Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Good morning, Dr. Jang.
Hey, good morning.
Nice, right on time.
I'm five minutes early.
I didn't expect there
to be a line already.
Why is everyone here at the crack of dawn?
I'd call this "morning."
It's five to seven.
I remember everything about you
all through middle and high school.
You were so cute even back then.
You didn't even remember me.
Ik-jun told me that you were confused
between me and Micky.
You two talk about everything.
We always tell each other everything
that makes us laugh.
At work already? Did you just park?
Yeah, I have a conference
early in the morning.
Don't you usually go to work
with Jeong-won?
He had to go in early
for an emergency surgery.
I'm going to buy him coffee.
Are you guys married or what?
You're so good to him.
I know, right?
Why am I doing this for Father Andrea
when I should be doing it for you?
Ik-sun, I'm getting in the elevator.
Hold on.
Hold on a moment.
Please check Jeong-hun's JP drain
for any changes
and see if the output is increasing.
Will do, Professor.
I'll get one iced Americano,
one hot Americano and…
-A hot cappuccino, please.
-And one hot cappuccino.
Who's the second one for?
They're both for me.
I see.
-Here you go. I have my professor's card.
Yes, you should have come to GS too.
Good morning.
-Hi, guys.
-Good morning.
Good morning.
Yes, good morning.
-Aren't you cold?
-Here's your card.
-Thank you.
Which professor's card is it?
It can't be the chief's.
A professor's card?
-Is it yours?
Professor Lee Ik-jun.
I was on duty last night,
so he gave it to me to buy snacks.
Love's in the air in GS.
Give me that.
You have to return it to him anyway.
I'll drop it off.
Let's order everything on the menu
and put it on Ik-jun's card.
I'll get everything from café mocha
to the sparkling tangerine-ade
at the bottom. One of each.
For every nurse in the PICU.
Then I'll get…
14,800 WON
DECEMBER 29, 7:00 A.M.
Darn it.
What's with Jang Gyeo-ul?
Is she having a premium steak
for breakfast? 182,000 won?
Wait, at the café on the second floor?
What? I'm waiting for the elevator.
I'm not in the elevator yet.
Don't act like you can't hear me.
By the way, who is it?
Who's having a steak at the café
with my card?
You'd better tell me.
I'm in the elevator now.
I'll call you back.
Why won't the doors close? I'm in a rush.
Jeez, nothing's going my way.
I hope she can hold out until Week 23.
-I know.
-Is her husband here too?
Yes, he took time off from work
to be with her.
-She really is putting in a lot of effort.
-I know.
She's feeling cooped up
but is not leaving her bed
and is even relieving herself
in the room just in case.
If we tell her this,
she won't be able to sleep.
We should still tell her though.
Your cervix is a little open.
And because your baby is breech,
the ultrasound shows its feet
moving in and out of the cervix.
But they're not completely
out of the uterus.
Dr. Chu is monitoring it
throughout the day at the moment.
But if we find that your cervix
has dilated further by Week 23,
and if the baby's feet and umbilical cord
come out completely,
it may require emergency surgery.
What should we do?
It's okay. He's just saying
it's a possibility.
The feet are not out yet.
Yes, that's right.
If you notice that your belly
feels tighter than usual
or experience bad cramps,
let us know right away.
We'll keep checking, of course,
but you'll most likely be the first
to feel it.
We'll monitor everything more carefully.
We'll talk soon.
Keep checking the monitor
for signs of contractions.
Check for bleeding,
and see if she's feeling heaviness
in her pelvic region.
I really hope she can hold out
until Week 23.
Our goal is to get the baby out safely.
She'll need surgery
in case of notable decelerations
or cord prolapse at Week 23, okay?
-Double-check everything.
-I'm counting on you.
-Yes, Professor.
-Free this weekend?
-We need to talk.
I'll tell you when we're all together.
Don't tell me…
you took out a private loan.
All right.
-It looks delicious!
I'm having ramyeon for dinner.
I had a sandwich for lunch.
Jeong-won said
he has something to tell us.
Jeong-won makes the best ramyeon.
Oh, no. Hey, are you all right?
Are you okay?
I got it.
It's so sweet. It's really good.
Who bought these?
Me. They were on sale.
-Aren't they good?
They're good,
but it looks like we should hurry.
Hurry and eat.
Why? Is someone else coming?
He'll perform surgery here.
How many times do you need
to clean your hands?
Do the strawberries need surgery?
Are they ill?
Eat, before these hungry bums
finish everything.
There's still a lot left.
Hey, it's so sweet.
It's like springtime.
What do you mean? It's January.
It's minus ten degrees Celsius out.
Maybe in his heart, it is.
Jeong-won, you said
you had something to tell us.
Isn't that why we're all here?
-Oh, do you have surgery on Thursday?
I heard it's for Yoo Gyeong-jin.
Who is Yoo Gyeong-jin?
You mean the violinist?
I know who it is, Yoo Yeong-jin.
-"Yoo Gyeong-jin."
-Right, Yoo Gyeong-jin.
Isn't she a famous musician?
Where does she live now?
-Yoo Gyeong-jin.
Guys, listen carefully.
I'm only going to say it once. That's it.
-Then Banpo?
I think she's based in Europe
and lives in Germany.
What's wrong with her?
I think she has a brain tumor.
She was tested there,
but she returned this week
to get surgery here.
Her mother and the hospital director
are close friends.
They don't care for famous doctors.
They asked for the best neurosurgeon
at our hospital.
And Song-hwa was chosen.
What? You're coming back again
this Thursday?
You should move to Hoengseong or Wonju.
Or get a room
near the Naerincheon Service Area.
I'll be back on Wednesday.
I need to meet the patient
the day before the surgery.
Seon-bin is updating me on the lab results
and the patient's condition.
That sounds intense.
I think you can just turn it down.
No, I want to do it.
I love doing VIP surgeries.
I used to do it out of a sense of duty
because of the agreement I had signed,
but something else
is keeping me motivated now.
What's that?
You don't need to know.
Anyway, I'll do my best,
so I can operate on more patients.
What do you mean?
It's nothing.
Hey, Jeong-won. Why aren't you talking?
Right, you called us here.
Stop eating strawberries and talk.
Did you call us
to have strawberries with us?
Don't even say a word from now on.
Just let me talk.
-Knock yourself out.
-Go for it.
-Go ahead.
-Tell us.
-What is it?
I'm seeing Gyeo-ul.
So am I.
I saw her yesterday and today too.
I see her every day.
No, I mean…
We're dating.
It's been about a month.
Is that why you decided to stay?
That was one of the biggest reasons.
I'm so happy for you.
I always thought you'd make a good couple.
-Don't mind me.
I'm just happy for you.
You made the right decision.
No one can be happier than I am right now.
I already knew
because my mom told me last week.
You're very discreet.
Hey, how does your mother know?
Your mother probably told her.
I didn't know who, though.
We'll keep it a secret at the hospital.
Don't worry.
I want to tell everyone,
but I won't, for dear Gyeo-ul's sake.
What? "Dear Gyeo-ul"?
You can't say that anymore.
You'd better watch out.
I can.
You can't. You'd better watch out.
Right, okay.
It won't be easy.
The location is bad.
This is my first olfactory groove
meningioma surgery, Professor.
The symptoms are quite unusual.
You become lethargic and…
You have no energy
and lose interest in everything.
Frontal lobe syndrome.
I know what it is.
-Look at you.
-I've been studying.
Well done.
-Shall we go meet her?
Heo Seon-bin speaking.
Got it.
The ER needs me.
Hurry. I can do rounds by myself.
-Go, hurry.
By the way, Yoo Gyeong-jin's guardian.
Her mother…
She's intense.
I've never dealt with anyone like her.
This week alone, I went there
more than five times a day
to explain the symptoms in detail,
book the time slots they wanted
for the tests,
and explain everything about the surgery.
Great. And?
But she didn't uncross her arms once.
I don't expect her to thank me,
but that doubtful look in her eyes…
The way she looks at me
screams that she doesn't trust me.
Hurry to the ER. What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
I'll go explain the situation
to Min-chan's mother.
I'll tell her.
I'm not seeing things.
You're stepping out often.
Are you trying to encourage
or criticize me?
Pick one.
Plus, this is the first time in a week.
They needed all the documents
for the loan by today.
-You're taking out a loan?
My wife's having a hard time
commuting from Paju,
and we haven't lived apart in so long,
so we decided to take out a loan
to rent an apartment.
That scammer hasn't been caught, right?
No, but the police are still
on the lookout for him.
Are you off to see Eun-ji? I'll tag along.
-No. Min-chan, not Eun-ji.
A patient with DCMP.
We may need to implant another VAD.
DCMP? Then he must have a history.
He was told last year
that his heart wasn't beating properly
and that it was enlarged.
Did he come to the ER?
Yes, two days ago.
We've been monitoring him,
but the heart rhythm problem is
getting worse even with inotropes.
He needs something,
whether it's an ECMO or a VAD.
I want to use a VAD if it's approved soon.
He was playing in the playground
up until two days ago.
If his mother hears
that he now needs a heart transplant,
she'll be heartbroken.
I'll bring it up carefully.
I'm on my way to meet her now.
-How old is Min-chan?
-He weighs 13kg…
What are you doing?
Why am I reporting this to you right now?
I don't know.
I'll be off, then.
A VAD is a mechanical pump
that's used to support heart function,
so it can't support the lungs,
whereas the ECMO replaces
the function of the heart and lungs.
So he needs to depend on a machine.
It means he's in serious condition, right?
I don't think his heart
can hold out any longer.
It's too risky to let him go on like this.
Ultimately, he'll need a heart transplant.
He needs to be supported with a VAD
until we can find the right donor for him.
Could his condition improve
with the VAD alone?
That can happen in some cases.
But the chances are slim,
so I don't want to get your hopes up.
The VAD is just temporary.
It's not a permanent solution.
So I can't say he'll recover
with the VAD alone.
It only supports heart function,
so many issues will arise
in the lungs such as infections.
If he can't hold out until it's approved,
we may need to put him on the ECMO
as an emergency measure.
But at the moment,
I think the VAD is the best solution
to help Min-chan hold out
until we find the right donor for him.
I'll get the screening started today.
The results will be out
in three to four days.
Our coordinator will walk you through
the steps and costs.
We'll do our best.
A VAD is a mechanical pump
that's used to support heart function,
so it can't support the lungs.
Hello, Professor. I'm Jang Hong-do.
Yes, hi.
You're shadowing Dr. Im Chang-min, right?
Yes, I'm shadowing him
in Cardiothoracic Surgery.
-Professor, a VAD is--
-It looks like you know.
Then how is a pediatric VAD different?
-How are the ones in the ICU
different from the ones
you've seen in the PICU?
Have the answer ready
the next time I see you.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything will be okay.
My kid has had a VAD
for over three months now.
And she's staying strong.
I see.
This is like a marathon.
We're like marathoners.
It has only just begun.
Come on. You're a mother.
You can't break down so soon.
Your kid's staying strong,
and so should you.
Thank you.
And about Professor Kim Jun-wan…
He's blunt and to the point,
but he's very thorough.
He's a wonderful person.
I've been observing him
for over three months.
I see.
Every time my dear Eun-ji faced a hurdle,
he helped and protected her
so she could overcome it.
So only think positive thoughts.
Trust that your child
can get through this.
Cheer up, okay?
The real marathon begins now.
Yes, thank you.
Ms. Yoo Gyeong-jin, right?
Yes, hello.
I heard you had a headache. How is it now?
I still have it.
-My head still hurts a little.
-I see.
And you feel listless.
That's right. I don't want to do anything.
The tumor in front of the brain
can cause listlessness and lethargy.
We suspect that you have
an olfactory groove meningioma.
The symptoms include fatigue,
listlessness, and headaches.
Her condition seems to have gotten worse
since coming here.
I asked for pain meds
to get rid of her pain at least,
but what you gave her
wore off in half a day.
I came all this way because
of a recommendation, but I'm so worried.
We can't prescribe pain medications
every time patients or guardians ask.
They can cause liver damage
and gastrointestinal bleeding,
so we can't go over the approved amounts.
Yes, I know that much.
Then I'll see you in the evening.
You have to sign the consent form,
and we'll go over a few things
before your surgery.
I'll see you later.
Where's the professor
who's operating tomorrow?
They keep sending these young residents.
The professor is in Sokcho now.
She'll probably get here tonight.
I'm excited to meet her.
The tenth female Professor of Neurosurgery
in the country.
I even like her name, Chae Song-hwa.
Isn't that impressive?
We'll have to see.
Gosh, we donated so much money
to this hospital.
I'm sure Mr. Kettle gave you
the best neurosurgeon
if he has a conscience.
You're still here?
Yes, I want to see a patient
before I head out.
It's Yoo Gyeong-jin.
Is it a difficult surgery?
Olfactory groove meningioma.
I'm sure you've heard of it.
It's a meningioma in the olfactory nerve,
just like the name suggests.
But the tumor is located pretty deep.
-Are you on duty tonight?
-Yes, I am.
But you're not. You should go home early.
I will,
after I check in on Yoo Gyeong-jin.
She must be very nervous
about the surgery.
Song-hwa, you really are…
How can you be so focused
whenever you start something?
You should never be put in charge
of anything.
I had five phone calls about
Daddy-Long-Legs this month.
I need to work harder.
To turn all your plans into reality,
I definitely need to work harder.
If you're going to keep this up,
I'm really…
I'm going to take it off your plate.
I don't want your life to be
consumed by work because of it.
But I love it.
Please, keep me on it.
There aren't many patients in Sokcho,
so I have time to work on it.
Timing-wise, it's perfect.
Oh, boy.
You're too busy these days.
You're taking care of all the surgeries.
Without you, the entire Pediatric Surgery
will shut down.
Where will all the kids
in the PICU and NICU go?
I should've asked Ik-jun to do it.
He's busy too.
He's had transplant surgeries
for two days in a row.
Have we picked a song for this week?
Yes, but I'm not telling you.
It's in our group chat, you freak.
Nothing's going my way.
Jeez, what is this?
-What was that?
What was that?
-What? It was you.
No, it wasn't me.
That was just her ringtone.
What's this twerp saying?
Are you confused?
Hey, it's me.
I know you're Daddy-Long-Legs.
Oh, right. You already know.
-He knows.
How did you know?
Is that important now?
I'm going to be Daddy-Long-Legs
from now on.
You? But you're short.
Jeez, that was lame.
Wasn't it kind of funny?
You like his jokes.
Anyway, I'm Daddy-Long-Legs now.
It's been decided.
Don't tell anyone, okay?
Okay, I heard you.
Take off that pain relief patch, will you?
This is part of me now.
It's like a tattoo.
Hey, I'm coming now.
Hey, whether it's a tattoo
or whatever else…
Take it easy, okay?
Has Seok-min lost his mind?
Why? The two of us can do it.
The fellow was really stressed out,
so Seok-min volunteered to scrub in.
His wife's surgery is tomorrow,
and it's for cancer.
He won't be able to focus,
so Seok-min volunteered to cover for him.
Did you tell him?
No, he knew about it
even before I told him.
He went through hoops to get out of here.
Why volunteer to come back?
This surgery is for a brain tumor,
and it'll be open brain surgery.
The tumor is located deep,
so there are risks,
and you may lose a lot of blood.
After the surgery, you may experience
unexpected neurological complications
or infection.
I'll go over the details
when you sign the consent form.
You must be very nervous.
My team is very experienced,
and we'll be fully prepared,
so don't worry.
I know the hospital director very well.
Are you well versed in this type of tumor
and how to treat it?
I have many questions about it.
I'd like to speak to someone
who's more knowledgeable
and can give us an in-depth explanation.
When will the professor be here
and go over it with us?
Professor Chae Song-hwa.
The surgery is tomorrow.
Shouldn't she go over everything with us
the day before the surgery?
I am Chae Song-hwa.
I'm Professor Chae Song-hwa.
Oh, I see.
This is Professor Chae Song-hwa.
My gosh, Professor Chae. You're so young.
I thought you were a resident.
I think your daughter has
an intracranial meningioma.
It's a brain tumor.
We'll remove the tumor during the surgery.
The tumor is pretty big,
and it's a long, complicated surgery,
so there could be
post-surgical complications.
We'll need to monitor her in the ICU
after the surgery.
But this meningioma
is a benign tumor,
so don't worry too much.
Okay, thank you.
And ma'am.
The residents are neurosurgeons too.
They studied this field
for almost or over ten years.
They have all the necessary
medical knowledge,
and they actually know more
about the patients than I do.
So they'll be able to answer
all of your questions.
You need to sleep well
to be ready for the surgery tomorrow.
We'll be fully prepared,
so see you tomorrow with smiles on.
Okay, Professor.
Good night.
Hello, how are you feeling today?
Gosh, my belly feels tight today.
It feels a little heavy down there.
I can feel something running…
Just a moment. I'll check right away.
Nurse! Can I have a speculum set? Hurry!
Professor Yang,
Kim Su-jeong's baby is in the external os.
Both the feet and the cord are out.
She needs surgery now.
Get ready and call Pediatrics now.
I'll be right there.
Tell Anesthesiology
that she'll need general anesthesia.
Sorry, I have emergency surgery.
My apologies.
It's okay.
Let's move her quickly.
We're ready, right?
Can we go ahead and drape her?
-Why do you look so serious?
What kind of surgery do you have?
It's for ALCAPA, an anomalous left
coronary artery from the pulmonary artery.
But the heart rhythm is uneven,
and the coronary artery is pretty far.
I'm not sure if I can do this.
I'm worried.
It's likely that the patient will leave
the OR with the chest open or on ECMO.
Anyway, wish me luck.
Wish me luck too.
This patient, Kim Jang-ho.
The immunosuppressant levels are too high.
I told him to come back in two weeks
because they were low.
I think he's been drinking again.
He had a liver transplant
from his daughter a year ago.
And from his elder daughter
three years ago.
Let me examine the next patient first.
-Mr. Choi Sang-ha.
Let me check your name
and registration number.
It's 3978654…
Then I'll remove it
while you're holding him like that.
Yes, it looks like
you'll just have to do it like this.
Seung-won, it won't hurt at all.
The doctor will remove
all the stitches for you today.
Let's see.
No, it hurts!
Hold on.
There, it's done!
It's all done, Seung-won.
See? It didn't hurt at all.
I have to say, the wound looks clean.
It'll sting a little, Seung-won.
But it'll be quick, okay?
Today, we have to remove…
One, two, three, four, five…
We have to remove seven stitches today.
It's okay, Seung-won.
It'll be done before you know it.
I'm going to disinfect it first.
This will feel nice and cool.
No! Stop! I don't like this. It hurts!
I don't want to do this!
Seung-won, it doesn't hurt at all.
It feels nice.
No! Stop! I don't like this!
I don't want to do this!
It feels nice and cool.
There, it's done. It's all done.
Doesn't it feel nice?
It doesn't hurt at all.
So far, so good.
You're doing great, Seung-won.
All right.
It hurts!
No! Stop! I said I don't want to do this!
Seung-won, it doesn't hurt at all.
Be honest.
The doctor hasn't even done anything yet.
Stay still, so he can be quick.
If not, it'll take forever.
I'll do it quickly
and make sure it doesn't hurt.
No! I don't want to do this!
Seung-won, the doctor hasn't even done
anything yet, okay?
He can't even get started
because you keep crying.
No! Stop! It hurts!
This won't work. Step out and do something
that will put you in a better mood.
Ma'am, I'll treat the other kids first.
Why don't you step out with Seung-won
and make him feel better?
And it looks like you'll have to
negotiate with him a little.
Okay, Professor Ahn.
I'm sorry.
Get down.
-You can let Da-eun in.
The adhesion is quite strong.
Gosh, I'm having a hard time
dissecting the tumor.
Should I pull it this way
with the retractor?
Yes, please.
Don't touch the heart.
It'll cause fibrillation.
I'll tent the pericardium now.
We did a biopsy during the surgery
and confirmed that it's not cancerous.
We did everything we could,
so keep taking your meds,
and we'll see how it goes.
-Thank you, Professor Lee.
-No problem.
Is Mr. Kim Jang-ho next?
Hello, Professor Lee.
Mr. Kim, have you been taking
your medications?
Yes, of course.
It doesn't seem like you have.
The immunosuppressant levels are too high.
Maybe you suddenly
started taking them
because of this appointment.
No, not at all.
Mr. Kim.
I think you've been drinking again.
Not at all.
Please. These numbers
are telling me the truth.
Your blood work shows it all.
How much did you drink?
Just a little. I only drank a little.
How many bottles at a time?
A bottle and a half…
A bottle and a half? Give me a break.
I wasn't going to drink any.
I went out for dinner,
but my friends forced me to drink.
Did you tell them
that you've had a liver transplant?
Yes, I told them.
Who tells their friend to drink,
knowing he's had a liver transplant?
I wouldn't call that person a friend.
Professor Lee.
He drank five days straight,
last week alone.
Every time,
he drinks until the crack of dawn.
How could he do this?
No one in his right mind would do this!
Why bring up such nonsense? Be quiet!
You're Ms. Kim Su-jeong's husband, right?
Yes, how did it go?
I'm Kim U-jae in Pediatrics.
I heard the staff in OB-GYN worked hard
to help you keep the baby,
but the fetus was too young,
and the situation was worse
than we had expected.
Unfortunately, we were unable
to send the baby to the NICU.
It didn't go well.
We did our best,
but we couldn't save the baby.
How's my wife? Is she okay?
Professor Yang is operating on Ms. Kim
at the moment.
He'll update you on everything
when he's out of the OR.
Pass me the thread.
Her vitals are okay, right?
Yes, they seem fine.
I'll start counting.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine…
It hurts!
It hurts so much! I said it hurts!
He needs to do this
to make your pain go away.
He promised that it'll be quick
and painless.
It'll only take a moment.
It'll sting three times. That's it.
Seung-won, I'll make sure
it doesn't hurt at all. All right.
It hurts! I don't want to do this!
I said I don't want to do this!
I hate this!
Park Seung-won,
are you going to keep this up?
The doctor can't do anything
because of you!
He did your surgery and treated you.
Must you do this?
It's okay. I can take care
of the other appointments first.
Why don't you try to calm him down?
You can come back
after my last appointment.
Talk to him
and try to calm him down again.
Come back in anytime if he's ready.
Okay, thank you.
My goodness.
Let's go, Seung-won. I'm sorry.
The patient's losing quite a bit of blood.
What's the BP now?
It's dropping. It's 90 over 70 now.
If we have blood ready, go get it quickly.
The doctor from Pediatrics came
and performed CPR on the baby
for 20 to 30 minutes,
but that failed as the baby was too young.
You've been doing so well
for almost four weeks.
We did our best,
but we're sorry that this happened.
Ms. Kim, you should focus
on your recovery now.
You were under general anesthesia,
so we're going to focus
on helping you recover…
from the surgery.
Mr. Kim, we met three years ago.
Yes. You saved my life back then, Doctor.
Three years ago,
when you collapsed while drinking
and lost consciousness,
your eldest daughter became your donor.
It's all my fault, Doctor.
What did you do after that?
You started drinking again.
So your younger daughter had to
donate her liver last year.
And you're back at it?
Your children volunteered,
but you should not take it for granted.
It rarely happens now
thanks to the technology,
but many people died
during liver surgeries back in the day.
Donors have to risk their lives
to get the surgery.
Your daughters risked their lives for you.
Countless people die
because they can't find donors.
I'm sorry.
If you come back here
with liver damage again,
you'll have to find
a brain-dead liver donor.
But why should I bother
if you'll drink again?
For the sake of the donor
and the donor's family…
I can't. I refuse.
You'll drink again anyway.
I refuse to treat you from now on.
I'll refer you to a clinic near your home,
so please…
don't come back.
Professor Lee, I'm sorry.
I won't drink again. Never, I promise.
I'm sorry.
The next patient, please.
I think we're almost done.
Yes, Professor. It looks good.
The heartbeat is strong and solid.
Thank goodness.
We can close up the chest.
We won't need an ECMO.
Let's keep this up.
Do you see that the tumor's been removed?
Yes, Professor.
You can remove the microscope now.
Got it.
What's the BP now? Is the blood going in?
Yes, everything looks fine.
That was a hard one.
We'll close up the dura and the rest.
We'll take care of the rest, Professor.
Okay. Close up the dura thoroughly
so the CSF won't leak.
Keep the bleeding under control
and wrap it up well.
Will do.
We removed the tumor.
Thank you, Professor Chae.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
A resident doctor is wrapping up
the surgery at the moment.
The patient will be moved to the ICU soon.
I'll check in on her
when she's in the ICU.
Yes, thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Why are you sitting out here all alone
on this cold day?
What about you?
I just have a lot on my mind.
The baby…
I guess you couldn't save it.
It happens very rarely.
A baby expiring as soon as it's out
in the OR.
The mother did her very best
to keep the baby until Week 23.
I have to go do rounds now,
but I really don't want to.
I know what you mean.
I'm at a loss for words.
There's nothing I can say to comfort her.
I really have no idea…
what I should say to her.
-Hey, you.
Ik-sun, before the surgery,
I had thought the patient would need
the heart-lung machine,
but the heart was beating so well after…
Are you okay?
-I had an encounter with a racist earlier.
I went to a café earlier
and ordered a latte.
But the person taking my order
kept asking me,
as if she couldn't understand me.
I only said two words.
I'm pissed right now.
Did you confront them and call them out?
I was so flustered
that I couldn't say anything.
I told Se-gyeong about it
after I left the café,
and Se-gyeong said what I experienced
was racism.
I'm really upset.
By the way,
weren't you saying something earlier?
Right, it was nothing important.
Did you have lunch? Not yet, probably.
I see. I should have dinner too.
-Hello, Professor Chae.
I just checked the CT scan.
It shows that the tumor
has been completely removed.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Everything went as planned.
And she's waking up from anesthesia now.
It is still a bit too early
to say anything,
but we'll see how she recovers
in the ICU for a day or two
and move her back to the room
if all's good.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you so much, Professor Chae.
Our residents will monitor her thoroughly,
and I'll check in on her often as well,
so please don't worry.
-Okay, thank you.
-Thank you.
We'll talk again soon.
Third floor.
Doors are opening.
Professor Chae, you're still here?
I saw the patient, so I'll get going.
Don't tell me you'll go to Sokcho
at this hour.
I'm going to leave in an hour.
But I'll come back right after
my morning appointments.
I have to check in on her
for postoperative hemorrhage.
Then can't you move those appointments
to another day? My goodness.
I can't. I only take
outpatient appointments once a week.
Some patients come all the way
from Samcheok and Donghae.
I'll be back quickly.
Get some sleep before you leave.
You were in surgery all day.
I'll sleep when I get there.
Good job today, Seon-bin.
Thank you for everything, Professor Chae.
Doors are closing.
How are you feeling?
Hello, ma'am.
You're still here.
Where is Seung-won?
He went to get dinner with his dad.
I see.
I didn't go…
because I was so angry at him.
We couldn't even remove
the stitches today.
He just tired you out.
I'm so upset.
I wonder what's wrong with him.
Why can't he just suck it up and do it?
Oh, boy.
Seung-won even endured
and recovered from his cancer surgery.
He's had to endure a lot of pain,
so he must know more about it than we do.
I understand why you're upset.
But you came this far
because you've been so patient with him
and have been taking
such great care of him.
So, removing a few stitches…
Compared to the time when he was ill
and had to go through surgery,
what happened today is nothing
compared to that.
I'm totally fine,
so please don't worry about it.
We can try again in about a week.
Professor Ahn.
Do you know what people call you?
Pardon me?
You're Catholic,
but your nickname is Buddha.
Oh, that.
Professor Ahn.
I heard rumors that you may be quitting.
It's not true, right?
Why would I quit? No, it's not true.
Thank goodness.
You know,
the thought of you leaving this hospital
worries me more
than my husband quitting his job.
I'll remove Seung-won's stitches
and stay here
until he graduates from high school,
so don't you worry about a thing.
Just go have dinner now.
Seung-won must be waiting for you.
Thank you, Professor Ahn.
Go on.
-I'll get going, then.
All the beautiful things in the world
How long will they last?
Like the flowers that withstood
The summer rain showers
And the trees that withstood
The snowstorm last winter
Can everything under the sky
Stand alone?
One autumn day
While waiting for you
In front of the post office
I got carried away by my thoughts
And didn't even realize
The sun was setting
I didn't even realize
The sun was
How many cups of coffee have we had?
Just four.
I don't think the coffee here
has any caffeine.
I only drink decaf coffee.
Doors are opening.
-Hello, Professor Yang.
Have you had lunch yet?
Yes, I have.
-What are you doing?
-What? Why?
You're pressing the open button.
Oh, right.
Doors are closing.
Doors are opening.
Look who's here. The tteokbokki lover!
It's you, Chuchu!
-Hello, Professor Lee.
Hey, hit the close button.
Yes, sir.
Doors are closing.
Hello, Director Ju.
Okay, I'll do it.
I have some time on the weekend,
but let me check one thing
and call you right back.
Don't confirm it yet.
Professor Chae, have some cake.
I was just about to call you.
-Take a seat.
-Me? Why?
Are you free this Saturday?
I'm on duty.
I have to do rounds in the ICU too,
so I can't go anywhere
even if I win the lottery.
What about Seok-min?
Right! He has the test, doesn't he?
The second one.
Is it this Saturday?
Yes, he's cramming for the test right now.
I see.
-Why do you ask?
This cake is good.
You should have bought the whole cake.
Just for the two of us?
Yeah, the whole thing.
-Oh, right.
Yoo Gyeong-jin's mother
was looking for you.
Me? Why?
I checked in on her earlier.
I think she wants to talk to you
about something.
-Studying your textbooks again?
-Put that down. Don't touch anything.
Just ask your questions
and get lost, will you?
You have two surgeries today.
Aren't you busy?
I am, but I came to see you.
-I need answers when I'm curious.
-What is it?
Are you and Sin-hye back together?
Why did you two meet up today?
Her father has been discharged.
Are you guys trying to see
if you can make things work?
Her father had an appointment here today,
and I ran into her in the elevator.
I see. My goodness.
Any possibility
that you could get back together?
Yes, zero.
There's zero chance that will happen.
I came here to have dinner with you.
meet up like this and have dinner together
once in a while.
Can we do that?
To be honest, seeing you like this…
makes me uncomfortable.
When I see you, I still feel bad.
And I feel guilty
for not being there for you
when you were having a hard time.
But you know, I think…
we should put our relationship behind us
and move on.
I'm fine with running into you like this,
but that's it.
I understand what you're trying to say.
Hello, sir.
You said you'd call me right back.
-I don't think I can do it.
-What? Why not?
Others would kill
for an opportunity like this.
Can they do a different day?
Does it have to be this Saturday?
It's the only day that works for them.
You performed the surgery,
so you should do it.
You said you were available.
I'll pass.
-Why don't you do it in my place?
-My goodness.
Why should I?
Anyway, all right.
I'll politely turn it down.
Professor Chae, thanks for everything.
I promise I won't overwork you like this
No, it's fine.
If it's surgery for VIP patients,
don't worry.
Send them over to me right away.
I didn't know you had this side to you.
Anyway, take it easy.
-Will do.
My gosh. What's with the flowers?
We can't accept gifts,
but Ms. Kim Su-jeong asked me
to make sure Professor Yang gets it.
I guess he didn't get to see her leave.
-He's still in surgery, right?
He texted her last night.
Who? Professor Yang?
-That's very unlike him.
He asked me for her contact information
last night.
He said he had never texted a patient
since passing the board exam.
I see. So what did he say to her?
-Hello, Professor Yang.
Yes, hi.
What are these flowers for?
Patient Kim Su-jeong
dropped them off for you.
There's a card inside.
We can't accept flowers.
-Professor Yang.
-Take it easy.
-Where are you going?
-The VIP Ward. You?
-The ICU. Do you have surgery?
But I'm going there while they get ready.
A new optician's shop?
Yes, so everything's 30 percent off.
Hi! Look who's here.
It's Dr. Heo Seon-bin,
the third-year NS resident
who is suspected to be dating Dr. Yong.
You know everything.
-Professor, did you hear?
-About what?
Is this the start of an interesting story?
A German TV station
wants to cover the story.
I don't think Ms. Yoo is well enough
to be interviewed yet.
They want to interview Professor Chae.
The best neurosurgeon in Korea
who saved the world-famous violinist.
They want to interview you.
I know. Director Ju told me about it.
But I already declined the request.
Why? Why did you decline the request?
Just because. No reason.
I bet it's because of her mother.
You turned it down because
you don't like her mother, right?
No, I don't dislike her mother.
And even if I did, why would I
turn down the interview because of that?
That's not it.
Then why? Why did you turn it down?
Because none of you would be available.
How could I do it alone
when we all worked hard together?
I thought it'd be great
to have you guys join me,
so I suggested a few different time slots,
but they can only do this Saturday.
That's why I turned it down.
This is nuts.
Professor Chae…
I told them we'd find another time
when everyone is available.
What are you doing?
I made a statue of Song-hwa.
What? Seriously?
-Is that me?
Next time, it'll be a bronze one.
Forget it. I'm off.
Hey, try it on.
-Cut it out.
-It doesn't look so bad.
Try it on.
-Try it on.
-You try it on.
No, Song-hwa! No!
-Stop it.
-Are you all right?
-Try it on.
-Hand it over. Let me try it on.
-Hey, it ripped! My face is torn.
Next time,
it will be a full statue made of bronze.
Hello, Professor Yang.
It's me, your patient Kim Su-jeong.
I really wanted to see you before I leave,
but you were in surgery,
so I'm writing to you instead.
Professor Yang, I cried so much
when I got your text last night.
I wanted to leave
with a big smile on my face,
but your text message moved me
and my husband to tears.
Professor Yang, please don't be sorry.
Thanks to you, we had a meaningful month
listening to our baby's heartbeat
and feeling our baby
for the very first time.
You probably have no idea
how precious those moments were to me
and my husband
even though they were short-lived.
Professor Yang,
if another angel comes to me,
I'd like you to protect me
and my baby again.
Thank you so much
for everything you did for us.
Oh, my husband
already printed the quote you sent us
and framed it.
I found this quote on the first page
of my Obstetrics textbook.
"Bad things at times…
do happen to good people."
Professor Chae.
Are you still single?
Pardon me? Oh, yes.
Would you like to meet
Gyeong-jin's brother?
I think the two of you
are around the same age.
He doesn't take after me,
so he's kind and diligent.
I see.
He has his own pharmacy.
A pretty big one in Gangnam.
If you're okay with it,
I'd love to introduce you to each other.
-He's coming?
-He moved all his appointments
-to come here right away.
-I'm coming now.
Isn't there a guardian?
There's no one. No family or relatives.
And she's always alone.
The patient's not doing well,
so we don't have time.
-Can you take a look?
-Is it someone you know?
Who is it?
If you think the surgery can't be done,
then I'll give up.
Don't worry too much.
I believe in miracles.
We'll go into surgery now.
Are you not seeing anyone?
I mean a girlfriend.
Just pick one of your friends
and say he's your boyfriend.
I have a date.
The owner of Yulje Medical Center.
A rich heir.
You know that your mother owns
some land in Hwaseong, right?
-She'll give it to you, as inheritance.
If it's him, they'll believe you.
Your best friend.
They brag every day
about going camping with their dad.
We can go too. Let's go camping.
What if people see us?
Everyone will find out at this rate.
She probably won't give up.
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