Holy Family (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Four Bodies

[haunting choral music plays]
[birds squawking]
[Abel] People think that you only die
when your heart stops beating.
That's not true.
There are many ways to die.
[men and women shouting] Hey! Hey!
[Abel] When you're on the other side,
your body gets ready
to embrace the darkness
and love the shadows.
- Mariana! Mariana, get out of there!
- Oh, no.
- [Abel] You begin to see flashes of light.
- [shouts]
[Abel] And without warning,
you see the most beautiful colors.
[Julia] Come back! Come back!
[Abel] It's not paradise.
[Abel] Or an unknown dimension either.
[Mariana coughs]
[Abel] It's your soul,
helping you understand
who you are and what you want
[man] Mariana!
- [man 2] Two, three, four, five
- [gasping]
- [Abel] Dying is not the end.
- [Julia] Mariana!
[Abel] And I don't believe
in life after death.
- [coughing]
- Mariana, can you hear me?
- She's breathing! She's breathing!
- [chattering]
- [Julia] Santi!
- [Abel] I know it's the truth.
Because I'm writing from this place.
- [Julia] No!
- [man] Ambulance!
- Call an ambulance! He's not breathing!
- No! My son! No!
[sobbing] No, no
[gasps] No!
[glass scraping]
[haunting choral music rises]
- [chattering]
- [woman sighs]
[man] Julia.
- [Julia gasps]
- I'm so sorry for your loss.
God rest that poor boy's soul.
Natalia's over there. [sniffles]
[man] Oh
[Natalia sniffles]
- [sobbing]
- [man] Sweetheart, it's okay.
- [Natalia gasps]
- [man] Okay, okay.
- It's okay. I'm here now, all right?
- [continues sobbing]
- [man exhales]
- [Natalia gasps]
Oh. Where's Nico?
At our house, with Malika.
[man] Mm.
I can't believe you never saw each other.
Okay, well, I can be here as long
as it takes to get you sorted, okay?
Does she know about it?
- Papa always knows what to do.
- [Natalia] Mm-hmm.
- [sighs]
- [kisses]
- [Natalia sobbing]
- [sighs]
[door opens, closes]
I told you not
to leave your brother alone.
I can't trust you anymore. [sighs]
I have to go to class.
And when that's done,
I'll be your au pair.
Like you decided. See ya later.
You could have caused an accident.
[Aitana] I already apologized.
I was dizzy, so I went for a walk.
Come on, for a walk?
You were gone for hours.
I already apologized, Mom.
But you can't just leave
your brother alone.
- What part don't you understand?
- Who, Abel?
Ha ha, you're hilarious.
That baby is not my brother.
[Gloria sighs]
That baby is your brother.
And promise me one thing.
If anything bad happens,
you'll take care of him.
No, you promise me something.
This'll all be over and done.
'Cause I'm not gonna be
in your goddamn play forever.
I want my life back!
The piano, to play.
I need to do things. Don't you get that?
Yeah, I get that. I do.
But I'm just trying
to get all of our passports.
I want an exact date.
Yeah, I'm doing everything that I can.
I wish I could give you a date.
But I can't. I can promise you nothing.
I can't promise you anything!
Well Well,
pick the promise you like more.
Is it yours or mine?
- [exhales, groans]
- [door closes]
[Blanca] Are you serious?
It's just a drawing.
- [children chattering]
- That isn't the point.
I just wanna make sure that Lorenzo
will express his creativity without fear.
And he already does.
He's better than before.
Blanca, I know he didn't do it.
I know Lorenzo.
Oh, yeah? And I don't?
Alicia, I don't know
what you're trying to suggest,
but you have no idea
how hard it is to raise a child.
Well, I spend ten hours a day
raising children, so I get it.
Besides, I only want the best for Lorenzo.
You have no goddamn idea how demanding
it is to deal with his syndrome.
Or do you think it's easy?
And I ask myself
what happened and I don't
I just don't know.
Leave it to me, hmm?
I will raise my son, not you.
You're in no position to give me advice.
Until recently,
you were too scared to be a mother.
I mean, receiving your big news
that you're eligible to adopt,
and you don't tell us anything?
[children chattering]
That's because you're probably afraid too.
[door opens]
Tomorrow it's your turn to give her
her morning walk, okay?
- I'll do it every day if you want me to.
- No, no, no, no, no.
[Germán] How is Ana?
Ana is sleeping like an angel right now.
[clicks tongue]
I think I'm the only person in the world
who has marmalade
and olive oil for breakfast.
[Germán groaning] Uh, get a
- [inhales, clears throat]
- Mmm!
How was your tour around the neighborhood?
[Caterina] Mmm.
I checked over all the houses
on that street,
and they're all identical, so the kid
is definitely living in the basement now.
Plate for you?
[plate clatters]
[Caterina] Did he say anything?
Well, he mainly confirmed
that he does live in the neighborhood,
and well, he says he's 17 years old
instead of 19 years old.
Of course. The DNA?
Hmm. It's hard when Mariana
and Julia are so far up his ass.
If I was in the client's shoes,
I would just fly here,
and I would snatch
the kid just like she did.
Okay, Caterina.
I need to talk about two big things.
- Mm-hmm.
- One is I need your boxes out of the way.
The other thing is what
happened at Blanca's party.
What happened?
Well, yeah. I mean, you can get drunk.
Use drugs. I really don't care at all,
but if you and I are working together,
then I don't need your bullshit.
- [plate shatters]
- What the fuck is this?
What the fuck did you just say? Huh?
[ominous music playing]
So I may have been having fun too.
That's it.
I've got it all under control. Hmm?
[Caterina] And besides
[Germán sighs]
you are not the first man
that's tried to control me.
Hmm? It usually doesn't end up too well.
Okay, honey?
Are we clear?
[ominous music fades out]
Okay, since I noticed today
that you're all paying attention,
let's talk about Soviet cinema.
Sound good? Tell me.
Can you please recommend
any movies about pianists?
- [professor] Soviet pianists?
- [students laugh]
[professor] Interesting,
but if you want a recommendation,
then drop by the film club.
So, what is Soviet cinema?
Soviet cinema includes
all of the productions
between 1922 and
Pardon, uh, you're blocking the board.
I can't see at all.
- [exhales]
- This shit's boring, right?
- [professor] The cinematograph arrived
- Oof, anything'd be better.
[professor] in the old Russia
Well, we could sunbathe.
No, it's gotta be better.
I can get you outta this,
but no crazy biking this time around.
- So now I'll drive you.
- [laughs]
- Watch me go, then you follow.
- [professor]cinema could be playful.
That it could be a spectacle.
That was not discovered
until many, many years later.
- [electricity buzzing]
- [ominous music playing]
[man] This is a really weird part of town.
- [indistinct chattering]
- [man] Sex shop. Let's head in.
Definitely. Men would need the help.
- [man laughing]
- [woman] I talked to my mother yesterday.
[man] Okay, what did she say?
[tires screech]
[woman panting, moaning]
[laughs, groans]
[woman] Hello
- Hello.
- [groans]
[clerk] Wait here.
- [woman moaning]
- [clerk exhales]
[clerk] Omar! Unsatisfied customer!
[Gloria] Shh. It's okay. Shh.
- [clerk] Follow me.
- [Gloria kisses]
[Gloria sighs]
[woman continues moaning]
[Gloria sighs]
- [clerk] Just go down there.
- [Gloria] Thank you.
I couldn't get a hold of you. [exhales]
I told you
those passports aren't easy to get.
They're expensive too.
I have your cash.
Look, it's more money. Here, please.
- You needed four, right?
- Yes, of course.
This cash'll buy you three.
But you didn't count it though.
You didn't count it all.
Tell me who I should leave out.
- [Gloria exhales]
- [music peaks and ends]
[tense music building]
[rock music playing]
[Aitana] So here's
where the magic happens, huh?
Hey, don't make fun of me.
We're making a new demo tape.
It sounds sick.
We're putting on a little concert.
Tickets are a thousand pesetas.
Well, it'll be all sold out, I'd imagine.
[Marcos laughs]
You're an idiot. You know that?
Look, see if you like it.
All right, guys. This is Aitana.
What's up, Aitana?
Aitana, they're a bunch of little scamps,
so be careful around these guys.
- How are you?
- Hey, I hear you're great on the piano.
It depends on who I'm compared to.
[scoffs] Hands aren't big enough
for a pianist.
- And you have really short fingers.
- [laughing]
- Well, I don't think they're that short.
- Oh!
- Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!
- [laughing]
All right, everyone lay off her.
Follow me.
They're not as dumb
as they look, are they?
They can be a whole lot worse.
So, what,
will you come to my show
and scream like you're a crazy fan?
And what do I get from you?
- [drum thumps]
- To listen to me.
- And?
- [drum thumps]
And see me.
- And?
- [drum thumps]
And touch me.
- And?
- [drum thumps]
Keep this up, we'll have
to take it to the bathroom.
[cymbal crashes]
The best musicians control the tempo.
Don't ever forget that.
- [drumsticks clatter]
- [sighs]
[mysterious music playing]
[dog barking]
[doorbell ringing]
[Alicia] Open the door!
- [Gloria] Hello.
- [Alicia] Gloria, it's me!
- [Alicia] You have to call the police.
- What?
I think that someone broke in.
I saw the guy running.
I didn't see anything.
It was a man.
I swear to you. Uh, a young guy.
[Gloria exhales]
I don't think so.
- The alarm would've gone off.
- [exhales]
Probably just an animal.
Really, don't worry about it.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah, I'm fine.
Call you tomorrow then?
I'll treat us both. Breakfast?
- Okay.
- [Gloria] See you tomorrow, then.
All right, bye.
- [door bangs]
- Fucking key!
- [Germán] Hey!
- Oh, shit!
You asshole. [laughs, exhales]
- Were you waiting for anyone out here?
- No.
- You looking for someone?
- [exhales, laughs]
I'm just running, no big deal.
Yeah, and I'm skating, no big deal.
- We'll do it together, you and I.
- Do what?
Running, because my legs
can't skate anymore now.
Well, I can teach you if you want.
Well, if these legs
don't fall apart on us, then sure
I can't hold your legs together.
But if you're game,
there are a bunch of cool parks here.
Okay, we can go in the morning
or before sunset.
I have school.
Oh, what do you study?
So you're a director?
[chuckles] Yeah.
Really? What's most beautiful about films?
When someone dies for love.
Man, it's beautiful.
When you make it and you're rich
and famous, don't forget me, huh?
[laughs] Well, yeah, okay.
[sighs] Do you have Internet?
[Germán] Hmm?
- 'Cause I log on to Terra Chat.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. Come on, tell me your name, then.
- Your name is "YoAbel"?
- Yeah. [chuckles]
- Holy shit. [laughs]
- And yours?
Twenty-one, you said?
Perfect. I'll write to you,
and we'll go skating together at night.
So no one bothers us.
Okay. Sounds like a plan, German21.
[chuckles] Well, I'll see you then.
[somber music playing]
[Natalia] Next week
I'm going back to Argentina.
With Papa and Nico.
I'm still mourning my son.
Your son is also my husband, Julia.
I love you so much. I really do.
But I need to stay
with my family in Argentina.
Here without Santi,
I have nothing.
It's not what he would've wanted.
You know that?
But you could come visit anytime.
That's a lie, and you know it.
Just don't do this, please stay here.
He's the only thing.
The only thing I have left of his.
Papa has already bought tickets.
[inhales] I'm asking you to understand.
I don't understand.
You know what your father is like.
You came here to this place
so you could distance yourself from him.
- He changed. He's a different person.
- [exhales]
[sighs] You didn't wanna have Nico.
But I accepted.
And I really thank you
with all my heart and soul.
[Julia sighs]
But I'm his mother.
[scoffs, gasps] He's mine too.
He's my son.
- [gasps] He's also my son, please.
- [both sobbing]
[Julia] He's my son too. He's my son too.
- He's mine too.
- [both continue sobbing]
[music fades out]
He's sleeping like a log.
- Easy for you to get Lorenzo to bed.
- Hmm.
Hey, uh, my boss called.
And tomorrow I have to go back to Cologne.
I thought they owed you a week off.
Yeah, but, uh, Eric had his twins early,
so you know
Someone has to get the job done
while he's away.
[Blanca] I'm so happy for him.
Fuck, Blanca, what can I do? They need me.
- They aren't the only ones.
- Are you really getting mad?
I would say surprised. It's different.
[inhales] You think
it's easy for me to leave?
It appears so.
Blanca, things are a lot more complicated
than they seem, trust me.
Hmm? But I'll take off a few days,
and the three of us will go on vacation
I promise.
You lost your mind?
- What happened?
- What just happened?
Alicia saw you around here.
Who's Alicia?
Alicia, one of my friends.
[liquid sloshes]
Hmm. So you have friends now.
I want a little freedom too, Mom.
I gave you the key because I trusted you.
I thought you'd be more careful.
Give me the key. It's too risky.
[pensive music plays]
[Gloria sniffles]
Please, we could lose it all.
Give me the key, please.
[takes a deep breath]
Give me the key.
By the way,
don't even think about writing anymore.
Mom, it's only a story.
No, it's a story of us.
And this is not a movie.
I wish it was.
- [lock clicks]
- [sighs]
[haunting choral music builds]
[Hugo crying]
[tires screech]
[Abel] Come on.
- Did we get seen?
- Not important.
- How's it not important?
- We're safe, Mariana.
- Mom thought of everything.
- [panting]
All right, change of plans. I'm not going.
Don't be silly. Let's go to the airport.
- No, this is totally crazy, okay?
- She wants to make sure we stay together.
We just stole a baby! [panting]
She gave birth. Nico's hers!
- Listen, he is Natalia and Santi's.
- No, don't get confused.
They tried to steal her kid.
Mom sacrificed for Santi.
Without him, Natalia's not family.
Fine. Mom already got what she wanted.
But how about you, huh?
Think about everything
you'll have to give up.
Mariana, what I want
is for us to be together.
We have to stick by her.
Otherwise, this won't work.
Santi would be proud of you
if he was here.
This is all my fault
We're a family.
[Abel] What's that?
[both laughing]
Oh, great work, Aitana. [chuckles]
I was about to ask for it. Thanks.
She had me three minutes ahead of you.
You're always a bit late.
Yeah, you did betray me though.
I don't get it.
I gave the script to you, and Mom read it.
I never gave it to her.
Well, she was very mad.
- I don't think she'll get past it.
- Of course she'll get past it.
You're her favorite.
- That's not true.
- [sighs] It's not important.
Well, you were Santi's.
Santi loved you a lot.
Yeah, but he never said anything.
I think it was because I was gay.
He did.
And I do too.
I won't let you stay here
trapped alone forever.
- [laughing]
- [computer chimes]
It's Germán.
Are you chatting with the guy next door?
He has a wife though!
[Blanca] Ugh, do you have any ibuprofen?
My head is going to explode.
Hmm? Yeah, I always
carry some for hangovers.
- Great. Thank you.
- They used be for hangovers.
- But now
- Because of the kid.
- The crying.
- Yes, exactly.
- Thank you.
- You'll get used to it.
Okay, I'm probably crazy,
but I think Ramón might be cheating
when he's away.
- Why? Have you seen him with anyone?
- [Blanca] No, no.
No, but he always leaves
when he gets here,
never stays for a long time,
so quite a coincidence, hmm?
Well, our lives have
many coincidences, trust me.
He says he's flying to Cologne tonight.
But I think he might just be staying.
And I need you both to come and see.
Ahh, Blanca.
He who seeks, finds. Be careful, okay?
What if it was your husband?
My husband? Well, with my man, I left him.
He never even got
the opportunity to cheat.
Oh, so sorry.
No big deal. I was just saying
there's more subtle ways to track men now.
How so?
Well, you check his bank accounts.
You go through those,
and then his address book.
Peek in his pockets,
see if he left anything behind.
They always leave loose ends.
I can get a bit jealous. [laughs]
Oh, this is really cold.
Well, I'll go heat it up.
I can do it for you. Relax.
- Oh. Yeah, okay.
- I'm also gonna use the bathroom.
- Thank you.
- Caterina, that's great.
- Making notes in my head of everything.
- [Caterina] Mm-hmm.
[Blanca] Hey, how does that
address book thing work, Gloria?
What do I do,
call all the contacts one by one?
[Gloria] What you should do
is talk to him.
[Blanca] Oh, sure.
Then what do I even say?
- "Hey, honey"
- Quiet.
- [Nico babbling]
- [Caterina] There we go.
And in two months,
the paperwork should be ready.
Eva is so lovely.
- [chuckles] Eva? I love that.
- Hmm.
[Pedro] That's a nice name, isn't it?
And how old is she?
Three. Her mother is in jail now.
Once she signs the waiver,
Eva can have a new home.
She's very sweet.
And is Eva in the center now?
Just to see her, even from afar.
[woman] Regulations don't allow that.
I can show you a picture though.
- [chuckles]
- No.
I'd prefer to meet her
once it's 100% certain.
Okay, I'll let you know. See you later.
- [Pedro] Bye.
- Thank you.
[somber music playing]
You could've smiled at least a little.
You looked like you were at a funeral.
Well, I was nervous.
I don't know, honey. You don't seem
to care about anything lately.
Of course I care. It's my life too.
I'm surprised you didn't share anything
with your friends about the letter.
About Eva.
You know what, Pedro?
You can have children.
You could have a baby if you want.
One of your own.
[sighs] Honey, I love you.
I love you like crazy.
My family is you.
You, and soon Eva.
- What?
- [rock music playing over headphones]
- Today, I need you to stay home to
- What?
Tonight, I need you
to watch Hugo and Lorenzo, okay?
No, no, no, no, Mom.
I really can't do tonight.
[huffs] Listen,
I have to go out for two hours.
It's a thing for Blanca.
Oh, what plans ya got?
Well, then put my name on the guest list
next time there's a party.
I've already arranged
to get our passports, Aitana.
What do you prefer? Toronto? Vancouver?
- Does Abel know?
- No.
[chuckles] It's a surprise.
You snuck into my room
and stole Abel's script.
You've already messed with my life enough.
If you do that again,
you'll know nothing about Abel or me.
That's a warning.
You're gonna love Canada.
You'll see.
[woman over PA, in Spanish]
Attention, please.
This is the last call
for passengers to Barcelona.
Please be ready
with your boarding pass in advance.
[continues speaking Spanish]
- [attendant] Gloria Román?
- [Gloria in English] Yeah.
- [attendant] Any bags to check?
- No, thanks. No bags.
[attendant] Boarding Gate 3.
- Have a safe trip.
- Thank you.
[Germán] Caterina.
[knock on door]
I'm sorry, but it's clear
that we need to have a chat.
Yes, and we will talk,
but just don't say anything yet.
[sighs, gasps]
Look, I know sometimes I can act stupid.
[inhales] And I have outbursts
of violence. Mm.
But you know,
I also know how to apologize.
Mm-hmm. And do my work.
[both chuckle]
[ominous music plays]
[Germán exhales]
- Will you forgive me?
- [grunts]
This is good.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
[Germán chuckles]
The babysitter's coming,
so we're both working tonight, okay?
A pity.
[Germán grunts]
[music fades]
Hmm. Girls' night out.
- [Gloria] What time does his flight leave?
- [Blanca] 10:30.
He should leave now to get there on time.
- [Caterina] Turn off the lights, yeah?
- [Blanca] Oh, you're right.
- I really don't think we should be here.
- No.
The only mistake is
that we didn't get drunk.
- [Gloria] Huh.
- I need to smoke.
- You smoke?
- Today? Yeah.
Oh, I can't find them.
Just wait. You're freaking out right now.
Let me do it.
- Seriously?
- [laughing]
Yeah, I know. Don't laugh.
Oh, well, I saw those,
and I thought they might be useful to us.
How wonderful.
Now you can be Inspector Gadget.
[Blanca] If he's with someone else,
I don't know what I'm capable of.
Hey, Ramón just isn't
that type of husband.
That's what I wanna find out.
- What type of husband he is.
- [Caterina] Watch out!
[Blanca] There he is.
[women chattering]
He's getting a taxi.
- [Blanca] Is he alone?
- Yeah.
- Hey, good evening.
- [driver] Good evening.
- Airport, please, thanks.
- [driver] All right.
- [Blanca] Is he leaving?
- [Gloria] Leaving alone.
- [Caterina] Start the car. Start the car.
- [Blanca] Follow him?
- [engine splutters]
- Oh! It's not working!
- [Gloria] Of course it works.
- [Caterina] Your handbrake's on.
[Blanca] I released it. It just won't go.
- Hey! It's just not starting!
- [cell phone ringing]
- Oh, turn that off.
- Shit!
- The phone.
- The windshield wipers.
- It won't work! What cell phone?
- Make it stop.
- Please turn it off.
- The cell phone.
[Blanca groans, exhales]
- [Caterina] Turn it off.
- Oh. Ramón.
- Ramón.
- Oh, wait.
- [gasps] It's a message from Ramón.
- Play it on speaker.
- [phone beeps]
- [gasps] Oh, God.
[Ramón] Listen,
I don't wanna leave like this.
If you want, take a plane tomorrow
and come here with Lorenzo.
I'd love to see you both.
- Kisses. I love you.
- [Blanca gasps]
[all laughing]
All right.
- Oh, God, I feel so silly!
- [Gloria sighs]
[all laughing]
[Blanca] Oh, I feel so silly.
- [gasping] Oh, well.
- [Gloria chuckles] Hmm.
- [engine turns over]
- [Blanca exhales]
- You both are hilarious.
- Well, then.
[inhales deeply]
Oh, God.
[classical music playing]
Are you recording me?
[Germán] Yeah, this thing is heavy.
[both laugh]
- [Germán] This all you can do or what?
- Let's see what you got, tough guy.
[Germán] Well, I can do other things.
[Abel] Huh?
[Germán sighs]
What things?
- [sighs]
- [chuckles]
You okay?
This the first time
you made out with a man?
- And you?
- [exhales]
[inhales] This is all so wrong, Abel.
I have a wife and a kid,
and you're 17 years old.
Well, actually I'm 19.
- But you said that you're 17.
- I lied.
Why'd you do that?
Because I was nervous.
My sister's the only one that knows me.
[chuckles] Ah, so you have siblings, then?
Yeah, but she lives in Italy.
And you don't visit her?
We don't need to know everything, do we?
Well, no [chuckles]
- There's not much difference anyway.
- Oh, yeah?
Between what we are
and what we want to be.
And what do you want?
The same as you.
Ladies, be honest with me.
Was I ridiculous?
- [both] No.
- Oh, my goodness.
- I owe you a dinner, don't I? Or two.
- [Caterina] Mm-hmm.
I'll fill up the tank and get us home.
[clears throat] Hey, I'm gonna run
to the bathroom. Wanna come with?
- Sure.
- [Caterina] Hmm.
[Blanca] Good evening.
Can I have 2,000 pesetas of gas?
[clerk] Mm-hmm.
[ominous music playing]
[Gloria laughing]
And the binoculars were just too much.
[Caterina] That was epic.
- [both laughing]
- [Gloria urinating]
- [exhales]
- But a bit dangerous though.
What is?
I don't know. I guess when you
It's just when you repeat
the same lie so much, then in the end,
the lie just turns into the truth.
Yeah. [sighs]
That happens to every one of us. No?
[toilets flushing]
[audience cheering]
[Marcos] This song is dedicated
to a very special person
I've been waiting for all night.
- [Hugo cooing]
- [Marcos] This one's for you, Aitana.
- [audience cheering]
- [Hugo exclaims]
[Aitana] Boo!
["Evergreen" by Patrick Duff playing]
I gave my love ♪
A dress of red ♪
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- [Hugo babbling]
- [laughs]
A ribbon of green ♪
[Gloria] People think that you only die
when your heart stops beating.
On which to sleep ♪
[Gloria] But that's not true.
There are many ways to die.
When you're on the other side,
your body gets ready to embrace
the darkness and love the shadows.
A house of trees ♪
[Gloria] Your pupils dilate
like never before,
because your eyes refuse to close forever.
Dying is not the end.
And I don't believe in life after death.
A river of green ♪
[loud bang]
On which to sleep ♪
My love lays down ♪
My love laid down ♪
A single flower ♪
In her hand ♪
Then walked away ♪
To forests deep ♪
To find a place ♪
In which to sleep ♪
My love did lift ♪
The darkest cup ♪
Up to her lips ♪
A cup of poisoned ♪
Evergreen ♪
[song fades out]
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