Home Before Dark (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Search Party

- [buoy bells clanging]
- [water trickles]
[rustling, chains clinking]
Who's there?
[rock music playing]
Where is she?
This is what she does, causes
a problem and evaporates.
All right, look, you two
go check the gym again.
Hey, have you seen Hilde?
I saw her with Donny and Spoon.
Look, you gotta promise me she
won'twrite a story about what happened.
If it gets out that I was even in
a roomwith someone with drugs,
Coach Rigley will cut me from the team.
Wait, are you mad at me?
I haven't seen her for an hour.
I did yell at some kidsin
the library earlier, but
Hey, look, I checked
upstairs. She's not there.
Look, I don't know. This is not like her.
This is exactly like her.
I mean, she probably just
went homewithout telling us.
[rustling, chains clinking]
[breathes heavily]
Nice shoes, Trip.
Bob, Imma do you a
favorand take that at face value.
Thank you.
[phone vibrating]
-What?-Trip, I got a problem.
You got a problem?[chuckles]
Well, I got a date.
I got a date with a dude named Wilford,
and I need to hurry up and get therebefore
I realize how stupid his name is.
I lost him.
-What?-I lost Sam.
You gotta be kidding me.
Where are you?
Hey, Carol. Has, uh, Hilde come home?
No, why?
Ginny was such an angel.
[footsteps on stairs]
Is everything all right?
This doesn't make any sense.
Matt, take a breath. We'll find her.
Oh, wow, her bike's still out back.
Look, she probably just
walked upto the cabin, okay?
-I can go get her.-Wait, what cabin?
No, you're not going out walkingin
the woods in the middle of the night.
Well, actually, we go there all the time.
Mostly in the middle of the night.
Wh-What? Okay. Izzy,
we'll go check the cabin.
Matt, you retrace
Hilde's steps from school.
Maybe she stopped off on her way home.
No, no, no.
Where are you?
Hilde? Hilde, hey. Hilde?
What is this place?
Hilde and her weirdos call it HQ.
Hey, Mom.
Where is she?
I'm sure your dad has found her by now.
[sniffs] What if he hasn't?
You know, I mean, like
what if something happened to her?
Honey, you know she's gonna be fine.
We are gonna find her.
I think it's my fault she ran off.
What? No, of course not.
Some older kids were
smoking weed. I wasn't, I swear.
And then Hilde came in and was gonnatell
everyone and then I punched this girl
who was trying to hurt herand
then I told Hilde that I hate her
And that I w and that I wanted
herto get out of my life and
and disappear.
Honey. Come here.
[whispers] It's gonna be okay.
We just have to stay
calmso we can find her.
[sighs] You punched someone?
[chuckles, sniffs]
Please just ground me already.[chuckles]
You know, now I am even
more surethat she's fine.
You know, she probably just
got upsetand hid somewhere.
You punched someone?
-Jessica.-Oh, Jessica.
'Cause she was threatening Hilde.
-I'm so proud of you.-[chuckles]
[whispers]But don't
tell anyone I said that.
It's gonna be okay. I promise.
-Did you Did you
Where did you get that?
- I-I found it by the side
of the road.-Oh, my God.
Izzy, it
Mom, you knowshe would
never leave that behind.
- Maybe she dropped it.-[Matt]
Oh, come on. Come on!
No, she went to a friend's house,
and she dropped it on the way.
And I will call Winnie.
Okay, are you okay?
[sniffs] She's gone.
Stay calm. Just breathe.
Voice mail. I'm gonna drive over.
Okay, you come with me.
Why don't you Come on.
You took him on a three-hour tourinstead
of driving him back to the prison?
[sighs] I started doubting everything.
Oh, well, pleasedon't doubt your stupidity.
-Trip, please Please what?
You rope me into history's most delayed,
most backward crisis of conscience,
and you expect me to be nice about it?
I don't know.
How the hell did this happen?
Do you think the whole furlough
thingwas just a plan for him to escape?
I don't know. I
I think he maybe got the
ideaafter he overheard my dad.
Yeah, he came by, and we
kinda got in an argument and
he might have said somethingabout
how Sam would never get out.
Look, I'm here.
But what the hell elsedo you want from me?
-Help me find him.-Wait, I'm sorry. What?
If I call it in, they add
on escape charges.
He gets a longer sentence.
Oh, so this is about you being a good guy?
Look, I think we can put this whole
thingback in the box before it blows up.
And your dad never knows anything?
Yeah, fine. It helps me toonot
to call it in, but it also helps Sam.
A full-scale manhunt for an
escapedconvict doesn't usually end well.
All right.
His sister was his only
relativein town, right?
Are there any any friends you
know ofthat Sam might reach out to?
[door opens]
Uh, Spoon and Donnyare
both home and in bed.
Neither one has heard from her.
I'm gonna call the sheriff.
Maybe we should go in there together.
Hey, why don't you go
and hang outwith Carol?
[phone vibrating]
-Hilde?-No, it's, uh, Frank Briggs.
I know this may sound weird.
Have you heard from Sam tonight?
Sam? No, I thought you
weretaking him back to the prison.
Yeah, I was.
He escaped.
Oh, my God.
-Bridget?-Hilde's missing too.
-What?-This can't be a coincidence.
Okay, I'll be right there. Just sit tight.
Okay, I found Hilde's
journalon Waterside
about here.
And, I don't know, I was
I was yelling for herkinda
all around this area here.
All right, there's six of us. So
if we do this systematically
Wait. What do you
mean, "There's six of us"?
Sam's got cuffs and leg-irons on.
He's not moving faster than a slow walk.
So, at that pace, they'd
besomewhere in, I'd say, this circle.
That's a pretty big area.
Yeah, we should use the entire force.
You know, helicopters,
searchlights, that kinda thing.
Oh, you don't wanna get in trouble withyour
daddy. That's what's happening here.
We're talking about my daughter, Frank!
And they'll be super motivatedto
find Sam, which will help.
Or not. Sam is now an escaped convict.
A bunch of local white copslooking
for a native man on the run?
They won't just be carrying flashlights.
We don't want Hildegetting
caught up in the middle of that.
Come on. This is not justto
save my own ass, Matty.
I promise you. We are
trying to keep Hilde safe.
We don't even know where she is right now!
Please just tell me the best
wayto get my daughter back home.
Look, Sam's trying to get away. So
he's headed either to the bus
stationor the ferry or the res.
If he's on the reservation, we're screwed.
We don't have jurisdiction there.
I still think we need more eyes on this.
More eyes means more guns. I get it.
Matt, you've covered enoughof
these stories to know how that ends.
If Hilde's with Sam, then she is safe.
You know him, Matt. He is a good guy.
I-I don't know. You know,
desperate people do desperate things.
And don't forget, honey
-his father-Mom, not now.
Prison changes people, Kim.
He hasn't changed.
I've been with him all day,
and I think you were right.
I think he's innocent.
Izzy, I need you to stay home with Pop-Popand
Ginny and promise to answer the phone.
Temperature is dropping, and there'ssome
weather that's about to move in.
So, Trip and I will head
towardthe bus station,
circle the lake on the way.
The ferry doesn't leave until sunup.
Kim, you and your mom canhead
that way. See if you can find her.
Give this an hour, okay? We'll find her.
All right, not a minute more.
Then I don't care what
anyone says. I'm calling it in.
I'm gonna check in with
each groupevery few minutes.
If you see them, call us
immediately, okay? Please.
-[helicopter whirring]-[sirens wailing]
I know where you are right now.
But this isn't that.
This one will turn up.
[door opens, closes]
Stop following me.
Why did you escape?
Where are you going?
Nowhere with you.
I'm on your side, Sam.
I can help.
I solved your sister's murder.
Let me help you.
[flashlight clicks]
[police radio chatter]
-[phone vibrates]-Agent Adkins.
Chris, it's Matt. Listen,
I really need your help.
What's going on?
My kid's been missingfor
more than two hours.
I'm pretty sure she's with the guy whowent
away for the Fife murder back in '88.
You saidyou thought that guy was innocent.
Yeah, I-I did. I-I do.
It-It's just he escapedwhile
he was out on furlough.
You contact the local sheriff?
Eh, it's complicated. A couple of copswho
are friendly are helping us off-book,
but it's not an official search.
Listen, I know you know this, butyou
usually only get six hours before
Yeah, I know. Which
meanswe've only got four hours left.
Come on, man. Can you help me?
I'm on it.
Who were you talking to?
Come on. Let's go.
[Trip] Hilde!
Hey, I'm sorry about your date.
Shut up.
Look, I know you're pissed.
That doesn't even scratch the surface.
I could lose my job.
I spent my whole life trying to makethe
best decisions I can for my future.
I'll be damnedif I start
making stupid ones now.
You think I don't feel like a completeidiot,
like a failure 'cause of this?
I'm pretty sure I don't give a
crapabout what you're feeling.
It just seems like you're
and I am caught up in the middle of it.
I know it looks like that. But
this is not self-preservation.
You know, I called you
[sighs]'cause you're the
only person I can trust.
I can't say the same.
here we are.
And now this is about Hilde.
Sam, run!
I told you. Go home, Hilde.
The cops are coming.
-[Frank] Sam!-[Trip] Hilde!
Look, I just want to talk.
Off the record, I promise.
I don't even have my notebook.
I dropped it somewhere back there.
Leave me alone.
I know a place where we
can goto get those chains off.
[Bridget] Hilde!
[Matt] Hilde!
[Sam] Are you kidding me?
Kidding's not my thing.
Trust me.
You should be with your family.
I know your mom'sgotta
be worried about you.
What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
are like monsters under your
bed. They won't let you sleep.
Hm. I don't sleep anyway.
Don't those handcuffs hurt?
Well, let's get those off then.
Let me try.
Why do they have to make those so tight?
They don't want you to feel human.
Here. Maybe I can get
thatfrom a better angle.
This isn't working.
What's going on out here?
Oh, nothing, Pop-Pop. We just
Sam. Hey, how're you doing, bud?
Okay, Mr. Lisko.
Syl. I tell all the kids, it's
Syl's Cycles, not Mr. Lisko's.
What? Oh, you need some help with that.
Yeah, I guess I do.
[Sylvester] I got
Let's see in there.
Yeah, that's not it.
Let's see. Ah, there it is.
Have a seat, Sam.
We'll get you out of those.
Richie Fife is missing.
I know you saw that guy.
-[lock clicks]-Ah.
The one with the "sinner" tattooon his arm.
I think he had something to do with it.
There you go.
Thank you. Thank you.
Sam Gillis. [chuckles]
Hey, you look pretty cold in that.
We got some stuff over
here. Let's see what we got.
Nope, that's
What do we got?
Oh, here's good. This is good.
Don't be a stranger
Sam. Come around the shop again.
-Sure, Syl. I will.-Okay.
[Izzy] Pop-Pop. Hey, Pop-Pop.
Pop-Pop, can you deliveran
important message to Izzy?
Can you tell her I'm okay?
Pop-Pop, what're you doing in here? If
Mom finds out that we opened the door
It's okay, it's okay. I was just
chattingwith Sam and Hilde, that's all.
Pop-Pop, Hilde's not here right now.
She sure is, and she wants
meto tell you that she's okay.
Oh, Peanut.
You don't have to worry.
Sam's a good guy.
-I promise. Okay?-Okay. [sniffs]
[Bridget] Hilde!
Who did you call?
-What?-On the phone before.
I called a contact of mine from the FBI.
We discussed notgetting
more guns involved in this.
Actually you discussed that.
What is that supposed to mean?
I'm just saying that
decisionwas unilateral.
- Let's just leave it at
that.-No, it wasn't. We agreed.
- Matt, what are you doing?-I'm
not gonna get in an argument.
We don't have time
for that. I just called him.
Are you insane?
Whose side are you on here?
Are you sure? 'Cause I'm not
gonna letour daughter go missing
- and not call in every favor that I
have.-She's not missing. She's with Sam.
Oh, cool. Cool. And what are they
doing? They're just taking a walk?
Can you just considerthat
I might be seeing things
a little bit more clearly about this?
I mean, given what happened
to you, that you might feel
Don't. Don't do that, all right.
You have no idea how I feel.
All right? You never have on this!
You never let me.
Slow down.
No. Go back home.
I have more questions.
Will you slow down?
I don't want anyone to hear me.
Three questions. Make them good.
Then go back home to your family.
Your mother's been good to me.
She doesn't deserve to be worrying.
Do you have any idea ofwhat
really happened to Richie Fife?
No. Next question.
Uh, what was my Pop-Pop talking about?
The guy with the "sinner" tattoo?
I don't know.
Are you lying?
Is that your third question?
Oh, no. Uh, scratch that. My
finalquestion is where are you going?
[sighs]Well, look, we
gave it a good try, right?
Mom, I know him. This is where
he would come and hide out.
This is where he felt safe.
You knew him 30 years ago.
And how can any of us really
really know anyone?
Are you saying you
thinkthat he would hurt Hilde?
[clicks tongue]
You can't possibly still
thinkthat he killed Richie.
Honey, I don't know what to think.
Sam and Penny's fatherhad mental problems.
Their father was not crazy.
I had dinner at their housethe
night before his plane went down,
and trust me, he was fine.
You don't go from being fineto
suicidal in the course of eight hours.
You were just a kid. You
don't know what might have
- Mom.-And you don't
know what was happening.
Mom, just-just stop.
Aw, honey. Come here.
-Come here.-[sobbing]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Richie is in a better place now.
[phone rings]
Sheriff Briggs.
I'm callingfrom Northfield
Corrections Center.
Inmate Gillis has not returnedto
the prison following his furlough time.
Come on.
Got a fugitive.
You don't mess around with the cops.
You are a cop.
Yeah, why do you think I became one?
Pull over.
Funny, how you're supposed to
bedropping Sam Gillis up in Northfield,
but you're down hereshining
spotlights in the woods.
A reasonable person might
assumeyou lost your quarry.
Yeah, well, he's not an animal.
It's a figure of speech, kid.
Sam must have overheard
youat the Gillis house.
Being all loud and proud
aboutkeeping him in jail no matter what.
So he escaped?
- And you didn't call
that in?-He did call it in.
Look, I wanted to keep this thingcontained.
And it's likely that Sam came
acrossHilde Lisko, and they are together.
So now that there's a child in the mix
I should have never pushed youto be a cop.
I always knew you weren't built for it.
I'm taking over.
You're suspended, effective immediately.
Sheriff. Dad.
Go home.
Johnson, you stay.
I need the manpower.
[car door opens]
[car door opens, closes]
I can help you get out.
The right way.
With my paper.
Interview's over, Hilde.
If I could just convince them.
You can't.
All that matters is what you can prove.
And I was in all the wrong
placesat all the wrong times that day.
Is that why you ran?
I heard Sheriff Briggs talking to
Frank, saying I'd never get out.
I saw my chance, and I took it.
That was kinda dumb.
Pretty dumb that people
thinkl killed Richie.
This town's never thought
much of meor my people.
Richie was my friend.
Who do you think killed him?
Well, if you were his friend, you
probably knew him pretty well, right?
Was there anybodywho
would've wanted to do that?
Hurt him?
I don't know. I saw a few things.
Like what?
Bruises on his arms, his body.
Like an accident?
I'm not sure. But I think someonein
Richie's family was hurting him.
Did you tell anybody?
Sheriff Briggs. Thirty years
ago. But he didn't listen to me.
Locking me up probably made him sheriff.
So, what's your plan now?
[phone plays ringtone]
Hey, Frank. Frank, did you find them?
No. And my dad just got himself
involved. He's sending me home.
-What?-What? That doesn't make any sense.
He wasn't too happywith
me not calling it in.
Look, it's a county manhunt now.
I'm sorry, Matt. I never
wanted this to get crazy.
I'm going to keep looking for her.
[phone line beeps]
Well, at least you'll getyour
helicopter and searchlights.
My dad said this bridge was built inthe
1900s by prisoners who never got paid.
Maybe that could be your next story.
I used to have a good life.
Mom, dad, sister.
All happy, all together.
[jazz playing]
When my dad was still alive
I used to go to work with him sometimes.
Used to be my favorite part of the day.
[airplanes whirring]
Kinda still is.
Even after everything that happened.
Just wanna watch the sun rise again.
One more time.
[jazz music fades]
[Frank] Sam!
[helicopter approaching]
[grunts] Ow, ow, ow.
Oh. Ow! Ow.
Just go.
Sam, stop. Just go.
[both grunting]
I got you.
[Bridget] Hilde!
[owl hoots]
Where are you?
[sighs] Matt.
Come on.
This This can't happen again.
Matt. You get up,
and you find our daughter.
You don't understandwhat
this is like for me.
Come on. You don't get to blame
thison what happened 31 years ago.
Because you made a choice. You
choseto lie to me, so now here we are.
You're different since we got here.
I am sick of tap-dancing for my
girlsand pretending everything's okay
while Daddy loses his shit in the corner.
It's too much, Matt.
I don't have anything left.
[helicopter whirring]
[siren blares]
-[horn honking]-[men shouting, indistinct]
[dogs barking]
Oh, shit.
Matt. I just put out a
statewideAmber Alert for your little girl.
Thank God.
The best thing for you all is
to go home, be with your girls.
Wait by the phone for any updates.
No, no, I'm staying here.
Well, this is, uh this is
no place for a civilian, son.
My men are highly trained.
Oh, yeah. "Highly trained."
A nine-year-old kid is closer to
solvingRichie's murder than you ever were.
[phone plays ringtone]
We found her. Someone saw her.
She's heading towards the
old airport. We're on our way.
I'll use my coatto climb over the barbwire.
Then I'll find an opening
for youin the fence
once I get to the other side.
How old are these things?
Some go back to World War II.
They originally built this placeto
ferry new bombers back east
where the pilots and crews were trained.
How do I know you're
not justmaking that up?
My dad taught me.
Before he died.
What happened to him?
People say he crashed his planeon purpose.
That wasn't true. There was
something wrong with that plane.
I know it. The company covered it up.
That's so unfair.
Life isn't always fair.
Justice doesn't always prevail.
I saw a hole back there just big enough
You're a good person, Hilde.
[sighs] I don't meet many of those often.
Thank you for everything.
What? Hey. Wait.
Come on.
Sam, come back here.
[jazz playing]
[woman singing]
[thunder rumbling]
[sirens approaching]
[singing continues]
[muffled] Sam! Sam! Open your eyes!
Sam! Sam!
- [regular sound] Sam,
come on!-Hilde! Hilde!
-Sam! Sam!-[indistinct]
Fan out.
Sam, run! Get off that plane, now!
Raise your weapons, but hold your fire.
[jazz music fades]
Stand down! Stand down!
What the hell are you
doing? Get out of the way.
- I'm not moving.-Oh,
so, you're a big hero now?
What does that make you, Dad?
-Now.-Do what you gotta do.
-I got you.-Sam, come on!
Sam, look. I need you to get down.
Get down, Sam.
[Hilde sobbing]
For both our sakes. Down.
[Hilde] No! Sam!
Put your hands up. Come on.
[Hilde] No!
No, don't put those on
him. They're gonna hurt him.
Stop it. [sobbing]
It's okay. Honey, just let it go.
Honey, just come on.
Let it go. Let it go. That's it.
It's okay.
Stand down, people.
Mom, stop crying. I'm fine.
I know. That's why I'm crying.
I'm really sorry.
Dad, who's the guywith the "sinner" tattoo?
"Sinner" tattoo?
Never mind.
Also, Sam told me thathe
saw bruises on Richie's arm.
[whispers] Hilde.
He thinks someone inRichie's
family was hurting him.
Look, if Richie's parents were
hurtinghim, you know, he woulda told me.
I was his best friend, remember?
I don't tell you guys everything.
What if Richie's dad
He couldn't have, Hilde.
Okay? Couldn't have.
[car idling]
Why did you shut her down?
Because this whole Richie Fife thing
it has to stop.
[sighs] We got this.
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