Holy Family (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Au Pair

250,000 PESETAS
[Blanca] Before you begin,
it's recommended
to repair any cracks and imperfections
to prevent water and mold
from building up.
On porous or degraded surfaces,
be sure to sand it
until the first coat is exposed.
On new surfaces,
it provides greater durability
after the first application.
Stir and fold the mixture over itself
until a dense
and opaque paste is obtained.
If after the first coat,
you notice poor adhesion to the surface,
remove it with solvent and try again.
It isn't necessary to add varnish.
But if you wish to apply it,
make sure that it is compatible.
Finally, allow it to air dry
for a minimum of eight hours
before the next coat is applied.
Apply as many coats as necessary
until the desired result is achieved.
- [choral music playing]
- [vocalizing]
[glass scraping]
No. No, no, no. No, no.
All that I want is for you
to give me recommendations
for someone with a lot of experience.
JUNE 1999
And I also don't need
any intermediaries, Commissioner.
My instruction
should go directly to that person.
These efforts are all in vain,
know that, Alberche?
[laughs] Makes me feel bad for you.
No, if you're feeling bad for us,
don't be.
You're going to earn
a very lucrative commission for this work.
Look here, Commissioner,
I like to think that a man can
go live his life through leaps of faith.
And I believe I told you
I have a strong feeling about this.
Yeah, well, I guess if this hunt
can bring you a little bit of peace,
I can make a recommendation.
But you're just throwing
your cash out the window.
Well, I guess it's good to have the money
to throw. Who do you suggest, then?
But I do want to have a
to have a Christian.
You want a Christian?
Of course.
[sighs] I don't know
if I made myself clear, Mr. Alberche.
These are all criminals.
Thank you, Commissioner. Thank you.
So about the money?
Perhaps we could square that away.
Well, I suppose so.
When I played at Marcos' party,
they took a picture.
[inhales] Natalia saw it in this magazine.
She recognized me
and called him asking about me.
About Mariana.
What are you saying?
She knows Hugo's alive?
I don't know.
Where is she?
[sighs] No idea.
In Argentina, I guess.
She's only seen me.
She doesn't know about you guys.
She doesn't know we're all together.
- We have to let Mom know.
- What? Edu, no. Why?
What do you mean why?
Because she'll find out.
[Aitana] She'll find out
I'm an idiot for exposing us all.
You'll leave without me.
No, no, we're not going anywhere
without you. Mom would never allow that.
Don't tell her anything about this.
I'm going to fix it.
And how do you plan to fix it?
Uh I don't know.
He's in love with you.
- I didn't say Marcos was in love with me.
- He is.
I don't know.
Of course you do.
Don't worry now. I'm sure he believed you.
Love turns us into fools.
But the problem isn't only Marcos.
It's that that picture's out there.
They won't stop looking for us.
Can you make it out to cash,
for tax reasons?
But 250,000 pesetas
is too much to make out to someone.
Well, you can just make it out to yourself
and just give me the money, then.
Since you already
forged Ramón's signature,
better to tell him the money
was meant for you, not for me.
Don't feel bad.
You know the school
will pay you back soon, right?
[Blanca exhales]
You've carried so much weight
on your back now, all alone.
I can't wait to see the brand-new window.
It's gonna look just amazing.
[inhales] Even more so
during the holidays.
Whose little arm is this, huh?
I might eat it up. [imitating chewing]
[chuckles] What has happened
to you recently, huh?
You think that I'm a monster?
[imitates chomping]
We gotta figure out what to do
with the kid before this is over.
Yeah, but right now, I gotta
keep paying this kid's junkie mother.
That bitch threatened me.
- "I'm going to call the police," she said.
- [sighs]
Poor thing, huh?
Poor little thing.
Can't help but pity the child.
Well, sort it out
'cause loose ends always come up again.
Oh, and also, Caterina,
regarding what you said about the money
[Caterina] You're not
going to leave me. No.
- [Ana crying]
- Saturday, we grab the kid and then go.
[sighs] All right,
look, Caterina, don't you realize,
when they offer you that much cash,
they want you to go all the way?
If one of us needs to pull the trigger
I can do the job.
- Hmm?
- So you wanna do this.
- If you make it into the woods ♪
- [Ana fussing]
Get bitten by mosquitoes ♪
Even if you try to run through ♪
- You can never ever slap 'em off ♪
- [Germán exhales]
But just relax, okay?
Hey, relax. Hey.
This isn't even a crime, huh?
We're just being good people,
taking Nico to his mama.
No, Nico is Gloria's.
My God! Stop pissing me off, huh?
[Ana babbling]
[Caterina exhales]
I thought you were a professional.
I guess not.
Is this some kind of charity?
What do we do for a living, me and you?
Yeah, got enough money already?
[Germán breathes deeply]
It's ten million pesetas.
It's ten million pesetas.
[Germán exhales]
And then you go back
to your life as a champion.
[Germán chuckles]
You with me now?
[Germán exhaling]
[exhales] Then we have got
a party to plan.
[Ana crying]
Shh! It's all right. It's all right.
It's okay, honey, come on.
It's okay, relax.
It's almost over, relax.
[Ana continues crying]
Shh. Shh. Hi, sweetheart. Hello. Hello.
[woman panting, moaning]
Yeah, here it is.
The photos,
the information and the cash too.
This needs to be done quickly.
- [boy] Here!
- [Pedro] Come on!
- Come on!
- [Alicia] Ignacio Benítez?
- [Pedro] Hey, keep going, come on
- [Ignacio] Here.
- [Alicia] Lorenzo Fernández?
- [Pedro] Come on, let's go!
- [Lorenzo] Here.
- [Pedro] Come on, keep going!
- [Alicia] Andrés Rodríguez?
- [Andrés] Here!
- [Alicia] Manuel Torres?
- [Manuel] Here.
[singing in Spanish]
I'll be back.
[Alicia] It's all right, sweetheart.
Let's get you a new pair of pants, okay?
Come on.
[door opens]
[Gloria] You'll love Canada.
You'll be able to skate
as much as you want, not like here.
Take this, hmm?
So you can practice at night.
I have good news.
- [Abel] What news?
- [inhales sharply]
- Once the family's together, I'll tell.
- Mom, please tell me. Come on.
I've made arrangements
to get us the very last passport.
Wait, for real?
Yes, I couldn't have done it
without you, honey.
- [sighs]
- When I have it, we'll be free.
have you ever dreamt about something
so much that it scares you?
Or am I just used
to wanting what scares me?
Don't worry about it.
Once we leave,
we'll be able to start from scratch.
A brand new-family, honey.
Mom, I'm not the son you think you know.
There's things you don't know about me.
You think there might be a million,
but you'd be surprised.
- Why have you never asked about girls?
- Because there's no need, honey.
There's no need, okay?
I gave birth to you.
And there are many things I don't need
to ask because I already know them.
[chuckles softly] You would never think
about betraying me, right?
I have something to tell you.
- But promise you won't overreact.
- [inhales] No, no, I promise you.
[Abel exhales]
[Marcos] It's been a week
since I've seen you,
and I don't know if it's just me,
but standing next to a piano
makes you look even prettier.
[Aitana] "Where did you come from?"
That was the first thing
you said to me when we met.
[Marcos] Hmm.
[Aitana] And then I thought,
- "Damn, he's super hot!"
- [chuckles]
While I was running out that door.
And what do you think now?
You're not as hot as I thought.
[both laugh]
So what's up?
I don't think you're meant to be with me.
Marcos, I'm here
to tell you that I'm leaving.
And I didn't wanna go
without saying goodbye.
What are you saying?
This whole time,
the only good thing was the music and you.
But you can't tell me this
and not tell me where you're going.
I can go visit you anywhere, really.
No, you can't.
I'll just cause trouble for you.
- I don't get it.
- You just can't, Marcos!
You don't even know who I am!
Well, I do know, Mariana.
You're Mariana.
But with me, you can still be Aitana.
In fact, I prefer it.
Honestly, I was just curious,
and it scared me a bit too.
I know who you are.
And I don't wanna ever lose you.
Aitana, come back, wait!
Aitana, please!
Aitana! [panting]
She's at college.
What are you doing up here?
Close the curtains.
- You told me you wouldn't get angry.
- The curtains!
[panting] I'm not angry. I'm just worried.
- [whirring]
- [exhales] Do you know where they met?
They met at college.
Well, the conservatory.
At the conservatory?
[gasps] Oh my God, your sister.
Living a double life
within her double life.
She's truly a matryoshka of secrets.
What's his name?
Tell me his name now.
Yeah, Mom. She wanted to go to the party.
She didn't know anyone
and wasn't expecting photographers.
- She didn't know, Mom.
- [shushes]
Don't tell your sister about this.
I don't want any more problems with her.
We can make all this work as a family.
As one family.
Go get Hugo.
Where is it? [huffs]
FRIDAY THE 19TH - 10:00 P.M.
- Gloria!
- [Gloria] Hey, how are you?
- Gloria, honey! Where have you been?
- [exhales] I've just been very busy.
We've missed you so much at the park, huh?
- How are things with Germán?
- [Caterina] Oh!
Well, they're better. Better, yeah.
We love each other so much.
[Caterina] I think he's finally realizing
that we are made for each other.
[inhales] Well,
but the important thing is that
this Saturday is the one-month mark
of this cauliflower. Yes.
And we're going to celebrate it
with a barbecue at our house.
You and Hugo must be there.
Please, will you?
Of course, count us in.
Okay, I'll tell the other ladies
to stop by my house after the festival.
- Great, let me know what I can bring.
- Nothing!
- Oh.
- You being there is already a gift, so
[both laugh]
[Caterina clears throat]
- [brakes squeal]
- [chattering]
[Marcos] Aitana!
Aitana, I come from a family that's done
many things to get to where they are.
It doesn't matter to me at all.
No, it won't be a surprise. Trust me.
The only beautiful thing
about this was the music and you.
- Let me help you, huh?
- It's too dangerous!
Are you in danger?
Come on, let's get out of here.
You know that house
in Marbella I told you about?
It's secluded in a safe place to stay.
You're serious, aren't you?
I guess I should trust my heart,
and it just wants you.
Come on, then.
Yeah, what the fuck. Come on, now.
Come on, let's go.
You can tell me everything after.
[both panting]
- [Alicia] Blanca.
- Yes?
- [Alicia] Do you have a minute?
- Right now? I have a PTA meeting.
By the way, we have a couple ideas
for new robes for the choir.
It's been three Christmases
with the same bland uniforms.
I actually wanted to talk about that.
- Discuss robes?
- No.
I think it's better
that Lorenzo doesn't sing.
And why shouldn't he sing?
You know it was very hard
for him last year.
I just don't think we need him
to go through that again.
[sighs] This is incredible.
But everyone in his class is singing,
and you want to exclude him.
Blanca, he trembles
every time we rehearse.
He wet his pants.
Oh, maybe he drank too much water.
Alicia, don't bring Lorenzo
into our personal issues.
- How would you know what's best?
- [huffs]
You're just an educator.
It's not the same as being a mother.
No, I'm not risking the child's integrity,
because you need to give a false image
of a perfect family.
Lorenzo will decide. Hmm?
And that'll be that.
I gotta go.
I have to get to a meeting to see if life
gives me an opportunity to be a mother.
So I can try to understand you better.
[Blanca] Well, it might do you some good.
Your life would never be the same again.
[exhales, inhales]
[woman] Eva's mother has decided
to back out of the adoption process.
Well, can she just do something like that?
[woman] Yes, of course.
A judge never took custody away
from her, so Eva is still her daughter.
I can't tell you how sorry I am.
[huffs] You could've
checked this out earlier, right?
- Pedro
- No!
It's not fucking fair to us!
We've been waiting so long for this.
Too long.
Well what does that mean?
What's going to happen now?
[woman] We need to put you back
on the waiting list.
With high priority, of course.
But you know how this goes.
[Pedro exhales]
[shuddering] How long will it be?
[woman] At least a year.
- [Pedro sighs]
- [woman] Or a year and a half.
[Pedro sighs]
JUNE 1999
[inhales] Here it is.
All of the information that's necessary.
And the payment?
[Fernando] The payment is
what we discussed over the phone.
It includes all your costs.
Also, the police officer's costs as well.
[Caterina] The ex-police officer, right?
Hopefully he'll be hot or something.
A whiskey!
I want to have results immediately.
Will this thing work on any computer?
Hmm? I suppose so, yes.
No, no, I ask since a few
of these now only work with Apple.
- Apple.
- [both laugh]
Who uses Apple, for God's sake?
I don't. I prefer "papple."
[laughs] Ooh! Huh.
Uh [chuckles]
My telephone in Argentina.
Business goes badly,
you call me. I'll fly straight to you.
You're paying so much money
to look for a person
that you don't even know
if they're still alive, do ya?
God can never steer us wrong, Edurne.
What if she is alive?
Let's make it look like suicide.
[chuckles] That's more cash though.
Well [laughs]
Name your price, then.
- [Marcos] You've never been to Marbella?
- No.
[Marcos] You'll love it.
- [Aitana] You sure?
- [Marcos] Definitely
[continues indistinctly]
[door closes]
[Abel] Now you're the one waiting, huh?
I'm sorry, Abel. [sighs]
- I've been a jerk.
- [Abel] You're right.
Jerks break things up over chat.
[Germán] I know.
But living a double life
is very difficult.
[Abel scoffs]
And besides
Which life do you prefer?
I don't want to see you again, Germán.
You have a wife. I'm 19 years old,
and this is going nowhere.
[laughs] Are you ending it or what?
I was about say to hell with everything
and choose a little brat like you.
Fucking Idiot. [scoffs]
What's wrong with you, man?
Fuck's wrong with you?
Tell me what's wrong. What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- I just told my mother I'm fucking gay!
A fucking brat, that's what you are!
Well, Germán, you can go fuck yourself.
[Germán exhaling]
- [door slams]
- [exhales]
I feel like a big idiot now.
[Alicia] You shouldn't, honey.
Not now.
Nothing in my life has brought
suffering like this though.
And I don't know
if my heart'll bear it any longer.
We'll always have each other.
- That's all we need.
- [exhales]
[belt rattling]
What are you doing?
It's not the time.
How do you even think that? Unbelievable.
[footsteps departing]
[door closes]
- Looking for company?
- Oh, no, my fault.
- I wasn't calling you, honey. Sorry.
- Aww!
- I'm sorry.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- Why are you here?
- Claudia, get in.
Wh where's my daughter, huh?
Go on, get in.
- [Claudia sniffles]
- [woman] You like what you see, huh?
- [Caterina] Claudia?
- Where is she, huh?
Your kid is just great. Don't worry.
I can bring her here Sunday. Hmm?
No [sniffles]
No, that's not the deal we made.
What do you think?
That I won't go to the police?
Just so you know,
I've learned your license plate.
Relax a little, Claudia, my God.
On Sunday, all of this will be over.
I'll give you Ana.
I'll give you the cash too.
- Ana?
- [laughs]
That's what you named her?
I didn't bother to ask.
What's her real name?
No shit.
[sighs, laughs] That's funny.
I'm getting clean right now, okay?
- Hmm?
- Clean for the last three days now.
I'm better. A friend is getting me a job
that doesn't pay much,
but it pays the bills, so, I mean
You think you're somehow
the first junkie that's had a kid, hmm?
[chuckles] No.
My mother, she didn't
even stop while she was pregnant.
[sniffles, snorts]
Wow, that is good.
Mmm. When I was born, you know,
I'd already had more lines
than a fucking zebra inside me.
[sniffles] Come on.
One last line, right?
- Huh?
- [sniffles]
[Caterina] What do I do?
Your nose is gonna get so big
from all this lying.
- [Claudia groaning]
- I'm gonna have to break it.
That might teach you to take care
of your little girl for once, huh?
[Claudia sobbing]
[Caterina] You'd better be completely
clean on Sunday.
And don't even think of making a pathetic
attempt to scare me with your threats.
- Or I'll kill you.
- [sobbing]
- [Claudia sobs]
- [door slams]
[sinister music playing]
- Hello.
- Hello, good evening.
Good evening. I had a reservation.
What is your name?
Natalia Alberche.
Where have you been?
I needed some air.
Mom didn't notice you left?
She's out. Hugo's still asleep.
- She gave you the key?
- She trusts me.
[haunting choral music plays]
But why?
- She just had you lock
- Look, I don't know.
Now we have enough money
to buy the passport.
We don't know when it'll be ready,
but it could be at any moment.
Even a few days.
[Aitana] Should we order pizza?
[Abel] Okay. I'll be downstairs.
[Aitana] I'll be in my room.
- I'll tell you when it's here.
- [Abel] Yeah, let me know.
[haunting choral music continues]
[telephone ringing]
[music fades]
[telephone continues ringing]
- Yeah.
- [Natalia] Marcos.
- Why are you calling now?
- I'm in Spain.
I'm close to your house
at the Excellent hotel.
I need you to tell me
where I can go find Mariana.
I already said I don't know
who that girl is.
Never call me again please.
Help me. Please.
- Forget about her and forget about me.
- [beeps]
[disconnect tone beeps]
[footsteps approaching]
[thunder rumbling]
[rumbling louder]
[thunder crashing]
Hey, what's the matter?
- [thunder continues rumbling]
- [wind howling]
- [exhales]
- It's over.
With Abel, it's over. [exhales]
- You're really in love with that boy.
- [exhales]
Don't you envy the people
in Fuente del Berro?
Having best friends with villas
that invite you to dinner and
[sighing] whose lives are normal, with
with friends that wanna show
you their brand-new couches and
- [water pattering]
- [Caterina sighs]
[laughs] And make toasts about everything.
- [Caterina sighs]
- [laughs]
Let's make a toast, you and I.
To what we'll never be.
- [sighs]
- You know what I'm really envious of?
That stupid face that you always make
when you talk about him.
[Germán sighs]
Hmm, I'd really like
to be able to look
at somebody like that one day.
But it won't happen.
- [wind howling]
- [thunder rumbling]
It won't.
I can't stop knowing everything I know.
- [sighs]
- That can't ever change.
- [sighs]
- We're never going to be like them.
[classical piano music plays]
[Germán smacks lips]
[both sigh]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [glass rattling]
[thunder crashes]
- [Marcos] What happened? You all right?
- [Gloria] Uh, yeah!
Do you have a spare tire?
If you'd prefer it, you can use my phone
to call a tow truck over here
if you need it.
- I'll take a look at it.
- Right, I'll check the trunk.
[thunder crashes]
[both panting, grunting]
Come on! [grunting]
- [both panting]
- [Caterina] Come on!
It's weird.
I don't think it's punctured though.
This tire's totally firm. You might have
just hit, like, a big rock or something.
Yeah. [exhales]
Sometimes the road we're on gets rocky.
I guess that could be it.
[both panting, grunting]
Well, unfortunately,
I couldn't find a spare tire, Marcos.
[thunder rumbling]
What have you told Natalia?
And where's my daughter?
["Cuna de lobos" playing]
[music stops]
[thunder crashes, rumbles]
[slow melancholic music playing]
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