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Episode 4

- What is it? - It's a final interview to stay here.
Four weeks' time.
How do you feel? Excited.
- Shitting it? - That is a phrase, yes.
Right, we need totake your mind off this.
Sami Ibrahim, shall we get you a job? No, I am not allowed to work before this.
Come and give a talk to John's class.
You never know what that might lead to.
- It is illegal.
- I know.
We're like Thelma and Louise.
I've never felt so alive.
- OK.
- OK.
And you? Are you all right? I'm good.
Why wouldn't I be? You know, it's been three weeks, Peter not here.
Exciting times for all of us, eh? So, whereabouts are you working? - Oh, I'm not allowed to work.
- I know, I know, come on.
Katy said she would try to find me something.
I'm giving a speech at John's school.
Barely tipped the sand out your shoes, and you're giving a TED talk.
Don't rely on the English.
They will let you down.
Remember who you are, hm? - I should get a job with you.
- Yeah, we'll see what we can do about that.
What do you do now? I'm in hospitality.
I have a taxi.
This is perfect for you.
I'm a people person.
A people person.
I'm a people person.
You are a people person.
Hey, what do you think of this baba ghanoush? - Very tasty.
- Not enough pomegranate.
It is bullshit.
So, there you have it.
Assad, dictator, is fighting Syrian rebel forces who hate Assad just as much as they hate Daesh, whom they are also fighting.
Daesh, who by the way, are also called ISIS, or ISIL, IS, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy, or P Diddy.
Just a little joke, that.
Please enjoy that.
Assad is also fighting Daesh with rebel forces.
Not with rebel forces, if you see what I mean.
And, just because there is not enough fighting, the rebels sometimes fight themselves.
Everything clear so far? Tough crowd.
I guess you had to be there.
I'll just be two minutes.
Will you be all right with them? - No problem.
- Thank you.
Why don't you go back and fight? Good question.
I would love to go back home and help build a new Syria, but, right now, I have to make sure my family stays alive, so we come here.
All right, you've done that.
Don't rely on us.
Be a man.
- Go back and fight.
- Be a man.
- It is not so easy.
- You ISIS? - What is your name? - I'm not telling you my name.
Come on.
- Please? - Seb.
Let us try something.
Can you all keep a secret? I said, can you all keep a secret? - Yes.
- Good.
Oi, fuck you doing? You can't do that here.
It's OK, you cannot really do it in Syria either.
- I've got fucking witnesses.
- Did anybody see anything? No.
- We do not know what you're talking about.
- This is bullshit.
Ah, not only did nothing happen, but we know everything about your friends and family.
- You don't know me.
- Oh, no? - Hey.
- Wait.
"What would you like for dinner, my little pickle? Chicken nuggets OK?" "Remember Granny is coming over.
" - That's my phone.
- No, it is our phone now.
I'm reporting you.
- You're not going to stay and fight? - Nope.
You are running away.
That is Syria.
That is why I cannot go home.
Give me your hand.
- Is your head OK? - Yeah.
You are a tough guy.
Can we have a round of applause for Seb, please? Bravo, Seb.
- That, that - There, there - That.
- Slowly.
- How was it? - Er, good.
I think.
Mrs Walsh? Rebecca, Sebastian's mum? Yes, hello.
- Mr Ibrahim? - Yes.
Ah, so Sebastian was just in your talk this afternoon.
Yes, I remember.
Uh, did he like it? Like it? He loved it.
Haven't heard him talk about schoolwork in years.
What did you say, Pickle? Sami? Sami explained things in a way I could understand.
So, you're a teacher, I gather? I was, yes.
He's a private tutor now.
In fact, you've got a few slots left haven't you, Sami? Just a few.
Ooh, well, he's behind in science, physics.
Is that? He's an excellent physics teacher.
Well, your rate is? Extortionate.
Well, we could do a trial run.
How about next Monday, five o'clock? Perfect.
See you then.
- Did I just get you a job? - You just got me a job.
Oh, Jesus Christ, I'm Head of Year.
Home, everyone.
Stop kissing, it's raining.
Can we not block the gates? - Hey, guess who's here? - Who? - The guy who owns Palmyra Palace.
- The restaurant? His name is Leo.
I run into him in the refugee centre.
- That's amazing.
- And what has two thumbs and a job? - What? - This guy.
You got a job? I am teaching a little boy science.
You don't teach science.
And he's an arsehole, so we are meant for each other.
To us.
Congratulations to us.
- What are you doing now? - I'm going to visit a friend.
- Sami? - Mm? I am earning money now.
- Sami.
- I believe in England.
I believe in its history.
I believe in its people.
I believe it cares.
I want us to be a part of that.
Everyone I have met so far has been so lovely to me.
So lovely.
Good afternoon to you.
Fuck off.
That was unusual.
You know how many Syrians Germany has let in? - Yes.
- England, 10,000.
Yeah, you may believe in England, Sami, but I don't think England believes in you.
I love you.
Sami, we are a family.
How? I cannot get on a plane.
These things take time.
My final interview is in four weeks.
Four weeks.
If I fail, I come to you.
But let me at least try, Yasmine, for us.
Trust me.
- You still here? - Just about, yes, thank you very much.
Peter Guest? Do they know you are sleeping here? My accommodation status is on a need-to-know basis.
Why are you here? - I wanted to make sure you were all right.
- I'm fine.
Actually, I'm feeling pretty great.
I think I needed this.
I'm getting into Deliveroo in a pretty big way.
I'm watching Netflix with the zeal of a man half my age.
Life's Life's pretty good.
You miss Katy? - Does she talk about me? - Yes.
Good stuff? - I'm glad you're well.
- Right.
Look, there's clearly an elephant in the room here.
- Metaphor.
- Metaphor, yes.
Sami, I'm not a racist.
- I know you are not, Peter.
- I adore world cuisine.
I love Lionel Richie, not only for his music, but also his tireless work for The Prince's Trust.
I've danced with a policeman at the Notting Hill Carnival.
- I know why you don't like me.
- It's not that I don't like you We had a swimming pool at home, and when George was two years old, he did a shit in that pool so big, it broke the pump.
I remember the weight of it in the net.
It was like catching a tuna.
Before we left, the HDMI cable between my soundbar and my Samsung television broke.
Never had time to buy a new one.
In Syria, I had first-world problems.
Now I am a first-world problem.
You want to know what it is like being a Syrian refugee? Just imagine, because we are you.
We are the middle class saying goodbye to our satellite dishes and our extra virgin olive oil.
We are the ones who could afford to get out.
The ones who could not afford to leave, the ones you will never meet, you can never imagine what it is to be them.
- I know.
- You don't know.
You don't.
- You are threatened by me, yes? - I'm not threatened by you.
Let me tell you, Peter, I am not threatening because I am different.
I am threatening because we are the same.
Everything was fine until you popped out of my car like some sort of shit genie, and now everything's awful.
- So fix it.
Come home.
- I'm tired.
You are not tired, Peter.
You are just scared.
- Maybe you should go.
- Why should I leave? Because we're full up.
It does not work if you say that and it echoes.
Yes, I am, come on.
Come on, then, come get me.
Come on, then.
No, no.
Put your arms up.
You know I'm going to get you now.
Say I'm better, or I'll kill you again.
Say I'm better, or I'll kill you again.
Put the gun down.
Who is this, you piece of shit? You trying to groom my son? Are you a groomer? A groomsman? Are you a groomsman? It's George.
George? Jesus, George.
You all right? Sami is not your father.
He's my father, not yours.
Go Go to bed George, OK? OK.
You are not to play that with him again, you understand? - Why not? Sami and his family have come a long way to avoid being shouted at by strangers with large guns.
- It's a game.
- I don't care.
Can't you find something more civilised to do than just? than just just Oh, bloody hell.
That is ace.
- Don't tell Sami about this.
- No.
Listen Sami's George's father.
- I know.
- He can't be your father.
I know.
Do you miss Dad? No, he's an idiot.
Do you miss Peter? No, he's an idiot.
But he paid for Sky Sports.
We've still got Sky Sports.
So, I suppose, in a way, there's a part of Peter that's still with us.
- Sorry.
- Ah, no, you're all right.
- Why don't I take out the recycling? - Oh, leave it.
I'll do it tomorrow.
Have you got recycling in Syria? We are the recycling in Syria.
Where have you been? Nowhere.
You OK? Wondering.
Wondering if I should let Peter back.
- I think John misses him.
- Give him a second chance.
- He said some terrible things about you.
- He's getting to know me.
And every son needs a father.
John's angry.
He never used to be like that.
Getting into fights Why don't we all go to the refugee centre tomorrow? Channel all this rage into ping pong? Huh? And you can meet Leo.
- Ah, the famous Leo.
- You will love him.
How's your family? Please.
Now Yasmine wants to stay in Germany.
She doesn't understand.
Sami, maybe you should just go.
We nearly divorced, you know.
It was before everything.
All of a sudden, boom.
It starts.
It's very difficult to have a relationship conversation in the middle of a civil war.
I bet.
"It's not you, it's me.
" "And the barrel bombs, but mainly me.
" Can women get divorced in Syria? Sometimes.
If the husband has been an idiot.
If I do not get leave to remain, I'll go.
We'll find out in a month.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Is that your daughter? - Yes.
She's beautiful.
Where are you from? - Afghanistan.
- Are you alone? I came to UK with my brother.
Husband not good man.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
Life better now.
And you? What's your story? Oh, no, I'm not I've left my partner, too.
- Oh, your husband? - No, boyfriend.
- Left my husband too, actually.
- Oh.
Oh, yeah.
Let's just say I've been on a bit of a journey.
Yeah, kicked my boyfriend out.
He's not the man I met.
- I'm sorry.
My husband was similar - We've been drifting, you know? He was more fun, he smiled.
But recently, he's been spectacularly uncompassionate, and dull.
- Sorry, I'm talking too much, aren't I? - No, no, it's fine.
Do you know what Peter? Sorry, Peter, that's my boyfriend.
Do you know what Peter said last month? He said, "Can we not watch TV while we eat?" - I mean - He is Taliban.
Exactly, he's such a fucking square.
No, no, my husband.
He is Taliban.
Yeah, Peter tried a beard.
Hey, Leo.
Hey, Leo, meet John.
- Ah, hello.
- Hi.
Hey, I got a job.
A tutor.
- Cash? - Yes.
Welcome to the black economy, my friend.
Hey, come meet Katy.
Sex wasn't as bad as you'd think, actually.
Very secure.
Very intentional.
Made me feel like an indoor climbing wall, but that's OK, cos they're very popular.
- Katy.
- Hm? - This is Leo.
- Oh, hi.
- I've heard so much about you.
- You too.
Why's your name Leo? It's not Syrian.
Oh, John.
Boy, it's been a long time since anyone asked me that.
His real name is Adnan.
But everybody back home calls him Leo, because he looks so much like Leonardo DiCaprio.
Leonardo DiCaprio, yes? Oh, right.
"I'm so cold.
" "Listen, Rose.
" "You're going to go on and make lots of babies," "and you're going to watch them grow.
" "You are going to die an old lady, warm in her bed.
" Oh, he's good.
Please, it's all Leo.
He's a master.
I'm leaving now.
You want a lift home? Oh, yeah.
Bye, girls.
This is a nice car.
What can I say? Life is good.
Do you want to try the heated seats? Uh, let me think.
Er Yeah.
What do you reckon, Sami? Oh, yes.
That's what I'm talking about.
Heated seats.
Heated seats.
- Get out, please.
- What? Get out.
I'm sorry, but you have to get out.
- Why? No.
- Some work has come up.
I can take him, but not you two.
Please, out.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
We stay together.
We do the pick-up, then I take you home.
Every time I'm in the car with you, there's trouble.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, I love it.
In, in.
Where are you from? Truck.
- People person.
- What? You are a people person.
- I'm not a smuggler.
- Yes, you are.
No, smugglers smuggle them, then they contact me, I pick them up in London, find them a bed for a night, for a fee.
I did not know these people will come here tonight.
- I cannot find any free beds in my network.
- This is illegal.
So is teaching for money when you are asylum seeker, huh? - Welcome to the UK.
- Oh, please, Leo.
This woman, she brought you from France.
She offered you a room, a bed, you accepted her hospitality.
- How are we any different? - It's completely different.
No, no.
No her, no me.
You don't make it here.
Come on.
Everybody out.
I said everyone.
The English will let you down, Sami.
- I never want to see you again.
- You have a dream of a proper job.
No black economy for Sami.
You wait.
I will see you again with your job.
And you know what I will say to you? "Please take back the baba ghanoush.
" "Not enough pomegranate.
" Leonardo DiCaprio's not bald.
Hi, it's me.
Look, we are coming in a taxi.
We need your help.
Refugees welcome here.
Refugees welcome here.

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