Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

Your wife is about to faint right now.
She's pushing, but the baby won't drop.
A natural birth is simply not possible
in this situation.
If the head is stuck in the birth canal
for too long, it's not good for the baby.
The fetal heart rate
is becoming erratic as well.
This is probably taking a toll
on the baby too.
We'll go into surgery right away.
Your wife wants it too.
No. I can't allow that, Doctor.
Let's wait just a little longer. Please?
Can you park my car?
My wife has to have a natural birth
no matter what.
She probably agreed to surgery
because she's in too much pain.
-If she gets through this--
-Both she and the baby are at risk.
She's already exhausted
and the baby is face-up
and just won't drop.
It hasn't budged for over three hours,
so she needs surgery.
It's past 4 a.m. now,
which means it's been almost four hours.
My daughter-in-law promised me
that she'd give a natural birth.
Doctor, let's wait a little longer.
If it really doesn't work,
she can go into surgery then.
Right, that is now.
We cannot wait any longer.
This is an emergency situation!
What are you doing?
Why isn't she in the OR yet?
Professor Yang, her family is insisting
she must give a natural birth.
They won't let us--
They say babies who are
born vaginally are smarter.
Can't we wait just a little longer?
Back in my day, women gave birth naturally
without any problems
even after being in labor for three days.
I guess your goal is
to have a natural delivery,
but ours is to ensure that the delivery
is safe for both the mother and the baby.
It's already late.
Ms. Choi Ye-rim needs surgery,
and she has already given her consent.
We'll go into surgery now.
-Hurry and get ready.
-Mr. Kim Hyeong-jin.
Here you go.
Please wait in front of Room 4.
It's so busy today, as usual.
This is nothing.
-Mr. Kim Hyeong-jin, please come in.
We need to confirm your date of birth.
January 25, 1974.
Mr. Kim Hyeong-jin is next.
I remember him! He lives in Yesan.
When he came in last month,
his AST level was 150.
Do we have his results already?
Do you even remember such details?
Quiz Champion.
Don't you know Janghak Quiz?
I've heard of it, but I grew up
watching The Golden Bell Challenge.
So did I. I watched Star Golden Bell.
Hello. It's been a month, right?
-Hello, Professor Lee.
So how's everything? Good?
Yes, I feel great.
I think the surgery went very well.
But you don't look so well today.
I was on duty last night,
so I didn't get any sleep.
You got blood work done this morning.
It doesn't look like
we have the results yet.
They're sending you the results now.
Great, thank you.
It looks like
you've gained a bit of weight.
Mr. Cho Seon-ho.
Here's your prescription
for one more week.
Call this number to book your appointment.
Okay, thank you.
we don't have all the lab results yet.
We'll start ten minutes late.
Your gown is in the treatment room.
Really? Good timing.
I just finished the surgery.
I won't be late, then.
I'll head there right away.
Doors are opening.
Doors are closing.
Doors are opening.
Let's hurry.
Thank you.
Hi. How's the candy?
I have three more at home.
Strawberry, orange…
and toasted rice!
Strawberry, orange, and…
Plum, maybe?
No! That's not it!
Okay, all right.
Ha-yul, are you upset with me?
Let's see.
It's dropped a little.
Her jaundice is definitely getting better.
The color of her eyes
looks much better now.
I was worried as it was going up.
But thankfully, it's dropping now.
How was she the past two weeks?
Pretty good,
but she did have a fever last week.
Stop! Don't tell him that.
Okay, I won't tell him.
-Does she still have it?
-No, she's fine now.
When she's running a fever,
-I get scared--
-Stop. Don't say that.
Okay, I won't.
Hold on.
Just a second, Ha-yul.
Let's see.
You're wearing a hairpin.
Your hair looks nice.
Ha-yul, this is you.
You can play with this, okay?
We tested her vitamin levels last month,
and everything looks good.
So I suggest we change it all up.
No more vitamin injections.
Let's switch to oral medications.
I see. What about Vitamin K?
Yes, that too.
Let's simplify the treatment plan.
That should be okay, right?
Yes, she'll be fine.
This is you.
That's me?
My gosh, what a nice drawing.
Please draw me again next time.
Okay, sure!
Let's go.
Say "Thank you, Doctor."
Thank you.
What did she say?
"Toasted rice flavor." She remembered it.
Bye, Ha-yul. Bye!
Yes, take a seat.
Everything looks good.
It looks fine.
I'm relieved to hear that.
I couldn't sleep a wink last night.
Does the X-ray look okay too?
What about the blood test
and electrocardiogram results?
I just told you everything's fine.
My husband has been getting
leg cramps at night--
That has nothing to do with the heart.
No other questions, right?
-Then I'll see you next time.
Thank you.
Take care. And don't forget to exercise.
-Hello, please have a seat here.
You had your surgery
over two months ago, right?
Yes, it's already been two months.
You got a haircut.
Yes, I did.
I looked like a crazy person before.
Professor Kim, did my condition get worse?
No, everything looks good.
I reviewed everything
starting with your pre-surgery X-ray.
Your X-ray and blood test results
from today look good.
And your electrocardiogram is normal too.
This one was taken before the surgery,
and the one on the right is from today.
The lungs show up as black
and the heart is white.
Your right atrium and ventricle
were enlarged before the surgery.
You don't have to be a doctor
to see the difference.
Your heart looks notably smaller
than before.
Yes, I can see the improvement.
Yes, everything looks good.
Did you experience any other symptoms
after your appointment last month?
No. Oh, right. Everything's been good,
but when I get up suddenly,
I feel lightheaded.
-Does it happen often?
-No, just once in a while.
Is it common after the surgery?
Yes, it can happen after the surgery.
I've seen it in some cases,
but it will go away with time.
As I've explained before, your heart is
at the same level as your brain
when you're lying down.
But when you get up, your brain is
suddenly higher than your heart.
So your blood vessels must contract
the moment it happens.
Squeezing the tip of your garden hose
makes the water shoot out farther, right?
It's the same thing. The vessels
must contract to pump blood to the brain.
If that doesn't happen right away,
you can experience lightheadedness.
I see. I totally get it now.
You were given diuretics
and antihypertensives after the surgery,
which can throw you off balance
Rather than testing yourself to see
whether your condition is improving,
I suggest you try to get into the habit
of getting up slowly.
-She's awfully impatient.
She always gets up quickly.
She doesn't have the patience.
I'll be careful from now on.
-Any other questions?
-All right, then.
-Thank you.
-Professor Cheon will be here shortly.
-Thank you.
Sir, our resident doctors
in Cardiothoracic Surgery
perform tube thoracostomy most often
on pneumothorax patients.
They do it several times a day.
Should I also call a resident
in Cardiothoracic Surgery just in case?
We'll wait for Professor Cheon.
He's coming?
Professor Cheon is on his way now?
Yes. He moved all his appointments
to come here right away.
I thought he'd say no.
I called him,
thinking I'd probably get yelled at.
But he said he'd come and take care of it.
My goodness.
But he hasn't treated lung disorders
for over 20 years.
Yes, but it's considered
a basic task in CS.
That's right. Because it's a basic task,
the last time he did it in the ER,
not in an OR,
was probably well over 20 years ago.
Who is the patient though?
An assemblyman.
He represents the district
where Professor Cheon lives.
They play golf together.
-Where is he?
-This way.
Why isn't this working?
Why isn't this going in?
What is wrong with this?
This is a piece of crap.
Pass me the mosquito forceps. Quick!
Gosh, why isn't this working?
What is wrong with this?
Wait. Hang in there, okay?
What is wrong with this?
Come on!
Your liver somatic index is normal
and you don't have jaundice anymore.
You had cancer,
so we ran the tests to check for relapse.
Your blood vessels are fine.
Here, look at the screen.
This is your vein.
The hepatic portal vein looks fine too.
This is your hepatic artery.
This thin one here.
This one looks fine too.
So as for your blood vessels,
they're fine.
Thank you, Professor Lee.
I've been coming to the hospital
for so long
that I can now tell how good or bad it is
from the X-rays alone.
He got the transplant done two years ago
but still has a hard time falling asleep
the night before his appointments.
He's worried the cancer might recur.
My mom and I stay up all night too.
Your father's cancer wasn't that serious,
and he had the surgery over two years ago,
so I think it's safe to assume
that he's fully recovered now.
My gosh, Doctor Lee.
I thought we had to wait five years
to assume he's fully cured.
My gosh.
We should still monitor his condition.
But statistically,
a recurrence is unlikely
unless it happens
within two years of transplantation.
Only in not-so-severe cases like this,
of course.
Thank you, Professor Lee.
I'm so grateful to my son
and to you as well, Professor Lee.
It's a miracle
that I'm still alive like this.
I'm so grateful to see
that you've recovered like this.
I'd say you're almost fully cured now,
but it's important
that you keep taking care of yourself
and exercise regularly.
Also, don't miss your appointments
-and get your tests done on time.
-Of course.
Then I'll see you in three months.
-Okay, thank you.
-Take care.
This is a record.
You were booked back-to-back
after working the night shift.
Do you want some bread?
No, thank you. I want real food.
I'm going to have a proper dinner.
You still have one patient left.
-You're right. I was just kidding.
I'm hungry. Let's go eat something.
Gosh, I'm tired.
You can't see Min-chan and Eun-ji
from here.
I brought some side dishes from home.
Let's have dinner together.
-Let's go.
They're serving beef bone soup today.
Enjoy. I have a date.
Let's go have some beef bone soup.
I'm having dinner with my mom.
Hey, don't push me.
Those jerks.
Please leave a message after the tone…
Ik-jun should be done
with his appointments by now.
He's never around when I need him.
Professor Kim!
As of today, I'm free.
Even the second exam is done.
-Let's have dinner.
-Did the interview go well?
Of course.
I have such a likable face, you know.
I came straight here
because I missed the cafeteria food.
I've got some intel that beef bone soup
is on the menu today.
Intel, my foot. Hey.
Beef bone soup. Come down.
Let's go. You had to study so hard.
Dinner's on me.
Then we should eat out.
You should take me out
to a nice restaurant.
I have a lecture in 30 minutes. Bye.
I know that!
I know your schedule
like the back of my hand.
Of course,
I know you have a lecture today.
I was just joking.
Dear Jae-hak,
look at you cracking jokes with me.
Did you just say "dear Jae-hak"?
"Dear Jae-hak"?
-That's what you said.
-Shut it.
I'm sick of the food here.
That's why I bring a few dishes from home.
I prefer to eat like this.
This way, I can save money too.
Who knows how much longer
we'd have to wait?
We can't eat out every meal.
Thank you. I didn't even know
there was a place like this.
How could you have known?
Min-chan has only been hooked up
to the VAD for a week.
I'm sure you still feel frazzled.
I'll bring some side dishes tomorrow.
I had to rush Min-chan to the hospital,
so I still have all the side dishes
in the fridge.
I can just bring them tomorrow.
Tomorrow's the weekend.
You should go home and get some sleep
even just for a day.
You need to catch up on sleep to recharge.
And we can only see the kids
twice a day anyway,
so don't stay here all day.
Go home and come back when you need to.
It's okay to do that.
I told you. We're like marathoners.
Yes, thank you.
Oh, you should add some calorie boosters
to Min-chan's food or milk.
I know he's older than Eun-ji,
but he's on the smaller side.
The faster he grows, the easier it'll be
for him to find the right heart donor.
It always worried me
that he's smaller than average.
I guess I didn't do a good job
raising him.
Goodness. Don't say that.
Here, have this and cheer up.
Min-chan's blood type is A.
He can get a heart from someone
with an A or O blood type,
so he'll have more chances.
Only think positive thoughts, okay?
The food must be cold now.
Hurry up and eat.
Thank you.
I hope Eun-ji finds a donor soon
so Min-chan can find one too.
I really hope they can find
the right donor for Eun-ji soon.
Thank you.
I believe
in miracles.
Eat up.
You have many surgeries booked
next week, right?
Yes, I'm all booked
for the next two weeks.
There's one Chief Kwon asked me to do.
Chief Kwon? Professor Kwon Sun-jeong
asked you to operate on a patient?
-Yes, his sibling.
-Oh, no.
He said he couldn't operate
on his own brother,
so I told him I'd do it next week.
I'll do it before my appointments.
I see.
What is it?
It's about Daddy-Long-Legs.
I told you how it works, right?
Yes, you did.
We received this inquiry
from Ji-am Medical Center in Mokpo.
It's a pretty big hospital
that performs
three to four transplants a year.
Wasn't it just for Yulje and KWMC?
I've expanded it a little.
The more people it can help, the better.
I sent an anonymous email
to every hospital in the country,
explaining how the program works
and telling them
that they can inquire anytime.
Don't ever complain
that you're tired again.
I'm totally fine.
So? What's the inquiry
from the hospital in Mokpo?
At first,
they asked for financial support.
The patient is a sailor who's been
battling liver cancer for years.
He doesn't have health insurance,
so he's exhausted his savings
on his hospital bills.
He's on welfare at the moment
and can barely make ends meet.
He has a son,
but his son had no idea about his illness
because he and his wife didn't tell him.
One day, his son suddenly got worried
and went to Mokpo to see them.
But he was in the ER at the time
due to hepatic encephalopathy,
and his belly was quite swollen.
When the son saw that,
he flopped down and started bawling,
saying that he's a terrible son
and asking them to save his father.
Can't the son be a donor for him?
The son said
he'd happily donate his liver right away.
The wife was seeing a neurosurgeon
for a cerebrovascular disorder,
so she couldn't do it.
But as soon as he regained consciousness,
he said he'd never let his son
go through surgery for him.
He was strongly against it,
but his wife and son finally managed
to persuade him.
I'm surprised you asked
for all these details.
Of course, I need to make sure
the money is put to good use.
That's true.
We can help them, right?
Yes, I told them we would.
But I got an email from the doctor there
three days later.
They were going to liaise
with a local university hospital,
but while testing for compatibility,
they concluded it'd be too difficult
and were hoping to transfer him
to a hospital in Seoul.
But they're good.
One of my old professors is there.
I wonder what the problem is.
The father is a big guy. He weighs 90kg,
but his son weighs less than 60kg.
-The size is the problem.
They said they couldn't do it
due to the size difference.
They wanted to see
if it could be done in Seoul
and if we'd still be able to provide
financial support in that case.
-That doesn't matter.
-Right, I told them that.
But I got another email from them
this morning.
They received feedback from KWMC
and Seojung Hospital.
Apparently, they also said
they wouldn't be able to do it.
Jae-an Medical Center is willing to do it
if there are two donors,
just to be safe.
That's impossible, though.
The son is the only person
who can do it at the moment,
and the father is strongly against
getting liver grafts from two donors.
Every hospital has
its own rules and standards.
The doctor there said he would ask
Yulje for his patient as a last resort.
So I told him I could ask Yulje directly
because I've done business with them.
The patient's not doing well,
so we don't have time.
Why waste time going back and forth?
I told him I'd ask Yulje for him.
Can you take a look?
If you think the surgery can't be done,
then I'll give up
because that means it's not possible.
You can do that, right?
Okay, I'll have a look.
Ask them if they can send over
his CT scan and other test results.
The sooner, the better.
Okay, I'll ask them right away.
-Hurry up and eat. It must be cold now.
Is it someone you know? Who is it?
-How did you know?
-It sounded as if you knew the doctor.
Who is it?
Hyeong-do, Baek Hyeong-do.
The Baek Hyeong-do who was on my team?
The Baek Hyeong-do I know,
with that charming, deep voice?
Yes, that Baek Hyeong-do.
Your rival.
"Rival"? Oh, please.
What are you talking about?
He thought of you as his rival
for six years.
That's why he hated your guts.
Me? How can anyone hate me?
This is probably why he hated you.
Anyway, it turns out that he's actually
the director of the hospital in Mokpo.
My, I'm impressed.
Performing transplants there…
It can't be easy.
He said it's not easy.
I played dumb
and asked a bunch of questions.
He said they're short-staffed,
and the medical office is small.
But he's doing his best
out of a sense of duty
so that the people there
wouldn't have to go
all the way to Seoul.
I have huge respect for him.
I should give him a call
if I end up taking the patient.
He and I were quite close,
although you hated him.
Who? You're friends with everyone.
Hello. Hey, you know Hyeong-do, right?
Baek Hyeong-do?
I sure do. He's your rival.
-A "rival"?
-Hyeong-do. We went to school with him.
He wanted to beat Ik-jun so badly
that he gave him tickets to a club
during exams.
He bought it with his own money
so Ik-jun would party hard
and bomb the exam.
Wait, Hyeong-do bought that ticket?
He said it was free
because his uncle owned that club.
Hyeong-do's uncle is a Buddhist monk.
He's the chief monk
at the biggest temple in Mokpo.
He's still well-respected.
So did you bomb the exam?
No. He kept getting the highest marks
because he got to unwind
and de-stress at the club.
You guys know that I was totally crazy
about Park Jin-young back then.
My pelvis popped out,
and it's still missing.
Then what is that
between your waist and butt now?
-My pelvis.
-You said it's gone.
It just came back.
Didn't you see that?
It came back like this just now.
-That's so lame.
-My gosh.
I thought that was hilarious.
Look at you, Dr. Do Jae-hak.
You have such a keen sense of humor.
Send me the results right away.
All right.
Let's go.
Get in. It's cold.
What if people see us?
Sorry, it totally slipped my mind.
Was someone there? There's no one.
Let's go.
That was Dr. Jang Gyeo-ul
and Professor Ahn Jeong-won, right?
-I'm sure of it.
Did Professor Ahn just open the car door
for Dr. Jang?
Yes, and it was so natural.
-Professor Ahn is such a gentleman.
He's incredibly well-mannered.
The way he opened the door for her
was so natural.
He's such a gentleman.
I should have applied to GS.
I envy Dr. Jang.
Professor Chae gave you this car?
For free?
Yes. She gave me her old car
because she bought a new one.
-Are your hands cold?
-Yes, a little.
Are you not seeing anyone?
-What do you mean?
-I mean a girlfriend.
-Don't you want to date?
No, I don't.
I'll figure it out.
Don't worry. Just eat.
Is it because of me?
Are you worried I'd fight again?
No, I just really like how things are now.
I'm the happiest when I'm alone.
Don't you feel the same way?
Aren't you relieved that Dad's gone now?
I mean it.
I love being single.
It is nice to be single.
It's comfortable, and you don't need
to worry about anyone else.
But you see,
it's nothing compared to the joy
of being with someone you love.
Even New Journey to the West
would be much more enjoyable then.
That being said,
-my friend has a daughter--
-Excuse me.
Could we get the bill?
No, Professor Ahn.
Then everyone will know.
No one will know.
We're not at the hospital now.
Why are you still calling me "Professor"?
I don't want to be called that.
Everyone will find out at this rate.
Because of you.
You're like a ticking bomb now.
-Did you already forget
what you did in the Medical Office
Hey, you made it.
Looks like everyone's here now.
Did you have to gather everyone
for the retirement symposium?
Professor Ahn isn't here yet.
-I'm sorry.
My apologies.
What's this for?
The video and certificate of merit
for Professor Kim Jin-mo's
retirement symposium.
We've received all the video files.
They'll compile and edit them
this weekend,
so if you have any photos or videos…
-Jeong-won never disappoints.
-Such a gentleman!
-We should learn from him.
Hey, you should've done that for her.
She assisted you in two surgeries today.
My gosh, Professor Ahn. You're so good.
You take great care of the residents.
Professor Ahn, you're so sweet.
I give you that.
-Yes, totally.
-My goodness.
People would think that he is
Dr. Jang's boyfriend or something.
I mean, people could think that.
-Come on!
-My gosh.
-You startled me.
-No way!
-Who'd think that?
-You went too far with that one.
Professor Lee, you and your absurd jokes.
-What if things get awkward between them?
-Yes, seriously.
Right? My bad. I'm sorry, Professor Ahn.
No worries. It's fine.
By the way, have we decided
on the lecture topic yet?
Yes. The director of KWMC's Cancer Center
will give a lecture
on the future
of minimally invasive surgery.
Let's talk after this, you crazy jerk.
I'm busy. I need to get
my immigration documents ready.
We should also organize a talent show.
You're listening, right?
That feels nice.
Why are your cheeks so cold?
We've only been outside for a moment,
but even your nose is red.
Go inside quickly, okay?
I can't, until you let go of me.
Sweet dreams.
Gosh. You're heading out now?
Yes. You should get more sleep.
You really are something.
Mom, did you just make this?
The perilla leaves taste so fresh.
Yes. I marinated them this morning,
one leaf at a time.
I wanted my son to eat
the freshest perilla leaves today. Here.
I can't finish this, Mom.
Why can't you? You're still growing.
I'm still growing at age 41?
I can't believe my son is already 41.
I suppose I've lived too long.
Mom, 70 is the new 50.
You'll live another 30 years
at the very least.
-It's so good.
This is the best.
The best perilla leaves I've ever had!
That bowl is deceptive.
It's actually not that much.
-I can finish this.
Mom, I like these big chunks of potatoes
in the soybean paste stew.
Right? They're from my neighbor.
They were small, so I didn't cut them up.
But it's actually quite nice.
-Did you cook these bracken ferns?
Did you even cook bracken ferns for me?
-Is it good?
Yes, because my son fed me.
Mom, do you want coffee? Black or sweet?
Sweet, please.
Sweet, got it.
Who is it so early?
There's only one person
who'd come here at this hour.
Is everything okay?
Why are you staring at the falling leaves?
Because they're like me.
Those falling leaves remind me of myself.
Is it because of your kids?
Your eldest kid's visiting Korea and
you were excited to have dinner together.
He hadn't seen me for months,
but as soon as he saw me,
he said I should decide
how I want to divide my assets
when I'm still healthy.
If I just leave it until I become senile
and lose sound judgment,
my children would get into a big fight
over my assets.
He said I should sell everything now
and divide it equally.
Did he say it in such a heartless manner?
Yes, that's exactly what he said.
It was actually worse than how I said it.
Gosh, I'm getting upset again
now that I'm talking about it.
I know that he's right.
But I have to say,
I feel so hurt and resentful.
I'll give them everything I own.
Who will get all my assets
if my two sons don't?
But they're flat out asking me
to pass everything on to them.
It really hurt my feelings. I'm so pissed.
Darn it.
You said you'll give them everything
Go ahead and divide your assets equally
among your kids.
Geon-tae must've hesitated for days
before he brought it up to you.
I'm sure it wasn't easy.
Rosa, my son is not like Jeong-won.
Jeong-won is one of a kind.
Even if he told me he'd go on
to become a priest now,
I wouldn't doubt him for a second.
-You know that your mother owns
some land in Hwaseong, right?
It's well over 10,000 pyeong.
She inherited it from her father.
Yes, I think I remember hearing about it.
She'll give it to you, as inheritance.
Mom, really?
Yes, really. It's all yours.
Why would you give it to me?
I don't need it.
Just sell it and buy a nice apartment
so you can live comfortably.
Working on your vegetable garden
will make your back worse.
If you need more money,
I'll take out a loan and help you out.
A loan?
You're a doctor! Are you that broke?
Do you need a loan?
No, that's not what I meant.
A loan is an asset too.
-Not everyone can get a loan, Mom.
-Be quiet!
-I'll do it.
-I think I can do it.
I'm so relieved.
I hope it's not too much to ask though.
It won't be easy,
but it's a borderline case,
so I'd say it's doable.
I have operated on a patient
with a lower GRWR,
and the surgery went well.
And the test results tell me
that his son is young and healthy.
It's a borderline case, but it's doable.
His liver is barely functioning,
and we can't find another donor for him.
So I think we should take the risk
and give it a shot.
Let's have him come in on Monday
and get him tested.
Okay, I'll text Hyeong-do.
No, just text me his number.
I'll call him.
I have some questions for him anyway.
Really? He doesn't know
that I'm Daddy-Long-Legs.
Hey, what do you take me for?
I'll tell him Social Services
gave me the deets.
Okay, we'll tell him that.
Did you wash your hands?
Well done.
What do you want to eat?
I have to do some work from home,
so we'll order in. Is that okay?
How about I guess
what you feel like eating?
Sure, it's a multiple-choice question.
You know what that means?
Tell me the options.
Choose the dish
U-ju is craving the most right now.
Wait, that sounds too hard.
I don't think I can do this.
Number one, a hamburger.
Number two, a burger.
-Number three.
Wait, hold on.
Hang on…
Don't you remember?
Then hold on, U-ju.
Let's hurry home. You can try to remember
what it was while eating your burger.
Let's go.
Let's see.
Did you have lunch?
Tell me what kind of burger you want.
I had lunch just now.
I'll go pick up the packages.
Okay. U-ju, I'm going to order you
a Happy Meal. Which one?
-The bulgogi burger, nuggets--
-I want the bulgogi burger combo.
I want French fries and juice.
Goodness, he knows the menu by heart.
-What about you, Dad?
What should I get?
You? You should order
the supreme shrimp burger.
-Supreme shrimp?
-Yes, the large set.
Get cheese sticks instead of French fries.
And get cola.
I'm going to have a sip, okay?
Yes, sir.
Is it good?
I make really good burgers.
How about I flaunt my cooking skills
sometime next week?
Let's just order in. This tastes better.
Is everything going well
with Mo-ne and Ma-ne?
Ma-ne and Mo-ne always go camping
with their dad.
They brag every day
about going camping with their dad.
They go every weekend.
-Do you want to go camping too?
We can go too. Let's go camping.
-Professor, Kim Eun-sun is vomiting blood.
Gastric variceal bleeding is suspected.
We're using the SB tube. It's better,
-but the bleeding won't stop.
-I'll be there soon.
Check her vitals and call Gastroenterology
for an emergency endoscopy.
We may not be able to do it,
so get a CT scan done
and see if she can get TIPS done.
See you later, Dad.
It's okay. I'm used to it.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
No, Dad. You don't need to be sorry.
You're doing good deeds.
You want to spend time with me,
your universe.
But you're busy saving
the bigger universe out there.
-Who said that?
-Auntie Ik-sun.
I'll be quick.
Chief Kwon was really worried.
The recovery will be okay, right?
There was minimal blood loss,
and the incision is small.
There's sufficient remnant liver volume,
-so recovery won't be a problem.
Good job, everyone.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Well done.
Why didn't you come in?
Thanks for doing this.
You finished pretty early.
Yes. Thankfully, it wasn't big
as we had seen on the MRI scan,
and the location wasn't bad either.
The surgery went well, and there's
sufficient remnant liver volume.
So I don't think you need to worry.
My goodness.
Were you that worried?
Then you should've just done it yourself.
No other doctor has performed
more liver resections than you have.
This was my brother's request,
and I said yes right away.
What request?
He said I'd feel too pressured
and end up ruining the surgery.
He asked me to recommend
the best doctor I trust.
Don't you have appointments right away?
I'm sorry. I owe you big-time.
I'll return the favor tenfold.
Gosh, don't mention it.
I still have some time
until my first appointment.
Buy me a coffee.
Sure thing. I can even buy you
a coffee machine if you'd like.
Let's go!
Actually, forget it.
I don't want to have coffee with you.
What? Why are you so fickle?
I'll get coffee in my own time.
I don't want to start my morning
with a coffee date with you.
You should get some rest, Chief Kwon.
You have to do a transplant later.
I want to wait for my brother.
I'll wait until he wakes up.
Professor Lee, don't hesitate to tell me
if there's anything I can do for you.
I'll help you, no matter what.
Okay, thank you.
See you.
-Thanks again.
-No problem.
Good morning, Professor Chae.
Hi, good morning.
Have some bread.
-Don't you have a conference?
-I still have some time.
I wanted to stop by quickly to see you.
I'll be here all week.
Seok-min's farewell party is this week.
Gosh, I really don't understand
why he's leaving.
Did you guys fight?
Yes, we're in a cold war at the moment.
By the way, has Ms. Yoo's mother asked you
if you'd be interested in a blind date?
She asks me about you
every time she sees me.
"How old is she?
Does she have a boyfriend?
What does her father do?
Which school did she go to?"
She didn't say much
when I was doing rounds.
She must be asking me instead
because she's intimidated by you.
She has a son
and thinks you'd make a good couple.
She asks me questions about you
whenever she sees me.
If she says she wants to set you up
with her son--
I told her I'm not interested.
She already asked me,
and I turned it down.
I see. I'm relieved to hear that.
Why would I go on a blind date
with my patient's brother?
I told her I'm not comfortable with it.
She probably won't give up.
Just tell her that you have a boyfriend.
Do I have to lie?
I don't care.
But it's annoying.
Just pick one of your friends
and say he's your boyfriend.
Tell her you're getting married soon.
Otherwise, she really won't give up.
What about him?
The owner of Yulje Medical Center.
A rich heir.
Hey, what's the song for this week?
-Oh, hello.
-Who picked it?
Is he trying to kill us or what?
Jeong-won doesn't own this hospital.
This hospital doesn't have an owner.
I'll take care of it, okay?
Then what about him?
If it's him, they'll believe you.
Your best friend,
who always makes you laugh.
-Professor Lee Ik-jun.
-Oh, right.
If you ask him,
he'll totally do it for you.
He's busy, and so am I.
But you know what?
You're the busiest one here, Seon-bin.
I have to go.
-Good morning.
Good morning, Hyeong-do.
You should be here if you're that worried.
Have you met him yet?
No, but he's my first patient today.
Can you squeeze in his surgery?
I hope he can get it soon.
Yes, my surgery on Friday
has been moved to next week,
so I should be able to do it this Friday
if everything's ready.
Seriously though, if you have some time,
come join us this Friday.
You've done so much for this patient.
It'd be nice to see him
before his surgery.
Or scrub in and help me out.
I want to watch the surgery,
but why this Friday of all days?
I'm doing my first transplant
in four months.
Nice. Just your hospital?
Yes, it's just us this time.
It's for a longtime patient,
who trusts us to perform the surgery.
I see. Congratulations.
Do you have enough staff?
How many assistants do you have?
One fellow and one resident.
The resident is only in his second year,
but the fellow will closely assist me.
He's good.
Look at you. You're a trailblazer.
I'd love to visit you.
Just make sure you save my patient.
He's a wonderful person.
I treated his liver cancer
for several years.
He used to volunteer at nursing homes
before his health started to decline,
and he donates 10,000 won
to a children's home every month.
He's someone I admire
before he's my patient.
Okay, I'm meeting him soon.
I'll tell him I know you.
Hey, Hyeong-do.
About your uncle…
He still owns that club, right?
My uncle owns a club?
He's been meditating in silence
for 98 days.
This surgery won't be easy.
The low GRWR does concern me a little.
the donor is young
and very healthy.
His liver is in great condition,
so with this size…
I think we can do the surgery.
Thank you.
-Thank you so much, Professor Lee.
-Thank you.
It is a borderline case.
You look quite skinny,
but you're very healthy.
Thank you, Professor.
Let's give it a shot.
And to be honest,
we have no other option at the moment.
Yes, I'm aware.
A liver transplant is
your father's only option now.
And since you're the only suitable donor,
we have to do this.
I'll do my very best.
It'll be an emergency surgery.
He'll be admitted right away,
and we need to run a few additional tests.
And the surgery will be this Friday.
One of my surgeries has been rescheduled,
so we'll do it this Friday
if there are no issues.
Thank you, Professor Lee.
I heard many people die
because they can't find donors.
Compared to them, I'm…
I'm incredibly lucky.
I can handle pain,
but my son…
He has to undergo surgery because of me.
So please…
make sure the entire process is painless
for my son.
Yes, I will.
I'll make sure his surgery is
completely painless. Don't worry.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
It's okay. This happens fairly often.
It's caused
by a bilateral pleural effusion.
But hopefully, the cardiac stimulant
and diuretics will be helpful.
We'll wait and see.
We're monitoring his condition thoroughly,
so don't worry too much.
Okay, thank you.
Excuse me. Hey.
How's the BP?
Do the hands and feet feel warm?
I'm coming now.
We'll talk soon.
Mr. Son Chan-gyu, are you thirsty?
Yes, I'm parched.
He's thirsty.
His CVP is low,
and his fluid balance is negative,
so don't reduce the input.
You can actually increase it.
-Call me if anything happens.
-Yes, sir.
-Hello, Professor Kim.
There are two types of VAD,
internal and external.
Only the external type can be used
on infants and young children.
-The power source
and control unit outside shut down
within 30 minutes if disconnected,
so hospitalization is required.
But adults can get the implantable type,
so they can be discharged
and wait to receive a transplant.
-Also, they operate differently.
Then what is
the most basic factor considered
for selecting a compatible donor?
This is basic knowledge.
-Blood type?
-Yes, the blood types must be compatible.
I can't believe
you had to think that long about this.
This is not good.
Looks like you'll have to study a lot.
The difficulty level
is all over the place.
But I hope Professor Kim knows
that I'm a fixed intern.
I'm sure he knows.
He interviewed you himself
as the department chief.
Right? I'm already afraid of CS.
What are you doing here?
Just making eye contact with Gyeong-mi.
-Professor Cheon's patient?
-Let's go eat.
She's Professor Cheon's patient.
Our eyes met when I was walking by.
She smiled at me with her eyes,
so I smiled back.
She had an aortic dissection while riding
her bike, right? She had surgery.
Yes, she's been diagnosed
with a hereditary disease.
Her treatment had been going well,
but a dissection occurred
when she was riding her bike.
And the fall damaged
her C3 and C4 vertebrae.
She might end up a quadriplegic.
The surgery was also difficult.
It's scary because you never know
when a dissection can occur.
Her family must be very worried.
She has no family.
She's an orphan.
Isn't there a guardian?
There's no one. No family or relatives.
There's a nun who visits her sometimes,
but I've been stopping by
every single day,
and she's always alone.
I wish I could keep her company,
but I don't have time.
Eun-ji has had a pleural effusion too.
I was really worried too back then.
But she overcame it.
It'll be okay.
You haven't eaten anything yet, right?
I brought some apples.
Let's eat it together.
Come on.
What about here?
-None? Did you double-check?
My gosh, Professor Lee.
-Hello, Professor Lee.
Your surgery is tomorrow.
How are you feeling?
I feel great.
What about you?
I feel great too.
I'm glad to hear that. I feel great too.
Professor Lee,
I was totally fine until yesterday.
But this morning, it suddenly hit me
that the surgery is tomorrow.
And my heart has been pounding like crazy
since then.
Even my hands are trembling.
I'm more nervous and anxious
than they are.
Don't worry too much.
It is a big, difficult surgery,
but I'll be the one dealing with it.
When they wake up from their sleep,
it'll all be over already.
So try not to worry,
and take good care of yourself today.
Thank you, Professor Lee.
And if you…
get a chance to talk
to Professor Baek Hyeong-do,
please let him know
how grateful I am for all his help.
You said the two of you
went to med school together.
Yes, we talk often on the phone.
I plan to visit him after my surgery,
but I still want to tell him
that I'll come see him soon,
happy and healthy.
Please tell him not to worry too much.
I'll definitely relay the message.
All right, get some rest.
-Will do.
-Thank you.
-Your surgery ended early.
Didn't you say you had surgery too?
Yes, I should eat quickly and go.
I have a few minutes.
Did you not have breakfast?
Is this your first meal?
I had breakfast.
I just couldn't pass up this meat dish,
which I love.
Hey, why did you have to
discourage her like that?
What will you do if she's too embarrassed
to finish her food now…
You should pay extra
if you have a conscience.
I heard Hyeong-do sent his patient to you
for surgery.
This is the first surgery
Daddy-Long-Legs is sponsoring.
This is great.
-I think this is a good direction for us.
How do you know about Daddy-Long-Legs?
I'm just kidding.
Jeez, you freak.
How's Hyeong-do doing?
He was this prick's rival.
That reminds me. I have to call him.
Hey, can you talk now?
Yes, what's up?
Mr. Jang Jong-gil says hi.
He asked me to tell you
not to worry about his surgery.
Why would I be worried
when you're doing the surgery?
Tell him I'm not worried at all
and that I send him my best regards.
Is everything okay?
You sound a little down.
My surgery is tomorrow,
but something happened.
I don't think
we can do the surgery tomorrow.
What happened?
The fellow had a cerebral hemorrhage
and collapsed this morning.
Thankfully, he's in surgery now,
so he'll live.
But the problem is the surgery tomorrow.
I asked a university hospital nearby
to send us a doctor,
but they're short-staffed too.
Looks like we have to reschedule it.
But I can't bring myself
to tell the patient.
Hey, hold on.
Jeong-won, can you clean up for me?
Sol's mother from Tongyeong signed a lease
for a room near the hospital.
Really? That's such good news.
It's been so hard for her.
We could at least go home to shower.
She always washed up at the sauna
and slept uncomfortably there.
She told me that we can shower and sleep
at her place whenever we need to.
She even gave me her door code.
That's very kind of her.
How long has Sol been hooked up
to the ECMO?
It's been a while.
Not as long as Eun-ji though.
I see.
My goodness. Why is the nurse calling?
Yes, hello.
Yes, Min-chan is the first one
on the list.
KONOS just called us. The first
brain death diagnosis is confirmed,
and Min-chan is getting the heart.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
This isn't a dream, right?
No, it's not.
You're at the hospital now, right?
Come to the PICU. Professor Kim
will fill you in on the details.
Okay, I'm coming now.
What should I do? My gosh…
What's going on?
Did they find a donor for Min-chan?
Yes, Min-chan is getting the heart.
They chose Min-chan.
Hurry and go.
You don't have time to cry now. Hurry.
-Thank you.
This is a miracle!
We found a donor this morning.
Considering the blood type, weight,
and so on,
Min-chan was at the top of our list.
But we thought the situation could change,
so we waited
for the brain death declaration.
And we just got a call from KONOS.
The first assessment
and the transplant have been confirmed.
Min-chan's getting the heart,
and we'll go ahead with the transplant.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, Professor Kim.
The donor is 6 years old and weighs 18kg.
Blood type A,
which is the same as Min-chan's.
My gosh, I can't believe
this miracle is happening to us.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Don't thank me. Thank the donor's family
for making such a difficult decision--
Yes, I will live with a grateful heart
until the day I die.
Yes, but they still have to do
the second assessment
and make the final decision,
so the transplant surgery won't happen
until tomorrow.
Don't stay up all night here.
You should go home, get some rest,
and come back tomorrow.
I guess you're not going home.
We want to stay here with Min-chan.
All right, then.
Thank you.
I'm so happy for you.
-It really is a miracle.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I know how worried you were.
-Min-chan will become healthy in no time.
-Professor Kim.
Eun-ji's turn will come too, right?
Yes, of course.
I trust that it will.
Is your class over?
Yes, I'm home now.
You seem to be in a great mood.
You can tell?
Yes, it's so obvious.
I'm going on a trip with my friends
this weekend.
We're going to Bournemouth,
for three days!
Really? That's great. Have fun.
Who are you going with?
Se-gyeong and a couple Se-gyeong knows.
Four people in total.
We're going to rent a car.
Really? Will you be okay?
They drive on the opposite side.
Just take the train or bus.
I won't be driving.
Se-gyeong's friend will.
Don't worry.
Okay. Call me when you're leaving
and when you arrive there.
Will do. I'll be sure to report to you.
Gosh, I'm really worried.
Why are you worried?
Professor Kim, I'm turning 40 soon.
What does that have to do with driving?
make sure your friend drives safely.
Will do!
I'm hungry. I need to eat something.
Come in.
Do you want to step out with me
for some fresh air?
The stars are out.
It'd be great if you could scrub in.
Dr. Park's my main assistant.
You can be the second assistant.
Or I'll take care
of the procurement for you.
Really? I'd love that.
Yes, that'd be better.
Let the kids have the opportunity.
What's wrong?
Hang on a minute.
-Let's remove the heart now.
Professor Kim, the donor heart is here.
Was it beating fine until it was removed?
Yes, it seemed fine.
No problem. I'll go wash my hands.
The portal vein is blocked,
so you'll see a lot of varices
and severe ascites.
Manage bleeding carefully.
Don't get flustered.
Yes, Professor.
I'll call you if I can't keep
the bleeding under control.
Sure, anytime.
Let's do a good job, as usual.
The liver is quite small as expected,
but we can do this.
I'll go take care of the benchwork.
Make sure you check for bleeding
and bile leakage.
Close it up nicely.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Hospital discharge at this hour
is unheard of.
The room's paid for until tomorrow.
They paid another 1.7 million won
just so they wouldn't have to rush.
What a flex.
What does that mean? "Flaxen"?
I'll tell you next time.
Hello, congratulations on going home.
Hello, Professor Chae.
I was so anxious,
thinking you might not stop by today.
This is perfect timing.
I think you two are meant to be.
Hey, this is Professor Chae Song-hwa,
the doctor who performed my surgery.
-Oh, hello.
Come join us.
He's so shy.
No wonder
he's never had a real girlfriend.
Take a seat.
I'll make you a cup of tea.
We have some cookies too. Have a seat.
It's okay, ma'am. I just had some tea.
Seizures can occur
after brain tumor surgery,
so make sure you take
your anticonvulsant medication.
You may experience postoperative bleeding
as the surgical site is still healing.
The incision could open up,
so avoid strenuous exercise.
Okay, will do.
Come back and see me in two weeks,
but rush to the ER
if you experience headaches or dizziness.
Then I'll see you in two weeks.
Wait, Professor Chae. If you don't mind,
we'd love to take a picture with you.
I'm just so glad we met like this.
Please take a picture with us.
Yes, take a picture with us.
-Come join us, son!
Let's take a picture together.
Let me buy you a coffee, Professor Chae.
Is that okay, Mom?
Yes, of course. By all means.
Let's go.
Shall we?
It ended an hour early.
It doesn't mean there's a problem, right?
Yes, of course. Don't worry.
I'm sure everything went well.
The surgery went well.
Thank you. Thank you, Professor Kim!
Thank you, Professor Kim.
Min-chan is okay now.
Our son is okay now.
Don't cry. It's happy news.
The surgery went well,
and we received the donor heart on time.
The heartbeat is solid,
and there was only minimal bleeding,
so we could wrap up earlier than expected.
They're closing up his chest now,
and he'll be moved to the ICU
in about half an hour.
I'll see you there in a bit.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Keep it up.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
My gosh, Professor Lee.
The surgery went well.
My gosh…
Thank you.
It was a little difficult to remove
the blood clot from the portal vein,
and variceal hemorrhage,
which he'd had before, happened again.
But thankfully, the bleeding stopped
once we connected the liver.
My goodness.
That's why it took longer
than we had expected,
but the surgery went well.
All the important parts are done.
They're wrapping up now.
He'll be moved to the ICU
in an hour or so.
He'll be on a ventilator for a while,
so he won't be able to talk.
But I'll make sure you can still see him.
My gosh, Professor Lee…
Thank you so much.
You can put your worries to rest now.
Don't worry. It's okay.
I'm really sorry.
It must have made you very uncomfortable.
I apologize on her behalf. I'm sorry.
It's all right. I'm not the type
to be bothered by things like that.
You're probably very busy.
She must have been such a nuisance.
I'm sorry again.
No, I should thank you
for saving me earlier.
Now, I know exactly
how to handle situations like that.
That was smooth, right?
Is the café still open?
-Yes, the part-timer sent me a DM.
A DM. We're friends on Instagram.
What does all that gibberish mean?
Min-chan's out. Hey, I have to go.
Yes, I have a girlfriend.
Your mother seemed to have no idea.
She knows.
Oh, my sister doesn't know
because she was overseas for years.
Does she not approve of her?
No, definitely not.
My girlfriend's from an average family.
My mother doesn't like that
and her job too.
She used to be so fond of her though.
We were friends long
before we started dating.
My mother knows her very well too.
We became friends in college.
My gosh. Then how did you suddenly start
seeing each other?
She professed her feelings for me
out of the blue one day.
Last year. She told me that she liked me.
I rejected her at first.
We were best friends,
so I didn't want things to get awkward.
I told her,
"I want us to stay best friends."
That night, I came home
and mulled over what I said to her.
Then I realized
I hadn't really answered her question.
She told me she liked me,
but I told her I didn't want
our relationship to get awkward.
My answer didn't make sense.
So I started seeing our relationship
in a different light.
As a man and a woman,
not just two friends.
I really like her.
When I'm with her, I feel so…
When I'm with her, I always feel…
I feel great.
Do you have a friend like that too?
Oh, sorry.
Here, these are for the nurses.
Thank you. This will make their day.
-Aren't you done for the day?
-Yes, I just want to check in on Mr. Jang.
Hold on. One's missing a straw.
This one's mine.
-Take it easy.
It went well.
I'm headed to the ICU now to see him.
-Hey, seriously.
Hey, I can't believe you sent your chief.
Isn't he good?
Was he confused because
he hasn't assisted anyone in ages?
Jeez, seriously.
You're nuts.
Hey, hold on.
Jeong-won, can you clean up for me?
Hyeong-do, don't tell the patient yet.
I'll call you in five minutes.
Tell me, whatever it is.
I'll do anything for you.
What are you doing tomorrow?
I have a conference in the morning,
but I'm available after that.
These days, I try not to book anything
after lunch on Fridays.
I'm going to retire soon,
so I can slack off a little.
No one says anything.
Why? What is it?
Then can you go to Mokpo tomorrow?
I'd like to give you a chance
to help some trailblazers.
The surgery went well, right?
-Yes, it went very well.
-Way to go.
Ik-jun, Chief Kwon
helped us out so much today.
He helped us clear a bunch of hurdles.
Really? I'm going to call him in a bit.
I'll let him know.
-What? Come on.
Whatever. I'll let you go. Get some rest.
-Okay, nice work today.
I don't know what love is yet
I do not know
But we are happy together
Your confusing confession
Makes my heart flutter
But it's too difficult to understand
So I don't like it
I don't like it
People have told me
That they like my cute smile
But not anymore
I have a secret now
But I like you
This could be love
But I like you
This could be love
I don't know what love is yet
I do not know
But we are happy together
Your confusing confession
Makes my heart flutter
But it's too difficult to understand
So I don't like it
I don't like it
People have told me
That they like my cute smile
But not anymore
I have a secret now
But I like you
This could be love
But I like you
This could be love
But I like you
This could be love
She should be there by now.
Why isn't she picking up?
Isn't this Lee Ik-sun's phone?
Yes, it is.
Ik-sun can't come to the phone right now.
You must be her boyfriend. I picked up
because I didn't want you to worry.
I'm Ik-sun's friend.
I see. Is everything okay with her?
Well, it's nothing too serious.
But we got into a car accident,
and she's a little hurt.
She hurt her arm and head.
She's getting some tests done now.
It's nothing serious though.
You really don't need to worry.
-She said not to tell you or her family…
-…but I didn't want you to worry.
What kinds of tests is she getting?
I'm not really sure.
It's probably for the brain.
She bled quite a bit from a head wound.
She'll be out shortly.
I'll tell her to call you.
Okay, please tell her I'll stay up
and wait for her call.
Okay, I'll let her know.
Thank you. What's your name?
I'm Ko Se-gyeong.
Ik-sun and I live in the same building.
I'm her closest friend here.
Is something up with Jun-wan?
He's lost so much weight.
I can't really eat.
I feel like I'm chewing sand now.
He's stressed out.
Too many surgeries. He's overworked.
I've never seen him so stressed out.
Professor Cheon has a conference
next week.
Are you taking his patients?
I don't care. Mind your own business.
What do you mean? Ik-sun.
Something's happened, right?
Could he have broken up
with his girlfriend?
A bunch of things are stressing me out.
I have a lot on my mind.
And? What else?
I heard too.
Everyone at the hospital knows.
Just wait. Something will come along.
On one condition though.
I might go back to Sokcho tonight.
I'm weird, right?
I won't tell anyone.
I'll keep it to myself.
How did you know? Can you read my mind?
I feel so reassured when you're in Seoul.
Dr. Heo, we shouldn't be so quick
to open up the head.
No way. What are the chances?
-I'm sorry.
-You know this is serious, right?
I really can't figure him out.
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