Honour (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Part Two

Mr Mahmod, we are treating
your daughter as a missing person.
Not missing.
Mrs Mahmod,
we will bring her back to you.
Banaz was a British citizen
and she is dead.
No. She's a missing person.
Dead! Because you have admitted five
times the police have failed her.
That was the main reason
that I came to the police station.
in the future or at any time,
if anything happens to me,
it's them.
It's them.
"She is in a suitcase,
under some stones in the water."
I now believe that
when Rahmat reported her missing,
it was already too late.
I believe Banaz was killed on
the living room floor of the house
where she lived with her parents.
I knew when you
when you called me
and you wouldn't
tell me on the phone.
Now, I care very much about Banaz.
Your family can be sure
that I will not rest
until I bring
her killers to justice.
They record all your phone calls,
A translator puts them into English.
And I read them.
It's called disclosure.
They have to show us their evidence.
We were just talking, like men do.
About another girl.
And now you're phoning your friends
and talking about raping and killing
another girl?
Men talk about women.
You will never understand.
I did advise you when we first met,
to be very careful
what you say on the phone.
I did not kill her.
They will never prove I did.
I'll be back
if there's any more transcripts.
Get a lot
of job satisfaction, do you?
Working for a toe rag
like Mohammed Hama?
He's still my client.
And you still don't have a body.
I'm making
an application to dismiss.
If she succeeds, Mohammed Hama
could be out on bail in weeks.
Disappear back to Iraq
like the others.
Unless we find the body.
We have to find the body.
Get a load of this.
- Six times, up and down. See?
- This is the data from the car tracker?
Yeah, finally.
On the day after she died,
Mohammed Hama drove that car
up and down the M1 to Birmingham
six times.
So, West Midlands Police have agreed
to help in every way they can.
Now, I don't want to hear the words
"needle in a haystack."
So let's review what the prison
phone calls have told us so far.
There is a house.
Some Kurdish men
have been staying there.
It's got a bricked-up window.
It's not overlooked from the back.
The house next door is derelict.
There's a burst water pipe.
"She is in the water,
under the stones."
Possibly in a suitcase.
Look, there it is.
It's up there, look.
- Zero Nine Nine to Control. Over.
- Go ahead.
Andy, the chopper's giving me
a clear visual on you now.
100 yards northwest
of your current position,
there's a back yard.
It looks pretty derelict.
What have you got?
It's just a load of rubbish.
No sign of water.
Jodge Street. Yarmouth Road.
Er, no. No good, sorry.
Six of them at least on this street
with boarded-up windows.
He's talking about Brook Terrace.
But I've eliminated it, the
council says no vacant properties.
Well, what about those two houses?
They've got a hedge in between them.
They're not overlooked.
Erm, electoral register says there's
two Irish families living there.
I'm just on Alexandra Road now.
Anything showing for Alexandra Road?
Erm, water company got back to me.
Nobody has reported
a broken water pipe.
- We've already been down this one.
- Well, go round again.
So I've got three houses
overlooked from the back,
but none of them's exactly derelict.
Nobody's got a pond
or a water feature. Right.
I don't even know how
we'd spot a burst water pipe.
What are we looking for, really?
It's got a bricked-up window.
It's not overlooked from the back.
And the house next door is derelict.
There's hundreds of them.
"She is in the water,
under the stones."
Smudge, we're going round
in circles here.
We're getting nothing, Stu.
Abort. Return to base.
Zero Nine Nine received.
Standing down.
What if we're no better
than all those other fucking idiots?
Steady on!
The fucking idiots who
failed her over and over again.
Smudge, you'll never let
that happen, mate.
I just can't bear
the thought of our girl
being crammed into a suitcase
and left to rot,
and the guys who did this
still being out there.
Pink or blue?
Oh, I don't know yet.
Our girls, they are free
to come and go as they please.
It was not a meeting.
You have family?
You English, you have forgotten
what does it mean, family.
Threatening phone calls? No.
Why will I ring my niece,
my-sister-in law?
You've been advised to say,
"No comment."
Any of the ladies in my family
have threatened them?
All right, Ari, I'll ask you again
to look at a list of names
Bekhal wants to see us.
You know, phone calls and
people looking.
People I used to know
before I left home.
- Do they speak to you, Bekhal?
- They don't scare me.
You know,
there's things we can do for you.
We can fit a panic button. CCTV.
Er the thing is I'm
pregnant, all right.
You've said no before to going into
the Witness Protection Scheme but
I don't want it.
Think about it, yeah? A new flat.
- A new secure phone number.
- And a new name.
When I don't want
to be someone else, just me.
My dad beat me
and he locked me in a room.
For wearing a skirt.
When I climbed out that window
I should have made Banaz
climb out with me.
I need better glasses.
Getting old, Smudge.
- Yeah, old and obsessed.
- It's phone calls. New ones.
Page 19.
There's the translation, there.
"..And we fixed the pipe.
"Did you check it?
And did you put the
"..did you put the freezer
back on top of the patio?
"Did you put the freezer
back on top of the patio?"
The freezer, I've seen it.
You get the video
and I'll bring the TV out.
Fucking thing!
Birmingham Aerials.
Birmingham Aerials.
It was Alexandra Road.
And it was towards the end
of the day, I remember that.
Come on. Come on.
There's a freezer out on that
that patio!
It was late. I'm sure it was late.
- There, there, there!
- I've just gone past it.
Wait, wait, wait. There, there.
She had a nickname. Naska.
It means delicate like
softness, like
like a new-born lamb.
She was so beautiful. You know,
you could look at her forever.
When we was little, I was getting
in all kinds of trouble.
But Banaz was so good.
So kind.
I can't believe my baby's
never gonna know her.
I thought she might be in
that fridge, but the door's off.
I was praying to God
we'd find her here.
Till I saw it.
She was all right until
a forensic archaeologist said
he could only remove
four inches of soil at a time.
There's nothing here. I'm sorry.
Another hour. Half an hour.
"She's in the water,
under the stones.
"She's buried
to the height of a man."
They talk about a suitcase.
Gonna need those lights!
They could have come back later
and moved the body.
Ugh, God. Jesus Christ.
I think that I've found
the corner of your suitcase.
There's an edge of something
that might be a pipe.
Oh, shit!
- It's broken!
- Turn the water off!
- It's washing away all my evidence!
- Get it off!
Turn it off!
Get to the water, will you?
Are they turning it off?
"In the water, under the stones."
Well, Smudge, you did it.
You found her.
There's what looks like hair
spilling out of the suitcase.
Yeah, we were expecting that.
I have to say I'm not sure
we'll be able to get her out.
I think she might just fall apart.
Can you pass me a scalpel?
If you can get me cause of death
That looks like a ligature.
What chance of DNA?
I'd be surprised if we could get
hers out of this mess,
let alone anyone else's.
What kind of people
think that anything in the world
is more important
than their own children's lives?
People for whom life
is worthless without honour.
- Are you defending them?
- Not at all.
But you must understand,
they protect
the honour of the family name,
because otherwise
nobody will marry their children.
And their children will starve.
Not here. Not in this country.
Why do you think
I bring my family here?
The men in her family
are all such idiots.
They think Banaz is a loose girl.
They worry people will talk.
But look at what they have done
to their own family.
Look at the waste.
They are
on every tongue in the country.
Their actions brings disgrace
to the entire Kurdish community.
They dishonour us all.
Listen to this.
"Uncle Ari carried the suitcase."
Ari carried the suitcase.
Are you sure?
We got him.
Ari Mahmod, you are being charged
that on or before
the 24th of January, 2006,
that you did murder Banaz Mahmod,
within the jurisdiction
of the Central Criminal Court,
contrary to common law.
My mother is ill.
If you plead guilty now, Mohammed,
you'll get perhaps 15 years,
instead of 25.
I did not kill her.
I went to Birmingham.
I helped to put her in the earth.
We pulled up the stones.
We dug the hole.
I dropped the suitcase.
It broke the pipe,
and the water came.
That's all.
It's important, going forward,
that you always tell me the truth.
In my own country,
I have done justice.
That's the truth.
In my own country,
if ever I go home
they will greet me as a hero.
You all right?
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
Do you want to tell me
what happened at the funeral?
- If you want to hear about it.
- I can't believe I couldn't be there.
I never wanted to have
this lonely life without my family.
No, I know. I know.
I've been remembering
when my brother come see me.
It was about two years ago.
I was so pleased to see him.
He turns up out of the blue and says
"Come on out, I've got some
cleaning I want you to do
"and there'll be
some money for you."
And I'm smiling
and I'm walking in front of him,
my brother, like right there.
Like down there, it was.
And I I get this
like crack in the back of my head.
And I'm bleeding and I'm
I'm falling,
like, I'm on the floor, like,
and, like, he's standing there
with this dumb bell in his hand.
- What, like a weight?
- Yeah, yeah. Like from the gym.
And I'm fighting him and I'm like
I'm biting his arm
and I'm like,
"Look at what you're doing,
you're actually trying to kill me."
And he starts crying like
like a woman.
Like, "I am the big boy,
I'm the big man now.
"My dad says that, like, I'm the one
that has this shame to amend."
Bekhal, are you telling me that your
dad sent your brother to kill you?
Sent him? He paid him.
He paid him £300.
He tried to get me
to take some of it.
He started shoving
£50 notes into my hands.
Bekhal, why didn't you tell us
about this before?
When Banaz disappeared,
and you arrested my Uncle Ari,
I was like, yeah, oh, my God,
yeah, that's that's him.
But this was my dad.
How could I think that
about my own dad?
On New Year's Eve,
did you ask your daughter
to accompany you
to her grandmother's house?
No comment.
Whilst you were there, did you give
your daughter alcohol to drink?
No comment.
Did you put on rubber gloves
and try to strangle her?
No comment.
Mr Mahmod, do you know
where your daughter is now?
No comment.
Well, that's not my fault, so
For God's sake!
So my computer is now the
fifth biggest in the entire Met!
So what!
And they're telling me I need
to get rid of some of my data and
And what? Like, I'm
I'm farming hundreds of phones
and trying to link
all these bloody suspects
and what part of that
am I supposed to get rid of?
Last night, I got binned.
He said it's cos I'm never home.
I bet
he weren't good enough for you.
Fuck off with your
"plenty more fish in the sea".
Millions of lines of data.
Hundreds of phones.
And you're the only one
who's ever really understood it.
What good did it do?
Banaz is still dead.
And those bastards
are still out there.
Oh, my God.
Analysing all the important numbers
and counting up
who was calling who when,
and then asking permission
on every single number
and waiting to get them back
The 221 number I recognise,
that's Banaz's mother.
And this number I just got back
from the network provider.
It turns out to be a second phone
that we didn't even know existed
belonging to Banaz's dad.
And this is the morning
of the 24th of January.
When they left Banaz alone
in the house?
Look at the traffic.
He's calling his wife constantly.
I mapped the phone masts.
They're not
even in the same postcode.
- But his statement
- Yeah. I'm on it.
"My daughter is here in this room,
asleep, when we go shopping.
"My wife and I,
we are together all the morning."
He lied.
You did it.
We got him.
My client has prepared
a written statement.
"I know of no conspiracy
to murder my daughter.
"I did not murder my daughter.
I am not involved."
Mr Mahmod will have
no further comment to make.
My husband was with me,
I will swear it.
I want you to know that as a mother,
I sympathise with you.
But if there's
something you can tell me
that you've not told me before,
then now is the time.
Are you a mother?
He is my husband.
If he was my husband,
I'd slit his fucking throat.
You're not gonna like this,
but I feel sorry for her.
Threatened by her husband
and his brother.
The whole community
closing down on her.
- How much choice did she have really?
- I expect so much more from a woman.
From a mother.
Eight o'clock on a Sunday morning
is not ideal, I know,
but we have a lot to get through,
so thank you.
You know, I walked in here
with a case to prosecute
I knew nothing about. But this work
you've done on the phones,
and the route of the body,
it's brilliant.
And Banaz giving you that list
of names is extraordinary.
That list is my prize exhibit.
I note you have
no forensic evidence.
No, none.
Of the men
who took her body to Birmingham
one of them
has already pleaded guilty,
and the other two are missing,
presumed in Iraq?
That's what we suspect.
Now, about the two men
who will stand trial,
there's no suggestion
her father or her uncle
killed her with their own hands.
She named her Uncle Ari in her list.
He directed the conspiracy,
dragged the suitcase.
She doesn't mention
her father at all.
Much of your evidence
against them both is circumstantial.
Some of it amounts
to multiple hearsay.
And I'm worried about her sister.
But Bekhal's a great witness.
She'd left home. She wasn't there.
Her father did pay her brother
to try and kill her.
Too long ago.
She never reported it.
The defence will object.
Whose side is she on?
I should also tell you
I intend to put the police failures
into my opening statement
to the jury.
But we've tried so hard to make up
for those mistakes, Miss Cheema.
If her father and uncle get off,
they will feel invincible,
and we'll look like losers who
just don't care. We have evidence.
We have witnesses. We will leave
emotion aside and make our case.
Now that I've given this statement,
what can you do for me?
What can you do for me?
For me?
Justice for Banaz!
- Justice for Banaz!
- Justice for Banaz!
Justice for Banaz!
Good news.
Bekhal can give her evidence.
Ah, that's a relief.
We won that on her
allegations against her father.
But I'm afraid the judge has ruled
Banaz's list of suspects
What, the list
where she names her own killers?
Well, the problem is Banaz cannot be
in the witness box
to be cross-examined on it.
Yes, because she's dead!
Mr Suleimani,
I appear for the defendants.
I'd like to take you back to your
first meeting with Banaz Mahmod.
In July 2005, Banaz leaves
her husband, does she not?
And it was shortly after that
that you seduced her, did you not?
I'm not too sure
what you mean by "seduced".
an experienced man of the world,
took advantage
of a young and naive girl?
That that's not true.
Did it ever occur to you
that if you could marry Banaz,
having been an illegal immigrant
since November 2003
It was not because
of the immigration status.
It was because
I loved her with all of my heart.
Would you would you
just keep to the point?
You cannot choose who to love
for anything in the world.
Nah, I I can't stand there.
Not in front of them. Tell her.
- Yeah.
- They can't see me. It's not safe.
She doesn't want
the men in the dock to see her.
We can set up a screen.
They won't see her.
And you never told me
that they let the public in.
You know, the public!
That's like anybody!
- Is she pulling out?
- Pulling out? No.
No? Nah, of course
Don't you dare insult me!
Look, I love my sister.
But I am a mother now.
And my daughter comes first.
Whatever you need.
We will get a screen.
- I need to wear something.
- Bekhal, we will make it work.
I never speak Kurdish any more.
I never see anyone I used to know.
I mean, I can't.
Especially after
what I'm about to do.
You will be with me, won't you?
Miss Mahmod,
would you kindly lift your veil
so that the jury can see your face?
I discovered that there was
a plan for me to marry a cousin.
I wasn't happy with that prospect.
So you went to live
with foster parents, did you not?
Uncle Ari
said that I was a troublemaker.
He said that, "Your dad's scared
of the police, but I'm not."
"If I was your father I would
"..I would have
killed you by now."
And that, er, "You would be turned
to ashes if it were up to me."
Do you want to take a break?
No. No, thank you.
Miss Mahmod, when the police
first came to see you,
did you mention your father
or your Uncle Ari to them at all?
I didn't think at the time that
my immediate family were involved.
But you're asking the jury
to believe that after years
of supposed violent abuse
at their hands
I couldn't think it!
I couldn't I couldn't go there.
My own father? It took a while.
I had I had to
let my mind stop
stop tricking me.
Well, I put it to you
that your mind is tricking you now.
I was scared
and I am scared for my life.
That's the reason
that I'm here dressed like this.
I'm always looking over my shoulder.
Yes, it's clear
that you're a young person
with troubles of your own,
are you not? No!
Troubles which mean your evidence
can only be regarded
as flawed and unreliable?
I don't sleep comfortably
or have a settled life
because of what has happened to me
in my past life
and all that I've been through.
I just
I just want to get on
and live my life.
- I was really bad.
- No. No, you were great.
- Honestly.
- I was awful.
I was and I and I didn't
I made a mess of it.
I didn't know what to say
or how to answer him.
Bekhal, this is Rahmat.
Pleased to meet you.
I felt the same.
Like I
I didn't speak well for Banaz.
But you were brilliant.
Bekhal, I just I just want to say
that I am so, so sorry.
No. Don't even think about
blaming yourself.
- If she had loved someone else
- No.
She loved you.
None of this is your fault.
If I hadn't left home, then my dad
wouldn't have made her get married.
It's not your fault.
I, Lorna Wilson,
swear that the evidence I shall give
shall be the truth, the whole
truth, and nothing but the truth.
- What, openly boasting about it?
- That's right.
They're telling
all their friends in the cafes.
Our women over there have seen them
and reported to us.
These men,
they just can't help themselves.
Omar Hussain and Mohammed Ali
have been spotted in Iraq.
Lorna Wilson is in the witness box.
Caroline, she says that you tried
to make her change her statement.
Justice for Banaz!
Did you ask the constable
to change her statement?
How do you respond
to the charge of bullying?
Did you pervert
the course of justice?
Not a hope of winning this case now,
is there? Are you a bully?
I didn't ask her to change
her statement. Just to clarify it.
What's that in the margin?
- It says "WTF".
- In your handwriting?
What, am I under investigation now?
PC Wilson has suggested
from the witness box
that you perverted
the course of justice.
So, yes,
you are under investigation.
- What does "WTF" mean?
- You know what it means.
It means, What The Fuck!
I'm not proud of that, I'm not proud
of my language in general,
but that was
a private note to myself
because I just couldn't understand
how she could
We've given our lives to this thing.
Lorna Wilson admitted in court
that in hindsight
she might have got it wrong.
Yeah, I'm going to watch
these bastards walk free
and it's going to be
nobody's fault but my own.
But you didn't get Lorna to change
her statement. Of course I didn't!
So you're not guilty of perverting
the course of justice.
Plus you're not the one on trial.
PC Wilson has testified
that you insisted
she change her statement.
No, I didn't tell her what to
write. I gave her no instructions.
But your attitude was intimidating.
One might also say bullying
to a junior officer, was it not?
It's not fair
I don't think it's fair to say
that PC Wilson felt intimidated.
We've worked together happily before
and she's always been very happy
to stand up for herself.
In truth, is it not the case
that what PC Wilson saw
was the real situation?
She saw a troubled and
intoxicated young woman,
did she not, who was making wild
and unbelievable allegations,
which your investigation has
entirely failed to substantiate?
An investigation led by
a senior officer so one-sided,
so intent on securing convictions,
that you were prepared to pervert
the course of justice
to secure your aims?
It is my duty
as a senior investigating officer
to follow the evidence
wherever it takes me.
There is no benefit to me
personally or professionally
in convicting the wrong person.
She was the sweetest person
in the world.
She was my future.
What's it like, Rahmat?
Witness Protection?
It's safer, of course.
But it's
It's hard getting used to new names.
It's it's lonely, too.
That's what scares me.
I know I have to, but
if they get off, if my uncle
No and my father get off,
then it's all for nothing.
All of our lives ruined for nothing.
- The jury's coming back.
- Oh, God!
What if Oh, God, no, no, no, no.
I need Bekhal, please
I need to sit down
and I need to sit down quietly.
Bekhal, afterwards, whatever
the verdict, we will be all alone.
New names and new stories
and all alone.
- Look, no
- No, no, no!
Friends only. Brother and sister.
We can get a flat to live
and to remember Banaz
and bring up the baby.
And just friends only.
Just to live and to work
and to be safe.
But we can't be safe. Not together.
You will be as lonely as I am.
I have my daughter.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
The foreman's on his feet.
Members of the jury,
have you reached a verdict
on which you are all agreed?
We have.
Do you find the defendant,
Mahmod Mahmod,
guilty or not guilty of murder?
Do you find the defendant,
Ari Mahmod,
guilty or not guilty of murder?
- Guilty.
- Yes!
I am not the one
who betrays the Kurdish people!
I am defending the rights of our
people, the rights of our women!
Banaz was a caring,
loving young woman
with the whole of her life
in front of her,
and that life
has been brutally cut short
by the very people who should
have loved her and protected her.
Who do I have to talk to
to get a drink around here?
Well, actually, er
- They won't. They will.
- They will have a new signing next year.
But they're not playing well enough.
Smudge can write
to Saddam Hussein.
Have his people talk to her people.
He's not in charge any more.
And don't take the piss.
Just pointing it out, but there's
there's no extradition treaty
between the United Kingdom and Iraq.
She's not going
to let that stop her, is she?
So we're going to Iraq, then?
We're going to the ends
of the earth, if we have to.
What can you do for me?
For me?
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