Homeland s07e05 Episode Script

Active Measures

1 [Saul.]
Previously on Homeland This woman was in here four days ago.
It's just one transfer.
She got off a turnpike four times on her way there, and there's a cash place at each exit.
- So do I bring her in? - She's not our target.
We've gotta connect her and the money to Wellington.
- How? - An operation, The kind of thing we used to do in Kabul.
- I'm in.
- [Josh.]
The Seroquel, avoid it.
And these are for when she's too down.
You gotta watch me, tell me when to medicate.
- What, you won't know yourself? - No.
Call the medics! We need help here! [gun cocks.]
Woman on radio: Special Agent Goodman now a hostage.
You shot a kid, a 16-year-old boy.
There's a hospital less than 20 minutes from here.
I wanna move him.
You said you'd hand yourself over before anyone got hurt, but you're still here.
[camera shutter clicking.]
There's a news report about JJ.
- What is this? - [Saul.]
Tell 'em it is not true.
Fucking government.
I knew it.
He's fine! Wounded boy's father executed the hostage.
FBI Commander ordered everyone in.
- [rapid gunfire.]
- [O'Keefe.]
We've been betrayed! Elizabeth Keane has broken the truce.
- You have to stop this.
- [Saul.]
Too late.
[dramatic music playing.]
- [Keane.]
He saved our lives.
- [siren wailing.]
What was his name? [Brody.]
Carrie, you're not yourself.
But you don't have my condition.
I'm dealing with it.
I-I've been dealing with it since I was 22.
She said no one at work could know.
She's bipolar.
The mood of the country, it's not great.
[siren wailing.]
Civil war.
Madam President, please! You have to put a stop to this! [woman.]
It's only getting worse.
Is there no fucking line? [Hillary Clinton.]
Ridiculous lies and accusations.
The White House is in crisis mode.
We're talking about information warfare.
Our country is under attack.
The time to rise up is now! [Carrie.]
I swore an oath to protect it.
[siren wailing.]
Just think of me as a light on the heavens, a beacon steering you clear of the wrongs.
- [siren wailing.]
- [man.]
Look out! Stay calm! [shouts indistinctly.]
- Killers! You're murderers! - [pounding vehicle.]
[siren wailing, whistle blowing.]
[pounding continues.]
- Uhh! - [Saul.]
You all right? Yeah.
[all shouting indistinctly.]
[pounding continues.]
[siren continues wailing.]
[whistle continues blowing.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[indistinct radio chatter.]
[telephone ringing, shouting continues in distance.]
[door closes.]
19 dead, three of them children.
Well, I tried.
I told you nobody was listening to me anymore.
It's all you.
Planting a story, doctoring up fake accounts, posting hundreds of tweets.
Right outta your playbook.
I-I don't know what the hell you're talkin' about.
You turned a clusterfuck into a goddamn massacre.
Hey, where-- where-- where do you think that I've been for the last two months? I've been hiding out in root cellars.
I don't have that kind of infrastructure anymore.
Not to mention Jesus Christ, I had talked-- I had talked to that family.
I spent time.
[siren continues wailing in distance.]
If not you, who then? - [door opens.]
- Sir, David Wellington called.
They need you back at the White House.
You could've stopped this.
I had you walking out the door.
[helicopter blades whirring in distance.]
[man speaking indistinctly on TV.]
Anson? [man on TV.]
but stayed heavily involved in Cuban policy.
Then in - [knocks.]
- [Carrie.]
[TV continues indistinctly.]
[door opens.]
- [Carrie.]
You in here? - Oh, fuck me.
[inhales deeply.]
Get out of my house.
This isn't a house.
I swear to fucking God.
[TV continues indistinctly.]
You smell bad.
[man on TV.]
students marching in the streets - Offer me a beer.
- No.
[TV continues indistinctly.]
[exhales deeply.]
[bottle cap pops.]
[opener thuds.]
Donna said she threw you out.
Why would you call her? Because you wouldn't pick up the phone.
What do you think that means? You took a sledgehammer to the family room? I'm renovating.
What, are you a marriage counselor now? How long you been out of work? [man on TV speaking foreign language.]
[exhales deeply.]
Three months.
Same as everybody.
You okay? Donna says you're falling apart, but she says a lot of things.
Yeah, you know how Donna used to say she thought I was fucking you, but That's 'cause I was fucking you.
- [chuckles.]
- [bottle rim pops.]
I'm putting a team together.
You're first on my list, so I need to know if you're really losing it or just acting out.
Maslin was the ranking officer on the scene, authorized to respond in real time to events as they unfolded.
When a federal agent was executed, he thought the situation had become too volatile to continue at arms length.
I was three feet away from him.
He was not evaluating the volatility of the situation.
He lost a man.
He overreacted.
Maslin deferred to the National Security Advisor whenever he could, although it was an unusual command structure to have in place in a tactical situation.
Berenson was there at the President's request.
That was made clear, more than once.
Ma'am, I think there's a larger issue here we're ignoring.
- What's that? - If Brett O'Keefe wasn't responsible for the fake news, and I don't think he was, we need to consider the possibility it originated overseas.
Overseas where? Usual suspects.
So we're gonna blame the Russians for this, too.
I'm talking about information warfare.
Is there actual evidence of their involvement? Nothing yet, but I know of some events in Eastern Europe that looked remarkably similar.
The FBI shot a kid long before anyone manipulated the news.
That is on us.
We can all point fingers next week, it'll be a world of fun, but this thing is still metastasizing on the ground.
What exactly is the event this evening? A memorial service in Richmond.
We had rioting for most of the night.
- I'm sure we'll see it again.
- Rioting or demonstrations? - It's a fine line.
- It certainly is.
After the memorial service, there's a rally in front of the state capitol building.
We could be looking at thousands of people.
And support rallies in other cities, - which could escalate.
- What's our crowd control plan? At this point, we're taking our cue from local law enforcement.
I like your thinking, Tom.
When there's machine gunfire in the heart of historic Richmond, I'll let the country know we took our cue from local law enforcement.
We broke it, we bought it.
I want ideas on David's desk in an hour.
[door closes, opens.]
David, hold on a second.
The more I think about it, - the more I'm thinking Russia.
- Saul nobody appreciates the experience you bring to the table more than me, but you heard the President.
Right now, we're trying to prevent what was once fondly known as the Capital of the Confederacy - from burning to the ground.
- It's what they do, David-- exploit existing divisions wherever they find them.
I get that.
Just let us deal with this crisis first.
Then we'll look at the Russian angle, okay? [departing footsteps.]
[door closes.]
I need a plane.
Simone Martin was in Hazelton, West Virginia, with $50,000 the day before McClendon died-- that we know.
But was she aware of what she was doing, or did David Wellington just tell her to dead drop the cash? [Carrie.]
My guess is the latter.
So we're pretending to be prison guards.
- Yeah, or their cousins.
- We think 50 grand is bullshit for killing a General.
We want real money.
- You got a safe house? - No, we're not kidnapping her.
Shake her up, follow her upstream to Wellington.
- That's it.
- Then we've tied Wellington to the murder.
That's all we care about.
Like Peshawar.
The guy in the bath.
Yeah, or Karachi.
Before you stole the car.
- I didn't steal the car.
- Who was driving? Me? Can we not with the two of you? Karachi before she stole the car.
- Low-vis kit? - Yeah.
- [Doxie.]
Who's shopping? - [Stein.]
- I'm making you a list.
- When's D-Day? [Anson chewing.]
I don't know.
Simone has a late meeting at her office tonight.
Aside from that, she has events every night this week.
- Public ones.
- I like her office for this.
[mouth full.]
Seems fast to me.
Today? It's a big operation.
- It shouldn't be a problem.
- What if the building doesn't clear? I mean, somebody works late.
Then we slip a few days to the right.
What if she asks who told us she was the courier? Punch her in the face.
We don't know who told us.
- Change the subject.
- Don't punch her in the face.
- It's a turn of phrase.
- Don't punch her in the face.
- Fine.
- All right, we gotta get goin'.
Let's write up a Christmas list, see where we're at.
- Can I open these stroopwafels? - [Doxie.]
Open 'em up.
The church where they're holding the memorial is right across the street from the Capitol Building.
So the crowd's gonna start big and get bigger once the service lets out.
FBI are sending SWAT and HR to supplement local and state at the rally.
The church agreed to metal detectors.
We'll be sure there are no guns inside, but we can't do anything about the crowds out front.
Virginia's an open carry state.
I think we're gonna see a good bit of firepower on display.
You talk to the governor about the National Guard? Yeah, Wyatt's being a real motherfucker.
Thinking about a Senate run, doesn't wanna piss off - a crowd of white, rural voters.
- Yeah.
Now you can federalize the Guard, but the optics on that are pretty brutal right now.
Could just exacerbate the mood on the streets.
Why are there 14 names on this list? The people they're honoring at the service today.
It's the dead from the compound.
19 people died.
The other five are FBI.
They're still dead, aren't they? The event was organized by families from Lucasville.
Well it's not just theirs anymore, is it? [siren wailing, horn blares.]
[siren chirps.]
[car doors close.]
[front door opens.]
[indistinct radio chatter.]
[dog barking in distance.]
[man over radio.]
West of the perimeter is cleared.
[dog continues barking, radio chatter continues.]
President Keane, this is Jackie Goodman.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Can I? - [inhales sharply.]
[inhales deeply.]
What a terrible thing.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're gonna have to stop thanking me.
I'm sure I've turned your home upside down.
- I am not an easy guest.
- Oh, it's good.
You got my sisters out of here for an hour, so Oh.
Please, come in.
Make yourself comfortable.
[front door closes.]
Can I offer you something? You didn't have to do all this.
I didn't.
I don't [inhales deeply.]
I don't even remember who did, frankly.
You got a lot of family around? People who can help? Yeah.
Two sisters, a brother, Ryan's dad.
How long have you been an agent? Eight years.
Ryan and I met at the Academy.
We're gonna see each other again.
There's a Medal of Valor I'm gonna present to you in a few months in Ryan's honor.
And I'll repeat all of this because this week will be nothing but a blur, but I want you to know, your husband is a credit to the Bureau and to this nation.
He was exactly what we hope our officers will be.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I have to ask you something.
And it is a difficult thing to ask, but I honestly think that lives are at stake, so I am gonna do it anyway.
I would like you to attend the memorial service tonight.
It's for victims of the massacre.
And whether or not anyone from Lucasville sees it that way, your husband and four other federal agents are victims of that massacre.
[exhales sharply.]
I'm-- I I didn't see that coming.
I - I know.
I know.
- [exhales sharply, sniffles.]
But this thing keeps getting worse.
I'm worried about people killing each other in the streets tonight.
I-I don't think that me walking into that church calms anything.
- It might.
- A thousand white separatists who just lost 15 of their own They will have undercover FBI there to protect you, but it will be a difficult place to be.
There is no question.
I'm gonna ask the other widows as well, but I wanted to come to you first because I think you're the one who will mean the most.
Because I'm FBI or because they shot my husband in the head? If I tell the American people we need to stop behaving like animals, I am a schoolmarm or a fascist and a hypocrite.
I am a lot of things, none of them useful.
You walk in there-- Picture of restraint.
God knows I never thought my presidency would be about telling another woman to bite her tongue and turn the other cheek-- any woman, never mind But here we are.
[tires screech.]
[mysterious music playing.]
National Security Advisor.
Not bad.
We buy this for you? You certainly helped.
Thank you.
You're a generous people.
Wanna introduce you to a friend.
This is Kira.
Kira, Saul Berenson.
Sorry, my hands are gross.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry for interrupting.
Not at all.
Hope you're hungry.
Thank you, but I can't stay long.
- Just passing through.
- Leave it on.
Kira, we're gonna take a walk up to the lookout, okay? I'm glad to see you're settling in.
I have.
Thank you.
How 'bout you? Still divorced? Didn't go crawling back to your wife after all the trouble in Berlin? Fuck off.
Talk to me about Slovyansk.
What about it? Russian state TV reports Ukrainian soldiers crucified a boy in the town square.
Nailed him to a board for the alleged crimes of his separatist parents.
That was bullshit.
Never happened.
Of course not.
Directorate Six made it up.
You see the story about JJ Elkins dying unattended in the hospital? Virginia? One couldn't help notice a similar operational signature.
You think it was us? Fake death of one boy stirred up enough anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Russia to justify an invasion.
Fake death of the other sparked a massacre that might topple the presidency.
But two events, years apart.
No, you give us a lot of credit.
Par for the fucking course.
I read your debrief on active measures.
If anything, you ran up enough efforts to undermine democracies all over the world.
Yeah, this was different.
How so? It's too dangerous, and too soon after we were caught with our hands in your elections.
- [seat belt releases.]
- [Carrie.]
The one on the end.
Gotta be a whole lot nicer than the Budapest office.
Did she move here because of Wellington, - or was it just good timing? - I don't know.
[camera beeps, shutter clicks.]
Bryan Harris.
Director of Government Relations.
[siren wailing in distance.]
We have plenty of time.
If we're not ready by the end of the day, we'll hold off.
I'm not worried.
- Do I look nervous? - [laughs.]
A little bit.
I guess it's been a while since I've been on an op like this.
You miss it? Are you kidding? All the time.
That was real work.
I mean, this is important.
I know that.
But Nobody grows up dreaming of taking down criminals inside their own government.
[camera shutter clicks.]
[birds chirping.]
What do you know about Yevgeny Gromov.
[birds chirping.]
Yevgeny Gromov.
Well, Gromov was responsible for that crucifixion story.
I suppose you knew that.
Uh, creative thinker, yeah.
Made an impression at Directorate Six.
Nobody's seen him in a couple of years.
May not have lasted.
Yevgeny was a self-promoter.
You don't think the Kremlin tucked him away somewhere? With a budget and a lot of cover? People say it laid the groundwork for Brexit.
More or less rethought active measures for the Facebook generation.
It's quite a resume.
You don't buy it? - One guy? No.
- Well, maybe he's turned his considerable skills against the United States.
[river flowing.]
[lighter clicks.]
Know what it's called? - This? - Mm-hmm.
Snake River.
- You know why? - No.
Indians were trying to communicate with your explorers.
Showed them the river, made like this with the hand.
Your people thought it meant "snakes.
" Hmm.
What'd it mean? Fish.
Sometimes, a domestic crisis is just a domestic crisis.
[horn honks in distance.]
[camera beeps, shutter clicks.]
[papers rustle.]
Karen Motskin.
Did I already take one of these? - What is it? - M.
You took one at lunch in the car.
- Nothing since then? - Um I don't wanna zone out, but if I double up, I'll get jittery.
1:40 PM.
Ten milligrams.
You asked me to keep track.
- I did.
- [crack.]
Five milligrams.
Shut up.
I took a Zyrtec at 1.
Hay fever.
[Doxie over headset.]
Got eyes on the target.
[Doxie sighs.]
She's packing up.
And we're on.
- Anson? - Yeah, we're good to go.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[car alarm chirps.]
What'd you do to her car, man? [Max over headset.]
Disabled the ignition.
[engine clicks.]
[line ringing.]
- Roadside Assistance.
- [Simone.]
My car won't start.
Uh, I think it is the battery.
It's not smoking, - so it's just dead.
- What's your location? [Simone.]
I'm just in front of 17401 Corcoran Street in the District.
I can get a truck to you in about 35, 40 minutes.
Nothing sooner? Busy night.
May I have your, uh, member number? My number is D-4-1-3-6-6-2-1-8.
[Max over headset.]
David James, out.
Okay, we've got two more left in the building.
Sit tight.
I want a team on him 24/7.
And nothing leaves the building.
Understood? [male agent on phone.]
Copy that.
Oh, and while you're at it, take a look at Kira Korrigan, with a "K.
" May or may not teach at the ski school.
- Hands-free? - Yeah.
And he's surveillance-conscious, so we watch, we listen, but we do not disturb.
As far as he's concerned, I still think he's the happy defector going about his happy life.
Who knows? Maybe he is.
[woman on TV.]
Paul's is filled to capacity, demonstrators now beginning to gather outside for the rally at the Capitol that will follow this evening's memorial service.
The gathering has been peaceful so far, marked by a sense of solemnity and mourning.
But there is palpable tension in the air, in anticipation of the upcoming rally.
Law enforcement a prominent presence throughout the downtown area and also the target of much of the anger on the streets today.
Let's take a live look inside the church.
You can see Councilwoman Emily Kent in the aisle on your right, greeting Reverend Pyne.
Family of Bo Elkins, slain in yesterday's confrontation, seated at the front of the church.
Mary Elkins and her daughter Rachel sitting together - [cellphone ringing.]
- and directly behind them - the Kent family - Yep.
who lost three of their loved ones in yesterday's tragic confrontation.
- Okay.
- [woman.]
The Elkins family - [beep.]
- was sheltering fugitive radio personality Brett O'Keefe on their No sign of Jackie at the church.
She won't answer her phone, her brother won't answer - his phone.
- Goddamn it.
[sighs deeply.]
Tell the Mayor we're with him on water cannons and tear gas.
We don't want rubber bullets, nothing that looks like a gun as long as is humanly possible.
That may not be a position he can hold.
Do me a fucking favor and tell him that is what I'd like.
I realize things happen.
National Guard? - Yeah.
- [woman.]
Reverend Douglas Pyne is now about to begin his invocation.
There seems to be some commotion there at the back of the church.
Not sure yet what exactly's going on.
There was a rumor that the wives of the slain FBI agents - might attend this service.
- Elizabeth.
Seemed unlikely, but that could be what we're seeing right now.
[congregation murmuring.]
[murmuring continues.]
- No.
- What are you doing here? [murmuring continues, grows louder.]
Hey! No one asked you here.
Get the fuck out.
[indistinct shouting.]
[shouting stops.]
[indistinct murmuring.]
Are you Mrs.
Goodman? [whispers.]
I'm Mary Elkins.
Come with me, all of you.
[tense music playing.]
[exhales sharply.]
Move over, honey.
I want a live feed on all the networks tonight.
I called about an hour ago, and you-- you said you were sending a truck.
Yeah, can I have your member number? - [Simone.]
Uh - [whispers.]
How much longer? - my number is, uh - Bennet, you in? [metal breaks.]
[metal clinks.]
- Bennet? - [taps microphone twice.]
Ten minutes.
Bennet's in.
We just need to wait for the last employee to get out of the building, then we're a go.
Ma'am, I got a truck about two miles away.
It'll be there in about ten, 15 minutes.
Okay, thank you.
[Doxie over headset.]
See the door? [front door closes.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
That's everybody.
Building's clear.
HV1 is sole occupant.
Last call, people.
All right, Bennet, on your go.
[electricity powers down.]
[inhales sharply.]
Andy? Andy? J'en ai marre de ça.
Andy? - [Simone screams, grunts.]
- [thud.]
Stop! [grunting.]
- [muffled shouts.]
- [Anson shouts indistinctly.]
- [Anson.]
Stop it.
- Let me go! [unzips purse.]
Aah! I said fucking stop it.
- [thud.]
- [groans.]
Don't make me ask you twice again.
Last week, you brought $50,000 in cash to Hazelton, West Virginia.
Yes or no? [exhales.]
I I [inhales deeply.]
Don't try to talk.
Just nod your head.
[exhales sharply, inhales deeply.]
- [thud.]
- [Simone grunts.]
Here's the deal.
I'm not gonna lie to you, and you're not gonna lie to me.
[breathing heavily.]
- [Simone cries.]
- That 50 grand was payment to murder General McClendon in prison.
Yes or no? [gasps, breathing heavily.]
Yes or fucking no? [gasping.]
- Now - [inhales deeply.]
here's what you're gonna do next.
You're gonna get me another 100 grand.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can and you will, because I will be outside your house first thing Thursday morning.
238 Wygart.
Blue pillows on the bed.
I'm watchin', baby.
I got nothing to do but you.
[breathing heavily.]
- [tapping microphone.]
- Yeah, it's live.
Thank you.
[Simone continues breathing heavily.]
- [zip ties break.]
- [groans, gasps.]
- [zip ties break.]
- [gasps.]
[breathing heavily.]
[man speaks indistinctly over headset.]
[crickets chirping.]
That was a little rough, don't you think? [Anson.]
Hey, that wasn't me.
That was Stein.
[Simone groans, sniffles.]
HV1 is exiting the building.
She's looking for a cab.
Get ready to move.
[motorcycle approaching.]
[man over headset.]
Come on, baby.
Run to papa.
Why didn't she take the cab? Carrie, did you hear that motorcycle on your mic? We didn't pick it up.
- What? - Bug's not transmitting.
The bug's dead.
Fuck! She's going to the bar on the corner.
Dox, are you getting this? We don't have ears.
I'm going in.
[horn blares in distance.]
[45ACIDBABIES' "Treebarkboy" playing.]
[indistinct conversations, laughter.]
- She's hitting the head.
- Goddamn it.
Anson, that is why I said we needed another female on the team, not for fucking solidarity.
Yeah, that's-- that's my bad.
Max, you got another bug? - Yeah.
- Pull it.
Go in.
I'll call it.
- You sure? - Go.
Mathison's coming in.
Doxie, is there a back entrance to this place? - [indistinct conversations.]
- Yeah.
- Who's free? - [Max.]
- [Dante.]
Bennet? - [Bennet.]
I'll cover it.
Drop it in her bag.
[indistinct conversations.]
[exhales slowly.]
[bathroom door opens.]
- [purse thuds.]
- Oh, shit! I'm such a klutz.
- [objects clatter.]
- [Carrie.]
[sighs deeply.]
I really can't drink anymore like, at all.
[bathroom door opens.]
[door closes.]
[exhales deeply.]
[indistinct conversations.]
You talk to Wyatt? Aside from the few arrests, the march was peaceful, and the crowd at the State Capitol is dispersing as we speak.
[indistinct conversations.]
In a few weeks, quietly reach out to Mary Elkins.
I wanna meet that woman.
Ma'am, if we can have you in the chair, - I need to get a level.
- Yeah.
- [cellphone ringing.]
- Hey.
I really need to see you.
Are you home? [Wellington on phone.]
I'm in the Oval.
She's about to go live on TV in, like, three minutes, but she says she'll keep it brief.
And then we're going dark here, so I should be home in about 45 minutes.
You wanna meet me there? Yeah, that's great.
See you soon.
[rock music playing.]
Excuse me? I will have a glass of the Cabernet.
Yeah, sure.
[breathing heavily.]
Who'd she call? Wellington.
Meeting at his place in 45 minutes.
She ordered a Cabernet.
[exhales deeply.]
What? Nothin'.
Slick is all.
All right, motherfuckers, we're back in business.
Oh, fuck.
[exhales slowly.]
[indistinct conversations.]
And we're on in three Like many of you at home, I watched the coverage of the memorial service honoring the men, women, and children killed in Lucasville, Virginia.
I was moved beyond words to see Jackie Goodman, Susanna Cole, and Sujin Kim mourning together with Mary Elkins, her family, and all of Virginia at today's memorial.
Their selfless efforts to rise above their own pain and recognize a shared grief was an instruction to me.
I don't think the message has ever been clearer.
We cannot allow what divides us as individuals to continue to undermine what unites us as a people, what brings us together as Americans.
She's getting an Uber.
- Where to? - [Max.]
Running the address.
- [beep.]
- David Wellington's.
We're looking for an Uber, gray Mazda, Victor Bravo India 9-3-2.
[Plastic Picnic's "Berkeley" playing.]
She's leavin'.
[Carrie over headset.]
Anson, you up? Yep.
- [male driver.]
Simone? - Yes.
We're going to Georgetown? [Simone.]
That's right.
- [Anson.]
We're on them.
- [truck departs.]
Stay with them.
We'll hang back a few blocks.
[van engine starts.]
That was a nice save.
- What, in the van? - Yeah.
You didn't need saving.
I called the op for three minutes, then you came back.
It was an important three minutes.
Why do I feel like I'm getting patted on the head for a finger-painting? If you can't take a compliment, then Okay.
Thank you.
[Anson over headset.]
We are comin' in for a landing.
You got a good view? [Anson.]
Thank you.
Have a nice night.
Okay, she's out of the car.
[car departs.]
And she is on her way to the house.
And there's HV2.
- Wellington's home? - [Anson.]
Live and in person.
[exhales deeply.]
No, man, I gotta fucking go to work.
I told Shelley I can rehearse on Saturday - Max, what the fuck is that? - Oh, shit.
[gears shift.]
- [engine idling.]
- Maybe our channels got crossed.
Um give me a second.
[driver sighs.]
No, no, no, man.
I'm just tired of the bullshit.
Ever since she started dating that new dude - [driver speaks indistinctly.]
- The purse.
- The purse, the purse.
- It's the fucking Uber driver.
- She doesn't have the bag.
- [Stein.]
She left it.
[Anson over headset.]
She left it in the goddamn Uber.
- Fuck! Follow the Uber.
- Hang on.
Max, get Doxie a 20 on the Uber.
Doxie, run down the fucking Uber.
And say what? Dude, pick up the phone, call the driver, tell him to return the goddamn bag.
And then he knocks on Wellington's door and says, "You called me"? In ten minutes, he's gonna realize there's a purse in his car.
He'll bring it back.
In ten minutes, they will have discussed this already.
Blackmail about a prison hit ordered by the President? It's a longer conversation.
Which is why we need to hear it.
Carrie We needed to establish a link between the money, Simone, and Wellington.
We have it.
Guys? Are we going after the Uber or what? You asked me to tell you when you're not thinking clearly.
We established a goal for the mission.
We reached it.
A transcript would've been nice, but it's gravy.
Don't worry about the Uber.
Pull out.
[engine starts.]
[gears shift.]
- [gears shift.]
- I'll call you in the morning.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Hold on a second.
- [huffs.]
Don't beat yourself up so much.
We did good.
More or less.
I mean, more, I'd say.
I don't know.
I mean, two bugs crap out on one mission? They didn't.
One crapped out, one's driving around town.
That kind of shit happens all the time.
- Not to me, it doesn't.
- Okay.
How 'bout we let Paley decide? What do you mean? Well, we know Simone was in Hazelton with $50,000.
We know McClendon was dead the next day.
And now we know the person she went running to at the first sign of trouble was David Wellington.
I'd say that's enough to haul her up in front of a Senate committee, ask her a few questions.
Don't you think? - Maybe, yeah.
- Maybe? No, no.
No, you're right.
I [inhales deeply.]
[exhales sharply.]
I think I just need some sleep.
Good idea.
I'll call you in the morning.
[dog barking in distance.]
[touchscreen clicking.]
[cellphone bloops.]
[bloops, chimes.]
- [van door opens and closes.]
- [Carrie.]
Tell me we got it.
Yeah, but something fucked is happening.
Well, of course it is.
Two bugs don't blow on one-- Forget the bugs.
It's-- it's worse than that.
Watch the tape.
- [front door opens.]
- [Simone.]
Long day? [Wellington.]
Very, not that that's news.
How was the speech? It was great.
- That's fantastic.
- [Wellington.]
It is.
She's been back on her heels for so long, it's a relief.
Hey, listen, my phone's got to stay on tonight.
Still touch and go at some of the demonstrations, but we're cautiously optimistic.
I'm glad, because you deserve a break.
Are you okay? You sounded upset on the phone.
I'm fine.
Why, were you worried? Of course.
You said, "I need to see you.
" That's worrying.
Ah, you're so sweet.
I was itchy all day.
I couldn't get you out of my head.
That's a need, right? Oh.
That kind of need.
Next time, I'll be more clear.
- What the fuck is that? - Yeah.
Is there any point where she says I got jumped in the dark and we need $100,000? No.
[tense music playing.]
[Simone whispers.]
Do me a favor, Chief.
Yes, ma'am.
[Simone moans, Wellington grunts.]
Oh, my God.
- [Simone speaks French.]
- [Wellington grunts.]
It goes on like this for a while.
[both moaning.]
What the fuck?! [turns off monitor, remote clatters.]

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