Homeland s07e01 Episode Script

Enemy Of The State

1 [Saul.]
Previously on Homeland I'm here because a video was released last night, which viciously slandered my dead son.
You will be prosecuted, because in my government, truth will have a value, and you will have no place.
People hate you, Madam President-elect.
No one's faking that.
Boy, are they angry.
Don't go to war with your own national security establishment.
It's a war you won't win.
Keane's on the ropes.
What the fuck do you think you're doing? I'm not doing one thing, Dar.
Suddenly, there's a brand-new team under McClendon's command, charged with protecting the President-elect? All units, target heading up the ramp.
You're cleared hot to engage.
[motor revs, tires screech.]
Fire! Fire! [gunfire.]
Get back! Get back! Okay, she survived an assassination attempt.
I get that.
We are not headed for a Constitutional crisis.
What we're headed for is civil war.
Doesn't she have a right to know how deep and wide this conspiracy went? I won't lie to you.
There are reforms coming down the pike, but no purges or loyalty oaths or one-way tickets to the Gulag.
You have my personal assurance on that.
- You gettin' this? - You are under arrest.
- Open the door and step out.
- [gun cocks.]
Everybody detained today was connected to the conspiracy.
"Detained"? Why do you keep saying detained? They were arrested, and without legal authority, as far as I can tell.
Well, point of fact, we have two memoranda from the Justice Department right here.
David, you sent me out there to personally assure people this would never happen.
- You-- you used me.
- Yes, we did.
Madam President, I need to talk to you.
It's important.
Can you hear me? Innocent people are being arrested in your name! [Carrie.]
You have to stop it! Please! Do not let them do this.
You cannot let them do this! [Carrie.]
Madam President! Homeland - 7x01 "Enemy Of The State" [uptempo jazz music plays.]
The Justice Department announced charges today against Jonathan Cleary, a reporter for the "Post.
" Cleary is accused of publishing classified information about the investigation into jailed State department official Virginia Sutter.
Sutter is one of the more than 200 individuals - [footsteps approaching.]
- detained in the probe surrounding the attack on President Keane nine days before her inauguration.
[pan sizzling.]
- [remote clatters.]
- Eggs are hot.
You don't have to do this every day.
- [Carrie.]
No, I like to.
- Hmm.
What else would she do? It's not like she has a job.
She was fired by a regime that jails free thinkers.
- There's turkey bacon.
- Like Stalin.
- [Maggie.]
- I didn't start it.
Her school's taking them on another "Free the 200" March.
Hey, you should come.
- [laughs.]
- Why not? What do you think's gonna happen when I tell the Treasury Secretary I'm ditching work so I can go to anti-administration march? Maybe he'll respect you for giving a crap about the Constitution.
Like you have a backbone.
- Josie.
- Don't say that.
Can I get through breakfast before we start in on how I'm a silent accomplice? We should've stayed in Rome.
Teo says he's embarrassed to tell people he has an American girlfriend.
Teo should get an Italian girl his own age.
[dishes clatter.]
Frannycake, you ready to rumble? - Yep.
- Let's do it.
Here we go.
- [door closes.]
- Bup bup bup.
- Have fun today, yes? - Yes.
Love you.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, let's go! [keys jingle.]
At least she hates him more than she hates me.
It would help if you stopped calling Keane a fascist.
She is a fascist.
Saul Berenson is still in jail.
- Yeah.
It's bad.
I know.
- [coffee pouring.]
- We're all upset, but - What? [coffee pot clatters.]
Bill's being treated like a scab at work.
It would be nice for him to come home and get a break.
Well, wasn't he hired to do the work of a bunch of guys from Treasury who are also behind bars? Look, he doesn't like the President any more than you do, but a-a crisis happened.
And he stepped up.
God bless.
Yeah, he did.
Some daughters would be proud.
Well, some moms would be excited their 16-year-old was politically engaged.
Yeah? What else do you wanna tell me about being a mom? Okay.
I didn't mean it that way.
I have an interview today.
I'm trying to get out of your hair.
Really? At Brookings.
That's great.
I-I mean, there's no rush, but I I just think you'll feel better-- No, I know.
I know.
You cooked.
I'll clean up.
- You sure? - Yeah.
[water running.]
[dish clatters.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
[door creaks.]
[unzips, objects rustling.]
[smacks lips.]
[bag thuds.]
[box thuds, slides.]
[gavel pounds.]
Members of the court, the President of the United States.
Please sit.
[Judge Randolph.]
General McClendon, you will take your seat.
Yes, sir.
Madam President.
I know you'll find this hard to believe, Mr.
McClendon, but this isn't about you anymore.
The trial is over, your guilt now a matter of record.
Thanks to Judge Randolph and the members of this panel, justice has been served.
No, I am not here because of you.
I am here on behalf of the country you swore to protect every time you put on that uniform.
I am here on behalf of the six families sitting in this courtroom, all of whom lost loved ones to the hail of bullets and bombs you unleashed on the streets of New York.
Murder, conspiracy to commit murder, sedition.
We execute people for that in this country, Mr.
McClendon, and if that sounds harsh, so be it.
Because what was under attack that day wasn't just me or the office of the Presidency, but our very democracy itself.
[door closes.]
Well, I'm not sure if going after him directly was the best move.
He openly challenged me.
What was I supposed to do? Well, you might've stuck to the script.
I had to respond.
Senator Paley was on CNB this morning, calling your leadership style "thuggish" and "authoritarian.
" No one's doubting how tough you are.
Which makes it exactly the right time to throttle back a little, take your foot off the gas.
Not yet.
- Elizabeth-- - I said not yet.
- Can I give you a quick brief? - Sure.
Paley's Committee is about to issue its first round of subpoenas to senior White House staff, - including myself.
- I know that, David.
There's talk of a Special Prosecutor.
I know that, too.
How is it they tried to assassinate me, and I am the one under investigation? Because we locked up over 200 of their best friends - and neighbors.
- Yeah, for damn good reasons.
Kept them for nearly two months.
Some would say denied their civil rights.
That was the other reason-- send a message.
"Don't fuck with us ever again.
" Yeah, well, I think they got that loud and clear.
Well, we'll see.
Won't we? When the jury comes back with the appropriate sentence.
They will.
They better.
[indistinct conversations.]
[police radio chatter.]
[horn honks, man shouts indistinctly.]
[radio chatter continues, man shouts indistinctly.]
Well? They still got someone stuck in one of the cars.
It's gonna be a couple hours at least before they open the road.
- A couple of hours? - Yep.
- You hear that, Brett? - [Brett.]
Yeah, I heard.
- What the hell do we do now? - Well, it's already 12:30.
Well, we're not canceling the broadcast.
I don't see we have much of a choice.
"Six days a week, come rain or shine, hell or high water," that was my promise.
- I won't let the people down.
- They'll understand.
We've been on the run almost two months.
We haven't canceled one yet.
I saw some private homes back there.
We could start by knocking on doors.
Wallace? Not a lot of people up here this time of year, Mr.
Well, how 'bout we just do it on your iPhone? Okay, even if I had a decent signal, which I don't, I can't guarantee the security of the connection.
Do you wanna try being reasonable just to, you know, see how that feels? - Okay, cancel the broadcast.
- Thank you.
And then call the Feds.
I'm turning myself in.
You can say how unimportant one broadcast is, but the truth is, it could be my last broadcast.
We've got the President of the United States on the ropes.
God help us all if we don't finish her off now.
There is a town.
One valley over.
- How far? - 20 minutes.
Well, now we're talkin'.
[engine starts.]
[dramatic music plays.]
[door creaks.]
[door creaks closed.]
- Uh, just the bag.
- Sure.
[paper tears.]
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
[indistinct conversations.]
[touchscreen clicking.]
[cellphone bloops.]
[knife chopping.]
[footsteps approaching.]
We can't do this today.
We don't have time.
Five minutes.
Your insight was invaluable.
The Senator said so himself.
This is about the guy who gave me the-- Stop with the guy.
We leaked what we could.
It's not enough anymore.
Janet, come on.
Give me two minutes with him.
[indistinct conversations in distance.]
[pan sizzling.]
I don't know how many times you want me to say it.
Deep background is not gonna cut it.
I'm aware.
That's why I'm here.
My source has agreed to go on the record.
You said that was never gonna happen.
Well, you made it clear it has to.
Over a month ago, yeah.
The Committee's moved on, Ms.
I'm not gonna reopen this line of inquiry unless you're absolutely sure this implicates David Wellington.
I'm sure.
If you can guarantee closed session testimony and identity protection, he'll talk.
Senator, I'm sorry.
We're completely in the dark here.
We don't know one damn thing about this person.
Do you know what happens to him if his identity is leaked? Or me? This administration jails federal employees.
So he's a federal employee? [sighs.]
You have to give us something.
You told us on three separate occasions you were going to produce hard evidence.
You never delivered.
He's a colleague.
Okay? FBI.
We worked counterterrorism together in Afghanistan.
Now he's on the team interrogating the suspects detained in the second wave of arrests.
I know for a fact that he has personally interviewed 43 of them, and is working his way through the dossiers of all 200.
So far, there's nothing, nothing that connects a single one of them to the assassination attempt.
Closed session testimony, identity protection, we can do that.
There's, uh, there's one more thing.
He's asking for a face-to-face.
You, me, and him, 6:00 tonight.
- Where? - The Hay-Adams.
I'll text you a room number on this phone as soon as I have one.
Is this spy shit really necessary? I'm bringing you a federal agent to testify about some of the most expansive civil rights abuses in the history of our nation.
Is it really that hard to use a burner? You're all we've got on Wellington.
This source of yours turns out to be some putz overheard a rumor at the urinal He's not.
[door creaks.]
[door creaks.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[The Wood Brothers' "Honey Jar" plays.]
looking at the big sky, listening to the smoke alarm if you're wondering what happened well, your heart must have jumped a track you put your lips out in the wind and you hope I think we have a winner.
[engine idling.]
[door bells jingle.]
Hello? - [door closes, bells jingle.]
- Hello? [man.]
Can I help you? Sorry.
Caught me in the middle of my lunch.
- Are you Jerome? - Junior.
Jerome's my dad.
I don't have a lot of time, Junior.
Mind if I ask you a few questions? Not at all.
You interested in a mattress or a recliner? [paper crinkles.]
- Shit.
- Do you want me here? - No.
Go right there.
- How we doin'? We got less than two minutes.
I'm sweatin' like a pig.
- [compact clatters.]
- Go easy.
Yesterday, you made yourself look like a corpse.
[stand thuds.]
All right.
Ready? Yeah.
[laptop beeps, electronic chirping.]
[train whistle blows in distance, laptop beeps.]
Ooh, aah.
What is it? [mumbles indistinctly, grunts.]
And we are on in three, two, one Wow! That was cuttin' it close.
I didn't think we were actually gonna make it to camera there for a minute.
Praise the Lord.
This is Brett O'Keefe.
Welcome to day 52 of the Resistance.
You know, you learn a lot over the years running a major media organization.
And the one thing that I've learned is when the government pushes back on something, and pushes back hard, a lot of times it's because you're hittin' too close to home.
No coincidence, then, the warrant for my arrest came the day after I broke the news here on "Real.
Truth" that the attempt on the President's life was a hoax, an inside job staged to boost her approval ratings and justify a tyrannical purge of her enemies.
Just this mornin', my sources tell me, she was at the Washington Navy Yard in a rage, calling for General Jamie McClendon to be put up against a wall and shot! I'm not kidding.
Bring back the firing squad! Now to those who would try and excuse this behavior or blame it on hormones, I say this-- yes, it's true, Elizabeth Keane's in menopause.
I've seen the medical records.
But this isn't about hot flashes, my friends.
This is a ruthless political machine hell-bent on stealin' the country right out from under our noses.
[suspenseful music plays.]
[gears shift, seatbelt clicks.]
[car door closes.]
[elevator bell dings.]
[classical music playing.]
Just one night? Yep.
My company's putting me up here.
I can't believe they picked a place this nice.
Oh, good.
It'll be kind of like a mini vacation.
Right? Is there a spa? Uh, there is.
You should treat yourself to a massage.
You know what? I think that's an excellent idea.
Jack, can you show Ms.
Mathison to room 509? Of course.
Thank you.
[elevator bell dings.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[cart wheels roll.]
Can't remember the last time I had a king-sized bed to myself.
Um, you can just put it - on the bed.
- All right.
Uh - Thank you.
- Oh.
Thank you.
[dramatic music plays.]
[purse thuds.]
[bag clatters, thuds.]
[clips snap.]
[exhales deeply.]
[engine starts.]
Checking in.
Uh, Lisa Salter.
- S-A-L.
- Let's see.
- [typing.]
- Yes, Mrs.
We have you in a suite, and that's just for tonight.
Uh, my husband's coming in later.
Can you leave an extra key here for him? Of course.
Thank you.
[door creaks.]
[indistinct conversations.]
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
[indistinct conversations continue.]
I'm sorry.
I know it's not the outcome we were hoping for.
- [folder thuds.]
- But on the plus side, McClendon has been dishonorably discharged, stripped of his rank, and will spend the rest of his life in prison on lockdown.
- Don't sugarcoat it.
- I'm not.
A panel of eight generals and four admirals deemed that his actions did not rise to the level of a capital offense.
You don't think that's a problem for us going forward? I don't think it was the entire panel.
All it takes is one juror.
The vote for death has to be unanimous.
One juror? They deliberated for less than half a day, David.
The vote wasn't even close.
In fact, it comes damn near condoning another attempt on my life.
Well, now you're being paranoid.
You said you were handling this.
I did what I could.
But the last time the military executed one of its own - was in 1961.
- The last time they tried to overthrow the government was never.
You're gonna have to put this behind you, Elizabeth.
- Move on.
- Madam President.
Excuse me? In this room, it's Madam President, not Elizabeth.
Get in the habit.
You slipped the other day in front of Counsel.
Madam President.
And the last thing I need right now is some trite lecture about the past being the past and moving on.
I didn't bring you back from political exile to be my girlfriend.
Now fix it.
- Fix it? - Yeah.
I can't.
Then I'll find somebody who can.
[door opens, closes.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
[bottle clatters.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[mouth full.]
Here's something off 4chan/pol-- "America, land of the free and home of the brave-- literally a place where no one bats an eye when the President does whatever the fuck she wants, but at least fast food is cheap.
" [chuckles.]
I like that.
I might use that.
It sounds a lot like the guy we got all that good Bureau stuff from.
Sharon? Yeah.
What do you think? I think I can't do this anymore.
Look, I know you're mad.
I went there again - when I said I wouldn't.
- It's not that.
The word "menopause" never crosses my lips again, - swear to God.
- Brett, I'm exhausted.
I'm done.
And I wanna go home.
Hey, what's the matter? You know what's the matter.
I haven't slept in the same bed in over a month.
That's what's the matter.
Last night wasn't even a bed.
That wasn't even a couch.
Seriously, put a gun to my head, I couldn't tell you what state we're in right now.
My clothes are filthy, my hair is a mess, and I miss my cat.
- Aw, baby.
- No, no, no, Brett, don't.
It's not gonna work this time.
[car doors opening, closing.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Get the laptop.
Come on.
[footsteps depart.]
Give it to me.
[bag thuds.]
[police radio chatter.]
- Gah! Shit.
- [bags thud.]
Okay, boys.
You got me.
Our country now's officially in the shitter.
Easy, Mr.
You're not under arrest.
- What? - We're not arresting you.
- You're not? - No, sir.
Look, there's federal marshals on their way here from Oroville.
We gotta get you outta here, fast.
You can put your hands down now.
Well, that's just I don't even know what to say.
I'm at a loss for words.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank us yet.
- We need to get a move on.
- Oh, lead the way.
Hey, what are you doin'? I'm not going.
I told you.
Are you kiddin'? You heard the man.
The Feds will be here any minute.
- I'll take my chances.
- Come on, Sharon.
You know I can't do this alone.
I'll call Andy or Joel when I get back to New York.
Or Barclay.
I heard from her a couple days ago.
Not one of them has ever made me laugh.
Come on, Shar.
It's not that I can't do this alone.
It's that I can't do this without you.
Please, don't break up the band, not like this.
Not without an actual conversation.
Couple days.
That's all I'm askin'.
[police radio chatter.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[piano playing classical music.]
I have a reservation.
Okay, great.
That would be helpful.
Yes, sir? Mrs.
Salter left a key for me.
Here you go.
Thank you very much.
The elevators? Other side of these doors.
[laughter, indistinct conversations.]
[elevator bell dings, elevator doors open.]
[tense music playing.]
[indistinct conversations.]
Excuse me? Uh, could I talk to you for a second? Sure.
How can I help you? I don't [chuckles.]
This is embarrassing, but Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
I [sighs.]
Y-you see the guy who's sitting in the corner way back there? The gentleman in the yellow chair? Yeah, I-I was coming out of the ladies room, you know, in that-- in that little hallway.
Of course.
And he was standing there with his just out.
- Exposing himself? - Yes.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't wanna, like, go to the cops, but, you know, what if there's a kid around or something? No, no, no.
Of course.
We'll take care of it.
- I am so sorry.
- Thank you.
Talk to you for a second.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[lock beeps.]
I found the stash.
- What the fuck? - What did you bring? Nothing.
You said no phone, no wallet, nothing but the burner you gave me.
- Badge? - Everything's in the car, which is back at the office.
I walked.
What about the burner? Did you leave it on your desk at work? Did you take off your jacket - to go take a piss? - I [sighs.]
Motherfucker! You have a tail.
[toilet flushes.]
We have to go.
We have to go now.
Who? I don't fucking know who.
[Carrie breathing heavily.]
- Get in.
- What? I stalled the guy, but only for a couple minutes.
I have to get you out of here.
I'm aborting this meeting.
Nobody saw us together.
Nothing happened.
They threw a reporter in jail today.
They're losing their mind over these leaks.
They weren't looking for some idiot from Politico.
They were looking for you.
Get in the car.
[elevator bell dinging.]
[car door opens.]
[engine starts.]
[dialing, line rings.]
- Hello? - [Janet.]
Hello? Hey, it's me.
I need to change the venue for tonight.
- Is he still there? - Yeah.
Is something wrong? No, no.
All good.
I just found a better spot.
Uh, I'll text you with the address in a few minutes.
I'll let the Senator know.
[line disconnects, phone clatters.]
[buzzer in distance, man speaks indistinctly over PA.]
[buzzer, door opens.]
[buzzer, door opens.]
Thank you.
[lock clicks.]
I-I don't believe we've met.
But full disclosure, the President doesn't know I'm here tonight.
Between us, she's feeling a little friendless these days and vulnerable.
Tell her to get over it.
She will.
Job is to put the country first.
Well, not first.
First, she has to clear a path to power.
Otherwise, she's Jimmy Carter.
She keeps this up, undermining the rule of law, debasing her democratic institutions, she won't last as long as Jimmy Carter.
That's where you come in.
She needs an ally.
A show of faith and forgiveness on your part, well, it could really help turn things around.
I'm a little indisposed at the moment.
Blame that on me, not the President.
It was my mistake.
Obviously, you weren't part of the plot against her.
- Yet here I am.
- Not for long, I hope.
Now you said, "Put the country first.
" I'm offering you an opportunity to do just that.
Job, you mean? Yes.
Of course, I'd have to run it by the boss, but how does National Security Advisor sound? Surprised? I'm in a fucking federal prison.
What do you think? [whispers.]
Yeah, I'm surprised.
And interested? Depends.
On what? A lot of things.
Go ahead.
Well Oval Office privileges, for starters.
Direct access to the President.
Well, I think I can live with that.
Can't be just me.
Everybody swept up in the second wave of arrests must also be released.
They will be when the investigation is complete.
They're all innocent.
You know that.
The President will never agree.
Then neither can I.
Berenson think what you're turning down.
It's non-negotiable.
- Well - [notebook closes.]
I'm sorry you feel that way.
I'm sorry she does.
I will not carry water or make excuses for a woman who can't rise above her own vindictiveness.
[buzzer, door opens.]
[door closes.]
[tense music plays.]
[engine turns off.]
You're a total lifesaver.
Thanks so much for doing this.
Is that a wig? Uh, I'll explain at home.
Um, where'd you tell your mom you were going? Oh, she's out.
They're seeing something at the Woolly Mammoth.
Who's with Franny? Jason.
Who the hell is Jason? He's a guy.
Yeah, no, I got that.
No, and-- and Franny was asleep.
And she liked him anyway so if she wakes up, she won't freak out.
All right.
Keys, please.
- Yeah.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
I'll be home soon.
If your parents get back before I do-- I won't tell them anything.
Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's it's just [sighs.]
[ignition alert chiming.]
[door closes, engine starts.]
[keys jangle.]
[car chirps.]
I thought you were gonna let me out down the street from the hotel.
I had to make sure they didn't have a car on us.
For an hour? [lock turns.]
Who's Margaret Mathison, MD? My sister.
[switch clicks.]
You want a water? I think there's - a mini fridge here somewhere.
- Yeah, whatever you got.
You okay? Apart from the concussion, yeah.
- [sighs heavily.]
- [fridge door opens, closes.]
Can't believe I fell for that twice.
Kabul? Trunk of your car? You still drive like a maniac.
Feels like about a hundred years ago.
Hey, I was really sorry to hear what went down.
I can't believe they laid that clusterfuck at your feet.
Worst bit is, he slipped the net.
Abu Rami did.
And once I get back in counterterrorism, I know a guy in Kandahar can help me track him down.
So what's this all about? Why am I here? [inhales deeply.]
Let's sit.
We're not getting anywhere.
The investigation's at a dead end.
Senator Paley really needs to talk to you.
- No, please, please.
Just-- - How many times you gotta hear the same thing? I'm not going on the record.
Let's cross that bridge when we get to it.
There's no bridge that goes there.
Even if I get you closed session, - guaranteed identity protection? - You're not hearing.
Would be the end of my career.
You don't have a career.
Excuse me? I'm sorry.
You don't.
It's been four years since Kabul.
Civilians died, an ambassador was recalled.
That stain is not coming off you.
Not ever.
You don't know that.
Have you had a promotion since? Or even a commendation? Listen to me.
Four years ago, a guy stormed into my station, demanded two humvees and a sat phone, and 48 hours later, located number three - on our Most Wanted List.
- Don't-- - No, I'm serious.
- That wasn't your team.
- That was you.
- Fuck you.
This the part where you tell me I'm still that guy? You are.
Why else would you come to me with this? Yeah, believe me, I'm asking myself - the same question right now.
- Well, you care, is why.
You can't stand this shit any more than I can.
Look, I know you thought fighting terrorists was the most important work you'd ever do in your life, but [sighs.]
What if this is? [knock on door.]
- Who is that? - [whispers.]
Who is it? It's Senator Paley.
- Are you fucking kidding me? - [knock on door.]
H-hang on one minute.
You just asked me to think about it.
And if you're not ready, I will tell him to leave.
Mathison, open the door.
Um, you're a little bit early.
If you could just-- - Is this him? - What did she tell you? Nothing.
I did not tell him anything.
She told me you're ready to testify.
Please, stop talking.
What's going on here? She's a liar, is what's going on.
If you sit down for one minute, this will be - a totally confidential meeting.
- Back the fuck away from me.
[sighs deeply.]
Look, it would be really great if you could just step outside for five minutes.
Nobody's testifying.
I don't know what kind of bullshit she fed you, but she's out of her mind.
You never saw me, you never met me, you bet your fucking life you're not getting a single word out of me.
Please, don't do this.
You can trust him.
- Dante, please-- - Do not say my name again.
I'm sorry.
I-I'm so sorry.
But please don't go.
- Get out of my way.
- You don't have to say anything.
You just have to listen to what-- Get the fuck out of my way! No.
- You're not leaving.
- Carrie [tense music plays.]
[door closes.]
[breathing heavily.]
Jesus Christ.
You can't call me again.
[door opens.]
- [door closes.]
- [sighs.]
Sorry, sir.
President asked for bug sweeps, home and office.
- All senior staff.
- No, we are not doing this.
- The order came straight from-- - I'll deal with the President.
- She specifically asked-- - Get the fuck out of my house.
Is that order clear? Walk.
Let's go.
[door creaks.]
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
We left the play halfway through and came home to find nobody here but Franny and some pot dealer watching MTV together on the couch.
He's not a pot dealer.
Josie was nowhere to be found.
Fortunately, the pot dealer was here to tell us that she had taken the car and was driving around in the middle of the night because "Aunt Carrie really needed help.
" Now what kind of help? We don't know.
Because when she finally appeared, she clammed up, apparently, on the advice of counsel.
All right, let's just take a breather.
No, Carrie's here and she taught our daughter how to lie to us.
I wanna know what happened.
I'd rather not talk about it in front of Josie.
Oh, that's closing the barn door after the horses already-- Josie, go to your room.
[sighs deeply.]
I needed to have a meeting with the source.
I was not able to secure my initial location, and so [inhales deeply.]
I asked Josie to bring me the keys to your office.
- That's breaking and entering.
- No, it isn't.
If it isn't a crime, then why'd you tell my kid to lie to me about it? I'm really sorry about that.
I am.
I don't give a shit.
Okay? - What? - Let me talk to her, okay? Is my voice gonna upset her? Is-is the gentle management of Carrie's emotional state really the only priority in this household? Stop.
I went through some bills in your room.
What? You have $38,000 in credit card debt.
Which has what to do with anything? On eight different cards, in a variety of aliases.
You don't have a job.
Please tell me you realize we've been here before.
You know, not every shred of non-conventional behavior boils down to an onset of hypomania.
Really? 'Cause if I didn't know better, I-- You don't.
I was running an operation, working with a United States Senator - Carrie.
- trying to course correct a Presidency gone off the rails.
Carrie! You're right.
We have a President who's behaving in ways that are upsetting.
Everyone's confused and disoriented.
- No, no, no, no.
- Everyone feels paranoid, and in times like this, justifiably - No.
- someone with your kind - of emotional history-- - No, we are not doing this.
There's a vast government conspiracy, and you're the only person who could bring it to light.
I know, Carrie.
I love you, but you-- No, you will not make this about my illness.
This is happening.
The country is in free fall, tearing itself apart, and-- and-- and you're acting like it's me off my meds.
I'm on my meds.
You think I'm the problem? You're the one married to a collaborator.
I'm sorry.
I don't-- I don't mean to [sighs deeply.]
Look, I am-- I am taking my meds.
I'm exercising and sleeping and eating.
Something is going on, because normal people don't act like this.
When was the last time you saw a psychiatrist? When? [scoffs.]
I don't know.
How's tomorrow sound? You put my kid in danger, and yours.
Never mind the fact that throwing darts at my husband is some kind of lawn sport for you.
That shit, I've come to expect.
But the kids? You better hope it's your illness.
[ascending footsteps.]
[somber music plays.]
[switch clicks.]
[switch clicks.]
[footsteps ascending.]
[switch clicks.]
[door creaks.]
[door closes.]
[door creaks and closes.]
[exhales deeply.]
[cellphone chimes.]
[exhales deeply.]
[tapping keys.]
[dramatic music plays.]
[footsteps on video.]
[woman on TV.]
General James McClendon was sentenced today at the Washington Navy Yard.
The 12-officer military panel sentenced General McClendon to life in federal prison.
Reports from inside the trial suggest President Keane herself personally advocated for the death penalty, but to no avail.
And just minutes ago, escorted by US Federal Marshals, General McClendon arrived at Hazelton Prison in West Virginia, where he will most likely spend the rest of his life.
Turning to the financial market [chains rattling.]
- [door closes.]
- [guard.]
Turn around.
[key undoes lock.]
- [chains thud.]
- Hands.
[handcuff locks turning.]
[tie flaps.]
[belt rattles, pants unzip.]
[pants flap.]
[woman on TV.]
18 billion up 3.
5%, narrowly edging the S&P 500.
It will be-- [TV bloops.]
[mouse clicks.]
Arms up.
[door opens.]
Arms down.
Bend over.
- [flashlight clicks.]
- [guard.]
Spread your cheeks.
Stand up.
Open your mouth, please.
[switch clicks.]
Turn your head to the left.
Turn your head to the right.
- [flashlight clicks.]
- Dress.
[door opens.]
[exhales sharply.]
[inhales shallowly.]
[exhales sharply.]
[hands pat legs.]
[exhales deeply.]
[grunts, exhales.]
[exhales sharply.]
Aah! [exhales sharply.]
[nails scrape floor.]
[gloves snapping.]
[McClendon screams.]
[McClendon groaning.]
[exhales sharply.]

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