Homeland s07e04 Episode Script

Like Bad At Things

1 [Saul.]
Previously on Homeland - What's wrong with you? - I'm bipolar.
And my drug protocol is fucked up.
Apparently, I've developed a lithium tolerance.
Meyer told you this? [sighs.]
Basically, she wants me to sedate myself into a coma to break the manic cycle.
Okay, stop.
This is far enough.
I'm looking for Brett O'Keefe.
Must be a slow week in Washington if the President sends her new National Security Advisor down here.
Saul! Get out of there! Run! Run! [Saul.]
There's no need for this to end badly.
Well, it won't be without a fight, I can tell you that.
I ran down that photo you sent me.
Simone Martin.
Met David Wellington in Budapest four years ago.
They've been involved on and off ever since.
A vehicle registered to this woman was issued a parking ticket in Hazelton, West Virginia, where General McClendon was sentenced to spend - the rest of his life.
- [camera shutter clicks.]
It's also the day before he died.
We have a time-sensitive matter we need to bring to your attention.
We have fresh intel that Assad is mounting an offensive against the Free Syrian Army.
Excuse me, General, this is the same briefing I got last week.
What makes you think I've changed my position? That arms shipment to the Assad regime? The window's still open for an air strike.
I am not gonna blow up a convoy in Syria in order to control the news cycle.
[telephone rings.]
- Rossen here.
- General, it's David Wellington.
The President's come around.
She just approved the Syrian mission.
You say the President authorized the strike.
You have my word.
He saved our lives.
What was his name? [Brody.]
Carrie, you're not yourself.
But you don't have my condition.
I'm dealing with it.
I-I've been dealing with it since I was 22.
She said no one at work could know.
She's bipolar.
The mood of the country, it's not great.
Civil war.
Madam President, please! You have to put a stop to this! [woman.]
It's only getting worse.
Is there no fucking line? [Hillary Clinton.]
Ridiculous lies and accusations.
The White House is in crisis mode.
I'm talking about information warfare.
Our country is under attack.
The time to rise up is now! [Carrie.]
I swore an oath to protect it.
[siren wailing.]
Just think of me as a light on the heavens, a beacon steering you clear of the wrongs.
[vehicles approaching, siren whoops.]
- [siren whoops.]
- Fuck.
[doorbell rings.]
[tense music playing.]
- Madam President.
- Wait here, please.
- [radio chatter.]
- Close it.
[door creaks.]
You heard? I heard.
I was waiting for you to call.
So all the intelligence services listening in could hear that my presidency's just been hijacked? I don't think so.
Those fucking generals sat there with their stars on their shoulders, nodding their heads like they were actually listening.
Then went ahead and did whatever the hell they wanted.
It wasn't the generals, Elizabeth.
It was me.
- What? - It was me.
I authorized the air strike in your name.
I tried telling you last night, you're on track to be the first president since Harrison not to make it through a hundred days.
We needed to put one up in the win column.
The win column? Are you out of your mind? Have you seen what they're saying about you - on the morning shows? - I don't care - what they're saying.
- Well, you should.
It's all about how you just announced yourself on the world stage, how you're learning on the job.
Between this and releasing the 200, I think we finally turned a corner.
So I should be grateful that a mission I said "no" to gets a thumbs up from the morning talk show crowd?! [Wellington.]
You should be grateful you get to wipe the slate and start over.
Very few presidents are so lucky.
I should have you arrested.
Elizabeth? A long time ago, you asked me to run your first campaign for state office.
I was doing national races at the time, but I said "yes" because I had this feeling we'd be here someday in the White House.
You want my resignation, I'll resign.
You want me in jail? I'll go.
But all I care about, all I care about is you having a chance to show them you can be a great president, a great president, and you have that in you, and I've known it from the beginning.
- [knock on door.]
- [exhales deeply.]
[door squeaks closed.]
- [rapid knock on door.]
- Carrie? [knocking continues.]
You're not gonna believe what just happened.
- What? - Wellington and Keane.
She was just lambasting him in his house, 'cause the air strike in Syria? She said no way.
- He authorized it anyway.
- What? He authorized it.
That's what he said.
And then he got all weird, how she's got it in her to become this great president.
I mean, it's crazy town.
Anything is possible.
So if we were wondering if that guy's capable of taking out McClendon, I'd say it's a big fucking yes.
[scoffs, sighs.]
- We've gotta tell Dante.
- Forget it.
- He needs to know.
- There's no way you'd know what you just told me without the surveillance, and the surveillance leads right back to me.
- Fine.
- No one can know.
- That was the deal.
- I said fine.
So you said you had something you want me to look at.
[exhales deeply.]
Not as mind-blowing as that.
But I did get a download from his girlfriend's computer.
She was up in Hazelton, where McClendon died, just hours before it happened.
- And you know this how? - Dante.
The guy you don't trust to tell about the surveillance? He found a parking ticket she got while she was there.
I'll take a look.
- [laptop closes.]
- What are you doing? While you're unlocking her e-mails, I'm gonna go to Hazelton.
Maybe I can figure out what she was doing there.
I thought you were grounded.
So you can rest.
I need to borrow your car.
[keys jingle.]
[engine revs.]
[tires squeal, gears shift.]
Could use some help out here! [indistinct conversations.]
[tense music playing.]
[indistinct conversations continue.]
Got it.
That's a lot of firepower.
Better safe than sorry.
[lowered voice.]
I didn't know it was gonna get to this.
I'm glad that somebody does.
You probably think twice now, a stranger asks to spend the night.
Someone should've told me what you all were planning.
Wasn't really a plan, ma'am.
More like a Hail Mary.
You should've said.
I could've gotten the children out.
So the Feds can use them against us? - They're not safe here.
- Okay, wait, wait, wait.
I know this situation I have dragged you into is less than ideal, but I want you to know, before any of you good people comes close to getting hurt, especially the children, I will be walking down that driveway and handing myself over to the federales.
Okay? In the meantime, though, the way I see it, we hold all the cards.
- What cards? - Me.
They don't want a fight.
They just want me.
So if you're willing, how 'bout we just leave their whole big, ugly battalion out there a while? So the whole world can see.
- There we go.
- [buzzing overhead.]
[buzzing continues.]
[cocks rifle.]
- [gunshot.]
- Yeah! [men all speak indistinctly at once.]
[lowered voice.]
Get the kids to the barn.
[dog barking in distance, baby crying.]
Killed my drone.
Son of a-- Back it up.
Back it up.
I wanna see.
There, there, there, there.
All right, tell me what I'm lookin' at here, the guy with the gun.
His name's Andy Burke, sir.
A local survivalist.
Who are they? [woman.]
Uh, that's Bo and Mary Elkins.
They own the place with the Van Dusens.
And that's Brett O'Keefe.
Yeah, him I know.
All right, so we got, uh, 40 people, six vehicles loaded with food, weapons.
I can't even count all the ammo.
This is what you got us, playing peacemaker? All right, we still need to know what they're up to.
Go get me eyes on these clowns, huh? Yes, sir.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[gun clatters.]
[radio chatter.]
[gun clatters.]
[gear shifts, seat belt clicks.]
[engine idling.]
[engine turns off.]
[car door closes.]
- Can I help you? - Yeah, I sure hope so.
Um, this woman was in here four days ago.
Mid-afternoon, around 3 PM.
Let me guess.
She wasn't here for a payroll advance, was she Carl? I can't talk about our clients, ma'am.
Well, not normally.
Of course not.
But in this case, your client is my sister.
Doesn't matter.
Yeah, well, there we disagree.
She's bipolar.
- Do you know what that is? - Not really.
It's a form of crazy.
Oh, yeah, I knew that.
So if I seem a little agitated, which I probably do, that's why.
My sister lives with me in my house, where she's not only driven my entire family totally insane, she's managed to run up debts of nearly $100,000 that she cannot begin to repay.
I had her declared incompetent.
Like bad at things? It means she's not responsible for her actions, Carl.
I-I am.
I am responsible.
And I have legally enjoined any access to funds for her.
Any access.
You see where I'm going here? Okay, here's-- here's the thing, and I-- and I apologize in advance for having to put it this way, but if-- if Dash Cash or-- or-- Cash Dash or whatever you call yourselves, has been doing some kind of end run, has been funneling money to her around the legal barriers I have put in place, I have no choice but to sue your asses, starting right here with you.
Hello? Carl, you getting this? You might wanna find yourself a lawyer.
It wasn't-- it wasn't any $100,000.
- [papers rustle.]
- Uh, it's just one transfer.
I've never seen her before.
Where are we supposed to put these? Take these four.
Let's go.
[tense music playing.]
[man on TV.]
As temperatures are starting to warm up all across West Virginia and Pennsylvania, - let's take a look at - [object thuds.]
highs in the upper 70s, Monday and Tuesday [Burke.]
Hey, don't point that here.
Not unless you intended to use it.
[woman on TV.]
surrounding a small compound in Lucasville, Virginia, where sources believe What the fuck is it now? - may be hiding.
- [dog barking in distance.]
- Where's JJ? - [barking continues.]
Bruno! Get back here! Bruno! [barking.]
- Bruno! - [barking continues.]
- Bruno! - [gunshot, Bruno yelps.]
You killed my dog! [gunshot.]
What'd you do?! - [panting.]
- Can you hear me, son? Can you hear me? Call the medics! We need help here! [gun cocks.]
Put your weapons down! Oh.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's gonna be okay.
[JJ whimpers.]
- How is he? - It's bad.
Get him back to the house.
Need-- need some help.
[radio chatter.]
- [man.]
Move, move.
- I heard shots.
[woman on radio.]
One civilian casualty, teenage boy, 9-millimeter to the abdomen.
Also Special Agent Goodman, now hostage.
Fuck! [officers shouting indistinctly.]
- [door opens.]
- Let's get some help! Need some help.
Need some help! Need some help in here! Need some help! [JJ breathing heavily.]
- Oh, my God! - He's gonna be okay.
- He's gonna be all right.
- [JJ panting.]
It's gonna be okay.
It'll be okay.
Bo! Bo! [punch lands.]
Bo! [Burke.]
Everybody, take a deep fucking breath! Bo, listen to me! Listen to me.
He's worth more to us alive! Bo! Come on.
Come on.
[JJ gasping.]
[Mary crying.]
Just under the reporting limit.
No sender name, nothing but a reference number.
- [Max on phone.]
- Basically.
She tells them the number, they hand her the cash, just hours before McClendon eats it a half-mile away.
So what are you thinking? The obvious.
The money was used for a payoff.
To get McClendon killed? No, Max.
So he'd have a nicer room.
I just meant that $9,900 for a hit on a celebrity prisoner in a federal supermax - seems kind of low.
- [Carrie.]
So what I'm wondering is where she went next.
She must've gotten more money somewhere.
Did you get into her e-mails? Yeah.
There's nothing there so far.
She's supposedly the director of fund-raising for a pro-Democracy NGO.
- [Carrie.]
And? - Looks like she actually is.
I'm looking at a bunch of photos of her.
She's like a professional partygoer.
Send them to me.
- Huh? - [Carrie.]
Send them.
Only, um where are you? Hazelton.
Where do you think? Driving.
You said you had to be back by the time Franny got home.
You should've left there an hour ago.
[inhales sharply.]
Oh, shit.
[cellphone rings.]
You shot a kid.
A 16-year-old boy and his dog.
How is he? He is bleeding.
His whole stomach's bright red.
There's a hospital less than 20 minutes from here.
I wanna move him.
You there? I-I'll tell them that.
I don't know if they'll listen.
Well, make 'em.
I'm not in control here.
Tell me about it.
You deal with it on your end, I'll deal with it on mine.
[ends call.]
Who was that? O'Keefe.
We're arranging to move the kid to a hospital.
Not until I get my man back.
Kid's bleeding out.
Your man shot him.
- Raised a weapon.
- 16-year-old.
They shot him.
Do not fuck with me on this.
You will not like where it ends.
Respectfully, you have no chain of command here.
Take it up with the Director.
[radio chatter.]
[beep, line rings.]
[cellphone rings, beep.]
Saul, I'm-I'm heading into a meeting.
I gotta call you back.
No, no, no, no, don't hang up.
Kid's been shot here by the FBI.
Agent's been taken hostage.
FBI commander won't allow him to be transported to a hospital.
Not until he gets his man back.
That's not gonna happen before the kid bleeds out.
I need the President to intervene.
David, did you hear me? Um, yeah, I-I'm not sure that my relationship with the President can stand more bad news today.
What are you talking about? Kid is dying.
Yeah, fine.
I gotta call you back.
Hey, Marcy, I got an emergency.
[knock on door.]
- Excuse me, Madam President.
- What is it? Saul Berenson called.
The FBI just shot a kid.
Come in.
[radio chatter.]
[indistinct conversations.]
It's the President of the United States.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[taps key.]
[taps key.]
[taps key, laptop chimes.]
[door opens.]
You made it.
I'm Maggie.
Carrie's sister.
I'm Max.
- Hi, Max.
- H-hi, Franny.
So what are you doing? Uh, just software updates for Carrie.
Where is she, anyway? Downstairs? Not really.
Uh - Do you wanna tell me? - [ascending footsteps.]
Max, hey.
Hello, you! I-I gotta go.
Uh, I'll walk you out.
Bye, Max.
I have no idea what happened after she picked up the money from the place you found up there, but before, she got off the turnpike four times on her way there.
Each stop was about ten minutes long, and there's a cash place at each exit.
How'd you find that out? You'll see.
I sent it to you.
So four along the turnpike, plus Hazelton.
- That's five pickups total.
- Yeah, in theory.
Five times $9,900-- that's almost $50,000.
That's enough to get something done.
- [keys jingle.]
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey! [groans.]
How was your day? - Great.
- It was? It was great? Mwah.
[tense music playing.]
[radio chatter.]
Out! Hands where I can see 'em! Check him out.
[indistinct conversations.]
Search it.
[bag unzipping, rustling.]
Hey, hey, w-we're only here for the boy, all right? All right, lock it up.
Staying on 'em.
[engines start.]
Where's the patient? [Mary.]
Can you put that on the wall there? - What's his name? - JJ.
Hey, JJ? JJ, I'm Nate.
Mind if I take a look? There's no exit wound.
His pressure's low.
- What does that mean? - It just means he's lost a lot of blood.
He could be going into shock, so we wanna get some fluids in him.
Hold this.
- [labored breathing.]
- I'd like to check on him.
Can you hold the bag with the line? Go.
Okay, listen here, JJ.
I just wanna see if I - How you doing? - I'm okay.
[inhales sharply.]
Let me put something on that.
I need you to step back, put your hand in my coat.
- How's the boy? - Gonna be okay.
Be very careful.
Sir, can you stand on the left side? [Nate.]
All right, everyone, we're gonna lift him on three, okay? [soft clank.]
Gonna need some help.
- You need water? - Okay, enough.
Hey, could use a hand here.
We're gonna move him, okay? You wanna grab right there.
You grab right there, okay? We're gonna get him up on three, all right? - [whispers.]
Thank you.
- [Nate.]
Okay, everyone.
One, two, three, lift.
All right.
All right, JJ, you're doing good there.
[indistinct conversations.]
What is that? [O'Keefe over filter.]
First shots were fired today - in the war against America.
- He's at it again.
and the victim was a 16-year-old boy shot in cold blood by federal agents under a "shoot to kill" order issued directly from the White House from the desk of Elizabeth Keane.
What did I tell you? You make concessions to these people, they piss on you.
It doesn't matter if you're a three-star general or a kid or a canine, you are fair game.
We all are because here they come-- Keane's trained assassins, her murderers, frothing thugs-- [Mary.]
Stop! What was that? Just stop.
This is Brett O'Keefe coming to you from free America, fighting for our lives.
[taps button.]
[tense music playing.]
[exhales deeply.]
[door opens.]
Don't even bother.
Light was still on.
I thought you were sleeping.
Not tired.
Not surprised.
I am confused, though.
After everything you said, how scared you are, if you don't get this thing under control, - what will happen to you - Okay.
to Franny.
You know where this ends.
Are you even taking your meds? Yes.
I don't mean the lithium we know isn't working.
I mean the Seroquel that will quiet you down enough so that you can reset and start over.
Yes, what? - I'm taking it.
- Really? You expect me to believe that when you're the only one - still up.
- I'm taking it, okay? I'm taking it.
- Seroquel, see? - [pills rattle.]
[sighs deeply.]
[exhales deeply.]
[opens bottle.]
- [bottle thuds.]
- [sighs.]
Swallow it.
[glass thuds.]
[Saul on phone.]
Trauma surgeon's arriving from Richmond.
They're prepping JJ as we speak.
Took long enough.
Factor that in next time you pick a family in the middle of nowhere to drop in this shit.
Hey, I'm not the one shot the kid.
You're the one who snuck in an armed militia and put everyone in harm's way.
That's better.
Know what I'm lookin' at here? An army.
What do you got there? All high on your toxic bullshit.
Same thing.
This seem like a stable situation to you? So leave.
Ruby Ridge.
They didn't start as firefights.
They ended up there.
'Cause with all these guns, it's inevitable.
Negotiators lose control.
- What negotiators? - You and me.
You and me, O'Keefe, we're the negotiators.
We're the fucking grownups in the room here, ones who don't want any more casualties, let alone a shooting war.
Am I wrong about that? You're not wrong.
Wanna end this, you can.
How? Give yourself up.
Oh, I give myself up.
You call that negotiating? Fine.
Stay put.
Then don't act surprised when the next person gets shot.
What about the other kids? What about 'em? Kids and their mothers.
We get 'em out of there.
So the Feds can arrest them? None of them will be arrested.
You have my word.
For fuck's safe.
Forget how you leverage this for yourself.
Do something decent for once in your life.
You don't even get it.
It's not me.
These guys are bringing it on like it's their own private Alamo.
Well, remind them how that ended.
- I'll get back to you.
- [beep.]
- [camera shutters clicking.]
- How's he doing? [woman.]
Can't comment.
What does the doctor say? Is he going to make it? Agent, what is the boy's name? Is he one of the Elkins family? [man.]
How many times was he shot? [Nate.]
We have no comment.
[reporters shouting at once.]
[tense music playing.]
[door opens.]
[woman speaking indistinctly over PA.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[indistinct conversations continue.]
[doors open.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[curtain rings swoosh.]
[indistinct conversations continue.]
Heart rate 152 [man.]
Yeah, it's the nurses station.
[medical staff speaking at once indistinctly.]
Pupils are equal and reactive [woman.]
Doing a great job, okay? [man.]
are looking better.
I'm gonna listen to his lung sounds.
He's got a good radial pulse.
They're clear and equal.
- [camera shutter clicking.]
- We'll hold off on [camera shutter continues clicking.]
Pressure's coming up.
See if we can get a little bit more fluid on board to slow down his heart rate.
I think it's just isolated to the front quadrant.
Checking the level.
Let's keep prepping him.
Get him ready for surgery.
Let me know when they're good to go.
- Enzymes are looking better.
- Relax.
You're all right.
Pupils are acting [man.]
sign of neurological disability.
[cellphone buttons clicking.]
[cellphone rings.]
- [sighs.]
- [ring.]
- [exhales deeply.]
- [click.]
- [inhales deeply.]
- Are you here? [Dante on phone.]
You sound strange.
Something wrong? Yeah.
My sister.
[inhales deeply.]
- I'll be right down.
- Okay.
[cellphone thuds.]
[footsteps approach.]
- [sighs.]
- Jesus.
Just drive.
[engine starts, gears shift.]
[engine idling.]
[radio chatter.]
[ominous music playing.]
[engine starts.]
Your ride's here.
There'll be cameras waiting.
- I know.
- The media.
You said already.
Are you trying to make me nervous? No, absolutely not.
They're expecting some nut job.
You know that, right? Bible in one hand, bottle of Oxy in the other.
When they see who you really are, I predict it knocks their socks off.
Be our ambassador.
You tell them what we're fighting for.
I'm doing this for my boys.
You said you'd hand yourself over before anyone got hurt.
But you're still here.
First things first.
- [pills rattle.]
- Methylphenidate.
This is a Ritalin knockoff I get from Mumbai.
Take a couple now.
Next Straterol.
Potentiates the Methyl, lets you spread out your doses, which is something you are definitely going to want to do.
Finally, Magnesium.
Helps with the teeth clenching.
[pills rattle.]
600 bucks of meds there.
Yours for 120.
Thank God for India.
Is it safe? That depends on you.
She's gonna be surfing.
Up, down.
The Seroquel that the doctors are pushing? Avoid it, except when she's too crazy.
And these are for when she's too down, drooling like some zombie.
That sort of thing.
You gotta watch me, tell me when to medicate.
- What, you won't know yourself? - That's the scary part.
- Thanks, Josh.
- Yeah.
We miss you.
You know that, right? If you-- if you're not up for this, I totally understand.
Surfing? Yeah and, um there's something else.
You know that parking ticket you found? That Wellington's girlfriend got? - In Hazelton.
- Right.
Well, it turns out that's just the end of a very strange trip she took to get there.
Strange how? She exited the turnpike four times along the way from DC to collect cash, just under ten grand each time.
Her final pickup, number five, is where she got that parking ticket.
That's almost $50,000 altogether, which she arrives with in Hazelton just a few hours before McClendon dies there.
So you're saying she's a bag man.
So do I bring her in? Say what? I broke into her apartment and found some stuff on her computer? Maybe I could get a warrant after the fact.
Even if you could, she's not our target.
We've gotta connect her and the money to Wellington.
[inhales deeply.]
How? Well, I've got a thought about that, which will be completely illegal.
Yeah, like you rifling through her apartment wasn't.
That was me.
This will be us.
An operation, kind of thing we used to in Kabul.
If things fuck up, the badge won't save you.
So? It's a big ask, all this, I know.
If-- if it's too much I'm in.
[tense music playing.]
[engine starts.]
[engine turns off.]
[clears throat.]
[rifles cocking.]
Okay, I've got the eyes on 'em.
[radio chatter.]
Hey, I got three women and ten kids heading for the van.
We'll do a health check, - then debrief.
- On the way to the hospital.
[radio chatter.]
[engine starts.]
Right this way, ma'am.
The kids need to be off to the side, please.
[woman on TV.]
shot in the armed standoff with federal agents at his family's farm has died in a Lucasville hospital.
Sir, you better look at this.
[woman on TV.]
The "Richmond Gazette" was the first to report the story, along with an image of what appears to be the boy, who has been identified - Oh, Christ.
- by law enforcement officials as JJ Elkins, lying unattended on an operating table.
Photo has been circulating on social media.
- What the fuck is this? - No, no, no, no.
This is bullshit.
I just talked to the hospital.
The kid's in recovery.
He's fine.
- Family doesn't know that.
- I'm telling you, he's fine.
Please spread your legs.
[cellphone rings, beep.]
- Yeah.
- Saul Berenson.
They're walking to you now.
I'm not calling about the kids.
There's a news report about JJ.
What happened to him? [Saul.]
Nothing happened to him.
That's the point.
There's a rumor circulating, false, that he died.
- What? - Bo! Get in here now.
- You gotta see this.
- federal agent on what he referred to a "kill order.
" O'Keefe, listen to me.
Nothing happened! He's fine! informed us that the boy was wounded after JJ is fine.
Tell them it's not true.
JJ's fine.
- We'll put him on the phone.
- What is this? Call the hospital.
Get a news cam in there.
Put the kid on the phone.
Tell 'em it is not true.
- Just tell 'em it's fine! - Shocking He's fine! - How do you know? - Yeah, fuck you, asshole! Just tell 'em it's not true.
- Fucking government.
I knew it.
- [Bo exhales sharply.]
He's fine! O'Keefe, do you hear me? after a deal was worked out between federal negotiators What's going on? [ominous music playing.]
[gun cocks.]
- What happened? - What the fuck? [Burke.]
Grab the kids.
Don't let 'em leave.
- Run! Run, run, run, run! - Get in! Get in! Get in! [woman.]
Move, move, move! What happened? Tell me what just happened! He shot my guy! We're going in! - Get down! - Positions! - Take cover! - Run! - [children screaming.]
- Move, move, move! All units proceed.
Take them down.
Wait, don't do this.
- [thud.]
- Aah! [engines revving.]
[all shouting indistinctly.]
Go, go, go, go! [man.]
Go, go, go! [pulsating music playing.]
[gunfire, bullets ricocheting.]
[rapid gunfire continues.]
[glass shattering, gunfire continues.]
[tapping keys.]
[glass shattering gunfire continues.]
This is Brett O'Keefe, coming to you from free America.
We've been betrayed! Elizabeth Keane has broken the truce, sending tanks and machine guns How is he still on? Kill the towers.
- Then we can't talk to 'em.
- Shut 'em down! All of it! - Let's go! Everything! - patriots to take up arms - against tyranny - [gunfire.]
Coming through.
The FBI's gone in, a full-on assault.
Get Saul Berenson.
- Madam President.
- You have to stop this.
I can't.
Wounded boy's father executed the hostage.
FBI commander ordered everyone in.
- Give him to me.
- Too late.
It's done.
[gunfire over phone.]
- [gunfire continues.]
- I'm sorry.
[rapid gunfire continues over phone.]
[glass shatters.]
tyranny of-- - [explosion.]
- Aah! Aah! [groans, whimpers.]
[cannister hissing.]
[O'Keefe groaning, crying.]
- Target secured.
- [O'Keefe coughing.]
[cannister hissing.]
[somber music playing.]
[screen door creaking.]
[radio chatter.]
[O'Keefe coughing.]
[flames crackling.]
[continues coughing.]

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