Home Before Dark (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

88 Miles an Hour

[jogging footsteps]
[Hilde] Come on, Mom.
We found something
over here.
[Bridget] Girls.
[Izzy] Hurry up!
Hey, girls, hold up, okay? Just wait.
Wait for me, okay?
[Hilde] Right there, Izzy. Come on.
Girls, it's too foggy.
I can't see anything.
[Izzy] Mom, come on!
Slow down. Izzy.
Hilde, where are you going?
[Izzy] We found evidence for the case.
[Hilde] It's gonna help Sam.
[Bridget] Slow down!
H Hilde! [pants]
You guys, this is not
this is not funny.
No, no, no, no! Wait.
Stop! Stop!
No, no, no, no, no.
Stop! Stop, stop, stop!
[Sylvester] You're in my bed.
Get out of my bed.
Get out of my bed!
- What are you doing in my
bed?-Dad, Dad, Dad. Just take it easy!
It's okay. It's okay. All right? It's okay.
- [Ginny] Mom! I can't
find Mr. Peanut.-[thudding]
Have you looked under your bed?
[Matt inhales deeply]
I'm gonna kill your
dad. Right after I kill you.
[sighs] I know. I'm sorry.
Look, I should've asked.
I'm not a monster. I would've said, "Of
course you should move him back home."
I know, I know, I know, and
you're right. You're right. I'm sorry.
- [Bridget groans]-Yeah,
let me make it up to you.
-Yeah? I don't know if you can.-Yeah, okay.
No, how can I make
it up to you? I don't
[Ginny] It's not there!
Dealing with that
would be a great start.
-Yeah. [laughs]-Okay.
-All right, I got it.-Oh.
I got it. Oh, my God.
Hey, sweetie? Did Mr. Peanut
climb into your backpack?
And coffee.
I want all the coffee in the world.
Oh. I gotta hurry. I'm gonna be late.
[sighs] I think I made a mistake.
You mean running against your dad?
It's crazy, right?
I mean, it's Oedipal, yeah.
You know
I don't think I can remember
himever being kind to you.
I'm proud of you.
-I gotta go.-Yeah.
Thanks for coming over.
This really is the last time.
[door opens]
[Izzy groans]
[Matt] Time to get up, you guys.
Come on. Let's up and at 'em, sports
fans. Let's go. Come on. [clapping]
Hey, Hilde?
[Hilde] The copsreally
messed up Sam's case.
The sheriff never talkedto some
witnesses, and now they're dead.
Pop-Pop thought they lost
some evidence, and he was right.
[grunts] You been up here all night?
Sam's in jail because they screwed up.
-Yeah.-They're supposed to be better.
I know, and, and you're right.
But, um, look, a uniform
doesn't make a superhero.
You know, cops are just human.
They're usually trying to do their best.
But that's why we
Right, we? We gotta fight.
We gotta fight to make it right.
It's reporters like uswho
hold the powerful to account.
We're like a pain in their butt just
tomake sure they're doing their jobs.
-You know what I mean?-Yeah.
-[chuckles]-So what do we do now?
We go back to the beginning.
Right back to 1988, right?
We reinvestigate every lead,
right? Every lead we've ever had.
So we can find out who murdered Richie.
-Are you in?-Yeah.
Okay, well, listen to me. First,
you gotta look after yourself.
Right? You can't writeif you
die of starvation or lack of sleep.
No, no, we-we need you focused.
We need you sharp. Okay?
All right, good. All right.
Dad, do you know a guy that
has a tattoothat says "sinner" on it?
Pop-Pop made a note about it.
No. No, no, I have no idea.
I got it.
Go to the dance with me tonight?
I think I'm a little too old for you.
- [Izzy] Mom, oh, my
God. I got it.-You got it?
-I got it.-Okay.
[Matt] What are you doing?
-[whispers] Come here.-What?
-Check this out.-Oh.
Look, I'm so sorry about my
mom. She's such a weirdo.
- Oh, my God, she's still
watching us.-[Matt laughs]
How have I never seen him before?
I feel like all I dois drive the
girls around and spy on them.
-Wait, let me look at the guy.-Okay.
[Izzy] Come on.
Iz, I wanted to ask you, um
[clears throat]
Hold on. Come on. [chuckles]
Uh, okay, it was supposed to spell "dance"
but the "E" poppedon
the way over here, so
I would love to go to the dance with you.
You sure?
[door opens]
I got a, um, visitor for you.
I waited 31 years
to sit across from you
and look you in the eye.
Please tell me where you buried my son.
I wish I could give you peace
but I didn't touch him.
I swear on my life.
[door opens]
[locks door]
Jack. Listen, that stuff my
daughter'ssaying about me, it's not true.
Cut down that goddamn tree.
[bell rings]
I've been studyingsome
classical dance moves,
like Heavy D from The Arsenio Hall
Show and the "Rhythm Nation" video.
Who cares about some dumb dance?
Hey, my mom and I worked
really hardon my costume.
Fine. Then let's hustle.
Here are the people you need to interview,
and we're redoing the whole investigation.
Sorry to call again,
Mr. Mayor, but we need to talk.
Um, and can you call me back at
home? I'm running out of quarters.
Any luck?
Well, Mr. Sipple thinks Sam did it, so, no.
Principal Collins says she doesn't
knowanyone with a "sinner" tattoo,
and she's gonna suspend me if I quote her.
Next up are Richie's friends,
my dad and Frank Briggs.
[Matt sighs]
-It's good, Matt.-Oh, crap.
What? I said I said it's good.
Yeah, which means you thought it was crap.
Like, if you thought it was good, you'd
be doing a weird dance or something.
Well, it's a little clinical.
You know, I mean, you're writing
fiction. It should be emotional.
-I know.-[knocking]
But I love you.
You know, you're the greatest
writer, and you deserve all the awards.
-Hey.-Hi. Uh
I'm here to see Hilde.
She [chuckles] She called my
- I don't know. How does she have
my cell?-Yeah, she-she's like that.
Uh, anyway, she-she's in school.
-School?-Yeah, school.
She's not a degenerate, Frank.
Can I come in?
Uh, I I wanted to say
hito your dad anyway.
Yeah, yeah. Come on. Come in.
I just wanted to say hi to Syl.
Hey, Syl? [chuckles]
How ya doing, buddy?
I heard you're running for sheriff.
So why aren't you at
workwith Briggs Senior?
'Cause I, for one, would love to knowwhy
he tried to dispose of vital evidence.
Well, he must've had his reasons.
Thought it was the right thing.
Look, he's a good man.
Yeah, good mendon't
frame innocent people, Frank.
Cool, um, glad I stopped by.
You apologize to Sam
yetfor lying at his trial?
[Frank] Wow.
She really doesn't let
youget away with much, huh?
Yeah, it's the it's the
worst best thing about her.
I knew Hilde got it from you. I
didn't think she got it from both sides.
[both chuckle]
Well, uh, I'm gonna go.
If I wanted to get my ass handed to
me, I'd be hanging out with my own dad.
Uh, hey, Frank.
Look, uh make amendswhile
you have time, huh?
Look, you might not get another chance.
If Sam gives you that
chance, you should take it.
Listen to his side of the story.
I'm going to see him. You
should You should come with me.
Why aren't you happier about this?
We have a witnesswho says
the sheriff destroyed evidence.
Every time I feel hope
You can't say thingsif
you're not gonna deliver.
-I can't take it.-Sam.
Your case brought me back into the law.
I am in this with you, and I promisel
will never blow smoke up your ass.
So what do you say?
Okay. So we move for a retrial.
[door opens]
Sorry to interrupt.
I gotta take you back to Northfield.
- Isn't Trip driving me?-No, I'm
taking you. Something came up.
[whispers] It's okay.
Sam, uh
There's something you
should knowbefore we head out.
[thunder rumbling]
What do you have to say in
responseto the allegations against you?
Look, I love my daughter with all my heart.
Kathryn is a very special girl.
She's the light of my life.
But she's not a very reliable witness.
And what would you say to those
who might question the
integrityof the investigation?
Excuse me.
Reporting live from Erie Harbor.
Good morning.
Just the lady I was hoping to see.
The workers found Penny's
ashesbeneath that tree
and word is you put them there.
Small town.
Where I come from, that's called hearsay.
Ah. Well, here in Washington State,
we call that improper disposal of remains.
And it's a misdemeanor.
A thousand dollars?
Unless there was someone else
with youthat I should be writing up.
No. Just me.
[Sheriff Briggs]Thought you
were playing hooky today.
No, I'm driving Sam.
I thought maybewe could
catch up on old times.
Come on.
-Hey.-Kid killer!
- Watch it. Back up.-[man]
Rot in hell, you asshole.
- [Frank] Back up.-Sam,
I'll be in touch, okay?
Come on. Come on.
Sam, do you believe the
claimsagainst Sheriff Briggs?
Kid killer! Did you look in his eyes?
-[reporter] Any comment?-Settle down!
- [man] You feel like a man
now?-[reporter] Any comment?
-Any comment?-[Frank] Excuse me.
- Sheriff Briggs denies the
allegations.-He killed him!
[Sheriff Briggs] That's enough.
- How do you feel about that?-Can
you get out of the way, please?
-[reporter] Sam, any comment?-I see you.
-[reporter] Sam?-[man] I'll find you.
-[engine starts]-Go on. Said your piece.
[tires squeal]
[door opens, closes]
We interviewed eight
peoplefrom the original case file.
No new leads.
[voice mail] You have no messages.[beeps]
Did Mayor Fife call?
I left him three messages.
You're the next interview on my list.
Yeah, well, I spent a lot of
yearsgoing over my memories
so I'm probably a dead end.
I found no info on Richie's mom.
Except for she divorced Mayor Fife.
Well, let's see.
After the funeral, she
well, she became a shut-in.
And a few months after that, she left,
and then the mayor
remarried, like, a year later.
Sounds suspicious.
What? Her leaving or him remarrying?
Hey, look.
You know, on my beatl,
uh, I saw a lot of grief.
But, uh, but losing a child?
That's gotta be, like, the worst one.
You know, grief, it's-it's not
linear. You know, it's messy.
You know, some people need to be
alone, some people can't be alone.
Dad? Please don't tell
meto stop investigating.
Hey, no, I won't. I won't.
You know, my dad made that
mistakewith me. I'm not gonna do that.
What do you doif a source
doesn't answer your call?
Well, I stop trying to appealto
the head and the heart,
and I focus on the stomach.
[Matt] Hey, Lucy.
- [door creaks]-Hey, Matt.
Hey. Come on in, guys.
[Matt] Okay.
Why did you let them in?
We brought you some ice cream.
Our friends workat the Waterside Creamery.
We thought maybe food would help.
I have nothing to say to you two.
We just want the truth for Richie.
We know the truth.
Just because you don't want to
believea thing doesn't mean it's not true.
Yeah, well, just because it lets you
sleepat night, it doesn't mean that it is.
Mayor, we need your help.
Look, um
I I understandhow
hard this must be for you.
[sighs] No, really, you know
You managed to move on'cause
of one small blessing and
and that's that the
kidnapper got caught.
But what if he didn't get caught?
I mean, what if he is still out there?
You know, and Sam got locked
awayfor something that he didn't do
well, then your life comes tumbling down.
We're not gonna stopuntil we find the guy,
you know, the right guy.
Yeah, we're looking at the case new.
We're gonna follow every lead, we're
gonnaannoy the crap out of every single person
until we get to the truth.
Look, you have to at least believe that.
I'm not giving up.
I never did.
Now my daughter,
she won't either.
Dad, if it's all been a lie, then it's
it's not closure.
[Mayor Fife sighs]
Be careful what you wish for.
[Mayor Fife] You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
What are all these?
Well, you wanted leads.
That's a few hundred of them.
After the official investigation
ended, Richie's mother set up a tip line.
We had so many calls. [sighs]
All day, all night.
It was torture.
But she was drowning.
She needed more.
-More what?-More hope.
More Richie.
[sighs] After she left, I,
uh, had it disconnected.
Thank you.
We're gonna need backup.
Can I have your phone?
[hold music playing through phone]
[woman] Department of Motor Vehicles.
Yes, hi, hi.
I need you, um, to pull
a filefor case number
-Please hold.-No, no, no, no, no.
I cannot hold again, okay?
'Cause I have been on hold
for an hourand I have kids,
and I can't afford to
dieon this phone call.
- [hold music playing through
phone]-You've gotta be kidding me!
Legal services for Sam Gillis?
-[Izzy] Hey, Mom?-Yeah?
-You okay?-I'm great.
No, I'm actually great.
What's up?
Um [sighs]
- Well, you know how the
dance is tonight?-Mm-hmm.
-It's an '80s theme so I was just Stop.
Stop it right now. The
'80s is my Super Bowl.
It's the last time I was cool.
-Come on.-Oh, no.
[tipster 1] I saw Richie at a gas station.
[tipster 2] I saw Richie in a field.
[tipster 3] Richie's with the
angels now. He's in a better place.
[tipster 4] Maybe Richie
hated you so muchhe ran away.
Anyone got anything good?
This guy saidRichie ran off to the circus.
So, no.
We should listen to itat three-times speed.
Yeah, you can't really
do thatwith a Walkman.
- H how did you live
back then?-[chuckles]
We should probably get going now if
wewant to make it to the '80s dance, right?
I'm not going to that stupid dance.
Whoa, whoa, Hilde. Come on.
Hey, you you don't wanna go?
[woman's voice, indistinct]
Um [sighs] Lucy made me
come to askif you wanted lemonade.
[voice on tape recorder, indistinct]
Who's this?
[man] Sam Gillis didn't
killRichie Fife. And I can prove it.
Eh, that's Fernando. He was a psychic.
This whole stack of tapes
is labeledwith his name.
Hours and hours.
[Mayor Fife]Well, Richie's
mom was desperate.
That huckster sold her
hopeat 25 bucks an hour.
What's a "huckster"?
It's like a phony, or a
fraud, something like that.
Yeah, it's not worth your time.
But he's the only one so
farthat said Sam was innocent.
Maybe he knows something.
He's the only lead we've got.
You don't look cool, you look insane.
-That was cool.-[Izzy chuckles]
Oh, this is good.
Mom, it's an '80s dance, not an ugly dance.
You need to embrace the ugly.
No. [chuckles]
So, Ethan?
Is he the same guy that ditched
youin the woods that one time?
-Yes, but we're good now.-Oh.
And I really, really, really
don't wanna talk about it.
Okay, cool, cool, cool.
But if you ever do want
to talkabout anything ever
Okay, Mom.
Okay. Cool.
Why are we here, Frankie?
It's Frank.
I borrowed the case file.
The day that Richie was taken,
I saw you here around 10:00.
I want you to walk me
throughthe rest of your day.
Don't skip anything.
Where should I start?
["I Ran (So Far Away)" plays]
[music continues]
You were talking to Richie whenwe
came in. What did you guys talk about?
We were making plansto
meet up later that day,
watch Back to the Future.
My lawyer didn't think that would
playwell for the jury, so I didn't say it.
[Young Matt] Hey, Richie.
-Hey.-[Young Matt] Hey!
How's it going?
[Richie] Good. What should we play?
-Oh, let's play Vindicators.-[Richie] Yeah.
Why'd you hang outwith an 11-year-old boy?
[Sam]Richie seemed like he needed a friend.
[Frank] He had friends.
[Sam] I was more like an older brother.
[fake guns firing]
There was something sad about him.
He didn't tell us you guys made plans.
He knew I loved that movie.
Built a dumb fake flux capacitor.
The whole time travel thing
With the right equipment, driving
at exactly 88 miles an hour
I wanted to escape like that.
I think he did too.
I rented the VHS again.
But he never came back to watch it.
He ditched me.
- Oh, no, you're being
hijacked.-[Richie] Stop it. Stop it.
-Oh, no. Oh, look out.-Stop it.
[Young Frank] Oh.
Game over.
-High score's still mine.-Probably.
So after that you said thatyou
bought some marijuana off a friend,
ended your shift, and left.
That the whole story?
Where'd you go next?
The road on the north side of the lake.
I wish we could go back in time.
To see if you're telling the truth.
-Hey, Mom?-Yeah?
How did you know that
Dad was right for you?
Well, you knowhe cultivated me as a source.
Well, we were at our third meeting,
and I had this really
bad painin my stomach,
and he didn't even know me,
but he drove me to the ER.
And ten hours later I woke
upwithout an appendix
and he was still there.
That why you gave up your life so
Dadcould write his book in the boonies?
Actually, that was my idea.
Maybe not my best, but we
had no other choices, so
Ooh. This is it.
Mom, it's enormous.
- Yes, exactly. Wear it off
one shoulder.-[chuckles]
Oh. [chuckles]The '80s
must have been super weird.
Yeah, but we didn't know thatwhen
we were inside of them, you know?
-Come on. Let's try it on.-[chuckles]
It'll be totally tubular.
-No, don't do that. Please.-[laughs]
-[phone rings in distance]-Okay, I'll stop.
[machine beeps]
Hi, Matt and Bridget. It's Kim Collins.
Um, a few chaperones just dropped out,
and I was wonderingif you
might be able to fill in tonight.
I know it's crazy last minute, but I
couldsend my mom over to babysit Ginny.
Um, just let me know. Okay, thanks.
-No.-I think so.
-Mom, no.-Yes.
-Mom, no.-Come on!
- Mom, you can't.-I promise
I won't even look at you.
-I just I won't.-Mom, stop. [chuckles]
No. This is my actual nightmare.
It'll be fun!
Yeah, for you.
[bell jingles]
[Hilde] Um
Is anyone here?
[Fernando] Back here.
Hi, are you Fernando, the psychic?
Yes, Hilde Lisko.
How does he know my name?
Oh, I know a lot more than that.
Don't worry aboutbeing unpopular at school.
It worked out for me.
it seems your father's quite the arsonist.
It's in your paper.
Oh, right.
Except for the unpopular thing.
That was an educated guess.
You two have really been stirring the pot.
Finally exciting around here again.
So, you wanna talk about Richie Fife?
How'd you know Sam didn't kidnap him?
Richie told me so.
-When?-I asked his spirit.
Hey, you don't have totake my word for it.
You can ask him yourself.
Dad, is he crazy?
Yeah, you know what? I think,
uh I think he might be, yeah.
I've seen that before, that jacket
- [Young Frank] That was
awesome.-[Richie] That was nice.
[Richie] You've gotta see Eddy about that.
[police radio chatter]
Where did you get that?
Richie's mom gave it to
mewhen the cops were done.
So I can channel him.
Did the cops ever test that for DNA?
No. No, they didn't have
thataround here back then.
All right, listen to me. How
much do you want for that?
I can't sell it. I need it for my séances.
It's still a big drawwith
a lot of my clients.
We need to hurry.
Richie only comes to
mebefore the hour of his death.
[Fernando chuckles]
I was parked right over there.
You said you were hereduring the abduction.
On the side of the road, alone, for hours.
I gotta be honest. That's
the worst alibi I've ever heard.
I didn't know I was gonna
need an alibiwhen I told them.
They checked for security cameras.
Yeah, they thought there weren't
camerasat the overpass either.
So, Richie didn't show for the
movie, and you drove here. Why?
[rock music playing]
[Sam] Didn't have much else to do.
Didn't want to go home.
After my dad died
it wasn't a great place to hang out.
A witness saw your van speed by
hereright after Richie got abducted.
[rock music fades]
I was going back to the future.
[engine starts]
[Frank]Your flux capacitor was just a toy.
[engine revving]
It was stupid.
I was a kid.
And very high.
I wanted to go back. See my dad.
[engine revving]
-So, what happened?-What do you think?
[Sam] Nothing.
[engine slows]
Is there any chance you saw another
vanthat could've had Richie in it?
Could have. I don't know.
I certainly don't remember now.
So, then what?
I went back to my house.
We have come here todayseeking
answers from a departed friend.
Richie Fife,
please come to us.
-Matty? [chuckles]-Oh, come on.
Jeez, is that you?
You're as old as dirt.
Shit, is that your kid?
Dad, ask him a question.
[sighs] Okay. Um
Uh, w-what is your favorite band?
We doing an ID check?
All right, that's easy. Everybody
loved AC/DC back then.
All right. Uh
What was the name of the girlyou
were crushing on before you died?
Dude, stop being such a douche.
All right, you know
what? I'm not doing this.
Kim Collins.
Ask him another question.
All right.
What was the prize that I
wonat the arcade that day?
There was something thatyou
told me to get with my tickets.
What was it?
The first time we've talked in 30
yearsand this is all you wanna know?
All right, then.
Who killed you?
Maybe you shouldn't
be asking who but why.
Yeah, this is a waste of time.
Matty, wait!
Uh, thank you. Bye!
Hey! Give that back!
Hilde! Get down! Get down! Get down.
-[Hilde gasps]-Get back here!
[Matt pants]
Okay, I know stealing's bad,
but we could test this for DNA.
Yeah, but it won't be admissible in court.
It might give us a clue.
We'll give it back when we're done.
Come here. Come here. Come here.
Ah. [sighs]
Hey, you know what? You did good, Scout.
[laughing] You did good!
Where can we get the test done?
Look, I'll figure that out. [sniffs]
You know, but you You
got a big dance to go to tonight.
Come on, Dad! This could
crack the case wide open!
I know, and it will. But not tonight.
You're a great writer, Hilde.
You know, but really great
writers, they need great stories.
And in order to get a
great story, you gotta
you gotta actually live.
That make sense?
-[Hilde sighs]-All right.
Put it there. Come on. Let's go.
["Time After Time" playing]
[boy] Earth to Ethan.
Wow, you you look awesome.
-[chuckles]-Or rad, I guess.
You too. You look shiny.
-Yeah, thanks.-Yeah.
-You wanna dance?-Yeah, sure.
["Leave a Light On" plays]
Am I the only parent who dressed up?
Should I be humiliated? I
No, screw them! We look amazing.
We do.
[Bridget chuckles]
Thank you for having my back.
We'll find a new place for her.
A better place.
Somewhere worthy of her.
Look at her. Did she bring her dad?
[girl] Oh, my God.
Hey, you know it's okay to be scared.
These things are terrifying.
But you know what?
You are the scariest
of them all. I promise.
-[hip-hop music plays]-Hilde! Check it out!
Go on. Go on.
Go tear it up. Come on, go.
Look! I'm selling themfor ten bucks a pop.
-What are you doing?-Merchandising.
My dad helped.
He has his own screen printing business.
So we won't be beholden
to sponsorsfor cash flow.
[Kim] Hey, guys.
I'll take one. Women's medium.
Coming right up!
Ah, Purple Rain. Nice, Mr. Witherspoon.
Thank you, Principal Collins.
In the words of Bowie, "Let's dance"!
Um Guys, uh, I'll watch the T-shirts.
They'll be fine.
Uh, yeah. I'll stay here.
[Spoon] Come on.
We'll be right back!
The most important part
about dancingis confidence.
You know how people say,
"Dance like nobody's watching"?
-Yeah.-Well, I dance like everyone is.
[Izzy chuckles]
You look amazing.
- [Bridget] Aw.-Yeah, you
do, you do. You look amazing.
Oh, my God. No, no. Come on. Let's go.
["It Must Have Been Love" playing]
I'd kill to see you in a
turtleneckand acid-washed jeans.
-Oh, yeah?-Mmm.
-Yeah, I bet you would.-[chuckles]
I'm I'm glad you came tonight.
-Yeah, me too.-[chuckles]
[Frank] There.
Hey, I'm sorry about Penny.
You need a second?
I came right here after the highway.
Probably 11:00.
[woman on TV] All right! Yeah!
I was wondering about that.
[TV continues, indistinct]
[door opens]
[Young Sam] Hey, Penny.
She eat anything?
What about you?
I'll make you something.
Don't say anything.
When they start asking questions
just say you wanna talk to a lawyer.
[Frank] Did your dadreally
crash that plane on purpose?
My dad wasn't crazy. He was a good man.
[deputy] Sam, we need
everyone. Richie Fife is gone.
Good for him.
[door closes]
Then I went to the search party
saw you there.
And that's that.
"Much suspected by me
Nothing proved can be."
Queen Elizabeth I wrote thaton
a window with her diamond ring
when she was under house arrest.
Sam, I'm I'm sorryfor
what I said in court that day.
I believe you had nothing to dowith Richie.
Pity you weren't on the jury.
[Sheriff Briggs]Frank,
get your ass out here.
Oh, shit. It's my dad.
Um All right, come on.
I believe you. Doesn't mean I trust you.
["Sister Christian" playing]
You know, I think we can
getRichie's jacket tested pretty quickly.
You know, if Sam's DNA's not
on it, I mean, that's that's huge.
You know, it's, it's, it's huge!
-What? What?-[chuckles]
Just, I haven't seen you
this excited in a long time.
It's so It's nice.
I know.
Maybe this should be your book.
- What do you mean?-Richie's
story. Your story.
I I'd read that.
-Yeah. I Come on.
I don't know how that ends.
[phone vibrates]
It's Trip.
Hey, Trip.
Hey, so I spoke to my DMV contact.
The record for Sam's vanhas been expunged.
That's suspicious.
Yep, but she did find a sales
slipfrom when Sam bought the van.
The model doesn't match
the vanin the security footage.
Oh, my God.
I'll keep digging.
Okay, thanks.
Maybe you will.
Will what?
Have an ending.
[music continues]
You okay? We can We can get out of here.
No, I'm good.
Hey, you want some?
Oh, my gosh. You're doing drugs?
Vaping can kill you.
Great, it's the little narc.
Iz, my parents can't find out about this.
Look, Hilde, I'm begging
you, okay? Just walk away.
Please don't write about
this. You're gonna ruin my life.
I'll make sure she doesn't say anything.
You know, it is an '80s
dance. So what should we do?
-[Hilde whimpers]-Jessica. Come on.
-A wedgie into a trash can?-Stop.
- Maybe an old-fashioned
swirly.-Jessica, come on!
[boy] Girl fight. Girl fight. Girl fight.
You bitch!
[Ethan] Izzy, stop! Just let it go.
[boy] Yeah!
Yo, girl fight!
Hilde, run!
You're dead at this school!
Get back here!
I am gonna ruin your life!
[Izzy] Come on.
I think we lost them.
Oh, my gosh, Iz. You were so cool.
I hate you.
You ruin everything, okay?
Every time I start
buildingsomething good up for myself,
you just pop up like a little
whack-a-moleand smash it to pieces.
Please. Please just stay out of my life.
God, I wish you'd just disappear.
[door opens]
-[Hilde cries, sniffs]-[door closes]
[Sheriff Briggs]I checked
the GPS on your car.
You're supposed to bring him right back.
He's got a 48-hour furlough.
He's still got a few hoursbefore he's due.
Well, what the hell are you doing here?
It's none of your damn business.
[chuckles] And so what's your goal? Huh?
Set Sam free?
No matter what you find,
he is never getting out.
I will make certain of that.
He's a murderer, maybe a pedophile too.
Do your damn job.
You're a dirty cop.
You lied to the whole town.
- Come on.-To me, to
everyone, for all these years.
Yeah, Sam is a good
man. He's an honest man.
And you used me.
Yeah, you used me to put him away.
How do you know?
You got proof?
We got the right guy,
and we did what we had
to doto close the case.
Get that animal back to prison.
Before he tries to take another kid.
[car door opens, closes]
[engine starts]
-[music pounding, faint]-[crying]
[Bridget] Hey, girls. Izzy? Izzy.
Matt, hey, she's over here.
-Hey, are you okay?-I'm fine.
What happened? Are you hurt?
What Where's Where's Hilde?
God, who cares? I hope she's gone forever.
Oh, my God. Izzy!
Iz, come o Come on. Wait up.
[sighs] He's gone.
Sam! Sam!
Oh, don't do this. Don't do this.
[machine beeps]
[tipster 1] I saw Richie at a gas station.
- [tipster 2] I saw Richie in a
field.-[tipster 5] Richie's gone.
[tipster 6] I saw Richie by the lake,
but he was older. And he looked taller.
[tipster 7] He's never coming back.
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