Homeland s07e02 Episode Script

Rebel Rebel

1 [Saul.]
Previously on Homeland A panel of eight generals and four admirals deemed that his actions did not rise to the level of a capital offense.
You don't think that's a problem for us going forward? - Is this him? - What did she tell you? Nothing.
I did not tell him anything.
She told me you're ready to testify.
Nobody's testifying.
This is Brett O'Keefe.
Welcome to Day 52 of the Resistance.
Easy, Mr.
You're not under arrest.
Now you said put the country first.
I'm offering you an opportunity to do just that.
A job, you mean? How does National Security Advisor sound? You have $38,000 in credit card debt and a variety of aliases.
You don't have a job.
Please, tell me you realize we've been here before.
You know, not every shred of nonconventional behavior boils down to an onset of hypomania.
[car door closes.]
Sorry, sir.
The President asked for bug sweeps, home and office, all senior staff.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Is that order clear? [tense music playing.]
[taps keys.]
[chains rattling.]
- [thud.]
- Aah! [exhales sharply.]
[exhales deeply.]
He saved our lives.
What was his name? [Brody.]
Carrie, you're not yourself.
You don't have my condition.
I'm dealing with it.
I-I've been dealing with it since I was 22.
She said no one at work could know.
She's bipolar.
The mood of the country, it's not great.
[siren wailing.]
Civil war.
Madam President, please! You have to put a stop to this! [woman.]
It's only getting worse.
Is there no fucking line? [Hillary Clinton.]
Ridiculous lies and accusations.
The White House is in crisis mode.
We're talking about information warfare.
Our country is under attack.
The time to rise up is now! [Carrie.]
I swore an oath to protect it.
[siren wailing.]
Just think of me as a light on the heavens, a beacon steering you clear of the wrongs.
An American hero died last night.
Jamie McClendon, three star general.
An early casualty in our revolution.
He will not be the last.
They say he died of a heart attack, that he just keeled over and died.
Nothing could be done, okay? A heart attack.
This marine's marine who went through six tours of Afghanistan and Iraq without so much as a head cold.
A heart attack.
This force of nature who could outrun recruits half his age-- he just dropped dead? That's what they want us to believe.
[ominous music playing.]
Even though the prison guard responsible for his safety grew up on the very same block as the President's Chief of Staff.
That's right, David Wellington and that prison guard-- they grew up together.
But the General-- Oh, his heart just kinda [makes splatting sound.]
gave out.
You expect us to believe that? Really?! The President called for his death.
The tribunal said no, but this Hitler in the White House Oh! She will not be denied! The only way to stop this violence against us, this violence of lies, is to fight back with a clenched fist of truth! [Keane.]
How did it happen? [Attorney General.]
It appears he had a heart attack.
So it's just bad luck.
Brett O'Keefe says one of the prison guards was a childhood friend of Mr.
Is that true? Not that we could establish.
It's bullshit, obviously.
That may be, but at least O'Keefe has an explanation for what happened, which, as far as I can tell, we do not, because even I don't believe that a decorated soldier in perfect health suddenly drops dead of a coronary the moment he sets foot in federal custody.
Why don't you get back to us, if and when you actually know something? [sips.]
Madam President.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
You shouldn't listen to O'Keefe.
My listening to O'Keefe is not the problem.
Well, it is if you think that I used someone I supposedly knew in third grade to off McClendon.
I don't think that.
They do, out there, because that is what O'Keefe is telling them.
You know what we need to do? Change the con-- Change the conversation.
Yeah, you keep saying.
Well, I have an idea for that.
It involves Saul Berenson and 200 others.
A mass release.
So they can keep plotting against me.
Most of them were nowhere near the conspiracy.
Most of them haven't been adequately questioned yet.
After two months, that's on us.
Releasing them would be a show of good faith.
How about someone shows me some good faith? Not gonna happen.
That's the point.
As long as everyone who's anyone in this town has a friend or a colleague or a goddamn family member behind bars, you will get no cooperation anywhere, no traction.
Things will only get worse.
Either you release them Or what? Or what, David? Either you release them or get ready to incarcerate the whole town, because it's not just Brett O'Keefe gunning for you anymore.
It's everyone.
[switch clicks.]
That's weird.
Right when I was calling her Hitler for, like, the tenth time, I could feel myself leave my body and float up next to that jar of peaches there.
Well, hello.
[footsteps ascend stairs.]
[cheers and applause.]
Thank you! [applause continues.]
Thank you! [applause continues.]
Clenched fist of truth.
I like that.
So do I.
That's why I stole it.
My word.
Yes, sir.
And this First battle of the Civil War, fought right over there.
Five miles past the tree line.
- Philippi.
- Philippi.
Now I was taught it was Fort Sumpter, out at the coast.
This was the first land battle.
June 3, 1861.
Governor of Virginia didn't know what side he was on.
It was a state of confusion in the people.
I'd say there's a lot less confusion this time around, thanks to you.
No, I-I mean it.
Show him, JJ.
Come on.
Show him.
Rebel! "Re-bel.
" Holy shit, it's me! [laughter.]
I'm not utterly clueless.
I-I know.
Getting my niece involved in my business was a huge lapse of judgment.
[sighs deeply.]
But I-I was running out of options, and-- and-- and-- and Honestly, the whole situation was so unique, I can basically guarantee that won't happen again.
And what is it? This-- this business.
Uh, it was meeting, uh, that needed to be relocated at the last second.
And what about the credit card debt? [scoffs.]
Was there a segue there I missed? I'm just trying to understand the whole picture.
You have a home, with your sister.
You have a place to live.
And yet, at the same time, you're checked into at least two expensive hotels for I'm not sure what purpose.
You want to explain that? Well, obviously, you're talking to my sister.
- Why not ask her? - I have talked to her, yes.
- She's concerned about you.
- About credit cards? No, not just.
She said you lost someone, that a friend of yours-- maybe your best friend-- died violently in front of your eyes.
You know what? He would have understood what I'm doing.
He never let me down, ever.
He would be right here with me now.
[voice breaks.]
He would have gotten it.
Gotten what exactly? [sighs.]
Our country is under attack, and I am called on to protect it.
Not like it's something I feel I should do, if I can find the time.
I mean, I swore an oath, just like my friend did, to do something, to the best of my ability to help my country, which I am doing.
And what my sister fails to comprehend [scoffs.]
is that I'm making progress.
Let me ask you.
How does that sound to you, what you just said? It sounds true.
And? And I'm taking my medication, if that's what you're asking.
- I take it every day.
- Lithium? That's been your principal therapy for 15 years now, right? - Prescribed by your sister.
- Originally.
Are you aware that in a small part of the population, Lithium can become ineffective after that much time? It simply stops working.
[buzzer, clank.]
[door locks.]
Good news.
The President has accepted your terms.
She's agreed to release you, along with the 200 others, just like you asked, provided you accept a position in her administration-- National Security Advisor.
Can I ask why the sudden shift? President had a change of heart.
[buzzer in distance.]
Was this before or after General McClendon died? - Does it matter? - Yeah, David, it matters.
Because if my new position is really shit screen for this administration, I'm not interested.
You'd rather have 200 people sitting in jail? Yeah.
First, I don't think that you or anyone actually believes that the President of the United States had a General offed in prison.
Second, no one's expecting you to pick up pom-poms and become some kind of cheerleader.
But no carping from the sidelines either.
No press leaks undermining the President's statements.
We want a partner.
We want to leave the mess behind and move the country forward.
When does this happen? This, uh, moving.
Soon as you say yes.
[dramatic music playing.]
[exhales deeply.]
[breathing deeply.]
[continues breathing deeply.]
[taps key.]
[taps keyboard.]
[door opens on screen.]
Madam President.
- You know your lines? - Think so.
"Time to move on.
" That's what my advisors say.
Thank you.
But realistically? The national security establishment came after me with machine guns as far as I can see for no other reason than that they felt disrespected.
I doubt I'll ever get over it.
I'm not even sure I should.
It was a very small group, Madam President.
- You're sure about that.
- Yes.
And it never included me.
I was there that day with you, in the lead vehicle.
My driver was killed in the explosion.
The doctors spent three hours pulling broken glass out of my face.
I was on your side.
I hope so.
[door opens.]
They're ready.
[tense music playing.]
[computer whooshes.]
[buttons clicking.]
[cellphone rings.]
[indistinct conversations.]
- [beep.]
- Sorry.
Gotta deal with this.
- [Carrie.]
Hello? - What is this? I'm not sure.
She's-- she's got some connection to Wellington.
A colleague, maybe? A secret girlfriend? I meant, what the fuck are you doing, calling me? Look, I don't need you to do anything except ID her.
Do that, and-- and I'll take care of the rest.
I-I know you're under a microscope there.
Look, what about our last encounter suggested I ever wanted to hear from you again? I just need you to ID her.
It's important.
- I'm on my own here.
- And why do you think that is? [sighs.]
Look I [cellphone beeps.]
Hello? - Dante? Are you there? - [knock on door.]
- Who were you talking to? - Nobody.
I-I-I wasn't snooping.
I came up because there's something I think you'll want to see.
[amplified voice.]
What began as an investigation into a violent conspiracy against the heart of our government has become a source of such acrimony and division that I've decided, in the interest of this country, it is time to put it behind us.
A group that has come to be known as "The Two Hundred" is being released today as we speak.
[applause and murmuring.]
Among those released today, is Saul Berenson, my new National Security Advisor.
[applause on TV.]
Thank you, Madam President Mommy, Uncle Saul's on TV! for this great honor.
We cannot let recent events derail the work of this nation.
We are still one nation.
What is this? Her new National Security Advisor.
Saul? [Maggie.]
It's what you wanted, isn't it? He's out.
and while we squabble, they gain ground.
While we attack our own government, they revel - in their good luck.
- I don't get it.
What's to get? Um, why he's joining them.
Well, for one thing, because those 200 people you've been obsessing about, the political prisoners, so-called? - They're being released.
- What? Released.
All of them.
So you were wrong.
The President is not a dictator.
The world is not coming to an end.
- Shh.
I wanna hear this.
- By the end of the day, they will all be released-- an event that you swore wouldn't occur during in our lifetimes.
Let's see if it actually happens.
Most of them are already out.
They never should've been in, in the first place.
You never admit you're wrong, do you? [Saul, amplified voice.]
what the mass release shows is that the system works.
[people asking questions at once.]
Yes? What about your own incarceration? Are you saying now that it was justified? What's important is not that I was in, but that I'm out, standing in front of you.
It's testimony to the open-mindedness of this administration [lowered voice.]
Have you told him? [lowered voice.]
Not yet.
Wanted to see how he did on this first.
to addressing the many security challenges this country is facing around the world.
- [all shouting at once.]
- Yes, sir? What will be your first order of business? Finding my office.
Thank you.
[scattered laughter, applause.]
Well, they didn't lynch me.
You did well.
Thank you.
So? What next? David will get you started.
What's that mean? It's what the reporter was asking, your first order of business.
I have some thoughts on that.
Well, so does the President.
She feels it's important to send the right message, - to the country.
- What sort of message? Well, we have a very troubling national security situation that's grown more and more out of control.
What has? O'Keefe.
Okay, wait.
- We just announced an amnesty.
- Not for him.
He was working directly with Dar Adal.
So was I.
You just made me National Security Advisor.
Saul, he's been thumbing his nose at an arrest warrant for six weeks, calling for the overthrow of the government.
The President's questioning the FBI's commitment to bring him in at all.
It has to stop.
Since when is domestic police work in my job description? We see this as hunting a terrorist.
President trusts you.
She wants you in charge.
Good night, beautiful girl.
Sleep tight.
- You okay? - I like it here.
So do I.
Then why are you mad all the time? Hmm? Like yelling at Uncle Bill.
Oh, I wasn't yelling, sweetie.
We just disagreed.
You always disagree.
I'll try to be nicer.
Okay? I don't want to have to leave here.
I don't know where we'd go.
Oh, sweetheart, is that what you're worried about, where we'd go? Listen to me.
This is our family, yours and mine.
We don't have to go anywhere.
All right? [somber music playing.]
I love you, Franny Banany.
Now get some sleep.
[switch clicks.]
[door squeaks closed.]
[sighs heavily.]
[exhales deeply.]
[switch clicks.]
[taps key.]
[taps key.]
[laptop chimes faintly.]
[birds chirping.]
- [sighs.]
- [laptop chimes.]
[laptop chimes.]
[laptop chimes.]
[laptop chimes.]
[laptop chimes.]
[laptop chimes.]
[taps key, laptop whirring.]
Mommy! - Oh! - Help.
Oh, sweetie, you missed a button.
[laptop whooshes.]
What's wrong? Uh, nothing.
Why don't you, uh, go start your breakfast? I'll be down in a second, okay? Okay.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[taps key.]
[exhales deeply.]
[exhales deeply.]
Carrie? Carrie, can you please come down? Hey.
What's going on? My meeting got moved an hour earlier, so can you take the girls to school? - [Josie.]
I can do it.
- [Maggie.]
So, Carrie? Um I wish I could, but I-I have an interview.
- [Maggie.]
Drop them on the way.
- [Josie.]
I can do it.
- [keys jangle.]
- No.
It's on Skype, in about ten minutes.
Looking like that? Um, I-I'm about to change.
I'm sorry.
So I either reschedule my meeting again, or I take her right now.
She ready? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, she's ready.
Okay, Franny.
Let's go, sweetie.
Have a good day at school.
All right, munchkin? - Mwah.
Love you.
- Good luck.
The interview.
Yeah, thanks.
And thanks.
Come on, girls, let's go.
[door closes.]
Fuck! [sighs.]
No better feeling, is there? Exercising your constitutional rights.
- You wanna try? - I'm good.
You're gonna want to.
Uncle Dan-- he's got a surprise.
- That is hilarious! - I told you you'd want to.
Well, why the hell not? You know what people forget? The Second Amendment isn't about needing guns for hunting or-- or target shootin' or security.
No, sir.
It's about Resisting Tyranny.
The Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, foresaw the dark day when we would face a President like Keane, as deadly as any foreign king.
And we would have to fight for our lives and liberty all over again.
- [gunshot.]
- Uhh! - Are you okay? - [exhales sharply.]
Did I hit her? [laughter.]
It was a frame grab off the surveillance cams.
Some guy on 4chan said he recognized her, had another photo.
I clicked without thinking.
So incredibly stupid.
[sighs deeply.]
Lately, I don't know.
It's just been one fucking thing after another.
- [laptop whirs.]
- [sighs deeply.]
Well? Your keyboard's locked and all your files are encrypted.
Yeah, no, I got that.
But how bad is it? It's bad.
The malware uses elliptic curve encryption.
- But you can fix it, right? - No.
- You can fix anything.
- Not this.
Nobody has been able to crack this, not yet anyway.
Well, what am I supposed to do? You know I can't go to the police.
What's on that hard drive could put us both in prison.
There's only one option.
What? You have to pay the ransom.
I'm broke, Max.
I'm-- I'm worse than broke.
Borrow money from your sister.
I can't.
I'm already on thin ice with her.
I can loan you $753.
But, look, Carrie, you really don't have any other choice.
You have to pay it.
[deep male voice.]
The loser's right.
[tense music playing.]
And the price just doubled.
It's now ten grand.
[inhales deeply.]
Tell the loser to leave.
Leave, Max, or the price doubles again.
[door closes.]
He's gone.
- Just you and me then.
- What do you want? Oh, I'd say it's pretty obvious.
Well, if you've seen my bank statements, you know I'm overdrawn on every single account.
You're white, college-educated, living in America.
You'll figure something out.
And you've got 24 hours.
At least give me until next week.
No extensions.
- Please.
- If you're not ready to transfer $10,000 in Bitcoin tomorrow at this time, I'm publishing the contents of your hard drive online.
Make for some very interesting reading, don't you think? Hmm? See ya.
Hey! Wait, wait, wait, wait! No, no, no, no! Come back! [tapping keys.]
Fuck! [breathing heavily.]
[telephone rings.]
Hello? Yeah, hold on.
- Paley's here.
- About fucking time.
- Are you sure about this? - Positive.
Send him in.
[receiver clatters.]
Madam President.
- David.
- Thanks for coming in, Sam.
Of course.
How about we start with your home state, Senator? You want to tell me what exactly's going on? Happy to.
It's all hype, Madam President.
Oh, I don't think so.
You've got armed civilians patrolling the border.
They're harmless.
In open violation of a US District Court Order.
Believe me, Arizona Border ReCon isn't about to lead a revolt on the federal government.
[inhales sharply.]
Well, it doesn't help that you're all over the local media down there, calling me un-American, weak on national defense, warning me not to visit anytime soon.
"I'm afraid we can no longer guarantee her safety.
" Well maybe I did get a little - carried away there.
- No shit.
Why don't we all sit down? No, let's not, David.
The senator won't be staying long.
Not unless he's willing to shut down his committee's investigation.
Excuse me? As of this morning, everybody swept up in the second wave of arrests has been released.
Most are back at work already.
Releasing them doesn't change the fact that they were unlawfully detained.
And that's not the only sin of commission.
What are you talking about? There's the very strange timing of General McClendon's heart attack - You're not serious.
- coming, as it did, right on the heels of your very unusual appeal for the death penalty.
You're not gonna dignify that nonsense with hearings? I have a sworn duty, Madam President, just like you.
Like hell you do.
We can ask nicely, Senator, or we can go to war with you next November.
Next November, huh? Arizona's going majority-minority any day now, and our polling indicates you're 50-50 to lose your seat as it is.
The White House weighs in, all our resources, you're toast.
You think so? I know so.
Honestly, come next November, I don't think I'm the one out of a job.
Madam President.
[door opens and closes.]
[exhaling deeply.]
[tense music playing.]
[exhales deeply.]
[tapping keys.]
Hello? I'm here.
I I wanna talk.
[taps key.]
- Hello? - [taps keys.]
[laptop whooshes.]
- Hello? - [electronic chirp.]
Hey, what the hell? Since when is it 20 grand? - What is going on? - [taps key.]
- Hey! Hey, are you there? - [taps keys.]
[deep male voice.]
I'm here.
I had until tomorrow.
You-- you can't keep changing the terms.
No, that's the beauty of it.
I can do whatever I want.
- No, it's not fair.
- Oh, boo fucking hoo.
Seriously, 20 grand is too much to ask.
I'm not sure the President's Chief of Staff would agree.
What did he do? Did he dump you or something? Break your heart? [scoffs.]
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Don't play dumb.
You're a freak.
You got cameras all over his house, in his bedroom.
Bet you were hoping I didn't notice, huh? It's too bad you and the loser let it slip.
And now you're gonna be my golden goose.
What the hell is so funny? - Go ahead.
- Go ahead what? Well, tell him.
I don't give a shit.
- Don't think I won't.
- [sighs.]
He knows already.
How else do you think I got the cameras in there? He gets off on it, me watching him.
You're lying.
I'm not.
David Wellington likes to party.
Google him sometime.
Do it now.
[typing sound.]
Five years ago, NYPD Vice busted him with a couple of escorts in a suite at the Waldorf.
Photos got out online.
It ended his career.
[typing stops and starts.]
Well? You believe me now? [sighs.]
Doesn't change the fact I still own your hard drive.
Doesn't change the fact that I still can't afford to pay you.
[exhales slowly.]
You seeing this? [man.]
So what if I'm a freak? [man.]
What do you mean? You interested? [deep male voice.]
What've you got in mind? [inhales deeply.]
I don't know.
An exchange of services? [man.]
Like what? Anything you want.
I want you to take off your shirt.
Not now.
Later, in person.
[deep male voice.]
I said, take off your fucking shirt! [sighs.]
Now sit back.
I wanna see.
Take off your bra, too.
[man inhales sharply.]
Now play with your titties.
Use both hands.
[ragged breathing.]
Now roll your nipples.
Make 'em long and full.
[man gasping.]
That's it.
That's it.
[exhales deeply.]
Hey, what are you doing? Don't stop! It's not for free, asshole.
You want more, it has to be in person.
And you have to unlock my computer.
[tense music playing.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[police radio chatter.]
[electronic chirps.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[horn blaring, tires screeching.]
- Fuck you, feds! - [crowd laughing.]
[tires screeching.]
[cheers and applause.]
[indistinct conversations.]
Special Agent in Charge Sean Maslin.
I hear you were close this time.
They got word we were coming, snuck him out.
- Who's "they"? - Local law enforcement.
- They say where they took him? - No, not yet.
What happened to his face? [Maslin.]
Resisting arrest.
Refused to accept that my agents had jurisdiction.
Honestly, the shit we have to wade through down here.
[inhales deeply, sighs.]
I want to talk to 'em.
- Okay.
- On my own.
Uncuff 'em, get 'em something to drink.
Split 'em up.
- Ouch! Careful.
- You're so full of shit.
The great defender of the Second Amendment never fired a gun in his life.
- I have.
- You're such a liar.
I did.
Summer camp, 40 years ago.
Hold this.
I'm gonna ask one of the guys to drive me to town today.
There's a bus station there, and I'll show you how to log on for the broadcast.
- It's not that complicated.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What's going on? You said you wanted a bed, which you got, and clean clothes and a shower, which you also got.
- You look great, actually.
- Stop.
I told you, I'm done.
- I need to go home.
- To what? My life.
You'd trade all this for a studio apartment in Brooklyn? Yeah.
I don't like being surrounded - by gun-toting crazies.
- That's why you gotta stay, protect me from the lunatic fringe.
[knock on door.]
Uh, Dad says food's ready.
Thanks, JJ.
We'll be right there.
Hey, JJ! Hold on.
JJ! You-- you heard us talkin'.
- It's none of my business.
- Oh, it is your business.
I've been on the run for nearly 60 days, and the only reason the Feds haven't caught up with me is because of the courage and kindness of families like yours.
I was having trouble in there with the world's worst girlfriend, and I said something I'm not proud of.
- It's okay.
- It's not okay.
I ask your forgiveness.
Do you think we're crazy? Anyone who stands up for what they believe, people are gonna say they're crazy.
They've been calling me that for years.
But what you and your daddy have made here is the very opposite of crazy.
It's blessed.
I'm proud to be fightin' on your side.
[both chuckle.]
[police radio chatter.]
I was speaking to your colleague.
it was interesting.
You think I don't know what you're doing? Split us up, tell him one thing, tell me another.
I'm a cop, you fucking moron.
It was interesting because I couldn't find the words to express to express the dismay I feel at what I saw outside Hundred people, ordinary decent citizens, staring at the FBI with hatred in their eyes like they're an occupying army.
Aren't they? You know where I've seen this before? Some of the most fucked-up places on the planet, places we're so proud we're not Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria.
Locals facing the armies of governments they hate.
All it takes is one wrong word, one wrong move, and people start dying.
Get the Feds to leave, the folks will go home.
The FBI won't leave without O'Keefe.
Then you got a problem.
No, you got a problem.
That's what I'm saying.
These are your people, people you swore to protect.
You're leaving them out there in harm's way.
I know Brett O'Keefe.
He knows me.
Tell me where you took him.
I'll go talk to him.
I will end this.
No one will get hurt.
You have my word.
[train horn blowing.]
[bell clanging.]
[engine turns off.]
I'm on Demoines.
[deep male voice.]
Get out.
Walk back in the direction you came.
Where are you? Start walking.
[keys jangle, door handle clacks.]
[deep male voice.]
Leave the bag.
Leave it.
And the jacket.
The jacket.
[car alarm chirps.]
[indistinct conversations.]
- I know where O'Keefe is.
- Fantastic.
All right, listen, get Hammett in here.
I wanna be in the room-- I am going to talk to him on my own.
- He's a federal fugitive.
- I'm aware.
Yeah? And you think, what, he'll just turn himself in without a fight? Look, I'm not letting you make the same mess you made here-- pissing off the locals, beating up a cop, for fuck's sake? One call to the Director, you're off the case.
We go together then it's O'Keefe and me.
Agreed? [sighs.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[deep male voice.]
On your right.
It's the green door.
It's open.
[door creaks.]
[deep male voice.]
Go left.
Keep moving.
[deep male voice.]
Open it.
[deep male voice.]
Go left.
[deep male voice.]
Past the tables.
[deep male voice.]
Keep walking.
[deep male voice.]
[deep male voice.]
Don't need the phone anymore.
Put it down.
Where are you? - Okay, now you're scaring me.
- [man.]
Stop talking.
Take off your shirt.
First unlock my computer.
Take it off.
You said you would unlock my computer.
Why the fuck do you think you're here? [exhales deeply.]
Take it off.
Do it now, or I walk outta here and I start fucking up your life.
Come on.
Come on.
It's stuck.
[exhales sharply.]
Turn around.
[exhales deeply.]
[breathing heavily.]
[breathing heavily.]
[breathing heavily.]
- [grunts.]
- Aah! - You fuck! - Aah! [grunting.]
- [chomps down.]
- Aah! [grunts.]
All right.
All right? No! Aah! Aah! [man grunting.]
Unlock my computer.
- [whack.]
- Aah! Unlock my computer, or I will fucking kill you.
Aah! Okay! It hurts! I don't give a shit.
Do it.
[cellphone chimes.]
Keep fucking typing.
[breathing heavily.]
[laptop chirps.]
It's done.
Yeah? [breathing heavily.]
I swear.
[cellphone chimes.]
Please, let me go.
- Like you let me go? - Uhh! - [smack.]
- [groans.]
I'm CIA, you motherfucker.
You try anything, I will hunt you down.
I will kill you.
- I know who you are - [groans, grunts.]
where you live.
I've got your prints, your DNA, - your ugly fucking face.
- [grunts.]
I've got you for the rest of your life.
Do you hear? [gasping.]
[grunts, gasps.]

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