Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

Thank you. What's your name?
I'm Ko Se-gyeong.
Ik-sun and I live in the same building.
I'm her closest friend here.
Yes, Se-gyeong.
I know I said this earlier,
but when Ik-sun's out…
It doesn't matter how late it is.
Can you please tell her
to call me right away?
Yes, I will.
But you really don't need to worry.
Her injury isn't serious.
Okay, thank you.
This is nuts…
Why are you still up?
My girlfriend is supposed to call me.
Do you need a drinking buddy?
No, thanks. Just do your thing.
All right.
Hello? Are you okay?
Thank goodness you're not seriously hurt.
What about the driver?
Everyone's fine. That couple's already
at the place we're staying.
You're not "fine."
Your brain CT scan showed
bleeding in the brain,
and you hurt your arm too.
How's that "fine"?
It's not like my skull is broken.
And it's only a tiny bit of blood.
The doctor said it's negligible.
They told me I shouldn't be worried.
I'm really okay, babe. I'm totally fine.
Can't you tell from my voice?
Even if the CT scan looks okay now,
you could experience
delayed injury symptoms.
The bleeding could get worse
in the next two days.
Rest up and monitor it carefully.
If you have a headache, vomit,
or feel dizzy, go to the ER right away.
Yes, sir.
Professor Kim, stop worrying about me
and go to bed.
-Isn't it really late there now?
-Yes, it's 2 a.m.
They want you to stay there today, right?
Yes, they want
to monitor my condition tonight.
Gosh, I feel totally fine though.
I've wasted an entire day,
so I'm going to check out
Bournemouth Pier tomorrow
and take it easy.
What are you talking about?
Rest up for the next two days
and just head back to London.
You should rest up tomorrow
and just head back home the next day.
Wouldn't you feel more comfortable
at home?
I don't want to head back right away.
I'll step out for just a couple of hours.
I can take care of myself.
You can stop worrying about me, okay?
They're looking for me.
I'll call you later.
No, I'll call you when I'm leaving
the hospital tomorrow.
Go to bed.
I feel so bad
that you stayed up because of me.
I'm sorry.
I love you. Feel better soon.
Okay, I will.
I hate it when I don't feel well.
Sweet dreams, babe. I love you.
Shall we go see Ba-da now?
-Hello, Professor Ahn.
Professor Ahn, we were only going
to keep Seo-a on antibiotics until today.
Should we stick to the plan?
Yes, we'll take her off it as of tomorrow.
Dr. Do Jae-hak,
please do a good job with the surgery.
Don't worry, Professor.
You can count on me.
Jeez, I feel like all you've learned
is to be a smooth talker.
This will take long
if you two have it easy.
But if I have it easy, it'll be quick.
Please make sure I can have it easy today.
You can do that, right?
Well, I'll do my best.
Professor Ahn,
Ba-da's mother is very worried.
We told her it'll be a simple surgery,
but she's worried about
the general anesthesia and scarring.
Of course, she's worried.
To a mom, there's no such thing
as a simple surgery.
Professor Ahn.
Do you have a kid?
Me? Yes. Many, in fact.
I think of all the kids I've treated
as my own.
He really is like a saint.
I agree.
I read the draft for your thesis.
I know it's a complex topic.
You did a great job.
I know you're saying that because
you don't want to hurt my feelings.
I want your honest opinion.
I won't be hurt.
How about we have some coffee?
Sure, I'll go make some now.
Do you like it mild in the morning?
Yes, thanks. No, I'll do it.
Just print the draft, Seon-bin.
-Let's look at it together.
Professor Chae,
are you going back to Sokcho tonight?
No, tomorrow morning.
I only have appointments in the afternoon.
-You want dark roast, right?
-Yes, thank you.
No problem.
We'll perform the surgery
early tomorrow morning.
She can eat anything she wants
until bedtime tonight,
but she shouldn't eat or drink
anything tomorrow, including water.
Is Ba-da a big eater?
Yes, she is. She gets so greedy with food.
Oh, no.
You can give her food
four hours after the surgery,
so just be careful until tomorrow morning.
Do you have any questions
about the surgery tomorrow?
How long will it take?
The surgery itself
will take about an hour.
But including the time we need
to move her to the OR and put her under…
I'd say three hours at the most.
We'll be performing a procedure called
"thyroglossal duct cyst excision."
We'll make an incision
of about 3 to 5cm on the neck
and remove the cyst.
It'll leave a noticeable scar, right?
Well, the incision will be about this big.
Even if we try to make it smaller,
it'll be about this big.
She's been doing that
to everyone she sees.
Yes, pinky swear.
The surgery will go well,
and you'll recover in no time, Ba-da.
Did anything come up with Sim Eun-yeong?
We checked her cervix.
It's about 1cm,
so it hasn't dilated further.
But she is having regular contractions,
and her pulse has increased to 120.
She is having a hard time,
so we took her off ritodrine
and switched to atosiban.
She's also on betamethasone.
What about a chest X-ray?
Any signs of pulmonary edema?
No, we checked.
No signs of pulmonary edema.
But the patient is very worried.
You'd like me
to have a look at her, right?
All right.
Ask away.
How did you know?
Can you read my mind?
No. Of course, I can't.
I saw what you were writing down.
Are you Hamlet?
What's your question?
Can patient Kim Ye-ji be discharged?
That's what I wanted to ask you.
She's not nitrazine positive, right?
No, she's not. And no pooling is detected.
That's a relief.
I'll let her know when I'm doing rounds.
-Let's go. She must be waiting.
Your liver somatic index looks good.
The immunosuppressant levels
look good too.
And your kidneys are working fine too.
Everything looks good.
Any other concerns?
It's nothing serious,
I can't digest food as well as I used to.
My stomach gets upset often.
As I've explained before,
the gallbladder is removed
during a liver transplant,
which can cause
digestive problems temporarily.
Try to stay away from greasy foods
and make sure you exercise regularly.
Yes, I took your advice
and have been exercising regularly.
Don't you worry, Doctor.
I'll make sure she never becomes lax.
She's finally healthy.
Don't worry about
her exercise routine and diet.
My gosh, okay. Keep up the good work.
Then I'll see you in a month.
-Oh, right.
-You live in Jinhae, don't you?
It must be tiring
to come all the way here.
What time did you leave?
-We got here last night.
-My gosh.
We got here in the wee hours
and slept on the bench in the lobby.
We used to get a motel room in the past,
but it's hard to get a room these days.
And we'd have to check out
early in the morning anyway,
so we didn't want to waste money.
Still, it's important
that you get enough sleep.
Don't you also have an appointment
with our neurologist?
You were treated
for a cerebral infarction.
That's right! You're so smart.
My gosh.
So I've been told.
When is that appointment?
You'll have to come back for it.
Can you find out?
Just a moment, please.
It's on March 25.
Yes, March 25.
It's with Professor Yoon Mi-hye, right?
Yes, that's right.
Hold on. Does that mean
I have an appointment with Professor Lee
in a month,
and I have to come back
about a week after that?
Sure, we'll come back.
It'll be nice to spend more time in Seoul.
What are you talking about?
This is exhausting for me.
I'll work around your schedule.
I'll see you when you're here
for your neurologist appointment.
I take outpatient appointments
for Wednesdays.
Are you sure? Is that really okay?
Yes. You're recovering quickly,
and all the numbers look good,
so we can push it back by a week.
I'll prescribe you enough meds.
You live far away, so this is no problem.
-Thank you so much, Doctor.
-Thank you, Doctor.
No problem at all. Have a safe trip home.
-Thank you.
-See you in a month.
-Yes, I'll see you then.
-Let's go.
Thank you.
Okay, take it easy.
Kim Jun-wan speaking.
Okay, I finished my surgery.
I can come now.
You can come in now.
Let's check if everyone's here
and go in together.
Kang Dong-hyeon's guardian?
Is Choi Han-na's guardian here?
-Is Lee Won-u's guardian here?
Great. Bae Min-jin's guardian?
-Okay. Lee Hye-ri's guardian?
So I should take out the results
concerning other variables, right?
Yes, you included the results
that aren't statistically significant,
-and I find it distracting.
And lastly…
In the conclusion,
you wrote that
the meningioma volume threshold is 14cc.
So I think the discussion
should be focused on the mechanism
of how growing meningiomas
cause cerebral edema.
I wrote down some key points for you.
But why don't you rewrite this part
and send it to me?
Then I'll email you what I wrote
so you can refer to it.
Okay, will do. Thank you.
I'll work on it and send it over quickly.
Sounds good.
This is good coffee.
You made the coffee.
I was talking to myself.
You like studying and enjoy it, don't you?
Well, no. I don't find it fun.
How can studying be fun?
I do enjoy it.
Isn't it fun to learn new things?
I chose to study the brain
because the more you learn…
-It's hard.
-…it's fun.
Don't you know how interesting
the human brain is?
There are still things
we don't know about the brain.
I do enjoy treating patients,
but I wish I could read and study
all my life.
I'm weird, right?
I changed the ventilator setting.
Run an ABG analysis again
in 30 minutes.
Got it.
You said hello earlier.
Why are you doing it again?
I'm sorry.
-Jang Hong-do.
-Yes, sir.
Where should the heart-lung machine
be connected to during heart surgery?
The aorta and…
The aorta and…
The aorta and…
You need to study harder so you can
answer these questions right away.
I may ask you the same question again,
or I may not.
Take it easy.
-Is Ru-bin out of the OR?
-Yes, we're in the PICU now.
Okay, I'm coming now.
The surgery went well.
As we had expected
based on the test results,
there was a big hole
between the two ventricles.
We fixed it using the pericardium,
which is a thin sac
that surrounds the heart.
We also found a small hole
between the two atria,
and we fixed that too.
The surgery went smoothly
without any issues,
so I don't think we need to be worried
about the recovery.
Don't worry.
We'll keep monitoring Ru-bin carefully.
-Thank you, Professor Kim.
-Thank you.
Ru-bin got through the surgery.
I know.
Min-chan's parents are here, right?
They're outside.
Should I tell them to come in?
No, I'll go talk to them.
-Where are you going?
-I'm following you.
-Because you're off to deliver good news.
I need a cheerer-upper.
When will you cheer me up?
You always cheer me up.
I already feel so much better.
Jeez, you always have something to say.
My goodness.
The ultrasound looks good,
and the heartbeat is solid.
Min-chan's body is working hard
to get used to the new heart.
We should be able to move him
to a regular ward tomorrow.
I can't believe this day is finally here.
There are a few things
you need to keep in mind.
I'll go over them with you later.
It's lunchtime. You should have lunch.
Yes, you too. Enjoy your lunch.
We want to treat you to dinner
at the most expensive restaurant,
but we can't do that, right?
That's right. I'll get fired.
Thank you for the offer though.
It's the thought that counts. Talk soon.
-You'll have lunch with me, right?
-Gosh, whatever.
Leave me alone, will you?
About Yoo Gyeong-jin, the violinist.
Did you hear how much she paid us?
I don't care. Mind your own business.
Oh, hello!
Yes, hello.
Here for lunch, right? It's on me.
Really? But I have company.
I'll pay for them too. How many?
Thanks. Lunch is on Jun-wan.
-Thank you.
This is the best lunch menu
I've seen here.
This is why I can't eat elsewhere.
Hey, put that down.
Is that the Olympic torch?
It looks too perfect,
like a plastic food model.
It is real.
Professor Kim, can I get more of this?
Sure, go for it. Eat as much as you want.
Do you not have much of an appetite?
-I've never seen you eat so little.
You always devour your food.
I can't really eat.
I feel like I'm chewing sand now.
Oh, no. Then give me your drumstick.
No, I'm going to eat this.
You just said you can't really eat.
It feels like chewing sand.
Just the rice, not the chicken.
I was saving it for last.
-Mind your own business.
-That, again?
-Ik-sun loves drumsticks too.
-You said "Ik-sun."
No, Ik-jun! I said Ik-jun!
Let's eat.
But there must be someone named "Ik-sun"
somewhere in the world, right?
Yes, probably.
Maybe on the other side of the planet.
Hey, Song-hwa. Speak.
Hey, they're serving drumsticks today.
Really? Darn it. What a bummer.
I have a lunch meeting today.
What's it for? Do you have a conference?
It's an important tteokbokki meeting,
which was scheduled last week.
They're all waiting for me.
I thought you had a conference
or something. Okay.
I'll stop by your office for coffee.
Are you staying late today?
Yes, you should hurry. Enjoy your meal.
Thanks, enjoy your lunch.
All right, let's eat.
This looks delicious.
Try these potatoes too.
Here's a spoon for you.
This one's for me.
Honey, eat before it gets cold.
Don't tell me you got one for each person.
We don't do that here.
My gosh, what is all this?
Is the tteokbokki here already?
Does Chuchu always order this much?
-Min-ha ordered three full servings!.
I can finish one by myself.
I see.
This is half and half.
The original flavor.
That one is quite spicy.
I love spicy food.
Oh, no. Jeong-won can't handle spicy food…
She knows.
Dr. Chu knows. I told her.
She's the only one at Yulje
who knows about it.
I congratulated her for beating God.
That's right! Gyeo-ul beat God.
-What did you get for us?
-The mild flavor.
By the way, didn't you say
you invited one more person?
Yes, I did.
I got it right this time.
Where's this prick?
Hey! Don't you dare barge in here!
I thought this was the GS Medical Office.
-What are you guys doing here?
-We're eating tteokbokki, obviously.
Have some tteokbokki.
The steamed eggs too.
The steamed eggs are mine.
I'm going to eat all of it.
Well, okay.
It's fine.
That petty jerk can have it all.
-Is this one spicy?
-It's the mild flavor.
-Can you not eat spicy food?
-I can. I like spicy food.
This one's good too.
Dig in.
-Oh, thank you.
You should have some too.
Have some rice balls too.
-You too. Eat up.
-You made it.
Hello. Hey, you.
Andrea, what took you so long?
You do all the pediatric surgeries here?
Yes, I actually do.
Right, you do.
It was an exclamation, not a question.
This is pretty spicy.
It's probably too spicy for you.
Gosh, seriously.
How could you do this to me?
Is this how you treat your Cupid?
Hey, where are you?
I'm fine with anything.
Okay, I'll see you there.
Bye! I will starve myself.
Professor Lee.
Was that Song-hwa? Do you want
to take this unopened box of rice balls?
It's okay. I had enough food.
Enjoy your lunch. Bye.
-Professor Kim.
Professor Cheon has a conference
next week.
-Are you taking his patients?
-Yes, just three.
Including Lee Gyeong-mi?
Yes, but I don't even know
if I can say I'm taking her on
because there isn't much
we can do for her.
That's true.
Professor Cheon has a conference
next week,
so Professor Kim Jun-wan will fill in
and look after you.
He's great. You don't need to worry.
He can be curt,
but he cares a lot about his patients.
And he checks in on his patients often.
Oh, you already know that, right?
Aren't you lonely?
Oh, dear.
We'll check in on you often.
Still, she always sends way too much.
I can never finish it.
-I'd hate to throw it out.
-I know.
I tell her to only send a little
but always get a huge box.
It's so heavy
that I can never carry it on my own.
Now, she sends stuff to Sokcho.
Gosh, she sends me way too much food.
My mom's the same way.
I moved to Seoul over 20 years ago,
and we fought a lot about it
at the beginning.
"Mom, please! Don't send me
too much food this time, please!"
But that didn't work. She never listens.
She sends me 50 million perilla leaves
when she's feeling energetic.
What did she send you this time?
Pickled vegetables.
Sounds delicious.
Garlic, chili, and water celery.
One container each.
Gosh, it'll take me forever to finish it.
I might go back to Sokcho tonight.
To eat my pickled vegetables.
Give me some.
Great idea. Take some.
There's no way I can finish it on my own.
Yes, your mom probably sent you extra
so you can share them with friends.
Give me some. Jun-wan and Jeong-won too.
Jeong-won's a good cook,
so it'll make him happy.
Yes, I should do that.
On one condition though.
Take my perilla leaves.
I have about 20 million of them at home.
Just take 10 percent.
Okay, I like perilla leaves.
That looks nice.
What do you think of this table lamp?
Isn't it nice?
Yes, it's nice.
Why are you looking at a stranger's post?
She's my wife.
My wife posted this.
She bought this lamp today.
Why didn't you tell me it was your wife?
Look at these hashtags.
"My hubby's the best.
Thank you, Jae-hak." See?
Your cup is empty. What are you drinking?
Everyone goes on social media
to look at other people's photos.
I know you're on social media too,
but your account is private.
That's right. I have an account too.
I'm on social media too.
Why are you on it
if you're not even posting anything?
There's nothing. Nothing at all.
I rarely go on.
My girlfriend created the account for me
before she left for the UK.
I only use it
to look at my girlfriend's posts.
Don't just look.
You should post some photos too.
That way, your girlfriend can also see
what you're up to and how you're doing.
We talk every day.
Talking on the phone isn't the same
as sharing your day-to-day life with her.
My day-to-day life? I have no life.
I work and go home, on repeat.
Well, it'd be nice to share that.
You should post some photos
so your girlfriend can see them.
Do you want me to teach you how to do it?
Oh, please. What's there to teach?
I can just take a photo and post it.
Give me your phone for a moment.
Let's see.
Don't move.
Oh, my! This is a great photo.
You could even use this
as your passport photo.
Delete it.
-What should the caption be?
-"Kim Jun-wan"?
Everyone knows that you're Kim Jun-wan.
"Kim Jun-wan, the Professor
of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Yulje"?
Why would you write your position?
Let's just say…
"This is for my girlfriend."
Forget it. My girlfriend will freak out.
What about the hashtag?
What's that for?
You want many people to see it, right?
If you post with various hashtags,
your photo can be discovered
by more people.
I don't want other people to see it.
I just want my girlfriend to see it.
Then I won't use any hashtags.
Okay, don't use any.
I just want my girlfriend to see it.
Let me know if you want to learn more
about social media.
That won't happen.
Just in case though.
If you ever want to learn more,
just come to me and say this.
"Jae-hak, do you have a minute?"
I told you that won't happen.
I'm going to get some rest.
Hello, did you have a good weekend?
Something's wrong with Eun-ji.
She woke up but can't move her left arm.
You've been doing a lot of surgeries.
Yes, I'm all booked up this week.
You're early.
Yes, I want to have some coffee
before I go in.
Professor Kim, a call for you.
It's Dr. Do Jae-hak.
-What's up?
-We have a bit of an emergency.
-What is it?
-Eun-ji's left-side motor control is poor.
I'd say her arm is at about Grade 2.
Her leg, Grade 3.
-What's her PT?
-Her INR is 2.8.
We can't do an MRI because of the VAD.
Let's do a CT scan.
Call Neurology
and ask them to have a look.
Talk to Eun-ji's mother
and keep me updated.
I'll be there after my surgery.
Thank you.
Do you handle all the VIP surgeries?
Can't the other professors
take care of some?
You can't commute from Sokcho every time.
It's not for every surgery.
It's only once every two weeks.
Thanks for the coffee.
-Are you bribing me?
-No, it's a gift.
I feel so reassured when you're in Seoul.
How's Seok-min?
Haven't you guys made up yet?
Was it a big fight?
I told him I chose Neurosurgery
because I wanted to study the brain
and that I don't understand
how he could give up so easily.
And Seok-min said, "This is why people say
those who have had it easy in life
are inconsiderate."
So it was a big fight.
Just call him first.
I did, but we ended up
having another argument.
I haven't seen him for two weeks.
I'm afraid we'd break up at this rate.
Just wait.
Something will come along.
My ex-boyfriend and I fought a lot too.
Every time we fought,
I wanted to patch things up quickly,
so I took time out of my busy schedule
to call and see him,
and have long discussions.
It was exhausting.
But there's something
I learned naturally with age.
As long as you both want to make it work
and aren't too far apart,
just wait and see.
Then something will come along.
So many things can happen
even in the span of a day, you know.
Things happen,
whether they're good or bad.
And sometimes, you have to call and
meet up because of something that happens.
He's probably very busy at the moment,
learning new things
and meeting people at his new job.
And you're busy too.
The best thing to do now would be
just keeping busy.
Just focus on your life,
and naturally,
something will come along,
and you'd have to call and see each other.
You're right. Maybe I'll get in trouble
and end up calling him.
It could be the other way around too.
So relationship-wise,
just let nature take its course.
Let's get some work done.
I think I'll be late for my surgery.
I'm sorry, Professor Chae. And thank you.
Looks like we have
all the paperwork we need.
The loan will be issued
as early as this week.
-Thank you.
-Professor Ahn.
We want to give you a small gift
when you find a house you like.
The branch manager wants to help out
because it's for a good cause.
My gosh, really?
A gift, on top of taking care
of my loan application so quickly?
I won't decline.
By the way, do you not give that doll
to your loan clients?
I even have two savings accounts with you.
Oh, sure. I'll give you one.
Do you have a kid?
I thought you were single.
No, I'm not married yet.
Just give me one.
I'll give you two.
You can give one to your girlfriend.
Thank you.
Dolls? What are they for?
How adorable!
What are those little ones?
They're so cute.
My kid would love it.
And I see that you have two.
My kid's birthday is coming up
and my kid loves dolls like that.
I'm just saying. It's very soon.
-Can you…
I'm coming now.
There's an emergency. I have to go.
Hey, I'm coming now.
Thankfully, no hemorrhage was detected.
I showed it to the radiologist.
There's no hemorrhage, but we're not sure
whether or not an embolism has occurred.
And Eun-ji has almost fully regained
her motor function.
Thank goodness, seriously.
How much warfarin did she get?
She got 1ml yesterday.
Give her 1.5ml today,
but it'll take a while,
so give her enoxaparin too.
Eun-ji's mother is very worried.
I did explain to her
that Eun-ji is okay now,
but I think you should talk to her.
It'll help her calm down.
Yes, I was going to talk to her anyway.
Thanks. I'm here now.
Blood clots can occur
even if we use blood thinners.
This condition is called a microembolism.
I think a tiny blood clot had traveled
to the brain and caused blockage.
Thankfully, the blockage has been cleared.
Then what if we give her
more blood thinners?
I've explained this before,
and we've also experienced it.
Too much blood thinners
can lead to bleeding.
If it happens inside her brain,
it'll be very serious.
We kept checking Eun-ji's blood work
and were careful with the blood thinners,
but this still happened,
which means it can happen again.
In a way, it's like having a time bomb
in your chest.
I feel like time's running out.
She should get the surgery
as soon as we find a donor.
Professor Kim.
Every day feels like torture.
My daughter, Eun-ji…
beyond exhausted,
and I struggle to get through the day.
When I wake up in the morning,
I anxiously wonder what's going to happen.
My heart races like crazy.
I really can't live like this.
I wonder if we should just give up.
You've been doing so well.
You've been staying so strong.
Don't be like this.
I'm sorry, Professor Kim. I apologize.
It's okay.
You've been doing so well.
Eun-ji is staying strong too.
As long as you don't give up,
we won't be the ones to give up first.
We will find a heart donor for Eun-ji…
and she'll get a transplant.
Please cheer up
and do not give up, okay?
Thank you.
-So we'll sign the lease next week,
and the hospital will take care
of the monthly maintenance costs.
Can we sign the lease next week for sure?
Yes, the loan was approved today.
We'll get the money as early as this week.
Then, let's make a list of the things
we need to buy.
-Did you guys have dinner?
-Yes, we did.
Me too.
A fridge, TV, couch, washer…
We won't need a bed, right?
A bed? Wouldn't it be good
to just get one?
Single beds, right?
Are you guys moving in together?
Yes, we are indeed.
What's going on?
What are you two up to this time?
Jeong-won wants to set up
a patient guardian shelter,
for patients who live far away
and those who visit us
for anticancer therapy or hemodialysis.
He's buying a house near the hospital.
-No, it's a long-term lease.
-That's right.
We'll start with a lease.
Can you run Daddy-Long-Legs
and the shelter with the revenue
from the VIP Ward?
It'll cost quite a bit to manage it.
I cut a deal with Director Ju.
I asked him for his support
on my personal project
in return for me staying here.
He doesn't know about Daddy-Long-Legs,
so I asked him to help me launch my dream.
And this guardian shelter
is the first project?
I figured that this is what
the patients need the most.
For the other stuff,
we'd have to change our policy,
and it'll take us a while
to tackle the issues.
That's why I want to start
with the patient guardian shelter.
What is your ultimate dream?
A children's hospital.
My ultimate dream is to build
a children's hospital.
I want to build a children's hospital
that offers comprehensive pediatric care.
That will cost a fortune.
It'll cost about 400 billion won.
You've been fiddling with that
because you thought it was funny?
What did you do?
-You like his lame jokes.
-It's so funny!
Ahn Jeong-won, you really are something.
One more time!
Let's do it together.
-Hey, your phone.
Oh, it's Gyeo-ul.
-Hey, Gyeo-ul.
-Choi Han-na's lab results looked good,
so we were going to move her
to the regular ward tomorrow.
But she's not eating
and hasn't had any bowel movements.
-Can we do an enema?
-Wait for me. I'm coming now.
You only did a chest PA, right?
Take an abdominal X-ray too. All right.
I have to go. Have a fun meeting.
I'll buy you a housewarming gift
when you sign a lease.
What would be good? A coffee machine?
The bank branch manager
is getting that for us.
Really? Then let me think about it.
I'm off.
Hey, one more time.
Get going already!
My goodness.
Don't we need a microwave?
-It'd be good to have one.
She's very alert,
so she's been holding it in intentionally
because she's not used to
having someone help her relieve herself.
I see.
Don't just monitor the physical condition.
Try to observe how the patient
might be feeling too, okay?
Okay, got it. I'm sorry, Professor.
Don't be sorry. Keep up the good work.
Hey, do you want to have coffee with me?
Have you eaten?
I'm not sure.
Hey, you've been practically living
in the OR, the ICU, and the PICU.
Try to cut down on surgery
or take in less patients.
Talk to your chief.
I'm the chief.
I always perform surgery,
so I'm used to it.
But a bunch of things are stressing me out
these days.
I have a lot on my mind.
Was the surgery today a difficult one?
No, it went well.
But the patient's heartbeat
was very unstable
after the surgery,
so we had to use the ECMO.
I'm sure the patient will recover soon.
And Eun-ji--
Yes, you told me about her a few times.
The kid who's been hooked up to a VAD
the longest.
That's right. She's been depending
on the VAD for almost five months,
waiting for a heart transplant,
but we can't find a donor for her.
We were careful with the meds,
but she's experienced blood clots
and even bleeding.
We keep running into problems.
I'm worried. She needs a transplant
as soon as possible.
You'll find a donor soon.
And? What else?
It's my father's birthday today.
-I only remembered it earlier.
-Call him.
-I already did.
He was asleep though.
Oh, boy.
I didn't even get to wish him
a happy birthday.
Just go home and get some sleep.
I think you're sleep-deprived.
I'm on duty tonight.
-Me too.
-At least I won't be lonely.
I'll stop by later.
Hey, don't worry. I'm totally fine.
I'm not worried.
I just want to eat your snacks.
I saw that you have a lot of new ones.
Let's go. Gosh, it's cold in here.
Yes, let's go.
I feel cold, physically and mentally.
Close it up and take care of the rest.
Check for bleeding even in the ICU.
-Yes, sir.
-Keep it up.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Cut the Gelfoam for this size
and pass it over.
Yes, sir.
You've been having headaches
and a fever too?
You need to see a doctor.
I did, last week.
I also got a blood test
and a chest X-ray while I was there.
I bet it's that accident.
I took some meds, so I'm okay now.
Are the test results out yet?
No, of course not.
This isn't Korea, you know.
They won't get the results back
until next week.
-You sound a little down today.
Did something happen?
Is your patient not doing well?
No, I'm fine. The patients are fine too.
I'm on duty,
so I was reading a book in my office.
-By the way, that test.
I got the highest score.
Really? Congratulations, seriously.
You said you bombed the test.
I lied. Everyone in my family does that.
My goodness. Congratulations.
The highest score in your class
or in the entire school?
What? Then you deserve
some serious congratulations.
Well done, seriously.
Yes, sure.
Oh, hello.
I've heard so much about you.
No, right.
Of course.
I see.
No, I'm not busy at the moment.
I see.
Sir, I need to talk to you
about something.
Okay, what is it?
We performed a navigation-guided biopsy
on Won Jin-hwan earlier
because we were suspecting
a diffuse astrocytoma.
We just did a CT scan
and detected ICH around the biopsy site.
Professor Min told me
to discuss it with you first.
Considering where the tumor is,
I'm concerned that the biopsy needle
might have touched the MCA distal branch.
I'm not too sure,
but it looked like the needle
had gone in a bit too deep
on the screen in the OR.
Why don't we do a TFCA
and find out the exact location?
It's unlikely that you guys poked it
with the needle.
No way. What are the chances?
A tumor biopsy can cause bleeding,
so just monitor the patient for now.
We'll wait a bit
before we take another angiogram
and check, okay?
His right pupil is dilated
to about 0.4 now.
That's okay.
Oh, I see.
I'm going to get some sleep
in the on-call room.
Take it easy.
Thank you.
Hey, good timing.
Jae-hak, do you have a minute?
Let's go.
So you want to post a photo?
No, just a caption.
You can't do that.
You can't post a caption on its own.
Just post whatever photo you have
and write the caption here.
What about a hashtag?
You want to use a hashtag?
I like that attitude.
Here, press the pound sign
and list the related words.
Does that mean my photo will come up
if people look up those words?
Yes! The more hashtags you use,
the more people it'll reach.
But first,
you need to make your profile public.
All right, let me give this a shot.
Mr. Won, can you try lifting
your right arm?
Now, your left arm.
You should have called me.
I did, just now.
Why? What's up?
I think patient Won Jin-hwan has a bleed
in the MCA distal branch.
His motor function is lower
on the left side, at Grade 3.
Can't we do a CT scan?
We did one not long ago.
How do you know
if the bleeding is caused by a tear
in the MCA distal branch
or something else?
If an artery in the distal branch
is ruptured,
the bleeding will continue.
Then can we do a CT angiogram
along with the CT scan later?
He can obey commands, right?
He can raise his hands and blink.
Let's wait and see.
Continue to monitor him carefully.
We'll do a CT angiogram
if he seems to get worse.
We'll do it
and check how bad the bleeding is,
then call Professor Min, okay?
And Dr. Heo,
we shouldn't be so quick
to open up the head.
The biopsy probably caused minor bleeding.
It'll stop soon.
Let's give him mannitol
and see how it goes.
Okay? Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Hi, sister! How's it going?
Hey, you. How's everything? How's U-ju?
U-ju's doing great.
You don't look so well.
I'm just tired from all the studying.
Looks like you're still at work.
Are you on duty too?
I sure am. Wait, you know someone else
who's on duty tonight?
Oh, my friend.
My roommate also has a night shift today.
How's everyone? How's Song-hwa doing?
Song-hwa is doing great.
Are Jeong-won and Seok-hyeong
doing well too?
Everyone's well. Since when
did you care so much about my friends?
They're all doing great.
Just take care of yourself.
Is everything well with you?
Yes, I'm happy and healthy.
Right, how's Jun-wan?
Professor Kim is doing well too, right?
No, not really.
He's stressed out.
Too many surgeries. He's overworked.
I've never seen him so stressed out.
Did something happen to him?
No, but it seems like
a bunch of things are stressing him out.
And I think his girlfriend is adding
to his stress.
Looks like his girlfriend
is quite selfish.
I see, his girlfriend…
Why do you think that?
I don't really know much,
but I think she's very inconsiderate.
She's self-centered. Jun-wan is
under a lot of stress these days,
but he's so busy walking on eggshells
around her that he can't even vent.
Sounds like she's always busy
talking about herself.
Hey, I'm running late
for my study session.
All right. Watch out for cars
and don't skip breakfast.
Call me right away
if you run out of money, okay?
All right. You take care of yourself too.
-You checked in on him five minutes ago.
-Has it already been five minutes?
Mr. Won Jin-hwan.
Mr. Won!
Patient Won Jin-hwan's right pupil
has dilated further. It's 0.6 now.
Mental status, stupor.
And the left-side motor is worse.
I'm calling Professor Min now.
Hey, hang on. I'm coming now.
We don't have time!
If something bad happens to the patient,
will you take responsibility for it?
I'll order a CT scan right away
and call Professor Min.
-Please get ready for intubation.
Is the BP okay?
Yes, it's 140 over 80.
We need to open him up now. Focus.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Have you been monitoring him carefully?
Yes, we checked in on him
every ten minutes.
As soon as we confirmed his mental status,
we checked the bleeding
with a CT scan and called you.
If anything bad happens to this patient,
it's all on you guys.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Dr. Heo.
Get some sleep.
That bed over there is available now.
Take a nap. I'll wake you up.
It's okay. I can just doze off here.
I'm good at sleeping while seated.
-It's not morning yet, is it?
-The sun is about to rise.
The fellow must have given you an earful.
I haven't seen him since the surgery.
If he does, I'll listen.
I was too rude to him.
Just let it go in one ear
and out the other.
We were able to operate
on the patient right away
because you kept monitoring his condition.
And the surgery went well.
I'm on your side.
Thank you. I'll take you out for a drink
when we can move Mr. Won
to a regular ward once he's stabilized.
-Sure, I'll be looking forward to it.
-All right.
I heard too.
Everyone at the hospital knows.
I'm sorry.
How's the patient?
I checked in on him again just now.
His pupil size is normal now.
His left-side motor function is still low,
but he's better overall,
so I think
he'll regain consciousness soon.
When you were informing the fellow,
what was the patient's
neurological assessment like?
Was he exhibiting
any neurological symptoms?
He was able to obey commands
when we moved him to the ICU.
But his right pupil was slightly dilated,
and his left-side motor function
was significantly reduced
compared to the right side's
even considering the anesthesia.
Then within an hour or so,
his mental status dropped to stupor,
and his pupils opened up.
It's good that you questioned
the fellow's opinion.
other than that, you are at fault.
It was your fault.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have been so rude to him.
I will politely apologize to the fellow.
I didn't mean to argue with him.
I raised my voice
without even realizing it.
I'm sorry.
You should have fought him earlier.
You should have pushed ahead with
your decision if you believed so.
You've been closely monitoring
the patient.
That means you know best
when it comes to that patient.
So you should have trusted your judgment
and fought for it.
Had anything bad happened to him,
it would have been all on you.
His condition worsened
because you wasted time
being hesitant and indecisive.
You've been working hard
to study the case and monitor him,
so fight hard.
That is the only way…
you can save your patients.
The nurses will go over how to take care
of the wound to minimize scarring.
I'll see you again in a month.
Keep it up.
Will do. Thank you, Doctor.
-Was that my last appointment?
-Yes, well done.
Thank you.
Hey, isn't it still early there?
Did you stay up all night?
Can you talk now?
Yes, I just finished my last appointment.
What's up?
When you're in your office…
Go to your office and call me.
I'll wait for your call.
Sure, okay. I'll call you right back.
Hey, I'm in my office now.
What's going on?
Ik-sun. Something's happened, right?
I've fallen for someone else.
I'm sorry.
What do you mean?
I'm sorry.
Is it Se-gyeong?
I'm sorry, Jun-wan. I have to go.
Where's Jun-wan?
He doesn't feel like eating.
Is something up with Jun-wan?
He's lost so much weight.
Could he have broken up
with his girlfriend?
I don't know everything about Jun-wan.
Do you guys know what's going on?
You should know
because you two live together.
Still, I don't know everything.
Jeong-won, it's about time
you got your own place.
I mean, Yulje pays you.
Can't you afford to rent an apartment?
Of course,
I can definitely afford to do that.
Guys, I've told Jun-wan multiple times
that I want to move out.
-But the thing is…
he looks so sad every time I say that.
Jun-wan gets lonely very easily.
I told him I'd move out
even when we were moving two years ago.
Did his eyes well with tears?
I had never seen anyone
with such sad eyes.
He gets lonely so easily.
I'm not mooching off him.
He's just not letting me go.
We know that.
Jun-wan can never live alone.
He may look tough on the outside
but is soft on the inside.
-You mean, he's a paper tiger?
Hurry. The sun will set soon.
-Are you a scarecrow?
-Does it look bad?
-Are you wearing it to look nice?
-No, to block UV rays.
-Should I keep it on or not?
-It looks ugly.
-You little…
Who cares?
I'm wearing it to protect my face.
Does it have to look nice?
No, as long as it blocks the sun.
Then I'll keep it on.
I look like a scarecrow, don't I?
Is this ugly?
No, it's pretty. You look pretty.
The prettiest scarecrow I've ever seen.
Come on, let's go. The sun will set soon.
-Yes, we should hurry.
Mugwort is already out
all along the hiking trail.
Yes, they sprouted a while ago.
Do you want mugwort soup? Shall I make it?
-Mugwort soup?
Mugwort soup
-Mugwort soup
-Mugwort soup
-Mugwort soup
-Mugwort soup
-Oh, dear.
Mugwort soup sounds great.
This is my favorite time of day.
When the sun is about to set.
It'd be even better if it was raining now.
Hey, does U-ju like rainy days too?
There's only one thing in the world
that he likes.
-His dad?
-No, his girlfriend.
He's head over heels for his girlfriend.
They're so in love.
My gosh, U-ju has a girlfriend?
Yes, they've been going out for a while.
Her name is Mo-ne.
"Mo-ne"? That's a pretty name.
She is Hong-do and Yun-bok's cousin.
Yun-bok and Hong-do at Yulje?
That's right. Our Hong-do and Yun-bok.
-You didn't know?
-Of course, I had no idea.
What a coincidence.
By the way, don't Hong-do and Yun-bok
remind you of us in the old days?
I think I was smarter than Hong-do.
Right, maybe.
But you were such a loser.
-Hey, what are you talking about?
Come on. I was a fashionista,
-the most stylish guy in Changwon.
-Sure, sure.
You're probably better now than before
-What is this song?
-You have fulfilled
This void in my heart
I used to feel so lonely
In this beautiful world
No way. Is this "Couple"?
And wander around
Looking for my other half
What took you so long to find me
Drowning in my loneliness?
I love you
Now, you can spend every moment with me
Finished. Well done.
-Are you done?
-You're done now?
-Then shall we?
-Let's go.
Well done.
This is nice.
-Yes, hello?
-Professor Kim, we have a donor.
-We've found a suitable donor for Eun-ji.
KONOS just called,
asking if we need the heart.
But Jae-an Medical Center
had priority over us.
They don't need it.
They declined
because the patient has an infection.
How much does the donor weigh?
Well, he weighs 40kg.
A 11-year-old boy. His weight is 40kg.
Should we accept the heart?
Yes. We'll get it, no matter what.
This could be Eun-ji's only chance.
-Okay, we'll get ready.
-Hello, sir!
-We've found a donor for Eun-ji.
-Where are you?
Finally! Eun-ji can live!
We can save Eun-ji!
-I'm in the on-call room now.
-Where is her mother?
Probably in the hallway
in front of the PICU. She's always there.
Okay. Get Eun-ji off warfarin immediately
and get ready for surgery.
Got it!
Professor Kim.
You're still here?
I don't think I can go home tonight.
-Why not? Are you on duty again?
I have to perform
Eun-ji's heart transplant.
There's a donor.
We're getting the heart.
We're waiting for the second brain death
assessment. The first one is done.
Eun-ji will get the heart
if there are no major issues.
You've waited so long for this.
Many things happened
in the past five months
since she got the VAD,
but thanks to your resilience
and patience,
this day has finally come.
Professor Kim.
This really isn't a dream, right?
Is Eun-ji really getting the heart?
Yes, Eun-ji is getting it.
What are these flowers for?
I found them at home.
I see.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
You did the right thing.
You did nothing wrong.
What's wrong with yelling
at a senior colleague?
Well done. Don't be discouraged.
Did you come all the way here this late
to say that?
I'm sorry.
I was out of line.
I know you said it because you care.
I guess I'm just insecure.
I'm sorry.
Do you know what that flower symbolizes?
No, what?
Forgiveness and reconciliation.
How do you know that?
Your parents must really own
a flower shop.
We have tulips in every color.
Just tell me what you like.
I can bring any flower you want.
Aren't you hungry?
The gimbap place is still open…
Right, you're on duty.
I'll go pick some up. Just stay here.
Because she's been hooked up
to the VAD for a while,
the adhesion will be pretty severe,
so it'll take us a while
to dissect the adhesion.
The heart might be a bit too big,
so she may leave the OR
with the chest open.
But you know…
no matter what happens,
I want to save Eun-ji today.
The two of you and Eun-ji endured so much
for today.
This is the moment
we've all been waiting for.
I don't want to be the one to ruin it.
I will do my best.
I will save Eun-ji.
so happy for you.
from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.
The surgery will go well,
so don't worry about a thing.
Thank you.
My goodness.
Oh, dear.
Are you not feeling well?
You look like you've lost a lot of weight.
No, I'm totally fine.
Hey! It's been a while, Professor Kim.
Can you spare me a moment?
Hey, what's up? You rarely call me first.
Are you okay?
I wasn't feeling well last week,
so I went to see a doctor
and got some tests done.
I just found out
my liver somatic index is over 300.
The doctor said it's over 300,
and my bile ducts look a bit swollen.
What should I do?
Come home at once.
You know this is serious, right?
My gosh. Don't cry, Ik-sun. It's okay.
I'm going to fix it,
so don't worry about a thing.
Come home immediately.
I'll send you money for your flight…
Actually, no.
I'll book your flight for you,
so come home tomorrow, okay?
All right, but…
make sure you keep this to yourself.
I don't want anyone to find out.
Is that important now?
You may need a transplant.
Just don't tell anyone.
All right.
For now, let's focus on treating you.
I won't tell anyone.
I'll keep it to myself.
Don't tell Mom and Dad.
-Okay, I won't.
Jun-wan too.
Don't tell Jun-wan, no matter what.
Let's now forget
We must forget
The day we prayed on our knees
In the empty cathedral
Let's forget it now
Let's now forget
We must forget
Forget all the meanings
Behind my birthday gifts to you
Let's forget it now
The day we prayed on our knees
In the empty cathedral
Let's forget it now
Forget all the meanings
Behind my birthday gifts to you
Let's forget it now
The night I got drunk
And confessed my feelings for you
Let's forget it now
Walking together on the snowy day
It felt like a romantic movie scene
We must forget it now
-Hello. I'm your hallucination.
-Let's now forget
We must forget
Forget all the meanings
Behind my birthday gift to you
Let's now forget
We must forget
The night I got drunk
And confessed my feelings for you
Let's now forget
Let's now forget
Patient Lee Gyeong-mi has a visitor today.
She's been getting visitors twice a day,
one at a time since yesterday.
You didn't know?
The social media post looking
for volunteers to keep her company.
Who posted it?
Here, look.
Professor Kim posted it
using his social media account.
Of course, we talked to Ms. Lee about it
in advance.
She's so happy.
She said she doesn't feel lonely anymore.
Gosh, why hadn't I thought of that?
So many people have applied.
The social services team is going through
the list to arrange everything.
Professor Kim is really…
I really…
can't figure him out.
Let's now forget
We must forget
Next song.
Tell us, Song-hwa.
Why did you call us here
in the middle of the day?
I'm going to take a break.
I need to recharge myself.
Aren't you coming to Seoul anymore?
Forget that I exist, okay?
Professor. I have a question.
Why am I like this?
I think of running away the moment
I'm faced with hardship.
Why bring your son into this?
Don't meddle in his life again
and make things harder for him.
I have no regrets left in life.
You've only just turned 70,
how could you say that?
We can see the ocean and go for a drive.
-We'll spend a few days like that.
-Do you think we'll ever get to?
Why? Are you going somewhere?
You should promise me, too.
What is this?
-Why aren't you asleep?
-I'm going to.
I can't seem to sleep.
-I can still have dinner with you.
-What about Gyeo-ul?
Is there something
you should be telling me?
I can't promise you I won't do it again.
Can't you trust us?
I was just asking.
Tell me if anything
ever happens to Gyeo-ul.
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