so tired.
But the doctors
are really pleased with him,
so maybe
maybe he'll be home tomorrow.
sweetheart, he's gonna be fine.
Is this because of me?
No, not at all.
Your daddy loves you so much,
he loves you more than anything
in the world.
He's just not very well
at the moment, that's all.
He is so proud of how brave you are,
for telling the truth, we all are.
But I didn't.
You didn't what, pickle?
I didn't tell the truth.
That's why this happened, that's why
we had to lie to the police. No. No.
That's not That's not what
Look, it's it's done with now,
it's over, OK.
Ben was just trying to help.
Alex was so horrible.
And he wouldn't stop, even when
I stood up to him, like Mum said.
So me and Ben
we were horrible back.
We told him to
kill himself.
That's why when we found him,
we thought he'd
Does Ben hate me?
No. Goodness, no, no, never!
Never! He could never!
So, Mummy knew
that Alex was bullying you, yeah?
She told me she'd fix it,
so she told me not to say anything.
I don't want Alex's mum to
see the stuff I sent him at school.
What, the messages on his tablet?
I didn't want to be so horrible.
I just wanted him to stop.
I know.
I know.
I know.
It's fine. OK.
She is never gonna see
those messages. I promise you.
I promise you.
OK, my sweets?
'A man arrested in connection
with the murder
'of ten-year-old Alex Boyd
has been released by police.
'Alex's body was found
in a wooded area near his home
'after he was reported missing
on Sunday afternoon.
'Police would not comment
on further lines of inquiry,
'but emphasised their investigations
remained "ongoing and active".
Er, it's Theresa.
You're you're in the hospital.
No? No.
I'll go and get Helen for you.
She took the car keys.
David, do you know where she went?
Where's Eva? Is she OK?
Yeah. She's fine. She's with Fraser.
She's fine. She's
I want to see her.
Yeah, you will, David. David, what..
Do you know where Helen went?
Maybe she's left.
Maybe she's gone to be with him.
She's always with him.
David, was she with was she
with him last Saturday night?
The night before the barbecue.
Do you remember, David?
Try to remember, David.
I don't know.
She wasn't home.
She's always with him.
You're back.
That's good.
I just, er
I just tried to call you, but, er
the signal here's terrible.
I just went to the loo.
I'm gonna pop down the road,
and get him something to eat.
The food here is just terrible.
Would you mind sitting with him?
I won't be long.
Eddie, would you sit in with David?
Yeah, sure, where are you?
Just stop!
Were you there that night?
Was I where?
With Gareth!
Were you there that night?
Were you there the night Alex got killed?
David is off his face on sedatives.
He doesn't know what he's saying.
You lied to me! You lied to me!
You have been sleeping with Alex's Dad!
I've told you the worst things
I've ever told anyone.
I've put my life in your hands,
and you've
..just lied about everything.
I was just trying to protect Eva.
Were you there that night!?
I hate this drive.
The first time I made this drive,
was the night Mum died.
The second was the night
I came to get you from hospital,
after you'd
Has something happened, Helen?
Did something happen?
Are you protecting him?
Is that what this is?
I just need you to
I just need to understand,
so please can you tell me and
I just want you to tell me.
I'm sorry.
You fixed that back door?
Yeah, I will. You keep saying that.
Because I will.
Is that you working
all night now, yeah? Yeah.
Whoa, whoa, hang on a bloody minute.
Those are mine. Get your own.
Right, come here. That's it.
Stop! Dad! No!
For God's sake, Gareth.
This is why
he's always covered in bruises.
Stop stuffing your face. You're
having your dinner in a minute.
I'm hungry now, though.
You're always hungry, you little monster.
You'd think we never fed you.
Right, I've got to go.
I'll be back tomorrow after
afternoon, you little worrier.
Maybe we can all go out,
do something nice together.
Go the movies.
Can I go out and bring the camera?
All right, Spielberg, just keep your
phone on you and stay in the drive.
You promise to be good?
I said promise.
Well, you've made a promise now,
so I'll have to hold you to it.
Aw, look at him. He's adorable.
Hold still.
Right. I'm late.
Don't kill each other.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you later.
For God's sake, Gareth,
get this fixed. Yeah, I will.
Pizza time.
Fraser's divorced brother is moving in,
and I don't think
Theresa's too happy about it.
We should go over.
Say hello.
We're seeing them tomorrow.
I'm just trying to be supportive.
She can't survive
on her own for a few hours?
Maybe I want the company.
Did you put Eva's PE kit in the wash?
I can't find the kit bag.
Great (!)
I'm nearly at the end
of the chapter. That's all right.
Do you want to tell me what's going on?
Was this Alex?
I'm talking about your gym bag.
Did he put the paint in there?
I thought this had stopped.
Did you stand up to him, like we said?
All right.
You just leave it with me.
You should say good night to Eva.
I'm gonna take the car.
Where are you going?
To see a friend.
What do you want me to say?
Do you want me to physically
restrain you? Make you stay?
I don't want anything, David.
I'm going now.
If you don't stop seeing him
..then I'm out. I'm done.
You'd have to get up
off the couch first, David.
If I stayed here tonight,
in fact, if I never
left this house again,
would that even make you happy?
I can't remember
the last time we had sex.
That is because you are never here.
If you're not working or sleeping around
or picking up after another one
of your sister's catastrophes.
That is the only reason we're still
stuck here
in this sterile hole, Helen!
So you can fix her!
That is not true.
I gave up everything to come here.
To be near your family.
I gave up a good job.
You hated that job.
You got everything you wanted.
I just got in the way.
Alex is asleep.
Turn it off! Shh.
Shh. It's all right, it's all right.
I think he knows about us.
What, Alex?
I found paint in Eva's gym bag.
He's been saying things to her.
And I'm so worried,
I think we're the reason.
No. No. He can't know.
There's no way.
But Eva, she
she does do things to him, too.
I'm not blaming him.
I'm not saying Hey, hey, hey,
I'm not saying you are.
All I'm saying is
maybe maybe
they just don't like each other.
Or maybe they do.
Hey, come here.
I don't want this this to end.
I feel good when I'm with you.
I feel
I feel happy.
I just get the feeling like
..everything's going to explode.
Do you want this to stop?
I should go.
I'll show you out.
You stomp around like an old elephant.
Right, OK. OK. Use the back door.
Right. The lock is broken,
but it doesn't make any noise.
Yeah, I know, I said
I'm gonna fix it and all that.
'Hi, this is Gareth Boyd.
'I'm not around,
so please leave a message.'
Put the phone down.
I'm making a film about you and Dad.
Alex, just put the phone down
and I can explain.
You don't have to explain anything.
Alex, give it to me.
Give it to me now.
Alex, stop! Stop!
Just give me the phone.
I'm gonna send it to everyone.
I'm gonna send it to Eva.
Give me the phone.
Get off me.
Shush! Drop the phone.
Drop the phone.
Just give me the phone, drop it!
Alex Alex. Alex!
Alex My God, Alex.
My God.
Alex. Alex
I just wanted him to let go!
Theresa, I just wanted him to let go.
I just wanted him to let go.
He was ten!
He was a baby!
You didn't have do anything!
You shouldn't have even been there!
You left him, Helen.
You just threw him away!
And left him in those woods.
My God, you made me believe
our children were responsible.
You made them believe
that they were responsible.
I would never
have let them take the blame.
I tried, I did try to stop you
You should have told me!
I have always told you everything.
I was trying to protect you.
Protect me?
I just didn't think that you could
I just wanted to take it on.
I wanted to take it on myself,
cos I knew, I knew
I knew you couldn't cope.
No. No. No. No. You can't use me
as the excuse for this.
You have used me as justification
for every shitty mistake
you have ever made!
Theresa, please
Yes, you have, Helen!
You killed Alex Boyd, Helen.
I blamed my own son!
When they get here,
when the police get here,
you're gonna tell them the truth.
I can't
OK, I will.
I'll never see Eva again!
I'll never see Eva grow up.
I'll never see Eva
I know, I know, that is
That is exactly what I deserve.
That is exactly what I deserve.
But she doesn't.
You lied for Ben.
You would have done anything.
I lied for Eva.
I would do the same for you, I would.
Please. Please. Please, Theresa,
help me. I am begging you.
You didn't lie for Eva.
You're right though,
she doesn't deserve this.
Do you know the difference though, Helen?
The difference is that Eva,
she'll be fine,
because she gets to grow up.
If she wants to, she can see you.
I hope she never
has to look at you ever again.
You don't mean that.
Theresa, you don't mean that.
Please, you don't mean that.
I'll tell them everything.
Not just what I did.
But if you wanted,
I would take all of it to my grave.
I would live with it.
'Head teacher Helen Bardwell
has pleaded guilty
'to the murder of the ten-year-old
schoolboy Alex Boyd.
'Bardwell has been remanded in custody
'to await sentencing next week.'
We are relieved to bring
this tragic and upsetting case
to a swift conclusion.
Hopefully, this can bring closure
to Alex's family
at this most difficult time.
Hey there.
Don't look at me.
I'm so sorry, Jean.
Thanks, handsome.
Will you give me a hand?
Have you said your goodbyes?
Good lad.
I love you.
You're still my baby.
You're still my baby.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
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