Holy Family (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

November 11th

[Gloria] You take it for granted
that you have two legs,
two arms, two lungs,
and that you always will.
Because it's your body, they're yours.
[mechanical thudding]
But one morning,
in a random week, in a random year,
you wake up and crawl as you try to walk.
Trembling, trying to use your left hand.
You breathe fast as you start to choke.
You're broken. And it makes sense,
because half of you was taken,
that part that was never yours.
And then, if you can, you keep on living.
[haunting choral music playing]
[glass scraping]
[woman over PA] Dr. Flores,
please go to the neonatal wing.
Dr. Flores,
please go to the neonatal wing.
We need to keep trying though.
I don't get it. How hard is it
to make you accept the reality?
[Santi] We can change
the reality, Natalia.
[exhales] It'll be okay, honey.
I know that you'll conceive.
[Santi] It's not gonna happen, Mom.
With her infantile uterus,
she can't make it
through a full pregnancy.
Tell me. How she's doing?
[exhales] Sad.
And exhausted from it all. [inhales]
[exhales] From me.
[Julia exhales]
And I don't want
to leave you and move away.
[Julia] No, you're not going anywhere.
Look, just on the day that you arrived,
I had a high blood pressure issue
and many doctors said
it wasn't possible to survive the birth.
Neither of us and here we are.
- Here we are.
- [exhales]
So just don't be scared.
- Don't be scared.
- [exhales]
I, uh, I love her. I want her to be safe.
[inhales] But I also wanna have a kid.
- [sighs] I'm being so fucking selfish.
- No, you aren't selfish.
Yes, I am, but I don't care.
I just want it all.
- [sighs]
- And you will have it all.
- You wanna be a father?
- Yeah.
Then I'll help make you one.
But you and Natalia
have to agree to it first.
- [doorbell rings]
- [gasps]
[doorbell rings]
Yes, who is it?
[Blanca] It's Blanca.
Blanca, I'm busy now.
[Blanca] Gloria, open the door, please.
- I've been calling you.
- [sighs]
[Blanca] And I really need to talk to you.
[Gloria sighs]
Hi. I came over here
to tell you I'm so sorry.
- I'm really so sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
I understand you're mad at us.
Anything could have happened to him.
Yes, I know that, but I couldn't
stop thinking about it though.
What's important is Hugo's fine.
Maybe we'll talk soon. That's best, okay?
What happened to you?
Occupational hazard.
- I have to clean it.
- Oh, I can help you with that.
- No, it's nothing.
- Gloria.
It's not the first time Lorenzo
has made me lose a friendship.
I don't wanna go through that with you.
We will always be girlfriends.
Always, Blanca.
- Always.
- Thank you.
Instinct never fails, honey.
And the results say Natalia
is the mother, right?
Yeah, but Julia has a fresh,
new C-section scar on her.
Didn't you say it wasn't real?
[Caterina] Yeah, but it is. I've seen it.
Ah! We have to find out the truth soon.
Perfect, I have a search warrant
for the hospital
and for Santiago's address in Melilla.
[Caterina] Don't worry
about anything, okay?
The client takes care of the extra hours.
And he does pay well.
[laughs] What you really want
is a villa in a rich area
with a nurse that'll take
good care of you when you're old.
And to be done with the kid.
You know what? I'm gonna take
this little girl over to her mommy
for some fresh breast milk
because she's already in withdrawal.
- Like mother like daughter.
- You're alone for the night.
- I'll bring you back a souvenir T-shirt.
- [Caterina] Oh, what a pretty badge.
- Do you miss being a police officer?
- Thanks.
You quit or were you fired?
I quit. Bye, sweetheart.
Size small.
Oh, and please, can you find
some little magnets to put on the fridge?
- [types]
- [chimes]
[Aitana] If you could take a plane
right now, where would you go?
My house in Marbella.
Without my family, of course.
- [Aitana chuckles]
- And you?
[Aitana] I'd go anywhere and nowhere.
[Marcos chuckles]
That sounds like a movie quote,
but it doesn't really
make any sense. [laughs]
[laughs] You're a jerk.
[Marcos sighs]
Well, can you say what happened now?
Please tell me why you cried on the phone.
[inhales] I really miss my mother.
And my family,
miss them so much.
[inhales] I might have to go.
But you could visit it instead.
- Tell me, why can't you return home?
- Because it's impossible!
There's no way I can go back.
Well, if you want a family,
I can give you mine.
I'll warn you,
they're really weird though.
[both shout]
[Fernando] Hey. Honey.
So you're really not going to
speak to me at all on your birthday?
Oh, yeah. Sorry, got distracted.
Yeah, well, it'd be nice
if you were distracted with me.
Or am I not capable
of distracting you anymore?
Come on, let's do something.
All right, first, I have to go
and make a quick phone call.
And then after I get back,
we'll enjoy this meal together, okay?
And I'm going to order you a cake,
and you'll blow out all the candles.
- No
- Yes.
- No, Papa, listen. Please just don't.
- Yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
Just give it the effort.
God will give you recompense.
I promise you.
- [gasps] Papa.
- Yes.
I need a little money.
You can have it.
[exhales] Well, it's a lot of cash.
[Fernando sighs]
Whatever makes you happy, sweetheart.
Whatever makes you happy.
Whatever makes you happy.
- [Aitana] What is it?
- Where've you been?
- [whirring]
- I was at school.
Did you lock the back door?
The window. Get away from the window.
Please sit down. I have
something important to tell you both.
- We're short a passport.
- What?
- Whose is it?
- That's not important.
The important thing is I gotta get
all the cash for the passport.
Then I can make our next move.
You said you had everything under control.
- What's the move?
- [exhales] Okay.
Well, starting today,
there'll be only one key. Gimme your key.
No university,
no park, no nothing, please.
I control who gets in and out.
- This way we get the other passport?
- Bullshit! That won't do anything.
[Gloria] Aitana,
I can't take any more risks,
not until I get the money.
What risk though?
Risk of moving on, huh, Mother?
How about not losing your brother?
He was, like, a hundred feet away.
The only one that's at fault here is you.
What about you?
You're Little Miss Perfect, huh? Are you?
Mom, please.
And what was this? What about this?
Don't you care at all?
It's all because of this fucking kid!
This baby doesn't change things, Mom.
He will not be able to replace Santi.
Careful now of what you say.
Careful of what you say.
If I had to choose to forget him or die,
I would choose to die first.
[Aitana] So which passport
is missing, Gloria?
[Gloria sighs]
It's mine, isn't it?
You're leaving without me.
Have I ever left you behind? Or left him?
Have I ever? In my life?
So what kind of family
do you think we are?
We're all in this together.
So we all make it or none of us.
All of us. Together.
- Natalia Alberche didn't have a kid?
- [woman] She didn't give birth here.
Are you sure?
You know this hospital's private.
There's one thing we're familiar with.
- The records of our patients.
- Other hospitals?
I don't know, but looks like her uterus
got diagnosed as being infantile.
Uterus was infantile?
[inhales] She wouldn't make it
if she had a child.
[Germán] Has Julia Santos
been a patient here?
[woman] "Julia Santos."
No, under that name,
there aren't any records
of a patient that got checked into here.
- [Germán] May I look?
- Hmm.
Must be important
if they had to send you from Madrid.
- Nothing ever happens here.
- [exhales] Wouldn't say that.
[inhales] I'd like
to look over the records for that month.
Oh, of course.
May I take a seat?
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
[heart beating faintly]
- [heart beating continues]
- Just relax. Everything looks fine.
Oh, thank God. [gasps]
- The sac is fully implanted now.
- [both exhaling]
See? That's the heart right there.
- That thing?
- [Julia and Santi gasping]
- Is it normal that it's so fast?
- [laughs] Oh, you're so silly.
- Your heart beat even faster.
- [laughing]
- It's just mother nature doing her job.
- [Santi sighs]
My family can't be told any of this.
[Julia] Oh.
- I'll leave you.
- Thank you, Marta.
Thank you.
- [Julia sighs]
- Wouldn't you rather talk at home, honey?
And Dr. Cobos is just like family.
You don't have to worry
about anything at all.
But I really thought
that you'd moved past this.
Your father will never find out.
My father is a Christian leader.
Yeah, I know! And that's precisely why.
- I should never have accepted.
- It was the only way.
Parents have to make sacrifices,
for their children, right?
- Yeah.
- [Santi exhales]
Make this sacrifice, then. [chuckling]
- [sighs]
- [Julia] Mm-hmm.
- Do you know them?
- Yeah, I know them.
In Spain, they do a lot of business
with all the big players.
Nata, they're all very important.
No, they're not who I'm interested in.
I'm interested in the pianist.
Andrés, this really has to stay secret.
Please, I'm begging you.
Of course. Is this last month's issue
of the magazine?
Yeah. Yeah, it is. You can have it.
No, that's fine.
I have it too. My wife does.
Nata, I don't need that. I can get you
a few phone numbers, and that's it.
Yeah, that sounds perfect.
[Gloria] This one is so special.
- And I have six others.
- Mm-hmm.
And every one of them has
a different religious motif as well.
Yes, yes, I'm interested.
In all?
No, but I think I can bring
just a couple to display to buyers.
No, you can purchase at a price
that lets you buy it all.
No, no, I don't buy any.
You give them to me on consignment,
and we agree on a price,
and then I keep 30%.
But it's usually just 20.
[inhales] Yeah, I do 30.
[Gloria] Hmm.
[Claudia] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
- This is just for a little while, hmm?
- Mm.
- Hmm?
- I'll be back to pick her up soon.
- No what?
- [Claudia] There's no deal.
[man coughing in background]
- [Caterina] There's no deal, huh?
- [sniffles] Hi, there.
And how are you going to stop me?
You know how?
I swear I'll call the police.
- Yeah.
- [crinkling]
And tell me, who do you
think they're going to believe?
- You're nothing but a junkie.
- [shudders]
You'll be separated from her.
- Forever.
- [gasps]
I'm getting clean now.
Please, trust me.
I'm getting clean for me and my baby.
[sniffles] I will be clean soon.
Of course you'll get clean.
And I'll help you out.
[inhales] I'll help you out. Hmm?
[Claudia gasps]
[Caterina] When all of this is over
[Claudia sniffles]
I'll give you so much money, sweetheart,
you'll be able to feed both you and her
for at least a year.
- [Claudia] Hmm.
- Trust me.
- [Ana cries]
- [Claudia gasps]
- [Caterina] There.
- [Claudia] Mm.
[inhales] Ahh!
Don't stay out in the cold.
- She has a cough.
- [Claudia scoffs]
[exhales, kisses]
[tense music plays]
[Germán] Natalia.
[clothes hangers clattering]
[suspenseful music builds]
[Santi chuckles]
- Recognize these?
- Sure.
- [laughs]
- They're your pajamas.
Yeah. [chuckles]
And now I want you to have them.
They're for what's his name?
- Nico?
- Yeah.
I'm sure on him,
they'll look better. [chuckles]
- Do you like it?
- Like what?
The name.
- That's the name I picked for you too.
- Yeah, I know.
[Julia exhales]
[inhales] Hey, Mom, thank you.
There's no way Natalia
and I can repay you for this.
And about the other night, I'm sorry
There's nothing a mother
won't do for her child.
Now just teach me how to be a good father.
[Julia exhales]
Oh, sweetheart.
That I can't help you figure out.
- Think I can?
- Mm-hmm.
- [static hissing]
- [clicking]
[scraping sound on TV]
[door lock rattles]
Did I interrupt you?
[clears throat] No, come on in.
- [clears throat]
- You doing your writing?
Uh, uh, yeah.
[exhales] I have a plan.
A plan?
[inhales] But I'm really
gonna need all your help.
Oh, shit.
It's about the passport?
Of course. We have to get all the money
we need to get outta here.
Anything you need, Mom.
- [window shatters]
- [rock clattering]
[glass shards clinking]
[tense music plays]
[alarm blaring]
[Germán] I've checked all the births
in November, and there's no trace.
- [exhales]
- Not of Natalia or Julia.
So, either the hospital is lying to us,
or they're lying.
I also found a fake belly
while I was searching Santiago's house.
A fake belly, huh?
I should stay here
and check with the gynecologists.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, we're not doing anything.
I thought you wanted
to get to the bottom of this.
Yeah, but I already have
all the information we need to move.
You should get back soon.
- [sighs]
- [beeps]
- [dog barks in distance]
- [music fades]
[telephone ringing]
[brother] Hey, Marcos.
Hey, Marcos.
- [rock music blaring]
- Hey, you're getting a call right now.
Hey! You're getting a call from Argentina.
- [ringing continues]
- It's probably for Dad.
- Just leave me alone.
- Hey, no.
- [rock music continues]
- [Marcos singing indistinctly]
Fourth time they called
asking about the pianist from the party.
Answer it, okay?
[ringing continues]
- [beeps]
- Hello.
[Natalia] Sorry for calling so late.
Are you Adolfo Almonacid?
No, this is his son Marcos.
- Um
- Can I help you?
Do you know Mariana Santos,
the pianist who played
at your father's party?
That's not the name of the pianist.
- Uh, uh, um
- Excuse me, who are you?
My name is Natalia Alberche.
I'm Mariana's sister-in-law.
I'm calling from Argentina.
Well, you must be wrong,
'cause that isn't her name.
Please, just
Can you please, just tell me her name?
I really need to know it.
It's very important.
I'm sorry, but I'm very busy.
Mariana and her mother faked
their own death as well as my son's.
Mariana is a pianist and looks exactly
like the girl in the magazine.
I saw her. I'm not crazy. I swear.
- It's very important that I
- [beeps]
I made a formal request,
to put a camera right there.
- [Blanca] Mm-hmm.
- But they say it's expensive technology.
It can't be more expensive
than the damage caused.
Lorenzo, what are you drawing there?
- [Lorenzo] It's a lion.
- [Gloria] I love it.
- I guess you haven't heard.
- What now?
They destroyed the window
at the school last night. A few vandals.
- We don't know who.
- [gasps]
[Blanca] Well, I don't think
that missionaries smashed it.
That's so sad.
I'm heartbroken.
That was my favorite passage,
the Annunciation.
- [Blanca] Hmm. Hmm.
- [Gloria sighs]
Well, I agree it was just
an act of vandalism, but still.
That window
wasn't the prettiest, seriously.
[chuckles] Don't you think so?
[scoffs] Why are you saying that?
- Gloria could make us one much prettier.
- Me?
Gloria, you just have to do
the new stained-glass window, okay?
You're such a great artist, huh?
- Oh, no way. Now I'm emotional.
- [waiter] Here's your coffee.
Be great if you did the new one, Gloria.
[Blanca] I can't make the call
to hire you now,
but I'll make sure to convince
the entire board they need you.
And the window has to be replaced anyway.
- Are you serious? You want me to?
- [Blanca] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I'm busy right now. Knock it off.
- What?
- Gloria, please, for us?
Come on, Gloria, you gotta
give this little gift to the community.
- [Blanca] Hmm?
- But I've had very bad experiences.
They'd have to pay me in advance.
I don't trust anyone.
Oh, well,
that shouldn't be a problem at all.
I mean, it might cost a lot.
It's not up to you.
You have to ask the PTA first.
I said I'll be able
to convince the school.
It's not like the broken window can stay.
[scoffs] Blanca,
aren't you moving a bit too fast?
[Gloria] Alicia's totally right.
I have to go create a proposal,
think of the funding.
I suppose then they go,
uh, then they go vote on it.
Yes, they vote,
but I know whatever you propose
will turn out just beautiful.
Well, that's very true.
- [Blanca] You convinced yet?
- You got me, as you both always do.
- The best! [gasps]
- You too. [laughs]
[Blanca] I'm so excited now.
Let's make a toast.
- All right.
- Okay.
[Blanca] Wouldn't you like a margarita?
No, no, thank you.
[Germán] I don't understand
why you didn't just keep the baby.
How do we find this woman now?
[Caterina] I always find her. Don't worry.
- [Germán] What did Fernando tell you?
- [Caterina] The client.
[Germán] The client.
What did the client tell you?
Well, his daughter
never told him anything.
These families that are loaded, huh?
They act like they're close,
but then they stab their family
in the back.
Even if Natalia is the biological mother,
if Gloria gave birth to him,
it'll be hard to get him back.
But now the plan has changed though.
Wait, what?
[Caterina huffs]
The client doesn't want
the police involved at all now.
So that means [inhales]
we have to take care of it on our own.
We'll take away Nico.
[huffs] And we'll have to take care
of Julia and her children.
What do you mean by "take care"?
We will do whatever it takes.
He doesn't wanna see them again, so
- [exhales]
- he's going to pay us a lot of money.
A lot.
How much?
Ten million pesetas for each of us.
Oh, fuck.
That's not what
we had agreed on, Caterina.
What happened when I was in Melilla, huh?
What What did you find out?
[Caterina exhales] Some stuff.
What's important is that the client
will be here in one week to take the baby.
- We're going to have to act fast.
- No.
It's just the best for our sake too.
No, you don't do these things fast.
You have to do them right.
No, no, no. No!
These jobs have to be done quickly.
It's much different
than acting like a police officer, huh?
No, since I'm not a police officer,
I wanna do things right.
Oh, you want to act like a hero.
- Huh?
- [huffs]
- You're nothing but a mercenary.
- [Germán exhales] Hmm.
This is something
you can't get out of, buddy.
You're a bit lost, aren't you?
Look, one problem solved.
- Ah! My cauliflower!
- [exhales]
I told you I always find that girl.
- [whistles]
- [Germán exhales]
[Caterina] Over here!
I'm going out. Give me the keys.
[Gloria sighs]
Mom, give me the keys, please.
- Give me the key now, Mom!
- [huffs]
You gonna make me jump out
the window like a common thief?
No, I won't make you jump out
the window like a common thief.
But you aren't getting those keys.
You're staying here, because I said so.
And I'm your mother!
[doorbell rings]
[tense music builds]
[Marcos] Hello, it's Marcos.
Can I speak to Aitana?
No, Aitana,
at the moment, is not available.
Uh, but I will tell her you came by.
Thank you.
[Marcos] Uh, it'll only take a minute.
[Gloria gasping]
[whispering] Did you give our address
to a total stranger?
No, of course I didn't.
- Come on, are you kidding me right now?
- I didn't say anything, Mom, okay?
He's a guy from school.
Who cares? Give me the keys.
Marcos, hold on a second.
[Gloria scoffing softly]
- Hi.
- Hi.
What you doing here?
I wanted to pick you up. Shall we?
- Where are we going?
- [Marcos] It's a surprise.
[melancholic music plays]
[sniffles, continues sobbing]
I guess I'm good enough to make
you show up unannounced like this.
I have a few perks too, right?
Do you know a Mariana Santos?
[haunting choral music plays]
A woman called me today from Argentina.
She told me she was looking
for someone named Mariana Santos
and you look exactly like her.
- Do you know her?
- No.
But I know who she is.
How did she find you?
I have no idea. She saw you in a magazine.
In a magazine?
Yeah, in one of the photos
taken at the party.
They were published in ¡Hola!
What's wrong?
Marcos, that woman is crazy.
She used to work for my mother.
She became obsessed with our family
and blamed us after her baby died.
And she's been after us since.
Jesus, why don't you
just call the police, then?
My mother felt bad for her.
She didn't wanna complicate things for us.
Promise you won't speak to her again.
It's for the best.
[haunting choral music builds]
I just miss you so much, Mom.
Oh, I miss you too, sweetheart. [inhales]
Please forgive me. I'm so sorry.
No need to apologize.
There's no one to blame.
[both sighing]
I love you so much.
- [Aitana] Love you too.
- [exhales]
[line ringing]
[music fades out]
- ["Yalla Tenam Reema" by Fairuz playing]
- [singing in Arabic]
- [Gloria exhales]
- [babbling]
Look at you. [gasps]
Look at you.
- [telephone rings]
- Hello.
[Santi] Did it all go well?
[sighs] Really? And Mom?
How much does he weigh?
- Okay, yes, yes. We're on our way.
- [hangs up phone]
[exhales, kisses] Nico's already here.
[chuckles] Come here.
Be fast, okay? Come on!
["Yalla Tenam Reema" continues]
[song ends]
[haunting music plays]
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