Honour (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Part One

'You know the usual number
'Hello, hello. How are you?
Morning, morning.
'I'm OK, I'm OK.'
'I beg your pardon.'
'Yeah, I'm also fine, thanks.
'What's that?
'Have you been on the sauce, Dave?'
'It's 07:07, London travel news.
'In South London,
Clapham High Street lights are out,
'long delays there, then'
'Question three.
The capital of Finland.
'For £100, what is'
'That record has been sitting there,
waiting to be played
'since 7am this morning.
'Coming up after
the news headlines'
That's Madam Smudge to you.
- Oh, Lady Smudge.
- Queen of Smudge, is it
Well, you could show a bit
more respect to your new boss.
On day one, maybe.
Her Royal Smudginess
picks up her first job.
Let's hope it's a good one.
They're all good ones.
Yeah, right!
Banaz Mahmod.
A 20-year-old woman
from South London.
It was her boyfriend
who reported her missing.
Not her family?
Mum and Dad say she often stays out
and it's a fuss about nothing.
There's no movement
on her bank account.
No traffic on her Oyster card.
She doesn't answer her mobile phone.
And, er
She left a list of names.
"Numbers two, three and four
"have said that they are ready
and willing
"to do the job of killing me
and my boyfriend.
"This was said by my uncle
while he was on the phone to my mum
"on the 2nd of December."
How long have we had this?
She didn't give
it in to this command.
She gave in at her local nick
and addressed it to a sergeant
who was on holiday.
Andy, go and see the boyfriend.
How long?
Six weeks.
Yeah, I'm Team 16, Homicide Command.
Tell him I'm looking for
all his spare officers overnight.
Yeah, tonight. Cheers.
She send me every day
ten, 20 texts,
and then suddenly, she stop.
She say, "Good morning, my heart.
"Love you so much,
my one and only prince.
"This morning, as I woke up,
"I just had a feeling
as like you're calling my name."
They saw us kissing
outside the tube station
and now she doesn't answer.
Now I don't know where she is.
Erm, can you look again
at those names on her list, please,
and just tell me if they mean
anything to you?
This one, we call him Marefa,
but his name is also Hama.
Mohammed Hama.
He is my friend, my best friend.
This one, Omar Hussein,
and this one, Mohamoud Ali,
they were in the back.
The back?
Er, he crashed his own car,
my friend, Marefa.
This one was rental car,
a dark blue Ford.
The only thing I can remember
is a 55 number plate.
OK, hold on, mate.
Marefa said to me,
"OK, Rahmat,
it might not be tonight,
"it might not be tomorrow,
but we will kill you and Banaz."
And then, they drove off and went.
And I call Banaz and I cannot
reach her. So I call Marefa
Wait, so you called Mohammed Hama,
who's just he's just
threatened your life, right?
He is my friend. He
He said there was a meeting
on the 2nd of December.
Her Uncle, Ari.
He told them to kill us both.
We told the police.
We gave them these names
and now she's gone.
You must find her. Please.
Why don't they like you, Rahmat?
Because they chose
for her another husband.
But Banaz chose me.
My concern is,
she's being held against her will.
We're working on possible addresses
and I'm looking at going for
the doors on at least 12 properties.
I'm going to need another, well,
60 officers from somewhere.
Call you back.
Yeah, yeah.
Fine, I'll call you back. Cheers.
Tell me.
14th of September, last year,
Banaz Mahmod
went to Croydon Police Station
to make multiple allegations of rape
against her husband,
one Ali Abbas Homar.
Did they charge him?
As in rape's not rape
just cos she's married to him?
As in, she reported it in London,
but it happened when the two of them
were living in Coventry.
So the Met no-crimed it,
kicked it back to the West Midlands,
where it took them three months
to type up her statement. Fuck.
The boyfriend?
Yeah, he's a failed asylum seeker
who gave a false name to the police.
Nice. I liked him.
Especially when he gave me addresses
for all the men on her list.
Oh, and I got
his mobile phone off him.
Right. What do we know?
Banaz Mahmod.
Aged 20, born in Iraqi Kurdistan,
came to this country
as a child of ten,
a refugee from Saddam Hussein.
Mohamoud Ali, Mohammed Hama,
Omar Hussein.
Three individuals
Banaz has helpfully fingered
as ready and willing to kill her,
in accordance with threats
made by a fourth man,
her uncle, Ari Mahmod.
Two further persons of interest.
Ali Abbas Homar, her ex-husband,
reportedly now living in Sheffield.
And Rahmat Suleimani, the boyfriend
who reported Banaz missing.
Yeah, Rahmat says
they've had death threats
because her family
disapproves of their relationship.
Now, if any of these are illegals,
there'll be no dates of birth,
no national insurance numbers,
in view of the threats
she has reported,
I am classifying Banaz Mahmod
as a High-Risk Missing Person.
Let's find these guys.
Six weeks, they had her list.
Six weeks, and they did nothing.
I can't believe it.
Maybe they're as confused as I am.
How much more of their job
did they want her to do for them?
There's too many names, Guv.
No idea where to start.
Don't start calling me Guv,
or Boss, or Ma'am.
God forbid!
DI Goode.
Acting DCI Goode.
Yeah, bloody right
I want to talk to you!
Six weeks, that list sat
in your post room Give me that.
You're looking at three points
and a £60 fine, Ma'am.
Oh, shut up.
Listen, mate, the boss'll have
to ring you back, all right?
She's not a missing person.
I told police before.
My daughter is here in this room,
asleep, when we go for shopping.
My wife and I,
we were together all the morning.
When we come back home,
she is gone out.
It's normal for her.
Is there another member of
the family she might have gone to?
I told police before, no.
An aunt or a sister?
And what about her ex-husband?
He is the David Beckham
of son-in-laws.
Mr Mahmod, we are treating your
daughter as a missing person.
Not missing.
Mrs Mahmod
we will bring her back to you.
We'll keep you informed.
Well, he did all the talking.
Mm. For both of them.
I'll tell you
something else as well.
There's not a single photograph
of Banaz in that house.
You will not believe
how many Kurdish Mohamoud Alis
there are in South London.
I've got butchers,
I've got hairdressers,
I've got taxi drivers
coming out of my ears.
Who's this?
One of my Omar Husseins.
Arrested in Birmingham
the day after she disappeared.
Birmingham? On a warrant
for a minor road traffic accident.
So which intergalactic
detective agency spat you out
I'm no detective,
I just like computers.
We're gonna find her, aren't we?
Yeah, by tea time
if you keep this up.
That threatening phone call
Banaz said her Uncle Ari made.
2nd of December, yeah.
Here she is two days later,
reporting it to Mitcham nick.
12th, here she is again,
handing in her list of suspects.
23rd of January, three days
before she goes missing.
Banaz turns up
at another police station.
To allege a group of men had
just tried to abduct her boyfriend.
Same story Rahmat told me.
You add all that to the first time,
in September,
when she reported the rape.
You put it all together
and it means that
she went to the police four times.
Four times, she came to us for help
and four times she got sod all.
Do you still think
we're looking for a missing person?
A vulnerable missing person
who may be held
captive and alive, yeah.
Go! Go! Go!
So all Rahmat can remember
was it was a dark blue Ford
with a 55 in its plates,
and I'm all over every
car hire place in South London
looking for it, and I find it.
'No, wait, cos it gets better.'
Just as I'm leaving, they say,
"Do you want the tracker?"
'Smudge, are you there?'
What, the car had a tracker on it?
Which'll tell us everywhere
it's been since Hama hired it.
Oh, thank you, God.
You're welcome.
Sorry, Sir. Coming. Busy day.
'The family? It's a fuss
about nothing, according to them.
'We've been putting out
appeals for information
'but we're getting nothing back
from the Kurdish community.
'She's disappeared and it's like
nobody even knows her name.
'I sent a team
to a house in Birmingham,
'but there was no trace.
'So, yeah, I am hoovering up
whatever I can find.
'Every scrap of paper
with Kurdish writing on it.
'Every file, every computer.'
We've got 12 mobile phones
and counting.
Every line of every call
on every mobile on every date
needs separately authorising.
Why else would I have been
stuck in the office all night
filling in
the sodding applications, sir?
This needs very careful handling,
If it turns out
she came to us four times
We already know she did.
..and now she's dead
She's missing. After four lots
of police officers fucked up.
And that's why
I'll be convening a Gold Group
to have oversight of this operation.
You need context, Caroline.
You need to find an advisor
from the community. Yeah.
We did 12 doors overnight, sir.
And, no, we didn't
find our missing girl.
I supported your promotion.
And on your first night, you put
60 borrowed officers on overtime.
Yeah. I got them from Merton,
Lambeth, dog handlers, traffic.
I'm not proud.
And only arrested
one of the men on her list.
But he's her uncle, sir.
He's the main man.
Threatening phone calls? No.
Why I will ring my niece,
my-sister-in law
You've been
advised to say no comment.
..any ladies in my family
and threaten them?
All right, Ari, I'll ask you again
to look at the list of names
I showed you.
Were these young men present
at a meeting in your house
on or around the 2nd December?
It was a party, a welcome for
a young man from our home country,
coming here to be married.
And at that meeting,
did you discuss a rumour
that your niece, Banaz,
was seeing another man?
She is divorced.
We are happy for her.
Our girls, they are free
to come and go as they please.
It was not a meeting.
You have a family?
You English have forgotten,
what does it mean, family.
"She's divorced.
We're happy for her."
Directly contradicts
Rahmat's account.
I've spoken to social services.
There's a sister.
She ran away from home.
Go for it.
I'll see you later, yeah?
Who's asking?
DC Sarah Raymond.
It's about your sister.
Boys can do what they like.
Drink, shag, do drugs.
But the minute
a girl steps out of line
Like wanting boyfriends?
Like wanting a life.
But Banaz is more shy,
more softer than me.
She only married Ali
cos they made her.
A forced marriage?
Well, she was only 17,
so they didn't force her, exactly.
she never chose him.
You know, third time she met him
was her wedding day.
All right?
When I tell my friends
what it's like
for girls in my culture,
they think I'm exaggerating.
Tell me about her husband.
About a year ago,
no more, must be.
God, I don't know
the last time I seen her,
cos I don't see her.
I don't see any of my family.
Anyway she has a washing machine,
you know, right?
I walk into her flat
and my sister, you know,
she's on her knees,
washing his shirts by hand,
you know, in the bath.
Cos that's how Ali likes them done.
But she has divorced him, right?
Yeah. And he really don't like that.
Cos it's all about
his honour, right?
All the men think about
is their standing in the community.
Can you confirm this is
your ex-wife, Banaz Mahmod?
For the tape, the witness has
turned the photograph face down.
Please look at the photograph.
Is this your ex-wife, Banaz?
'But he says he's got an alibi?'
He says he was visiting
a friend in North Wales,
where he did a couple
of restaurant shifts.
'We'll check that.'
I want you back from Sheffield
as soon as you can.
Are you all right, Caroline?
There's just too much going on
I don't understand.
Ms Nammi. I'm sorry I'm late.
Thanks for your call.
Hello? Yes, please.
Just a tea, please. Milk, thanks.
Thank you.
Endless meetings.
None of them useful.
This is my first tea
from a proper cup in days.
Let me show you how it is
for our girls.
Look at them, those guys.
Is her skirt too short? Has she
changed the colour of her hair?
Does she watch a boy?
They watch and they report back
to the family.
Thank you. Enjoy.
Thank you.
Yeah, someone saw Banaz kissing her
boyfriend outside the tube station.
Her life is not her own.
It belongs to them.
I went through all our files
at our office, as you asked,
looking for missing girls.
And there is no mention
or reference to Banaz.
But there are many girls
who disappear
and nobody notices
and nobody hears from them again.
We've appealed for help
from your community, Ms Nammi.
Please, call me Dianna.
And not a single Kurdish person
has responded.
Most are afraid.
Those who are not, it is because
they agree the girl deserved to die.
She's dead.
You know that.
You've asked me here
to give you my advice.
Here it is.
One, nobody will talk to you.
Well, this is South London.
Nobody ever does.
Two, they will lie
to protect each other.
And three, they will laugh
when they hear the senior
investigating officer is a woman.
And four,
if they have killed her, Caroline,
they won't keep quiet.
They'll be proud.
They'll be boasting.
It's inconsiderate of
the ex-husband to have an alibi.
He's eliminated.
What about the others?
All disappeared. Only, the reason
we didn't find Omar Hussein
at his address in Birmingham
is that he was in Stranraer.
What's he doing in Scotland?
Well, I put out an all ports warning
but they came back with,
"He got on a ferry."
Caroline, we're getting nowhere.
She gave us a list.
We find the men on that list.
Food's arrived.
It's obvious, isn't it?
The three men on her list
have completely left the country.
There's no traffic on their phones,
no movement on their bank accounts.
They didn't pick up their benefits.
Well, that's not evidence, Keily.
They've totally
left the country, though. Fact.
That's Banaz.
It's off Rahmat's phone.
Data's just got back
from the lab just now.
Where is that?
Is she in hospital?
She looks drunk.
It was New Year's Eve. The man?
It's Rahmat, the boyfriend.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure
that's his voice.
I'll ring round for an interpreter.
She's so young.
She's terrified.
Erm, so terrified, she wouldn't
get out of the ambulance.
Hanging on and screaming.
Blood all over her hands and feet,
broken glass.
And she kept saying,
"My family is trying to kill me."
And did you hear any kind
of argument with her boyfriend?
I'm not sure he believed her.
I don't think the police
believed her either.
Is that all you need? Only I
Yes, of course. Thank you.
Stuart's called up
the attending officers' report.
A timewaster and a self-harmer,
according to them.
And they wrote her name down wrong.
'Danaz with a D.'
That'll be why
we didn't pick it up before.
'She was going to charge Banaz'
with criminal damage
to the broken window.
'The window she broke
trying not to get murdered.'
Wait, what,
this was a woman officer?
So, now, it's five times Banaz
has come to us for help
and five times we've failed her,
and I can't even blame it all
on the fucking men?!
Nawzad. Interpreter.
Oh, hi. Hi.
There's something about a suitcase.
He has a suitcase.
He has put on rubber gloves.
He comes up behind her.
The man with the camera,
now he says,
"It seems to me that you are lying."
Rahmat accuses her of lying?
Lying about what?
"He made me drink alcohol,"
she says.
My father. My baba.
He made me drink it.
My baba. He tried to kill me.
Her father.
Rahmat heard all this?
Why didn't he tell us?
I was ashamed to tell you because
on that night, I didn't believe her.
I even said to her, "If you don't
tell me the truth what happened,
"I will leave
and I won't come back."
And Banaz was crying
and she said to me,
"I'm I'm not lying, it's true."
Her own father!
I couldn't believe it.
And now, I feel ashamed.
It's OK, Rahmat.
I understand why
you couldn't tell us before.
But tell me now.
Tell me about her father.
I told him, I can't leave her.
She can't leave me.
We love each other.
We want to be married.
He thought I was very rude to use
the word love in front of him.
Can you Can you help me
understand. What was rude?
Only family is important.
Family and honour.
And you can't have love, too?
To say you are in love,
it makes it worse.
The last man on earth
a girl can marry
is the one she say she love.
Because if she love him,
already to her family,
she has done something shameful.
Can I help you?
Mr Mahmod,
my name's DC Stuart Reeves.
I do not understand.
Mr Mahmod, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of attempted murder.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention,
when questioned,
you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
On New Year's Eve,
did you ask your daughter
to accompany you
to her grandmother's house?
No comment.
Whilst you were there, did you give
your daughter alcohol to drink?
No comment.
Did you put on rubber gloves
and try to strangle her?
No comment.
Mr Mahmod, do you know
where your daughter is now?
No comment.
'Whilst you were there, did you give
your daughter alcohol to drink?'
'No comment.'
'Did you put on rubber gloves
and try to strangle her?'
'No comment.'
'Mr Mahmod, do you know
where your daughter is now?'
'No comment.'
We've got nothing concrete.
It's all just hearsay.
We've got no hard evidence.
We'll have to bail him, Stu.
Transcripts and crime reports
have arrived.
All the contacts between Banaz
and the Metropolitan Police.
1,000 calories. Yeah, I know.
Then again,
in my parents' house, he raped me,
and that time,
when he kicked my head in,
that really affected me.
Like, now I've got loss of memory,
I can't remember things.
I was just 17 then.
And after that,
whenever my husband
felt like having sex,
it was like I was his shoe
and he would wear it,
just whenever he felt like it.
Because for a Muslim female like me,
it's very hard to get a divorce.
He told me that
I would never get away with it.
He'll do something.
If the last day that he lives,
the last thing that he does,
he'll do something to me.
I'll come down.
Hello, Lorna. Will you come with me,
please? Ma'am.
You told Banaz
you were going to arrest her. Why?
Because I didn't believe
a word she said.
And from what he said to me in the
hospital, neither did her boyfriend.
The girl was drunk.
But the nurse believed her.
Are you asking me
to change my written statement?
I'm simply asking you
to clarify your account now, to me,
of the incident
you attended at the hospital.
My account is in front of you,
in that statement.
See, Banaz was the victim
of attempted murder
and you tried to nick her
for criminal damage.
How was I supposed to know? I've had
no training in honour violence.
Well, we're all just
making it up as we go along,
but some of us
manage to keep our eyes open.
"Attention seeking,
hysterical, self-harming."
Her own father
had just tried to kill her.
So, what What the fuck?
If it happened again today,
I wouldn't do a thing different.
'Whenever my husband
felt like having sex,
'it was like I was his shoe.
'And he would wear it, just'
whenever he felt like it.
'Because of my culture,
it's very hard'
and all of the blame
goes to the female.
'That was the main reason
that I came to the police station.'
That in the future, or at any time,
if anything happens to me,
it's them.
It's them.
'Five times.
Five times, Andy.' 'I know.'
'I've been through all the reports
and I can only find that last PC,'
that one officer,
did everything right.
She offered her a place of safety
and everything and Banaz said no.
She said, "I'll be safe
at home with my mum."
And that kills me.
'Go home, Smudge.
Get some sleep.'
I can't. There's too much to do.
Don't you have a home to go to?
Erm, it's just quieter
at night here and I can think.
I go out every day
and buy clean knickers.
It's OK. It's too much information.
No, no, that's fine.
What have you got for me?
The data from the car tracker
Finally, God.
Print outs?
I don't want print outs.
That's a computer
and I'm an analyst,
and I can't analyse
a mountain of fucking paper.
I'm sorry.
You're no good to me knackered,
Keily. Mm-hm.
Go home tonight.
How can I go home?
I might I might miss it.
I might miss the the moment,
The detail.
The thing that saves her life.
Show me what you've got.
It's not finished.
I'm already farming 30 mobile phones
and more's coming in all the time.
And I know it sounds
like it should be easy,
but all the mobile phone companies
organise their data
completely differently
and it's just not compatible.
Show me anyway.
OK, so, erm
the meeting or "party"
at Uncle Ari's house,
2nd of December.
15:59, Omar Hussein
rings Uncle Ari Mahmod.
17:36, he rings Mohammed Hama.
17:37, he rings Mohamoud Ali.
Right. So the association of the
main targets at the relevant time.
Yep. Er, 17:54,
there's Ari
ringing Banaz's landline.
That might be the threatening
phone call Banaz reported. Exactly.
13 minutes later,
this is Rahmat's phone.
Banaz sends a text,
"I need to speak urgently."
20:57, she texts him again,
naming names.
Mohamoud Ali, Omar Hussein,
and Mohammed Hama.
Which proves it wasn't a meeting
or party, it was a council of war.
No, Keily.
We've talked about this.
On Keily's home planet, far,
far away, they have Keily facts.
It's true.
Keily facts are things
we know are probably true
but we can't prove.
What we can't prove yet. Go on.
Right. So, there's Omar Hussein
coming down from Birmingham
the day before the party, meeting,
council of war at Uncle Ari's. Fact.
Following which,
a load of phone traffic
which is them all deciding to kill
Banaz and Rahmat. Keily fact.
Uncle Ari's phone.
Mohammed Hama's car. I'll show you.
Might've been discussing
football results.
Ask him, shall I?
Mohammed Hama's downstairs.
He just showed up, unannounced.
Uncle Ari told him to take the rap.
"We are investigating
a high risk missing person
"and we believe Mohammed Hama
is implicated."
That's it? That's your disclosure?
Yep. Oh, and he says
he doesn't want a woman lawyer.
Best of luck, Jo.
We have absolutely no idea
what evidence they've got,
so on this first interview,
you say, "No comment," OK?
I don't want
A woman lawyer. I know.
Why did you come here today?
To tell them I know nothing.
The police may record phone calls,
so no conversations
with anyone about this matter,
not even with your best friends. OK?
Again, today it's no comment.
I've done nothing. I was not there.
'I was not there.
I had nothing to do with it.'
'On the night of' 'I have
never in my life been to Birmingham!
'I have never been to Birmingham.'
Mohammed Hama, you are being charged
that on or before
the 24th of January, 2006,
that you did murder Banaz Mahmod
No! ..within the jurisdiction
of the Central Criminal Court,
contrary to common law.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention something now
that you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
What you've heard is correct, yeah.
I can confirm
that Banaz had five contacts with
the police before she disappeared.
Five chances to prevent this?
I can't justify it.
I won't even try.
As a community leader, Dianna
As a woman,
I cannot be a community leader.
Well, you'll agree
that we must avoid suggesting
that Kurdish men are
unusually prone to honour killing.
Not at all.
Sikhs, Pakistanis, Turks, Kurds.
There are men from these cultures
who bring their frozen values
to this country.
And by the way,
there is no honour in it.
Slip of the tongue.
So-called honour-based violence.
Banaz was a British citizen
and she is dead.
No. She's a missing person.
Because you have admitted five times
the police have failed her.
Abandoned, neglected, dead.
And nobody cares.
'Sir, we've only got one man
in custody,
'but that leaves all his mates
on the outside.
'He's gonna wanna talk to them.'
ADAMS: 'Evidence on Hama is weak.
'We'll need more to charge him.'
'I want to apply for permission
to record his phone calls.'
The tapes are difficult to follow.
The dialect's hard, too.
"She is in a suitcase,
under some stones, in the water."
Half a minute of speech,
it can take 20, 30 minutes
of work for me.
The prison is so noisy.
Up and down the tape I must go.
He thinks when they say stones,
they mean millstones.
Like a watermill? There's a fuck of
a lot of those in sunny Merton.
Five on the River Wandle within
couple of miles from the house.
I googled it.
Dive team's had no luck so far.
I don't want to find her here.
We find her here,
it means she's dead,
and I don't want her to be dead.
I don't want us to have failed her
like everyone else has.
Come in.
They're boasting, Caroline.
Laughing and boasting.
All right, mate?
"We were slapping her
"fucking her.
"Mohammed put the cord
around her neck and gave it to me.
"And then I was holding the
"I was holding the cord so tight
"..and stamping on her neck as well.
"I was saying,
"Let her soul be discharged."
"It didn't take
more than four or five minutes.
"She didn't make a sound."
'I now believe that when
Rahmat reported her missing,'
it was already too late.
'I believe'
..Banaz was killed
on the living room floor
of the house where she lived
with her parents.
No, I know. I know.
I knew when you
when you called me
and you wouldn't tell me
on the phone.
I know. I know.
Can we go in
No, don't touch me, don't touch me!
This is now a murder inquiry.
It's my objective, as of today,
to recover your daughter's body
so that she can be laid to rest.
Is there anything
that you'd like to say to me?
Now, I care very much about Banaz.
Your family
can be sure that I will not rest
until I bring her killers
to justice.
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