Holy Family (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


[Santi] Look at Edu. He's recording you.
You don't want to? Then record me.
Mariana! Please join me now.
Mariana. Mariana!
Mariana, please join me now.
Mariana, what's wrong?
[Aitana] I really miss Santi.
And I wish I didn't remember anymore.
I just
He's my curse.
Hey, no, no, don't say that.
It's not true.
And it's not fair to you.
The only thing you need to think about
is all this will change very soon.
Did Mom tell you about Canada?
[Abel] She knows I have the key.
She apologized for taking it.
Don't worry.
In Canada, there are
some amazing conservatories. [sighs]
And film schools too.
[somber classical music playing]
And they have waterfalls.
[chuckles] I can't wait.
[chuckles] Hollywood
would be closer to you.
- Don't be silly. I wish.
- [laughing]
[Aitana sighs]
Remember when you said this
was all going to be a bad dream?
At this moment,
I think you're finally right.
It'll be okay.
Mom is capable of anything
when it comes to us.
Trust her.
[mysterious music playing]
[haunting choral music playing]
[glass scraping]
[man] Ma'am? Ma'am, are you there? Ma'am?
- Ma'am.
- Pardon This is the father of Natalia.
Okay, that's all right.
What's your name, sir?
Fernando Alberche.
Okay. And you own
the Jeep that was destroyed?
No, no, the Jeep was the property of
the grandmother of my grandson.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
And who was
in the car besides Julia Santos?
Her children.
- It was just her and her children?
- No, the baby was my grandson.
- I see, I see. All right.
- Excuse me, please, uh
- Yeah, I can call back later.
- Thank you.
- Your name again?
- Fernando Alberche.
- Thank you, and I'm sorry for your loss.
- [Natalia sobbing]
[phone beeps]
Only God knows why
these things are done to us, sweetheart.
[Natalia] God?
[continues sobbing]
So God wanted all this suffering?
He wanted my son to die burning in a fire?
- Then I fucking hate your God, Papa!
- [grunts]
[Natalia sobbing]
Oh, please forgive me.
- [sighs, muttering]
- [sobbing]
An espresso for me and a double for you.
[Gloria groans]
All the caffeine
in the world can't wake me up now,
and trust me, when you have kids,
you won't sleep at all.
- Her name's Eva.
- Mm.
I'm a little nervous.
But happy, right? You both are happy?
[sighs] Don't know.
[chuckles] I really don't know, Gloria.
Well, even though
you're not her biological mother,
you'll love her the same or more.
I wish it was just that.
Pedro doesn't know
Well, no one really knows.
What is it?
I'm not sure I wanna be a mother.
I've never been sure.
That's how this began.
[sighs] Have you two talked yet?
Pedro's desperate to be a father.
I can't. No one's loved me like he does.
But, Gloria [exhales]
not all women
are naturally born to be mothers.
- You understand?
- No.
- Hello, ladies.
- Hello.
- I'll watch the ducks.
- Hey, uh, stay close by me, okay, baby?
How are you?
- [sighs] Well, not too bad.
- I'm fine.
Oh, I have this thing gnawing at me,
and I can't bear the pain.
Either I tell you or just explode.
It's too much.
I guess I shouldn't be so candid.
But here I go. Get ready. [inhales]
I just saw Germán smooching a teenage boy.
- Germán? You mean Caterina's husband?
- Yeah.
Are you sure about that?
One-hundred percent?
Mm, of course.
You think I'd say it if it wasn't true?
[inhales] I saw it all at the gas station.
I don't know what to say now to Caterina.
You should just say nothing.
Leave it. Let it lie. Just leave it alone.
Gloria, she's my friend. I don't wanna
be dishonest with her, knowing all that.
[Gloria exhales]
Those big secrets
never stay hidden, right?
[Alicia] It's a big deal.
Well, if Germán likes men
and cheats on her,
he's the one
that's destroying their lives, isn't he?
If it was you,
wouldn't you like to know the truth?
Yes, if there's proof. Absolutely.
[sighs] Well
I'm going for another coffee.
To each his own you know, huh?
You think so?
Lorenzo! Come on, you want a drink too?
Oh, yes, buy him some sweets.
Do you want treats?
What's around curtain?
[Gloria] Shh.
Let's forget about those curtains.
Come with me.
[news jingle playing]
Malika, did my daughter eat?
[Malika] Yes.
[man on TV, in Arabic] Three weeks ago,
four corpses were reported stolen
from the Nador morgue.
The bodies belonged
to three adults and a baby
[in English] Malika. Look at this.
[man in Arabic] This morning,
the victims were identified.
[in English] What's he saying now?
[in Arabic] Yamil El Hassane, Farah Said,
Samira Bennani and Malek Mounir.
The local police
have not yet commented on the matter.
[overlapping chatter]
- [door hinges squeak]
- [phone ringing]
[door creaks closed]
[in English] Have a seat, please.
- Thank you.
- [sighs]
I have not been able to find this news
in any of the newspapers,
but I've seen it on television.
The disappearances
of four corpses in a morgue.
And nobody's out there looking either.
- How long?
- One month ago.
Same time as the accident.
Around here, in Nador.
Okay, I'm not saying
it's not a coincidence,
but the corpses
in the car all got identified.
Well, I do have a very strong feeling.
- Hmm. You have a strong feeling?
- [Fernando] Yes.
I'm a gentleman of faith,
and I trust in miracles.
I understand, Mr. Fernando.
Alberche. My surname is Alberche.
The case is already closed.
I can't bother the judge now
all because of a little news
that aired on local Moroccan television.
Investigate, please, sir.
I know that it's hard to process this,
and I am sorry, Mr. Alberche.
But the only thing
that's certain is that your grandson died
with Julia Santos and her children.
[Fernando] There is no certainty.
And I already told you
that I trust in miracles.
I have faith in the power of God too.
And in the great power of cash as well.
I have plenty of faith,
and I have plenty of money to spare.
I'll follow this hunch to the end
to see where it may lead.
Investigate, please, right now.
- [Blanca] Caterina!
- Shh!
- I'm sorry.
- I just got her to sleep.
- [chuckles] That's great. How are you?
- Perfect, where's Lorenzo?
- Oh, I didn't bring Lorenzo. Um
- [sniffles]
Okay, there's something that
I don't really know how to tell you.
- [Caterina] Hmm?
- But, uh
- I have to tell you no matter what.
- Mm-hmm.
And it's hard
to be the one who has to do it.
We've become bored with
watching actors give us phony emotions.
We're tired of pyrotechnics
and special effects.
While the world he inhabits is,
in some respects, counterfeit.
- There's nothing fake about Truman.
- [beeping]
- [man] No scripts, no cue
- [TV turns off]
[Gloria] Honey, can you come up?
Now? It's daytime.
[Gloria] Doesn't matter. Come up.
- [Hugo babbles]
- [Abel] What's up, kid?
You want it?
[chuckles] What?
Do you two remember when Santi
used to have lunch every Saturday with us?
He was crazy about junk food.
[exhales] Well, here now. Let's celebrate.
- Go ahead, dig in.
- [laughs]
- Okay.
- Mmm!
- Oh!
- [kisses]
Oh, yeah.
- [laughs] Did you really get them?
- I told you, didn't I?
We're moving to Canada.
- [chuckles]
- [Hugo fusses]
You both hold my hands.
Hold your brother's hand too.
Now this is how I want us
to remember each other. [exhales]
Holding our hands above a pizza.
Huh? I don't know
what I'd do without you kids, so
Can I see?
See what?
- The passports.
- [Gloria] They're upstairs.
- Show us.
- Oh. Afterwards.
For now, I say we enjoy the food,
Let's get some plates.
- You're making a mess at the table.
- [Abel] I prefer pineapple pizza.
I hate pineapple.
[Caterina] Oh, look, here he is!
And the whole stadium is on their feet!
Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo!
- Incredible, huh?
- [Germán] Hmm.
- Everyone in the neighborhood knows.
- What are we celebrating?
- Yeah, what are we celebrating?
- [grunts]
They saw you with Eduardo.
[sucks teeth] As you kissed.
- Who?
- Ah, so it's true!
Yeah, I'm working on getting
the information that I need.
[scoffs] I don't think I know
a single man that's straight,
not a single guy, capable
of making out with another man sober.
Come on, just say it. Hmm?
Well, say it, then.
- I'm very interested.
- [exhales]
[inhales] Do you really like men?
Is there a problem? What's up, huh?
I can't believe this betrayal.
Is that why
you haven't had sex with me, huh?
We're supposed to be here to work.
You moron.
What do you suggest we do now?
We're supposed to be together.
Come on, I need a plan. Explain!
Make a scene like this,
and trust me, everyone'll be convinced.
Does his mother know he's gay?
No, her son is in the closet.
Oh, you're actually into the kid.
Oh, how unprofessional.
But hey, what do I know, right?
Suppose he could be an ally now
if you continue to fuck the guy
just like that and [grunts]
- [laughing]
- [exhaling]
Sure, just hit me. Maybe that'll solve it.
Look, I don't know where the hell
you and our client came from,
but I am starting
to get pretty tired of you.
Yeah, because I have met the client,
not you, but I know this guy.
- [Germán exhales]
- [clicks tongue]
And, so let me tell you, then, partner,
he is a man who has so much money,
almost no patience at all
and a mountain of faith.
[Fernando muttering]
Everything fine, honey?
- Yes.
- Huh.
I just wanted to tell you something.
Go on.
[Natalia] I'm sorry, Papa.
Sorry for what?
For interrupting you.
No, no. No, no.
It's really just unimportant now.
[Fernando] Huh.
[doorbell rings]
- [rings]
- [woman crying]
- Yes.
- [crying continues]
- Hello.
- [Caterina] Gloria, it's me.
Caterina, what happened?
[sobbing] I I just had a big fight
with my husband, so
- Oh.
- And I
So Blanca told you, then.
Does everyone know about it?
- I'm very sorry.
- [Caterina sobs]
I don't really know
what to do now, because I
I just don't have my family around.
I I don't have my friends, and I
I don't know where to go. Please.
- Yeah, come in. Please, come in, come in.
- [Caterina sobbing] Thank you.
- I got it. Come in.
- [sobs] Thank you.
- Sure.
- [sobbing]
Come on. Get her a blanket.
Caterina is gonna sleep here.
But what happened with Mom?
I'm not even allowed to see the sunlight.
She said she argued with Germán.
She knows he kissed a guy.
- [chuckles] She know I exist?
- [Aitana] No, I don't think she knows.
Wanna go up and tell her yourself?
Don't you want to? To see it all blow up?
Why are you being like this?
Why are you so pissed?
Because I doubt Mom
ever got the passports.
Mariana, she's already told you.
Why do you always
have to look for problems?
[exhales] I have to talk to Germán.
Maybe it's time for you
to just let go of Germán.
And you? Will you let go of Marcos?
Yeah, if we move away.
Mariana, we're definitely leaving.
[computer chimes]
- [Aitana] Here are your blankets.
- Mm. Thank you.
- [Gloria] Here. She's in here.
- You do everything you're told, huh?
[Blanca] Oh, did she really?
[Gloria] Look who came over.
- [Caterina] Mm!
- Hello, Caterina.
- Move these
- So sorry, my dear.
- How are you?
- Goodness.
- I'll start crying all over again.
- Take off your coat. Lorenzo.
Come on, honey.
- At least 99% of all men are total dogs.
- [Caterina] Yeah.
- [Blanca] Right, Lorenzo?
- [Lorenzo] I'm no dog.
- I'm okay.
- I'm a lion.
Yes. He says that he's not a dog.
He's a lion.
[Gloria] Wanna watch a movie?
You like The Jungle Book?
- Yeah. I want cheese.
- [Gloria] Yeah?
Grab yourself a slice of cheese
and let's go watch a movie.
- Sound good, Edo?
- Mm. Yummy.
- [Gloria] Come on.
- Thank you.
[gasps] What could I possibly say?
Let's see.
How do I explain it to you ladies?
He says it was an intern from his office.
That the guy was very rude
and he was super pushy.
Well, what I saw,
what I really saw, it wasn't that.
It seems that Germán
was really enjoying kissing that boy.
- [Gloria sighs] Okay, Blanca.
- [Caterina] Mm.
Just let her decide
if she trusts the guy or not, you know?
- Mm. [clears throat]
- [Alicia] So what are you going to do now?
Well, I mean,
I'm still so in love with my husband.
- [Alicia] Mm.
- [Caterina] And, ugh, God.
Maybe it can be cured.
I don't know. What would you do?
Well, if I discovered
that Ramón had done that,
then I'd literally throw his ass
in the blender.
I would talk to him. It's not easy,
but I think it's for the best.
Please ladies, let's relax. I'll pour some
more wine to help break up this tension.
- Sure.
- [Gloria] Yeah.
To the ladies.
- [all] To the ladies!
- And to the inventor of the blender!
- [laughing]
- [Gloria] Cheers to that!
- I thought you weren't coming.
- [Germán] And miss this?
Not a chance.
Everything okay?
Well, it's all better now.
Can you stop teasing me?
- [Germán] Can't help it.
- Oh, no?
[Germán exhales]
Okay, what do you wanna do?
- Dance.
- [chuckles]
This online forum
said the Atomic is a great spot.
- In Chueca.
- [laughing]
You're taking me
to a bar full of gay guys?
What's wrong?
Are you embarrassed? [chuckles]
[Germán] You do know I'm married, right?
[both chuckle]
The Atomic. Have you ever gone there?
But I can't wait.
Come on.
[exhales] All right, close that up.
Shall we?
- Okay, I'll go pour some more wine now.
- I can't believe it.
- Uh, may I?
- Yes, please do.
Oh, wait, and take the bottle too.
Go get another one.
Hey, I got a little bit drunk,
and I think
that tonight I might be naughty.
Lorenzo's not here, is he?
- No.
- Good.
Tonight I think that this lady might
get visitors, huh? Alfonso and Martín.
Who are they?
- [gasps] Her two fingers.
- Oh. Wow.
I missed that one.
Well, after having this kid, I don't even
get close to doing that. I just don't.
- I just haven't found the time for it.
- Come on, that's so bad for you, Caterina.
It's important to enjoy life
while you're young.
- You didn't have a C-section.
- [Caterina] I can't.
- Look what they did to me.
- You should enjoy your body.
Oh, makes it so Ramón
won't touch me, you know?
- [all groan]
- Bad, bad, bad, bad scar.
- Can I feel?
- It doesn't hurt. Don't worry about that.
[Caterina] Terrible! But your scar
isn't like that, right, Gloria?
- Hers goes from top to bottom.
- It makes it look so gross.
- Hers is vertical. Mine is horizontal.
- [Caterina] Show me.
But it's much more recent too.
It's much fresher now.
- The doctor said I made the art.
- I don't know if it'll ever fade.
- And it was the final touch that he made.
- Let's see.
Here it is.
- [Alicia] It's pretty small.
- [Blanca] Don't worry.
Mine is so much worse.
- ["What is Love" playing]
- So what do you think? Let me.
- It's awesome here!
- Yeah, right?
Should we get some shots
or drinks or something?
But I can't have you out here
after twelve o'clock.
Can I tell you a secret?
I'm not Cinderella tonight.
Get over here.
Two tequilas, please.
What is right and what is wrong? ♪
Gimme a sign ♪
What is love? ♪
Oh, baby, don't hurt me
Don't hurt me ♪
Look who it is.
I didn't mean
to miss your show the other day.
How was it? Did it go well?
Oh, you didn't show up?
I barely even noticed.
I had so many other crazy
fans yelling at me.
- Throwing their bras?
- Mm!
Bras, their underwear.
Marcos, go buy me a drink?
There are drinks over there.
- Later, you and I will talk more.
- Hey!
What, are you punishing me for not going?
Because I delayed the show hoping
you'd get there and waited all night?
[music continues playing]
[dancers cheer]
To you.
To Abel, the most special
and mysterious guy I've ever met.
Oh, so there's been others.
Tell me something about yourself.
[gasps] Man, I love this song.
Let's dance just for a bit.
I told you my secret, so what is yours?
I guess we both live a double life.
You cheat on your wife, and I'm locked up.
In the closet. Thanks for getting me out.
[singer vocalizing]
What is love? ♪
What is love? ♪
[muffled chattering]
[Lorenzo] Uh, bathroom not there.
[gasps] What that?
- Is that El Santo's cape?
- Yeah.
- Ooh, and the mask too.
- Yeah.
Ah, well, I have a mission
that's special for El Santo.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Tell me. Do you know
who hasn't met those pretty ducks?
- It ain't gonna be me ♪
- [rock music playing]
- What is this? I don't like it.
- You don't like it? It's so good.
It's my favorite.
- It's rum, no? Is that right?
- Yes. [laughs]
- [dancers cheering]
- [woman chuckles]
I love that necklace you're wearing.
I think you're really cool.
- What?
- Amazing, really.
- [Marcos] Thanks.
- [woman] That's it?
- [Marcos] You're cool too.
- [woman] Oh, yeah?
- [music continues playing]
- [chattering, laughing]
[music stops]
- [woman 2] Hey, hey, hey!
- [woman 3] What's going on?
- [man] What's happening?
- [woman 4] What's your problem?
[woman 5] Cool. I don't know
what she thinks she's doing.
- [playing "Voyage Voyage"]
- [shushing]
- [woman 6] Hey, what's she doing?
- [man 2] Singing.
- [woman 6] Really?
- [man 2] Yeah.
[singing in Spanish]
[continues singing in Spanish]
[continues singing in Spanish]
[all singing in Spanish]
- [music continues]
- [woman singing in Spanish]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[Marcos groans]
[Abel grunts]
- [panting]
- [moaning]
- [shouts]
- [song ends]
[static crackling]
[Blanca] Oh, I want a cigarette so badly.
Come on, I'm a new smoker.
It's ridiculous, right?
Ramón says
I've become so addicted. [gasps]
Is it broken?
Yeah, I don't think it's working.
I'll go check.
- [exhales]
- Gloria, everything okay?
- [shuddering]
- [haunting choral music plays]
Gloria, are you okay?
- Oh, no.
- [Blanca] Gloria, what's wrong?
- [gasping]
- [Caterina] What's going on?
- Where's Hugo?
- Where's Lorenzo?
- Lorenzo!
- [Gloria panting] The baby's missing.
- The baby!
- [Blanca] Lorenzo!
[all panting]
- Lorenzo!
- Lorenzo!
- Where's Hugo?
- They definitely aren't in here!
- I think they're together.
- I'm sure they're in the park, right?
- Yeah!
- Let's go to the park.
I'll stay here in case they come back.
- [Blanca and Alicia] Lorenzo!
- [exhales] Hmm.
[ducks quacking]
[Hugo fussing]
Oh, no. [gasps]
No, my son!
No, no! [sobbing]
No, no!
[drawer closes]
[choral music builds]
- There he is.
- Where?
Right here.
[Blanca] Lorenzo!
[Gloria] Give him back. Give him back.
- [Blanca panting]
- [Gloria] The baby, give him back.
- Oh!
- What did you do, huh?
- I just can't believe you! [grunts]
- [Alicia] Blanca.
The important thing is they're fine.
Is Hugo all right? I'm so sorry!
- I was sure that you'd be here.
- [music fades out]
You always know everything
about everyone, right?
- [knock on door]
- [Hugo crying]
Yeah, coming!
Yes, yes, yes.
[Hugo continues crying]
Oh, are you all right?
- Do you need anything?
- I need to be alone.
Yes, yes, of course.
I was just on my way out.
[sighs] Well, that was so scary.
See you tomorrow.
[Hugo crying]
[Caterina] It makes no sense.
- I saw her scar. It makes no sense.
- [lighter clicks]
Yeah, and then why does the client
think that the kid is Natalia's?
[Caterina exhales]
I wonder if Fernando
is trying to trick us.
Hmm. His name is Fernando?
- Hmm.
- Yes.
His name's Fernando
and he's Natalia's father.
- Hmm.
- Perfect.
When do we get the results?
[exhales] They're in tonight.
[mysterious music plays]
No, we can't give
the client the green light
if we don't know what's really going on.
And Natalia?
What about Natalia?
Does she know her kid's alive?
Mm. I don't think so.
- [sighs] How'd you do? Hmm?
- Sit down.
- Come and sit.
- Come on, how'd it go?
- It went great.
- Great?
[Germán chuckles]
[exhales] Yeah?
Did you get anything more out of him?
- Mm-hmm.
- Look, I don't care what you like, hmm?
It's not important. I don't get jealous.
If you want to fuck our little prey,
fine with me.
But if you mess this up
'cause you can't keep your dick
in your pants,
I'll have to castrate you.
[Germán] Hmm.
[both laugh]
It wouldn't be too difficult, huh?
Yeah, it'll be easy, put a few
little pills inside of a hamburger, right?
[clicking, whirring]
[haunting choral music plays]
[Caterina] What's that?
[Germán] It's confirmed.
Natalia is the baby's mother.
[woman on radio] The president
had no comment on the scandal.
When asked when he would be willing
to make a comment,
he shunned away members of the press
and decided to move on
to a question regarding domestic policy.
We'll keep digging for more updates
on that story.
In other news is the approach
of what the Americans are calling Y2K
at the turn of the century.
People are starting
to get their electronics ready.
[slow-tempo music playing]
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