Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

Professor Yang, it's me, Min-ha.
Do you have any plans for this evening?
If not, let's have dinner together
at the steakhouse across the street.
At 7:30 p.m.
No pressure though.
You don't have to come.
My friend lives in the area,
so I can eat with her if you can't come.
But I really hope you can come.
What about a CT scan?
He's conscious?
Yeah, he got a CT scan done.
The Professor of Neurosurgery said
they'd just have to monitor him tonight.
Is that okay though?
I'll be there in a minute.
You go ahead.
My gosh.
Yeah, please go ahead.
Hey, Seok-hyeong! You're still here?
This is Kang So-ye.
She's a good friend of mine.
She's going to join our hospital
as a fellow next year,
but she wanted to learn the job
in advance. How kind!
Yes, thank you.
Just now, Professor Yoon Seon-ju…
He was just admitted, right?
Cerebral hemorrhage, in his seventies.
Yes, the CT scan shows
ICH in the right basal ganglia.
I'd say about 15cc,
which isn't a lot, thankfully.
The CT angiogram shows no abnormalities.
His mental status is alert,
but the left side motor response is poor.
We're going to monitor him all night.
Why? Do you know him?
He's a famous professor.
Over here.
Who's on duty tonight for Neurosurgery?
Professor Choi Hyeong-su.
He came and left.
Who is she?
It's a Christmas gift from our chef.
What a stingy chef.
This is tiny!
Wash up later.
The bathroom's flooded right now.
Hey, where were you? I called you twice.
The study session ended just now.
What's up? Is something up?
No, it's fine.
Liar. You're obviously not okay.
-You miss me.
Gosh, what should we do?
There's no medicine for this.
Should I come see you?
Should I get on the bus now?
I really miss you a lot.
I miss you so much
that I'm about to get a sty…
Hold on.
Go away. Get lost.
I'm off anyway.
I can't stand to watch any more of this.
Jeong-won dropped by.
Ik-sun, the ring got sent back
to the hospital.
I received it today.
It got sent back? Why?
It just says, "Return to sender."
That's odd. I was home all week.
Last week too.
Let me ask my friend in the room
next to mine. I'll call you back.
All right.
He can't move one arm
and threw up earlier.
Doesn't he need surgery?
No. It's only a little bit of blood,
so the meds will do.
They're right in putting him on meds
that can lower
the intracranial pressure and BP.
But what if the bleeding
gets worse overnight?
What if his condition worsens?
The bleeding could increase.
But I'm sure the ICU staff will
keep taking CT scans to check.
If the bleeding worsens,
we'll insert a long tube
called a catheter to drain the blood.
If the bleeding worsens significantly,
we'll go into surgery right away.
But at the moment, we don't know.
We have no idea whether or not
the bleeding will worsen,
so let's wait and see.
We can decide later.
This is why it's important to know someone
who works in a hospital.
Thank you for stopping by.
No problem.
The ICU is full at the moment,
so he'll have to wait a little.
You should sit down and get some rest.
It won't take too long.
See if you can speed it up a little…
for old times' sake.
Did you have dinner?
He suddenly collapsed
on our way to a family dinner.
So we brought him here.
None of us had dinner.
I see.
Mom must be hungry.
Is there a gimbap place nearby?
Or even just a convenience store.
Yes, there's a gimbap place
across the street.
It should still be open.
-Come with me.
It's snowing a lot outside.
-It's okay.
-Thank you.
We're stepping out to get gimbap.
It'll be quick.
Let's go, Seok-hyeong.
It's so cold!
Oh, no. What should I do?
I'm here.
I'm right in front of the ER now.
My gosh, it's snowing so much right now.
I just saw your text.
You're back already?
You said you had a date this evening.
Did I?
I was joking. A date, my foot.
Anyway, I'm heading in now.
Wait at the station, okay?
Gosh, it's so cold.
-Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.
The half-dried herring
actually goes quite well with wine.
-Doesn't it?
-Yes, it's very nice.
Good choice, Kettle.
What kettle? What brand is it?
He calls me Kettle, Mr. Kettle.
Oh, I see.
What are you doing? Hurry up!
It must be good news, right?
That's what you want to tell me.
That's why you're coming to see me!
What is the good news
that you're thinking of?
What do you think? You staying
right by my side forever, obviously.
Let's talk in person on the weekend.
Okay. I'll be waiting, with the red carpet
rolled out just for you.
I love you, son!
Jong-su, pour me some wine.
All the way to the top.
What's going on? What did Jeong-won say?
Sounds like he decided not to quit.
That's great.
My, that's such good news. Great news!
He told me that he was leaving soon.
He's not going anywhere.
He's had a change of heart.
He's visiting Yangpyeong this Sunday,
but his flight was booked for this Sunday.
What does that mean?
Clearly, he's decided to stay!
And I think Jeong-won's got a girlfriend.
What does her family do?
What does her father do?
How would I know?
And who cares what her family does?
I'm just grateful that my 40-year-old son
has finally got a girlfriend!
That's such great news for the hospital.
I was really worried about how
I'd manage Pediatric Surgery without him.
Gosh, it's Professor Ahn.
Answer it. Hurry, quick!
Hi, Professor Ahn. What's up?
Me? I'm with your mother now.
Can I stop by your office for a moment
tomorrow morning?
I need to have a word with you.
Yes, of course. You can stop by
for ten hours, if you'd like.
You can come by anytime.
Okay. Then I'll come by
before my outpatient appointments.
Great, I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, what's our next song?
"I'm okay now. I've given up on love."
"Why am I crying like a fool?" By the way…
Someone's dating.
Seok-hyeong is seeing someone, right?
Well, I'm not sure.
He didn't say anything to me.
The song choice is pretty suspicious.
Hey! I figured out why. My goodness.
Hold on. Hold on a second.
Just a second.
It got sent back because no one was there?
That's the way it's done here.
The mailman must have come
when I stepped out for a moment last week.
Se-gyeong told me they'd redeliver it
if I called the post office
and confirmed the details,
but I'd have to call right away.
I can't believe it got sent back.
I'll send it again.
No, it's okay.
What if something goes wrong again?
Just give it to me in person
when I'm back in Korea.
When will that be?
I don't know.
All right. Then I'll hold onto it for now.
I don't want you to be stuck at home
waiting for the ring.
How's studying going?
It's hard. I should've done this sooner.
I'm physically struggling.
I get tired so easily.
Doesn't my face look weird now? Look.
You look pretty.
You don't look weird at all.
I guess your friend
is helping you out a lot.
Yes, Se-gyeong helps me out so much.
She came here just a little before I did,
but she's like a native Londoner.
My gosh, your friend is better
than your boyfriend.
Jun-wan, I know it's late,
but Merry Christmas.
-It'll be Christmas in a few hours there.
I'm sorry for leaving you alone.
I'm sorry too. Merry Christmas.
Thanks. I love you.
I love you too.
-I love you.
-I love you.
All right.
Professor Lee.
How did you know it was me?
Who else would be here at this hour?
By the way…
where are you going so early?
You usually sleep in.
-I'm off to work.
-I'm sorry?
I haven't been exercising at all,
so I feel very unfit these days.
I'm going to bike to work.
This man in black will be off now.
U-ju, see you later. Have fun with Auntie.
My gosh.
Oh, my. When did my son grow so much?
I feel like he's grown so much overnight.
Isn't it odd?
The New Year is here.
He's had a growth spurt
now that he's a year older.
You're not making much sense right now.
Sometimes, yesterday feels like today,
and vice versa.
And sometimes, the day after tomorrow
feels like the past, you know?
Look here.
-Hello, take it easy.
-Thank you.
Hey, let's take a break too.
I have a headache.
Yes, don't push yourself too hard
on a cold day like this.
Come on. We're almost there. Get up.
Hey, what's wrong? Are you okay?
Are you all right?
Sir, open your eyes. Sir?
Can you describe your symptoms?
What's your name?
My head…
I'm a doctor. Can you call an ambulance?
This could be a stroke.
-Can I borrow your penlight?
Thankfully, his pupil reaction seems fine.
By the way, where are we taking him?
Which hospital?
-We're taking him to Yulje.
It's before the rush hour,
so there's no traffic now.
Right, it's still early.
Sir, which hospital do you work at?
If it's on our way back,
we'll drop you off.
It's okay. There's no need.
It's really okay.
It's so cold.
I got here way too early.
Are you a ghost?
Hey, why are you here?
-Where's your car?
-Why are you here so early, sleepyhead?
Something happened.
Did you not go to Sokcho?
I have a lecture in the morning.
Thank you!
I came early to prepare for it.
I'm getting my new car later today.
Did you bike here? What are you wearing?
-Does it look weird? Do I look lame?
-Yes, weird and lame.
Did you have coffee?
Don't you need coffee in the morning?
Sure, let's have some coffee.
Come to my office.
-Good morning.
-Hello, Professor Yang.
Hello, good morning.
-Hello, Professor.
-Hello, Professor.
Hi, guys.
Aren't you getting in?
I left something in the car.
Go ahead.
Doors are closing.
Ms. Song, ER's sending a patient now.
Is that okay?
Tell them it's fine.
And see if Room 11 is ready.
Got it. Yes, you can send the patient now.
This patient had a hepatectomy,
but the urine output has decreased a lot.
Was everything okay last night?
Yes, I went there and checked.
The patient was fine,
and I confirmed that we changed IV bags.
Dr. Jang, Park Cheol-yong in Room 10
has a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius,
and he's shivering badly.
What should we do?
Give him an IV
and a fever reducer for now.
-I'll check on him soon.
I have surgery first thing in the morning.
You've seen me go to work this early.
I'll be late. I'll call you at night.
All right.
Hey, did you use my shampoo?
No, I didn't.
Jeez, you stingy prick.
You can have it all.
Why not? Try it.
It's really good. You should use it too.
I've used it. It was great.
Was he a pitcher or what?
That pitch was so accurate.
Have you been practicing?
Yes, I have.
Then do it in front of me.
You haven't been practicing hard enough.
-This isn't good.
-My stomach…
My stomach hurts a lot.
It feels tight, and I feel so weak.
Doctor, please leave it to me.
I'll do it at my own pace.
You may have to go back to the ICU
if you end up with pneumonia again.
Five times, every hour.
Do it properly before you rest.
I'll be back in the afternoon.
I expect you to fully lift a ball
when I'm back.
Do you understand?
Yes, Doctor. I'll make sure he practices.
Great. See you later.
What is this patient's diagnosis?
I'm sorry, sir.
What kind of surgery has the patient had?
Are you here
to just watch me perform surgery?
Make sure you study before you scrub in.
I'm sorry, sir.
Let's do the purse-string suture.
Keep checking the vitals
and check for any drainage color change.
We're doing a Doppler ultrasound today,
so check for fluid collection
in the hilum.
Yes, sir.
I'm counting on you guys.
Did you count everything?
-We're short of a dressing set.
-Room 8 is using one now.
Hello, Professor Ahn.
Seung-ho ran a fever last night.
We gave him an IV and a fever reducer,
but he still has a mild fever.
A fever is common because of
the post-surgery condition of the lungs.
I'll have a look at him
when I'm doing rounds later.
Do we have Chae-eun's results?
The liver Doppler ultrasound results
look good,
but she's not in a good mood.
She's become a pessimist
since getting the liver transplant.
Hi, Chae-eun.
Hello, Professor Ahn.
Chae-eun, Dr. Ahn is here.
-What's the matter?
-No idea.
She's been eating well, right?
Yes, she's still a good eater.
I see.
Then I think she can go home tomorrow.
All the test results look good.
-I think she'll be fine--
Yes, Chae-eun.
How much longer do I have to live?
My mom asks you that question
all the time.
"How much longer can Chae-eun live
with this new liver?"
I don't know either.
But I'm pretty sure you'll outlive me.
You'll live longer than me,
so don't worry.
All right, see you.
-Jin-u is next.
It stings, doesn't it?
I'll be gentle. It's almost done.
But how many more times
do I have to do this?
I really can't get used to this position.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yes, Professor Yang.
We have a primi-patient, 12 weeks.
She's lost weight
because of her morning sickness,
so I told her she should be hospitalized.
I'll get you a new dressing set.
Okay, thank you.
Got it. So just order lab tests
and give her an IV?
-Are you doing something now?
-Pardon me?
-Are you changing someone's dressing?
Then call me when you're done.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Make sure the Hemovac doesn't
get disconnected. Close it up well.
Dress the wound thoroughly. See you.
Got it. Thank you, Professor Chae!
-Hey, Seok-min.
-I stopped by to see you.
-Where are you now?
-I'm busy.
You must not care about me
since I'm leaving. Spare me five minutes.
You've been slacking off so often.
Don't you have to study?
I was studying until ten minutes ago.
Where are you?
The Operating Unit.
Come to my office in five minutes.
Why are you in the Operating Unit again?
Jeez, were you assisting
Professor Min again?
We're short-staffed, so I had to.
Why did you have to leave?
I wish you were here to do these things.
Why did you take care of it
when the fellows can do it?
They're the busiest ones here.
I have the most time to spare.
Anyway, I'll see you in a bit.
Is Chi-hong doing well
at the Jongno branch?
Didn't he start at the Jongno branch
this week?
Yes, his clinical rotation started today.
He didn't have to go there,
but I heard he volunteered.
I suggested he do it.
Professor Chae.
They were short-staffed and needed help.
I figured nothing bad
would come out of it.
They handle a wider range of cases.
And the more work you do,
the more and quicker you'll learn.
Did I sound like a geezer?
My goodness…
If you're a geezer,
Chae Song-hwa and company
are the only ones
who aren't geezers in this hospital.
I don't want to end up being a geezer.
I want to be a villain.
The greatest villain
in this entire hospital.
Hey, do you live here?
Yeah, I do. Want some crackers?
Are you eating my crackers?
My gosh.
Thank you so much, Professor Chae.
The lecture will happen elsewhere,
so I wasn't sure how to bring it up.
My brother was the one who asked me,
so I couldn't refuse him.
Asking him will only take a second.
Ik-jun will do it if he's free.
He likes doing those things.
It's just that he's always busy.
He's in my office now, so let's ask him.
Thank you.
But does it have to be Ik-jun?
It is mine.
Why do you keep eating my snacks?
This is my favorite!
Get out, Ahn Jeong-won.
I said, get out.
Get out! Get out of Jun-wan's body.
Get out at once. You won't?
Get out.
-Get out.
Get out. Get lost.
-Leave Jun-wan alone!
Get out.
Professor Lee Ik-jun is very famous
as a leading liver transplant specialist.
They specifically requested
Professor Lee Ik-jun.
He's a great lecturer
on top of being a competent doctor.
He's very charismatic.
Hey, stop!
He'll do it.
Ik-jun said he'll do it.
Just text me the location and time.
He'll be there. Don't worry.
Talk to you later.
Patient Cho Seon-hwa said she was feeling
less fetal movement this morning.
-Did you do a nonstress test?
Yes, the variability seemed fine.
And she said she's feeling
more fetal movement now.
Check her ultrasound and let me know.
Min-ha, can you spare me a moment?
What happened to your hair?
Did you just wash it?
Don't ask.
He was possessed by you,
so I carried out a little ritual.
What are you talking about?
You are inside me.
You freak.
Kim Jun-wan speaking.
We're having a hard time
with the peripheral IV line for Eun-ji.
Okay, I'll check. I'm coming now.
Bye, guys.
Where's Seok-hyeong?
He's at a cafe meeting someone.
Who? He's not the type
to meet someone at a cafe.
-Is it a woman?
-Yes, Yoon Sin-hye.
That name rings a bell.
His ex-wife.
Her father is hospitalized now.
He should've told me.
I know. I thought he'd tell us,
but he hasn't said a word about it.
Her father will be discharged
in a day or two.
She must want to say bye to him in person.
My buddy, Ik-jun.
What's up, my buddy Jeong-won?
I'm curious about something.
What is it?
How is it that you always know everything?
That's because
I'm interested in everything.
-I'm curious about something too.
-What is it?
How much time do you need
to unwrap the damn pickled radish?
Look at her. She ate a whole line
of gimbap without it.
There was pickled radish?
I'm sorry.
Pass the phone over to someone else
in a situation like that.
The patient must have been uncomfortable.
Right. I'm sorry.
I understand you answered right away
because your professor called you,
but don't answer my calls
in situations like that.
You can call me back when you're done.
You're right.
Hey, Sin-hye.
I'll be there in three minutes.
It happens. Once is okay.
But not twice, okay?
Got it.
-See you.
My gosh, Yeon-u's mother is here again.
Hello, ma'am. Is it raining outside?
No, I brought an umbrella
because they said it'd rain,
but it doesn't look like it will.
I was in the area and wanted to stop by.
Here, have some tangerines.
They're from my parents' farm.
It's okay. You know that
we can't accept any gifts.
I know. I sure do.
I practically lived here for three years.
Then what should I do with these?
I should just throw them away.
Please throw these out for me.
My gosh. Thank you.
By the way, is Dr. Jang Gyeo-ul
not here today?
She's in the ICU. Oh, there she is.
Hello, Dr. Jang.
-My gosh.
You still seem so busy.
Aren't there any juniors
joining this year?
I should file a complaint or something.
No, it's okay. What brings you here today?
Did you want to talk to me
about something?
No, I just wanted to stop by
because I was in the area.
My friend's daughter turned one today,
so I had lunch with them.
The baby's skin was flawless,
without a single scar on the face.
But Yeon-u…
That tiny body was covered with scars,
you know.
We changed the dressings
as often as we could
and paid extra attention
to minimize scarring.
We're sorry.
Gosh, don't be.
I know you adored Yeon-u so much.
Was it about a month before Yeon-u died?
In the afternoon,
Yeon-u suddenly started vomiting
after taking the meds.
Even then, you took care of everything…
I'm sorry. Just a moment.
Yes, Professor.
Yes. I've wrapped up everything here,
so I can go.
My professor needs me.
Yes. You just need me
to procure it, right?
Okay, I'll make sure to check.
Let it go.
Just make sure you don't do it again.
Ms. Han.
Why is it that I don't know anything
I have not experienced before?
I'm incapable of learning things
on my own.
I always start from zero.
I don't have the talent
to be a good doctor,
I have no skills, and I'm dumb…
Anyway, I suck at everything.
-This is the ER.
We have a 38-year-old patient.
She's 19 weeks pregnant.
She's had a watery discharge
since lunchtime today.
PROM is suspected.
Could you come down and take a look?
She's not a follow-up patient.
She noticed the discharge
and came to our ER right away.
Sure, no problem. I have to go.
We managed to do it after we called you.
-Really? The peripheral line is in?
-Yes, it's in.
Great, let's get the central line in now.
And Dr. Do Jae-hak just got here
to see Eun-ji.
Oh, dear. The machine is bigger than her.
Eun-ji is waiting
for a heart transplant, right?
She's been hooked up to the VAD
for over three months now,
but we can't find a donor for her.
But Eun-ji is staying strong.
What are you doing here?
-Hello, Professor Kim.
I came to see Eun-ji.
Jang Hong-do, right?
Yes, that's right.
I'm Jang Hong-do, in third year.
We've met a few times.
Isn't he impressive?
-What do you mean?
-He's spending his winter break
working here as a sub-intern
instead of hanging out with his friends.
Even Jang Yun-bok, his twin sister--
How's the VAD different from the ECMO?
Professor Kim.
He should study
since that's what he's here to do.
I expect you to have the answer ready
the next time I see you.
Yes, sir.
You should go study too.
Don't be one of the few people
who fail the board exam.
Does he always have to be so mean?
Eun-ji! She woke up.
Eun-ji, you woke up!
Someone left an umbrella here.
That's Yeon-u's mother's.
You can give it to me.
Is this Yeon-u's mother?
To be honest, I don't really get it.
Yeon-u was hospitalized here
for a long time
but ended up dying
after suffering a lot of pain.
Yeon-u was born prematurely,
underwent surgery several times,
and practically lived here
for three years.
I only knew Yeon-u for about a year,
but Da-yeong and Dr. Jang saw everything
from the time when Yeon-u was a newborn.
-That kid practically grew up here.
They had Yeon-u's 100th-day celebration
and even their first birthday party here.
I understand she's befriended
many people here
and is grateful to the staff,
but if I were her…
If my child died here
after suffering from an illness for years,
I wouldn't even want
to think of this place.
I'd hate to visit.
That said, what if…
She said she'll pick it up
tomorrow evening.
It's Yeon-u's birthday tomorrow.
She'll bring cake.
-She'll be here again tomorrow?
I was just thinking,
but do you think that Yeon-u's mother
could be preparing to sue us,
thinking that Yeon-u died
because of some kind of mistake
that happened here?
Maybe she's coming here so often
to obtain clues or evidence.
I'm not sure. She got along with all of us
and with the doctors as well.
She still talks to Professor Lee Ji-yeong
who performed the surgery.
I'm sure that's not it.
I know, just in case.
Dr. Jang Gyeo-ul and I were always
right by Yeon-u's side.
Dr. Jang isn't the type to make mistakes,
which means… Did I make a mistake?
Don't worry.
I told you, I was just thinking.
Yes, hello. I'm sure you told
Professor Kwon all the details,
but I wanted to ask you
about the donor's condition.
Was CPR performed?
Can you tell me the LFT results
and the amount of cardiac stimulant used?
I just wanted to double-check.
Move her to the delivery room.
Doctor. My baby is okay, right?
I'm only 19 weeks pregnant.
My water shouldn't break yet.
Nothing will happen, right?
Well, we need to run some tests
to find out what's going on.
We also need to find out
whether it's amniotic fluid.
-Is the professor here yet?
-Who's on duty today?
-Professor Yeom Se-hee.
-There she is.
She's 19 weeks pregnant.
She's nitrazine positive
and has a gross rupture.
Her AFI is 3cm at the moment.
PROM is suspected.
-Did you say 19 weeks?
To be exact, 19 weeks and 5 days.
It's too soon.
-Where is she now?
-In the MFICU.
No, Doctor.
We went through hoops
to conceive this baby.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do
at this stage of pregnancy.
You need to be at least 24 weeks pregnant
for us to save the baby.
Waiting won't help as it's happening
so early in the pregnancy.
Even if we decide to wait,
the baby's lungs won't develop properly
because your water broke prematurely.
The baby won't last long at all
even if it's born.
And it could cause inflammation,
which will also put you in danger.
You probably need…
some time to prepare yourself
to say goodbye.
I'll leave you to it.
Premature rupture of membranes
at 19 weeks of pregnancy.
Can't keep the baby as she has lost
most of her amniotic fluid.
If delivered now,
the fetus will not be viable,
and the chance of survival is low.
PROM can cause a prolapsed umbilical cord,
a womb infection, and preterm labor pains,
which can be dangerous.
It can also cause inflammation
in the mother's body.
If prematurely born,
the baby's underdeveloped lungs
could cause complications
such as breathing difficulties.
Oh, boy. That's quite a chart.
She must be devastated now.
I know.
I hope she can let it go
and pull herself together soon.
If it's dragged out,
it'll only get harder for the mother.
The ambulances are so busy today.
Do you know where you are now? Se-ho.
It's okay, Se-ho.
You're in the hospital now. It's okay.
Did you call Pediatric Surgery?
Dr. Jang is out for procurement.
It'll take her a while.
Oh, no.
I think we should call Professor Ahn.
Professor Ahn must be in surgery now.
This is Professor Ahn's phone.
He's in surgery
and can't come to the phone now.
This is Kang So-ye, a fellow in the ER.
I'm calling because
Professor Ahn's patient just came in.
An eight-year-old
traffic accident patient, male.
Mental state, drowsy.
His BP is 80 over 60,
and his heart rate is 120.
Based on the physical exam…
If there's a notable difference
in the diameters,
-keep the stitches small.
-Got it.
Everything else looks okay,
but we've spotted a fluid collection.
An emergency transfusion…
We need to do surgery.
Examine the patient quickly.
The intestinal anastomosis is done.
Please seal up the rest.
Please call me when it's done.
His current vitals?
BP is 70 over 50,
and his heart rate is 130.
Se-ho, does it hurt a lot?
I'm sorry, but can you book an OR for me?
You want a different doctor?
I read a blog post about
Professor Yang Seok-hyeong helping someone
who was 18 weeks pregnant
keep her baby and give birth safely.
I'm really sorry.
I know it's rude of me
to make such a request.
I'm fully aware that
I shouldn't be asking you this,
but I feel no shame right now.
Please, help me.
Could you please ask
Professor Yang Seok-hyeong just once?
I'm really sorry.
I understand the situation is bad…
but I can feel my baby moving.
So how could I give up?
-Who is it?
-It's Chu Min-ha, Professor.
-Come in.
-Thank you.
Sure, that's fine.
Let her have her way. I don't care.
Okay, then.
-Who is it?
-It's me, Min-ha.
Come in.
I explained the situation to her
several times,
but she's saying she still can't give up.
She said she can't give up
when she can still feel her baby moving.
Is she, by any chance…
on the slimmer side?
Well, yes.
She conceived the baby
after three rounds of IVF.
She practically begged me, saying
she wants to try everything she can.
What did Professor Yeom say?
She said the decision is yours.
She doesn't care.
-Then I'll examine the patient.
-Where is she now?
-In the MFICU.
-I'll go after my outpatient appointments.
Text me her name and registration number.
-Will do.
Get going.
Have a good day.
The situation looks pretty bad indeed.
The baby has a slim chance of survival.
But I wouldn't say there's zero chance,
so I'm going to trust that
we still have hope and do my very best.
Thank you, Doctor.
For the baby, we'll use antibiotics
and see how it goes.
At week 23, we'll consider injections
that speed up lung development.
Thankfully, the baby's movements
in the womb seem totally fine.
You're not showing any signs of infection,
and you don't have a fever.
If you experience contractions,
we'll give you meds that can control that
and see how it goes.
-Thank you.
-Then I'll see you tomorrow.
I bet you haven't had dinner yet.
I got you some pastries.
I feel bad that I'm going home.
I feel like you work all the night shifts
in OB-GYN.
Do you have a lot to do?
Are you organizing the charts?
Is there a problem?
Look at this.
"At 19 weeks…"
Premature rupture of membranes
at 19 weeks of pregnancy.
Lost most of her amniotic fluid,
but fetal movements look good.
Breech presentation.
No signs of infection in the womb.
No contractions detected.
Antibiotics will be given
to prevent infection in the womb.
Contractions will be regulated
should they occur.
If stable condition is maintained
until Week 23,
the fetus will become viable.
We will, then, consider betamethasone.
C-section will be performed if needed.
Looks like this patient may be able
to keep her baby.
I see.
This case will be a little difficult.
Don't you notice anything strange?
I do.
You can't organize the charts like this.
There can't be two different patients
under one profile.
It's the same person.
The same day, the exact same patient.
And the charts were written
by the same person,
Chu Min-ha. Me.
The same patient.
The same day.
The same resident.
Just a different professor,
but the content of the chart
totally changed in just a few hours.
Professor Ahn!
-Yes, hello.
Are you done for the day?
Yes, I'm going to head out soon.
Professor Ahn, I'm on duty tonight.
Can you buy me a coffee?
You can use this to get a coffee.
Thank you.
You can give my ID badge to Gwang-hyeon.
I'll pick it up tomorrow morning.
Thank you.
It's cold. Come out when I call you.
I knew it. I'll be right there.
Give me a minute.
I blow-dried my hair.
Stop raining, please.
Let's go. I'm hungry.
All right, let's go.
-Aren't you hungry?
-I am.
-What shall we have?
-I'm good with anything.
Really? What should we eat
to make everyone jealous?
What? No one can know about this!
Oh, right. We have to keep this a secret.
Professor Lee Ik-jun asked me twice
today alone.
He asked me if we were seeing each other.
He said he feels like
we're putting on an act.
He asked me to tell him the truth,
swearing he wouldn't tell anyone.
I'll tell my friends sometime next week.
They'll keep their lips sealed
and keep it under wraps.
I'm totally fine with it
as long as you're okay with it.
So if there's anyone you want to tell,
go ahead.
I don't care.
Okay, let me think about it.
There's one person I want to tell.
Who? Dr. Chu Min-ha in OB-GYN?
She stayed with you all night
when you went to the ER
due to anaphylaxis.
You're both ARMYs.
Yes, how did you know?
I heard about it.
-I think Ik-jun told me.
-I see.
Aren't you on duty tomorrow night?
I saw the schedule.
You're working all the night shifts
this week except for today.
Are you going to be okay?
I can stay with you at night.
I mean, I'd be in my office working,
I can't help you with your tasks,
but I can stay up all night with you.
No, it's okay. I got it.
By the way,
there's something I want to ask you.
What is it?
I have one personal question
and one work-related question.
What's the personal one?
Can we go to the movies this weekend?
Of course, we can.
Now, the work-related question.
It's about Yeon-u.
The kid who died last fall.
Professor Lee Ji-yeong's patient.
Yeon-u's mother
has been visiting the hospital
since about a month after Yeon-u died.
Sometimes, she'd intentionally
book an appointment to visit us,
or she'd say she stopped by
because she was in the area.
She visits the hospital often
for no reason.
And she looks for me every time.
I get the feeling that
she has something to say to me,
but I can't figure out what it could be.
Should I politely ask her what it's about?
Or should I just continue
to feign ignorance like I'm doing now?
I don't know what to do.
She keeps visiting the hospital
because she wants to talk about Yeon-u.
There's no other reason.
No one else remembers her child, you know.
The relatives must have only met Yeon-u
once or twice.
And Yeon-u didn't go to day care,
so there are no teachers.
Yeon-u practically lived
in the hospital since birth,
so no one outside the hospital
remembers the kid.
As a mother,
she wants to talk about Yeon-u
but has no one to talk to…
except for the doctors and nurses
who took care of him for a long time.
She's grateful to you for all your help,
but she also wants to talk to you
about Yeon-u.
She might make you uncomfortable
or avoid the subject altogether,
but next time you see her,
go talk to her first and buy her
a cup of coffee or something.
No one keeps visiting forever.
She, too, will stop eventually.
Because we all have to forget and move on.
So just until then,
give her a warm welcome
whenever you see her.
Let's eat.
Come in. I can see you, you know.
Thank you.
Thank you.
No problem.
Professor Yang,
I guess it is winter indeed.
You're drinking hot coffee
instead of an iced Americano today.
I guess…
you're not scared of me at all.
I am. I'm really scared of you.
So, what's up?
I'm tired. I want to go home.
I have two questions for you.
-Just ask one.
-Just one?
Yes, just one question a day.
Only one a day. Then I'll answer it nicely
without getting angry.
What should I do?
What if the two questions
are combined into one?
No, you can't do that.
Patient Kim Su-jeong…
The PROM patient who was admitted today.
What made you make such a decision
in that situation?
No one can guarantee
the treatment will be successful.
So why did you make that decision
knowing the chances are slim?
I was so impressed.
Well, I just wanted to help
the patient and her baby.
She felt her baby sooner
because she's on the slimmer side.
The fact that she can feel her baby
shows us the baby's will to live.
If both the mother and the baby
are determined to get through this,
I think helping them is the best choice
I can make in this situation
even though the chances are slim.
something bad happens to the baby
and the mother as well…
What if her family blames you for it?
Aren't you afraid of that?
I am.
I'm afraid too.
But if I think about that now,
I won't be able to do anything.
"What is the best I can do now?"
That's what I try to focus on.
Get going. It's past midnight.
I'm sorry.
-Professor Yang.
It's past midnight.
I know. I'll go home soon.
No, it's not that.
It's a new day,
so I can ask you another question.
May I ask you the question of the day?
What's your question?
It's about Professor Yoon Seon-ju
in Room 7009.
What's your relationship
with his daughter?
Rumors say she's your girlfriend.
She's my ex-wife.
Professor Yoon Seon-ju's daughter
is my ex-wife.
I see.
What are you doing tomorrow evening?
You don't have any surgeries
or outpatient appointments booked,
and I'm not working the night shift.
I have my band practice right after work.
But Professor Chae is in Sokcho now.
Song-hwa is in Seoul now.
She got a new car,
so she'll give us a ride…
Why am I telling you these things
right now?
Good night.
We picked the perfect song
for this rainy day.
Did you choose the song?
I didn't know it'd rain.
Hey, everyone at the hospital's saying
you're seeing someone.
I don't care.
Are you sure you didn't spread the rumor?
It's so cold.
Why would I?
"She's his ex-wife, not girlfriend."
I'm debating whether or not
I should tell everyone.
Jeong-won, are you and Gyeo-ul
really not seeing each other?
Mind your own business.
Jun-wan's lovely dove is in the UK now.
He's in a long-distance relationship.
Really? Where in the UK?
I think she's in London.
Don't tell me…
Ask her if she knows Ik-sun.
My sister's in London now, you know.
Oh, right. I'll ask her.
Make sure you ask her.
My sister's always the life of the party,
so she may already know her.
-Okay, I'll ask her.
-Don't forget.
-I won't.
-London is…
-Is that her car?
Nice car!
All right!
Get in the car!
It's raining a lot.
Let's wait for that car to move.
No need to rush.
We'll just watch the rain.
All right.
Did you pick up the car today?
Yesterday. I bought it with my own money.
Obviously. Who buys a car
with someone else's money?
You're not the type
to leave these things on, are you?
Yes! I am! My gosh!
I bought the car yesterday.
Why take this off?
You have to take it off eventually.
Hey, the hazard lights.
Let's move the car a little.
Seriously. Did you have to do that?
Why do I always have to sit here?
Jeez, he's at it again.
Hey, keep your eyes on the screen.
Right here.
It shows you everything you need to see.
My gosh, you're right!
This has been around for a long time.
Lee Ik-jun, you sit here.
Sit in the middle for a change.
No, the seat warmer is on now.
You never sit in the middle.
These guys have sat in the middle
once at least.
But you, never.
For me, this is the third time in a row!
Jeez, that creepy jerk.
Is he a pervert or a genius?
We'll go now.
Ahn Jeong-won, can we go now?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Mom? What should I eat for dinner?
My friends and I will order in.
Should I have kalguksu or fried chicken?
How many chickens?
You guys drive me nuts.
I have to say, U-ju is much more mature
than these guys.
My goodness.
Oh, you're here. Just a moment, please.
-You didn't bring an umbrella?
Because I was coming to pick this up.
Right, here.
Oh, no. I'm the only one here now.
Take it home
and enjoy it with your family.
We already had one.
We also had seaweed soup this morning.
We wished Yeon-u a happy birthday
and had the cake together.
I got this for the Pediatric Surgery team.
Still, I can't finish this whole cake
by myself.
I'll eat the whole thing.
-Hello, Dr. Jang.
We'll accept the cake.
I can finish it alone.
Well, okay.
Are you working the night shift again?
Gosh, you're always so busy.
I've gotten the hang of it,
so I actually have more free time now.
Make sure to look after yourself.
You're busy.
Sorry for taking up your time.
I'll be off, then.
Would you like to have some coffee with me
if you're free now?
It's my treat.
I don't miss you anymore
I don't even want to see you
I'm even beginning to forget the fact
That we were in love
I don't understand
Why I feel this way
I cry when it rains
Just like the day I left you
Many years ago
I'm okay now
I've given up on love
Why am I
Crying like a fool?
I visit too often, don't I?
I'm sorry.
My husband always asks me
why I keep coming here.
For some strange reason,
I keep coming here.
I can be very quiet and blunt.
I'm not good with words.
And I don't know what to say
to console others.
But if you ever want to talk about
or miss Yeon-u ,
feel free to visit me anytime.
Thank you.
I know as much about Yeon-u as you do.
You won't find anyone
who understands you better.
Dr. Jang.
Whenever I come here,
people call me Yeon-u's mom.
I love hearing that.
Now that Yeon-u is no longer with us,
no one knows that I'm Yeon-u's mom.
But when I come here,
everyone calls me Yeon-u's mom.
People tell me
that I should put behind
such painful memories and move on,
but I don't want to…
lose Yeon-u so soon.
That poor thing lived such a short life.
I want to remember Yeon-u
for as long as I can.
Oh, and…
I thought maybe I shouldn't give it to you
because it's embarrassing,
but I still wanted
to express my gratitude.
The faint memories
That I vaguely remember now
They truly broke my heart
I hate you
But I still miss you
I'm okay now
I've given up on love
Why am I
Crying like a fool?
I know you won't come back to me
I hate myself
For still being hung up on you
How much longer
Will my heart ache?
I'm okay now
I've given up on love
Why am I
Crying like a fool?
Why am I crying?
-We're off.
-I'll drive you guys home.
I said, I can drive you home.
It's okay. We can take a cab.
Just drive Ik-jun home.
Yes, please!
Song-hwa, if you hook up your phone
to your car,
you can listen to music loudly
while driving. Try it.
I always listen to music when I drive.
That's called Bluetooth.
I know that.
Drive safely to Sokcho.
-Will do. Bye.
Gosh, I'm getting sleepy.
-Drive safely. See you on the weekend.
-Bye, Ik-jun.
-Bye, enjoy.
He wants to watch New Journey to the West.
I know that much.
-Where's your car?
-Right in front.
-Shall we?
Should we put the radio on?
Put on that song.
The song we practiced earlier.
Hey, what's up?
Is everything okay? I have surgery.
Do you have plans for this evening?
Let's have dinner together.
I won't be out of the OR
until around 8 p.m.
That's fine.
I'll come to the hospital around eight.
All right, sure.
I'll see you later.
-Where are you?
-The Operating Unit.
-I'll call you back.
It's fine. They're still getting ready.
I came down early.
I'm waiting in the lounge now.
Where are you?
Me? I'm at Yulje.
What? Why are you back?
You wanted to take it easy and recuperate.
Why do you keep coming to Seoul?
Cut down on work.
Just say no. Should I do it for you?
I heard you. I'll take care of it.
Ik-jun, when will you be done
with the surgery?
Me? Around eight or nine? Why do you ask?
I'll come to your office around then.
Really? Okay. Then do what you need to do.
I'll call you when I'm out.
Or, go home and get some rest.
I'll stop by later.
No, I'll come to your office.
I can find things to do to kill time,
so just do a good job with the surgery.
I always do a good job.
All right, see you later.
All right.
We could have gone somewhere else.
The food here is good.
By the way, what's up? Is everything okay?
You keep asking if everything's okay.
Everything's fine.
My father's doing well too.
Everything is fine.
Then why are you here?
I wanted to have dinner with you.
I came here to have dinner with you.
meet up like this and have dinner together
once in a while.
Can we do that?
Are you done?
Yes, I'm done. Where are you?
I'm hungry.
I'll come to you. Where are you now?
No, I'll come to you.
Stay in your office.
Take a seat.
It's okay.
I'll keep it short and get going.
I want to give you my answer.
Answer to what?
The question you asked me in Sokcho.
Don't tell her how you feel.
I don't think you should tell her
how you feel about her.
You said you've known her for a long time.
If you tell her,
things will get really awkward.
"I want us to stay best friends.
I want things to stay
the way they are now."
She'll probably say that.
If I were you…
I wouldn't tell her.
Don't ask me for advice
on stuff like this.
I'm off.
-Professor, did you hear?
-About what?
They asked for the best neurosurgeon
at our hospital.
And Song-hwa was chosen.
Send them over to me right away.
I had five phone calls about it.
I need to work harder.
-Free this weekend?
-We need to talk.
A professor's card? Is it yours?
Love's in the air in GS.
-Take it easy.
-What's with the flowers?
-You startled me.
-What's going on?
I need answers when I'm curious.
Our goal is to get the baby out safely,
so double-check everything.
Studying your textbooks again?
I can feel something running…
Her condition seems to have gotten worse
since coming here.
I came all this way
because of a recommendation.
That doubtful look in her eyes…
The way she looks at me
screams that she doesn't trust me.
Countless people die
because they can't find donors.
Nothing's going my way.
I don't think…
his heart can hold out any longer.
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